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Articles from Mena Report (January 30, 2016)

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"Engagement of Bus Operator for Bus Transport System in Bhopal on Own, Operate, Maintain & Transfer Basis". 105
"kh zams, project house 3 main project - msr measurement, control and control technology". 152
"post-warranty service and maintenance, diagnosis, repair, delivery and installation of spare parts and consumables for excavator" komattsu "for the needs of tp" dls- source "for a period of 24 months. 180
"servicing, repair and supply of spare parts, modules and components, if necessary, medical equipment" in "aleksandrovska" ead. 234
"supply of raw materials and tools in advance for the needs of the municipality smyadovo.". 441
"supply of small equipment, tools, equipment and materials for repair of the territory of the green system of sofia municipality and the op" parks and urban gardens "for 2016 - 2018, on the lots: lot. 240
"supply, installation, training and work warranty of medical equipment for clinical, research and demonstration in four separate lots for the needs of the medical university - plovdiv.". 232
"the new city hall prostejov - a building - roof repair". 159
"waste collection and disposal of municipal solid waste (msw), maintaining the cleanliness of public areas in urban areas of aytos.". 279
(1) beautification of iswar gupta park with water fountain and toy train at ward no. - 6. (2)beautification of ganesh park (bradley park) with water fountain at ward no. - 6. (3) beautification of col. 170
(1) single row ball bearing skf 6302 2z c3 or similar for shackles of pantograph type am12. (2) double row self aligning ball bearing skf 2204 or similar for central pedestal of pantograph type am12. 347
-Creating And Operating Courses: -Creation And Operation Of A Fitness Trail Along The Lake, Including 10-12 Points Wooden Hangers Each With An Adult And A Child Rigging Rigging (Course 4Km) -Creation. 342
-y- neck jersey pull over woollen plain knitted shade-khaki composed of 100 percent wool with shoulder slits reinforcement of sleeves conforming to specn. no.-ind/air/ic/1539 in the following sizes- 9. 230
. taehwacho 2016 school year, after school english class above depositary notification (step 2 tender specifications - simultaneous bidding price separated). 137
. taehwacho 2016 school year, after school math classes above depositary notification (step 2 tender specifications - simultaneous bidding price separated). 128
. taehwacho 2016 school year, after school swimming classes above depositary notification (step 2 tender specifications - simultaneous bidding price separated). 106
.Heavy Duty Galvanized Swivel Caster Fitted With Poly Urethane Wheels. 188
/ entity: integrated sight for the gip. 242
01 ton manual chain pulley block (light weight) with 6 mtrs. lift. make: - fetter, relli, indef, hindustan. 118
01-61/2015 Supply and delivery of spare parts for armature (fittings) for termo power plant Bitola. 115
01-Repair and Maintenance / Distempering and Painting of Qrs.C and B Type Colony Under Shivpuri Sub Area. 02-Supply of sand for blasting purpose at VPUG-II. 113
02. constraction of cement concrete road from milikpara pmgsy road to dolapara village under ghirnigaon g.P. phase-01. 145
03. constraction of cement concrete road from hedlagachh pmgsy road to ashimudding house via kamijuddin house under daspara g.P. phase-01. 148
05 types of shaft and gear for eot cranes (detail in item detail). 104
07815hkw ve4100 raumlufttechnik. 306
09 types of mechanical items( screw,bush & cover etc). 147
09(uwss ) for the year 2015-16 -extension of pipe line towards amattumeethal in ward-22(kovoor) of kozhikode corporation. 140
1 No. 16 Mtr. High Mast Light Fitting With 2X400 Wt. M.H Fitting -9 Sets. 124
1 type of item. 111
1 x 33 sanding hose connection to drg.No.Wr-ccg-el/3-ml-012 alt-1, ref-1 to 11. 104
1) carbide insert to iso code no.Cnmg 120412 wm 4015/mr 4015 / - 5-7015/mt-tt1500/gm517. 2). 130
1) Renovation Of Main Line To Supply Of Drinking Water. 129
1) solid carbide nc centre drill 2) solid carbide drill to ofaj.3) carbide tip brazed flat form tool 4)carbide stepped drill (r.H.) 5) carbide stepped drill(l.H.) fs/t- 6420 a gr. 143
