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Articles from Mena Report (February 15, 2016)

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"a comprehensive telematics system for low weighting.". 175
"Development of human resources" procedure for direct grant assistance BG05M9OP001-2.002 "independent living" for the following positions: assistant social activities. 151
"implementation of services in connection with the implementation of the national programme for energy efficiency of residential buildings in the municipality of blagoevgrad - stage vi - 2016" on lots. 512
"iron sucrose or citrate solution for injection 100 mg vial or ampoule 2 ml - 5 ml ". 111
"regular supply of medical devices for the diagnosis of donated blood for transmissible infections - aids, viral hepatitis b and c and syphilis in 4 lots for the needs of nbthc-town. sofia tsth in the. 331
"Rishki passage" 23 vh.1, vh.2, vh.3, vh.4 "Lot 2:". 311
"Selecting the credit institutions. 160
"Supply of laboratory consumables. 108
"supply of medical devices / consumables tab and ho paid by patients~ hospital-samokov" ltd ". 228
"supply of medicines for general hospital use for university hospital" queen joanna-isul "sad". 313
(1) erection work of 220kv,66kv bay for 100 mva transformer & 25 mvar reactor bay at 220kv kapadwanj s/s &(2)erection work of 220kv,66kv bay for 160 mva 220/66kv new transformer and dismantling work a. 221
(1). hose asm. emd pt. no.40081684. dlw pt. no. 17320483. alt.-aa. (2).Valve asm (wind shield wiper). emd pt. no.10635890. dlw pt. no. 17390230.Alt.-a1. (3) radiator vent hose (ri) of size 1/2 inch 49. 129
(1)jaw flex coupling type-l pilot bore with urathane spider (a)size-050 qty-05 nos (b)size-075 qty-05 nos (c)size-095 qty-05 nos (d)size-100 qty-10 nos (e)size-110 qty-10 nos (f)size-150 qty-10 nos (2. 350
(AR work)B.T. Renewal of Different Roads 1.Banja Approach Road 1 to 3. 124
(i) heavy duty spare copper ballast suitable for metal halide lamp 150 watt, 230 volt, 50 hz, ac supply, single phase confirming .To is 15882-2009. make- philips, osram, bajaj, havells, wipro, hpl,cgl. 148
(mt Desh Garima Procurement of Spares ) D.Nos. s586s161332 s586s161408 s586s161409 s586s161410 s586s161411 s586s161412 s586s161413 s586s161414 s586s161415 s586s161416. 120
(mt Desh Garima Procurement of Spares) D.Nos s586s141206 s586s15141494 s586s15141500 s586s15141516 s586s15141558 s586s15141560 s586s15141564 s586s15141567 s586s15141461 s586s15141463. 120
(ph no.:25026) cyclophosphamide 500 mg inj. 108
(ph no.:38035) alterna long wear base plates 50 mm (coloplast) code : 13181. 111
(ph no.:52017) clotrimazole (plus) chloramphenicol(plus) beclamethasone (plus) lidocaine ear drops. 113
(ph no.:62078) gensing (plus) vitamins (plus) minerals cap. 110
(ph no.:8078) haloperidol inj. 106
(ph no.49064) mupirocin 2percent 5 gm cream. 127
(recall-iv) cdw to restoration of bastions, fort walls and improvement of approach pathway from foot of the hill to main entrance of rajmachi fort, dist. pune. 160
~ o ~ ring for stg. oil pot cap. 123
05 kv high voltage insulation tester motor operated on single phase 230 volt /- 10 percent with rexine case with leads, brand: motwani/ waco/ cie terminal voltage- 5000, volt scale: 0 to 5000m ohm. ac. 140
08 mm dia hard drawn bare copper solid wire 99.67 percent electrolytic grade. make: jaypee/veera/mp. 159
1 ) tourniquet cuff for long arm 2) tourniquet cuff for long leg make - mde. 195
1 flexible re-inforced rubber hose connection, 33 long for sanding device to clw s drg no. 0/3/65/116. 151
1 kanalsplfahrzeug (suction / sink combination) with water treatment. 157
1) fluorscent magnetic powder 2) carrier oil for magnetic particle test (mpt). 124
1) fully automatic star delta starter in sheet steel enclosure 25 hp, contactor types ac 3 pole 415v, 50 hz, 26a for star delta and main, overload relay range t25 du25 suitable for 3 phase 415v ac 50. 202
1)angle air filter 31440301040 qty: 12 no 2)air filter 21430501006 qty: 2 no 3)filter element qty: 56 no 4)angle air filter qty: 9 no 8)null qty: null null. 127
