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Articles from Mena Report (April 4, 2016)

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" providing, supplying, lowering and jointing of water supply pipeline inside utility tunnel from wtp to various existing and upcoming developments plus 3 years of o&m in the gift city ". 213
"choosing a contractor for an assessment of compliance and implementation of construction supervision of buildings. 299
"conducting an inventory of forest areas and making hunting plan, plan activities for preservation of forest areas from fires and for making forestry plan for forest areas - state property in lots, as. 503
"Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Of 25 Kv, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Ac, Electrification Works Including Ohe & Tss As Composite Electrical Work. 127
"fuel purchase strencu municipality needs". 161
"installation and balancing of tires and wheels for vehicles owned by tp" dls iskar ". 186
"periodic maintenance to penukonda- mudigubba-dorigallu road from km.28/0 to 52/0 (working reaches from 28/0 to 36/0, km.39/0 to 40/0 and km.43/0 to 52/0) in anantapuramu district. 173
"salisbury" tin-plated copper alloy ball studs. 122
"widening and strengthening of penukonda-roddam-kottala road from km. 3/555 to 24/817 in anantapuramu district". 154
(1) hp laser jet colour p 2055 d cartridge no-hp 505 a black qty 03 nos. ( one set consists of above 1 items ) note:- (2) offer withouto authorisation will summarily be rejected. 218
(1)-(I) Supply Of Standard Single Section Digital Axle Counter System (Ssdac) Configuration 2Dp. 500
(1)convertor (2)reversible ratchet (3)coupler (4)socket 1/2 inch (5) socket 3/4 inch (6)socket 1/2 inch. 122
(2) desilting and improvements to aqueduct of kotha kalava channel under rachakattu channel system near jalampalli(v) of madugula(m) in visakhapatnam district. 145
(5) desilting and improvements to v.K.Sagaram tank of j.V.Palem(v), s.Rayavaram(m), visakhapatnam. 141
(comm/15/0145) top graduates structure & posters 2016. 149
(I) Hiring Of 01 No. Ac Vehicle- Maruti Swift Dzire/ Tata Manza/ Ford Fist Or Similar For 12 Months For Chief Personnel Officer Of "P" Branch At Gm/ Core Office/ Allahabad. 143
(mini bus #1) cpa-mws - providing conveyance to shift engineers and conveyance to school going children of employees from ktps colony to navabharat public school & back during the year 2016- 17 i.E. f. 187
(mini bus #1) cpa-mws - providing conveyance to shift engineers and conveyance to school going children of employees from ktps colony to navabharat public school & back during the year 2016- 17 i.E. f. 183
(ph no.:12024) azithromycin 1 gm (1) plus secnidazole 1 gm fluconazole plus 150 mg kit tablet. 124
(ph no.:20034) atazanavir 300 mg with ritonavir 100 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:21001) ambroxol (plus) dextro methorphan (plus) cetrizine (plus) pseudophedrn (plus) methol syp. 119
(ph no.:21121) brompheniramine maleate 4 mg pseudoephedrine hci 60 mg tab (nasrest cap). 117
(ph no.:22020) diltiazem 30 mg tab. 112
(ph no.:22061) propranolol hcl 10 mg tab. 111
(ph no.:22062) propranolol la 40 mg tab. 115
(ph no.:22129) metoprolol 25 mg plus amlodipine 5 mg tab. 114
(ph no.:23005) dexamethasone 0.5 mg tab. 111
(ph no.:23012) triamcinolone 40 mg/ ml-1 ml inj. 112
(ph no.:23038) sirolimus 2 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:24006) herbal cough syrup. 109
(ph no.:25026) cyclophosphamide 500 mg inj. 110
(ph no.:25079) tolterodine 1 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:26007) frusemide 40 mg amiloride 5 mg tab. 114
(ph no.:27006) citrus bioflav c calcium tab. 111
