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Articles from Mena Report (January 25, 2016)

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"bolt" for rear shock absorber bottom plate. 130
"providing road safety interventions from km 8/0 to 16/4 of nuliveedu pandikunta korlakuntaroad in y.S.R district under the main work improvements to road from km 8/0 to 16/4 of nuliveedu pandikunta k. 197
(1) t-5 tubelight with electronic ballast , (2) self ballasted led lamps, (3) cfl (self ballasted lamps). 163
(bidding agency) innovation redwood nursery augmentation construction. 113
(ph no.3101) nasha stabilised hyaluronic acid 60 mg/ 3 ml inj (durolane inj). 123
(re-tender) fdr 15-16 widwning the carriage way in lower bazzar road ch. 1/000 to 1/600km.(uppoottil jn.). 141
(tentative name) 1 elementary school in daegu national industrial complex construction supervision. 123
(tentative name) male junior high school teachers of economics construction design (ve) review services. 123
0 won 18 other hwangsaeul park management corporation. 113
001518151415 nylon rope dia 30mm x 5 mtr. ct. 119
02 misc excavation works at ukni ocm,wani north area. 147
05 Nos Hiring of Hydraulic Excavator Machines 200 210 220 T without Rock breaker Model year 2013 or onwards 20 to 30 Ton capacity. 132
1 Acetic Acid 500ml 3 2 Acetone AR 500ml 2 3 Acetone HPLC grade 1lit HPLC 20 4 Ammonia Solution 500ml GR 4 5 Ammonium Molybdate 100gm GR 1 6 Amyl Alcohol 500ml GR 2 7 Acti. 574
1 dye penetrant pm-10 425ml spray can, 2 developer pm - 30425ml spray can 3 cleaner pm. 186
1 high tensil stainless steel screw size- m 6 x 10mm ,qty-300 nos 2 high tensil stainless steel screw size- m6 x 15mm, qty- 300 nos 3 ferrule mild steel size-20mm, qty- 100 nos make- aks or similar . 148
1 in 2 out 4 sq.Mm terminal blocks model no-kuy4 -1 2, makephoenix or wago part no.281-681,further details:3 condctor through terminal block, centre marking carrier rail din35, front entry:cage clamp. 178
1 isolating cock with fittings as per ftrtil part no.790040400/ kb part no. ii20882/14. 103
1 lee nam-myeon slash-and-burn tue conducted all-sky levee maintenance business design services. 116
1 neunggyo chooe authority (jeongeup student welfare hall) toilet repair and other construction design services. 123
1 region (bongdong kindergarten, bongdong seconds, bongdong early positive campus) school bus transportation rental services. 143
1 self locking angle cock o.L.P to clw drg no. 0/2/65/221, alt-2 or latest equivalent recon drg no. rec/ac/001/a/1 and wsf pt no. ic-700151/2. 131
1 termination board t/p made by 3m high grade retro reflective sheet on 3mm aluminium combo sheet. size 1mtr.Dia back side- 5mm thickness iron angle complete set as per manual. drg. attached. make- 3m. 203
1 type of item. 111
1) Construction of CC Road Irappa Navalagi house to Smashan, In Gurlapur Hindu rudrabhomi,and Laying of RCC pipe for road crossing at Mallikarjun and Hanuman Temple in W No 20 and 23.2)Metling and Asp. 160
1) heat shrinkable straight through jointing kit suitable for 1.1kv pvc /xlpe cable of size 2cx300 sq.Mm, make: denson, cabseal or similar. 2) heat shrinkable straight through jointing kit suitable fo. 252
1) Repairing Nhs (D/S) 2X4=8 Units Occupied By Ananda Gorai, Others. 139
1)Construction of RCC drain from Kallappa Zandekurubar house to Nala at Venkatesh nagar in W.No.13.2)Construction of Toilet room at TMC Office for Physically disabled. 123
1)Development of road from Shivapur road to Shabannavar tota in W No 5.2)Construction of CC Road from Market bridge to More house at Desapande plot in W No 11. 126
1)insu-k20-tape qty: 5000 mr 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)main disc qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)micro air die grinder qty: 10 no 2)nmtc grinder qty: 10 no 3)nmtc grinder qty: 25 no 8)null qty: null null. 117
