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Articles from Mena Report (January 21, 2016)

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"erection of 66kv equipment, structures, control wiring, yard lighting, control-room & staff- quarter electrification etc at 66kv moraj s/s. 198
"magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), 50% solution for injection, vial or ampule 2 ml ". 102
"preparation of detailed design for construction of a 110 kv overhead line from s / s" varna north "to the s / s" kavarna "(batovo-kicevo).". 375
"renovation of cisf colony office, barracks and quarters at cisf colony, tps ukai."(civil). 179
"Supply and stacking of lime al KM 88.00 on SBU Road (HO 53 RCC) for surfacing work on road Mohurabaaz from km 28.00 To Km 33.075 and on Road Red Bridge-Dherian from Km 8.460 to Km 13.540 in 53 RCC un. 103
"supply of building materials for the activities of the op" purity "in the town. kyustendil, in separate positions.". 238
"the right to supply technical aids - typhlosurdopedagogics until 12.30.2017. ~. 168
"this is a subcontracting opportunity" award is contingent upon u.s. department of labor regional approval. 110
#002-16 - controlled access system for eustis police dept. 251
(1) cpu board for faively make wsp system of lhb coaches to m/s faiveley part no. 1/600019/012a or equivalent (2) cpu board for wsp system of lhb coaches to m/s faiveley part no. 1/600019/012a or equi. 239
(1) programme switch zcpa (2) programme switch hvmt (3) programme switch hph (4) programme switch hcp (5) programme switch hvsi (6) programme switch hba (7) panto selector switch zpt (8)programme swit. 324
(1) retention tank with p-trap with ball valve arrangement item no. 1. rcf specification: mdts 224/rev. 03 for special terms and conditions for procurement of retention tank for bg conventional coache. 243
(A) S.T.B.T. to Palshi to Anandgaon Road, ODR-48, Km.0/00 to 1/00, (B) S.T.B.T. to SH-61 to Dhokmal Tanda Road, VR-51, Km.0/00 to 1/00, (C) S.T. of Anandgaon to Landakdara Road, VR-75, Km.0/00 to 1/00. 188
(A) S.T.B.T. to Palshi to Ashti Road, ODR-48, Km.0/00 to 1/00, (B) S.T.B.T. to Palshi to Ashti Road, ODR-48, Km.1/00 to 2/00, (C) S.T.B.T. to Pandepokhari to Surumgaon phata road, ODR-50, Km.2/00 to 3. 148
(A) S.T.B.T. to Palshi to Ashti Road, ODR-48, Km.0/00 to 1/00, (B) S.T.B.T. to Palshi to Ashti Road, ODR-48, Km.1/00 to 2/00. 217
(A) S.T.B.T. to Surumgaon to Pandepokhari Road, ODR-50, Km.0/00 to 2/00, (B) S.T.B.T. to SH-253 to Bramhawadgaon Road, VR-05, Km.0/100 to 1/100, (C) S.T.B.T. to Khandvi to Khandvi WadiRoad, ODR-57, Km. 140
(b16001) for the Geamtleistungswettbewerb in selective process for the second administrative building on the site Meielen Eichenweg in Zollikofen, a general contractor (TU) is wanted with a qualified. 278
(old) duseomyeon office life composition cultural centre ltd. 124
(ph no.:24001) bromhexine hcl (plus) pseudoephidrine with anti histaminic 60/100 ml syrup. 123
(ph no.:32018) didrogesterone 5 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:51018) fluromethalone (fml) eye drops 5 ml. 118
(ph no.:62085) keraglo forte/ similar cap. composition - biotin 10 mg, n - acetylcysteine 50 mg, calcium pantothenate 100 mg, elemental selenium 65 mg, elemental copper 3 mg. 136
(tentative name), a primary school teacher in jiaxing new construction. 124
.Electrification to central library annex in the top floor of old 1 & 2 block of mch , vandanam , alappuzha. 124
/o 30 Nos. SPS type class rooms with toilet block at Govt. SKV Palam Enclave No. 1 New Delhi. 119
0 won greenery of trees in waste (costs), services. 113
000684 Electronic Kitchen Management. 249
03 nos. Of wheel dozers of capacity not less than 300 hp and blade capacity not less than 5 m3 required for neyveli mines. 134
1 Improvement to B.T.Road at Ayodhya Nagar From Shri. Shri. Katole to Shri. Kale Residence. 242