(ph no.:27009) ethamsylate 250 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:29005) methionine choline vitamins syrup 200 ml in bottle. 116
(ph no.:29008) tricholine citrate plus sorbitol solution 200 ml. 113
(ph no.:31045) i.V.Cannula port size - 24 ce/isi certified. 112
(ph no.:31058 scalp vein set size 22 plus. 109
(ph no.:31062) self adhesive iv fixation 5.5 cms x 5 cms. 113
(ph no.:31077) bone grafting paste 10 ml. 110
(ph no.:31098) l.S.Belt large. 107
(ph no.:31101) heavy weight cotton crepe bandage b.P. with fast edges 15 cm x 4 m. 118
(ph no.:31102) heavy weight cotton crepe bandage b.P. with fast edges 10 cm x 4 m. 118
(ph no.:31103) cervical collar soft - large size. 108
(ph no.:31104) l.S.Belt xl. 107
(ph no.:31105) elastic stockings (above knee) fda approved xl size. 111
(ph no.:31113) id bands general. 107
(ph no.:31123) crystal salt 1 kg pack. 108
(ph no.:31124) disp. syringes with needle 22g - 2 ml ce/isi certified. 113
(ph no.:31126) disp. needles for insulin pens. 108
(ph no.:31130) knee caps medium size fda approved (old ph no.47122). 113
(ph no.:32011) conjugated oestrogens 0.625 mg tab. 114
(ph no.:32013) clotrimazole vaginal 100 mg tab. 111
(ph no.:32031) hydroxy progesterone caproate 250 mg inj. 112
(ph no.:32035) medroxy progesterone acetate 10 mg tab. 112
(ph no.:32037) misoprostol 100 mcg tab. 110
(ph no.:32053) tibolone 2.5 mg tab. 111
(ph no.:32062) ethinyl oestradiol 35 mcg ciproteron acetate (diana 35) tab (pack of 21 tabs). 119
(ph no.:32070) oral probiotic lactobacillin rhamnos. 110
(ph no.:32081) ethinyl estradiol 0.02 mg plus desogestril 0.15 mg (kit of 21) tab. 120
(ph no.:32087) orniloxafene 60 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:32088) misoprostol 600 mcg tab. 110
(ph no.:40120) erba tubing set. 106
(ph no.:40159) HBS AG ELISA KIT 96 wells. 109
(ph no.:40161) hcv (elisa) 96 wells. 107
(ph no.:40175) hiv 1/hiv 2 spot test kit of 50 tests (2 different companies). 116
(ph no.:40191) isopropyl alcohol 2.5 lit bot. 109
(ph no.:40220) microscopic slides 75 mm x 25 mm x 1.15 mm (pkt of 72 s). 118
(ph no.:40264) rapid p a p kit. 108
(ph no.:40277) rg kit creatinine for erbachem 5 plus auto analyser, 4x50 ml. 114
(ph no.:40350) triglycerides kit 5 x 20 ml. 109
(ph no.:40438) micro albumin strip for myocard reader (pack of 24 test). 113
(ph no.:40473) ISO deef of hematology blood cell counters (18 litres). 112
(ph no.:40551) uric acid kit for erba xl - 640 auto analyser. 112
(ph no.:41009) sodium phosphate enema (proctolysis enema). 111
(ph no.:47168) self adhesive dressing aerating 15 x 10. 108
(ph no.:49004) framycetin skin cream 20 gm. 113
(ph no.:49018) bethamethasone plus clotrimazole plus gentamicin/neomcin 15 gm oint. 115
(ph no.:49046) anti-infective topical powder 10 gm. 111
(ph no.:49051) gentamicin with cortisone skin oint. 111
(ph no.:49052) heparin skin ointment. 109
(ph no.:49061) minoxidil lotion 2 percent 20 mg/ 60 ml. 114
(ph no.:49085) tacrolimus cream 0.03 percent. 111
(ph no.:49087) terbinafine hydrochloride cream 1 percent 10 gm. 113
(ph no.:49126) mometasone terbinafine oint. 109
(ph no.:49129) bosewellin cg 1.00 percent w/w, arbutin 0.5 percent w/w licorice, biscotrizole, octinoxate cream. 123
(ph no.:49143) acitretin 25 mg tab. 110
(ph no.:49191) sucralfate oint. 108
(ph no.:50007) anti-haemorrhoidal plus steroid ointment. 111
(ph no.:52060) momatasone nasal spray. 110
(ph no.:52061) gum paints - dologel 15 ml. 111
(ph no.:56007) thyroxine sodium 12.5 mcg tab. 113
(ph no.:57019) trihexyphenidyl 2 mg tab. 108
(ph no.:58002) dextrose 25 percent in 100 ml bottle. 116
(ph no.:6056) cloxacillin 250 mg plus ampicillin 250 mg inj. 117
