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Articles from Mena Report (February 22, 2016)

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"annual rate contract for providing & laying new storm water drains at different places in east/west/north/south zone area in vadodara city.". 207
"Building a Multi Contrast intravital microscope for the label-free imaging" (Multi Contrast intravital microscope). 101
"design, supply,erection, testing & commissioning of 25 kv, 50 hz, single phase, ac,electrification works including ohe & tss as composite electrical works in katni (excl) - singrauli (excl.) section. 160
"drm brc 135 of 2015-16. reconditioning of warnout points & crossings tongue rails by welding, using h3 c class electrodes under jurisdiction of divisional engineer (east), vadodara.". 135
"drm brc 136 of 2015-16. vadodara yard : hiring of multi-utility vehicle for track machine emergency work for 18 months at vadodara yard.". 132
"Provision of telecommunications services by a licensed. 108
"Replacing a portion of the existing fire alarm systems. 172
"Securing the services of tour operator to organize events and trips for the Ministry of Education and Science and projects.". 140
"Securing the services of tour operator to organize events and trips for the Ministry of Education and Science and projects.". 139
(1) data cable as per rdso spec no. rdso/spn/tc/61/2012(rev. 3.0) or latest, for use in train indication board and coach indication board, (2) power cable as per rdso spec no. rdso/spn/tc/61/2012(rev. 249
(1) manufacturing and supply of fish plate 60kg 1m long with 6 holes to rdsos drg t-5916/latest alteration and spn. irs-t-1-2012(provisional)/latest corrigendum. (2) manufacturing and supply of fish p. 168
(1)" provision of water recycling plant (of capacity 0.5 mld ) near rpf colony at raipur station." , (2) "interlocking of lc gate at lc no-.408 at km.813/25-27 between slh-mdh" (3) provision of changi. 216
(a) repairs to ceiling, paneling, stage platform, cultural academy room, stores etc. in auditorium at 4th floor parcel building, cstm. (b) provision of forced ventilation system of traffic account bui. 162
(budget lump 2015-16 (item no.8)) constructing to dehgam-gangava road km. 0/0 to 3/20 (v.R.N.P.) ta. jambusar dist. bharuch. 189
(crp-murray) - analog oscilloscopes. 196
(i)badnera-heavy repairs to drainage system near platform no 1 & 2.(ii)badnera-repairs to inspection pit of platform no. 4 (iii)new amravati-heavy repairs to approach road to station by asphalting. 139
(me/15/0096) me adventure study trip. 116
(ph no.:42246) total knee replacement set - rotating platform, hi flex design (femoral component, tibial tray, insert, patella) cement with gm 40 gms pulsavac. 122
(ph no.:6007) amoxycillin 250 mg (plus) cloxacillin 250 mg cap. 114
(ph no.:6123) netlimicin 300 mg per 3 ml inj. 111
: repair and polishing of wooden furniture under ge kargil. 147
?16 / 2016 for the right to enter into an agreement for the supply closet events recorder. 145
02 misc civil works at kolarpimpri ocm,wani north area. 149
1 moei and fans and rmo pump set lift dg set at sub station at rak college of nursing new delhi sh comprehensive maintenance of 02 nos 08 passengers lift 2 moei and fans and rmo pump set lift fire fig. 151
1" (25mm) zinc coated flexible conduit - 1000.000 m. 103
1" (25mm) zinc coated flexible conduit - 700.000 m. 103
1) Asphalting to P B Road via Abbasali chowk to Bhuspeth road @ ward no. 55 & Kargannavar hakkal road @ ward no. 57 2) Asphalting to Kamangar Lake road @ ward no. 57, behind school no. 18 road & Erede. 154
1) Asphalting to Veerapur Oni main road & Chowkimath road at Ward no 57 2) Asphalting to Patilgalli near Anganvadi center, Gardenpeth road @ ward no. 58 & Padadayyan hakkal Koudimath road @ ward no. 5. 132
1) Cement concrete road to Byali plot 3rd, 5th cross road. 2) Construction of RCC Drain to Myadar oni main road @ ward no. 43 & Construction of RCC Drain to Karwar road Veerashaiva Kanavali to Petrol. 137
1) cleaning the campus and building of nyayasankul, kasaba bawada, kolhapur, 2) gardening work in the building area and campus and 3) operating lifts in the nyayasankul building at kasaba bawada, kolh. 153
1) fabrication, supplying and installation of prefabricated temporary portable check post cabin for dumri railway siding under kamptee sub area. 147
