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Articles from Mena Report (February 1, 2016)

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"annual maintenance contract for in-motion weigh bridge (make rice lake) at ncps dadri . 119
"construction of c.R.Building extension, painting of existing c.R.Building & compound wall and misc. civil works at 66kv gorwa s/s under gotri tr dn., tr circle jambuva". 221
"construction of pile foundation for 220kv bhat-pirana line (total 2 nos of tower, da+3 ) on river sabarmati near vilage aslali ta.Dascroi dist.Ahmedabad under nadiad tr circle.". 222
"Creation of advertising campaign in the framework of tourism promotion in the Region Peloponnese. 152
"govt. medical college,kozhikode- developments-improvement to ent operation theatre attached to govt. medical college,kozhikode.". 121
"Implementation of works on the section Krzeszowice - Krakow Mydlniki within the project" Modernization of the railway line E 30, section Zabrze-Katowice-Krakow, phase IIb ~- (formerly: "Modernization. 362
"Industrial Safety heaters, pipes, boilers TCB for the needs of" Komi "PAO" T plus "works" Examination about. 118
"Maintenance Of Signalling Equipments In Railway Signalling Section Of T&D Organisation.". 180
"plain paper" copier. 108
"pressure feed container of 45 litres paint carrying capacity to bullows model 105043 along with l20 air motor tobullows model 105165. 134
"Providing airfare and medical insurance during business trips of persons involved in the management, control and execution of OPHRD.". 163
"Provitamins, vitamins and horomny; glycosides and vegetable alkaloids and their derivatives; antibiotics under code 016 DK: 2010-21.10.5 (Drugs for treatment of diseases of the nervous system SPV cod. 152
"Repair & Maintenance Jobs From Electrical Side On Electrical Machines/ Hhp Locos.". 183
(1) Cleaning of jungle along the route of DraglineMarching from ACC conveyor to Wardha river bankunder Ghugus Sub Area. 125
(1) gasket (bushing-magnet valve) ser drg. no.Kgp/dl/gk-210,alt-1 (2) gasket between auxiliary generator or exciter gear case. s.E rly. drg. no. kgp/dl/gk-256 alt-1. 272
(1) hexagonal head bolt (2) lead seal 1/2 inch.Dia. (3) spray gun to bullows model no. 230. 126
(1) single row deep groove ball bearing skf 6309 c3 or similar for 4.5 kw brushless alternators. (2) single row deep groove ball bearing skf 6202 or similar with metal cage. (3) single row deep groove. 346
(1)paint synthetic enamel white (2)paint apple green.(3)synthetic enamel paint(4)paint plastic acrylic(5)synthetic enamel paint white (6)processing of glow. 133
(1)pu double solenoid valve for probe model no-i-sy5220-5-dz-01-f2 max. pressure-0.7mpa, qty-02 nos make-smc (2)pu cylinder model no-i-cdqsb-20-150dc-f9baz max. pressure-1 mpa, qty-02 nos make-smc. 316
(1)solenoid valve (pneumatic valve) model no-vt307-5dz-02-f max pressure -0.8 mpa,qty-02 nos make-smc (mw no-3467) (2)solenoid valve (pneumatic valve) model no-sy 5320-5dz-01 max. pressure-0.8 mpa, qt. 360
(a) construction of 1400 mm dia rcc np3 pipe & repairing of retaining structure at chandrasar lake. (b) construction of retaining structure for 600 mm dia pipe at chandrasar lake. (c) construction of. 232
(a)opportunity maintenance of 6.6 kv switch gear of 13th unit btps, obra. (b) opportunity maintennce of 0.4 kv unit service switch gear of 13th unit ~btps, obra (c) opportunity maintenance of esp syst. 146
(Balance Work) Hiring Of 2(Two) No Truck Under Sse/P.Way/Sce In Connection With Mmu Work In Senchoa(Sce)-Shilghat Town (Shtt) & Senchoa(Sce)-Moirabari(Mbo) (For 6.5 Months) In The Jurisdiction Of Sr.D. 162
(i) MOEI and Fans RMO DG Set at DIPSAR, Saket, New Delhi. (ii) MOEI and Fan P/Set at various G.G.S.S. School under AE(E), EMSD-II, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. 151
(ph no.:21101) ambroxol 60 mg (plus) levocetirizine 2.5 mg (plus) paracetamol 500 mg (plus) phenylephrine 5 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:33017) ferrous ascorbate 100 mg (plus) folic acid 5 mg (plus) b 12 (plus) b 6 (plus)vit d 3 1000 iu tab. 126
(ph no.:40644) jet force with oxygen tubing for jet force. 109
- palgeum drought against carcinoembryonic uncorrelated to connect corporation (palgeum earth). 125
=Supply, erection, testing & commissioning of Materials/Equipments Lines - P/s to 06 No. T/w conn at different village under Bilaigarh D/c of CSD Baloda Bazar I, II & III. 103
0 shares gongsanseong balgulji maintenance business design services. 105
0 shares songsanri tombs shelter development project design services. 106
0 shares yiyutae yuheoji repair maintenance business design services. 106
0 won first try transferring rouge prison parking lot access road maintenance construction. 120
02-re-e-(part b)-de-stocking and loading of filled sugar bags in sugar godowns. 115
03 years contract for oandm activities at 05 mw solar plant situated at ramgarh-jaisalmer. 114
06 amps one way modular switches confirming to is 3854 of rdso/icf approved makes suitable for replacement in non - ac coaches. 101
