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Articles from Mena Report (April 8, 2016)

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"annual rate contract for maintanance of existing storm water drain at diffrent places in east/west/north /south zone area in vadodara city.". 196
"bpc - improvement of station area with ancillary works". 114
"choosing a vendor production and delivery of food vouchers for the needs of" st.. kliment ohridski ". 439
"Evaluation services buildings across SRCF Iasi to determine the taxable value". 568
"geotechnical investigation work of pragati nagar tts and lands available at near mgr workshop area". 121
"Maintenance of equipment for mowing and pruning owned by OP" Project Management and Landscaping. 138
"Maintenance of irrigation systems and fountains, incl. E. The facilities associated with their operation, controllers and complete control" Within this procedure must be performed the following activ. 126
"Performing the repair of double-pitched roof of the building,. 511
"Providing insurance services of the municipality Two mounds in 2016" includes 3 Lots as follows: Lot 1 "Insurance 130 employees of the Municipal Administration - Two mounds with". 114
"replacing the transformer t 401 esi moldava" - construction. 340
"Selection of a contractor for the provision of consultancy services of the municipality of Sevlievo. 190
"Supply of articles of iron and steel business of" Water Supply and Sewerage Yovkovtsi "Ltd.,. Veliko Tarnovo" under the terms of the Principal detailed in public invitation and tender documentation. 219
"Supply of fire fighting equipment". 101
#5322 a&e design services for osci entrance paving. 130
(1) sample tips, racked ( 4 x 108 test per pack ) (2) racked reagent tips ( 4 x 108 test per pack ). 402
(2) intoxilyzer i-8000 instruments with gas delivery system. 122
(a) 1 in 8.5 cms obtus xing for 52 kg rdso drg. no. t-5265 (b) 1 in 20 cms xing for 60 kg to rdso drg.No. t-5860. 143
(a) gasket armoured (system water cooled) drg. no: kgp/dl/gk-506 alt-1 ( b) gasket o ring nut to delivery valve drg. no: kgp/dl/gk-153 alt-1 (c) gasket coupling flexible drg. no: kgp/dl/gk-20 alt-5. 224
(a) grommet fuel header to block dlw pt no: 10170716, drg. no: 15d76568 alt-c (b) oil seal for os trip arm dlw part no : 10170777 drg. no. tpe-10-0002 alt-f. 238
(a.)gasket manifold cyllinder head dlw part no: 10170479 rdso drg. no: skdp-3891.(b.)gasket air elbow to cylinder head, dual-fuel, dlw part no: 10170492 rdso drg. no: skdp-3892. 226
(b1207-1) For the new construction of the Swiss embassy, consulate and residence in Seoul we are looking for a General Contractor (GC). 127
(brussels 1616) services contract for the backstopping and monitoring services in training and assessment in the context of interventions implemented by btc. 153
(urgent) valent elementary school multi-purpose auditorium stage production machinery installation. 120
(water) soil surveys. 264
, 30200000 computer equipment and supplies; computer equipment and supplies. 101
, construction of road surface in the neighborhood ,, star nursery street ,, ,, ,, vidoje smilevski bato and construction of leg 1 and leg 2 in the street ilindenska ,, ,, ,, delcevo. 114
? ? jeolla railway signaling field construction engineer holds nine gurye-goemok between af points and 1 other track circuit equipment improved construction. 132
~ crossroads between rock - forming wolbae depot road construction (phase 1) waste transportation services. 116
0 kinds of free economic zones electric facilities maintenance construction. 117
0 won geum parking furtherance business conduct design services. 114
007/0167/16 External Auditing Services. 266
017880.00 - umcolcus stream bridge rehabilitation. 118
018512.10 - Plant Mixed Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay. 114
018994.10 - Crack Sealing and Fog Coating/Route 26A in Gray. 158
020496.00 - goodwin bridge replacement/located on mariaville road. 122
021249.00 - Salt Storage Building. 102
022201.00 - Culvert and Culvert End Replacements. 104
04 types (different sizes) of flexible copper conductor cable. 157
1 in 8.5 cms xing for 52 kg rdso drg. no. t-4867. 127