1)pol petp-tape qty: 68 mr 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)resin-strong-acidic qty: 280 lt 2)resin-strong-basic qty: 280 lt 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)seal oil pump(ac) var-05 qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)set of 1/2" sq.Dr socket qty: 8 st 2)metal cutting shears 300 mm qty: 10 no 3)sgl ended open jaw spnr qty: 50 no 4)dbl ended open jaw spnr qty: 40 no 5)dbl ended open jaw spnr qty: 50 no 6)key for h. 181
1)zircon wash (water based) qty: 20000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 106
1,500 MW Gas-Fired Lackawanna Plant. 218
1. bolt 1/2-13 hex as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev-5 drg.No gm partno 180172 alt ca ( pl no. 19014570). 409
1. bolt 1/4-20 hex as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev-5 drg.No gm partno 180016 alt da (p.L. no.19010199) 2. bolt 1/4-20 hex as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02.Rev.5 drg.No gm partno 18002. 347
1. d. v. released rod (long) to rcf drg. no. cc 36206 alt. a . mat. and specn. as per drg. 2. d. v. released rod (short) to rcf drg. no. cc 36176 alt. b . mat. and specn. as per drg. 128
1. moei and fans, i/c w/s p/set, street light and dg set in non-resdl. and resdl. bldg. at ibm, jabalpur. 2 moei and fans, i/c w/s p/set, street light, s/station and dg set in non-resdl. and resdl. bl. 169
1. provision for additional light fittings in omq area at 1fbsu, af, amritsar. pb. dg. 2015-16. 2. provision of additional security lights around boundary wall of smq area at 1fbsu, af, amritsar. pb. 140
1. rmo drinking water pump set, fire fighting p/set, fire alarm and fire fighting system at narmada and kaveri complex, dr. bd marg, new delhi. 2. rmo 2nos 125kva dg set at narmada and kaveri complex,. 187
1. rubber cleat for apu fuel piping to drg no.3dmw/sk-1387 alt-nil. 2. rubber cleat for sensor gauge piping to drg.No.3dmw/sk-1386 alt-nil. 126
1. shock absorber to drg.No icf sk-0-5-015 item no 2 alt m4 qty 8 nos 2. double acting hydraulic shock absorber to drg.No cc05250 alt c qty 24 nos. 145
1. spring to sil drg. no. 08576021 or similar. 2 stem. 3 hex lock nut m 10x1.5 to sil drg. no. 71051015 or similar. 124
1. washer-3/4 flat drg.No gm partno 9522508 alt aa (p.L. no.19394330) 2. washer 3/8 flat drg.No gm pt no 120388 alt ca (p.L. no.19391092). 340
1.5 sqmm 3 core multi stranded pvc insulated ,pvc sheathed copper cable for the rated voltage upto and including 1100 v conforming to is 694-1990 with amdnt no. 1 and2 or latest with isi mark. 147
1.5 sqmm, single core, pvc insulated, unsheathed, multistranded copper conductor cable conforming to is,694 or latest. 129
1.Hatch inspection2.Draught survey3.Submission of draught survey reports as per the nit. 130
1/2 positive overlap (51 percent to 55 percent) polyimide covered copper conductor of rectangular section for eq.Coil of az-4601 tm arm. emu size bare 3.8 x 1.1 x 0.5 mm radius at corners conforming t. 317
1/2 Ton Pick-up Trucks. 116
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 144
10 kv insulation resistance tester model no.Mit1025 or similar including user guide cd,power lead,3 mtr.Lead set x 3 medium insulated clips,3 mtr.Lead set x 3 large insulated clips,usb cables and powe. 389
140 pieces of gauze surgical medical grade, without starches, without optical white, white based h202 50%, 100% cotton, plain weave, type v, plot of 16 to 20, 20 to warp 24, c-6114. 119
15 db ofc pad connector. make: legrand or similar. 133
15 ton capacity hydraulic gear extractor as per specification enclosed. 133
16-141 Swan Harbor Farm Tent Replacement. 117
16th ind expo. 116
185 mm dia gear cupling for 5 t cap. e.O.T. crane at m.S. and wts. material specification en - 9. hardness 280 - 300 bhn. 125
1port standalone voice logger recorder asa 10 with 4 gb memory card. 103
1set partition frames lhb eog. 178
1x28 watt electronic ballast suitable for 1x28w t-5 tube working 230v, 50hz ac supply. make:- bajaj crompton, philips/ge/wipro . test report/oem certificate shall be given accepted with material. 127
2 Year Rate Contract For Disassy/Assy Of Roll Assemblies Of Different Mills & Machine Maint Activities. 177
