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Articles from Mena Report (January 14, 2016)

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"a.R to govt, dental college building block ~c~ attached to medical college, kozhikode for the year 2015 - 2016. painting works.". 129
"annual repairs for the year 2015-16 to hospital block- abcd attached to govt. medical college, kozhikode: repairs to doors, sanitary and water supply arrangements.". 132
"annual repairs for the year 2015-16 to super speciality block attached to govt. medical college, kozhikode- repairs to doors, sanitary and water supply arrangements.". 132
"annual repairs to low cost ~e~ type quarters 48 no~s (duplex) attached to medical college, kozhikode for the year 2015 - 2016. painting works.". 132
"govt.Medical college, kozhikode-improvements to workers room adjacent to nursing superintendent office attached to govt.Medical college, kozhikode.". 128
"govt.Medical college, kozhikode-improvements-providing ms framed ramp for mch to college building in govt.Medical college, kozhikode.". 125
"supply of electricity for the needs of the municipality of stara zagora.". 498
"supply of electricity.". 440
"supply of laptops.". 434
(1) Electrification by providing 63KVA Transformer & providing LED Street lights to partial left out portion at Chelur Sub Market Yard with (2) Providing LED High Mast Street light at Chelur Sub Marke. 148
0.5 hp self priming monoblock pump for water raising purpose in ac coaches as per rdso specn .No. rdso/pe/spec/ac/0022 rev -0 2002 with amdt. no. 1. 353
01) lighting arrangement installation of 01 no. Tower at coal stockyard, 01 no. Tower at rise side of query and shifting of 01 nos. Lighting tower at view point. 182
1 / dli2 / fv253 - delivery of a hydraulic excavator> 15t operating weight. 172
1 1tb hard disk sata ii 7200 rpm. 2 4 gb rpm. 2 4 gb ram 2 gb 2 -533 mhz. 3 dual core cpu with 1066 mhz speed suporting 915 chip set. 01 set 03 nos. 134
1 Construction Of Student Activity Center In The Existing Campus Of Nit At Patna Including Water Supply Sanitary Installation And Drainaga Balance Work 2 Providing External Hydrant Valves Ring Main Sy. 152
1 erection and fabrication of a revolving paltform for a model view point of umrer ocp of umrer sub area. 2 reparing of self starter sm130 02 nos at umrer ocp of umrer sub area contact person :y.n. Sh. 137
1 moei and fans at b block mod new delhi 2 moei and fans at e block mod new delhi 3 moei and fans at h and j block mod new delhi 4 moei and fans at g block mod new delhi sh providing and fixing ei and. 158
1 moei and fans including rm of dg set at ags office kottayam sh annual comprehensive maintenance of ac units 2 moei and fans including rm of dg set etc atcrih kurichi sh annual maintenenace of ac uni. 158
1 No. Mahindra Maxximo, Tata Magic and Other 4 wheeler tippers compitable Companies And Firms 26 hp HP 19.2kw. 175
1 No. mahindra tractor, swaraj tractors 250 HP and other compitable Companies And Firms. 144
1 phase single phase motor 230v frame size 112 m,1p-55, 50 h2 0.5hp/0.37kw,capacitor star and run to specification is 1996 latest voltage range 186v to 294v,suitable for blower fan of ac emu oil coole. 153
1) Day To Day Operation And Maintenance For 15000 Gph Capital Of Pressure Filter. 135
1) Improvements of Roads at Maruti Nagar Heggeri sub Roads & Chetna colony 2nd cross in Ward No:40 2) Improvements of Roads at Siddhaganga colony in ward no.27 3) Improvements of Roads at Aralikatti O. 132
1) Installation And Laying Pipe Line At Officers Club Of Pandaveswar Area. 137
1) moisture in oil measurement system. doble make - model domino uss . qty: 1 no. 114
1) Repair of Hlinkwelding work of Tata Hitachi Ex 1200 Hyd. Excavator. at MKD Sub Area. 108
1) Repairing and Maintenance of D type block No. 5 (01 unit) under block repairing 15-16 2) Repairing and Maintenance of D type block No. 7 (01 unit) under block repairing 15-. 158
1)"set of process lab items" as per given annexure .Accepted make of glassware items of given annexure are "riviera" or "qualigens" or "borosil". qty: 1 st. 128
1).Pump motor unit for hydrostatic lubrication system as per hg10074. 1 set of pump motor unit consists of 1 no. pump & 1 no. motor (ac) item no. 2 & 13 to drawing no 32550011601 . this item is to be. 153
1)0.4 th x 200 wide copper foil to aa12001 rev-03 in roll form of 20 mr. qty: 400 kg 2)0.8 th x 200 wide copper foil to aa12001 rev-03 in roll form of 20 mr. qty: 600 kg. 140
1)10 core pvc control cable as per ann-a it-001 qty: 2600 mt 2)6 core pvc control cable as per ann-a it-002 qty: 2600 mt. 127