1)10x25 mm mild steel flat to material specification aa 10108 rev 11. material to be supplied in random length of 3 to 5 meter. material test certificate covering all the mechanical and chemical prope. 323
1)110 mm dia 1.5 percent nicrmo ht steel round bar to material specification aa 19358 rev 08 in hardened & tempered condition,covering all requirements strictly as per bhel specification and ultrasoni. 181
1)130tk. x 2500 x 5000 - carbon steel plate as per latest version of is 2062, grade e250 - br (with impact test) ultrasonically tested in accordance with astm a-435 ( equivalent bhel spec aa10119)- 5. 231
1)420kv flange to drg.15380401055 # 01 var00 rev00. as per spec. aa19954 rev01.Pvc ratio of the item is (1:70). qty: 200 no. 122
1)6x40 mm bright steel flat to material specification aa 10112 rev 07. material to be supplied in random length of 2.5 to 4.5 meter. clear temporary rust preventive(trp)shall be applied on bars to avo. 234
1)air guide assy. (with pressing) to drg. 34027440292 var.00, rev.00 qty: 1 no. 117
1)brake equiliser assly of air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to clw drg no-,alt-5.(2)hanger lever assly (centre)rh for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to clws drg. no. al. 304
1)cable gland assy as per bhel drg. no. 14391206005 rev. 01 item 04. qty: 90 no. 111
1)communicable epoxy insulator for 420 kv gis to drawing no: 25027500320-v00, rev-01 & product standard -sg16015, rev-01.Qualifying criteria as per attached annexure-a. qty: 140 no. 125
1)compole bolt m30x108 lg it.1 of drg no. 44393200001 rev.08. note: 1) bolt shall be supplied with threads protected condition. qty: 3600 no. 126
1)compressed argon gas gr.3 as per spec aa54401 rev.02, to be supplied in bhel cylinder. qty: 5000 qm. 123
1)Construction of C.C road from Patraiyya Ratihalli house to Girjamma Ratihalli house & Laxman mannur house to Durgannavar house & from Hanumantemple to Kalakangoudra house at W.No;20. 2)Construction. 145
1)contact multiplication relay abb make type psu14n, as per ann-a,it-001 qty: 35 no. 117
1)control cable 66/7600 15 m , part code 3 hac 026787-002 qty: 1 no 2)axis - 5 : motor without pinion, part code no: 3 hac 17484 - 10 qty: 1 no 3)axis -3 : motor with pinion , part code no: 3 hac 0332. 156
1)cooling water centrifugal pump motor set (13500 lpm & 38 m head) as per enclosed purchase specification ht00250 (rev.02) (input data sheet-type a). note: makes offered by traders are subjected to cu. 246
1)cutting oil qty: 1000 lt 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)deflector servo cylinder qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)dehumidifier as per product standard hg10083 rev00 & enclosed annexures. qty: 2 st 2)supervision charges for erection & commissioning at mukerian stage-ii hep site, punjab. qty: 2 st. 127
1)door switch as per sg12956 r00 item 001 qty: 9000 no. 114
1)electric bulb 100 watt 230 volt tungsten filament clear coiled gas filled general service electric bulb with standard b22d type cap to is 418:2004 amd.02. of make bajaj, cromptom, ge, philips, surya. 192
1)end housing assy as per drg. no. 14303176002 rev.08 ref. drg.14303176001 rev. 05 , 24303176001 rev04,34303176002 rev.02,44303176001 rev01, 34303176001 rev01. 24303176002 rev.02 with paint as per drg. 135
1)fibre glass case of tap changer sw grp to drg no. 05731130019-v00, r10 with 1 no. cover to drg no. 15731130036-v00, r02, 1 no cover to drg no. 15731130037-v00, r03, 1 no cover to drg no. 15731130038. 160
1)hexagonal nut (brass) to drg.No.5060191, rev.01. qty: 6000 no. 114
1)hts-aly-st-pipe qty: 30 mr 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)hydrogen gas conforming to is: 1090-2002 latest publication including amendments, purity must not be less than 99.9 percent by volume, to be supplied in bhel cylinders. qty: 2000 qm. 128
1)insulation tube to drg. 45751230029-001, r05 (note:vendor code&supply date only to be punched/sticker to be put on each component in addition t technical information if any.) qty: 500 no. 128
1)intermediate piece qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)lamp holder with skirt bakelite to drg.No.45210050914 rev.00.(philips/bajaj/crompton/havell/wipro/anchor/leader)make qty: 9000 no. 125
1)lead acid, tubular battery having output voltage 12v dc, 150ah capacity at c20 discharging rate required for dg set.Make - exide, standard, amaron,hbl . battery shall be supplied in charged conditio. 149