1 lee bolting the vibration small town waterworks construction conduct design services. 110
1 lee jung opened city planning road construction. 119
1 lee opened the eastern city planning road construction. 120
1 seal - o ring water inlet tube to liner-red. dlw part no.- 16170015,emd part no.-8305815 ,qty.-200 nos., 2 seal - o ring water outlet elbow to crank case- black. dlw part no. 16170027,emd part no. -. 132
1 vcd cab unit as per ice part no. ice cpl/vcd/002, of ice make. 263
1) bracing ring to drg. no. 34026146141, it.12, rev.13 qty: 2 no. 114
1) Construction of Concrete Road from Vasanth Bhavan Chal to Saw mill at W.No.4 Valishagalli, 2) Construction of Concrete Road from Sharadagalli G.L.S.R Tank to Kalappa House at W.No.6, 3) Constructio. 160
1) trepanning tool to drg.No.Rst-049 with 10 nos spare screws & 2 nos keys 2) trepanning tool to drg.No.Rst-053. with 10 nos spare screws & 2 nos keys. 143
1) trepanning tool to drg.No.Rst-050 with 10 nos spare screws & 2 nos keys 2) trepanning tool drg. no. rst-051 with 10 nos spare screws & 2 nos keys. 142
1)(1) 12x30x645 +1.5, -0 mm lg. copper bar with half round edges to spcn. bp12080 (127 nos.) (2) copper bar is to be supplied in bundle of 42 nos. (3) qap no.- qa/mt/boi/008 rev.01 will be applicable. 380
1)(i)tm4907 az 74 teeth gear wheel blank as per drg.No.34391613006 purchase specification tm10581rev.01.(ii)four test bar dia 25 x 600 long to be suppplied with each lot and each heat. (iii)identifica. 375
1)0.5 mm x 825 mm x coil crngo (varnished) magentic steel sheet (grade-m270-50a), as per spec. hg 10062 rev-05. mtc and other technical details must be as per material specification only. annexure e14. 141
1)0.75 mm thk x 1015 mm x coil crcs steel sheets as per material specification aa10115 , rev-09. annexure e1453134 - bb must be submitted along with technical bid of your offer. total quantity : 15 mt. 216
1)bush to drg no.5047786,rev14. qty: 2500 no. 111
1)cap tr20091c rev 02 #001 qty: 600 no. 107
1)clevis pin to drg no.5451551,rev01. qty: 2000 no. 112
1)cooling water centrifugal pump motor set (5000 lpm & 130 m head) as per enclosed purchase specification ht00250 (rev.02) (input data sheet-type a). qty: 3 st 2)set of spares as mentioned in purchase. 143
1)cover for dc bus bar to drg no. 26670500123#01 rev01 qty: 100 no 2)cover for dc bus bar to drg no. 26670500123#02 rev01 qty: 100 no. 128
1)cover for shaft sealing (lh) qty: 1 no 2)cover for shaft sealing(hp)(uh qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 120
1)creepe paper covered copper cable as per spec. no. aa28502 item no.01. enclosed annexure. qty: 1995 kg 2)creepe paper covered copper cable as per spec no. aa28502 item no.02 . enclosed annexure.. qt. 159
1)cup grinding wheels as per drawing ps/sk - 157 rev 00. qty: 30 no. 110
1)dc-motor for jop var 10 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)dustor cloth qty: 2000 no 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)e.Shield pe casting (with arm ) in proof m/cd. condition of bhel drg. no. 14394337004 rev. 12. note:- 1)end shield to be supplied in primer painted condition qty: 700 no. 134
1)fixing stud to drg no.5450997,rev04. qty: 800 no 2)clamping bolt to drg no.5053155,rev04. qty: 1800 no. 123
1)foundation bolt to drg. no. 34020240012, var.02 rev.05. note for e-6853054 :- (7) pl. submit offer in two part bid strictly as per encl. annex-ii .(8) all other t & c as per finish basis annex-i. qt. 165
1)grinding wheel qty: 50 no 2)gr.Wheel,ros. qty: 10 no 3)gw ros qty: 10 no 4)g w st qty: 30 no 5)straight grinding wheel. qty: 24 no 6)grinding wheel qty: 800 no 7)st. grinding wheel,silicon car qty:. 153
1)h.C. h.Cr. steel. flat size: 50 mm thick x150 mm width. d2 grade high carbon high cromium steel as per specification bp 10890. qty: 1260 kg 2)h.C. h.Cr. steel flat size: 50 mm thick x 200 mm width. 242