1)casting for bush rm qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)conducting polyester fleece qty: 2200 mr 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)cutter qty: 5 no 2)cutter qty: 10 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)cutter qty: 5 no 2)cutter. qty: 10 st 3)cutter qty: 5 st 4)cutter qty: 5 st 5)cutter qty: 5 st 6)cutter qty: 5 st 7)cutter qty: 8 st 8)cutter qty: 6 st 9)cutter qty: 6 st 10)cutter qty: 6 st. 143
1)dial gg plunger type. qty: 60 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)enl-temp 130 qty: 550 lt 2)enl-temp 130 qty: 400 lt 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)Fabrication, Supply And Installation Of Prefabricated Temporary Portable Checkpost Cabin At Gocm Under Gondegaon Sub Area. 142
1)insert qty: 200 no 2)insert qty: 200 no 3)insert (milling) qty: 2000 no 4)insert span 1504 edr qty: 1000 no 5)insert span 1504 edr qty: 2000 no 8)null qty: null null. 129
1)limit switch for solenoid vlv qty: 3 st 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)rpdosing pump qty: 3 no 2)rpdosing pump qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)slot angle qty: 9 no 2)packing qty: 2 no 3)slot angle type "a" qty: 4 no 4)slot angle type a qty: 12 no 5)packing qty: 2 no 6)packing qty: 2 no 7)slot angle qty: 8 no 8)packing qty: 2 no. 140
1)Support Structure 610 Gm/Sqm Qty: 160000 Kg 8)Null Qty: Null Null. 117
1)tool qty: 25 no 2)lower-bit qty: 20 no 3)upper bit qty: 20 no 4)tip qty: 40 no 5)tool qty: 30 no 6)tool qty: 80 no 8)null qty: null null. 129
1-elbow m.S. galvanized heavy grade having nominal size of outlet 15 mm to is:1239(part-2)/ 2011 with amndt. 1 of sep. 12. table-6. suitable for 15 mm nominal bore pipe 2- elbow m.S. galvanized heavy. 131
1. bearing b 7210c.T.P4s.Ul, make-fag 2. spindle bearing no.7012 cdulp4 fk. make:nsk 3. bearing;no:388a/384a;make:timken. 146
1. porcelain 9-tonne insulator 2. solid core 25 kv sectioning insulator. 3.Solid core 25 kv post insulator. 252
1. Repairing and Overhauling of 630 Amp, 11 KV, Make- P.C.E. SL No. Missing, VCB of 02 No. Electrical Sub-station of Kathara Colliery2. Repairing and Overhauling of 800 Amp, 11 KV, Make- Yule, Sl No. 209
1. Subject: "Selecting a provider of net active electric power, coordinator of standard balancing group, with full administration of information flow with ESO and defraying the imbalances of objects -. 174
1.Hose assembly emd part no. 40047151. 2.Hose assembly emd part no. 40047152. 3.Hose assembly emd part no. 40044153. 212
10 pair 0.50 mm. dia pijf telecom cable irs:tc-41/97 amdt-2 or latest . 106
10 pair 0.63 mm. dia pijf telecom cable irs:tc-41/97 amdt-2 or latest . 106
100 pneumococcal vaccine solution for injection 1 dose prefilled 0.5 ml syringe. 105
1000 a ac/dc/average responding multifunctional clamp meter tong tester 3 1/4 digit with backlit led display , jaw opening: 60mm approx. make :- meco model: 2520t, motwani, lutron- dm6056. 128
12x15 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
14x14 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
14x17 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
1603 064 11.36 mi of intermittent full-depth concrete pavement repairs. 102
1603 065 road improvements. 107
1603 066 widening for left turn lane. 181
16V008 Case - Pyromelodic Organizing A Show For July 14, 2016. 276
1x36 w electronic ballast suitable for flourescent tube light slim type with terminal connector suitable to operation in 230v 50 hz ac supply conforming to is 13021/part i and iv 1991. make:bajaj,sury. 123
2 mb primary digital drop/insert multiplexer as per rdso specn. no. irs:tc-68/2012 with latest amendment as per annexure attached. 123
2.5 kva inverter 110 v dc /230 v ac under slung type confirming to rdso spec.No. rdso/spec/pe/tl/0132/2009rev.0. 117
2.5kva inverter-110vdc/230v ac. 168