(ph no.:62108) iron pyrophosphate complex 412.5 mg tab. 115
(ph no.:9020) oxcarbazepine 300 mg tab. 110
(ph no.32089) micronised purified flavonoid fraction of rutacea 1000 mg tab - daflon tab. 117
(ph no.45005) diclofenac aqueous gel 30 gms. 111
-20c freezer with temperature range from -20c to -30c. 211
~ohana conferencing services. 214
0.359 Mi of Bridge and Approaches. 125
01 one pack of 05 five user total security quick heal antivirus software with 3 years validity. make:- quick heal total security or similar. 154
01/03 / 2016- 31/12/2016 Dates Between Eskisehir Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department of Main Building, Annex Building and Governor for Use in Services 15 Piece Cleaning Worker and 2 Piec. 106
02 misc enm works at rajur sub area,wani north area. 147
043-16 - Frederick Douglass Open Space Conversion - Due 4-27-16 @12Pm. 102
05 nos. tyre and 05 nos. tube steel radial size- 205/65/r-15 for vehicle no. dl-6 cj-5378 for tavera- sr.Dom/dli vehicle. make:- jk, ceat, appolo. 288
050-16 - laurel hs construction services. 131
1 cartridge canon inkjet printer pixma e500 no. pg 88 black 15 nos. 2 printer pixma e500 no. cl98 colour 10 nos. or equivalant superior. the above items constitute of one set . 162
1 hp ink cartridge -1505 or similar 6 nos. 2 hp ink cartridge 1022n or similar 10 nos. 3 hp ink cartridge 1007 or similar 8 nos. the above items constitute of 1 set. 164
1 inch flush valve to icf drg no: icf/sk-6-3-423 alt: nil/3. 110
1 main bearing pair of 02 nos. half sleev bearing 03 sets 2 big end rearing pair of 02 nos. half sleeve bearing 02 sets 3 thrus washer pair of 02 nos. half pieces 03 sets. 124
1) passive device suite design software 2) beam propagation design and stimulation software. 137
1) providing , controlling & replacementof damaged fan, rod & checknut of 250mm dia s/v at hyderabad function hall, (2) 300mm dia s/v at bahadurpura x road (3) making junction work from 200mm dia ci t. 212
1. 3 cabinets blind, four shelves 2. blind 1 fitted, two shelves 3. 5 files robot. 108
1. Hex Screw M8 X 25 Property Class 8.8 Cadmium Plated --- 01 Nos. 163
1.5 Date of Offer opening:. 168
1/2 inches thermal lance x 3 mtrs long. 121
100 diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (acellular, multicompuesta) and poliomyelitis (inactivated), adsorvida, suspension for injection 1 dose prefilled 0.5 ml syringe. 109
100 t dumpers with spare parts contract with cost cap for a period of 6 years / 27000 hours. 125
1000 copies of table calendar are to be produced. 132
105skp0003 wooden skid and packing for 105 series engines. 120
11-413504 - Pavement Rehabilitation With RHMA-G and Slab Replacement. 165
110 v ac hooter with 2 speakers 15 watt amplifire and built in flasher unit. suitable for global elb 110v ac or similar. 110
110 volts brushless dc fan fixed type 400 mm sweep as per rdso specn no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0021/2005 rev.2 or latest. 114
125 Amps Four Pole Moulded Case Circuit Breaker With Extended Terminal. 194
125skp0001 wooden skid and packing for 125 series engines 140skp0001 wooden skid and packing for 140 series engines. 129
12v, 8ah capacity, sealed vrla smf battery type: xplore xltz9 part no:xltz9 of exide make or similar as per the specification enclosed. 160
13.79.1000 Asbestos Removal at 30 No Dwellings (South Region) Omagh, Cookstown, Dungannon, Newry And Craigavon. 152
132 kv isolater gear box. 109
132/33kv mudigubba ss along with connected works in anantapur district on turnkey basis. 116
14 cutting wheel for metal cutter. make:bosch,hitachi. 101
140 kn air spring for fiat bog. 153
16-212 - Grass Mowing Services For Various Harford County Locations. 113
