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Articles from Mena Report (April 7, 2016)

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"bi-arc for hiring of 12 hours pick-up uitlity type vehicle for 66kv dahisara gss preferably (mahindra champer) under bhuj tr division. 207
"Extend the sewerage network LETEA OLD VILLAGE IN THE STREETS peonies, tulips, roses and silo village Letea Veche, jud. Bacau. 156
"m & r to kharaghoda branch canal from ch.0.00 km. to ch.22.830 km. & its distributories of bl-35 & 36 (year 2015-16). 203
"Services for processing data arrangement of information on the Web site on software applications and other services to provide information technology infrastructure" (Services for processing data arr. 119
(A) 1 In 8.5 Cms Obtus Xing For 52 Kg Rdso Drg. No. T-5265 (B) 1 In 20 Cms Xing For 60 Kg To Rdso Drg.No. T-5860. 134
(A) Engaging agency for data entry of analysis result for one year period at the O/o S.E.(Coal) & O/o Dy. CE (TI&C), Mahagenco, Nagpur. (B) Data entry of monthly coal supply bills & typing work. 148
(a) Improvement of Rajapur R & H-Dopalla Bazar road (Ch. 00-500m) (Road ID: 413954040). (b) Improvement of Kaliapara-Nayanagar-Baniachow road (Kaliapara-Baniachow-Debpur via post Office) road (Ch. 00-. 123
(kohdra to pawna. 102
(kohdra to pawna. 127
(limited tender) 04 types of raw material. 114
(TSZHS) Purchases from domestic producers of paper. 210
, 30200000 computer equipment and supplies; floppy disk drive / floppy drives,hard / hard drive,compact discs,network cards,energy supplies,computer mouse,computer keyboards. 105
.Supply, delivery and fixing of door number plates in 51 to 99 locations. 136
/entity:dgm/1813 12.7mm armour piercing incendiary rounds. 243
/entityAd hoc Taxi services for 8 passengers or less.II.2)Type of contractServicesII.3)Short description of the specific contractTransportation of appropriate council staff.II.4)Common procurement voc. 197
: MacGregor signs loose lashing orders for twelve container vessels. 261
~ u ~ clamp for silencer flexible pipe. 122
02 full time cleaners and 02 par time cleaners. 125
02 misc civil works at bhalar township, wani north area. 139
02 seater bench cum desk of size 1048 mm (w) x 895 mm (d) x 750 mm (h) and specification as per godrej model scholar or similar .As per skech a and b. 115
03 Misc Civil works at Bhalar township , Wani North Area. 101
04 items of cam wheel shaft, r.W. axle and shaft. 111
048.16.B3-Domestic Water System Piping Replacement-Pointer Run Elementary School. 112
049.16.B3-Parking Lot Lighting Replacement-Howard High School. 110
1 .Reparing of gear box assly of til make crane model 830m sl reparing of air conditioner of be1000 machine sl no g10117 of umrer ocp. 146
1 High Pressure Hand Pump - Features And Specifications - Light Weight, Robust Steel Construction, Max. Operating Pressure 700 Bar/10,000 Psi With Quick Release System - Qty Per Set 01 No 2 Hydraulic. 292
1 rmo of dg set at g block mod new delhi 2 rmo of dg set at a block mod new delhi sh providing for the replacement of 12v 25 plate 180 ah battery. 137
1 tb sata hdd for desktop configuration or similar. 110
1) carbide form tool to ofaj drg.No.Fs/t-2133 b. 2) carbide tip brazed flat form tool to ofaj.Drg.No.Fs/t-4823 b. 3) carbide stepped drill (r.H.) fs/t-6419b with internalcoolent. 148
1) construction/up gradation of shirala malewadi to kondaiwadi up to t/b road, taluka - shirala, dist- sangli 2) construction/up gradation of walwa to dudhari part masuchiwadi to satpewadi road, taluk. 172
1) grooving tooling set to sandvik 2)key to m/s.Sandvik cat.No.5680016-01. 3) carbide insert to m/s sandvik cat no.L166 og 16 un 01 120 gc4125 tolerance 3.A. 147
1)insulating sleeve to drg no 36670500354 #001 rev00 qty: 1800 no. 110
1)Oil Operated Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (Servomotor) Bore Dia- 500 Mm X 1414.2 Mm Stroke. 216