1) malay language aspire programme (includes programme, reference books, course materials, breakfast, lunch, tea, external facilitators, speakers, venue) 2) teachers accompanying students. 129
1) rep. And maintenance of d-type quarter to be occupied by apm 2) repair of one block 4 unit c type quarter 3) thorough repairing of d01-001 type quarter. 139
1) replacement of damaged ac sheet with precoated profile sheet at ladies toilet of sam office and civil office of silewara sub area. 144
1) supply, installation and commissioning of smps and 2) ips system detail as per item description. 131
1)aciclovir 5 percent ointment qty: 1200 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)air cooler (cacw) r.H.S. to drg. 14023140150, var.00, rev-00. qty: 1 no 2)air cooler (cacw) l.H.S. to drg. 14023140151, var.00, rev-00. qty: 1 no. 130
1)aluminium paint for general purpose to aa 56128 rev.04. qty: 3000 lt 2)chemical resistant epoxy priming paint base with accelerator in the ratio 15:5 to spec aa56105 rev 07. qty: 15000 lt. 137
1)aluminium rib 2tk x 69 x 1300 lg to drg nos-44698100007 rev01. provide the proper identification tag in each item. delivery date of first lot will be 8 week from the date of issue p.O. qty: 432 no. 141
1)cap brg. to drg. no. 14304476003 r.07 to be supplied in proper packing. qty: 300 no. 117
1)cctv surveillance system for power house including cameras, portable cameras, dvr with keyboard, 5kva ups with distribution board, led display (vdu), workstation with monitor & other miscellaneous a. 337
1)ceramic high temp. resistance cloth,woven from ceramic fibre yarn having density 400-600kg/cu.M, max working temp 1260deg. c, moisture content 2 percent max, loss on ignition 25 percent max, tensile. 169
1)core & end frame assy. to drg. no. 24924600002 rev.05 var.00. qty: 500 no. 117
1)coup#hp-006-0-s0816-12-2 qty: 24 no 2)adpt#hp-006-2-s0816-12-2 qty: 24 no 3)coup#hp-006-0-s1018-12-2 qty: 16 no 4)adpt#hp-006-2-s1018-12-2 qty: 16 no 5)coup#hp-010-0-s1624-12-2 qty: 10 no 6)adpt#hp-. 141
1)crimping terminal 24998400002 rev 06 #002 (wt=0.40 kg) d1=31,d2=38, fig-4 qty: 600 no. 121
1)dc motor, as per attached annexure -1. qty: 1 no. 108
1)diamond tip saw blade qty: 10 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)duplex platinum rtd for pw hea qty: 3 no 2)3 wire simplex flat prtd qty: 10 no 3)duplex 4 wr flt prtd qty: 39 no 5)duplex platimen rtd qty: 10 no 6)triplex nickel chrome nickel qty: 12 no 7)triplex. 156
1)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 11000 mr 2)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 350 mr 3)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 350 mr 4)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 350 mr 5)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 400 mr 6)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 400 mr. 163
1)flexible air seperator (air cell 1600 mm dia x 5900 mm lg, w= 2553 mm, l= 6853 mm , g= 4100 mm) as per enclose annexure. qty: 1 no. 124
1)flow control instrument qty: 1 no 2)converter digit/anal qty: 3 no 3)pressure switch 0-3bar; qty: 3 no 4)pressure control unit qty: 3 no 5)pressure control unit mag- qty: 7 no 6)pressure switch vacc. 175
1)ftr 100 ohm, 4a qty: 8 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)g.V. servomotor as per product standard ht00259 rev.01 enclosed. qap to be submitted by vendor for approval. qty: 6 st 2)spare for g.V. servomotor as per product standard ht00259 rev.01 enclosed. qt. 238
1)galvanised steel plain sheet to size 0.25 mm thick x 1200 mm wide in rolls , as per specification no aa10166 rev. 06. material test certificates must be as per material grade aa10166 rev 06. checkli. 154
1)gasket 34995000001 rev 01 #20 qty: 500 no 2)gasket 34995000001 rev 01 #19 qty: 150 no 3)gasket 34901000049 rev 04 #005 qty: 500 no 4)gasket tr20071g rev 12 #004 qty: 700 no 5)gasket tr20028w rev 08. 156
1)gear pump#x0r0101abbe qty: 10 no 2)gear pump#x0p0101abba qty: 10 no 3)gear pump#x1p-18-02-fiia qty: 3 no 4)gear pump#x2p-45-02-eooa qty: 6 no 5)gear pump#x2p-53-02-epoa qty: 3 no 6)gear pump#x2p-57-. 140
1)glass rope qty: 800 mr 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)gouging electrodes qty: 20000 no 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)hexagonal nut (lock nut) with hole grip to drg. 44698100116rev 00 it. 002. size :- m 56 x 110 dia x 45 lg. qty: 32 no 2)hexagonal nut (lock nut) without hole grip to drg.44698100116 rev 00 it. 001. 151