20/10 amps. switch cum socket fuse type 5 in one, 230 volts, ac four fixing holes confirming to is: 3854/1988 (for switches) and is: 1293/1988 (re-affirmed 1996) ( for socket) make: havells, c and s,. 128
2000 copies comprising of 200 text pages, 4 pages cover, 3 leaves of and 2 leaves of pp sheet cover. 145
2000 mouse pad in leather are to be made for iaf, disha cell on priority basis. 133
2000012558. 101
2014 cfp modernization project. 101
2015 10 dsti - market to purchase telecommunications services orders in 7 lots. lot 5 revival. 277
2016 asphaltic concrete pavement. 113
2016 capital improvements - phase 1. 204
2016 capital project - phase 1. 138
2016 Deokjin-gu hall for children and the elderly reserve maintenance work (unit price contract). 119
2016 elkol road reconstruction project. 124
2016 gas price contracts for testing and analysis. 116
2016 Hongcheon salary purchasing library books. 111
2016 landscaping and planting services. 301
2016 lower yahara trail and siggelkow road improvements. 137
2016 phones and accessories. 104
2016 road maintenance project. 156
2016 roof replacement projects. 111
2016 school year, elementary school seosam vehicle leasing services. 132
2016 school year, school bus safety services personnel assistant small number of estimates advertisements. 138
2016 street maintenance. 124
2016 water main rehabilitation. 150
2016 year improvement construction electricity (electric) Electronic Bidding emergency. 126
20256 Intraocular lenses and viscoelastic for Landspitali hospital. 138
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing and fixing flush doors, ez section frame, plaster work etc. in "chh" & "j" type in sector no.22 @ gandhinagar. 216
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing to ~chh~ type unit no.78/3 for judicial qtr. in sector no.17, gandhinagar. (plastering, distempering, doors, windows replacement, plastering etc.). 220
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing to ~j~ type block no.103/2 judicial qtr. in sector no.17, gandhinagar. (plastering, distempering, doors, windows replacement etc.). 214
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing to ~j~ type block no.92/3 judicial qtr. in sector no.17, gandhinagar. (plastering, distempering, doors, windows replacement, plastering etc.). 220
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.132/4 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.150/12 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.151/3 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.2/5 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.34/4 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing work of block no.94/3 ~chh~ type in sector no.16 @ gandhinagar. 208
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. s.R. to govt. resi. building in sector no.19 ~kh~ type bunglow no.228 @ gandhinagar. 215
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repair residential building in units 7/4, 41/3 and 114/5 chh type repairing of plaster work, colour work, door window in sector no.23 @ gandhinagar. 220
23 nos. sinking of tube well ( 40 mm. x 80 mm. ) indian mark - ii within bhagwanpur - i, egra - i, egra - ii, patashpur - i and patashpur - ii block under egra sub-division in the district of purba me. 170
24 fibre armoured optical cable. 184
24 nos. sinking of tube well ( 40 mm. x 80 mm.) indian mark -. 167
24 v dc power supply unit for electronic lc gate telephone system as per rdso specification no. rdso/spn/tc-51/2011 revision-3.0 with voice logging facility. 120
24 w energy efficient double capped t5 lamp suitable to operate in240 v 50 hz ac supply. make surya,osram,wipro, cg,philips or bajaj only. material to be door delivered to sse/ele/p/maq. 119
24x7 - Power for all in Andhra Pradesh. 529
25 mm steady arm clamp as per conferming to rdso indent no. 2490-2 and drg. no. eti/ohe/p2490-2 rev 2 rev-e each set comprissg of 01 no. steady arm clamp body pt no. 2491 and 02 nos jawa pt no. 2492-2. 128
25032-126997 road improvements. 162
2891 gesamtschule solms - parquet works. 140
