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Articles from Mena Report (February 29, 2016)

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"annual rate contract on unit rate basis for cleaning existing r.C.C pipe /rectangular storm water drains in east/west/north/south zone area in vadodara city.". 224
"Appointment of Project Management Consultant (PMC), Concept to Commissioning of Project, for Construction of New Integrated Passenger Terminal Building at C. C. S. International Airport, Lucknow". 306
"Tractors, agricultural, and other". 105
(1) (a) set of aoh kit for compressor model no. rr1000 consisting of 08 items as per annexure-a enclosed. (b) set of optional spare parts consisting of 19 items as per annexure-a enclosed. (2) (a) set. 146
(1) air brake hose coupling assembly for feed pipe for lhb coaches to rdso drawing no. wd-81027-s-01, alt-11, conforming to rdso specn.No. 02-abr-02 appendix-f, with amendment no. 01 of feb 2007. (2). 154
(1) gasket (air elbow to cylinder block) 16-v-9 x 10 1/2- engine , dlw pt no:10170613, drg no:15c76897 alt- zdc, (2) gasket ( elbow to head) ser drg. no. kgp/dl/gk-12 alt- 7, (3) gasket cover to shell. 214
(1) pvc sb cable as per tec specification no: - g/wir/06/03 march 2002 with latest amendment size 05 pair. (2) pvc sb cable as per tec specification no: - g/wir/06/03 march 2002 with latest amendment. 250
(1)50 dia.Face milling cutter (2) adopter for din6971 50 sem 22 x 50 x 200. 129
(1)gasket victualic ,ser drg. no. kgp/dl/gk-49 alt- 6 for pl no.10175560 (2)gasket armoured 1 inch , ser drg. no.Kgp/dl/gk-517 alt- 2 for pl no.10175787 (3)gasket armoured ( system water cooled ) . se. 233
(1)gasket water pump discharge pipe , dlw pt no:10170339, drg no:15d76392-1 alt- b(2)gasket upper support , kgp/dl/gk-672 alt- 4 (3) gasket(copper) dlw pt no:10170637, drg no:tpe-09-0001-3 alt- wd. 197
(1)inserted 45 degree chamfering end mill cutter (2) insert for above 45 degree chamfering end mill cutter. 135
(16039) 609 IP telephony 2016 - 2020. 257
(2) surplus vehicles. 130
(a) improvement of ranir bazar-alinagar up office road from ch.00m-750m (b) construction of 2nso 625mmx600mm slab culvert at ch. 245m & 720m on the same road under kamalganj upazila district moulvibaz. 123
(CD) from the purchasing of works on repair of the district wheelsets with full and interim audit. 118
(open tender) contactor assembly 9-a-621.08.000. 129
(ph no.:10021) pioglitazone 30 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:10028) metformin 500 mg plus glimepiride 1 mg tab. 112
(ph no.:10057) voglibose 0.3 mg tab. 109
(ph no.:12022) ofloxacin 200 mg (plus) tinidazole 600 mg. 111
(ph no.:20018) tenofovir 300 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:20030) tenofovir 300 mg (plus) emtracitabin 200 mg tab. 112
(ph no.:20034) atazanavir 300 mg with ritonavir 100 mg tab. 112
(ph no.:20037) tenofovir 300 mg (plus) emtracitabin 200 mg (plus) effaviranz 600 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:21004) beclamethasone hcl inhaler 100 mcg. 109
(ph no.:21005) beclamethasone hcl inhaler 200 mcg. 109
(ph no.:21087) formoterol fumrate 6 mcg budesonide 400 mcg inhaler. 112
(ph no.:21105) formetrol fumarate 6 mcg budesonide 200 mcg rotocaps. 112
(ph no.:22020) diltiazem 30 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:22021) diltiazem sr 90 mg tab. 109
(ph no.:22104) telmisartan 20 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:22108) eplerenone 25 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:22112) bisoprolol 2.5 mg tab. 109
(ph no.:23007) hydrocortisone sodium succinate 100 mg injection. 110
(ph no.:23014) methyl prednisolone 1 gm inj (solumedrol octo-o-vial). 111
(ph no.:23017) tacrolimus 1 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:24017) pseudoephedrin 30 mg(plus) diphenhydramin 30 mg (plus) diphenhydramine 15 mg (plus) ammon.Chl. (plus) sod.Cit.80 mg/5 ml - 100 ml syp. 126