16-Mx-014 Replacement Of Existing 125 Gallon Water Heater. 139
16201 - inergen fire sprinkler system. 148
17 Lcd Display Touch Screen Monitors. 331
170skp0001 wooden skid and packing for bd155/355/bp70 engines 170skp0002 wooden skid and packing for bh50m/60/be1000 engines 170skp0004 wooden skid and packing for bh50m/be1000 engines. 140
18 ton hydraulic crane, truck mounted. 118
19 6 u rack with accessories tray, spike similar to d link / hcl / apw make. 119
1st line of bnhs between the station and the hospital - infrastructure and engineering dry networks. 178
1st line of bnhs between the station and the hospital - public lighting and light signaling traffic. 176
1St Line Of Bnhs Between The Station And The Hospital - Supply And Delivery Of Trees. 117
2 inch 90 degree elbow to drg no. ci/pc 348 used for water system. 111
2 short films - indigenous. 105
2-iminothiolane hydrochloride and 5,5~-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid). 167 of under ground drainage schmes kundan ghadage to mangal kale falatwasti @keshvnagar. 132
20.59.52-10.00 "diagnostic or laboratory reagents multi, including paper impregnated or coated with diagnostic or laboratory reagents" (tests). 101
2009 district wide renovations and additions - phase iv. 209
2015-2016 strategic centre for leadership. 105
2016 - public sidewalk curb ramp package south. 102
2016 accessibility & drainage improvement project. 204
2016 asphalt resurfacing program. 122
2016 asphalt street maintenance. 109
2016 benefits services. 416
2016 building improvements and roof replacement contact a. 190
2016 concrete removal and replacement services. 104
2016 concrete repair program. 116
2016 concrete replacement. 109
2016 concrete street maintenance. 126
2016 district-wide pavement maintenance. 175
2016 microsurfacing of 13.8 miles of county roads at various locations. 102
2016 on call concrete driveway and walkway replacement project. 102
2016 on call park mowing. 118
2016 overhead to underground conversion. 109
2016 resurfacing contract. 139
2016 road program. 126
2016 saemangeum permanent lease concert performer transport bus service (small number of) quotation bidding. 128
2016 street micro surfacing program. 121
2016 street revitalization project. 138
2016 summer furniture spares. 119
2016 summer projects - wellerwood roof repair/maintenance. 124
2016 traffic signal and street light maintenance services. 111
2016 Urban Road Maintenance District - Slurry Seal Project. 104
2016 wastewater extensions. 133
2016 watermain pipe bursting. 130
2016-cr-018 - 2016 paver placed elastomeric surface treatment. 116
201612 market cleaning floors, surfaces and windows of the campus and 56 rue du taur in toulouse. 239
205 with Workers, 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2016 Between the Ministry of Environment and Building Services We Central Organization (Orchards) General Cleaning and Maintenance Services Contract Work of Births. 107
24 fiber armoured optic fiber cable as per rdso specn no: irs:tc:55/2006 rev 1 with amnd no 2 or latest. 112
25 kva 25 kv/240 volt auxiliary transformer as per rdso spec. no. eti/psi/15 8/2003 along with all fitting. 103
25 mm steady arm clamp and jaw complete with fasteners as per rdso s specn. no - ti-spc-ohe-fittings-0130 ( 10-13 ) and rdso s drg. no. - eti-ohe-p-2490-2,rev-e. 354
250 kva dg set top overhauling. 101
25kv do fuse top portion l part specification no eti/psi/14 1/86 or latest. 105
3 (three) vessel hot tiffin carry( insulated tiffin carry) brand-milton/cello or similar (size-standared) as per drawing/image. 189