09-Improvement of UWSS to Thodupuzha Replacement/Repairing of damaged parts of Clarifier Bridge, Agitator and Reduction Gear in the Lime Tank, Alum Tank and Flashmixer of Water Treatment Plant and co. 153
1 Conversion of 50 units Type I to 25 units Type II quarters under the jurisdiction of SSE W Bailyshop 2 Balance work for repairs to RCC Slab Beam Column and sunshed etc b. Column 134
1 lee motgol hyeonpung not access road expansion. 113
1 ls temp work area: cl6 chain link fence; 1 ls bmp erosion & sediment control measures; 1 ls demolition, clearing & grubbing; 7,400 sf untreated base; 100 lf concrete mow curb (match existing); 7,400. 151
1 year amc for pulse software (from 01/02/2016) for bhel-pem, noida. 123
1) 1/2 inch bore pvc pipe for coolant supply conforming to is:- 4985:1988. and 2) 3/4 inch bore pvc pipe for coolant supply conforming to is:- 4985:1988. 212
1) Development of Malemar Parapade road and 2)Development of Parapade road of 17 ward in MCC limits (Package No. 75). 122
1)114.3 mm odx 3.6 mm tk seamless stainless steel pipe to sa 312 tp 304 of asme sec-ii part a 2013. acceptable length of each pipe shall be 5-7 meter. qty: 270 mr. 136
1)230v ac, 50 hz, 1x36 watt, street light fitting having deep drawn aluminum housing, with crca steel sheet gear tray, acrylic cover, stainless steel toggles, copper ballast and starter with each fitt. 322
1)25 nb flanged tubular water level gauge assy. with all necessary fitting & confirm to annexure -a enclosed .Flange drilling to be done as per is : 6392, 0.6 n/sq mm rating with 4 holes of dia. 11 mm. 216
1)3 phase induction motor 415v, 50hz frame-112m, power 5hp/3.7kw 1440 rpm, foot mounted of reputed make like cg, abb, bharat bijlee, havells, siemens or equivalent. qty: 1 no 2)3 phase induction motor. 159
1)415v ac, 50 hz, 3-pole, 400 amp mccb having breaking capacity of 50 ka, adjustable thermal release between 80 percent to 100 percent , thermal and megnetic tripping, provision of push to trip test b. 187
1)50 sq mm cable silicone rubber insulated, glass braided, single core flexible copper cable (voltage gr 660 v) as per spec aa28513. qty: 21000 mr. 126
1)8 mm bright steel round bar to material specification aa 10112 rev 07. material to be supplied in random length of 2.5 to 4.5 meter. clear temporary rust preventive(trp)shall be applied on the bars. 542
1)80 nb(89.5 mm od x 4.05 mm thk) mild steel tube erw plain ends to material specification aa10152 rev 07.Tubes to be supplied in random length of 4 to 7 meters. rust preventive coating of varnish to. 170
1)aa 9201 az cable # 6 to drg. no. 34323377007 rev. 03 . emd part no. 8405158. test certificate is required along with each supply. to be supplied in drum. , p.O. no. and emd part no. should be marked. 145
1)aa9201az cable #04 to drg. no.34323377006 rev 04.(emd part no -9579543).Test certificate is required along with each supply. to be supplied in drum. qty: 7500 mr. 130
1)alkaline phosphatase(3*100ml) qty: 16 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)arm end plate m/cd as per drg. 24394013001 rev.03.Refer drg. no. 14394013001 rev.03. note : 1) both the drg. no. shall be punched on the job while supplying(2) arm end plate shall be supplied in rpp. 213
1)aws:e309l t1-1 fcaw, s.S.Wire to sfa 5.22 of asme section-iic, july 2013,size-1.6.Mm dia.I/d-50mm, o/d 300mm, weight 12.5.Kg each spool.(plastic spool).Wire should be in layer winding .Welding wire. 180
1)base to drg no. 35790730006-001,r03 (note:vendor code&supply date only to be punched/sticker to be put on each component in addition to technical information if any.) qty: 200 no. 128
1)bearing temp. detector to drg. no. 34021040164#02 rev-01. qty: 150 no. 115
1)beech wood top ring as per drg. 346477000362 rev. 00. & material to be t2r grade to iec61061-3-2 qty: 6 no. 119
1)bovine albumin 22 percent (1*5ml) qty: 8 null 2)antihuman globulin(coomb"s)ser qty: 2 null 8)null qty: null null. 117
1)cable accessories as per item no. 1 of clause no 1.0 and annexure-a of purchase specification no. hse/kam/cable_acc/01. qty: 1 st. 125
1)cable gland bush to drg. no. d4275246#07,rev-11. qty: 5000 no 2)cable gland bush to drg. no. 44022146015#01,rev-04. qty: 1500 no 3)cable gland bush to drg. no. 44022146015,#02,rev-04. qty: 1500 no 4. 155
1)carbon brush high electrical conductivity grade carbon brush (32x25x9mm) qty: 80 no 2)carbon brush high electrical conductivity grade carbon brush (35x30x9.5 mm) qty: 80 no 3)carbon brush high elect. 191
1)carrier sel. switch, as per annx-1, it-01 qty: 4 no 2)busbar sel. switch, as per annx-1, it-02 qty: 15 no 3)pts switch, as per annx-1, it-03 qty: 2 no 4)tnc switch, as per annx-1, it-04 qty: 12 no. 144
1)centrifuge machine for 8 tube qty: 4 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)control transformer 250va as per bhel purchase specification no ps407168 rev01 qty: 10 no. 113
1)copper crimping terminal for power dowells type cus18/ or equivalent chetna / 3d make only. qty: 3000 no 2)copper crimping terminal for power type cus31 dowells / or equivalent chetna / 3d make only. 153