2hp single phase starter in sheet steel enclouser type mf-1, 1.5 kw relay range 10.5 - 17.5 amps, similar to l and t make, cat. no. ss 722700130, make:- l and t, tc, siemens. 117
2nd year maintenance of 2013 euc.Clonal and misc. plantation near vkp coal bunkers and 2011 eucalyptus clonal and misc. plantation near ocp-i (3ha) and 2007 year euc.Clonal and misc. planatation near. 173
3 phase 3 h.P. borewell submersible pumpset referred to ksb make, model no. cora 7c/15, discharge range of 10cu/m/hr to 4cu.M/hr at a head of 33 m to 90 m and optimum discharge of 7cu.M/hr at 72 m hea. 194
3 Phase 440 volt power supply to HOE camp from Lima chawk to Magazine Road, Repairing of 02 Nos SS type 6/8 GME pump shaft and manufacturing of SS type bushing, SS Type lock, SS type sleeve, check nut. 192
3 phase centrifugal mono set self priming pump 415v, 1.2 amps current rating 0.37kw, rpm-2800. frequency 50hz encl. lp 55 insulation class f rotation acw head discharge 8m / 2520 lph. make:- khalsi, k. 117
3,760 tablets cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, diclofenac sodico thiamin mononitrate extended release 1 mg / 100mg / 100mg / 100mg. 117
3.15 mm dia. manual metal arc welding electordes, class m2, type of coating : heavy conforming to irs spection no. m-28-2012,code e:19.9lr 26 as per is-5206-83. first revisionreaffirmed 2003. 126
3.15mm manual matel arc welding electrode,class n1, conforming to spec.No. irs:m-28/12. 108
3054 m & r to road providing and laying thermoplast patta on "ch" road from ch.0 to ch.7 in gts. 209
36" commercial analog outdoor clocks. 119
38 nos. sinking of tube well ( 40 mm. x 80 mm. ) indian mark - ii within khejuri - i, khejuri - ii, ramnagar - i, ramnagar - ii, contai - i, contai - iii, deshapran and bhagwanpur - ii block under con. 171
3m full face cover respirator with cartidge. 121
3rd Party quality check of various work under Divisions of flood circle-II of IandFC Deptt. 142
4 inch single air pressure gauge self illuminated back lit with led (flush mounted) (mr) drg. no. rdso sk dp-3521 alt - 5. 240
4 single air pressure gauge with led flush mounted mr-cr, as per rdso drg.No.Skdp-3511, alt.3 and pr. gauge manufactured as per rdso inspection plan mp-tp-14 rev o of july 2000. with amdt.No.2 of june. 131
405 lbs of shrimp shelled with Headless tail and 26/30 units per pound. 114
41 veh coy to railway station and back for the period from 01 apr 2016 to 31 mar 2017. 152
42u rack, patch panel and ups for ghangora. 137
49 nos. sinking of tube well 40 mm. x 80 mm. indian mark. 166
5hp motor, 3 phase,415 plus or mines 10 percent voltage, 50 hz, plus or mines 5 percent rpm - 1450 with single phase preventor and starter. make: kiroskar or l and t. 154
6 th of October Touristic City. 290
680 ackerman - pathology lab. 119
6th year maintenance of 2010 euc.Clonal and misc.Plantation & 5th year maintenance of 2011 plantation near vakilpalli mine internal property &3rd year maintenace of 2013 euc.Clonal &misc. planation ne. 153
7 air tickets p / fed. nac. struggles, gua-texas, usa-gua, p / camp. pan and camp. olympic qualifying games, the 02/24/16 to 03/07/16, p.26487. 05/16 minutes of 01/02/16, p.5.4. ped.26487. 118
7.5 hp direct on line starter in sheet steel enclouser type mf-1, 3 phase, 5.5kw, relay range 9-15 amps, similar to l and t make, cat. no. ss 97210, make:- l and t, tc, siemens. 118
7.5 kva single phase power saver in lighting system.The power saver have suitable led lamp on the front panel to indicate that the unit is in saver mode or by pass mode.The power saver shall be wall/f. 298
70 degree. angle single crystal pzt probe 2mhz for eec srt digiscan ds 329 model usfd m/c. 101
70 degree. single crystal probe/2mhz with 20 mm dia crystal or 20mm x 20 mm square crystal for flange testing of skv weld. 107
72 volts dc operated twin circuit power led type cab light to dimension 205 mm x 205 mm x 85 mm height suitable for use in diesel locomatives dimension and mounting similar to dlw drg. no.- el/pt/0597. 474
787ax53283 clamp forging. 113