1)12 mm tk stainless steel plates to material specification astm a-240 uns-41500 type, (13 percent cr-4 percent ni). plates to be supplied in hot rolled, annealed & pickeled condition. all plates to b. 409
1)1250x5500x45 tk (40 nos) stainless steel plate(13 percent cr-4 percent ni) as per astm a-240 uns-41500 (type 415), ultrasonic testing as per astm a435 at 150 mm grid,180 degree cold bend test as per. 138
1)150 nb gate valve as per annexure to pi 240654306.. qty: 3 no. 112
1)4 cores, 2.5 sq mm, multi strands, annealed copper conductor, hr pvc insulated , pvc outer sheathed , frls (outer sheath), armoured , 1.1 kv grade control cable as per enclosed specification no. 241. 220
1)52/72kv bottom end plate to drg. 25380401087#01 var00 rev01. as per spec. aa19801 rev 04. (pvc 1:2.6). qty: 130 no. 122
1)72.5 kv 3150a conductor to drg 35380401139 # 02 rev 02. as per spec. aa12023 rev08. pvc (1 : 41.0). qty: 30 no. 121
1)abt meter type premier 300 as per it-01 ann-1 qty: 2 no. 115
1)ag 3101 ay cable marker (ferrule) to drg no. 15890230011 #115, # 126 & # 127 rev.15. 50000 nos. comprises of 16000 nos item no 115 mark with "a" , 18000 nos item.No. 126 mark with "l", 16000 nos ite. 234
1)air box assy. to drg. no. 14301776002 v.00 r.05 paint as per drg. qty: 300 no. 118
1)ammeter 0 -125/ 250 as per annxexure- a , item - 1 qty: 5 no 2)ammeter 0 -75/125a as per annexure -a, item -2. qty: 5 no 3)ammeter 0 -50a as per annxexure- a , item- 3. qty: 5 no. 143
1)arc chute assy for 25 pc contactor to drg no. 15801330027-v00, r01 qty: 300 no. 111
1)baffle ring assy. to drg. 34026140091 var.00, rev.03, and matl. specn. no aa22415 rev.02 qty: 20 no. 121
1)bare cubicle of electronic controller to bhel drg no 26510200181 rev00 v01 with front door to bhel drg no 26510200182 rev01 v01 and rear door to bhel drg no 26510200184 rev00 v00 (drawing of front d. 150
1)body main door with pad lock and guard lock (rh) furnished. ( rh opposite to as shown in drawing)for beml coaches. drawing no.-beml s drawing no.411-14001, alt-9, part no.2. material and specificati. 171
1)bolt hex m30 x 280-8.8 (as per aa7113124 rev. 04) fitted with one nut hex m30-8.8 (as per hw7151198 rev.03) & one washer tab type mcd a-31 (as per hw7169096) and checklist no cl /cde/124 enclosed. q. 206
1)bracing ring to drg. 14026146001 it.24 rev.29 qty: 20 no 2)bracing ring to drg. 14026146001, it.25 rev.29 qty: 20 no. 126
1)bracing ring to drg. 44020546234, it.27, rev.23 qty: 4 no. 113
1)bracing ring to drg. no. 34026146113 it.13 rev.16 qty: 14 no 2)bracing ring to drg. no. 34026146113 it.14 rev.16 qty: 14 no. 128
1)brg.Cartridge ce machined to bhel drg. no 04394441001 it.01 rev.28 & spec. tm 12546. note :- item should be supplied in rpp condition & must be suitably packed to avoid transit damage.. qty: 650 no. 130
1)calpeda make closed coupled centrifugal pump, spl mech seal , pump model: nm 40/ 12 a-r , 2.2 kw / 3hp ,2-pole induction motor ,rpm: 2900, 3-phase , 50 hz . qty: 3 no 2)calpeda make closed coupled c. 154
1)cam disc to drg.No. 5550328,rev04. qty: 1000 no 2)centering disc to drg.No.5560014,rev01. qty: 3000 no 3) blocking plate to drg. no. 5262300,rev02. qty: 300 no. 134
1)carbon steel ball valve 1/2" (15 nb) as per drg. 42200149024 (rev.03) itemno. 04. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. 167
1)complete clutch unit for 1600 ton mechanicalpress machine. comprising: (5 items)a. clutch housing to drg. no. 2sp16015504, qty. 1 no.B. clutch plate to drg. no. 2sp16015502,qty. 02 nos.C. clutch pat. 152
1)construction of over run line/sand hump for simultaneous reception and dispatch of trains of trains at garpos station. 146
1)control wire 1.0sqmm, pvc grey 1100v, heat resistant, flame retardant, single core, pvc insulated industrial grade, copper conductor, flexible, conforming to is:694 qty: 1260 mt 2)control wire 1.5sq. 210
1)current transformer to emd part no. 8374003 as per bhel drg. 36670500241#01 r01 qty: 150 no. 116
1)deep groove ball bearing type 6228c3 with steel cage as per spcn. no. am54179, rev.01. qty: 50 no 2)deep groove ball bearing type 6220c3 with steel cage as per spcn. no. am54179, rev.01. qty: 100 no. 280
1)dia 100 hellical milling cutter (for heavy rough milling & better surface finish), with insert pocket ( 81 nos minium) and wiper insert pocket min : 3 nos for better surface finish, depth of cut (ap. 256
1)dia 3.15 x 450 long welding electrode as per aws- e 7018. qty: 8000 no 2)dia 2.5 x 450 long welding electrode as per aws- e7018. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one. 183
1)elastimould components ( 650t1 + 655blr + 650bip) to drg no 34022140084 # 01 rev 01.( bushing with 2 check nuts+elbow+basic insulating plug along with insulationcap,lubricant, wiping cloth and water. 209