1)corona ring to drg. 36210400019 v00 r00. note:- supply without hardware. qty: 200 no. 112
1)cvt tank & tank cover assy. to drg. no. 04903000007 rev.21 var.00. tank & tank cover assy. item no. 034 tank cover details and item no. 028 flange as per sketch no. 534-cvt rev.00, pcd:375 item no. 244
1)cylindrical fuse of rating 1000 vdc - 1500 vac, 50 amp, length -125mm. ferraz fd20gc100v50t or equivalent. qty: 12 no. 118
1)erw black steel tube(medium duty) 15mm,nb wt=1.23 kg/meter, length =4 to 6 meter-spec is=1239/1979(part-1) pipe should be both end threded and one end socketed. qty: 6000 mr. 134
1)exothermic powder as per corp spec aa-53622 rev no -02. qty: 9000 kg. 112
1)f. m/c seal ring abr. coating qty: 2 no 2)f. m/c seal ring abr. coating qty: 1 no 3)f. m/c seal ring abr. coating qty: 2 no 4)f. m/c seal ring abr. coating qty: 1 no 5)f. m/c seal ring abr. coating. 154
1)fibre extension cable for wts thermasset2(r) & m600 oem utility module. qty: 5 no. 115
1)gear case plug to drg.No.44301623015 rev. 00 note:-to be supplied in poly bag. red oxide paint all over. qty: 1000 no. 124
1)glass test tubes ( 4" x 1/2 ") qty: 2000 null 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)goose neck shaped air cooled co2 welding torch as per technicalspecification / annexure-mwat280414. qty: 50 no 2)nozzles for wire size 1.6mm for above pi item 1. qty: 100 no 3)contact tips of (cu-cr. 225
1)guide blade lp 3l qty: 100 no 2)guide blade lp 3r qty: 100 no 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)hardener hy-951/lapox k-6 or equivalent to cas no- 112-24-3 qty: 120 kg. 109
1)hcv rapid card test qty: 350 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)hdl direct with calibrator 120 qty: 14 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)hex bolt h.D. gal. m30x120 pc-8.8 (full thread). qty: 500 no 2)nut h.D. gal. m30 pc-8.8. qty: 500 no 3)washer h.D. gal. tr20161 rev00 #07.M30 qty: 1000 no 4)spring washer h.D. gal. m30 as per spec-a. 148
1)hydraulic control panel as per specification no. 241555553 rev.00 , annexure-1 to pi no. 241555553 and drawing nos. 22000018402 rev. 00 , 12085018401 rev.00. qty: 6 no 2)spares of governor hmc as pe. 154
1)hydrochloric acid as per is 265 / 1993 , boiler water grade (bw grade). concentration 30 percent (minimum). 02 copies of test certificates is required along with each lot of the consignment. qty: 54. 135
1)induction coil itm4 / 1500 kw (complete with coil holder). qty: 1 no. 111
1)lamps for 70w hpsv (edison screw caps, elliptical type) for integral luminaire wellglass fitting as per is:9974 (part-ii) - 1981 . qty: 100 no 2)low watt loss electro magnetic copper ballast suitabl. 140
1)link 44780600002 rev00#001 (wt=0.16 kg) qty: 400 no 2)link 44781000043 rev00#01 & 02 (wt=0.086 kg). qty: 1000 no 3)link 44903800003 rev07#03 (wt= .0028 kg) qty: 600 no 4)link 44903800003 rev07#05 (w. 173
1)lower stationary labyrinth casting as per bhel drawing no. 32020518101 (rev.00) and product standard ht00252 (rev.04) qty: 5 no 2)upper stationary labyrinth casting as per bhel drawing no. 320407181. 234
1)lv bushing head assy. & item for 36 kv , 12500 a drg drg. no.04990300004/10 item no. 002 to 007, 009 & 018 dim. l1= 1234 , l3= 1000 cu.Wt 87.24 kg. (pvc factor 1:87.24) qty: 1 no. 137
1)m. f. coil spring to var.00 of drg. 24393200002 rev.08. note:- 1) tc to be supplied along with the supplies. 2) supplier to confirm notes- 1 to 5. qty: 4000 no. 134
1)m16x 35 mmlg hex.Hd steel screw (p8.8) qty: 2000 no 2)m 10 x 10 lg hex hd steel screw qty: 1000 no 3)m 12 x 25 lg hex hd steel qty: 2000 no. 138
1)m2 - hss taper shank machine reamer , as per is : 5445 - 1978 size dia 16 mm x 87 f/l x 187 oal x mt2. qty: 20 no. 129
1)manila rope.Hawser laid (3 strands ) manila rope of 16mm diameter of grade -1 as per is:1084. qty: 200 kg. 117
1)master cylinder part no. 1106700 for macneil make fork lifter qty: 5 no. 115
1)microprocessor relay unit as per annexure-1. make:- c&s qty: 10 no 2)constant voltage power supply unit having input voltage range 180-240 v ac, 50 hz and out put voltage 24 v dc, max. output curren. 167
1)multifunction transducer rishabh make type m42-85-230v as per ann-a,it-001. qty: 36 no. 116
1)neoprene rubber shroud as per bhel drawing no. 37211010321, rev. 00. colour black / grey. qty: 155 no 2)neoprene rubber boot as per bhel drg. no. 37211010747 r00 item no. 003,colour grey / black. qt. 133
1)outer brg. cap ce to bhel. drg. no. 24394437001 rev.07. & spec. tm12546 in completely machined condition. note:- item should be supplied in rpp condition & must be suitably packed to avoid transit d. 131
1)outer brg. cap pe to it. 1 & 3 of bhel drg. no. 14394341003 rev.14 & spec. tm 12546 in completely machined condition note :- 1) item must be suitably packed to avoid transit damage & should be suppl. 137
1)perforated plate for door ventilator to drg 45611150083 item-002 rev.01, as per ps-aa10115 rev.09. qty: 3500 no. 122
1)Repairing of 02nos. 50MT Delcoramy Self starters. 105