1)Operating Solenoid Coils To Drg No. 25211001563-011, Rev 14 (Coil Voltage 24V Dc. 174
1)Synchronizing Switch, 5 Position (Off-G1-G2-G3-G4) , 18 Pole As Per Item No-01. 479
1- screw pan head cross recess machine 10-24 x 1/2 drg.No 159920 alt f p.L.No-19152140 2- screw hexagon washer head tapping 1/4-20 x 5/8 drg.No 9419646 alt ca19151160. 317
1. bolt 1/2-20 dr hex (r/c s.N. 1384) drg. no. gm. pt.8088764 alt e p.L. no.19014272 . 2. bolt 1/2-20 hex drg. no. gm. pt.8287827 alt c p.L. no.19014296. 181
1. Bolt Hexagon (3/8-16X1-3/4 Cl 2A) As Per Drg. No.179845 Alt Eb P.L. No.19012068 . 2. Bolt 3/8-24 Hex (R/C S.N.479). 208
1. Bolt Hexagon 1/4-20X7/8 Cl-2A Plain As Per Drg. No.454813 Alt Ca,. 208
1. Digital Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector Model Einstein Ii R Make - Modsonic And Equivalent Only Rdso Approved Company Suitable For Ust Of Ir Axle And Wheel Conforming Rdso Spec No - M And C /Ndt/125/2004. 220
1. Installtion of Street light point from dashera ground ( Ram bagh Road ) to tangri Bandh via Karanpuri Kunj vihar etc, and B.D. Flour mill Hathi Khana Mandir Ward no 17, Ambala Sadar zone. 143
1.1 kv grade xlpe insulated and pvc sheathed aluminium armoured cable size 4x50mm square confirming to is no. 7098 part-i isi marked. 112 extension of the transport network in common high performance to the north in brussels: cost control - quantity survey - risk management - planning - service contract - negotiated procedure. 454
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 183
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 166
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 126
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 134
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 135
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 127
1.5 hp submersible pump. 185
1.Gasket expansion joint emd pt no.40026937. 2.Gasket adapter emd ptno.40026938. 3.Gasket exp joint to tsc emd pt.40026939. 4.Gasket chamber to adopter emd pt no.40026936. 213
1.Washer metric internal toth lock drg.No 121801 alt mb ab pl.19391286 2.Washer type a flat 0.438 x 1.0 x 0.083 drg.No 106263 alt bb. pl 19392059. 333
1.Washer regular helical spring lock-190 drg.No 120217 alt ea pl.19390105 2.Washer regular heliacal spring lock-1 drg.No 131048 alt aa.Pl.19354174. 326
1.Washer type a flat drg.No 106268 alt c. pl193913772. 2.Washer type a flat-0.219 x 0.500 x 0.049 drg.No 120391 alt cb .Pl19391390. 334
1.Washer type a plain 13/16 x 1 1/2 x 0.134 drg.No 131017.Pl 19391249 alt aa. 2.Washer drg.No gm ptno 131018 pl 19391419 alt bb. 333
1/16 inch nozzles type-anm for oxy-acetylene manual cutting blow pipes, make ador/l and t/ easb/arcut to: is 7653-1975 or latest. 109
1/2 12.7 mm dia zinc plated/galvanized lock bolts with collar with grip range 24-31, one set consisting of 1 no. lock bolt and 1 no. collar. 120
10 amps one way switch modular similar to crabtree code no. actxxwioi refered make: crabtree, record, cpl, roma and ssk. 111
1000 kva transformer. 129
105 sq mm (19 / 7 / 1.016 mm annealed stranded copper jumper wire ( large jumper wire) confirming to rdso spec. eti / ohe/ 3 ( 2 / 94) with a and c slip no. 1. 308
10x12 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
12 x 15 green sensitive x-ray films. 348
125 5a lt tvr with dlms and with irda port for cat c consumer meters under ipds and for regular works. 124
125 and 150 MM Vyas Bore khanan at different ward in Timarni. 119
12v-17ah sealed maintenance free battery similar to exide make. model no.Ep-17-12. makes:exide, amarraja,sf sonic. warranty is applicable. _. 128
13 items - h.T socket head cap screw & h.T hexagonal socket head cap screws. 115
14x14 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
14x17 green sensitive x-ray films. 346
150 sq.Mm single core elastomeric cable. 472
1516-08 Design & Build of New Care Home Clydebank. 187