91 rental vehicles for the summer season 2016 information plan and monitoring of forest fires in the province of barcelona. 191
953ss31034 lever casting. 113
955fd41035 carrier bearing casting. 114
955wt31049 retainer casting fully machined. 115
A and a to power supply arrangement to ground to 8 floor in a block inside at metropolitan court, gheekanta ahmedabad. 203
A feasibility study of operation renovation on fallow francazal. 272
A management/performance and financial audit of the fuel adjustment clause rider. 141
A r and m of border fencing in aor of 40 bn bsf under shq bsf kolkata sh procurement of concertina coil. 131
A set of 1/2 liter capacity diesel filter and engine oil filter for diesel vehicles of coaching depot, tirupati make: bosch or purolation. 174
A set of gaskets for led flasher light unit as per drg. no. 1 dls/vskp/sk-182. 2 dls/vskp/sk-183. 143
A set of gaskets for twin beam head light unit as per drg. nos. 1 dls/vskp/sk-216. 2 dls/vskp/sk-217. 144
A set of new nut and bolts of set size m 10 x 50mm with 02 nos. of plain washer and 01 no. of spring washer, as per is: 1367/1980 need to be replaced with new one in m.R. pipes. these nuts and bolts a. 175
A set of spares for 9 w twin cfl cab light assembly assy. drg.No.El/pt/0597 r3 and dlw part no. 12365932 . 1 choke. 2 holder. 150
A stone~s acquisition of sun management services as a comprehensive service. 197
A&a to conference hall at ayojan bhavan, bhuj (providing conference table, conference chair, sofa and other misc. items). Conference news 184
A&e services, building commission services, pac. 156
A. Annual M And R Of Roads, Drains And Culverts In Anpara A Thermal Power House Area 3X210 Mw B. Annual M And R Of Roads, Drains And Culverts In Chp Area Of Anpara A And B Thermal Power House. 165
A.R.C. work for attending leakage in water supply line at n.A.,g.I.D.C.,umargam . 210
A/c mini-slit and split systems installation only. 182
A/r and m/o window/split type air-conditioners, water coolers at ignou campus, maidan garhi and agvc flats new delhi. 157
A15 / 40 town of ajaccio - path of sposata - expansion work of sanitation and drinking water. 299
A44 kassel -herleshausen, project c23, construction of the viaduct lindenau bw c23 / 08a, object and structural analysis of structures, special services. 224
Abatement and demolition of buildings 286-291, 292-296 and 101/201 and building connectors #8/10 and #10/11. 113
Abrasive flint sand paper. 191
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specification notm/sm/1 rev 01 of 2012. 109
Absolute capacitance manometer (gauge) with display and power supply unit (specification sheet attached herewith). 124
Absorbable Surgical Suture U.S.P. (Synthetic) 1/2 Cir RB Needle 30mm, length 90 cm Size: 2/0, 1/0 (Each of the above no. has approx quantity of 5400 thus total quantity is 10800). 106
Acceptance Testing of Towers constructed by M/s ITI Huawei in Ph-V Project which are pending for AT (29 cases) & 34 cases where AT Conducted but ATC pending for few punch points Location: MATHIMANE DS. 104
Acetal guide ring for b.G. coaches to rdso drg.No.Sk-91025 alt-3 and rdso specification c-8215 rev.Ii, amendment slip no.1 of april - 1992. 159
Acquisition and rental of electronic information panels: control group - community of municipalities roussillonnais countries (coordinator). 395
Acquisition anestesicos hjo moh no. 2016-cd-01. 108
Acquisition anestesicos hjo moh no. 2016-cd-01. 113
Acquisition of alcohol ethyl and isopropyl, at a concentration of 70 to 95%. 114
Acquisition of cera slip. moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0158. 102
Acquisition of clamp (forceps) disposable tip for spirometer. moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0248. 107
Acquisition of clinical laboratory reagents and equipment no equipment. 150
Acquisition of complex b 10 ml vial, betamethasone phosphate + betamethasone acetate blister 3 + 3 mg / 2ml and ethamsylate ampoule 250 mg for japan friendship hospital of guatemala, puerto barrios. 110