1)maintenance renewal of matlab software as per annexure- i qty: 1 st 2)matlab embeded coder toolbox qty: 1 st 3)matlab fixed point tool box qty: 1 st 4)matlab parallel computing toolbox qty: 1 st 5)m. 140
1)pneumatic chipping hammer chicago make model cp 4123-3h, bore & stroke 1-1/8" x 2" , blows / min 1920, chisel bush 14.7hex mm net weight 6.5 kg (approx) or equivalent. qty: 10 no. 132
1)polyster wovan shrinkable tape to ps- bp23795, rev. 06. size- 0.4 mm thk x 6 mm wide x 200 mr long roll. qty: 80000 mr. 127
1)postmortem rubber hand gloves, standard: is-4149-1967 , type-b , size 10".With periphery of hand gloves as 300mm. qty: 200 pr. 115
1)pvc self adhesive tape 0.125 x 20 x 20 mr black colour to bp22584, rev.03. qty: 45000 mr. 123
1)rough machined piston casting to drg 21140309902 (f/m drg 21140305001) mat spec hw19799. casting no. 305976-1, 305976-2 & 305976-3 must be punched on each casting respectively. qty: 3 no 2)rough mac. 157
1)saddle casting qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)shrinkable polyester tape size - 0.2 mm tk x 25 mm wide x 50 mr long roll to bp23795, rev. 06. qty: 100000 mr 2)polyster wovan shrinkable tape to ps- bp23795, rev. 06. size- 0.4 mm thk x 6 mm wide x. 165
1)slack adjuster assly(bottom) for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to rdsos drg.No.1wcg.221005a sheet 22 or latest.(2)slack adjuster (bottom short end)assly for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 l. 222
1)solid carbide twist drill type n cylendrical shank right 2) boring tool holder to m/s sandvik cat. cxs-a20-05. 3) carbide tip brazed parting tool as per iso-7 r 16x10 gr.K20. 140
1)spilt carbon brush to it. 01 of bhel drg. no. 34392000006 rev.14. qty: 3600 no. 117
1)supply of labour for cleaning and collection of solid waste under sanitation deparment municipal council anjangaon surji dist. amravati. 137
1)supply of level switches for max dna of obra unit- 12 & 13 as per technical specification no. rmsg 05 682 rev. 00 qty: 1 lo. 120
1)supply of temperature gauges for max dna of obra unit- 12 & 13 as per technical specification no. rmsg 05 681 rev. 00 qty: 1 lo. 120
1)synchronsing switch sqd 2 position 6 pole alongwith sqd key switch operator 60x60 size. consists of hgc part no.S425 (for switch) and s3500 (for key operator old part no s427). qty: 3 st. 130
1)writing brush no. 01. qty: 300 no 2)writing brush no. 02. qty: 200 no 3)writing brush no. 04. qty: 200 no 4)writing brush no. 05. qty: 300 no 5)writing brush no. 06. qty: 200 no 6)writing brush no. 150
1-16-4-48-5 Montgomery Co Recycling Center - General Labor Services. 124
1. complete repairing and rewinding delco remy 24v armature-10nos 2. complete repairing and dall set of delco remy fitting and machining- 10 no 3. complete repairing and new teeth changing of drive as. 168
1. nut-1 1/2 -6 type clt hexagon lock grade-c,(unified form) purchase spec.No.Wdg4/ps/veh 02,rev.5 dt.06.07.10 as per drawing drg.No 9416572 alt a (p.L. no.19350235) 2. nut 1/4-20 hex as per purchase. 347
1. stud 3/8 -16 as per purchase spec no wdg4/ps/veh 02 rev-5 drg.No gm partno 8347264 alt aa (p.L. no. 19110339) 2. stud 3/8-16 weld as per purchase spec no wdg4/ps/vev 02 rev-5 drg.No gm partno 81320. 336
1. welding of the partially broken part of the gear assly. 2. welding of the worn-out portion of the gear assly. 3. cutting of tooth/splines of the gear assly on milling m/c. 161
1.Final drive sprocket shaft broken to be taken out by puller and hyd. jack. 2.Serviceable final drive shaft to be taken out from grounding dozer. 3.Serviceable final drive shaft to be fitted/pushing. 173
1.Pneumatic driven pump unit 2.Module progressive feeder 3.Distributor.44 - 2578 - 6201. 122
1/2 inch isolating cock without vent(ball type), clw drg. no. 0/2/65/364. 133
1/2 inch limiting valve with pipe bracket (prv) set at 3.8 kg sq.Cm drawing no.Wsf pt no.C 74344/1 drg no.Da 6548/01. 228
1/2 isolating cock without vent as per wsf part no.Ib-101/7 drg no ib 101.Type or equivalent. 120
1/2 safety valve type t2 set at 8.5 kg/sq. cm to wsf pt. no. j 70929/18 or equivalent as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/63 alt-2 or latest. 131
1/2 strainer type t as per clw to drg no o/2/65/440 alt.0 or latest and conforming to rdsos m.S. no rdso/2008/el/ms/0359 rev o dt.7/4/2008. 137
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 136