2,143 cy excavation; 1,580 cy shot rock borrow; mining area restoration & road cleaning guarantee; 1,600 lf trench liner; 680 cy 2" minus shot rock w/base course; locate sewer services; sanitary sewer. 218
2.5 sq.Mm blue thin walled flex elast.Cable with cu. cond., up to 750v, rdso letter no. el/2.2.37. 191
2015 country rivers (yanggu seocheon) hydrophilic maintenance business. 112
2015 drought compared hajangmyeon young, yongyeon district water facilities construction. 111
2015 school year, january and february schoolmates edible busikpum electronic quote announcement of the joint purchase of a small number. 119
2015 school year, kyungpook national university sadaebugo humanities e-book purchase bidding. 106
2015 school year, the third book purchase. 103
2015 Zero Turn Mower. 122
2016 1-2 month schoolmates drinking water for the fields industrial joint purchasing (bansongcho cod, cod hwawongo). 119
2016 2 month school lunch corrosion jointly purchase a small note notice. 112
2016 2 month schoolmates edible busikpum (including kimchi, ilbanmi excluded) quote purchase a small number of emergency notification. 119
2016 2 month schoolmates edible meat (beef, pork) quote purchase a small number of emergency notification. 119
2016 achieved 0 won herbivorous animal feed (hay imported) purchase. 105
2016 andong lakeside recreation forest linen laundry service. 104
2016 annual road maintenance costs (primary zones -2). 114
2016 bicycle road maintenance construction contract price (1 region). 115
2016 bicycle road maintenance construction contract price (2 zones). 112
2016 bicycle road maintenance construction unit price contract (3 region). 112
2016 busan high school sophomore year school trips consignment services. 130
2016 cctv equipment maintenance, samcheok security services. 104
2016 chang~~an children~~s park maintenance facilities construction. 110
2016 cooper sewer district emergency renovations (unit price contract). 115
2016 crops in southern parts cleaning services. 107
2016 daegu arboretum tropical fruits circles composition design service business conduct. 126
2016 danchon forest landscape gardening business district. 107
2016 deokjin-gu hall bridge maintenance reinforcement work carried out design services. 114
2016 dongsong agricultural complex expansion project management office design service implementation. 112
2016 gapyeong newsletter production services. 109
2016 general maintenance plan addresses buan yucheonri quote veterinary service announcements. 128
2016 gimhae national museum newsletter printing and distribution agreements. 117
2016 green belt maintenance ltd (zone 2). 125
2016 groundwater impact assessment and follow-up services. 113
2016 guangzhou tourist information services maintenance services. 112
2016 guilgo janitorial small number of guidance announcements quote. 118
2016 gwonseon-gu children~~s park maintenance facilities construction. 113
2016 gwonseon-gu sewer maintenance ltd (the first region) contract price. 115
2016 gwonseon-gu sewer maintenance work (second region) contract price. 117
2016 health institutions bought medicines. 108
2016 household waste collection islands maritime transport services. 107
2016 in hall nine petitions crosswalk reported lower jaw corporation (unit price contract) (critical). 122
2016 in hall nohubo also maintenance construction waste treatment services. 118
2016 incheon hangil private elementary school classroom participation selected computer operators announcements. 103
2016 initial enrollment adapt the activity data we first grade printing and distribution. 105
2016 january-february schoolmates foods (corrosion) to submit quotations to buy emergency notification. 117
2016 jinshan school and two other locations precision inspection services. 117
2016 lake park gwanggyo electrical installations maintenance costs annually, ltd. 117
2016 medical drugs purchased (cost). 101
2016 mercury daegu fire station building cleaning services. 115
2016 meteor foot bath spa 0 won cheheomjang management operation agency services. 117
2016 one-way street pavement marking maintenance costs, ltd. 112