1)hts tie rod as per drg.-44698100046 rev.-05 it.-01 dimension m50 x 2850lg qty: 33 no 2)hts tie rod to drg no.-44698100021 rev.-05 it.-01 simension m50 x 2954lg qty: 21 no. 140
1)hydraulic bolt tensioner m64x4p, 65t as per clause a1 of purchase specification and sketch-1 enclosed. qty: 2 st 2)hydraulic bolt tensioner m110x4p, 260t as per clause a2 of purchase specification a. 334
1)hydraulic hand pallet truck of steel frame as per specification 1) capacity: 2 ton-3 ton , 2) fork length: 1100-1200 mm, 3) fork width 150-200 mm, 4) truck width: 500-555 mm., 5) lower fork height :. 145
1)iron powder. qty: 105000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)iso/exo sleeves qty: 500 no 2)iso/exo sleeves qty: 500 no 3)iso/exo sleeves qty: 1500 no 4)iso/exo sleeves qty: 800 no 5)iso/exo sleeves qty: 500 no 6)iso/exo sleeves qty: 1500 no 7)iso/exo sleeves. 163
1)jointed gouging electrodes. qty: 10000 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)multiball bearing qty: 120 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)non return valve qty: 12 no 2)throttle valve qty: 14 no 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)permethrin 5 percent lotion qty: 600 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)porous plug gp-3. qty: 600 no 2)ladle nozzle (4qc) qty: 100 no 3)exch. collector nozzle (4qc) qty: 100 no 4)porous plug gp-2. qty: 30 no 5)plate qty: 100 no 6)ladle nozzle (4qc) qty: 50 no 7)exch. c. 161
1)pozidrive cross recessed flat head machine screw m2.5x5 as per din 965a, bn3310/a4-70 qty: 3500 no 2)strain washer m3 as per din433/a4-70 . qty: 3500 no. 128
1)probe head,m00-114-017-000 qty: 1 no 2)v-belt qty: 1 no 3)v-belt y qty: 1 no 4)toothed belt x qty: 1 no 5)toothed belt y qty: 1 no 6)pressure switch pcc qty: 1 no 7)pressure switch qty: 1 no 8)tempe. 158
1)rh manually operated and camshaft activated clamping unit with shank of 50 mm x 230 mm suiatble for mounting on vtl 2/a/45. the front face should be suitable for mounting of capto cutting units size. 423
1)roller # f-109461 qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)rotor bar as per bhel drg. no. 44454509001 rev.00 item-01. qty: 125 no. 109
1)rubber seal for bfv door (length=11.3 mtr.) as per drawing no. 32120218402 (rev.00) & purchase specn. aa59807 (rev.04). qty: 11 no 2)rubber seal for bfv door (length=11.5 mtr.) as per drawing no. 32. 151
1)safety valve screwed-1 qty: 12 no 2)safety valve var-5 nb32 np6 qty: 15 no 3)relief vlv ss np2.5 nb25 var-1 qty: 4 no 4)safety valve nb=25,max inlet qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 135
1)sanding disc qty: 100 no 2)sanding disc qty: 2000 no 3)sanding disc qty: 150 no 4)sanding disc qty: 200 no 5)sanding disc qty: 250 no 6)sanding disc qty: 250 no 7)sanding disc qty: 250 no 8)null qty. 139
1)seal ring te with allowances qty: 3 no 2)seal ring ee with allowances qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)self cleaning simplex strainer with automatic backwash as per annexure-"a" (rev.00). qty: 12 no 2)set of spare for item no.1 as per annexure- "a" (rev.00). note: (1) all items of enquiry to be procu. 204
1)self lubricating guide vane upper bush as per drawing no. 32030117425 (r-00) & technical requirements therein. material - deva .Bm or equivalent. qty: 24 no 2)self lubricating guide vane middle bush. 170
1)smoke grey suiting cloth as per technical parameters enclosed, cut length of 1.2 mr x 5363 nos, 1.5 mr x 1050 nos, thaan 100 mr. qty: 8110.6 mr 2)smoke grey shirting cloth as per technical parameter. 177
1)spanner qty: 4 no 2)spanner qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)spectacle type safety goggle with green lenses to hse/ppe/rev.00 page no.30 & 31 of 142 enclosed. qty: 200 no 2)white glass for welding as per hse / ppe / rev.00 pg 40 & 41 of 142 enclosed. qty: 400. 141
1)stainless steel seamless tube 15nb (21.3 o/d x 2.77tk), sch-40s to astm a312 tp 304 as per our purchase specification ht00204 rev.00.Pipes of only customer approved makes i.E. m/s prakash steelage,. 220
1)thrust ring assy. to drg. 34025440042, rev.01. qty: 1 no. 110
1)tig torch 220amp. air cooled. qty: 25 no 2)electrode carrying oven as per tech. spec. fbm/tooling/ts01/rev01. qty: 100 no 3)thermostat for enquiry item 2. qty: 50 no 4)heating coil for enquiry item. 152