(ph no.:26014) triamterene 50 mg benzathiazide 25 mg tablet. 111
(ph no.:29011) calcium phosphate dibasic (plus) choline (plus) chromic chloride, folic acid, vit a, b 1, b 12, b 3, b 5, b 6, c, d, zinc cap. 129
(ph no.:29018) new i-site cap. lutien 3.2 mg zexanthin. 110
(ph no.:3063) thiocolchicoside 4 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:36096) sodium iothalamate (420 mg iodine) inj - 20 ml - conery - urografic 16 percent ampules. 115
(ph no.:38045) tamsulosin 0.4 mg tab. 109
(ph no.:45012) piroxicam gel 30 gm. 108
(ph no.:49103) allantoin 0.01 g/ 1 g, extractum cepae - cepalin 0.1 g, heparin 50 iu 20 gm oint. 121
(ph no.:62026) vitamin b-6 tab 100 mg. 107
(ph no.:7001) acenocoumarol 2 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:8049) sodium valproate chrono 500 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:8052) memantin 10 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:9034) amitriptyline 10 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:9054) lamotrigine 100 mg tab. 108
(ph no.25070) dasatinib 50 mg. (sprycel) tab. 109
(ph no.33016) iron sucrose 200 mg inj. 109
(sl. no. 01) installation of i.E.P. capacity 15 cum per hour at jalpaiguri circuit house in the district jalpaiguri. 137
(TSZHS) tender for the procurement of goods and materials. 176
(TSZHS) The tender for procurement of the upper structure materials, spare parts for track equipment. 172
(wlr) milk dairy contract cost estimate: $36780.09 current contract # va69d-15-d-0162 attn: farrukh daniel. 125
: cast iron components machined in set for irs point machine.Each set comprising of following items in machined condition. 1 main gear bracket rdso to drg. no. rdso/s.10845 alt/5 with bush cintered br. 209
: drive lug, sleeve and square head bolt in set for ground connection for irs point machine. one set comprising of: a drive lug to drg.No.S.8806: 1 no. b sleeve for drive rod to drg.No.S.8807: 1 no.,. 198
: energy audit of water balance at ncps dadri. 114
01) deploying air coolers in different places of silewara sub area during the peak summer months of the year 2016 i.E 01.04.2016 to 30.06.2016. 149
03 misc enm works at kolarpimpri ocm contact person name a.k. Kulshresth designation sr.manager (enm) telephone number with std code. 9850965724 ,9881736453. 124
04 different types of sealed compressor. 121
09 uwss improvements augmentation of wss to paravur municipality and adjoining panchayaths supply, erection, testing and commissioning 1 no approved make vaccum feed chlorinator at north paravur pump. 153
09uwss-replacing and repairing of infilteration gallery and side protection and barbed wire fencing at rwph,neeleeswaram. 132
09uwss-uwss to parur and adjoining panchayath-cleaning and removal of silt and mud in clear water sump and providing protectionnet t. 135
1 Food Supply 2 Vegetable Supply 3 Medicines 4 Housekeeping And Cleaning. 118
1 moei and fans at dsc line e block mod new delhi 2 moei and fans at h and j block mod new delhi sh servicing and repairing of ceiling fan in dsc line g h j and e block. 143
1) 05 meter length steel tape with sprit level. make: freeman or equivalent. 2) 3 meter steel tape. make and brand: star welding company or equivalent. 191
1) double row self alignment ball bearing no. 2310, 2) srdg ball bearing no.- 6012zzrc3, 3) spherical roller bearing no. 22212, and 4) self aligning ball bearing with adapter sleeve 1209k. (details as. 197
1) extension of sampling room near railway weigh bridge at dumri under kamptee sub area 2) jungle cleaning from the side of approach road to manager office and around workshop. 156
1) repair-maintenance of one block (s-s) nhs (4 units) block no-50 2) repair-maintenance of one block (s-s) nhs (4 units) block no- 48. 144