1)heat resistance stainless steel sheet to sa 240 ty 304 hot rolled , annealed and descaled to no. 1 finish plate size : 3.15 x 1500 x 6000 (wt 224.0 kg / sheet ). qty: 8 no 2)stainless steel sheet to. 164
1)ibr approved , boiler stay tube confirming to bs:3059-1987/part-1, grade erw- 320, size: od 76.2 x th 3.66 x 5800 mm long ( variation in length: - 0.0 & + 10 percent i.E negative variation in length. 216
1)khadi cloth qty: 2000 mr 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)limit switch qty: 80 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)mandatory spares of mouda c&i qty: 1 st 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)metal cutting shear type-a 300 as per corporate standard aa 621 35 00 qty: 200 no 2)tailor"s scissor type-2, 205 as per plant standard bp 621 31 00 qty: 300 no. 132
1)oil flow indicator as per annexure enclosed qty: 2 no. 111
1)part no. spt 001, wheel blades ( set of eight, machined). qty: 8 no 2)part no. spt 002, impellor wheel. qty: 2 no 3)part no. stp 131, wheel hub. qty: 3 no 4)part no.Spt 131a, taper lock. qty: 3 no 5. 210
1)perforated steel sheet to drg.No.44020542011 #35, fig-1, rev.00. note: 1)delivery shall be 45 days from the dateof issue of po.2) early dely. will be desirable to us. qty: 20 no. 135
1)plate type magnetic separator for lifting of silicon steel laminations. qty: 5 no. 109
1)pressure plate to drg no.5049039,rev08. qty: 10000 no. 112
1)proportional valve model no- 4 wree 10 v50-22/g24k31/f1 v (make rexroth, item no 310 of bomafa drawing) qty: 2 no 2)accumulator gas valve-accumulator model no sb330-32a1/116-330a qty: 1 no 3)interlo. 158
1)rough machined bottom bush, od 182 x id 150 x ht 170 mm to drg no. d 3630234 (r-02). qty: 24 no. 124
1)set of dee shackles grade-30.One set of dee shackles consists of one no. each of capacity swl 16t,swl 25t & swl 50t asper specification aa7248105 rev.01 qty: 2 st. 131
1)spring to drg no.5550693,rev06. qty: 5000 no 2) spring to drg no.5550711,rev05. qty: 5000 no 3)spring to drg no.5550719,rev05. qty: 5000 no 4)spring to drg no.5550666,rev05. qty: 8000 no. 141
1)ss hardwares for terminal connectors (set "h120") as per annexure attached. qty: 300 st. 116
1)st-2-n-plate qty: 61500 kg 2)st-2-n-plate qty: 47000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)st-c20-hr-rnd qty: 164400 kg 8)null qty: null null. 102
1)steel container to size 2750 x 2150 x 550 mm weight 731 kg each total weight 11696 kg (16 nos) .Drg item no 1. box no 150064,150069,150074,150079,250064,250069,250074,250079,350062,350067,350072,350. 589
1)terminal box assy to drg. no 14032140018 var 00 rev 04. two sources are required at 70:30 ratio at l-1 rate. each box must have identification mark of supplier"s name. po no. supplier name and drg. 150
1)tissue paper 12 micron x 90 mm width , as per spec. aa21133 rev-02 qty: 10000 kg. 115
1)tool kit as per drawing no 22505170509c. 1 set of tool kit includes all items & their quantities as per bom of the drawing and portable chest with full length drawer pull. qty: 1 st 2) torque wrench. 159
1)welded neck raised face (wnrf) nozzle flange forgings as per ansi b-16.5 : 2013 material sa-105 n of asme sec.Ii part-a;2013,duly normalised & tempered with gasket seating face finish of 3.2 microns. 154
1)wire feed control set to part no-9823000007. qty: 3 no. 111
1)wooden screw no. 12 x 75 is : 6760. steel (each packet contains 100 nos screws) qty: 30 pk 2)wooden screw no. 12 x 60 is : 6760. steel (each packet contains 100 nos screws) qty: 25 pk 3)wooden screw. 231
1-class iii digital signature certificate along with usb tokaen valid for two years with orgination name northern railway for digital signature of data/document required for implementation of mmis ( 2. 250
1. repairing of 02 nos. gear pinion of roof bolt threading m/c no. 8/10. 2. repairing of spindle for 4 jaw chuck for lathe machine. 3. repairing of rod threading machine vice m/c no. 5. 153