100 mm dia finish milling cutter kit as per dlw drg no inkmg40049. 303
100 percent polyester fabric padding in 900g/sq.M specification: incorporating a 200 gr/sq.M high resistant polyester scrim, pre shrinked and anti static impregnated, maximum working temperature 175 d. 219
1000kva,11/0.415kv, 3 phase, 50hz, out door type,copper wound, delta/star,dyn11, onan cooled transformer with off ckt tap charger having range 10 percent b-o-15 percent in steps of 0.5 percent each wi. 238
108-16 Park Water Treatment Plant Aerator Replacement. 112
110v ac electric drill machine for 5mm-20mm dia drill twist rpm 560 or less as per iso specification. make: ralliwolf, bosch or similar. 123
13 Pride Hotels Across India. 173
14 t double legged alloy steel gr-t, chain sling complete with hook at one end and oblong at other end connected with connecting link, effective length 3mtrs, as per drg. no. e.Co.R/cs/01/2010 alt-a ,. 207
15 group tendering electricity baden-wuerttemberg 2017-2018. 139
15 w led street light make : hpl/bajaj/havells detail specification given in annexure condition : guarantee for a period of 60 monts from the date of commissioning or 72 months from the date of supply. 149
15Map25-Market Work Of Networks, And Walls Earthworks For The Management Of The Trolleys Ecoquartier Font Of A Pre Toulon. 369
16-0029 extension and restructuring, carl hahn school, house a, schachtweg 2, wolfsburg - ventilation and cooling systems. 194
16-0030 extension and restructuring, carl hahn school, house a - heating equipment. 135
16844/aws(rt)/jod/tpc. 119
16q-038 design build of sw 80th ave force main & golden ocala lift station. 236
19 Replacement - WSS to Anchiri SC Colony in AlakkoduPanchayath- Replacing Damaged Portions of Pumping Main. 139
19relaying of existing water supply line at t. r. nambiar road and kanakalaya bank road. 132
2 amps/250 volts micro switch. 337
2 mbps digital leased line modem,plugable with dte interface and pair consisting of one unit of v.35 modem and one unit of e-1 interface as per itu-t-g 703 as per rdso spn no. rdso/spn/tc/80/2008 rev. 145
2) lifting tha solid waste from anjangaon surji gaothan to new plot area (dumping yard) for municipal council anjangaon surji ta. anjangaon surji dist. amravati. 142
200 ltrs auxilary reservoir suspension arrangement to drg.No.Icf/std 3-5-008,item no. 1,2,3,4 and 5. 134
200 mos 2 assly paste . make oks/special lubricants/ silikote/molikote. as per annexure. 103
2015 / mo-19.1 financial accounting and business management system software maintenance outsourcing. 324
2016 after-school english classroom consignment vendor selection change announcements. 122
2016 after-school mathematics classroom consignment vendor selection change announcements. 123
2016 first semester war neuriul school field trip learning a small number of vehicles operated service announcements quote. 132
2016 girls high school field trips school year, fresh electronic auction services. 128
2016 Pipeline Cleaning, CCTV and Manhole Inspections. 309
2016 school year, school trips and brightest high school sophomore island bidding consignment services. 108
2016 water facility thorough inspection services. 116
2016 year bamboo private participation seconds selected computer class operator announcements. 101
2016 year cheongju nonggo schoolmates edible liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) to buy a small number of estimates announcement. 101
21 semur en auxois - a.judic school: restructuring of buildings e "clerkship, half board" d "day school school life" and c "restore". 287
22 kv grade 12.7/22 kv ud/v 3 x 240 sq mm stranded compact circular alluminium conductor cable, conductor screaming with extruded semi conducting compound xlpe insualted, insulation screamed with extr. 163
22 teeth nylon gear assembly for woodward governor drive, as per rdso drawing no. skdp-3806 alt- 4 or latest. 108
24v,40ah batteries with chargers under ipds scheme. 127
250mm x 3 jaw scroll operated self containing chuk with handle reverse jaws plain back. 108
3 Month Copy And Computer Paper. 165
3/4 centrifugal dirt collector with drain cock as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/76 alt. 1 or latest. 118
3/4 duplex check valve with soft seated valve set at 5 /- 0.1 kg per sq. cm. as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/103 alt 2 or latest. 128