1) rod connecting compressor drg no.Kgp/dl/cx-24 alt-4, 2) cooling fan elgi part no: 000219580, 3) cooling fan elgi part no: 000219580. 256
1)aero shell-41 qty: 80 lt 2)sf6 gas # iec-376 qty: 150 kg 3)drive unit assy#15184003102-a qty: 1 no 4)o-ring#sg9616611410/sg90033027 qty: 2 no 5)o-ring#sg9616611194/sg90033005 qty: 1 no 6)filter mate. 155
1)cop-dg epxy vrsh qty: 4738 kg 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)dc-motor for jop var09 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)high speed spindle#ts80cx142 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)milling cutter qty: 5 no 2)radius cutter r100 qty: 4 no 3)cutter qty: 4 no 4)cutter qty: 10 no 5)cutter qty: 10 no 6)cutter qty: 6 no 7)drill counter bore qty: 8 no 8)c"boring tool qty: 8 no 9)c"bor. 152
1)power cable for 24v 4x2.5 mm2 qty: 20000 mr 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)resin disc qty: 1000 no 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)seal ring qty: 18 no 2)sealing ring qty: 2 no 3)seal ring qty: 8 no 4)seal ring qty: 8 no 5)seal ring qty: 8 no 6)seal ring qty: 8 no 7)seal ring qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 141
1-3/8 inch spl. duty pillow block with imported timkentaper roller bearing ( non expansion) cat.No. 16715215 dlw drg.No. (1) tpl 0848 alt.-f (ii) sk no. 0976 alt. nil (iii) sk no. 0972 alt.Nil (iv) sk. 160
1. 6 core x 1.5 sq.Mm. copper conductor, pvc insulated underground, unscreened railway signaling cable as per specification no. irs : s : 63/2014 rev. 4.0 . 2. 9 core x 1.5 sq.Mm. copper conductor, pv. 295
1. beml pa 0164 heavy duty pigeon hole rack 3m l 2 nos. 2. beml pa 0165 heavy duty shelving rack 3m l x 1.85m h- 2 nos. 134
1. deposit improvements to water supply system to kuttanad-award of xiiith finance commission laying transmission system i and ii pipeline along various pwd roads ambalappuzha thrivalla road ch.18/300. 160
1. deposit work improvements to water supply system to kuttanad award of xiiith finance commission laying transmission system i and ii pipeline along various pwd roads ambalappuzha thrivalla road ch.1. 162
1. n-316 single row cylindrical roller bearing medium series. bore 80mm, o/d: 170mm, width: 39mm. conforming is:6457. make: a skf germany/austria, b fag germany/romania/italy, c fag bearing india ltd. 136
1.0 mgd wastewater treatment plant no. 1 rehabilitation and recoating. 172
1.3 const and comm of hp ps siwana. 130
1.4 const and comm of hp ps baitu. 129
1.ORP Sensor (Easy sense ORP 41) 1 No.2.Transmitter (MT 200 Easy and MT 300)1 No.3.Transmitter (MT 300) 5 Nos.4. Flow Meter 05 Nos.5. TOC Sensor (TOC 5000e with 770 MAX Multiparameter Analyzer/Transmi. 176
1.Pdg and fixing of digital signage panels alongwith all required accessories for the museum inexhibition unit of ndri karnal 2. pdg. and fixing of display screen full hd led lcd display alongwith all. 145
1.Repairing charges of Layland make explosive van of DOCM, No. 34-A- 4352.2.Construction of earth pit for 11 KV field sub-station near view point ofSect. V DOCM as per instruction of E/Inch.3.Augmenti. 140
1.Tonner 329 black and 329 cyan magenta yellow for printer model image class lbp7018c make: canon or similar. 2. cartridge 328(black) for printer model image class mf4750, make canon or similar 3. bla. 137
1/4 hose assembly 600 mm long, drg no. wd-14025-s-01. 138
10 channel wired dlp cards. 127
1000 psi christmas tree assembly. 122
100442 - turn lanes on existing smith station road & modifying signal. 202
101408 e installation of various safety improvements, including pavement markings, signing, delineatio. 167
1040 emeline second floor flooring replacement project. 151
104253 - juniata gap rd pathway. 206
104444 - district signal upgrades. 179
104679 - nepa cable guiderail #3. 190