1. repairing of mh-31/9657( tata 407) 2. repairing of mh-31/w-4978( store truck). 129
1. vent pipe for water line to cil part no. as 500900 ss or equivalent for demu/dpc 700/1400 hp 2. vent pipe for water line to cil part no. ak 5042 ss or equivalent for demu/dpc 700/1400 hp 3. vent pi. 123
1.1kv/11kv epoxy jointing & termination kits,. 131
1.the open tender enquiry is published in our e-procurement website 2.interest parties may visit the website and get enrolled in the website for mm (materials, components & service. 150
1/2 inch square drive heavy duty pnuematic impact wrench to chicago pneumatic model no: 7736 or equivalent.Make: chicago pneumatic/ingersoll rand/stanely/snapon only. 113
10 kva sine wave inverter 110 v dc/230 v ac, single phase, 50 hz as per icf spec no- icf/elect/909, rev- a , make- hi-rel, signotron, pyramid. 273
10000000000000000 days dormitory high school enlargement construction design services. 113
1007 route 1 other places prefectural road sangmun pavement refurbishment. 117
100w led flood light. make:- 1 fortune art.Code lel1002, 2 c and s: ltef1100whpled. note:- oems or authorized dealer only should quote along with authorization certificate. firms should mention detail. 185
10mbps isp link for internet bandwidth for oils office at jodhpur for a minimum period of 3(three) years with a provision for renewal for subsequent years. 125
10sq.Mm, yellow colour e-beam cable. 265
11500 kgs dal(v). 140
119 security center kogyo new construction (electrical). 112
11kv, protective c.T. ratio : 60-35/5 & 300/5 amps. 134
12000 kgs sugar. 137
122017 of 2015-2016 providing e. i. in newly constructed veterinary dispensory grade - ii nerle, tal.- walwa, dist.- sangli. 133
122022 of 2015-2016 providing 11/0.433kv, 200kva transformer with d.p. structure for newly constructed administratuve bldg. and police qrts. at atpadi, dist.- sangli. 142
123027 of 2015-2016 providing e.i. in the g.d.bapu lad smarak at kundal, tal.-palus, dist.-sangli. 134
125 amp mccb with adjusable thermal magnetic release 4 pole rating 415 volt, 50 hz breaking capacity 35 ka. make: - indo asian ( x1125 m 4t ), havells, c and s or similar. 132
140v, 5a duel batter charger as per the technical specification attached. 119
150w led flood light. make: 1 fortune art, product code: lfl 1503. 2 philips, product code 911401628101, product name: bvp260led 130/nw 150w. note:- oems or authorized dealer only should quote along w. 162
15131 - Repair Of The Roof Of The Building 22 To The Industrial Workshop Of The Aviation Clermont-Ferrand. 161
15157 Sx0 West Low Level 6" Sewer Replacement. 114
18 watt led tubelight compatible with existing 36/40 watt luminaire by removing starter and ballast. make: havells, syska, bajaj or similar. 120
18/20 watt slim led batten lighting fixture inpute voltage: 240v, 50 hz. make: hpl, wipro, surya havells. 116
180 kva static inverter for conventional electric locos, as per rdso spec. elrs/spec/si/0018 rev-1 of march 2006 or latest. 420
1Repairing and maintenance works in 2 units CMW type qtr at Damagoria colliery under C.V. Area. 2Renovation of water-supply & sanitary system for CISF staff living in C type qtrs at Damagoria colliery. 123
1set corrugated sheet floor for lwlrrm coaches. 188
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 113.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 13.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 136.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 152.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 6000 psi - 1.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 6000 psi - 17.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 6000 psi - 3.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 9000 psi - 8.000 no. 108
2" gi conduit/pipe - 1836.000 m. 101
2" rodent proof hdpe conduit - 15275.000 m. 102