1)resistor 25r 55w flat wire wound fixed silicon coatedresistor with mounting brackets resistor shouldconform to bhel specification or12265 r00 maximumsurface temperature of the resistor shall not exc. 363
1)rivetless arm roller brg. ce nh320/ecmrd/c4p/va301(cyl cage profile) as per bhel drg. no. c-450068 it.022 rev 41. qty: 300 no. 120
1)roller adjusting block varnishing plant no. 13/b/2005-20639 comprising - 1 no. block-material-cast steel 1 no. bush fitted material-gun metal. to drg. no. 2sp-3/2141. qty: 3 st 2)fixed roller block. 216
1)rubber mat for electrical safety as per is:15652,11 kv grade. anti skid surface design size: 1 mtrx2mtrx3mm thick .Colour: blue, each mat to be "isi" marked as per applicable "is".Packing: rubber ma. 207
1)schneider make micom p143316c6m0468j relay qty: 2 no 2)schneider make micom ev257-7c9ecm relay qty: 10 no. 120
1)screw plug qty: 40 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)sealing ring qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)servoplex shc-120 grease. qty: 182 kg. 107
1)set of ss hardwares as per annexure a for pvn 36-d 31 (total - 25 items). qty: 40 st. 120
1)sf6 gas density monitor as per sg12518, item 1. qty: 6 no 2)sf6 gas density monitor as per item 2 of sg12518. qty: 32 no. 126
1)shaft seal compensator qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)shering blade for gullotine m/c as per drg.No.Sk-1510 rev-01. qty: 10 no 2)blade for planner machine as per drg.Cim/tlg/02-01 rev-00. qty: 50 no. 126
1)shunt assy to drg 36670500107 v00 r05 (copper pvc factor 1:0.450)with hcl cc full base rate of rs 450/ per kg qty: 1000 no. 126
1)silicone coated wire wound resistor 20r + /- 5 percent 250w (f) to drg 3-589-03-30059 #006 rev 11. qty: 500 no 2)wwr 45r +/-10 percent 250w (v) to drg no 35890330059-004 rev 11. qty: 100 no 3)wwr 2r. 148
1)solid carbide micrograin end mill. cutter, dia. 3.0xshank dia.6.0xcfl 8.0xoal 57.0mm acc. din6527, coated (cvd or pvd) 4 fluted, spiral fluted, right hand cut, helex angle 45 degree, rack angle 6-8. 571
1)spacer to drg. 45751230010-001,r01 (note:vendor code&supply date only to be punched/sticker to be put on each component in addition to technical information if any.) qty: 2000 no 2)spacer to drg. 45. 226
1)spring balancer , power master make model; swf - 15, or equivalent capacity : 09 -15 kg , travel length : 1.3 meter qty: 8 no. 124
1)sugar kit god-pod (4*500)ml qty: 12 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)supply and fabrication of ss-304l l.P.Extraction piping. 131
1)supply of 3cx2.5 sqmm stranded annealed bare copper conductor, pvc type "a" insulated, cored laid up pvc sheathed, armored cables, overall frls pvc outer sheath qty: 2500 mt 2)supply of 7cx1.5 sqmm. 254
1)supply of vddc panel as per attached technical specification qty: 4 no 2)supply of dc seal oil starter panel as per attached technical specification qty: 3 no 3)supply of dc lube oil starter panel a. 154
1)support centering plate as per drawing 1508655 qty: 2 no. 106
1)ta 10102 felt seal to size 6 x1 0 x 700 mm lg. (extra firm ) to ps aa 23121. note:- item should be supplied in proper packing. mat. test certificate is required. qty: 1500 no. 136
1)ta 9901 az block bracing to drg. no. 44303376015 rev 03. to be supplied in proper packing. qty: 42000 no 2)ta 9901 az block bracing to drg.No. 44303376014 rev. 03. to be supplied in proper packing. 162
1)terminal support to drg. 44036346001, it.01 rev.00 and matl. specn. aa22414, rev.04 qty: 14 no. 119
1)timken taper roller bearing:ee755285/755360(dimensionsof assembled bearing:28.5"x36"x3.1875").(skf/fag/ina/timken/ntn/nsk make only) qty: 1 no 2)timken taper roller bearing:m249749/m249710(dimension. 149
1)troponin t card test qty: 1000 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)v.D.R.L. kit(1*100 test) qty: 2 null 2)a.S.O.Kit (1*25) qty: 2 null 3)c.R.P.Kit 100 test qty: 14 null 4)r.F.Kit 100 test qty: 14 null 5)widal kit (4*5ml) qty: 12 null 8)null qty: null null. 147
1)vacutainers without needle qty: 1500 null 2)urine test kit(glucose+ketone) qty: 5 null 3)rapid pap kit (1*250) qty: 3 null 4)microtips (5-200ul) volume qty: 5 null 5)e. d. t. a. powder (ar/gr) qty:. 141
1,2,4-Triazole. Assay,e1/2=98%, , Pack Of 100Gm. 166
1. Electrical wiring of different type DS/MQ/36, 296,181,276,148,18,445,DS/B/5,1B/162,122 and Post office Jrd. Total 11nos2. Laying, fitting, dismantling for 8" dia MS pipeline for shifting of 2000GPM. 187
1. Erection, Maintenance & Dismantling of 550Volts, O/H line 3wire system from 5no. etc Sub Station to E& M Workshop & Lamp Room Jrd Under Jarangdih Colliery. (Distance 1.210KM)2. Providing of 7/2. 191
1. supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of electric operated gearless type with machine room capsule passenger lift/elevator 2.Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and. 342
1.10 l/s x 29 mts. hd.Monobloc submersible pump motor set of model - mre s 1.0 hh, motor cap - 1 hp , make - ksb / cg/ cri or similar. 135
1.Gasket head to liner to emd part no.8476400. 2.Gasket water pipe to manifold emd pt. no.40034634. 3.Gasket y flange mounting emd pt.No.40034629. 4.Gasket fuel manifold to fuel filter emd pt.No. 4003. 213