1)electrical angle grinder 5" ,min 1400 w, warranty-6months,make-hilti (germany/liechtenstein/india) /bosch(germany/india) / metabo(germany/india) /fein( germany/india) /atlas copco(sweden/india) only. 205
1)epoxy powder coating material - shade : opaline green to is 5 # 275. qty: 240 kg. 116
1)expansion type terminal connector to drg. no.34780600131rev.00 qty: 20 no 2)expansion type terminal connector to drg. no.34780600132rev.00 qty: 20 no 3)rigid type terminal connector to drg. no. 3478. 148
1)hub to drg no.5048457,rev04. qty: 400 no 2)pressure plate to drg no.5055843,rev02. qty: 1000 no 3)pressure plate to drg no.5047652,rev04. qty: 6000 no 4)breaking disc to drg no.5051447,rev03. qty: 5. 144
1)hydraulic crimping tool including hydraulic pump, hose assembly and crimping jigs (hexagonal), capacity : 50 to 400mm2, dies set (hexagonal) : (50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400). qty: 1 st. 130
1)hydraulic torque wrench set as per annexure-a_240252157 rev.00 and sketch-1 & 2 rev "00". note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other en. 165
1)impeller cone casting as per enclosed bhel drawing no. 22040718402 (rev. 00) and product standard ht 00255 (rev. 01). qty: 6 no. 124
1)indoor termination kit for 1-core, 185 sq. mm, aluminium conductor, xlpe insulated, frls (outer sheath), armoured, 33kv(earthed-system) cable as per item no.1, clause no. 1.5, section-1 of technical. 186
1)inner bearing wiper ce it.1 of bhel drg. no.34394437001 rev.10 & spec.No.Tm12546.Note :-item should be supplied in rpp.Condition & must be suitably packed to avoid trnasit damage. qty: 630 no. 130
1)lithium ion battery for mpd600 make:omicron,usa power rating 11.1 nominal vltg,8ah qty: 2 no 2)battery chatger for mpd600 qty: 1 no. 125
1)m/c washer 44997000021 rev 11 #006 qty: 2000 no 2)m/c washer 44997000021 rev.11 #009 qty: 2500 no. 120
1)manufacturing of bare rubber bellows (2700 id) with retainer ring as per drg. no. 3-17053-41516 rev.03 and he-54017 rev.02 note: each bellow should be embosed with indentification no. and these nos. 137
1)moulded piston insulator to drg no. 35801130076 - v02 r07. qty: 2000 no. 108
1)nitrile rubber cord dia 4 mm as per corporate dtandard aa59807 (rev.04) bs.2751-2001 (reaffirmed 2007) gr-ba70. qty: 3000 mr 2)nitrile rubber cord dia 6 mm as per corporate standard aa59807 (rev.4). 342
1)o-ring , id 35 mm x 5 mm and as per annexure-1. qty: 200 no 2)o-ring , id 42 mm x 4 mm and as per annexure-1. qty: 100 no 3)o-ring , id 50 mm x 8 mm and as per annexure-1. qty: 100 no 4)o-ring , id. 249
1)oa7002 rotor shaft to drg.No.14304511026 rev.11. note:(1)shaft material will be issued by bhel.2)shaft to be rust protected. r/m wt. 346 kg & f/m wt. 267 kg.(approx.).3)total qty. will be distribute. 153
1)oil surge relay to part no. 5016939 & drg. no.5l16902 rev.08 with gunter make reed switch & two right glasses to be supplied with each relay. qty: 100 no. 131
1)oilite bush to drg. no. 35781130006-002, r02 qty: 1000 no. 106
1)r/m forging gov shaft to drg d2820769 mat spec 30/426/gec. forging no. 267075-1 & 267075-2 shall be punched on each forging respectively. qty: 2 no 2)rough machined forging for segment to drg 411320. 183
1)rectangular half hard copper strips to bp12064 rev.-05 & annexure-a. qty: 200 mt. 111
1)rotor bar (ordering) to drg. 44028045613 it.01, rev.00 and matl. specn. no bp12080 rev.11 wt=5.47 kg. qty: 577 no. 121
1)rotor bar (ordering) to drg. 44028045915, it.01 rev.01 and matl. specn. no. bp12080, rev.11; weight of each bar= 2.82 kg.Note:-material to be procured on finished basis. supplier"s name, identificat. 148
1)s.C. ring to drg. 44028045614. it.01, rev.00 and matl. specn. no. aa19801 rev.04.Each ring to be ultrasonically tested as per am54155. qty: 14 no. 126
1)s.C.Ring (ordering) to drg. 44028045469 it.01 rev.01 and matl. specn. aa19801 rev.04 wt=60.5 kg.Each ring to be ultrasonically tested as per am54155. qty: 10 no. 130
1)sandvik make insert r390 - 18 06 12 mm - mm 2030 or equivalent note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. envelope ensure tha. 151
1)sealing ring assy. to drg. 24025140014, var.00. rev.00 qty: 18 no. 110
1)seamless carbon steel pipe to sa 106 gr.B of asme sec.-ii part-a 2013 of size. 60.3 mm od x 5.54 mm tk (4 to 7 m long). all requirements of sa 106 gr.B and checklist - a to indent 221150015 to be co. 159
1)self lubricating bush as per drawing no. 22120218401 (rev.00) and the technical requirments mentioned therein. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope &. 177