2000 mah or more nimh rechargeable battery compitable to kenwood tk 2107 walkie talkie sets . make: model no. tak 20 nimh. 121
2015 dac 529 - 2015 dac 6g - not textbooks supplies, language methods and sheet music for the network of institutions and libraries, to the authorities of the city, the department of paris, the eppm. 189
2015 fiscal year, the ministry of industry usual financial settlement services. 113
2015 school year, a small number of books purchased quote information notice. 107
2015-16 ollukkara block panchayath water tank and other aminities for deployed offices. 127
2015-16 ollukkara block well maintenance and rain water harvesting. 138
2016 1-2 month schoolmates drinking water for the fields industrial products purchase. 124
2016 annual cycle parts purchase price. 109
2016 blood centers in southern seoul, cleaning and security services. 132
2016 building maintenance facilities construction. 117
2016 busan cyber ??foreign public officials entrusted learning services. 111
2016 child protection district maintenance ltd. (unit price contract). 107
2016 children~~s park facility renovations (unit price contract). 113
2016 civic stadium 1 other places janitorial. 122
2016 clean water headquarters foster care services. 126
2016 cleaning services (electrification, gangneung). 122
2016 conscription examination can geombok laundry service. 105
2016 doyurim forest road projects pre-disaster services impact review. 118
2016 forest road business doyurim cultural property indicators research services. 126
2016 giheung-gu risk of neck removal business. 111
2016 guard services (the present museum, gangneung). 126
2016 gurim seconds and 1 grade school school bus rental services. 119
2016 horizontal, security, and emergency repair work (unit price contract). 115
2016 illegal advertising services maintenance. 116
2016 incheon metropolitan city council website maintenance services. 105
2016 incheon metropolitan city institute of marine resources for security, defense. 113
2016 incheon metropolitan city museum (with annex) information services. 123
2016 jaeseonchung comprehensive disease control projects (geumgok earth). 103
2016 jinhae-gu gongwon greenery and bathroom cleaning service. 114
2016 korean flag, garogi manufacturing and installation (annual contract price). 108
2016 naju health centers (including branch offices) amount to buy herbal medicines care. 106
2016 networks, and administrative computing equipment maintenance services. 123
2016 orbital facility maintenance ltd (unit price contract). 120
2016 paldal-gu schoolyard surveillance, ltd. 105
2016 plus nutritional supplements business purchases. 105
2016 public sewer pipe dredging (unit price contract). 121
2016 public toilets and cleaning services. 115
2016 reassessment chuljupyo production and distribution. 116
2016 repacking hall road surface maintenance contract price. 114
2016 research and development facility (clean fuel) gyeongjeongbi construction. 130
2016 resource recycling facilities contract bidding drugs purchase price. 107
2016 road signs annual price construction. 109
2016 school year, high school sophomore math maegok travel services, electronic bidding. 114
2016 school year, the holy land girls~~ high school mathematics travel services company. 107
2016 school year, three zones (poles outside k-2 schools) school bus rental services. 130
2016 sewer pipe refurbishment facility (annual cost). 129
2016 so secret and road facilities cheolkon primary unit construction. 114
2016 spring forestation project carried out design services. 119
2016 street light maintenance work (annual cost). 122
2016 traffic signal facilities renovation. 108
2016 west green published. 108
2016 year 2 chocheo chooe school school bus rental services. 137
2016 year denpare other four kinds annual purchase price. 103
2016 year geumnam chooe three schools school bus rental services. 133