1.layout land at okgk nagar part ii at madurai south district kallikudi maiyittanpatti village 2.layout land at okgk nagar part i at madurai south district kallikudi maiyittanpatti village. 145
1.Reparing of house of ekg shovel sl no 415 of umrer ocp of umrer sub area. 2 .Reparing of cabin of ex350 sl no 2432 followed by glass fitment of cabin umrer ocp of umrer sub area. 159
1/16 nozzles type-anm for oxy-acetylene manual cutting blow pipes, make ador/landt/ easb to: is 7653-1975 or latest. as above is 7653-1975 or latest. 322
10 pair polythene insulated and polythene sheathed jelly filled under ground cable of 0.63 mm die. copper conductor poly-a1 moisture barrier and steel tape armoured confirming to rdso specification no. 175
100 ah 12v smf vrla type battery. 123
100 Nb Class 150 Plug Valve For Bottome Ash Hopper Of Ash Handling System Of 210 Mw Atps Chachai. 141
10000 Biogas Plants. 212
10000000000000000 weeks tombs seoakdong one won bursaphelenchus xylophilus disease control projects. 105
1064 Locomotives Acquisition Programme. 497
110 volt dc mobile phone charging socket. 256
110v 200ah lead acid battery set with electrolyte, electrolyte specific gravity,1.190 at 27 degrees centrigrade in non-returnable jerry can (each set consisting 55 cells of 2 volts) as per rdso spec. 141
110v 40ah lead acid maintenance free tubular battery with hard rubber boxes consisting of 55 cells 2.1 v each complete set with inter cell connectors for traction application as per rdso spec no.Rdso/. 124
110v dc 225mm sweep bracket type railway carriage fan confirming to is:6680-1992 with annex h revised in dec - 2005 or latest. note: 1 to be procurred from rdso icf approved suppliers only. 2 irs cond. 129
11450 CUB 1039 Irrigation Material. 108
11kv(e)ht xlpe cable size 3 x300sq mmstranded compact circular aluminium conductor screended with entruded semi conducting compound xlpe insulated screened with entruded semi conducting compound in co. 265
11kv, 3c x 240 sq.Mm alu. conductor xlpe cable. 134
15 amp. isi marked piano type switch suitable for 230/250 volt ac supply. make :- anchor, kinjal, aarkaylite or similar. 158
150 mm dia tube wells with three/single phase submersible pump sets etc. complete work in all type of strata in rural area with responsibility for o and m period of three years for ro plants under jur. 167
150 MW solar power project in Haryana. 136
18 watts 4 feet t 5 led tube light full specification enclosed . 104
1steel table. 2. steel rack. 136
2 module cover plate along with 2 module support frame model exclusive glasz green ice code no.Pc02001 of gm make and 2 module support frame code.Sc02001 of gm make suitable to fix in gm modular plate. 144
2 module single mounting switch with plate similar to million make with 2 nos of 10a 1 way switches conf. to is 3854 or latest. suppliers should be authorised rdso vendor. 114
2 Proposed new BG line between Madurai and Tuticorin (via) Aruppukottai - Milavittan- Melmarudur section -Construction of CC/RCC Retaining walls at the approaches of Major bridges, ROB/RUB. 190
2.5 mm sq. three core pvc round sheathed copper conductor flexible heavy industrial cable, 1100 volts, conforming to is: 694/1990 with latest ammendments. make: havells/finolex/payal. 143
200 watt two zone amplifier having 6 mic and 2 aux i/p working on ac and 24v dc with 100w 100w o/p power of reputed make ahuja, mega or alpha only. 238
2000 mah or more nimh rechargeable battery compitable to kenwood tk 2107 walkie talkie sets . make: model no. tak 20 nimh, kommunication accessories ka 2107-2000 or similar. 127
2015-2 eunpyeong water pipe construction construction waste processing services. 117
2016 0 won greenery in electrical facilities maintenance construction (annual cost). 110
2016 2 zone greenery management corporation (wavelength, sperm) contract price. 113
2016 aerial elk survey in douglas county. 106
2016 aids to navigation equipment supplies (solar) purchase. 108
2016 announcement quote of the small number of children attending school bus rental services. 134
2016 annual paju book library (article) purchase bidding. 106
2016 asan education support agency commuting vehicle rental services (1 region). 114
2016 avenue creation construction. 107
2016 avenue winter pruning work (to try). 112
2016 can be shielded (gwanmokryu) construction cost management contract. 111
2016 care drug health clinics purchase price bid contracts. 111
2016 cleaning the water tank. disinfection services (2 seconds even education sphere). 118
2016 emergency repair roads damaged part ltd (annual price) seongdong. 126
2016 estimates traffic light maintenance submission of a small number of announcements annual price. 120
2016 gu seongdong news print newsletter, with the hope to live a vibrant annual contract. 107
2016 gunpo and cleaning services. 114
2016 high-speed information network self-maintenance. 108
2016 horizontal (security) and annual maintenance work (unit price contract). 109
2016 houses flooded lowlands prevention project (annual cost). 115