1)two legged steel chain sling qty: 6 no 2)two legged steel chain sling qty: 10 no 3)two legged steel chain sling qty: 4 no 4)endless chain sling qty: 4 no 5)endless chain sling qty: 4 no 6)4 leg chai. 148
1-frequency converter 400 hz as per specification 2-frequency converter 500 hz as per specification. 156
1. liquid medical oxygen lmo 1,50,000 cu-mt. 2. d-type oxygen 1700 cu-mt 3. b-type oxygen 300 cu-mt. 4. a-type oxygen 50 cu- mt. 5. d-type nitrous oxide 1000 cu-mt 6. a- type nitrous oxide 24 cu-mt. 241
1. moei and fans i/c rmo water supply pump set in residential and non-residential building of ce and c department at rourkela. 2. moei and fans i/c rmo water supply pump set in income tax office and r. 154
1. moei and fans i/c rmo water supply pump set in residential and non-residential building of ce and c department at sambalpur. 2. moei and fans i/c rmo water supply pump set in residential and nonres. 155
1. moei and fans, ws, pset in residential quarter for central excise dept. at solapur. 2. moei and fans ic ws pset, in residential qtr. for central excise dept.At pandharpur. 130
1. outer door assly complete (lh) 2. outer door assly complete (rh) 3. outer door assly complete (lh) 4. outer door assly. complete (rh) 5. outer door assemly (lh) 6. outer door assembly (rh) 7. body. 138
1. proposed construction compound wall around supervisor quarters for fire figting units of sms sangole. 130
1. rmo 9 nos. lift at north block, new delhi. 2. rmo ext. services include sub station and 2 nos. 500 kva dg sets at north block, new delhi. sh- comprehensive maintenance of intercom system. 131
1.10 l/s x 29 mts. hd.Monobloc submersible pump motor set of model - mre s 1.0 hh, motor cap - 1 hp , make - ksb / cg/ cri or similar. 135
1.Main door furnished with pad lock and guards lock rhandlh to beml drg no. 411-14001 alt 9 p.12, 2.Installation of door windows l.H and r.H to beml drg.No.411-13201 alt.6. 130
1/2 inch gear ratchet of make saton/daton phonix. 146
10 k cryocooler with he compressor - technical specification as per tender document. 133
10 ton per day capacity tube ice plants at neendakara and sakthikulangara fishing harbours under public private partnership (ppp) mode. 148
10 types of electronics items. 118
10.16 support skutor software. 140
100 percent polyester fabric padding in 900g/sq.M specification: incorporating a 200 gr/sq.M high resistant polyester scrim, pre shrinked and anti static impregnated, maximum working temperature 175 d. 202
100mm dia c.I flanged sluice valve. 122
110 v dc mobile phone charging socket 3 pin pre wired with fuse as per icf drg.No.Icf/sk-3-7-6-036 alt. f or latest. note:material shall be inspected by rites. 121
12 kw brushless alternator including rectifier - cum - regulating equipment along with all other scope of suppy (except v - belts) conforming to rdso s specification no. el-tl- 41-a. 367
12 volt , 28 ah, battery sealed maintenance free. make:- okaya / exide / sukam. 130
13-00535-00-sw - north cunningham avenue sidewalk. 177
143 ctd / 16 performing diagnostic work. 135
144 ctd / 16 performing diagnostic work. 135
150mm dia c.I flanged sluice valve. 123
15B72 - buying an HPC cluster extensions for laboratory Crystallography, Magnetic Resonance and Modeling (CRM2-UMR 7036). 161
16-030 fire station 2 - kitchen upgrade itb. 117
183rd street bus stop improvements. 149
2 Nos. E&M Misc. job such as, Electrical wiring of newly constructed SonbadevMandir near Neeljay village & Rewiring ofBE-17 Qtr. at SunderNagar Colony, NeeljaySA. 130
2 proposed new bg line between madurai and tuticorin (via) aruppukottai - milavittan- melmarudur section -construction of cc/rcc retaining walls at the approaches of major bridges, rob/rubs, bank prot. 182
2 subcontractors county emergency dispatch and response (cedar). 114
2 wire/4 wire combined portable emergency control telephone as per rdso specification no.Irs-tc-75/99 with amendment no 2 or latest. 105
2.5 sq mm colour black electron beam irradiated cable 1.8/3.0 kv as per rdso specification no. elrs/spec/elc/0019, rev.2 of february 2011. 305
20 MW solar Plant in Hurghada. 285
200 mhz, 4-channel digital storage oscilloscope. 129
2015 pl c. 378 grants for drug reduction projects. 105
2016 ?118-supply of medicines: fingolimod. 150
2016 ?119-supply of medicines: fingolimod. 150
2016 ?120-supply of medicines: fingolimod. 150
2016 ?304-supply of medicines: sertikan. 151
2016 ?327-supply of medicines: nilotinib. 150
2016 ?340-supply of medicines: entecavir. 150