2016 paju city library annual book (goods) purchased bidding. 109
2016 park workout facility maintenance construction (unit price contract). 119
2016 petition district road safety facility renovations (unit price contract). 117
2016 petition emergency ward sewer pipe repair work (annual price first). 120
2016 petition nine underground hall sidewalk cleaning services. 113
2016 pharmacist embankment pavilion cleaning services. 112
2016 pocheon fire facilities management facilities management corporation annual contract bidding. 109
2016 printer toner annual price agreements (genuine). 104
2016 private sewage treatment plant water quality monitoring services. 113
2016 public parking facilities maintenance ltd. (annual cost). 112
2016 public sports facilities management and cleaning toilets management services. 128
2016 public toilet sanitation services, such as mentholatum inlet area. 113
2016 records management system standard maintenance services. 111
2016 rivers fitness equipment maintenance business (annual contract price). 117
2016 road facilities maintenance ltd. (annual cost). 121
2016 school year 4 schools gamgok chooe school bus rental services. 137
2016 school year a small number of car rental services quote announcements. 126
2016 school year, a freshman pre-purchase education materials and assignments chapter production. 109
2016 school year, high school ores school bus rental services. 117
2016 school year, our failure last week 3-1 social studies textbook printing area. 109
2016 school year, sixth-grade field trip charter bus rental service for a small number of estimates bidding. 131
2016 school year, the second year study tour services step 2 (standard-simultaneous price) bidding (urgent). 119
2016 school year, the second year study tour services submitted quote a small number of re-announcements. 121
2016 school year, three schools dohak chooe school bus rental services. 124
2016 school year, woo 1 chooe school school bus rental services. 137
2016 school zone traffic facilities maintenance construction (annual cost). 117
2016 security facilities, such as the annual cost construction. 112
2016 sewer pipe dredging dredged waste treatment services 1 zone (unit price contract). 116
2016 stop illegal weeks. unmanned surveillance system maintenance services. 102
2016 street light maintenance facility construction (annual cost). 122
2016 streetlight radio relay systems maintenance services. 112
2016 transportation facilities maintenance contract price (painting sphere -2). 109
2016 ulju drainage pipe maintenance construction (1 domains unit price contract). 120
2016 ulju drainage pipe maintenance construction (2 domains unit price contract). 119
2016 ulju drainage pipe maintenance construction (3 domains unit price contract). 119
2016 wansan-gu hall construction bridge maintenance (annual price contracts). 116
2016 water quality monitoring environment based processing facility and services (emergency). 120
2016 winter pruning, tree-lined business. 111
2016 winter pruning, tree-lined business. 113
2016 year geumnam elementary facility management (protection) services. 114
2016 year hanwool school school bus rental services. 101
2016 year of coalition staff septic tank maintenance services company housing. 101
2016 year of electronic bidding purchase ingredients (seafood). 109
2016 year of gunsan 4 education support agency region school bus rental services. 122
2016 year of gunsan education support agency 1 region school bus rental services. 133
2016 year of gunsan education support agency 2 region school bus rental services. 142
2016 year of gunsan education support agency 6 region school bus rental services. 110
2016 year of gunsan education support agency zones 3 school bus rental services. 119
2016 year of gunsan education support office 5 region school bus rental services. 143
2016 year of high school teachers in ulsan sports science janitorial bids. 125
2016 year of mungyeong tourist shooting range clay plate price contracts. 107
2016 year of passengers and maintenance of new training materials printing. 107