3 phase ac fuel pump motor with built in inverter conforming to rdso specification no. mp. july,2008 rev.01 or latest. dlw pt. no. 12102120. 147
3 residences for asylum seekers. 358
3/2 way normally closed magnet valve model no. 3327-25 of m/s.Rotex suitable for m/s.Aal make vcb model no.Bvac.25.10 or equivalent of m/s.Aal part no.4300007100/44. 136
30 Clinics in Five New Cities in India. 139
300 acquisition of exchangeable for diesel fuel coupons and / or gasoline worth q 100.00 c / u for use in motor vehicles by the development council guatemala departamental. 126
33 kv ct as per is 2705 and as per attached specification. ratio - 300/5a. make - jyoti, progoti, kappa. 121
353 300 b403, nordumgehung nordhorn with laying the b213. 170 263 n3 u. n4 sub guide. s-n-channel u. threading. "after i lock". 211
3DX Excavator Loader Fitted with 0.26 cu.. Excavator bucket and 1.1 cu.m. 160
4" & 6" transfer hose. 104
400 Watt Industrial Grade Copper Wound Ballast Designed To Operate At 220 - 240 V Ac Supply. 151
42 kv metal oxide gapless type (station class) lightning arrester to rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0100 (7/10) or latest. 428
45000 Liters of Diesel for Vehicles in Serik Center, 3000 L Other Diesel, 1000 Liters Unleaded Gasoline 95 Octane Gebiz 70000 Liters of Diesel for Mah Means 1000 Liters of Diesel Other (Eorudizel) 100. 106
4809 nos mosquito net (llins). 125
4tb internal hard disk drive & 4tb external hard disk drive. 169
50 MW solar power plant. 146
5000 copies of wall calendar are to be produced. 132
501 603 (declaration number). 159
503 601 (declaration number). 320
567315 - boiler repair. 157
57_khdn_fachlos 4.62.1 medical gases. 172
6 amps modular switch, one way suitable to operate on 230v,50hz ac supply. make :maru,anchor, sainico. note1 sample to be got approved before bulk supply.2 make/ brand to be mentioned. 125
6 amps/10 amps modular switch one way suitable to operate on 230v, 50hz ac supply. make:omega,anchor,maru,sainico. note 1 sample to be got approved before bulk supply.2 make/ brand to be mentioned. 129
7 Months Term 57 Piece Workers, 1 Piece Vacuum Road Sweeper with (46 Pieces Unskilled Workers, 7 Piece Qualified Chauffeur, 2 Pieces of Skilled Office Worker and 2 Pieces Foreman Workers) District Our. 101
765/400/220kv cr panel sas for banaskantha and 400kv for sankhari extn. 146
8 inch window wiper arm and blade assly . drg.No.Tpl -2474, alt-b ( dlw pt. no.11456541). 115
8 port 10/100 mbps fast ethernet rj-45 switch. make :- i ball or intex or d link or cisco or linksys similar to i-ball make. model :- iblfd 5181 bafon. inspection by consignee. 113
8 way strainer /filter drier with capillary tube 0.5 mtr for rmpu package unit as per dy cee(ws) kgp s no dy cee /ws /kgp/ ac /0712. 141
8188 heating systems (chp), black forest clinic. 260
90 deg csk head screw with hex socket. 118
911 electrical services. 125
911 radio system. 139
9kiw x-ray generator system and specs. 104
A & a to ei in sabalpur court building at modasa, dist. aravalli. 189
A grant to close a profitability gap to build and operate a next generation access network in the districts gundelsbach and baach the major district town weinstadt. 284
A minimum ansi cut resistant 2 palm latex coated glove. 103
A r and m o of 1192 type ii qtrs at laxmi bai nagar new delhi during 2015 16 sh supply of material. 122
A r and m o to 210 d ii flats at kidwai nagar west new delhi during 2015 16 sh supply of material. 122
A set consisting of 03 items 1 strap saddle for water manifold bracket emd part no. 8347343 2. nut emd part no 8032717 3. washer emd part no 103341 material in a one set. 130
A set of consisting in 03 items in a set 1. soak pump discharge pipe clamp emd part no. 8342993. 2. washer emd part no. 6101225 3. bolt emd part no. 179837. 128