2016 ?341-supply of medicines: entecavir. 150
2016 ?366-supply of medicines: xolair. 151
2016 ?367-supply of medicines: cyclosporine. 151
2016 ada accessibility and sidewalk improvements. 143
2016 asphalt material. 101
2016 concrete repair program, contract 16-c maintenance and reconstruction. 261
2016 improvements at great falls international airport. 214
2016 infrastructure maintenance project - alley maintenance, brick street rehabilitation, traffic signal upgrades. 195
2016 no. 326-delivery of drugs: tasigna. 152
2016 p3 camp. 191
2016 provo city sidewalk replacement project. 109
2016 provo city streets mastic seal project. 106
2016 sales tax street program asphalt material. 106
2016 sealcoating at various rockford park district locations. 129
2016 striping & pavement marking project. 127
2016 tnn-11 provision of services for supervision of engineering and geological surveys. 141
2016-?339 supply of drugs: entecavir. 151
2016-?373 supply of drugs: cyclosporine. 152
2017 international 7600 workstar 6x4 tow truck. 112
210-MW Solar Project in Telangana. 126
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. engaging skilled labour for bore operating system of residential quarters of "g" type campus in sector no.9 @ gandhinagar. (for 12 months). 217
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing up-keeping and cleaning service of residential "g" type qtrs. campus in sector no.20 @ gandhinagar. (for 12 months). 214
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing up-keeping and cleaning service of residential "g" type qtrs. campus in sector no.9 @ gandhinagar. (for 12 months). 214
25 kv earthing / discharge rod assembly as per rdso specn. no eti/ohe/51 9/87 with a and c slip no.1 or latest. 106
25 kv single pole vacuum interrupter rdso specification no.Ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120 (dec-2013) ver-0. 188
25kv current transformer single phase core ps class / ratio: 1500-750/5a rdso specification no.Eti/psi//90 06/95 with a and c slip no.1 to 8.. 109
25mm dia gm non-return valve. 107
27 tyres 1200x 20 18 pr sch. 123
3 hp single phase submersible pump isi marked 100mm dia submersible pump set made with engineering glass filled plastic bowlset with - 4 nos, s.S. neckrings, mud/sand proof to draw clear water at the. 256
3 ph 67kw lt motor for st-2 cooling tower fan motor. 114
3 subcontractors county emergency dispatch and response (cedar). 109
3 ton eot crane items. 110
3 years camc for thermo make s. 102
3.5 digit panel meter rang o to minus plus 200 vdc. 164
3/4" (18mm) zinc coated flexible conduit - 1000.000 m. 104
3/4" (18mm) zinc coated flexible conduit - 1500.000 m. 104
300 sq. mm, 3 core, 33 kv grade ht (earthed system) cables. the power cables shall be with stranded compacted h2/h4 grade aluminium conductor as per is: 8130/1984 with conductor screening (of extruded. 278
30z2140459 cylinder block castings. 114
310 ss sheet. 108
3d tester. 161
3rd railway line between Anuppur-Katni. 246
4 channel e and m card each consisting of:-a-mother board for voice channel 1 no b-single channel plug in unit with 2w/4w e and m interface 4 nos make webfil. 263
40mm dia gm strainer foot valve. 155
41z2140622rc cylinder block castings. 113
42 kv metal oxide gapless type (station class) lightning arrester to rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest. 409
44160042/c&w/supply and delivery of two-wheeler personal transporter machine. 116
500 kva transformer. 118
50mm dia gm strainer foot valve. 107
51z2140457 cylinder block castings. 113
58/199- provision of 2 nos. 4.5 m x 4.5 m size lh subway ( rub) in lieu of un-manned lc no. c-100 & c-115 on sog-lgh section under aden/suratgarh. 58/200 -housekeeping and maintenance of officers rest. 146
59 cwi / 16 performing diagnostic work. 135
81.X2/5930-005689 Switch Push (Black) 35 Vdc/20ma Qty.182.X2/5930-029410 Switch Push Button 3a, 250v Ac Type Pbs-2r Qty. 483.X2/5930-029210 Switch Rocker C24 Qty. 1384.X3/5330-011914 Gasket Silencer. 190
87 cwi / 16 performing diagnostic work. 135
88 cwi / 16 performing diagnostic work. 135
89 cwi / 16 performing diagnostic work. 134
91.X2/5920-001349 Fuse Holder Type Hr2 Qty.292.X3/Ixc-Mi-1230-101-608 Shim For Cam Shaft 0.3mm Thk Qty. 2993.X3/Ixc-Gl-9-451-030-101 Ring Sealing Qty.894.X3/Ixc-Gl-Sk-4656 Switch Pressure Qty.1395.X3/. 195
946-33 two-year contract for financial services, collections. 112