2016 year of the platform (buses, taxis) cleaning services. 107
2016 year of traffic safety signs deliberations reflect road maintenance work (unit price contract). 119
2016 year of ulsan thermal power plant building cleaning services, foster care. 107
2016 year reimbursement adequacy assessment data reliability checks outsourcing (re-announcement). 127
2016 yongin university of foreign studies estimate obituary mattress bidding a small number. Obituary 114
2016-2 january cafeteria livestock purchases. 105
2016-2017 years national center for korean traditional performing arts building management (us) services. 114
2016.1-2 may ingredients for meals (busikpum) purchased a small number of advertisements. 117
2018 daegwallyeong public sewer facility expansion project construction waste treatment services (4th). 101
2120012-4(tyco make)or equivalent 12 core outdoor armoured 9/125 singlemode-multiple loose tube thin line fiber cables. 140
23 then daegok station line 1, 2 others gwangeup material psd facilities communications ltd (cctv) purchase. 123
24 - c double check valve as per ftil part no.702003200 or 24-a double check valve as per sil drawing number 2919015210. 122
24 c x 1.5 sqmm sig. cable. 299
24-a double check valve to wabco pt. no.560504. 117
25 mm m.S. galvanised wire rope flexible with 6/19 core with d type lug insulated with pvc outer sleeve 3 mm wall thickness, rope length 15 mtrs. wire rope end to end . 123
25 mm m.S. galvanised wire rope flexible with 6/19 core with d type lug insulated with pvc outer sleeve 3 mm wall thickness,rope length 3 mtrs. wire rope end to end . 123
25 mm m.S. galvanised wire rope flexible with 6/19 core with d type lug insulated with pvc outer sleeve 3mm wall thickness, rope length 3.5 mtrs. wire rope end to end . 123
255 liters approx. capacity frost free refrigerator with double door working on 1 phase,230 volts ac similar to lg model no.Gl-b282 or latest and conform to following specifications. 1 capacity liters. 195
2nd call for providing b.t renewal on chargaon-rawanwadi raod (vr-1) ch. no.1/00 to 2/00. 127
3 rd party inspection for the works carried out under ganga kalyana scheme. 107
3/8 tube fuel pump support to c.Rly. drg. no. ci/pc- 488 alt. nil or latest cat. no. 16394016 drp no.14141b/12 along with part drg. 431
30 ton capacity hydraulic cylinder liner extractor/installer as per specifications enclosed. 135
32 envelopes single natural absorbable suture (catgut simple) no. 2-0, curved needle, circle, point conical, cylindrical. (36mm). individually packaged, sterile, non-pyrogenic, c-7354. 117
32 mm m.S. galvanised wire rope flexible with 6/19 core with d type lug insulated with pvc outer sleeve 3 mm wall thickness, rope length 12 mtrs. wire rope end to end . 123
34 kv ac surge arrestor complete with continuous operating voltage 34 kv ac as per abb type no.Polim-s 34 n as per iec 600994-2004 or similar with test certificate for ac-dc siemens emu rake. 164
35sqmm yellow colour e-beam cable. 256
3d non-contact profilometer. 129
3m scotch brite unitized wheel. 167
3rd Party Inspection For The Works Carried Out Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme In Different Places Of Mudhol, Jamakhandi, Terdal & Bilagi Taluks Of Bagalkot District For The Year 2015-16(Package-2). 138
3rd party inspection for the works carried out under ganga kalyana scheme. 122
3rd party inspection for the works carried out under ganga kalyana scheme. 136
4 feet long led tube light with fixture 20/22 watts,230 volts, ac supply make- philips,havells,syska led,bajaj, or crompton greaves only. fitting shall be guaranteed for a period of one year for any m. 209
4 zones (samrye seconds, samrye dongcho, samrye jungangcho) school bus transportation rental services. 141
40 - polyvalent antivenom (species of central and / or guatemalan) solution for injection or powder for parenteral use solvent vial 10ml. c-1604. 109
400 amps 33kv air break switch set complete to is specification:9920/1985. gang operated air break switch 33kv outdoor triple pole, 3 insulator per pole tilting type gang operated break switch suitabl. 261