3/4 inch sq drive rachet and click type manual torque wrench range 140-560 nm.Make power master,kennedy,snap on.06 month warranty is required. 107
3/8 double check valve iz-5010 and a1227/1 to, wsf drg. no.Ib 70006/2 or equivalent. 118
3/8 inch tube od x 1/2 inch brass female straight connector to swagelok part no.B-600-7-8 or to hp part no.Hp6fc8 of m/s. hp valves/chennai or m/s. jj hydraulics mumbai part no.06tgain1/2 inch . deale. 191
30095 e7 0002 emau greifswald - 2 ba location development concept loefflerstrae - fitting former surgery of humanities, loefflerstr.. 23b; 16e0007k plastering. 172
33kv 3x400 sq.Mm xlpe ug cable. 115
3rd Party Inspection For Package-01. 112
3rd Party Inspection Of The Works Carried Out Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme. 128
4 1/2 digital multimeter with terminal blocking protection, 10 function, 30 ranges with basic accuracy plus/minus 0.05 percent, d.C.Volt from 200 mv to 1000 v, ac volt range 02 v to 1000v, d.C current. 158
4 inch duplex air pressure gauge (bp-ar) to rdso drg.Nosk.Dp-3907 alt.1. 110
4 inch single air pressure gauge. self illuminated with led (flush mounted) (mr) to drg.No.Rdso/sk.Dp-3521 alt.5. 117
4 pin compact flourscent lamp 11 w suitable for 110v, ac/dc supply. make: bajaj/osram/philips/cg/halonix. 161
400va single phase isolation transformer 2.5 stage of cone input 0-400, 415 v 2 wire , output 0-110 v without enclosure. make:- guru/new gold/ jyothi/ melcon/ darade. 174
437-15-2-6360-0004/lease/replacement minot nd cboc tenant improvements/fargo grex#- dnd03724-001. 113
452 cc, ohv aircooled petrol engine, full pressure lubrication with spin on oil filter, cast iron cy. 254
46 pin male connector 16 amps, 500v, 6 kv3 for driving trailor coaches as per specification attachad. 106
4614_marchtrenk convention centre and musikschule_aussenanlagen. 156
48v/300ah vrla battery bank stackable as per irss-93/96 part a amd.I or latest. consisting of 24 nos. 2v/300 ah cells. 244
4gb Fc Dae With 15x300gb 15k Fc Drives. 304
5 / zp / 16 procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender with a value exceeding eur 209 000 for the supply of tissue adhesive for the provincial specialist hospital. copernicus in. 267
5 Nos Of Individual Rural Piped Water Supply Scheme Pertaining. 152
50 w led flood light make : hpl/bajaj/havells /c and s detail specification given in annexure condition : guarantee for a period of 60 months from the date of commissioning or 72 months from the date. 152
500 kva,11/0.433 kv, 3phase,50hz, out door type, copper wound, delta/star,dyn 11, onan cooled transformer with off circuit tap charger having range 10 percent b-o-15 percent in steps of 0.5 percent ea. 241
52 kg fish plate rdso drg.No.T-090 m with alteration specification irs t-1-2012 provisional. 313
5kg, dcp type fire extinguiser cartridges operated 120gm. is 4947 isi mark with controllable discharge mechanism class b. rating 21 b with isi mark is 15683. as per clw approved sourcess only. 121
63 amps, 415 v ac 3 phase airbreak power contactor with 2 no 2nc with coil of capacity 230 v, 50 hz, to model no. 3tf47 02----0a p0za01 of m/s. siemens or its equivalent in m/s. l and t only. terms an. 168
6hp submercible pump set, three phase, 415v, 50hz suitable for 150mm dia tube well discharge 160lpm, head-90 meters, suitable for bore size : 6 , 12 stage as per is: 8034:2002 with latest amendment si. 257
7 days circular chart thermograph for blood bank refrigerator temp range -50 to 50 degree c, clock wise rotation. 342
70 w metal halide lamp. 137
745 west main, louisville kentucky. 144
76.15.1619 replacement of old and damaged pipes rwss. 132
77.15.1619 replacement of old and damaged pipes rwss. 133
8 port switch 10/100. make: cisco, d-link, i-ball, netgear. 110
901 cc656a colur catridge suitable for hp officejet 4500 printer. 133
A 39 major repairs with cultivation of emergency lane between salzgitter lebenstedt-south and north-salzgitter lebenstedt, vof tendering procedure for the procurement of bauberwachungs- and sigekolei. 282
A cleaning service and maintain the cleanliness of the premises of the institute of cancer center street. x-rays 5 and ul. wawel 15 in warsaw, no matter po - 1/16 / im. 179
A cleaning service premises, premises, green spaces and car parks and service meetings and meetings at the premises of the municipal office of wroclaw. 126