105503 - trade city south resurfacing. 103
106227 - group painting. 122
110 degree c eva elastomeric flexible power cable 1000 volts grade size 19/0.37 mm confirming to rdso spec. no.Mp.0.5200.01 march 1995 rev-3. 244
110mm dia pvc pipe line to church road, marapatlavari street and pantabodi road in subbaraju peta 24th ward. 132
12 channel ecg machine with detail specifications as per annexure-a. 397
12v 150ah maintenance free exide batteries. make: exide little champ/boss or equivalent. 113
130v dc 35a mcb extended terminals rdso spec. no. spec/e-12/04 of march 92 with amendment 1 of june 93 or latest make havells/mds. 126
15,000 doses of combined hepatitis A and hepatitis B in syringes ready. 104
15kv aluminum concentric cable. 115
16 mm alloy steel gr. 63 endless chain sling, joined with indlock effective length 3.25 metres, development length 6.5 metres, safe working load 6300 kgs. chain to is: 6217/1982, chain sling to is: 27. 230
160 watt led flood light fitting with pressure die-cast aluminium holding shink-highly efficient extruded alluminium, lens secondary lens optics to match with exact beam angle, having power factor mor. 197
17 cm probe for harmonic handpiece focus. 330
1qr note book 20.5x33cm f018. 309
2.5 kva bulk inverter 110 vdc/230 v ac confirming to rdso specification no. rdso/spec/pe/tl/0132-2009 ( rev. 0 ). 425
2.5 sqmm electron beam irradiation curing process cable withcopper conductor working voltage upto 1.8/3kv,single core as per rdso spec.No elrs/spec/elc/0019 rev.2 of feb 2011 or latest to be procured. 134
2004-22, 160063 - grading, bituminous surfacing, and bridge no. 20014. 121
2007-27, 160067 - grade, bit. surfacing, ada, & retaining wall restoration. 130
2015 football national championship and sec championship rings and pendants. 126
2015 fourtrax rancher 4 x 4 automatic dct irs. 112
2015-16 circulation improvement program soledad canyon road at bouquet canyon road. 171
2015-16 providing 20mm bit cc to kollamparambu kuninji riad. 126
2016 5th street roadway & utility improvements. 177
2016 additions and alterations to willmar middle school willmar. 147
2016 admin parking improvements. 144
2016 airport improvements work. 226
2016 bituminous street rehabilitation. 102
2016 boiler replacement project. 174
2016 capital projects. 231
2016 concrete street patching improvements. 112
2016 crack seal. 114
2016 door replacement projects. 123
2016 employee census. 102
2016 hardy parking deck generator project. 123
2016 local street improvements. 136
2016 overlay program. 101
2016 pavement markings. 125
2016 road improvement program. 149
2016 roadway reconstruction. 117
2016 roof repairs at multiple sites. 125
2016 roof replacement project. 154
2016 sanitary sewer and manhole rehabilitation, city of greenwood sanitation utility. 162
2016 sewer rehabilitation project phase 1a. 190
2016 show me state game medals. 115
2016 stormwater improvements project. 101
2016 street improvements. 179
2016 street improvements. 127
2016 surface seal program. 102
2016 vendor list. 105
2059 n.R. to s.R. repairing of damaged compound wall and masonary work for waste disposal area in block no.10 to 20 @ dr. j. m. bhavan, gandhinagar. 231
2059 s.R. to n.R. bldg. brick masonary work, china mosaic, expansion joint, plastering, painting and colouring work in general passage and stair of block no. 1 to 9 @ dr. j. m. bhavan, gandhinagar. 232
215MW Biomass Power Plant in Belgium. 120
250,000 gallon water tower rehabilitation. 245
29 rwss to paravanadkam and melparamba in chemnad panchayath - supply and erection of suitable open well submersible pump set in the open well source at valliyode. 144
29rwss improvements cwss to kadungallur, karumalloor alangad panchayaths desilting of raw water well and screening arrangements for rwph elookkara. 143
2g 3g bts deployed under ph-vii add project works in bwa ssa. 140