A & a to e.I , fan , fittngs & switch gear of library at l.E college morbi. dist. morbi. 196
A Construction Residential Quarters T Iv 4 Nos And T V 3 Nos At Shq Bsf Campus 3 E Chhoti Sriganganagar B Supplying Installation Testing And Commissioning Of 380 Kva Dg Set And Amf Panel At Nia Campus. 116
A moei and fans rmo pump sets pole mounted substation in division office and resdl building of ce and c deptt bhiwadi b moei and fans street light rmo pump set in range office and resdl building of ce. 159
A r and m o to jam nagar house new delhi dg 2015 to 2016 sh providing services for day to day maintenance of plumbing system under 4c sub division. 129
A r and m o to jam nagar house new delhi dg 2015-16 sh: providing services for day to day maintenance of sewerage system under 4c sub division. 127
A set of bolt for modified larger after cooler, consists of four items as per annexure attached. is:1367 pt. iii , class 8.8, bs1768 grade s /sae gr. 5, thread:-rolled, unc-2a series as per is 4218 pt. 150
A-r and m-o b-block hutments, dalhousie road, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh : provisioning of a shelter in the forecourt of dhti at b-block and laying of g.I. pipeline for office accommodation at a-block. 131
A-r and m-o office of chief controller of accounts at 16-a akbar road, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh : misc. maintenance and finishing work. 120
A.B.C coupler m.G. to drg.No.La/bd-5320/m. alt. 4 (safety item). 108
A.C electric motor slew for swivelling platform pt.No.Ohe-06 std/04 make-phooltas or similar. 128
A.C. cab fan for wam4, wag5, 110v, clw specification no.Clw/es/f-4/g. 137
A.T. welding of rail joints 90r/ 52kg/ 60kg/ new/ single rail / rail panels with modified skv process of a.T. welding the jurisdiction of sr.Den/iii/ ljn. (total = 800 nos weld). 134
A/r and m/o cr building of bamboovilla complex 10 storied and 4 storied building duing 2015-16 sh: water supply and sanitary installation and external service 3rd call. 128
A/r and m/o e/s to non residential building at goi press ,santrtagachi howrah during 2015-16 . sh- press campus area cleaning by cutting unwanted vegetation. 128
A/r and m/o of residential and non-residential building at national library, alipore, kolkata. sh: providing high chain link fencing for protection of filtration plant. 125
A/r and m/o residential and non-residential building at cisf, mprtc, behror, distt. alwar during 2015-16. sh: c/o 2 nos. parking sheds for gos and sos mess and pvc door for training block, barracks an. 136
A/r and m/o residential quarters and office building of meteorological department at nscbi airport, kolkata, during 2015-16. sh: balance work of building portion including civil and electrical mainten. 130
A/r and m/o to cgh at s.M.Plot, phase ii, sector vii, antophill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16. sh: day to day maintenance of building no. 6,7,7a,12,13,18 to 38, 42 to 44 and 50 gpra quarters i/c cghs disp. 148
A/r and m/o to cgh at spl, kane nagar, sector- v and vi, cghs dispensary no.8, nirman sadan, enquiry office building at sector-i, antophill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16 and 2016-17. sh: day to day mainte. 148
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-i of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: misc. repair work in 1 brm lane and other bungalows. 124
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/div-i of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: misc. repair work in 32 canning lane and other bungalows. 124
A/r and m/o to ntro, crsa, mayur vihar, phase-i, delhi during 2015-16. sh: improvement of sewerage system between toilet block at cpwd office e, near dac building acp-1 and itbp barracks. 132
A/r and m/o to residential and non-residential buildings of survey of india at sector 32a, chandigarh during 2015-16. sh: external finishing. 118
A/r and m/o to supreme court of india, new delhi. /sh: providing services of office attendant./. 121
A/R and M/O to transport authority, 5/9 Under Hill Road, Delhi, during 2015-16. SH Supply of materials. 132
Abrasive cut of wheel size 400 x 4.0 x 25.4 mm graim size 36, hardness gr.T, structuer no.8, bond-resonoid reinforced bf overall grade-a36t 8 bf. to is: 2324/1963 or latest. 283
Ac works at hyme mic building. 107
Ac works at slrdc communication, radar, admin and engg. buildings. 111
Acceptance testing consulting. 122