A mtc of EPHS W S and Sewerage in Sec 11 13 17 25 I U E Panipat. 173
A set consisting of 02 items 1. shielded metal arc welding rod size- 3.2 mm class e-7016 conform with gbe5016. qty- 150 kg. 2. shielded metal arc welding rod size- 4.0 mm class e-7016 conform with gbe. 166
A&a to e.I for outhouse quarters(18 nos.) at race course bunglow no. 1 to 8 at rajkot,dist -rajkot. 173
A. & a. to e.I. for archives bhavan at rajkot.(job no. raj/city/sr/nr/2015-16/ ). 170
A. sweeping and cleaning (approx 2,00,000 sqm) on all days except on sundays and holidays during working hours as mentioned in scope of services b garbage clearance as mentioned in scope of services. 156
A.K. Anand, Smt Nirmala Bhatt And Room No. 82 And Provision Of Locker For D And T Wing, Parliament Security Service At Parliament House, New Delhi. 126
A/r and m/o commonwealth games village site and practice venue complex at commonwealth games village during 2015-2016. sh treatment of serpents and rodents of area adjoining to ess-i and ess-ii in pra. 160
A/r and m/o to commonwealth games village and competition venue during 2015-2016. sh repair of boundary wall in front of akshardham mandir b road. 150
A/R and M/O various roads under division SER-2 during 2015-16 SH- Misc and finishing work in division office and Sub Division office SER-22. 138
A15 / 43 works contract for the construction of a social and cultural center. 276
A3 flat bed scanner with out adf to model workforcel ds- 50000.(or) equivalent as per following description (description:(1) scanner size: a3 with flat bed scanner (2) technology: ccd technology with. 193
A8 munich-salzburg: resurfacing lot 1, direction munich. 211
A947 - F&B Way Cycle Connection Improvements. 258
Abk - granting security services. 197
Abs avalanche air bag activation unit with trigger mechanism. 128
Absorbent booms purchased. 156
AC load vehicle (WLF) and Ro. 143
Accelerator laboratory automation system. 158
Acceptance Testing of Towers constructed by M/S Huawei and M/S ITI Ltd, in Phase V.1 project which are pending for AT and AT conducted but ATC pending for few punch points at 1) NERALAGUNTE and 2) BID. 109
Access to a web-based it systems for documentation of classified chemicals. 130
Access to Justice. 243
Access to Justice: Supporting the Rule of Law and Transitional Justice. 399
Accessibility development work of e.r.p. to p.s.h. - tranche 2015. 2nd consultation. 210
Accessories for the care of the patient. 123
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 163
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 130
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 129
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 161
Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries. 137
Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries. 105
Acquiring Materials And Thermal Operated Electric With Spare Parts And Accessories For The Needs Of The Civis Services. 108
Acquisition And Delivery Of Traffic Signal Equipment For The Town Of Bagnols-Sur-Cze. 153
Acquisition Fire Truck Equipped with Complementary Agents and Extrication Equipment. 329
Acquisition of certificates rgs **. 136
Acquisition of equipment for disinfection and control for production units of drinking water smdea. 165
Acquisition of heavy vehicles split into 4 lots. 203
Acquisition Of It Equipment And Associated Services For Public Colleges Gard. 102
Acquisition of licenses and support for the "self-service business intelligence.". 179
Acquisition of licenses under the microsoft campus and school agreement. 187
Acquisition Of Pharmaceuticals And Small Equipment For The Needs Of The Departmental Laboratory. 204
Acquisition of pharmaceuticals and small equipment for the needs of the departmental laboratory. 244
Acquisition Of Software, Supplies And Computer Material. 101
Acquisition of WEB-based encyclopedia (electronic) for access to information in connection with financial and accounting matters. In the economics department at Telemark county is employed 14 people. 240
Acquisition Rca and Casco Insurance Services. 564
Acquisition, Delivery And Installation Of Seating And Office Furniture For The Services Of Idefhi. 197
Acquisition, Installation And Repair Of Sports Equipment. 146
Action plan 3 no work for the year 2015-16 by APMC Bhadravathi. 115
Activated carbon,granular,ty-i. 181