1)set of shims item no 001 to 005 of drg. no 22510685611 rev. 00 with due tc, gc, & ir. each set consists of item no 001 to 005 of drg. 22510685611 rev . 00 as per var. 00. qty: 6 st 2)set of shims as. 155
1)set of stator & rotor end plate to drg. no. 34026242176 #01, rev. 00 & 34028142557 #01 rev. 00. without dishing operation. qty: 20 st 2)set of stator & rotor end plate to drg. no. 34026242173 #01, r. 318
1)solid carbide end mill, no of flute 4 , dia 12, fl 75 , oal 150 qty: 10 no 2)solid carbide end mill, no of flute 4 , dia 14, fl 75 , oal 150 qty: 10 no 3)solid carbide end mill, no of flute 4 , dia. 173
1)spacer for interrupter(gis) to drg. no.-25170300518-001 qty: 360 no. 111
1)spherical roller bearing model 21312k.Detailed specification as per annexure-i to pi 830651037. qty: 10 no 2)bearing name 22208 m w33. qty: 10 no 3)6205zz ball bearing qty: 15 no 4)51307 thrust bear. 221
1)stainless steel sprial wound gasket to item 01 of drg no. 3-16218-70404 rev00 & as per he-54024 rev00. qty: 20 no. 121
1)steel container to size 2750 x 2150 x 550 mm weight 731 kg each total weight 11696 kg (16 nos) .Drg item no 1. box no 150064,150069,150074,150079,250064,250069,250074,250079,350062,350067,350072,350. 589
1)supply of cast steel gate valve, 150 nb, class-150 as per technical specification no. rmsg 05 678 rev. 0 qty: 20 no. 117
1)supply of one no. of semi-eot crane of 10t capacity as per bhel purchase specification hse-katende-eot-03, rev-00 qty: 1 st 2)supply of gantry rail of 15m with sole plate, clampimg and other fixing. 296
1)support bracket to drg. 44026147515, it.01 rev.00, and matl. specn. no. aa22414 rev.04. qty: 200 no. 120
1)ta 9901 az insulated bolt (m20 x60 ) to drg. no. 44301076020 rev. 01. insulate the bolt as per drg. to be supplied in proper packing. qty: 2500 no. 128
1)ta9901az screw hex. m6x45 (zinc plated)to spec aa7121123 rev 08.To be supplied in poly bag containg 500 nos in each bag. qty: 6000 no. 127
1)terminal box 90 points to drg. no. 22991801005, item no. 01, rev-02. qty: 100 no. 113
1)tin ingot as per spec. aa12801, rev.04. qty: 20 mt. 110
1)trifurcating box (with insulator) to drg.No.04022140011, var.00 rev.06. note: 1) delivery is the essence of contract delivery required within 30 days from fim offers of vendors not meeting bhel requ. 174
1)unloader cum safety valve assy. (device no. 306 & 322) as per specification no. 241555375 rev.00 qty: 2 no 2)isolating cock (device no.323) as per specification no. 241555375 rev.00 qty: 2 no 3)isol. 169
1)use0.65x1230x1260 crngo steel sheet of158815 kg issued free by bhel to make str png. of 55383kg to drg.No.24026240808,rev-00,item-01.Use str incut to make rtr png of 31659 kg to drg.No.24028141573,r. 282
1)wafer type bf valve 100 nb 16ata , as per annexure "a" (rev-00).Note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. envelope ensure th. 162
1)welding rubber hose, blue - for qxygen, 10mm id, working pressure- 15bar, bursting pressure- 55 bar, reinforcement- high tensile polyester yarn, manufactured as per is-447. qty: 200 mr. 128
1. bolt-1/2-13 hex as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev-5 drg.No gm partno 180179 alt da (p.L. no. 19014510) 2. bolt 1/4-20 hex as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev.5 drg.No gm partno 1800. 348
1. bolt-5/8-11 hexagon as per purchas spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev.5 drg.No gm pt no 271733 alt aa (p.L. no. 19019245) 2. bolt hexagon 3/8 inch -16x2 inch mat spec:as per drg. perchase specn no wdg4/ps/. 353
1. nut hex 1/2-13 as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev.5 drg.No gm partno 120378 alt pa (p.L. no. 19350193) 2. nut-hex jam as per purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev-5 drg.No gm partno 218445 al. 344
1. screw 10-32 pcr t drg.No 449835 alt ca (p.L.No. 19152279) 2. screw 5/16-18x3/4 hwtt drg.No gm partno 9419648 alt da (p.L. no. 19151172). 340
1.) Providing connection of inlet pipe of R.O. System from old existing water reservoir. 133
1.1kv, 4c x 25 sq.Mm aluminium xlpe cable. 134
1.Bearing 208 or 208k ety 500-65 2.Radial cyl roller bearing 5-32208 2t. 124
1.Bolt 3/8 -16 hex as per purchase spec no- wdg4/ps /veh -02 rev .5 drg. no gm pt no 180132 alt ea p.L. no- 19012639 2.Bolt - 5/16-18 x 5.5 hex purchase spec no-wdg4/ps/veh-02,rev-5 drg.No gm partno 1. 356
1.Pl no.17390230 valve assembly wind shield wiper to emd part no. 10635890 pl no 17390230 2.Pl no.17042379 pantograph asm wind shield wiper cab looking glass emd part no. 10634581 pl no 17042379 3.Pl. 127
1.Ups as per specification attached. 237
1/2 connector with ckeck nut for flexible pipe dia 1/2 long 1 1/2 . materials en-8. 151
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 144