1 piece reach stacker (full container handler) for linz service gmbh / container terminal. 147
1 RFID Tags Applicator 40000 4 Ear Tag Applicator 2000 2 Reader 500 5 Plastic Goblet 250000 3 Plastic Ear Tag 200000 6 Laminar Air Flow One. 135
1 sh371 satara tu to odr65 ambai tukum t 11 ta.pombhurna sh369 to ashta, mrl07 ta.pombhurna odr132 to futana, l 23 ta.pombhurna. 156
1 type of electronic item. 118
1)2.5 percent p.D.Solution (2 liter) qty: 720 null 2)minicap qty: 720 null 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)ac-motor for jop var09 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)alloy steel bar(flat) qty: 1500 kg 2)alloy steel bar(flat) qty: 1500 kg 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)control fluid pump qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)copper oxide wire qty: 500 gm 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)dcd grinding wheel qty: 2000 no 2)grinding wheel qty: 25 no 3)grinding wheel qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)disposable caps (female) qty: 2000 null 2)disposable caps qty: 3000 null 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)duplex hydrogen drier qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)formaline (400 ml/bottle) qty: 80 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)gb carrier (lp) v11 qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)hot top compound: ferrux-747. qty: 80000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)ladle bricks qty: 700 no 2)ladle bricks qty: 2000 no 3)ladle bricks qty: 2000 no 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)lp extraction sheathing a2 qty: 1 no 2)lp extraction sheathing a3 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 113
1)mandatory spares duplex filter qty: 2 st 2)mandatory spares (duplex filt) qty: 2 st 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)motor st15002.001 qty: 1 no 2)motor st15001.001 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 112
1)Providing of a Pipe Line @ R.S.No 774 Near Hunasikatti Road from Aayurvedic Hospital Ranebennur CMC Limit. 2)Providing of a Bore well and Fixing of Motar and Systren in Eeshwar Nagar and Adavi Aanja. 120
1)refractory castable qty: 25000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)roof set bricks model-11 qty: 5500 no 2)roof set bricks model-11 qty: 500 no 3)roof set bricks model-11 qty: 100 no 8)null qty: null null. 121
1)st-2-n-plate qty: 35200 kg 2)st-2-n-plate qty: 85000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)vacuum pump internals qty: 2 st 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)z shape quartz tube qty: 500 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1. cable marking system for lhb eog type coaches 2. cable marking system for conventional memu/tc coaches. 112
1. Construction Of Concrete Drain & Slab Culvert from Ambedkar Nagar Water Tank to Ravi Pavaskar House behind at W.No.10. 149
1. hytrel lower washer for primary suspension 2. hytrel upper washer for primary suspension. 108
1. samsung toner cartridge , model no. 4521 (scx) or similar. 2. 05 a black hp toner cartridge or similar. 135
1.1 Kv grade Copper Conductor multi strand flexible, PVC insulated, PVC Sheathed of Size:- 1 X 120 102
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 224
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 133
1.5 tr hi-wall split air conditioner inverter type. condenser coil, cooling coil, etc. of the ac should be anti corrosion treated of copper only. 123
1/2 isolating cock. 150
1/4 inch bsp drain valve assly to elgi pt. 0514010/a0200045 consists of (1) housing pt 0421870-1 no. (2) cone set pt 0514710 - 1 no. (3) valve seat pt 0519930. cnb a3/96/1279/5021/cp. 236
10 kva, 3 phase ac servo stabilizer as per attached specification. make : hi-tech, sen and pandit, eltec or similar. 129
10 mm thick grsp for channel sleeper rdso drg. no. t-5156 & 5199. 126
10,000 copies of world sufi forum booklet consisting 16 text pages and cover in four colour. 142
10-port Managed Ethernet Switch With Gigabit Uplink Ports. 108
1040 engine. 129
105871 - roof replacement. 116