2016 jeongseon tourist information center and call center services, foster care. 115
2016 naju national hospital drug purchasing (group 2). 108
2016 nursery facilities construction conduct design service house automation. 108
2016 nw region aerial elk survey project. 123
2016 ocher red tide relief materials purchased. 107
2016 ongjin drinking water development projects carried out design services. 115
2016 open green space, including green town management ltd (unit price contract). 117
2016 painted lane construction and maintenance (annual price contracts). 117
2016 river maintenance dredging and bokgaecheon (annual cost). 116
2016 school year cinnamic juxtaposition kindergarten school bus rental services. 122
2016 school year janghang juxtaposition kindergarten school bus rental service announcements quote. 132
2016 school year third grade social studies inquiry learning materials published. 106
2016 school year, elementary schoolmates wonnam edible milk purchasing a small number of announcements quote. 119
2016 school year, elementary short pipe cleaning services veterinary quote information notice. 124
2016 school year, grade 5 history trail car hire quote service announcement (small number of). 138
2016 school year, school meals staff dongduk women used to supply contractors selected announcements. 130
2016 school year, school year, school bus rental services (including safety assistant) estimates a small number of advertisements. 101
2016 sewer dredging (annual cost). 122
2016 shelters such as greenery gwanggyo management corporation (unit price contract). 114
2016 south east water treatment plant facility integer precision inspection services. 121
2016 street lamps and tunnel construction, including maintenance (annual price). 116
2016 telecommunications equipment integrated maintenance. 107
2016 traffic safety facility (ringer) annual maintenance costs, ltd. (nambugwon). 110
2016 traffic safety facility (ringer) annual maintenance costs, ltd. (seobugwon). 113
2016 wansan-gu hall for children and the elderly reserve maintenance work (unit price contract). 120
2016 year 16 kinds of organic solvents contract price. 104
2016 year cheonan watch high school classroom extension and management office cleaning services. 118
2016 year gadeok small number of early school bus rental service announcements estimates. 119
2016 year of being juxtaposed elementary kindergarten school bus rental services. 112
2016 year of evacuation facility new construction conduct design services. 106
2016 year of nutritional supplements plus business (milk) purchase. 110
2016 year of sewer pipe dredging machinery (annual contract price). 125
2016 year of the case early school bus rental service announcements small number of e-quote. 102
2016 year of yeoncheon county facilities management corporation (yeoncheon county health hospital mortuary) chapter annual contract supplies. 107
2016 zone 1 greenery management corporation (yuljeon, slowly, attention) unit price contract. 117
2016. march 1-4 month corrosion purchase a small number of guidance announcements submit a quote for catering. 114
2016. march 1-4 month of meat purchased a small number of guidance announcements submit a quote for catering. 121
2018 pyeongchang winter olympic stadium access road archipelago no. 12 (yoochun-yongsan) paving check price bidding. 131
2059 public work s.R. to n.R. bldg. special repair to "gh" type qtrs. no.128/2 in sector no.30 (category) @ gandhinagar. (flooring, plaster, colour, door, window, etc. complete). 214
20w led flood light luminaire cool white, ip - 65 as per enclosed spec. in annex - 1. 118
22 micro farad 660 v ac capacitor msr type of rsi block dc damping panel. make: sunny brand of m/s. yash capacitors pvt ltd or m/s. icar make only. terms and conditions: only oem s or authorized deale. 155
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. providing and laying china mosaic flooring on terrace of block no.848 and 849 of category-iii (chh type) qtrs in sector no.24 at gandhinagar. 219
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to govt. resi. building in sector no.19 "gh" type blcok no.267/1, 267/2, 267/3, 267/4, 236/1 @ gandhinagar. (replacing flooring, frp door, toilet renov. 231
230kw natural gas generator. 116
25 kv composite bracket insulator with specification craeepage distance 1050 mm as per rdso spen ti/spc/ ohe/ iscom/ 1070 1/07. 101
25kv composite stay arm insulator with specification creepage distanance 1050mm as per rdso seco. ti/spac/ ohe/incom /1070 1/07 or latest. 102
29 rwssrwss to chathamangalam design supply erection and commissioning of suitable vertical turbine pump set at mannilidam pump house. 142
2K 1-16. Open Tender To Determine The Artist And Concluding With Him A Contract For The Provision Of Land Survey. 149
3 core x 185sq.Mm ht cabie 11 kv grade (e) xlpe insulated galvanized flat strip armoured alluminum conductor cable confirming to is:7098/ part-ii/1985. 230
3 module switch with plate similar million make with 3 nos of 10a 1way switches conf. to is3854 or latest.Suppliers should be authorised rdso vendor. 109