11 kv (e) voltage grade conductor size 3 x 150 sq. mm. stranded , compact circular aluminium conductor, ht xlpe cable conductor screened with extruded semi conducting compound, xlpe insulated, insulat. 212
110kv xlpe laminated sheath cable, 1200 mm aluminum, uw kepler bridge "uw graz north. 163
12 feet g.I.Sheet fishing boats. 141
14 feet g.I. sheet fishing boats. 141
15 mm solid dummy plug m.S. galvanised to is:1239, part-ii ( steel plug ). 105
15.624 Office Modifications at Gleann Seileach Business Park, Stornoway. 341
150 mfd 450 v condensor. make- ahuja or similar. 106
15154 - Operation And Maintenance Of Wastewater Treatment Plants In The Industrial Workshop Of The Aviation Clermont Ferrand (Aia See). 163
16 gb pen drive make:- kingston, sandisk, hp note:-tenderes are requested to quote the make and model no in their offer. 352
16 mfd - 5 percent 1200 vdc 160/41510141 oil filled capacitor for memu/dmc as per drg no. wr/dhd/memu/-3-gen-066 ref no. 3 make sunny, asion, bhandari. 126
16-0003 wwtp wolfsburg, biogas plant - chopping, transport and installation of silage maize. 145
16-005R Vehicle Lease Program. 107
16-135 - Independent External Audit Services. 112
16001 Po0 Baltimore County Public Safety Building Parking Garage Permanent Repairs. 123
17050625 cap assembly pressure 3 prong 7 psi. emd pt.No. 9323490. 121
18mm single clevis ri no.5041 conforming to rdso drg.No.Eti/ohe/p/ 5040 rev-b. 107
1moei and fans including rm of dg set ,substation water supply pump set etc at ccri kalavoor sh annual maintenance of ac units 2 moei and fans including rm of dg set pset etc at esi hospital alappuizh. 146
2-mining works at saoner sub area sub area engineer (civil) . 113
200 amps. h.R.C. fuse (blade contact). 132
200 ltrs capacity suspension strap with 16 mm stud for beml coaches as per beml drg.No.808-60333 item 1 to 5. 109
20049 / refurbishment Kantonsstrasse Nr. 5 Baumeisterarbeiten. 224
2016 1 zones traffic safety facility emergency maintenance and installation work (annual contract price). 120
2016 agricultural technology center hall cleaning services. 120
2016 annual maintenance bus and taxi facilities construction. 112
2016 baekunmyeon security, maintenance, landscape construction (unit price contract). 117
2016 bridge facility routine maintenance work (gangnam). 124
2016 danwon road sign maintenance work. 109
2016 dredging sewage facility (unit price contract). 114
2016 ETH Druckzentrum Web2Print. 104
2016 ETH Druckzentrum Web2Print. 128
2016 gwangyang port lanes (two sections) and management services. 113
2016 hangang park cctv and intercom lift maintenance services. 120
2016 hangang park nadeulmok surveillance equipment maintenance services. 114
2016 hangang park smartphone app / web maintenance services. 106
2016 jinhae-gu hall road safety facility maintenance (annual price) construction. 114
2016 painted lane maintenance work (annual cost). 108
2016 sangnok-gu road sign maintenance work. 110
2016 SDO District-wide Newsletters Printing & Delivery. 302
2016 underpass commercial fire protection inspection service. 113
2016 water main looping project. 197
2016 year of cheongju volume fly ash incinerators broadband transport and handling services (costs). 117
2016 year of the disaster eg alarm services, facilities maintenance. 110
2016 year of traffic light maintenance (annual price contracts). 112
2016-5 electronics recycling services - residential. 123
24 F Optical fibre cable Maintenance work in WTR Osmanabad subdivision ,under Latur OFC Division. 135
25 mm steady arm clamp and jaw complete with fasteners as per rdso s specn. no - ti-spc-ohe-fittings-0130 ( 10-13 ) and rdso s drg. no. - eti-ohe-p-2490-2,rev-e. 359
25a charger smr-rectifier module puncom make or similar/compatible. 222
2nd call all kind of purchesingbuilding and road material. 115
2nd re e-tender for supply of medical gases in cylinders to govt. hospitals and health units for the year 2015-17 by the dy. director of health services (e and s), central medical stores. 182
3 days safe driving progamme for tl crews at ranchi depot. 131
3 nos (size d) dry battery operated brass flashlight (commonly) as per annexure - a. 147
3 pole power contactor type ml4 cat.No. ss 90910, 70 amps, 415 v , coil voltage 110 v, 50 hz with 2 no 2 nc aux contact . make make l and t,siemens, sg. 134
3.15 mm dia.Manual metal arc welding electrode, class a2rutile type,type of coating :medium conforming to spec. no.Irs:m-28/12, code er4211x as per is:814-2004 with amendment no.1 of 2005 and 2 of mar. 142
3/4 stand drill capson with 1/2 hp motor single phase and accessories. 105