16 sq. mm red thin walled flex. elast. cable with cu. cond, up to 750v. rdso letter no.El/2.2.37. 191
16 unskilled and 5 semiskilled workers. 145
16-dir-udo-001. reference number: 16-dir-udo-001. 501
1st no.Leaf front (four frame buses). 130
1Supply of Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Jack - Features And Specification - Hydraulic Hallow Plunger Jack Of 30T Capacity, Spring Return Single Acting Plain Ram, Close Height 175 Mm.,Extended Height 250 M. 265
1upgradation of roads 1) jalna to siraswadi-block boundary ,km 0/700-4/200 block-jalna, 2) from sh-225-(nanegaon)-saiygaon-dongargaon-kajala-ghotan 12/500 -16/500 block-badnapur, 3) from deopimpalgaon. 182
2 act (adult) strip. 136
2 inch strainer check valve unit to elbe part no.5493/1 or equivalent (wsf part no.Da 8158/3) for ng locos. 105
2-18ghz rf frontend signal conditioning unit. 114
2. Installation of street light line with LED light in New Paras nagar Ward no 12, Municipal Corporation Ambala sadar Zone. 130
20 feet container for accommodating scientific equipments and records. 120
20 mm nominal dia actual dia 21.2 mm of length 115 mm close-fitted turned bolts to is: 3640-1982 r-2001 . property class 4.6 with nut. 115
20 watts high frequency electronic ballast for cab fluorescent light to clw specn no. clw/es/3/0041 or latest. 392
2015/16 national highway & state roads asphalt program. 177
2016 capital improvements - bp-03.07 roof replacement. 105
2016 food safety training. 176
2016 hvac projects. 199
2016 inlet rehab. 206
2016 ktec west wall rehabilitation project. 174
2016 mexia hs hvac renovations. 130
2016 moj tender for national supply of tamper evidence products. 225
2016 paving projects. 162
2016 street improvements. 142
2016 w. main street sidewalk annual maintenance and repair project. 157
2016 water system looping. 115
2016dfa74 - market has good multi-attribute order concerning benefits verification machinery and work equipment, lifting and individual protection. 221
26 types of raw materials (steel/aluminium/brass/bronze alloy). 151
2items of barrel. 103
3 core, 150 sq mm, 11kve xlpe insulated, pvc sheathed, armoured al. conductor cable, confirming. 355
3 hp 10 bar scroll type air cooled oil free air compressor pump. 135
3 pole power contactor with 1 no 1 nc auxilary contacts of current rating of 40 amp. ac 3 duty and control coil voltage of 125-127 volts ac make schneider electric or secheron or siemens make only. 118
3 rv fire ring drg. no. ske - 1355 , part no. 10124986. 128
3-axle truck with a crane and 3-axle demountable. 133
3.3kv/3.6 kv hrc power fuse. 108
3/4 inch thickness floor pvc grass mat. colour - green. 105
3/4 safety valve type t 2 set at 7.75 kg/cm2 as per recon drg no. rec/sv/30009-as per escort s drg no. 3ep5551/1 as per wsf part no.J.70929/19. 133
30 way /pin socket of input/output cable connector type wire to board 2.54 mm pitch spacing type 3419 of 3 m make with side s.S. lock make 3 m , harding or tyco only. authorised dealer to quote only. 122
30-metric-ton track-type excavators. 114
304-a2 stainless steel hex headed bolts and nut as per is: 1363 along with two nos. washer thickness : 2 mm as per is : 3063, size: m6 x 20 mm long. 120
36-mos. lease of: color duplex document scanner - brand name or equivalent to a fujitsu fi-6670. 102
3m 1620 safety goggles flexible vinyl frame polycarbonate frame / lens perforation for ventilators, meets ansi. standard. 104
3phase lt ct operated electronic trivector meters of class 0.5s with 4nos 125/5a cts of class 0.5s with p.P.Box. 131
3u processor board. 125
4 act (1 -- 4 years) strip. 138
4 core shielded cable for aws as per siemens price schedule to offer no. ic/mol/ra/ ml/tvd/a0023/ssb make. siemens or caliplast or delton only. 109
4 gb ddr3 ram for desktop configuration. 108
4 inch duplex pressure gauge.Range 0-14 kg/cm2 marking mr and fp. to rdso drg no. sk.Dp.3512 alt.3. 176