11 gohan lee explosions improvement district maintenance construction waste treatment services. 124
11 types of castings ( frame,support & mould etc). 147
110 alumni as beongil stereo recording business. 119
110 v dc mobile charger socket to col - i of drg. no. icf / sk3 - 7 -6 - 036, alt f or latest. 114
110kv substation at igc kinalur-erection of switchyard structures, equipments, control room equipments and related installations. 137
12 kinds of manufacturing equipment purchases for cooling the motor. 106
12800 to 14000 sq. ft. of administrative office space at naval air station patuxent river md. 101
14, 40th grand jury hotel accomodation. 110
15 beongil other one won one point water pipe maintenance construction defects as possible. 126
16 sq. mm (red) thin walled flex. elast. cable ( 3 types). 105
16/PROF/05 Fire Alarm Testing, Service and Maintenance. 478
160 kva dtrs with bis energy efficiency level-1. 114
16e0062 - insulation works on technical installations. 189
16s0009 - redevelopment of the seafront 3 - sanitary and building technology - construction - to the city of saint-nazaire. 180
172nd street drainage repairs. 130
18076 Kemnay Primary School - Alterations & Extension to Nursery. 120
19 core cable,19 x 2.5 sq mm flexible hrpvc insulated cable 50-0.25(2.5 sq. mm),750 volts.As per rdso specn. spec-e-14-01 pt-iii,rev - 2,1993,item - 2,table - iv.Ammendment no.-i of 1999. 441
19,500 cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, diclofenac sodium, thiamine mononitrate extended release tablets 1 mg / 100 mg / 100 mg / 100 mg. 102
1999 gmc cargo van. 107
2 high-pressure water pump water purification plant maintenance construction panels (electricity). 116
2 pieces classrooms (about 55m2) with associated group (about 10m2), sufficiently with toilets and communal dressing room. 412
2 year landscape maint. contract for veterans blvd cpz improvements. 153
2.4 ghz 150m.Wire less audio video transmitter receiver kit for tv projector cc tv and as tv set-topbox make- godget herss inspection consignee. 115
200 tons capacity traveling blocks. 123
2000mm wide ep belt 5 ply 1000/400 kg/cm as per specification and special conditions enclosed. 117
2011 splost manintenance contract #5a 11.45 miles of thin-lift asphaltic concrete resurfacing on numerous roads. 129
2013 capital improvement program - middle and high school access control east package. 168
2013 capital improvement program - middle and high school access control west package. 168
2015 flood damage repair fourche maline creek sites 1 & 2. 153
2015 or 2016 fleet truck. 119
2016 - 2017 one (1) - ton duel rear wheel 4x4 truck. 104
2016 50/50 sidewalk and curb replacement program. 135
2016 aquatic vegetation suppression. 108
2016 barbed wire request one trillion months. 104
2016 big tree extravaganza business (deokrim dodong district). 114
2016 big tree extravaganza business (phoenix district). 115
2016 big tree extravaganza business (sanggok nanping district). 114
2016 bond project - roadway improvements. 226
2016 bus lane addition - farmin-stidwell elem. 197
2016 business everywhere (2 yeoncheon tool). 118
2016 cctv camera project. 107
2016 children~~s park playground improvement project - information quote of the number of electronic public notice. Public notice 133
2016 cip - contract b street and utility improvements. 220
2016 city bus standard accounting due diligence and research services, transportation costs. 119
2016 clarifier painting projects. 168
2016 concrete replacement and repair. 107
2016 concrete trail renovation project. 135
2016 crack filling and seal coat. 113
2016 crack seal program. 123
2016 facility improvements whittier elementary school. 115
2016 fire officials global benchmarking study abroad (secondary) services. 120
2016 flood protection improvements project. 116
2016 girls~~ high school year gyeongdeok guidance quote of the feed milk can be purchased for a small advertisements. 139
2016 hardscape rehabilitation. 144
2016 hwaseong cultural foundation stage maintain equipment maintenance management services. 116
2016 imp sidewalk projects. 136
2016 imp sidewalk projects. 134
2016 in place paving on various roads in the borough. 138