A Set Of Hand Letter Punch Size 10 Mm. 161
A set of tee 1. tee to drg. no. et/ci-711 2. tee to drg. no. et/ci -712 each loco 32 nos. for lube oil system. required in set, one set-32 nos. 129
A/r and m/o non residential building of income tax and custom and central excise at bikaner during the year 2016-17. 119
A/r and m/o residential building of income tax and custom and central excise at bikaner during the year 2016-17. 118
A/r and m/o to gpra at jodhpur during 2016-2017. sh-: day to day maintenance for gpra colony and distempering, painting and miscellaneous repairing works. 122
A/r and m/o to non residential building scindia house at ballard estate, mumbai. sh : providing inspection vehicle for sub division - ii and iii under mcd i. 128
A/r and m/o to residential and non residential of central excise deptt and income tax deptt at furrukhabad. 115
Aa of typeiv qtrs at nanak pura under 3q sub divn new delhi dg 2015 16 sh providing grass paverblocks in back lane of qtrs and development of park adjoining block of type iv qtrs nos b21 b39 park. 136
Abraham lincoln high school wellness center at room 126. 178
Abrasive rail cutting disc as per rdso specification no:tm/sm/ and rev 01 of 2007. note rdso approved firms only should quote the tender. 117
Abresive grinding wheel straight type- no-i, to size: 100 x 25 x15.8 mm to is:2324 985 and marking as 38-24 r 5 bl-4 to is: 551. make: grindwell norton, carborendum, stirling. 194
Academic science building final cleaning - bp# 8. 134
Access Control Change Jobs In Gentilly Habitat. 239
Access Control Professional Driving Linear And Stations, And Securisation Car Parks And Roads. 218
Access protection and security of sites of defense "passdef". 192
Accessories for insulated cables hta. 202
Achieving third-party maintenance services and multi-brand management of medical devices. 308
Acquisition of a case management framework and related IT consultancy services. 508
Acquisition of a health management software and safety for the city of limoges and limoges mtropole urban community. 260
Acquisition of academic and non-academic papers. 135
Acquisition Of Digital Protection. 541
Acquisition Of Disk Systems For Mainframe For The Purpose Of The Cpia. 123
Acquisition Of Fire And Rescue Equipment, Supply Of Spare Parts, Accessories And Maintenance. 153
Acquisition of general and personal insurance for Ostery municipality. 139
Acquisition of high-speed slide scanners and related maintenance services. 158
Acquisition of landing stecklings and intermediate gateways type. 215
Acquisition of mobile tip polybenne vehicles. 138
Acquisition Of New Light Vehicle And Used Commercial. 106
Acquisition of nylon 2-0; nylon 3-0; use of japan friendship hospital of guatemala, puerto barrios, izabal. 112
Acquisition of rolling stock for the needs of the services of the town of saint-philippe. 219
Acquisition of specific products drugstore. 114
Acquisition of thermal tools. 202
Acquisition of toner and ink, for japan friendship hospital of guatemala. 120
Acquisition of useful material under medical surgical. 176
Acquisition resuscitator bag. 118
Acquisition sales-digoxina-midazolam-glibenclamida-metformina-insulina-bromexina-carboximetilc.-acetaminofen-dipirona-peroxido-fumarato-hidrocortizona-budesonida-misoprostol-magnesio hospital uspantn. 104
Acquisition sutura, penrose, probe, seal water drainage system. 200
Acquisition, implementation and maintenance of a port management software (part pleasure) joint union ports toulon provence. 223
Acquistion Of A Tension-Compression Plate In Situ For Diffractomtrede X-Ray And Electron Microscope Scanning. 120