3 phase induction motor of m/s. havells make, frame size: mh80zaa2 or its equivalent of m/s. bbl make as per specification details contact 9701373332. note: 1 one year warranty from the date of accept. 128
3 Pole Erection Of 440 Volt Overhead Line For New Submersible Pump Starting Of Bhatta Pump At Jeenagora O.C.P.. 146
3 zones (instead of) road management, packaging, etc. refurbishment contract price. 116
3.15 mm dia.Manual metal arc welding electrode, class a2 rutile type ,type of coating :medium conforming to spec. no.Irs:m-28/12, code er4211x as per is:814-2004 with amendment no.1 of 2005 and 2 of m. 130
3/4 id x 700 mm long flexible hose stainless steel metalic inner corrugation and outer single wire braiding of stainless steel end fitting 3/4 bsp mild steel, galvanised female swivel fitting. swivel. 135
32 m nb x 4mm thick ms heavy duty seamless tube pipe to is 1239 part-1/1990 or latest running length between 5 to 7 mtrs per piece. mtr. 118
35.30.1.Para and hot water; the supply of steam and hot water. (09323000-9 District heating) LOT 1 centralized heat supply in 2016 Operational platoon Pavlograd. Lot 2 centralized heat supply at 201. 134
350 Kw Diesel Generator & 1200 Amp Ser Ats - Set. 102
3rd Party Inspection Of The Works Carried Out Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme In Different Places Of Sira, Chikkanayakanahalli And Kunigal Assembly Constituencies Of Tumkur District For The Year 2015-16. 134
3rd Party Inspection Of The Works Carried Out Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme In Different Places Of Tiptur, Turuvekere And Koratagere Assembly Constituencies Of Tumkur District For The Year 2015-16. 134
4 core copper conductor cable pvc insulation size 48/0.2 mm, 250/448 volt confirming to is: 694/ part- i of 1964 isi mark or latest. 231
4 core x 4 sqmm 1100 volts grade copper conductor pvc cable as per is : 1554 part-i 1988 or latest for control and relay panel of tss from rdso/core approved sources. 121
4 wire dtmf way station equipment as per rdso specn no. irs-tc-62/2007 latest with 4 wire control telephone as per specn no.Irs tc-38/97 with amendment no.1 latest make: epsilon electronics and compon. 175
42 pin male connector of 10amp, 250v, 4kv3 for master controller of ac/dc siemens rakes as per specification attached. 109
444 route 6, underwater prefectural districts steep slope collapse danger district maintenance construction. 126
462621 SLE 1024 LED lighting material. 138
5 hp/35 stage submersible pump set with water out put of 4800 lph at a total head of 165 meters with motor casing, pump/motor shaft, shaft sleeves, impeller suitable work on 415 volts, 3 phase ac supp. 134
5 star rated submersible pumps set 8-stages 5 hp three phase v-6 ss type 142mm dia submersible pump set made with special design stainless steel body mud / sand proof having 7.5mt head per stage made. 221
5/15 amp. switch socket combined isi marked suitable for 230/250 v. ac supply. make :- anchor, kinjal, aarkaylite or similar. 164
5500 lpd capacity etc based solar water heating supply installation commissioning and testing at different locations in district dehradun. 112
6 pin emergency socket as per rdso specification no. irs-tc-42/87 with amendment no. 2 or latest. 126
8 way strainer /filter drier with capillary tube 0.5 mtr for rmpu package unit as per dy cee(ws) kgp s no dy cee /ws /kgp/ ac /0712. 141
8110 right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of computers, peripheral equipment for the needs of "BGK" according to the lots. 107
901 cc653a black cartridge suitable for hp officejet 4500 printer sepcification for supply of hewlett packard inkjet cartridges. note: 1 the supply shallhave atleast one year of usable shelf life reck. 139
A 2 conductor disconnect terminal block for test and measurement 0.8 mm2 square - 2.5mm2 square center marking with test slot for test plug 2mm /0.079 in and 2.3/0.091 : carrier rail din 35 front entr. 217
A kit of contact elements for rediator fan contactor consisting of 4 items enclosed in the annexure as per quantity mentioned against each for hhp locomotives. 197
A set of hardwares consisting of 10 types- 1 bolt hex head 3/8-24x1-3/4 emd pt. no.186485 unf qty.-05 nos 2 bolt hex head 3/8-24x2-1/2 unff qty.-01 nos 3 bolt hex head 1/2-20x1-1/4 emd pt. no.181429 u. 222
A set of hex head bolts consisting of 02 size- 1 hex head bolt to size 5/8-3 -3/4 -11 tpi to unbrako international pt. no.170434 qty.01nos- 2 hex head bolt with sealing hole to size 3/4-2 -1/4 -10 tpi. 148
A set of non- returnable cab-lock cable ties, size. length 300mm, 200mm, width. 4.7mm, 4.7mm, thickness. 1.5mm, 1.4mm respectively. material. nylon 66 resistance to fungus, corrosion. (make- novoflex. 299
A set of silicon rubber gasket o ring suitable for transformer oil cooling pipes metalic pipes flange type-a,b,c,d,f,g,k,l, and m as per abb id no. 3ehn424150 for wag-9 as per sketch no. els/aq/wag-9/. 183