2016 irwin borough street resurfacing project. 215
2016 local streets resurfacing project - phase ii. 209
2016 mccullough avenue maintenance project. 157
2016 medical cheonan pibokryu bidding. 103
2016 mft street resurfacing project. 137
2016 microsurfacing, patch, overlay and concrete maintenance program. 251
2016 motor fuel tax materials. 126
2016 namyangju local road and local road lane paint work (contract price). 122
2016 partial parallel taxiway extension project. 102
2016 paving work at conant, fremd, hoffman, palatine and schaumburg high schools. 109
2016 prefectural road safety facility setting construction conduct design services (seonamgwon). 127
2016 public parking lot maintenance construction (annual cost). 121
2016 public survey constant pipeline project. 117
2016 purchase clinical laboratory reagents and supplies. 106
2016 road excavation and repair defective manhole maintenance construction construction waste treatment services (unit price contract). 125
2016 road improvements. 107
2016 road maintenance - seal coating. 111
2016 road maintenance repair construction management (pangyo district) waste treatment services. 116
2016 road maintenance repair construction management (zone 2) waste processing services. 121
2016 road paving bids. 130
2016 road program. 133
2016 roadside improvements - mahoney road bridge guiderail. 121
2016 roadway improvement program. 150
2016 roadway improvement program. 128
2016 roadway improvement program. 116
2016 roadway striping. 139
2016 sanitary sewer rehabilitation project. 180
2016 school year field trips anyang jungangcho charter bus service for a small number of leasing quote announcement (urgent). 102
2016 school year field trips foster quote veterinary services. 106
2016 school year, middle school chungho mokpo travel guide services quote entrusted a small number of advertisements. 131
2016 sewer lining. 210
2016 st john~s cc fire/disability/toilets. 205
2016 street milling program. 166
2016 street paving program. 130
2016 street resurfacing. 196
2016 township hall parking lot and pathway project. 157
2016 townwide pavement markings - crosswalks/symbols project. 107
2016 victory road double chip seal project. 120
2016 water main replacement woodland avenue 22nd street to 28th street. 149
2016 water plant expansion construction (266-3 dongnaemyeon goeunri street vicinity). 127
2016 yangzhou local road and local road lane paint work (contract price). 118
2016 year of combating malaria epidemic prevention disinfection work (deogyang-gu 3rd district). 124
2016 year of combating malaria epidemic prevention disinfection work (second deogyang-gu district). 117
2016 year of manufacture four kinds of postal employees to cover purchases. 120
2016 year of manufacture purchase postmen work shoes. 106
2016 yeoju local road and local road pavement maintenance costs of waste transportation services contract. 129
2016 yongin local road and local road pavement maintenance costs of waste transportation services contract. 125
2016-2017 capital needs projects. 143
2016-a improvement contract. 139
2017 mountain tunnel interior repair. 126
2017 police interceptor sport utility vehicles (rebid). 120
202 with other legislative beongil bad one won 3 points tap water pipe maintenance construction. 126
20th street sidewalk phase 2. 169
20th street sidewalks phase 1. 168
220 kv switchyard package. 139
2216 housing services & amenities providing room attendant in m.L.A. campus (sadasya nivas) sector no.21 at gandhinagar. (for twelve months). 212
25 kv ac emu transformer complete as per rdso s spec.No.Rdso-pe-spec-emu-0137( rev.0) - 2009. 255
2D detector for Balder Beamline at Max IV Laboratory. 129
3 routes to the outside lane painted construction misiryeong. 121
3/4 inch isolating cock (ball type ) without vent for ac electric locomotives. 269
3pl logistics service for the fuels business. 390
4 mm cutting electode class n1 as per rdso specn. no. irs:m-28/12, amend. no.1 of mar. 2003 and amend. no.02 of sept. 2003. 131
4" pvc schedule 40, heavy wall rigid conduit. 112
4-year framework contract to design, supply and installation of canteen kitchens in the facilities of wetteraukreises based on a pattern equipment. 205