2016 year hwangsancho other three schools school bus rental services. 135
2016 year jinbong chooe three schools school bus rental services. 136
2016 year kimje chooe three schools school bus rental services. 135
2016 year of andong forestry night air station personnel security, defense. 127
2016 year of nutritional supplements plus business purchases. 104
2016 year of the best other three schools kindergarten school bus rental services. 139
2016 year of the large national flag annual purchase price. 102
2016 year property insurance. 126
2016 year the first school lunch items (poultry) joint purchasing quote announcements. 102
2016 year the first school lunch items (seafood) joint purchasing quote announcements. 102
2016 year yirinamjung school cleaning services. 115
2016 young trees gardening design service business conduct. 117
2016, siheung environmental beautification town at night for security, defense. 118
20213 Steel sheet piling for the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA). 160
20916 january to busikpum buy food for february schoolmates public quote announcement. 106
22swg se copper winding wire and 25swg se copper winding wire. 132
29 line islands tosa gutter maintenance construction. 109
29 rwss-wss to vettanchira laying of 160 mm pvc pumping main from mulayam to vellooppara in chadayamangalam panchayath. 132
2nd call of construct concrete gutter from bhau achrekar house to kasalkar house,at. boudhawadi,kankavali. 138
2nd call of construction of samaj mandir building at siddharth nagar (boudhwadi) kankavali. tal.kankavali. 138
3 3/4 digit 3999 counts auto ranging digital multimeter with terminal blocking system detailed description as per annexure-1 enclosed. 111
3 phase 415 volt 50 hz tefc energy efficient (effi) squirrel cage induction motor in cast iron body. 131
3 watt high power torch light cut hand single lamp, high power led 93w : coloor: white, line:water clear, forward voltage: min:3.30v, max: 3.70v, forward current max:100ma, luminous intensity: 60-650l. 189
3/8 inch fastener kit for fuel pump support to dlw part nos. as per annexure (one set comprising 04 items, qty 16 nos.). 114
333 - replacement linear accelerator. 267
365,000 contactless smartcards and for 45,000 contactless paper smartcards for use with metro transit~s cubic tr2 and cubic smartcard readers. 117
37 pin female socket suitable for roof mounted package unit as per rdso drawing no.: skel - 4391, alt. 1, sheet. 5. 314
3T whole-body MRI machine. The equipment must be able to carry out investigations of all organ systems including the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system, as well as thorax with mammograp. 167
4 jingshan industrial complex opened access road construction. 118
40 inchs x 40 inches membrane make : hydranautic usa or equivalent. 130
452 cc, ohv aircooled petrol engine, full pressure lubrication with spin on oil filter, cast iron cylinder liner, dual element cleaner, dual hydrolic transmission, electric pto clutch, cutting width 1. 256
48v - 25a smps charger with 3 nos of 48v-25a rectifier modules to charger vrla battery as per rdso-spn-tl-23-99 ver. 4 or latest. 123
48v-200ah (2v x 24 nos, 200ah) maintenance free vrla battery as per irs seec no, s-93-96 (a) with amendment -1 or latest with accessories. 193
5 - reagents, chemicals and laboratoriijski material. 159
5 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 14.000 no. 108
5 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 15.000 no. 108
5 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 2.000 no. 108
5 years amc for 100,250 and 500 kva d.G.Sets. 135
54 water supply facility at bop nkt sundra. 121
55 water supply facility at bop munabao. 124
56 water supply facility at bop sajjan ka par. 122
59 Comm of bore well by single phase pump set on annual rate contract. 132
6 core control cable assly. 14 pin.For pg with 2 sensors of telpro -el for aal make pulse generator pg. esmon. aal part no. 1910007300. 126