A set of taper roller bearing no 67981/67919 and 67982/67919 for bhel,otor suspension unit as per bhel drg no 04451575001 of m/s timken skf or fag beraring . 120
A) opportunity maintenance of 0.4 kv lt motors of unit no. 13th btps, obra. (b) opportunity maintenance of esp transformers and associated equipments at esp top of unit no. 13th btps, obra. 131
a) Transportation of Granules from M/S Reliance Industries Limited, BangaloreBangalore to NPFP, Munnekolaala and b) Transportation of Nandini Packaging Film from NPFP, Munnekolaala to unions & units(L. 112
a).Construction of mini water tank including subersible motor &interconection pipe in div no s 30,31,34,36 & 38 zone no v area & b).Supply & erection of 3-phase,5hp/12 stage submersible pump set wit. 173
a).Construction of mini water tank including subersible motor &interconection pipe in div no s 40, 42, & 44 in zone no i & b). supply & erection of 3-phase,5hp/12 stage submersible pump set with all. 173
a).Construction of mini water tank including subersible motor &interconection pipe in div no s 7,12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 in zone no ii area & b).Supply & erection of 3-phase,5hp/12 stage submersible. 172
a)construction of mini water tank including subersible motor &interconection pipe in div no s 8, 9, & 50 zone no iv area & b).Supply & erection of 3-phase,5hp/12 stage submersible pump set with all a. 171
A-4 size photo copy paper 75 gsm, one ream -500 sheet,75 gsm marked by manufacturer on packet or ream. 118
A.R. and m.O. e.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangement at iit delhi. subhead.. replacement of existing burnt out wiring in the associate dean office in msb. 153
A/a to cgo building west block-8, r.K.Puram, new delhi, dg. 2015-16. sh:-face lifting of the office of national council for promotion of sindhi language. 126
A/a to cgo building west block-vii, r.K..Puram, new delhi. dg. 2015-16 sh:-providing and fixing compactors for d.C. handicraft, r.K. puram, new delhi. 128
A/r and m/o cgo complex df block salt lake kolkata during 2015-16. sh: misc. civil work. 116
A/r and m/o general pool residential quarter at tollygunge, kolkata during 2015-16 sh: building , sanitary and water supply work for 120 nos. type-iii ,600 nos ty-ii and 176 nos ty-i quarters. 132
A/r and m/o non residential building for positional astronomy centre at sector-v, salt lake, plot no. 8, aq block, kolkata during 2015-2016. sh: building portion including water supply and sanitary in. 133
A/r and m/o to cgha g plus 12 in one m. s. block at 7, marlin park, kolkata. sh : day to day operation maintenance of iron removal filtration plant and water softening plant of capacity 45 cum/hour. 139
Ac cyclonic filter dust exhauster blower motor (0.87h.P) with built in inverter as per rdso specification no.Mp., july 2008 (rev-01). dlw part no.12102143, each set consist of 2 nos of dust. 323
Ac led ecr as per rdso specn. no: sts/e/relays/ac/lit/led signal/09/2002 or latest. 143
Ac/dc clamp meter as per rishabh model no.Rish clamp 1000 a.Ac/dc digital display counts:3100 trms 3 3/4 digits having roating dc and ac voltage upto 1000 v ac and dc current:upto 1000 a automatic pow. 152
Acoustic doppler velocimeter (adv) / current meter. 122
Acp oil tray metal ms is 2062 : 2006 or latest gr 5 as per drawing no. memu/158. 114
Acrylic reflector complete drg. no. 7-2001-c andw-kpa (drawing will be available at cwm-er-kpa office). 268
Addition of drainage systems to help capture and direct the run off from the spray equipment and the pool. this will include undergrounddrains, trench drains and some minor regarding. work includes: d. 121
Additional electrification in office complex, kozhencherry in connection with shifting of subtreasury kozhenchery. 121
Additional work of gas room and septic tank to Amma Unavagam at Cuddappa Road Puthagaram in Dn-24, Unit-6, Zone-3. 136
Addn/altn in officers mess at af stn vadsar. 128
Adjustable contact/contact screw complete bhel drg. no. 35801430004 v00 acs-2207/a003 or drg. no. dl/el-133/rtm alt 3. 130
Adjuster spindle for slack adjuster type irsa 750 to rdso drg no.Wd-93061-s-02, alt.1, item 3 confirming to rdso spce no.19-abr-07 with amendment no.02 of march 08. note:rdso approved sources only sho. 131
Adjusting equipment complete for brake system of wag 9 loco. clw drg. no. 1209.01.116.006. 143
Adopter for spring for lube oil filter to drg.No.Scr/lofp/sk.No.118 alt. 2 item 4 . 115
Advance support by roof bolting for 5080 nos. At proposed panel k-13 in kenda seam of parasea colliery. 126
Advanced mission concepts: R&D for a Galileo regional service. 131
Aero club multiuse path project. 134
After Tbilisi Flood: Needs and Recovery. 228
Agitator blades. 111
Agreement for execution of works on pre-site survey of the Branch to determine the need for a local. 132
Agricultural nonpoint source abatement andcontrol program is to reduce and or prevent the nonpoint source contribution from agricultural activities in watersheds across the state. 101
Ahu motor for siemens rake as per drg. no. wr/e/sk/aux 530. 124

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