2nd year maintenance of euc.Clonal plantation at surface area (40ha) and (30ha) of restocked area, gdk 11 inc.Rg-i area during 2016-17. 127
2qr note book 20.5x33cm f017. 309
2w/4w subscriber interface card 4 channels/card compatible with webfil make pd mux as per spec. irs-tc 68/12 with latest amendment. note: rdso approved sources only to quote. 113
3 inch horizontal type gun metal non return valve to suit is 778 for high service water supply tank no,1. 103
3 phase brushless servo motor other description detail as per attached. 301
3 phi induction motor 1.1kw,2.6amp, 1420rpm cos phi 0.80,ip56,frame size 90,415v,50hz,h-class insulation,amp-55 o , foot mounted as per drg.No. wr/e/sk/aux-530. 122
3-in-1 phosphate chemical r.R-10 or equivalent. 120
300 KVA HT Temp conn. To M/s NCC at village Tendwa under Naya Raipur & 01 No. 15 KW NDLF conn of shri Ashis Lal under Naya Raipur of CSD Raipur.. 106
30z2120184- cover (Aluminium casting). 111
30z3240341 spacer. 112
30z6240111 housing(case). 113
322: Li-Ion Battery Pack For Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Model Ds 322. 138
32914853Lot 1 (drugs) -7 names (Code CC 021: 2015 33661000-1 Medicinal products for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system). 107
33 KV Bay and other Civil works at various S/S under Distt- Ambedkarnagar. 138
33 KV Bay and other Civil works at various S/S under Distt- Faizabad. 138
36mm aluminium bus tee terminal complete with fastners as per rdso drawing .No. eti/psi/6510 ( rev. -d). identification no. 6511 and 6482. 209
37 - pin male socket bs - type suitable for the fitment in rmpu, make : sameer/allied/amphenol. 107
3d vizlab sound proofing. 105
3mm thick deco thermo syn sheet. 193
3rd year maintenance of euc.Clonal plantation at dubbapally,gdk 11 incline rg-i area during 2016-17. 120
4 REGIONALNA BAZA LOGISTYCZNA published tender for 14 permanent supply of rye bread a form pytlowego throughout the foil package. in Poland. 148
4th avenue drainage & utility improvements project. 155
5 hp, 1500 rpm squirrel cage induction motor, single shaft, totally enclosed fan cooled, enclosure confirming to protection ip 54, foot mounted b3 continuously rated s1 , suitable for operation on 415. 140
5w vhf handheld walkie talkie sets ss per irs specification no.Tc 65-94-2005 (specification enclosed). 166
5watt vhf handheld radio in frequency band (136 mhz to 174 mhz) with 7.2v-7.4v,2300mah capacity ni-mh-li-ion battery pack, single unit 230v rapid charger and adapter, helical antenna, spring belt clip. 163
6 inch single air pressure gauge self illuminated with led (flush mounted) rdso drg. no. skdp- 3528. 267
6.6kv jyoti make vcb overhauling at mumbai and washala. 105
69 renovatio of existing structures for the year 2015-16- rwss to kinanoor karinthalam- repairs to pump house. 133
69 renovation of existing structures 2015-16- mwss to mundakandam- repairs to oh tank cum pump house and office building. 136
69 rwss for 2015-16- rwss to kannankai edakkai- demolishing old rcc oh tank cum pump house and new pump house and compound wall. 140
6916-105, 160050 - ada improvements and signals. 131
6933-94, 160055 - building demolition and retaining wall removal. 101
7 inch premium threaded casing. 122
70 degree. angle single crystal pzt probe 2mhz for eec srt digiscan ds 329 model usfd m/c. 101
70 degree. single crystal probe/2mhz with 20 mm dia crystal or 20mm x 20 mm square crystal for flange testing of skv weld. 107
8 mm diameter wire cable 7 x 7 wires xstrands. as per drawing no. m1005854 alt-c item-7. 106
82356 - bridge replacement. 282
8823-310, 160601 - micro-surfacing & bituminous seal coat. 114
88256 us219/pa553 intersection. 284
8827-258, 160075 - refurbish non-interstate road closure systems. 111