Access to Finance for Productivity Investments Project in Barbados. 174
Accompanying software 1c, allowance. 115
Achievement Of Vegetation Maps - 2016 Campaign. 210
Acid sulphuric concentrated battery grade conforming to is.266-1993 iii revision , amendment no.1 reaffirmed 2003 in 20 kgs. non stackable high density polyethylene containers conforming to is:6312-19. 114
Acquisition and delivery of hygiene supplies for all members of the group. 175
Acquisition of equipment (individual composting units) for collecting biodegradable waste in Olt county. 212
Acquisition of premises (apartments) for the needs of the prosecutor~s office of irkutsk region. 168
Active bromide. 105
Actuary training. 104
Ada compliance curb ramps, signals, sidewalks, cross slopes, etc. 205
Ada compliant passenger boarding ramp. 108
Ada-1d (alkaline degreasing agent) ada-1d (alkaline degreasing agent) made of soda ash, caustic soda & sodium metasillicate) as per jss-0465-01-88. For removing dirt, grease, oil from surface of ferro. 143
Ada-1d (alkaline degreasing agent). 201
Addendum No.04 To The Bidding Document For Procurement Of Rehabilitation /reconstruction & Upgrading Of Polders 39/2c, 40/2, 41/1, 47/2 And 48 (contract Package Icb No. Ceip-1/w-02) Under Coastal Emba. 110
Addition alteration at krishi bhawan new delhi sh providing fire alarm system and pa system for ground floor and ist floor a b c d e f g and h wing. 131
Addition alteration to main and prefab building at patiala house court new delhi dg 2015 16 sh renovation of 11 nos toilets blocks in patiala house court complex. 126
Addition, alteration and renovation of existing rooms of academy building and anatomy building within the college campus of cnmc hospital, kolkata for setting up demonstration rooms and laboratories i. 171
Addition, alteration and renovation of exst rooms of acdmy bldg and anatomy bldg within d clg cmps of cnmc for setting up demonstration rooms and laboratories incld the acoustic work in the existing l. 160
Addition, alteration, improvement to mcpos married accommodation (bldg no. p-11), guard room of neu(j) and provision of protective work for stone pitching, retaining wall near neu(j) at ins valsura, j. 149
Addition/ alternation to main and prefab building at patiala house courts. sh. covering of open wires/cables in corridors at ground floor and first floor area of main bldg. at patiala house courts. 131
Additional card readers for student access. 137
Additional work of lights and other arrangement during festivals and public programme. 122
Additional work of proposed crossing arrangement at karwandia, sasaram & durgauti stations from dfccil line to up,dn, reversible line of gc line, ara-sasaram line & provision of high level platform, p. 172
Additions and alterations in type iii and iv qtrs at sarojini nagar new delhi subhead providing backyard lighting in type iii qtrs at ground floor. 123
Additions and Alterations to Fire Station. 144
Additive Manufacturing system for the production of metallic components. 147
Addn altn to airmen living in and snco single living provn of toilets at certain locations and certain other misc b r works at 4 afsb varanasi. 142
Addn altn to bldg no p 4 at 482 mof at harni extension of sub armoury at harni camp and provn air conditioner fan and electrical fitting in bullet proof guard room at harni airfield at af stn baroda. 161
Addn/altn to bldg no e/2 at mh and certain e/m works at mily station kannur under age (i) cannanore. 144
Address forest engineering, environmental work, coordination of safety and health in the guadiana basin. 144
Aden(line)ajmer sub division casual renewal of psc sleepers on bridges (br. no. 366-a, 369, 379, 391, 403, 420, 429, 434, 455, 461, 472, 490, 509) and up-rooting of rank vegetation on madar-bar sect. 138
Aden-abu road sub division : secondary removal of 90r rails by 52kg.(sh rails) in abu road yard line no. 1, 4, 5, 6 & dispatch line at sim, sza, iqg, jty, krjd, mxo, soh, jwb, sos stations and removal. 158
Aden/baran section repair and maintenance of track work under sse/pw/ chhabragugor section. 114
Aden/lalitpur-construction of rcc over head tank instead of old steel tank at babina & talbahat stations. 121
Adhoc tender for appointment of htc for loading, unloading, handling etc at raihead udhampur and transportation to local godowns. 150
Adjusting piece for brake head and block arrangment, drg.No. t-3-1-619, alt (e) and (2), item-9. 239