6 core control cable assly.-10 pin. for p.G. with 2 sensors of telpro-zfor aal make pulse generator p.G. esmon. aal pt. no. 1910005000. 126
6 motor reverser with magnet valve to dlw drg. no. el/pt/0649 alt r5 or latest. pt no. 12310372 rdso.Spec.No. mp. rev.1 may 2010 or latest. 195
6~X4~incumbency Board Of Brass Sheet Engraved With 08 Nos. 119
60 watt high power led flood light with pressure diacast alluminium housing complete with all accessories. make: hpl, surya, holonix or similar. 120
70 deg f/b angle probes 2 mhz single crystal 20mm dia (paras make digital drt model no.711d sl.Nos(00141). 139
8143/03/e8 of 2015-16 provn of anti termite treatment in various sheds at 28 ed afs amla. 143
8144/ 01 /e8 of 2015-16 special repair/replacement power transformers against ber at 33/11 kv main receiving station at 28ed afs amla. 149
84929-K Civil & Structural Design Engineering Services Idc. 131
A Consultant to Conduct Environmental Infrastructure Analysis & Planning. 221
A method for the development of professional services. 232
A new ship in the service of biodiversity in the TAAF. 342
A set of cast iron is:210 fg 200 ball valve with female pipe thread at both ends, heavy duty with isi mark. set consists of i ball valve class -1 of size 20 mm , qty.- 30 nos. ii ball valve class -1 o. 165
A set of spare parts for pantery car gas bhatti, consisting 07 item as per annexure enclosed. 118
A&E Services Greater Bonney Lake Veterans Memorial Intersection of State Route 410 & Main Street. 135
A) Providing and playing PVC pipe from Haddinahallla borewells to Halalgadde Moori to provide water supply to ward No.9,11,12 & 13. B) Providing and playing PVC pipe from Prasannahalli newly drilled b. 156
A. A. Nigadi Gaothan Road Block-Mandangad B. Visapur Madhaliwadi Road Block -Dapoli. 120
A. Dhamapur Dhanawadewadi Road Block - Sangmeshwar B. Shembavane Mhadewadi Road Block - Sangmeshwar. 120
A. Kelvali To Dhavadewadi Road Block Lanja B. Veral Kochari Purye Road Block Lanja. 122
A.C. cyclonic filter dust exhauster blower motor (0.87 h.P.) with blower and bui. 356
A.r. To type i residetial qrtr in col. No. 1. 119
A26 linzer motorway vorbaulos. 1. 156
A4 xerox paper photo copier 210x297mm 75 gsm make: j.K. paper, bilt and bindals 1 no one ream of 500 sheets. 132
Aberdeen City pedestrian and cycle counters. 195
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specfn. no.Tm/sm/1 rev.01 of 2007. 131
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/1 dev.01 of 2007. 228
Ac unit repairing of all types of police vehicles. 126
Academic Partnership Program of the University of Technology of Vienna (UTV) : Design - based solutions for Emerging and Sustainable Cities (ESC). 232
Accessories for existing freeze dryer system(labconco). 125
Accompany the implementation of the Green Morocco Plan in the North. 295
Accompany the town of Toledo for a sustainable rural and urban development. 292
Acomodation for guest. 109
Acquiring existing Golden Towers. 264
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Digital Communications Recording System For The Sdis Of Reunion. 135
Acquisition Door Boxes Trailers For Sydevom De Haute Provence And Its Members. 231
Acquisition Of A Micro-Piv System For Flows At Small Scales Lemta - Umr 7563 Cnrs-Ul. 210
Acquisition of centralized copying services, printing and scanning and management software. 153
Acquisition Of Medical Devices And Pharmaceutical Products. 180
Acquisition Of Personal Protective Equipment Control Group. 176
Acquisition of professional driver training and vocational provision for jobseekers with certificate at B before. The program must include comprehensive training in certificate class C, D kl or kl CE. 249
Acquisition of profiling articles. 172
Acquisition Of Used Commercial Vehicles With A Tonnage Less Than Or Equal To 3.5 Tons In Noisy Le Grand. 201