Acquisition of drivers guide martel, staples for scalp and clip raney moh no. 2016-roo-cd-209. 109
Acquisition of equipment and medical consumables for the services of ille-et-vilaine. 156
Acquisition of fabric. 107
Acquisition of food. 109
Acquisition of ink, ribbons and toner. 131
Acquisition of insurance policies. 105
Acquisition of iron (mesh) for espansor of dermatome corrugated tube for anesthesia machines, moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0245. 122
Acquisition of items of clothing and personal protective equipment for the plaine commune agents. 241
Acquisition of laboratory reagents, with and without equipment reading of regional hospital zacapa. 121
Acquisition of laboratory reagents, with and without equipment reading of regional hospital zacapa. 119
Acquisition of materials for the led relamping culture chambers. 230
Acquisition of pleural biopsy needle type coupe 11 x 3 mm 76.2, moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0249. 108
Acquisition of probes and other products surgical. 109
Acquisition of probes and other products surgical. 103
Acquisition of probes and other products surgical. 114
Acquisition of probes and other products surgical. 109
Acquisition of reagents for diagnosis of leptospirosis national health laboratory. 131
Acquisition of shear linear stapler 80mm recargable loaded with own blade, moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0271. 103
Acquisition of steak and chicken and ham rump trade. moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0273. 117
Acquisition of tire. 104
Acquisition of towel to dry hands. moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0338. 112
Acquisition of towel to dry hands. moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0338. 113
Acquisition of transparent film dressing hypo allergic 2.5 "x 3 " sterile moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0242. 106
Acquisition umbilical artery catheter double lumen ,, moh no. 2016-roo-cd-0266. 134
Action Plan For Noise Management Of Osijek. 107
Adapur lukhaura road to bhagadi. 106
Add alter n renovat of extng room of academy n anatomy bldg within d clg cmps of cnmch 4 demo rooms n lab incl d acoustic work in d existing lecture theatres - sof led luminaire n ceiling fan. 160
Add alter n renovat work 4 setting up library with reading rooms in d 4 extng floors of d admin bldg gr 2 3rd fl in d clg cmps of cnmch s of led luminaire n ceiling fan. 163
Addition alteration and repairs to existing hsvp metal hallide street lights fittings to led fittings and connected works at powai under ge nw bhandup mumbai. 142
Addition alteration to bldg no 479 flag mast provn of swts and mosquito proofing to cafeteria repair cleaning of sewage for kv staff qtrs and certain sanction and misc b r repair works at af station j. 165
Addition and alteration to rest house at chhotaudepur (renovation of vvip suit and vip room and new construction of meeting, dining & kitchen & miscellaneous work). 176
Addition and renovations to alcott elementary school. 112
Addition, alteration, improvement to rozi view (bldg no. p-235) and periodical services, petty repairs of overhead tanks, water reservoirs, static tanks at ins valsura, jamnagar. 168
Addition/alteration and repairs to existing hsvp/metal hallide street lights fittings to led fittings and connected works at powai under ge (nw) bhandup, mumbai. 172
Additional Financing to IDP Living Standards and Livelihoods Project. 525
Additional services of design documents for the regulation of the riverbed stream gotiraj in holy week - the implementation of geotechnical investigation works with geotechnical projects. 129
Additional works at cheruthuruthy as part of development of nila heritage tourism circuit at thrissur district. 146
Additions/alterations to building no. p-99 (station armoury) at air force station suryalanka. 138
Addn altn to electrical light fittings in bldg no ns 175 at ghatkopar under ge nw bhandup mumbai. 135