4 Pole, 415 V, Lv 32 Amps Panel Mounting Socket And Straight Plug With Cable Grip ? 12 To 21.5 Mm For Refrigerated Containers With Ip 66/67 Protection. 151
4 types of electronics items. 118
4- footed table. 159
400,000 gallon spheroid exterior overcoat, wet interior repaint, dry interior partial repaint and miscellaneous repairs project. 113
450mm 18 inches heavy duty wall circulater similar to almonard model no. tempest make: bajaj, cg, havells, almonard. 127
5 mm dia manual metal arc welding electrodes,classd,type of coating:heavy,packing as per 5-1-1 aws a, 5.5 code:e8018w2. spec.Irs: m-28/12,. 128
5.3mm +-0.3 high.Stren. steel. 114
500 lmp cap submercible pump with motor 25hp suitable for 415 volt 3-phase 50 hz of discharge head 62 m. make-ksb, sakti, cri. 105
5000 GPH capacity Modified Type Iron Removal Plant (IRP) at Santipur under Santipur GP of Dasda Block under North Tripura District (2nd call). 136
54 inch radiator cooling fan assembly with motor to dlw pt. no.18090023. 138
6 amps multisocket /5 pin socket 2 pin 3 pin as per roma code:30373 m or crabtree athena sap code:acakpxw065.Accepted make:roma/crabtree/ssk/cpl only. 119
66kv d/c & m/c,220 kv d/c tower materials including supply of n/b as per specifications on price variation basis. 189
7637kg. of rubber rssv 3450kg. and 4187kg. of scrap produced at rrs, agartala. 130
8-12.5 amp o/l relay (09 nos), 2) : 40-63 ampa o/l relay (04 no ). (02 items) (01 set ). 107
80 nb cast basalt lined 90 degree bend & 65 nb - cast basalt lined 45 degree bend. 122
800 ma high fregency x-ray machine with image intensifier tv. 133
89 plj of pipe line under sub dn bhinyad on annual rate contract. 134
8port rs232/rs422/rs485 pci serial board - 3.000 no. 105
90 d volk lens. 162
90 plj of pipe line under sub dn sheo on annual rate contract. 131
92 plj of pipe line glr under wss barmer ka par achal singh kd under badp. 126
A r and m o to new cbi quarters at k k nagar during 2016 17 sh providing intergral water proofing treatment and replacement of water supply line etc. to pump house. 136
A Set Of Spares For Maintenance Of Under Floor Wheel Lathe Consisting Of 05. 121
A waste-to-energy facility in Herten. 216
A watch and ward cum care taking and house keeping in cpwd inspection bungalow from 16/04/2016 to 15/09/2016. 134
a) construction of library building in indira nagar at ward no-4 b) construction of library building at ward no-13 c) construction of library building near water tank maddi peth at ward no-24d) constr. 147
A-3 size spriral binding machine-18 inch 52 holes make oddy or similar tenders are requested to mention their make and model no in the tender and up load the catalogue for the modal offered. 356
A-r m-o asia house at k.G. marg, new delhi dg. 2016-17 sh misc. building repair. 113
A/R and M/O District Court Complex, Saket, N.D. Dg. 16-17. (SH- Comp. AMC for various RO plants1. Main Court Build. 1250 LPH, 2. Utility Block 550 LPH h, 3. Lawyers Chamber Block 1250 LPH, 4. Lawyers. 149
A/r and m/o to cpwd non-resd. building at punaichak, patna during 2016-17. sh-up-keeping and maintenance of cpwd guest house for 12 twelve months. 126
A/r and m/o to residential and non-residential building of income tax, central excise,. 123
A/r and m/o to residential and non-residential buildings of income tax, central excise, gpoa, cpwd and holiday home at udaipur during the year 2016-17. 122
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 1 -D-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 130
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 1 -DX-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 126
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 1 EF,EG,EH,EK-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 133
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 2 -DN-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 130