400 paper and plastic bag medical grade (mixed) with adhesive closure and chemical sterilization indicator to sterilize in steam and gas 8-12 19-23cm x-9770 c. 107
411811250003 rear cover 411-81125 - 48 nos. 119
500 kva dg set. 255
52 kv 2000 amp oilp condencer bushing for 21.6 mva 132/27.5 kv tractin transformer make:bhel/ alstom/telk as per bhel drg. no.24500050071(rev-1)/similar drawing of alstom or telk. 154
6 way modular single plate with 4 nos modular switch and 01 nos of modular socket 5 pin 6 amps 230 volts switch confirming to is 3854 and socket confirming to is 1297. 120
6.6 kv grade (3.8/6.6 kv uo/u) 3 x 240 sq.Mm stranded compact circular alluminium conductor cable, conductor screening with extruded semi conducting compound, xlpe insulated insulation screened with e. 179
6.6kv grade pvc insulated, multistrand cable - 2 items. 109
6.9mm throughcoolant s/c drill. 178
60 kva transformer 750v/415v, 3-phase,4 wire, vector configuration-star-star as per specification no. rdso/pe/spec/ac/0080 -2007 (rev-1) and rcf corrigendum no. 1 and 2. 157
60 MM Interlocking Tiles ISI Marked Gali H/O Joginder Singh to Gali Santokh Singh Ward No 4 Dasuya. 110
600/159v, 15va speedometer potential transformer as per drg. no.B/trs/inst/4/10. 115
600va/360w offline ups, make - i-ball/microtek/apc. 132
6th avenue sidewalk project fpid: 430147-1-58-01 federal project: 7777-237-a. 287
7 zones (south building seconds, yongjin seconds, rational seconds) school bus transportation rental services. 137
8 - port switch layer-2 network switch of d-link or superior.Standard: ieee 802.3 10 base-t ethernet, ieee 802.3u 100 base tx fast ethernet ,ieee 802.3x flow control for full duplex protocol: csma/cd. 137
8 zones (guyi seconds, yiseocho, serenity juxtaposition seconds) transportation school bus rental services. 142
800 nb ms pipe for awrs. 113
800 rm pvc s.W. pipe single socket, heavy duty, size :- 75 mm., make :- prince / kedia or equal. 117
980 bag colostomy / ileostomy seal protector, cuttable to size from 10 to 75mm, drainable with individual closing mechanism for adult. c-8498. 104
A a to audit pool ty vi qtrs 2162 g sec 42 c chandirarh dg 2015-16 sh providing and fixing cheq tile on front side. 126
A r and m o to block no. 9 to 14 at cgo complex, lodhi road, new delhi, during 2015-16.Sh: providing services of chowkidar for security of division office and sub-division 2u. 130
A set of 84types of hydraulic hoses. 120
A set of hrc fuses each set consisting two items. 1 hrc fuse link din type 80 amps, 120 ka, 500 v. qty. - 100 nos. each. 2 hrc fuse link din type 100 a, 120 ka, 500 v. qty. - 100 nos. each. 131
A set of hrc fuses.Each set consisting three 3 items. 1 hrc fuse 6 amps 80 ka 500 v off set tag. 2 hrc fuse 10 amps 80 ka 500 v off set tag. 3 hrc fuse 16 amps 80 ka 500 v off set tag. type is 13703 w. 142
A set of laser jet cartridges consisting of two types. 1 black laser jet cartridge no.925 - 04 nos. 2 black laser jet cartridge no.328 - 06 nos. make : canon or similar. 244
A set of new nut and bolts of size m 10 x 70 mm with 02 nos. of plain washer and 01 no. of spring washer, as per is 1367/1980 need to be replaced with corroded one in b.P pipes. these nuts and bolts a. 164
A set of valves and other spares for use in m/s knorr bremse make electric ccb improved version cosisting of 25 items and 25 nos. per set. details are as per annexure attached suitable for use in thre. 130
A small number of plants janitorial quote guidance announcements for 2016. 121
A) improvement of hasnabad purbapara jamil khan~s house-mamudnagar khamar road (mirzarnagor up office to seoratoli bazer via khamer) from ch. 3170-3670m under raipura upazila, dist: narsingdi (road id. 136
A-controller sub-assembly for ke type distributor valve consisting of 6 items knorr bremse make as follows. s.No-knorr bremse part no.-description-qty.In nos 1 a27763/15-sealing ring-1 2 i79075/ki-scr. 142
a. Building a Helsehus conducive to good services which in turn facilitates a good framework for the treatment, prevention and health promotion. b. The center will be designed so that the services. 380