Acquisition, Integration, Maintenance And Support Of Management Software For Access To Restaurants Casvp Solidarity. 189
Acrylic moulded reflector to drg. no. icf/sk-8-3-011 alt d/3 or latest item no. 2. 150
Acrylic sheet cost clear sizes 101inch x 65 inch x 12 mm thick superior quality. 282
ACTIVE PERMAFROST: Activation of old carbon from thawing permafrost in Arctic Siberia. 319
Activities related to real estate. 168
Adaptation Of Hm In Turns Umag. 112
Add jel pen as per sample. 127
Addition alteration to the entrance gate and security office at wed mankhurd mumbai under ge nw mankhurd. 159
Addn altn to existing swts at af stn utarlai. 133
Addn altn to guestroom no. 02 and spl repair to bldg no. p-10 and certain b r works at dhq no. 1 porbandar. 151
Addn and alteration to spiral stair case at nora at ins rajali arakkonam. 134
Adjusting screws fip lifter to drg. no.32d72139-1. 171
Administrative educational services. 156
Adult and other education services. 179
Adult Mental Health Services. 416
Advertising Campaign Services. 267
Advertising Consulting Services. 416
Advisory And Assistance Mission For Development Of A Master Of Sports Equipment Scheme. 101
Affair 16Plt001 Dredging Campaign In 2016 In The Access Channel To The Departmental Ports Trouville / Deauville. 140
Agar bridge and two other locations precision inspection services. 118
Agreement - Reagents and Consumables Supply Framework, Medium and Diagnostic Kits for Clinical Laboratory Analysis. 528
Agricultural operations of tobacco crop at bsr farm, katheru, rajahmundry. 117
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe (fp) with fittings as per rdso specification no.02-abr-02 appendix-f with amendment no-3 of april-2010 and rdso drg no.Wd - 81027-s-01, alt.10. note:- (1) firms m. 153
Air compressor, spry gun 140ml,spray gun 340ml,ss regulator for hydrogen gas,flowmeter for air 0-50lpm. 124
Air cooled diesel engine driven portable welder with 4.0 kva single phase ac power and 15.00kva three phase ac power. 126
Air cooler tower type diamension - 300 x 330 x 780 mm. air delivery - 402 cu.M/hrs. tank cap - 8 ltrs. type diet8i make - simphony/kent/bajaj. 123
Air curtain complete with radial flow fans impellers and electrical motor. technical particulars and make as per annexure. make- bajaj or avro (size 72 inch length) size width 10 inch, height 11 inch,. 165
Air curtain complete with radial flow fans impellers and electrical motor. technical particulars and makes as per annexure. make- bajaj or avro (suitable for 72 inch length). 156
Air diffusers as per drg. no. icf-std 7-3-003 col.1 alt. b . 121
Air flow relay for rectifier cooling fan motor, model: gm - 021- 00 - x8k - 5 of m/s. switzer make or equivalent electrical rating: 0.4a, 110v dc ind, nwp: 0.50 bar note: 1 item to be delivered at mcs. 157
Air hose assembly f type mr , dlw drg no. tpl-0118 style-1 type-f ,alt-h, dlw pt no-11328060. 146
Air intaking micro bubble generating recycle pump make nikoni or ss 3042-5m 3, model: 40 n 37 ce, pressurised water flow: 4.8 m3/hr, minimum flow rate: 2m3/hr. 284
aircraft L410 Revision, engine and propeller overhaul service contracts. 103
Airline of Sri Lanka, is looking for a Travel organization and a Cargo organization to represent the Airline In the capacity of Passenger General Sales Agent andCargo General Sales Agent in the territ. 124
Airport taxiway. 127
Aisin wooamdong apartments around nohugwan improved construction. 119
Al.Alloy pin. 116
Alarm operating lever gear ( c and w ) . 1. lever ( c and w ) drg. no. irs vb - 120 / m, qty. 1 no./per set. 2. lever cap drg. no. irs vb - 121 / m, qty. 1 no. /per set. 3. m.S. cheese hd screw m5 x 2. 198
Albania,Netherlands,United Kingdom : EBRD outlines new 4-year plan for ALBANIA. 254
Alfa lyse cyanide free for bcc (5 ltr. per pack). 109

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