4th street 8-inch waterline guernsey. 159
5 pin modular socket, switch, cover plate, steel plate and led indicator etc . size of the steel plate - 5 x 3 vertical . details description attached annexure. 201
5 pin modular socket, switch, cover plate, steel plate and led indicator etc. size of the steel plate - 4 x 3 horizontal . details description attached in annexure. 202
50 MW Solar PV Plant at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. 331
511- joint disaster recovery/redevelopment plan. 140
6~-0" bench with back, stock. 103
90 male elbow assly. size1/4 x 1/4 part no. 11.32.0687 drg. no. sk no. 0652. 119
900 va sine wave ups with sealed maintenance free battery 12 v, 65ah with 2 years replacement guarantee. make:- amaron/luminious/exide/similiar. 109
97 beongil other one won one point water pipe maintenance construction defects as possible. 125
A multi-year framework agreement of four (4) years of services on assistance for cessna 182 long range for the benefit of air support unit of the federal police. 166
A provider can use Appendix 5. CV of offered key personnel with experience list. 292
A r and m o piw supply in nca during 2015 16 sh replacement of old r.O and water cooler system at various sub division under ufws division. 127
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh cleaning of sewerline and manholes at various bungalows under section i. 130
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh cleaning of sewerline and manholes at various bungalows under section ii. 130
A&e services for bus stop site analyses. 168
A) supply of fresh agglomerated or equivalent grain activated carbon according to drinking water treatment. din en 12915-1. 170
A/c replacement at broward county~s port everglades department. 139
A/r and m/o to new cgo building, churchgate, mumbai 20 dg. 2016 - 17. sh: providing inspection vehicle for ee, mcd i, cpwd, mumbai. 127
A251-795 replacement roof over garage and office - construction. 189
Access road trough Matta. 150
Accessibility improvements. 138
Accumulater stainiess steel as per part no.Flc-rly-046 of m/s fedders lloyd or equivalent suitable for fedders lloyd make roof mounted ac coaches. 117
Accurately Reflecting the Ukraine-Europe Union Association Agreement in Ukrainian Media. 266
Acetone (ch3coch3) liquid. 236
Acquiring Medicinal Products. 298
Acquisition Contrast agents. 482
Acquisition of arms. 487
Acquisition of fresh fruit and vegetables, processed products of 4th and 5th range for administrative restaurant of the pas-de-calais. 225
Acquisition of medical equipment minor surgical (laboratory) to the national hospital for orthopaedics and rehabilitation "von ahn doctor jorge" moh 2016-ort-cd-008. 160
Acquisition of natural gas. 521
Acquisition of network equipment for the laboratory for particle physics Clermont-Ferrand UMR 6533 / CNRS. 197
Acquisition, installation and commissioning of radiotherapy accelerators. 495
Acsr conductor 100 sq.Mm. 205
Addiction Research Development in Georgia. 170
Addition to existing surveillance system. 123
Addition/alteration to officers institute at af stn phalodi. 129
Additional work on palara to trisingiya road under missing link plan 2015-16. 127
Additions & renovations to the new hope - solebury high school and middle school. 160
Additions and alterations to burnt hills-ballston lake high school. 158
Addn altn of chemical cleaning bay bldg no p49 nd mb and to a 85 a 30 at ins angre and certain other works under age b r i under ge nw kunjali. 152
Addn altrn to bldg no p 5 at palampur provn of chain link fencing at e area at alhilal and provn of exhaust fans in kitchen for jcos ors md accn at alhilal mil stn. 187
Addn/altn to r and d and ei bldg at mcu at af stn palam under ge af tughlakabad. 143
Adhesive sd sleeve , size: 24/6, colour: transparant, material: outer layer : braided polyolefin transparent, inner layer: thermoplasatic adhesive to specification no. clw/es/3/0154/q. 270
Adjusment shim for commutating pole of tao-659 as per drg. no. 3tms/cnb/drg/2013/24 alt-1 thickness ref. 3 hole dia ref b is: 2062/2006, e 250 grade a. 136