9 tonne adjuster eye and clevis type as per rdso drg.No. eti/ohe/p/5020 - 1 and id nos. 5021 ( mod-a) 5023 ( mod -b), 5024 and rdso secification no. eti/ohe/49/(9/95) with a and c slip no. 1 to 5. . 235
92351 - fort robinson road 3. 102
9cm probe for harmonic handpiece focus - att technology. 330
A R and M O Sushruta Trauma Centre during 2015 16 (SH Providing and Fixing dash fasteners to external stone cladding and other misc civil works). 134
A r and m o to non residential building for ccbf and rsfpd at alamadhi chennai 52 during the year 2015 16. 119
A r and m o to residential qtrs. of ag at new a.G colony doranda ranchi sh: repairing of drain and culvert wall. 123
A set of bearing, set consists of 1 bearing 6212/rsiz/c3sogjn6 of make skf or similar. 2 ball bearing 6310-rs2z/c3s1vt228 of make skf or similar. 149
A set of rubber components escorts make equalizing discharge valve consisting of 11 items as per annexure total 14 nos. 109
A simple three fold folder, throght four process colours. 119
A systems approach for a more resilient society: Bank staff development program. 204
A&e services - emergency generators gracedale nursing home. 119
A) improvement of hamdu daroga bari pachim gohira road from ch: 00-104m (id no-415745375) b) improvement of pachim gohira saklada bari road from ch: 00-75m (id no-415745376) c) improvement of debasis. 134
A) improvement of kalilabad govt. pry. school road from ch: 00-60m (id no-415745759) b) improvement of ketia matabor bari road from ch: 00-198m (id no-415745760) c) improvement of dakhin para santi da. 140
A) punch for cnc press brake rst 1646 b) punch for cnc press brake rst 1647 c) punch for cnc press brake rst 1648. 130
A) renovation of 33kv ext. line of s&d-stadium. b) renovation of 11kv ext. line of s&d-stadium. c) renovation of 11/0.4 kv ext. line of s&d-stadium. d) renovation of 0.4 kv ext. line of s&d-stadium. e. 148
A/mtc. of street light installed on dividing road of sector - 4-3A, 4-9A, 7-7 HBC, abd 9-9A HUDA Gurgaon. 131
A/mtc. of street light installed on master road from MG road to 56-57 chowk passing through dividing road of sector - 28-29, 27-29, 43-44 and 52-52A HUDA Gurgaon. 140
A/mtc. of street light installed on master roads on SPR-I, Dividing road 60-63, 61-62 and 62-63, Ghata road HUDA Gurgaon. 132
A/mtc. of street light points including parks in sector - 27, 28, 42 and 43 HUDA Gurgaon. 128
A/mtc. of street light points including parks in sector - 54, 55 and 56 HUDA Gurgoan. 128
A/mtc. of street light points including parks in sector - 9 and 9A HUDA Gurgaon. 127
A/r and m/o for cbr itos flat 10 storied building at singhee park, kolkata during 2015-16 sh: water supply and sanitary work for a1, a2, b1, b2, c1, c2, d1, d2, e1, f1, f2, ff and g. 138
A/r and m/o of residential building at 30 , belvedere road , alipore , kolkata during 2015-16 . sh:- external services , internal painting and other miscellaneous works and water supply and sanitary i. 130
A/r and m/o special bureau for office building at hatisur,em by pass, kolkata during 2015-16. sh: building portion,water supply,sanitary installation and external service. 127
A/r and m/o to hm and dy hm bungalows under b-division dg. 2015-16. sh- providing rain water harvesting system in bungalows. 120
A/r and m/o to hm and dy hm bungalows under b-division dg. 2015-16. sh- repair work including provision of protection of over head tanks and kitchen garden etc. 127
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-ii of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: misc. civil repair work in bungalow no c-1/9 tilak lane and various bungalows. 128
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-ii of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: p/l chequerred tile, profile sheet etc. in bungalow 18 r.P. road and other bungalows. 130
A/r and m/o to residential and non residential building at sib, bhadasia road, jodhpur during the year 2015-16. 116