3/8 inch adaptor to fix 3/8 inch quick coupler to drg.No.Ubls/m/bvzi/ab-006, alt - nil. 124
3042/eproc/jcb 3dx/prc/139/e3 (prov) ee. 131
3rd call for purchasing of all kind of road and building material. 116
3rd Party Inspection For The Works Carried Out Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme(Package-2). 101
4 channel video transmitter receiver. 115
4,5 living area common duct electrical construction _ _ three kinds of central monitoring and control facilities projects 5116_151201 part 2. 123
4-wire dtmf based head qtr. control equipment as per rdso spec. no. irs:tc-60/2007. 228
4-wire dtmf based way station equipment as per rdso spec. no.Irs/tc60/2007 or latest alongwith control phone as per rdso spec. no. irs-tc-38/97 with amendment no.1 or latest. 245
40 watt well glass led fitting, make:- vin, hanul, bajaj, arya, ciro with 5 years warrnty. as per rdso specn. rdso/pe/spec/ps/0123(rev.0)-2009 amdt-1 , item no.5 (technical requirement). 157
40_neubau 61. gs with einfeldsporthalle_fl 04_holzbauarbeiten. 198
400 kv suratgarh-bikaner transmission line project. 150
410D31418 Mechanical Sweeping Of Highways At Var. Loc. In Montgomery & P.G. Counties. 105
42 kv metal oxide gapless type (station class) lightning arrester to rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest. 417
5 hp ac solar submersible motor pump. 144
5 mm round led red colour along with threaded holder soldered with pvc wire 07/0.2 mm black and red colour of length 15 cms each, note: payment will be made after 01.04.16. 148
5 star rating bee energy saver voc pump motor set water lubricated isi mark confirming to is 14220/1994 as latest 5.5 kw 7.5hp/02 stage,head-30 meter,discharge 10 lps,3-phase 50 hz,415 volt ac.Make-ks. 152
5kva,3-phase,415/240vac,50hz dry type transformer. 298
6 amps mcb 4 pole, 10 ka c curve similar to cat no. ncfp0006 of m/s. indo asian make. accepted brands: indo asian, siemens, abb, l and t, schinder, havelles, standarad, hpl. 136
6 pin emergency socket flat type as per rdso spec. no. irs tc-42/87 with amendment 2 or latest. 232
6 quad,0.9mm dia,underground,armoured, rly. jelly filled cable for signalling and telecom installation in electrified area conforming to specn. no.Irs-tc-30/2005 (ver.1) with amdt.No.4 or latest. 353
650 kitchen facility "hospitable" (v019). 236
6mm grooved rubber sole plate for turnout on psc 1 in 12 (60kg) drg. no-4218. drg. no. rdso/t-4218. note:-the material is exclusively reserved for rdso aproved firms only. 161
6mm grooved rubber sole plate for turnout on psc 1 in 8.5(60kg), drg. no. 4865. drg. no. rdso/t-4865. note:-the material is exclusively reserved for rdso approved firms only. 160
6mm thick grooved rubber sole plates (grsp) for sej drg. no. rdso t- 4159. note:-the material is exclusively reserved for rdso approved firms only. 156
7 imyoung route wires interfere with other avenue molding business. 113
755 MW Power Plant to Bring Jobs & Clean Energy to Region. 184
8 - led indication panel ergonomically design for circuit breaker type sbli-52cb/m as per drg. no.Scs/81/a/cb. 150
800 mhz radio consulting services. he consultan. 107
9 watt led 2 feet tube light with inbuilt driver with input voltage 80v to 170v both ac and dc operated,can be retro fitted in existing fittings of 2 feet tube light. model: gl/1l/tl of glowz led tube. 153
A exucaliv chair revoling chair - 01 pair b office chair - 01 pair make:- shoold be chr-100007 m/s-godrej or similer for apo and chr-7 of m/s godrej or similer for steno. 129
A r and m o to ati cti office campus guindy chennai 32 sh painting in the eve of republic day celebration. 130
A r and mo to cli sion mumbai during 2015 16 sh dismantling of temporary structure. 114
A r m o to gpoa at rajaji bhavan besant nagar chennai-90 during 2015-16 sh floral decoration on republic day celebration 2016. 125
A set of bearings for hhp wdg4 locomotive. the following items. sl. no. description qty. 1 ball bearing 6200 1 no 2 ball bearing 6204 1 no 3 bearing 6212/rs1z/c3sogjn6 1 no 4 ball bearing 6310-rs2z/c3. 216
A set of lug terminals for hhp wdg4 locomotives. the following items:sl. no. emd pt. no. amp pt. no. description qty. 1 emd pt. no 8291466 amp pt. no 36150 lug terminal 200 2 emd pt. no 8123282 amp pt. 351
A set of spares for gp relay. set consists of: 1 . interlock spring to bhel drg. no. 35831730016 p1 acs-2209. qty: 02 nos. 2 . finger assembly to bhel drg. no. 35831730008 v00 acs-2209. qty: 04 nos. 3. 179
A set of spares for hhp wdg4 dynamic brake controller assembly as per following items. sl. no. description emd pt. no. kepco pt. no. qty. 1 spring reversor lock emd pt. no 10563289 kepco pt. no. 10005. 251