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 3 -B-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 133
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 3 -C-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 134
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 3 -EN-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 130
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 4 -E-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 130
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 4 -F-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 130
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 5 -D-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 134
A/R S.R. Anurakshan works under Section No. 5 -E-Type Bunglow- At Char Imli, Under P.W.D. Survey Cum Construction Sub Division Bhopal. 133
A/r to security wall. 120
A/R to various non residential building for the year 2015-16 Supply of following man power of various categories in Division / Sub Division office at Gurgaon for the year 2015-16.(period from 1.04.2. 102
A3 color laser auto-duplexing printer - 7.000 no. 103
A3 size economical compact size printer with easy operation and low energy consumption with networking system having simitri hd polymerized toner system along with 3 liquid toner bottles. 117
A4 copier paper. 162
A4 size lazer printer. 116
A7XG-L5Q9RG Independent Person and Independent Investigating Service. 158
Aberdeen Art Gallery - Fit Out Partitions Contract Package 1. 143
AC Water Group 1028. 190
Acb-800A. Three Pole 50Ka 415V Ac Manual Draw Out Acb With Over Load/Short Circuit. 143
Acceptance Testing of Towers constructed by M/s ITI Huawei in Ph-V Project which are pending for AT (29 cases) & 34 cases where AT Conducted but ATC pending for few punch points Location: MATHIMANE DS. 103
Access control - phase 5. 147
Accessories for reclining arragement for reclining chair drg. no. c/cf- 443/c item no. 1 to 7 required qty lh. 50 percent and rh 50 percent note - sample to be approved . 130
Accidental insurance scheme for student and their parent teaching non teaching staff. 123
Acetone a.R.Quality drawing:analytical reagent a.R. quality of glaxo/emerc/bdh/s.D.Fine chemical please quote the rate for accountal unit in litre only. 246
Acetone to specn : is-170-2004 (fourth revision). 208
Achitectural services and advisory ingenirtjenester. 405
Acid tank replacement. 114
Acquisition of a laboratory management system. 502
Acquisition of a tractor with mill. reference number: 2016-8400-001. 511
Acquisition of catering to special technology "Trinitas". 380
Acquisition Of Health Services Veterinare- Munteni Buzau Csv, Csv Sinesti. 518
Acquisition of raw material (corn silage) for biogas,. 526
Acquisition of single use items for personal. 246
Acquisition Of White Goods (Air Conditioners Split Systems With Included Mounting,. 136
Active network components. 222
Actuarial services. 155
Ada self evaluation and transition plan. 144
Adapter blanking to ofdc drg. no.Sk-2939 in finish condition. 132
Addition and alteration to 5 nos md accn at 2n det vellachi and certain other works under ge (navy) chennai. 168
Addition and alteration to airmen billets at air force station chimney hills bangalore. 144
Additional and unforeseen works for construction of primary and secondary road network in the Multi-purpose Complex Milci Gevgelija. 196
Additional Work Including Landscaping And External Lighting For Director Bungalow Balance Work In Connection With Construction Of Permanent Campus Of Iiser Kolkata At Haringhata Kalyani Dist Nadia Wb. 117
Additions and alterations in the existing nmr building inmas complex delhi. 126
Additive for ch4 diesel engine oil for kolkata. 108
Addn/ altn to airmen mess at vsn nagpur. 158
Addn/altn to existing hangar at mcu at af stn palam under ge af tughlakabad. 139
Aden/Ed Subdivision Zone D2-Sankagiri(Incl)-Tiruppur(Incl)- Service Buildings. 132