Acsr conductor size: 6/3.66 al. p 1/3.66 steel, mink as per is: 398 pt-ii or latest.Make- cabcom/ rakman/lumino. 185
Active protection of valuable natural habitats. 233
Actuarial valuation of pension gratuity and leave encashment. 118
Acw and dmcw butterfly v/v spares at barh stpp. 113
Ada parking & access improvements and skate park county of amelia. 188
Adaptive Signal Control Technology Services. 223
Adco make ss ball valve. 116
Addition alteration and renewal replacement of fixtures of buildings a b c d e and f at navy nagar at naval station karanja. 154
Addition alteration and special repairs of type i type ii and type iii quarters at bazar area at nad residential colony karanja. 143
Addition alteration and special repairs to building no 695 renu building at naval station karanja. 142
Addition alteration and special repairs to roof of building no t 68 at defence colony and addn altn to static water tank no 1 and 3 and pump room at wed mankhurd. 154
Addition alteration in Existing Store Room to make it as Meeting Room for Mediators at 1st Floor Utility Block at District Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi. 138
Addition alteration of type iv qtrs at nanakpura under 3q sub division new delhi dg 2015 16 sh development of park in g block typeiv between g135 to g117 etc. 127
Addition/alteration and special repairs to windows at heritage building at nofra colaba mumbai. 133
Additional And Alteration And Special Repairs Main Mast Parade Ground And Drill Shed. 145
Additional civil work for completion of auditorium at rajpura commercial scheme dungarpur. 135
Additional works in newly occupied flats at common wealth games village near aksardham temple new delhi dg 2015 16 sh providing and fixing wall cupboards in remaining 73 flats. 133
Additions alterations and special repairs to board room at cabs under garrison engineer nw mankhurd. 137
Additions and alterations and replacement of old vintage ac plants at nad visakhapatnam. 141
Additions to etowah middle school. 130
Addn Altn To Rampart 3 Incl Allied Works Inside Fw, Provn Of Duty Post At Kolkata Gate,. 165
Addn/altn to nb block at af stn Kalaikunda under ge (af) kalaikunda. 135
Adhesive Pvc Tape(Red), Adhesive Pvc Tape(Yellow), Adhesive Pvc Tape(Blue), Adhesive Pvc Tape(Black, 60w Screw Type Gls Lamp, Adhesive Pvc Tape -Green.. 140
Admin assistance - backfilling office manager position. 105
Adopter for commode with elipitical bottom to rcf drg. no. cc-63595 alt. a. mat. and specn. as per drg. 137
Advance notice for design build fy-16 sof fuel cell maintenance hangar (ftev073010) hurlburt field fl. 116
Advances in polycystic kidney disease (r01). 136
Advisement and Degree Audit System. 125
Aerial herbicide treatment for brush control. 129
AEROPORTS DE PARIS published tender for Assistance in the identification, monitoring and control of risks associated with regulatory requirements and more generally to the use of heritage by the occup. 382
AEROPORTS DE PARIS published tender for Punctual passenger transportation zr for the transfer of the other terminals and vice versa and passengers from the aircraft in France. 181
Afghanistan Capacity Building for Results Facility (CBR). 430
after-sales service and maintenance, including annual" technical examination, diagnosis, repair, delivery and installation of spare parts, tires and consumables for vehicles. 528
AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT published tender for Comments during the design phase of an anticipated biodiversity program in United states. 115
Agency nursing staff. 110
Agency nursing staff. 110

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