A set of spares for overhauling of hhp wdg4 starter moter delco remy make only dlw approved sources to quote as per following items: sl. no. description delco remy pt. no. qty. 1. bush for ce frame 18. 372
A set of taper roller bearing no 67981/67919 and 67982/67919 for bhel,otor suspension unit as per bhel drg no 04451575001 of m/s timken skf or fag beraring . 128
A. Augmentation of water supply arrangement at lohgara railway station and colony. B. provision of rcc over head tank at attara station. 124
A. Heavy repairs to circulating area, drainage work at platforms, roof leakage in service buildings, floors in Mela shed, upgradation of platform surface etc. 125
A.R & M.O E.l and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head E.l & Fans in Beauty Parualor of Himadri Hostel and Supplying & Fixing LED Lights at Stair case of IV-Ty. 104
A/r and m/o cr building of bamboovilla complex 10 storied and 4 storied building duing 2015-16 sh: water supply and sanitary installation and external service. 126
A/r and m/o non-residential building at imu, kolkata campus, taratala, during 2015-16. sh:- building and sanitary and water supply works. 121
A/r and m/o of residential and non- residential building at 1 , belvedere and 30 belvedere , kolkata during 2015-16 sh: annual operation and maintenance of one iron removal plant of 7000 gallon per ho. 147
A/r and m/o of residential and non-residential building at regional meterological centre at alipore , kolkata during 2015-16 sh: building portion. 121
A/r and m/o residential building at imu, kolkata campus, taratala, during 2015-16. sh: building and sanitary and water supply works. 121
A/r and m/o to grand hotel at shimla dg. 2015-16. sh:- essential maintenance and housekeeping services at keren block- iii and iv, north cottage, west cottage, old dinning block, old lounge block, dor. 140
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-i of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: repair of store in enquiry office. 120
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-i of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: repair work in 20 windsor place and other bungalows. 123
A/r and m/o to special scale furniture at 1/b sub division dg. 2015-16. sh- supply of cane garden chair, table and m.P.Chair, table. 125
A/r and m/o to special scale furniture at 1/b sub division dg. 2015-16. sh- supply of materials for carpentry work. 120
A/r and m/o to special scale furniture at 1/b sub division dg. 2015-16. sh- supply of u foam sheet, rubber sheet, jute canvas, casement cloth, marking cloth and rubber adhesive. 130
A/r and m/o to studio cum office building, hpt nahrgarh and other ancillary structure at ddk,jaipur. 120
A4 size plastic two ring file d type keny make or similar. 109
A93 rosenheim-kiefersfelden; renewal of the tracks, bridges and drainage facilities. 218
Abrasive cloth a 100 220x50000 long. 173
Ac cab fan 110v for locos. clw drg. no.Clw/es/f-4/g. 176
Ac circuit breaker 6 amps, 3 poles for scavenge blower tm (pos. no. 55.1). 255
Ac circuit breaker 63a, 3pole for traction motor blower and oil cooling unit (po. 259
Ac fuel pump motor 1.5 hp with inverter to supply voltage 72 v dc rdso specification no. mp. of july 2008 rev.01 and dlw part no-12102076. 128
Academic/educational consultants. 107
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 110
Acid oxalic technical grade to is 501/76 in 50 kgs.Bag with polythene liner inside. 398
Acquisition and commissioning of analogue and digital radio equipment (vhf and / or uhf). 233
Acquisition and utilization of waste wood from the district of eichstatt. 152
Acquisition Diesel Euro Diesel 5 Vehicles / Machinery and Intervention Railway Property Sc Electrificare Cfr S.A. Required 12 Months. 539
Acquisition Earthmoving Machines Trailer - Dscaras-Severin. 436
Acquisition of a lathe and a cnc milling machine for the project a * midex fablab. 161
Acquisition of all-terrain bicycles, spare parts supplies and equipment for school. 221
Acquisition of Contrast. 470
Acquisition Of Eurodiesel Bs And Eurosuper 95 Bs. 110
Acquisition of Health Services Veterinare- Csva Albesti, Csva Bitter Csva Armasesti, Csva Bucu, Csva Lark, Csva Facaieni, Csva Grindu, Csva St. George, Csva Sinesti, Sorrel Valley Csva. 524
Acquisition Of Stock Under Ee,Rcd, Wimberlygunj 2015-16 (Supply Of Bleaching Powder). 171
Acquisition Of Stocks Under Ee, Rcd, 2015-16 Sw:- Carriage Of Materials. 166
Acquisition Workwear For Officials Of The City Of Services. 272
Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit System. 473
Additional construction in the pwd quarters at paremavu-construction of cloth washing area on the back of quarters complexes. 134