Active speed sensor for traction motor of 3-phase locos as per clw/es/3/0493. 153
Adaptor for widma m/c. 104
Addition alteration and renovation works of court room no 28 and 29 in 1st floor at centenary building high court calcutta during the year 2015-16. 148
Addition alteration and renovation works of court room no 30 in 1st floor and court room no 34 in 2nd floor at centenary building high court. 154
Addition alteration and renovation works of court room no 32 and 33 in 2nd floor at centenary building high court calcutta during the year 2015-16. 148
Addition alteration and renovation works of existing judges chamber no 1 to 4 including toilets, judges corridor polishing for court room furniture in 1st floor and toilets of chamber no 5 to 8 in 2nd. 165
Addition alteration and renovation works of existing judges chamber no 5 to 8 and judges corridor including polishing for court room furniture in 2nd floor at centenary building high court calcutta du. 158
Addition alteration to dsc huts at icgas daman. 134
Addition alteration to rg assembly building at cvrde avadi. 135
Addition/alteration of outdoor sports infrastructure at af stn najafgarh. 135
Additional delivery of contrast agents. 290
Additional Electrical Installation Works For Project Arrow(Look And Feel) At Kumily(Cr-Kerala). 142
Adhesive glass cloth tape. size: 0.14 x 19 mm wide (in continious roll of 30 mtrs). spec no-4tms.096.026. 220
Adjusting screw for fuel pump cross head lifter. head to drg.No. 32 d 72139. dmw / dlw.Pt.No. 10 21 0726 alt.D. 113
Administration incontinence products and the hygiene of the guests. single lot. 138
Adopter for spring for lube oil filter. 113
Adult Detention Center Sally Port Expansion. 124
Advance work and Raising of Seedlings of 25 Ha Forest Land at A.M. Kaval Sy No 01 of Challakere Range(A.M. Kavala RF) in Chitradurga Territorial Forest Division during 2016-17. 136
Advance work and Raising of Seedlings of 25 Ha Forest Land at Kennedelu(Chikkasiddavvanahalli) Sy No 96 of Chitradurga Range (Jogimatti RF) in Chitradurga Territorial Forest Division during 2016-17. 133
Advertising management services. 115
Advisory architectural services. 131
Advisory architectural services. 121
Advisory service insurance general and institutional administration of the autonomous basque community. 163
Advisory Services And Assistance In Terms Of Cost Control In The Framework Of The National Campaign To Recruit. 215
Aerial forest-firefighting services. 175
Aerosol spraying liquid penetrant kit consisting of3items i.E.Dye penetrant,cleaner anddeveloper in ratio1:3:2 penetrant system properties as under:- a.Visibility-type ii.Visible dye b.System sensitiv. 163
Ag. Pump energization for the supply, test, transport, construction, erection, testing and commissioning of 11 kV & LT lines, distribution transformer centers of varying capacities and other allied w. 180
Agencies for supply of manpower for maharashtra film, stage and cultural development corporation ltd. 146
Agreement Temporary Occupation Of Public Land For The Construction And Operation Of A Hotel). 110
Agricultural Diagnoses Exploitationlot 2: Diagnostics Humidesdans Areas Under The Agri-Environmental Project And Climate Paec) (Gorges Of The Loire Upstream Water Component. 137
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 138
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 256
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 140
Aids for people with disabilities. 380
Air brake piping to drg no j and td cw per sr drg no sk-1145 item no 17. 109
Air compressor 7.5 hp , 03 phase 440 v , maximum pressure 12 kg fad 20.5 cfm, tank capacity 220 ltrs as per elgi model no ts 07120 hn , make- elgi, ingersoll rand or atlas. 123
Air conditioning gas supply for industrial vehicles. 257
Air cooler cap. 40 ltr air cooler cooling capacity area 500 sq.Fit between 600 sq.Fit room rated voltage 230v 50hz 1 phase with trolley easy mobility, make kenstar model no. turbocool dx-9704, usha-le. 138
Air emergency brake valve as per m/s sil drg. no. 29091801 and m/s ftil drg. no. 025060017 rev-07. 116
Air filter assly, dlw part no-11664253,alt b . 156
Air filters. 109
Air flow relay qvsi for rectifier panel to clw spec no.Clw/es/r-34/c with mounting arrangement. 270
Air inlet duct for pclhb lwlr. 169
Air setting mortar (super 3000 ). 182