Adjusting screw,m10-6.G left thread. 113
Advertisement for empanelment of doctor (imp) under esi corporation in gujarat. 120
Advising management and administration as well as related services. 317
Aeration basins 5-7 diffuser membranes replacement project. 315
Aesthetic improvement of 30 nos. type vi flats at belveder dg. 2015 - 16. sh : improvement of common area. 114
Ahmedabad: electrical work in connection with proposed electronic testing lab for 3 phase loco e? card at electric loco trip shed by renovating existing oil room. 150
Ahmedabad: repairing of mono block water pump. 131
Air cylinder for lower side valve part no 111501 aikon make cdts or similar operated on skg/square centimeter air pressure double acting cylinder. 128
Air dryers. 119
Air filter for knorr bremse make tri plate panel to kbi part no. wbfil100aa002. 140
Air grill toilet/switch board complete. 164
Air pipe complete for smgr m/s river engineering pvt ltd. pt. no.A-4428 drg. no..Am-500687 rl. 110
Air portion complete for memu electro pneumatic brake controller of make m/s. wsf, type: ed - 6, as per wsf ref no.20a, part no. d74889/1 note: item to be delivered at mcs/rajahmundry. 127
Airport construction improvements. 131
Airport road/eva holden pt. connector project. 430
Airport road/eva holden pt. connector. 175
Airport rotating beacon. 120
Ajmer division protection of signalling cable in ajmer yard of north western railway. 122
Ajmer repairs & improvement to w.C. & bathrooms of asha ganj railway colony. 115
Ajmer repairs to roof of staff quarters no. 1279-ab to 1285-ab (16 units) at asha ganj railway colony. 121
Alarm gong 75 vdc, dlw drg.No.Del/1-54,sheet10f1, sheet 20f2, dlw pt.No. 12178019. 199
Alat and Karakul Water Supply Project. 337
All in one printer of hp model deskjet 2132 or canon pixma m x 397. 105
All kind of purchesing building and road materual. 111
All machines (112 nos.) of ma-1, 2 & 3 should be cleaned of oil and dust of its painted surfaces in workshop for one year. 133
Allen bolt dia 30 x 220 mm length half-threaded conforming to is-2269-2006 and mechanical property conforming to column 12.9 as per is 1367-2005. Column 121
Allotment of Com/ Office space at East side of Mezzanine floor of newly constructed Yelahanka old town bus station complex. 113
Allotment of Com/ Office space at First floor of newly constructed Yelahanka old town bus station complex. 108
Allotment of Com/ Office space at Second floor of newly constructed Yelahanka old town bus station complex. 108
Allotment of Com/ Office space at West side of Mezzanine floor of newly constructed Yelahanka old town bus station complex. 111
Alluminium j moulding, size- 62x12x3x2000 mm, is: 3903/1992. 176
Alum (Ferric) grade II-Al2O3-15% Min as per ISS 299/1980 ,15-20 kgs slabs (unpacked)-75 MT. 129
Aluminiuam self support folding platfrom ladder hight 10 feet mfg from high tensile aluminiumalloy heavy duty light weight rust dust fire and flint proof each section mfg c section size 3/8 x1.14 step. 142
Aluminium self supporting folding stool type ladder step 1 dia on both side light weight height 9 feet top platfrom size 18 x12 complete with hinges rubber shoes. model no 4571- m of beat fire or simi. 142
Aluminium sheet roofing for ftc,pandalam. 132
Aluminium ventilation grill for toilet doors to drg. no. icf/std-5-6-015, alt g. 106
Aluminum stool type ladder. 114
Ambulance (ac) hiring for hospital. 109
Amc contract for 25kva inverters of various makes fitted in rmpu type ac coaches of ngp divn for period of 2 years. 131
Amc for air handling and air conditioning plant. 129
Amc for attending to pm and breakdown maintenance of rolling shutters for a period of two years. 122
Amc for multifunctional machine. 101
Amc for repair and maintenance of street lighting, boundary lighting, floodlights and high mast lighting, building lighting and electrical equipments at gail, pata. 121
Amc for sub-station and electrical installation work. 128
Amc of 60 kva online ups system - make merlingerin for three years. 119
Amc of dynamometer ag-80 for the year 2016-17 at crdc greater noida. 115
Amc of mtf measurment sysytem. 111
Amc of oxford uk make sulfur analyzer edxrf for 2016-17 at crdc greater noida. 117
Amc of perkin elmer uv-vis-nir spectrophotometer, model lambda 950 for 3 year. 118
Amikacin sulphate 500mg inj. 103

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