A/r and m/o to residential building at goi press colony santrtagachi,howrah during 2015-16. sh- providing brick work to close unauthorise entry. 121
A/r and m/o to residential buildings g.P. qtrs. at dover lane extension kolkata during-2015-16 external service sh:day to day maintenance of iron removal plant. 30 cum/hour. 130
A/r and m/o to residential buildings g.P. qtrs. at lake area, kolkata during-2015-16 external service sh:-day to day maintenance of iron removal plant. 30 cum/hour. 129
A/r and m/o to residential buildings g.P. qtrs. at ritchi road kolkata during-2015-16 external service sh:-day to day maintenance of two nos iron removal plant.Of capacity 30 cum/hour. 133
A/r m/o to the cpwd residential complex at himachal vihar during 2015-16. sh-repairing of terrace doors and washout pipes. 120
A251-889 standby generator installation. 175
A26 linzer motorway vorbaulos. 1. 158
A3 size economical compact size printer with easy operation and low energy consumption with networking system having simitri hd polymerized toner system along with 3 liquid toner bottles. 117
Abellio Group Multifunctional devices. 114
Aboveground gi installation including last mile connectivity at consumer end for cgd at sonipat (e-tender no.: 6000000688). 123
Ac pipe connection support for the use of rubber drain question mark design in rmpu ac coaches. the size of ac pipe connection question mark design is length -210 mm, outside dia-37 mm, inside dia-28. 137
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 175
Accounting support and advice to the department leading to the preparation of the 2015-16 financial statements. 107
Acidic Mine Water Discharge Treatment Plant At Nmoc Mine Under Nmsa Of Majri Area. 137
Acquisition and installation of a precast reinforced concrete box culvert. 140
Acquisition avyrkesskadeforiskrin, other illness, recreational accidents Industriforsikring and work machines. 128
Acquisition of lidar, imagery and derived products. 111
Acquisition of premises (apartments) for orphans and children left without parental care, as well as persons from the number of orphans and children left without parental care who have no fixed dwelli. 194
Acquisition of premises (apartments) for orphans and children left without parental care, as well as persons from the number of orphans and children left without parental care who have no fixed dwelli. 194
Acquisition of premises (apartments) for orphans and children left without parental care, as well as persons from the number of orphans and children left without parental care who have no fixed dwelli. 194
Adaptor m6 ,. 139
Addison tap set. 106
Addition alteration to existing short range in army area at mount abu. 132
Addition and alterations to Stone hostel Hostel at SLTC Gokhalenagar Pune Providing furniture for Library at Ground floor Hall and Recreation hall at first Floor. 153
Addition oblique alteration of treated water line with gi oblique ci pipes at nts (pbr), teylerabad and certain misc works in age e and m-ii area under ge minniebay, port blair (8454 ge mb pb). 158
Addition or alteration to airmen mess p 27 at admin site with modern kitchen facilities for centralised cooking at af station bhowali under ge af izatnagar. 148
Addition, alteration, improvement to rozi view (bldg no. p-235) and periodical services, petty repairs of overhead tanks, water reservoirs, static tanks at ins valsura, jamnagar. 144
Addition, alternation and repairing of iti, rajpur (patan) (toilet, parking shade, garrage, cc road and misc.Work). 180
Additional Categories of a Pre-approved consultant roster to meet UNDP health related Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) needs. 165
Additional engaging private load auto vehicle 1 no with private labours 6 no for division work in div-136, u-30, z-10. 131