Airless spray gun complete with proper locking knob along with nozzle holder and reversible tip for vr coating make air less spray painting m/c. specn. maxm working pressure ...........350 bar, inlet. 164
Airport Customer Service Agents for Automated Passport Control. 125
Ajuster spindle to rdso drg. no. wd-82064-s-02-rc alt.7, item no.4. material and specification as per drg. 109
Akershusmuseet shall establish an overall security plan for the museum, with a departmental description and analysis of risks and vulnerabilities as well as proposals for action. Securing plan shall a. 314
Al.Copper master alloy (50% al + 50% cu). this should be supplied in 5 kg ingots from as per is:1820-79. this is used for manufacturing of castings. 135
Alarm wire rope comp -col-vii. 158
Alfa/auto ton diluent for bcc (20 ltr. per pack). 109
Aligning and pressing the hoist drum shaft into bearing housing, mounting straightening and pressing of ekg shovel hmb-578 at tetulmari ocp of sijua area. 143
All accounts work, taxation work, deposit of tax, filling of returns, assessments, tax audit work, annual accounts work of rtdc ltd. as a whole. 152
All kind of purcheshing building material and road material. 112
Allotment of authorized advertisement zones in dombivli east on monthly lease fee basis. 128
Allotment of authorized advertisement zones in dombivli west on monthly lease fee basis. 128
Allotment of authorized advertisement zones in kalyan east on monthly lease fee basis. 128
Allotment of authorized advertisement zones in kalyan west on monthly lease fee basis. 129
Allotment of authorized advertisement zones in titwala and shahad on monthly lease fee basis. 129
Alta municipality invites to an open tender for the purchase of new or used tractor Environment business area, Park and Sports. It is assumed that the current tractor taken as trade-in. The tractor~s. 255
Aluminium ladder made avm-1213, c-secton 3 mm heavy pipe closing height 12 feet. opening hight 20 feet, with 2 wheel with safety belt. 115
Aluminium-chromium master alloy with chromium 5% +/- 0.5% and other elements (except aluminium) not to exceed 0.5%.Material to be supplied heat / cast no. wise along with. 141
Aluminum bronze fasteners. 111
Aluminum channel moulding size 600x83x2.5mm to icf drg no icf/std -4-3-008 alt s item no 8 mat and specn as per drg. 141
Ambulance bodies. 119
Amc for horticulture services at gail vaghodia. 107
Amc for rodent control services in cbse shiksha kendra preet vihar. 136
AMC for works of clinker grinder, ash discharge / MSERW pipe lines repairs/replacement at unit no 3,4& 5. 138
Amiodarone hci 200mg in strip. 248
Amonia liquid bottles in one ltr pack. 147
An apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging. 144
An architectural/engineering team to provide programing for the project as well as design and construction administration services for the indoor football practice facility. 115
Analgesics. 144
Anastehsia drug trolley. 121
Anchorage testing machine. 123
Anchoring hook for shunting contactor, clw drg.No.2twd-111-083 alt.8 or latest ref.1 to 10. 115
Angle grinder 230v single phase 50hz, power 1000w speed 10000 rpm max disc dia 100mm external brush access, equivalent to dewalt make catalog no. dw 803, make dewalt, black and decker, bosch only. 117
Angola : ACI announce CEO Zandre Campos featured in CEOWORLD Magazine. 171
Animal products, meat and meat products. 117
Animal products, meat and meat products. 137
Annual Comprehensive Day To Day Maintenance Of Iei And Fans Including Preventive Maintenance. 145
Annual comprehensive maintenance microprocessor based contingency alarm & Routine maintenance i/c preventive and breakdown maintenance of Electrical installations and operation of DG set. 120
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Microprocessor Based Contingency Alarm And Routine Maintenance I/C Preventive And Breakdown Maintenance Of Electrical Installations And Operation Of Dg Set. 133
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Cold And Freezer Room. 104
Annual comprehensive maintenance preventive corrective and breakdown of duct able tower and concealed split type ac machines at various location under rg kar electrical section i pwd at rgkar mch. 154
annual contract for maintenance and operation of boiler lift at u#5 and for u#6 & u#7. 148

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