Aden/Ed Subdivision Zone D3- Work Shop. 130
Aden/Ptj Subdivision-Zone G-S&T Work Shop. 130
Adult and other education services. 370
Advertisement agencies for installing advertisement hoardings in jammu cantt area. 141
Advertising and marketing services. 157
Advertising services. 161
Advertising services. 145
Aerial and related services. 215
Aeroquip make high pressure high impulse hose assemblies. 110
After market automotive collision replacement parts. 128
Aftermarket Body And Fender Parts. 108
Agenda management software. 139
Agg base course, cl 4, 4,530 ton; 33,247 SY of milling pavement surface; 122,322 SY of PCC pavement grinding; 7,110 SY of 8" conc pavement repair, full depth doweled;. 230
Agreement on receipt of recyclable waste handling, sorting and afstning. 468
Agriculture & engineering buildings exterior restoration projects. 171
Agro-chemical products. 177
Air charter for the uni volleyball season. 139
Air conditioner for howrah branch (alternate premises) in howrah region. 102
Air Conditioning Of Branch Office,Shobhagpura. 115
Air conditioning work of endoscopy ward at jln hospital amer. 134
Air cooled chiller preventative maintenance 2016. 111
Air Cooler Fin Fan Bearing With Housing. 116
Air Cooler With Polymer Body Fan Size: 18 , Water Tank Capacity: 51 Ltrs. Min. , Air Delivery: 4000 M3/Hr Input Power: 185 Watts Or Below Voltage: 230V, 50Hz Ac With Durapump Technology Along With Whi. 181
Air dryer. 199
Air elbow turbo to after cooler pt. no. 10122795 for wds-6 loco. 381
Air filter element outer 4445 / 4385 to voltas part no: mh40939d3 or m and m part no: 006000455f1 for the use of voltas 3 ton forklift model: dvmax3t kat bc. 115
Air filter with sealing ring for gear unit of wap -5 locomotives as per adtranze drg no ia012-00450 rev.B and ia-012-00456. 111
Air flow measuring valve kit (consists of 17 items) skdp-2705, item nos 2,6,8,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,22,24,28,and30. 175
Air inlet hose. 126
Air jet erosion testing system. 127
Air pipe complete. 184
Air purifier as per spec. enclosed. 336
Aircraft avenue and birch circle sanitary sewer repairs. 306
Aircraft equipment. 477
Aircraft equipment. 478
Airfield pavement rehabilitation project - phase 2. 322
Airport Feasibility Study. 119
Airport land use compatibility planning and related environmental services. 144
Ak - medical equipment (anesthesia machine, vital functions monitoravimo system) purchase. 151
Al alloy rod to spec bs 1474:1972 size:dia 16 + 0.05/-0.10 mm having min 1.5 mtr straight length. 130
ALC Othmarsingen / Spare Neubauten troops building and fire station with two operating apartments. 121
All kinds of building and road construction material supply. 123
All that piece and parcel of the property bearing , residential apartment bearing no. 105. 456
All Wool Cloth Serge Having Minimum Width 140 Cms (Exclusive Of Selvedges),. 203
Allen public library - chiller replacement / allen animal shelter - hvac replacement. 162
Alley reconstruction projects. 156
Alloy steel round bar 32 mm. 161
Alloy steel round bar 55.5mm dia. 166
Alterations to the existing electrical installation. 287
Alternator to cummins pt no - 4078701 oem/authorized dealers only to quote. 104
Aluminium angle moulding(anodised) size1.6x 20x20mm in lengthof -12 feet to is 737/ 2008 designation 65032. conditiont-4 . 257
Aluminium window works to be carried out in hudco flat hig-201, vijay stambh. 136
Ambulance emergency response vehicle services in the province of lower austria. 210
Amc charges for scavini rtfot apparatus in qc. 102
Amc for autocad. 114
Amc for electrical equipments and minor electrical works with material in min of health. 135
Amc for preventive and break down maintenance of vapor fan, classifier and cyclone separators of 2x110 mw boiler ptps panki, kanpur. 114
Amc for preventive/routine maintenance and breakdown maintenance work of ball mills of 2x110 mw boiler of ,ptps,panki,kanpur. 115