A.C.Ceiling Fan with three star rating - 300 nos. 128
A/mtc. Water supply schemes i.e. Kangthali, harigarh kingan, bhagal, kharal, gaggarpur," "job work for upkeeping of water works & water supply, watch & ward of public health assets of water supply sch. 136
A/r and m/o residential buildings at ayakar vihar vejalpur for income tax department during 2015-16. sh: repair of external water supply line at b block. 124
A/r and m/o to dr. rml hospital, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh:-attending day to day maintenance complaints under the jurisdiction of sub-division-ii. 122
A/r and m/o to dr. rml hospital, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh:-cleaning of over head pvc water tank under jurisdiction of sub-division-iii. 122
A/r and m/o to durable furniture in mps flats/bungalows under sub/division-v of pawd-i dg 2015-16 sh repair to damaged furniture. 123
A/r and m/o to g.M.S.D. at hastings, kolkata during 2015-16.Sh: building and sanitary. 118
A/r and m/o to gpra at phagli shimla during 2015-16. sh :- attending the day to day complaints. 117
A/r and m/o to various type of qtrs. at sector-5 r.K.Puram, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh:- preparation of topographical and contour survey plan by using total station laser equipment. 132
A/r and m/o various types of qtrs g.P.R.A at sector -12, r.K. puram, new delhi during 2015-16 sh supply of material. 126
A/r m/o various types of quarters of gpra at sector-12, r.K.Puram, new delhi, under 5 g sub division during 2015-16. sh-providing services of computer operators. 128
A/R, S/R, MOW work i/c. Water Supply fitting in RB Section no 1 ujjain FIRST CALL. 124
A4 multifunction black and white laserjet printer print,copy,scan, mf 3010 canon canon or hp similar model. 136
Ac cab fan single phase 110 volts /- 22.5 , 50 hz. fan body and base painted in black enamelled paint and guard, blade in copper oxidized to clw specn. no. clw/es/f-4, alt-g. 138
Ac compressor. 118
Ac current transducer. 103
Acetal guide ring for bg coaches to rdso drg. no. sk 91025 alt-3. material and specification rdso str no. c-8215 rev-ii. amendment no. 1 of april-92. this item is reserved for procurement from rdso ap. 197
Acetal homopolymer guide bush to rdso sk no. 84102, it.- 1, alt.- 5, step size- a and rdso specn. no. c- 8215, rev.- 2, amend 1 of april 1992. 145
Acid hydrochloric technical to is-265-1976. 102
Acid sulphuric battery concentratedgrade to is266-1993 rev-3 reaffirmed 2010. 131
Acid sulphuric concentrated battery grade conforming to is.266-1993 iii revision , amendment no.1 reaffirmed 2003 in 20 kgs. non stackable high density ployethylene containers conforming to is:6312-19. 122
Activation of existing pilot channel between 12.80 km to 10.60 km of eastern afflux bund . Agenda no 135/46. 136
Adaptor for commode with eliptical bottom drg.No. icf/sk 6 - 3 - 234 col.Ii alt.K/6 or latest. 120
Addendum No.01 To Bidding Document For The Procurement Of: Rehabilitation/reconstruction & Upgrading Of Polders 39/2c, 40/2, 41/1, 43/2c, 47/2 And 48 (contract Package Icb No. Ceip-1/w-02) Under Coast. 115
Addition alteration to building no p 21 at cabs and repair replacement of unserviceable wirings fittings and maintenance of electrical equipments at cemilac debel and drdo phase ii area bangalore. 166
Addition, alteration and renovation work for setting up library with reading rooms. 160
Addition, alteration, improvement to mcpos married accommodation (bldg no. p-20/1) and pos cook house/ dining hall (bldg no. p-217) at ins valsura, jamnagar. 141
Addition/alternation of bldg no bt-2, provn of cgi roof sheeting over path near bldg no at-1, retaining wall near map qtr at gtc, urinal near drill ground, retaining wall in area of single jcos accn a. 160
Additional class room. 132
additional of building for second line milk conveyor at vijaypura chilling centre. 114