Adjustment, repair and layout work uniform clothing. 121
Administration and implementation of the federal program "season": social participation through labor for younger refugees and unemployed beneficiaries. 243
Administration buildings, installations and performance technique of osh and after. 330
Adult and other education services. 109
Adult Employability Services. 312
Advancing Civil Society Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS). 157
Advice on obtaining financing sources, including the preparation of the application documentation. 365
Advisory service and introduction of necessary documents for national accreditation of two medical laboratories with the appropriate departments according mkc en iso / iec 15189: 2013. 116
Ages arc accident victims joint government bunhyangso flowers decorated the altar and maintenance services. 121
Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation. 148
Agricultural machinery. 134
Agricultural management at fulton county. 162
Air compressor: kaeser; bsd (t) series. 125
Air conditioner, 2.5,3.5 & 4.5 blue star make. 123
Air cylinder of dom arrangement for bobrn wagon to rdso s drg. no. wd-92081-s -54 alt no. 1 one material specification as per drawing. 117
Air cylinder of dom to drawing-specification rdsos drg no wd-92081-s-54, alt.No.L. 241
Air flow measurement. 108
Air intake filter housing rr 80101 model ug as per drg.No.Goc/ d/sk-1-15056 item 1 to 15 01 set 15 items . 152
Air piping complete for n-32 tap changer . repl s pt.No.A-4427. drg. no. am-300307-r1. 177
Air transport services. 190
Aircraft (helicopter) liability and hull insurance. 279
Airport connector roads and other roads in host park - county dedicable roads. 170
Airport engineering services. 141
Airport Engineering Services. 267
Airport improvement cargo access. 177
Albuquerque zoo - jaguar yard. 206
Alc cleaning. 212
Alfond campus center roof replacement. 185
Alfreton & donna road water main project. 188
Algeria,Congo Democratic Republic of,Ethiopia,Kenya : KENYA gives Sh7m to support the national womens team trip to ALGERIA. 245
Alkaline batteries. 113
Allapattah flats k8 - building pressure retrofit. 109
Allen bolt size 12 x 70 mm thread length 42mm, as per is: 2269/2006, grade-12.9. 125
Allotment of normal parking for cycle/scooter/m/cycle/car & premium for two wheelers parking contract at aurangabad railway station for a period of three months on quotation basis. 150
Allotment of pccvs viz. auto/taxi/tempo/mini-bus/bus etc. parking at adilabad railway station for a period of three months on quotation basis. 145
Allotment of pccvs viz. auto/taxi/tempo/mini-bus/bus etc. parking at aurangabad railway station for a period of three months on quotation basis. 145
Allotment of pccvs viz. auto/taxi/tempo/mini-bus/bus etc. parking at jalna railway station for a period of three months on quotation basis. 145
Alstahaug municipality need leases of 30-32 cars in the sectors of health, construction and property, municipal and municipal sweepers being. The acquisition also includes a van to Alstahaug Joint Cou. 179
Alternative paving methods. 138
Amc for 320 kva dg set. 122
Amc for battery, battery charger, avr , relay and protection system, in nalco, cpp, angul, odisha. 124
Amc for electrical equipment installed at nic data centre at 7th floor at 1st mso building at nizam palace kolkata 700020. 124
Amc for hp servers/storage. 101
Amc of different companies make ups like apc, emerson, samtek etc.. 126
Amc of washing seat covers,loose covers,curtains,etc of staff cars. 132
Amc: mechanical equipments which consists tlf loading arms, manometers, slot dipping, air vent and pbpv valves device at malda depot. 112
Amino acid analyser. 173
Ammunition trap cleaning. 111
Amp 2 john deshields parking lot/sidewalk improvement. 130
Amtsgericht koenigs wusterhausen, rehabilitation and extension, heating installation. 125
An-16-a1 - pc concrete alley paving & incidentals. 132
An-16-c1 - pc concrete alley paving & incidentals. 118
Anchor link drawing no. t-0-7-603 alt ( z ) and (15) item-1 and 2, col.-1. 125
Angle for lhb coaches. 204

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