Additional construction in the pwd quarters at paremavu-construction of kitchen for medical college students hostel at paremavu. 133
Additions and renovation of the middle school. contract no. 1 general construction including sitework contract no. 2 plumbing construction including fire protection contract no. 3 hvac construction co. 131
Addn / altrn to bldg no 31h at grc and certain sanctioned works under age b/r-i at kamptee. 138
Addn alteration and special repair to ber ceiling fans and footpath of bldg no t-178, t-179, t-180, t-181 c at madhopur under ge basoli. 139
Adult and other education services. 177
Advertisement tender for procurement of solid carbide ground rod. 127
Advertising And Creative Consultant Services. 307
Aerial imagery, produce digital orthophoto images. 105
Agencies and organizations interested in providing Healthcare and/or Wellness Consulting Services - 10% SBE. 127
Agency for temporary employment, for a period of 2 years. 106
Aggregate 1700 tons. 122
Agreement to provide services for the measurement of electromagnetic. 105
Agricultural Diversification and Market Development Project. 324
Air blower with seven variable speed. input 600 watt, rpm 0-16000 rpm. air flow 3.3 cubic metre/minute. make bosch/hitachi or similar. 124
Air brake hexagonal nipple 10 mm to icf drg. no. dc/emu-3-5-032 alt.S/6 item 18. 104
Air breather filter element: 005-l-003p for four column press brake/ electro pneumatics, make: elect. Column 173
Air compressor. 120
Air conditioner - 25 nos. 217
Air flow measuring valve to rdso drg.No.2705 and specn no.Mp 1412/88 and as per s.D.Technical drg. no.Db-10353/3, pt.No.C-76574/002 wabco pt.No. c76574/2 or equavalent. 133
Air jacketed co2 incubator. 133
Air purification unit 1no. 122
Air tickets games changuinola panama-panama-changuinola for patients traveling by air specialist appointments. and patients who are transferred from hospital to hospital. supplier to have tickets for. 202
Airport Real Estate Appraisal Services. 379
Aldrop 12 iron. 104
Alleghany park phase ii irrigation system, which includes purchase, delivery and installation of 2-20 hp irrigation pump station, drilling 200' water well, installation of 1,600' 6" water main to a c. 107
Alluminium wall extension ladder as per is 4571/1977 or latest. specification: 1 length 10.9 mtr.After extension and 6.1 mtr.In close condition. 2 width: 380 mm. 3 cross section:75 mm x 35 mm x 3.8 mm. 170
Alluminum ladder extension tpye as per is -4571/1977 as per following decription:- 1 length 10.90 mtr.After extension,closed height 6.10 mtrs. 2 width 380mm 3 cross section 66.6mmx31.7mm x4mm thick 4. 175
Alocohol isopropyl ar to is 2631/76 in 2.5 litrs.Sealed glass bottles. 396
Alum non ferric is 260. 103
Aluminium chequered sheet for flooring with five ridges pattern of size- 3200 mm x 775 mm x 2.00 mm min. thickness as per rdso spec. no.C-8217 rev-ii of sept.-2013 with height of elevated ridges 1.0 /. 144
Aluminium self supporting folding stool type ladder step 1 dia on both side light weight height 9 feet top platfrom size 18 x12 complete with hinges rubber shoes. model no 4571- m of beat fire or simi. 150
Aluminium terminal (lugs) 25 sq.Mm. 130
Aluminium water tank assembly 455 litres - two piece design to drg.No.Icf/sk-6-3-444,alt m/nil col.L sheet 1 to 3 and to spec. no. str no. icf/md/spec-182, rev.0, amendment no.1. 215
Am and uk(np) to group of monuments at excavated site mahet, sravasti. 149
Amc for pcs,printer,ups,scanner,ter. 145
Amc Of Eight(8) Nos. Photocopier Machines At Prs Office/New KoilaghatPre Qualificationkolkata. 132
Ammonia paper roll camera brand or similar type size 1.00 mtr x 20.00 mtr 1.85 gsm, non -transparent type,white background. delivery of 30 rolls per month . 127
Amplifier to sensor oil circuit for 3-phase loco, as per clw specn. no. clw/es/3. 244
Amtc of Water Supply and Sewerage scheme in Palam Vihar Pocket A B and C Gurgaon. 144
Analog conference system make : polycom sound station 2 exp or haier. Conference news 111
Analysis study of the stability of dams and dikes for siahvy. 139
Anchor Centre re-roofing. 135
Angle grinding wheel, size:125 x 6.6 x22.2 mm. a24 pbf, make:bosch/nortron. 103
Angola : ANGOLA aims at self-sufficient water and electricity companies. 160
Angular contact ball bearing koyo no. 7307 bg. make: skf / fag / koyo /ntn. 106
Animal products, meat and meat products. 230
Annual comprehensive maintenance of online UPS installed at Administrative Block. 121
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of R.O. System. 118

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