Additional Improvement works to Amma Unavagam by providing furniture gas connection and Electrical fittin works etc at 66th street (TNSCB) in Dn-200, U-45, Z-15. 141
Additional mandays for stw trial of msb and edc for grse yard 3017 20 p28 project. 130
Additional work on the basis of agreement no. 274-13 to install td cable and phd pipes on the railroad vinkovci-pine-on and on-osijek - annex i of the agreement number 274-13 and annex ii of the agree. 103
Additional works on construction of new culverts in km 510 + 320 and the stabilization of unstable embankment on the zagreb-rijeka under the contract no. 202-14 of works on the construction of new cul. 111
Additions/alterations to cumberland fire station no. 23. 175
Adf 16 core floating-3 year single academic group license (01), adf-gue-1 copy-3 year single academic group license (01), gennbo (01) as per tender document. 138
Adjuster assembly ,. 343
Adjuster spindle for sab, confirming to rdso spec.No.07-abr-1992 amdt.4 of july 2000 to rdso drg.No.Wd-82064-s-02-rc,item-4 alt-7. rdso approved sources should only quote this item. 122
Adjusting pull rod for bogie as per icf drg. no. emu/m-3-2-063 alt-f. 128
Administrative services building remodel. 196
Advanced trimount high speed (a.T.H.S.) fabricated bogie frame (for wdm3a loco) with damper brackets and its accessories i.E. item nos.10 to 23 of drawing no. sk.Vl-467 alt-3 note:- item nos.39,45 and. 202
Advanced water resource recovery facility odor control improvements. 112
Advertising & marketing- phcs. 149
AENA, S.A. published tender for Internet or intranet client application development services in Spain. 145
Afghanistan: Water Resources Development Investment Program - Project 2. 463
Africa Regional : East Africa Geothermal Energy (EA-Geo). 101
Ag statewide copier maintenance. 183
Agency nurse. 109
Ahch pcmh campus improvements. 155
Ahu replacement. 132
Air bellow as per part no.Best nr 1407 aw and drg .No. eaf 3000-f02 for schunk make pantograph type wbl23-03. 106
Air blower ( tangential) motor ( right hand side ) size 395x96x83mm, air volume-230m3/hr.,speed -1600 rpm,power input -45 watt and operating voltage 230vac as per model no. qlz06/0030a59-3038lh of m/s. 270
Air dryer for memu coaches. 306
Air dryer maintanance kit consisting of 03 items as per item column. Column 282
Air dryer pcb assembly for ftil make air dryer ftil part no. 780354000. 154
Air filter 3/8 inch for air gov. and n1 red. valve , er drg. no. ccc/dl-757, alt 1. 137
Air hose with fittings,length 70 to drg no.Scr/dsl-pc-0160/bm.Alt-4. 110
Air reservoir of 40 litrs capacity with 1/2 inch drain plug for air spring to rdso drg. no. cg-k-4025 alt-3 and rdso specn no. c-k407 rev-2 . 147
Air treatment and D007 Automation. 384
Airport terminal sidewalk replacement. 147
Akd Sizing Chemicals Supply And Dozing. 130
Alarm gong bell75 volt d c. as per dlw drg. no.1/54 alt.R-11 dlw part no 12178019. 110
Alfuzosin hcl 10mg dutastride 0.5mg tab. 101
Alloy steel d-shackle with pin type bolt and nut along with suitable split pin . working load of 3.25 tonnes made from sae 8620. 194
Alteration of briefing room at sff academy chakrata sh ei work. 109
Alternate 69kv line to west substation. 137
Alternator assembly generator auxiliary for wdg4 locos equivalent to emd pt.No.22089886. rdso/dlw approved sources only to quote. 120
Alu inner frame for double sealed window. 163
Aluminium hollow pipe for auto washing machine. 130
Aluminium tube terminals. 123
Aluminium work of Room no 201,204 in Education Deptt For Establishing Language Lab within Guru Nanak Dev University Campus Amritsar. 107
Amc for 250 tonnes hydarulic press. 127
Amc For Carpentry And Repairing Jobs Of Wooden Items And Vanishing Blinds In Various Buildings. 142

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