Additional Plumbing Works of Birla College & Surgery Building at the faculty of Veterinary & An.Sec, under W.B.U.A.F.S, Mohanpur,Nadia during the year 2015-16. (ii) Additional Sanitary & Plumbing Work. 111
Additional services of risk analysis for the tunnel omis state road stobre-duce-omis, shares duce-omis, the route from km 17 + 146 to km 19 + 958.96. 104
Additional/ alternation repairing work related to air cooling plants at vitta bhawan, jaipur. 146
Additions, alterations & upgradation of gents~ hostel building in campus of sardar patel institute of public administration, rajkot. 197
Addn altn to reception area and provn of ornamental gate with pillars in aao anc port blair. 136
Adsl- vdsl modem. 119
Adult detention facility lighting improvements and fire alarm replacement. 122
Adult Mental Health Services. 101
Advisory service for energy efficiency. 315
Aesthetic improvement of gpra at longwood shimla during 15-16 sh provision of chajjas, false ceiling in projection in t-iii qtrs. at longwood shimla. 123
Aesthetic improvement to gpra at phagli during 2015-16. sh providing chajjas in precoated iron profile sheet and ms sheet false ceiling of t-ii qtrs. at tutikandi shimla. 127
Affective anti calmness breakwater reinforcement also improves corp. 113
After cooler assembly to emd pt no. 40046710 and dlw pt no. 16080117. 389
Agar earn rivers basic planning strategic environmental impact assessment services,. 110
Agar local rivers river maintenance work. 110
Agricultural wholesale agricultural markets in 2016, changwon safety inspection services contract price. 110
Air brake hose coupling for brake pipe drg no. rdso sk-73547, items 1 to 7 alt-13 specification ,appendix-f of spec.02-abr-02, amendt. no. 3 of apr.10. special condition: ensure that the plastic dummy. 138
Air brake pipe 20 n.B. with socket 20 n.B. and flange 20 n.B. for boxnhl. pipe as per wd-08008-s-11, item-10,alt-5 or latest, stainless steel to astm -a312 schedule to 40 s gr tp 304 brw with socket a. 329
Air brake pipe 32 n.B. f.P with socket 32 n.B. and flange 32 n. b for boxnhl as per wd-08008-s-11, item-4 , alt-5 or latest, seamless to is:1239 pt.1 heavy with socket, flange and fixed flange as per. 311
Air compressor model xa-127 make atlas or similar diesel engine driven portable version rotary screw air compressor having fad 270 cfm at 7 bar pressure, coupled with ashok leyland w04d diesel engine. 286
Air cooler 230 volts, model sumo slim jr of symphony make or similar model of bajaj, kenstar, usha, orient with trolly. 118
Air filter for compressed air pipe line 7kg to 10kg/cm square pressure as per techinical specification attached. 115
Air filter to icf drg no. icf/sk-6-4-035,alt x/5. 150
Air freshener refill. 108
Air hose pipe coupling for feed pipe as per rdso drg. no. wd-81027-s-01, alt-10 or latest. 434
Air oil seperator element. 155
Air spring complete with emergency spring of 140 kn load capacity. material and specification- rdso str no. c-k509 (rev.-2)/2008, amendment - 2/2010. 149
Airlift certain equipment for the new River Nile Bridge which is under construction at Jinja, eastern Uganda. 213
Ak 20 lt channel plate- 316/0.5/nr4h part no - 635117-4103 for plate type heat exchanger type- ak 20fm max. temp. - 100 digree c desigh pressure - 10 kg/cm2 make- alfa laval. 331
Alarm signal disc fabricat col.I. 158
Allier health and agriculture activities to reduce maternal and infant mortality. 374
Allotment of shop no fmc-10in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 189
Allotment of shop no fmc-11 in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 190
Allotment of shop no fmc-12 in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 190
Allotment of shop no fmc-13 in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 190
Allotment of shop no fmc-14 in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 190
Allotment of shop no fmc-15 in the fish market complex on long term lease. 192
Allotment of shop no fmc-16 in the fish market complex on long term lease for running petty business; through etender cum e-auction process. 190

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