Amc of campus area network of naval dockyard for one three years. 156
Amc of canon photocopier machine. 123
Amc of laser marking machine in assaying and hallmarking centre at jhandewalan, new delhi. 136
Amc of printer. 108
Amc of servers, desktops, laptops, dot matrix printers, entry level laser printers color printers and passbook printers. 138
AMC work of 02 Fish Acqverium Situated in T T nagar Stadium Bhopal. 128
AME of Electricity of colony at Rampur for the 2015-16 (Providing street lights and Errection of High Mast at Rampur colony). 112
American indians into nursing. 102
Amphibian and reptile background monitoring and monitoring of natura. 143
Amsa-dong 496-26 et 501-3 ~ 8 times the water line maintenance construction sites. 123
An organization/entity to serve as the fiscal agent for the south central workforce development area/ board. 125
An/apr-39d(v)2 integration. 101
Anabond 666t plus each contains 100 gm. 136
Anaesthetics. 139
Analytical or scientific software package. 176
Anbudsinbjudan hr system in 2016. 172
Anchor link to drg. no. cc-07133, alt-nil. 120
Anchoring hook anembly for e.P.Contactor of wam - 4 loco as per clw drg.No.2 twd/112-01. 119
Ancillary works for electricity power lines. 132
Ancillary works in-conneclion with track maintenance, assistance to track machine, overhauling of L gates and distressing of track & cess repairing. 103
Ancillary works in-connection with track maintenance, assistance to track machine, overhauling of L gales and distressing of track & cess repairing,. 108
Angioplasty supplies. 235
Angle ring to nei drg. no. pesd-6101 part no-7 for wap-7 axle box. 103
Angola,China : New centre launched for visa procedure to CHINA. 125
Angola,United States : Statement by IMF Deputy Managing Director Min Zhu on Angola. 155
Angular contact ball bearing single row size:190mm id x 260mm od x 33mm. 151
Angular contact ball bearing skf no: 3306 a/c3 metallic cage imported only. make: skf / europe, or fag / germany. 121
Annual /Maintenance of L/s work in Rajiv Gandhi Park sector-1 MDC , Recreational of park sector-1 MDC, sector-6 MDC, Sports Complex sector-3 Panchkula. 138
Annual asphalt repair project. 123
Annual Cleaning Of Up-Keeping Of Excavation Office And Different Sheds Of New Excavation Workshop At Dipka Expansion Project Of Dipka Area. 155
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance And Operation Of Sound Reinforcement System. 119
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of Engine Alternator sets of different capacities from 10 KVA to 62.5 KVA (Greaves & Eicher make. 109
Annual Contract for Endress Hauser Ultrasonic Flow Meter. 205
Annual contract for endress hauser ultrasonic flow meters. 191
Annual contract for hiring of vehicle Non A/C Car for Executive Engineer (V& S) Kalyan for the year 2016-17. 141
Annual contract for hiring of vehicles for Testing Division under Kalyan Circle II for the year 2016-17. 137
Annual Contract For Maintenance Of Lakya Dam And Pollution Control Dams Of Kiocl Limited At Kudremukh. 135
Annual Contract for Meter reading, through Digital Photography with Data Entry, IR meter reading through HHU & bill distribution. 159
Annual Contract for Meter reading, through Digital Photography with Data Entry, IR meter. 160
Annual Contract for Meter reading, through Digital Photography with Data Entry. 159
Annual Contract for performing the work as Feeder Manager On 11kv NIRAWAGAJ GAOTHAN FEEDER under Baramati(R) Sub-Dn under MSEDCL at Baramati Division. 144
Annual Contract for Street Sweeping and other City Cleaning Works for package no. 1 in wards no 1 to 23 at Basavana Bagewadi Town for the year 2016-17. 117
annual contract for supply of suji to bvy (mb). 130
Annual contract for the work providing Xerox Services at Latur Zone & Circle Office Premises. 133

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