Addn altn to electrical light fittings in bldg no ns-175 at ghatkopar under ge (nw) bhandup, mumbai. 164
Addn Altn To Hq Building At Air Force Station Borgad. 137
Addn altn to ot at 7af hospital knpur cantt. 133
Adopter crown lug gauge to fig 10 of g-95 manual for casnub-22w,22w retrofitted 22w m , bogies make ,pie,or similar. 104
Adopter crown lug gauge to fig 14 of g-95 manual for casnub--22 nl,22nlb and 22hs bogies make - pie or similar. 104
Adopter crown seat gauge to fig 11 of g-95 manual for casnub-22w,22w retrofitted 22w m , bogies make ,pie,or similar. 104
Adopter crown seat gauge to fig 16 of g-95 manual for casnub-22 nl,22nlb and 22hs make- pie or similar. 103
Adopter side lug gauge to fig 12 of g-95 manual for casnub -22 w bogie make- percent u2018pie percent u2019 or similar. 105
Adopter side lug gauge to fig 17 of g-95 manual for casnub -22 nl,22nlb and 22hs make- percent u2018pie percent u2019 or similar. 107
Adopter thrust shoulder and bore wear gauge to fig 09 of g-95 manual for casnub-22w,22w retrofitted , 22w m ,22nlb, 22nlm and 22hs bogies make percent u2018pie percent u2019 or similar. 114
Adqusicion printed material. 113
Adult cpr trainer with light control feed back. 134
Advanced structural work. 160
Advanced traffic signal controllers (atc) and software. 167
Advertisement tender for procurement of cutter. 123
Advertising and marketing services. 148
Advertising management service. 148
AENA, S.A. published tender for Provision of Baggage-scanning equipment in Spain. 149
After-sales service of motor vehicles. 494
Agar trails and bed maintenance construction. 122
Agile training. 101
Agra-Lucknow Access Controlled Expressway Project. 108
Agreement for the scheduled maintenance. 106
Agricultural no-till planting drill. 102
Agricultural products processing plant (hara-kiri Chapter B East) facilities improvement project construction. 135
Agricultural products processing plant (hara-kiri Chapter B East) facilities improvement projects Electrical engineering. 125
Agricultural services, crop production at perry wildlife area. 115
Agricultural services, hay harvesting - cedar bluff wildlife area. 105
AGUAS Y SANEAMIENTOS DE TORREMOLINOS, S.A. published tender for Maintenance services, maintenance and repair of water supply and sanitation networks operated by water & sanitation in torremolinos cont. 114
AI lab tests and purchase goods (disease diagnosis). 111
Air attack platform configured aircraft. 113
Air brake pipe 20 n.B. with socket 20 n.B. and flange 20 n.B. for boxnhl. as per wd-08008-s-11, item-8, alt-5 or latest, seamless steel to astm-a312 schedule to 40 s gr. tp 304 (erw) with socket and f. 403
Air compressor as per clw spec. no. clw/es/c-34 alt. m with increased capacity of sump, reciprocating air cooled w type oil splash lubricated with working pressure of 10.5 kg/cm square, free air deliv. 260
Air Pressure Regulator Assy,Hand Brake Assy,Power control Valve,Master Cylinder assy,Sleeve Cylinder Assy,Clutch Cylinder Assy,Horn 12V,Spark Plug,Clutch Cable,Accelerator Cable (Throttle,Speedometer. 168
Air suction filter element, elgi pt.No.000325520. 346
Airfare for Government Officials. 440
Airies Wind Farm. 185
Airway management trainer - adult. 131
Ais Aton - Type 3 Transceivers For Marking Objects Of Lighthouse. 114
Alexandria riverfront convention center hvac improvements project "a". 104
Algeria : Alstom unveils Citadis trams ordered for Setif. 122
All in maintennace for the submersible pump set & openwell sump motor & mono block pump at kubernagar section under saletax sub division ahmedabad for the year 2015-2016 (1 year after issuing work ord. 208
All purpose cleaner corium-93 for use on evaporator and condenser coil of window type ac and split ac with as per spec. make:- corium-93/zenith-93/encon/magna. note:- spec. may be seen in the sr.Dmm/n. 301
Allopurinol 100 mg tab. 163
Allotment of below mentioned 04 nos of 2-BHK (measuring 1,300 sq ft) ready to occupy flats at Ebony block of Prestige St. John Woods Apartments, Koramangala on license basis for a period of 3 years f. 148
Allotment Of Space For Operation Of Prepaid/Pre-Booked Auto Parking Services At Vadodara Railway Station In Existing First Auto Rickshaw Lane From Station Building Side Admeasuring 168 Square Meters,. 106
Alloy steel casted bake fan as per drawing no. cwm ew sbi-568 for powerlift hoist of fbw shop. 107
Alo resin paper disk.Make orient/grindwell norton/. 208
Alprazolam 0.25 mg in strip. 119
Alternator, 24v,ptno.3065985. 117
Aluminium anodes for for vc11184. 122
Aluminium bronze fasteners. 109
Aluminium wire 9 mm dia. in coil form to specification is :1253-1992 , reaffirmed 2001. grade 2 ; chem.Comp. : al.:97.0% min., cu:2.0% max,zn:0.5% max, mg.: 0.5% max,tin: 0.2% max,. 151
Amatha bhawan sisawaniya to dorapur. 129
Amatha bhawan sisawaniya to dorapur. 106
Amature with commutator for carriage fan 110 v dc, 400mm sweep conforming to is : 6680/1992 with annexure h revised in dec 2005. 128
Amc for day to day maintenance work towards electrical installations, repairing, wiring and switch repair of bharatpur area office, chhendipada project office and regional store, bharatpur area for 30. 160
AMC for overhauling of 415 V LT motors for belt conveyors of CHP-A. 127
Amc for rewinding and repair of ht motors and alternators installed in gail pata. 112
AMC of belt weigher micro processor based electronic belt weigher (06nos.) installed at CHP A and B. 131
Amc of computer printer laptop and information kiosk. 138
Amc of numeric make on-line ups installed in various head post offices , sub post offices (so), rms offices and administrative offices spread all over the geographical area of sambalpur postal region. 154
AMC of PC s , Printers & UPS under R-APDRP towns i.e Jaysingpur, Tasgaon, Islampur, Ashta, Sangli & Vita under Kolhapur & Sangli Circle. 147
Ame for petty works i.E., wiring, replacement of damaged ug cable & street light etc., in sri gt/ sri krt / akm section in esd-i, tirupati for the year 2015-16. 163
Ame for repairs and reconditioning of ac units in all ttd kalyanamandapam, information centers and guest house in telangana area in esd-hyd tirupati for the year 2015-16. 165
AME of Chief Engineer office of the V.V. Nagar Belgaum for the year 2015-16. 105
AME of Drainage Gallery of Hidkal Dam for the year 2015-16. 103
AME of gauge reading of Hidkal Dam for the year 2015-16. 101
AME of Sluice Gates, Spillway Gates, GRBCC gates and Chute Gates of Hidkal Dam for the year 2015-16. 110
Analgesics, anesthetics, antibiotics,. 197
Anderson hvac phase 3. 101
Anderson, stafford, mccarthy, posey, metker & chisholm water and wastewater improvements. 111
Announcement of the hospital clinic of barcelona on procurement notice drug supply. 151
Annual asbestos & lead paint abatement contract. 115
Annual Cleaning And Up-Keeping Of Engineers Colony, Doctors Colony, Nurse Colony Under Ib Valley Area For A Period Of Two Years. 150
Annual Cleaning And Upkeeping Of Inside Floor, Gardening And Cleaning Of Outside Area Of Gm Office Under Ib Valley Area For Two Years. 152
Annual Cleaning Of External Sanitary Chambers And Pipelines For G.M. Office, Engineers,Doctors,Nurses Colony, Central Hospital, Ib House And All Three Guest Houses Under Ib Valley Area For A Period Of. 164
Annual Cleaning Of Over Head Water Tank And Replacement Of Damaged Cover Of Residential And Non-Residential Building And New Doctors Colony Under Gm Complex Of Ib Valley Area. 157
Annual Cleaning Of Unit Store Under Socp, Ib Valley Area For A Period Of 02 Years. 145
Annual Contract For Cable Laying And Miscellaneous Jobs In Electrical Section Of Port Facilities Department Pellet Plant Unit Kiocl Limited Panambur Mangaluru. 137
Annual Contract For Hiring Of Taxi For Blast Furnace Unit Kiocl Limited Panambur Mangaluru. 134
Annual contract for making and supply of name plates, self-ink stamps, rubber stamps and banners etc. in the directorate of estates. 141

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