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Articles from Mena Report (April 2, 2016)

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"cleaning services" for the hospital volos. 122
"conducting training to comply with fsc standards for forest management in bulgaria for the needs of" southwest state enterprise "dp divided into 2 groups of territorial divisions of the forest areas. 172
"Construction repair lifting speed restrictions on current lines, direct lines and stations: Line 511 Gura Humorului - Ilva Mica, every station Magura Ilvei - Ilva Mare, km. 22 + 292 - km. 22 + 852- L. 534
"delivery of gas chromatograph system with high throughput mass spectrometer (gc-hrms) for the needs of the faculty of pharmacy at medical university - sofia". 268
"extension of control room ( 7.0mtrs) electrical wiring , metal spreading and miscellaneous civil works at 66kv sagbara s/s under bharuch tr circle.". 207
"implementation of exploratory archaeological surveys in the area of ??investment pn .:" construction of the bypass warzymice and przeclaw during the dk 13 ". 210
"intecap" invites to offer the buying and selling electrical materials for use in the tourism center and tics center, central region division. 127
"maisonette" staatstheater mainz, renewal of the upper machinery - planning of technical equipment. 216
"musimcheon river maintenance business homeland" gwangeup materials (h-beam) purchase. 109
"open house originals discount agreements 2016-01" - final non-exclusive discount agreements pursuant to 130a subsection 8 sgb v to the active ingredient tapentadol anytime accession ability.. 206
"Prepare a survey of four buildings - municipal property, located in the municipality of Provadia" 2 lots: Lot ? 1 "Preparation of audits to establish the technical characteristics related to the requ. 302
"printing and supply of food vouchers for the needs of territorial division" state forestry - breznik. ". 484
"Repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems and installations mer blagoevgrad.". 264
"Repair of municipal infrastructure (streets and roads and related facilities) in the municipality of gabrovo, 6 lots.". 270
"special repair work to office of the executive engineer, pwd building division. kozhikode. iii rd floor, pwd complex, kozhikode.". 128
"subscription service employees" irrigation systems "jsc and its branches of occupational health service.". 218
"Supplies of food products wholesale to the needs of" shr - national complex "ead 2 lots. 174
"Supply by purchase of biocidal products for the needs of municipal enterprise" Disinfection and Disinfection "in Varna municipality. 166
"Supply by purchase of technical and other means of marking, materials-paint, spray, thinner, brush and other needs of tp" dgs gotse delchev. ". 232
"Supply of bulletproof helmets and hand-held metal detectors. 166
"supply of nitrogen and carbon dioxide as the inert gases with the lease and maintenance of equipment in mines khw sa". 175
"Supply of stop valves and fittings catering for the needs of" water "jsc. - burgas for a period of three years.". 306
"supply, installation, training for work and guarantee maintenance of medical equipment and facilities for clinical and research on 2 lots for the needs of the faculty of dentistry at the medical univ. 250
"urgent special repairs to over flowing septic tank in ward no. 5,7,8,op block and pay ward at govt.Mental health centre kozhikode.". 135
(10 To - 2016) Provision Of Medical Rehabilitation Services To Insured Persons Who Have Suffered From Accidents At Work And Occupational Diseases, With Diseases And The Effects Of Spinal Cord And Brai. 169
(ph no. 44022) hand gel 60 percent v/v ethyl alcohol in a. 111
(ph no.:31072) urine collecting bag capcity 2000 cc dusposable superior quality ce/isi certified. 113
(ph no.:36005) iomeprol 40.83 g corresponding to 20 g of iodine at the concentration of 400 mg iodine/ml, trometamol 50 mg hydrochloric acid (d 1.18) 12mg, water for injection. 131
(ph no.:40639) esrite e-10 (old ph no.31095). 107
(ph no.:42406) 5 mm absorbable strap fixation device for laproscopic hernia repair (securestrap). 112
(ph no.:42492) tyvek rolls plasma sterrad packing material for plasma sterilizer pouch 8 inch x 70 m each 4 rolls/cs. 120
(ph no.:42651) stone extractor modular four wire 3 fr. 108
(ph no.:42691) (micro drope infusion set with flow regulator). 108
(ph no.:47320) hi touch aerobic count flexi plate 50 plate pack (old ph no. 40609). 114
(ph no.:47345) instrument tray 11 inch x 10.5 inch x 4 inch 2/cs for plasma sterilizer made of kavelor. 120
(ph no.:47397)instrument tray plasma sterilizer 22.5 inch x 10.5 inch x 4 inch 2/cs made of kavelor. 120
(ph no.:52060) momatasone nasal spray. 108
(ph no.:52061) gum paints - dologel 15 ml. 109
(ph no.:56007) thyroxine sodium 12.5 mcg tab. 111
(ph no.:62007) calcium dobesolute monohydrate 500 mg tab. 111
(ph no.:63095) hydrogen peroxide 6percent (500 ml bottle). 107
(tentative name), a primary school teacher charged jukdong stretching firefighting facility construction. 124
(tr2)kholgadga to ghanodi to sawali bk to ganeshnagar to itoli to madwawadi to dongartala to ambikawadi to bhogaon -msh 02 km. 00 to 5/790 and 11/600 to 24/140 block jintur. 178
, Repair and maintenance Periodic revisions for cars in the car park of A.B.A. Siret Bacau. 539
- providing junction work on 600/300mm dia at by laying of 300mm dia ms pipe line at nallagandla rob for improvement of water supply to gopi nagar, nehru nagar and adarsh nagar under gachbowli section. 170
?farmers market structure rehabilitation. 165
1 ) stuck up hand pump along with repairs and replacement to hand b/w at various places at under aliabad section areas and ward no.18-4, 18-5 under aliabad section (2) stuck up hand pump along with re. 200
1 .Pmcc As Per Ip:34 With Energy Regulator , Motorised Stirrer Geared With Digital Temperature Indicator- 01 No S, 2 . Spare Cup With Handle- 01 No., 3 . Spare Porcelain Base With Heating Element-01 N. 134
1 Allen Key set of 12 pieces (2mm to 14mm) 2 Caliper inside 15 cm Spring 3 Calipers outside 15 cm spring 4 Center Punch 10 mm. Dia. x 100 mm. 570
1 ansan sewage treatment plant oils subdivision entrance room screen replacement crane construction. 119
1 isolating cock ball type with vent as per clw drg no 0/2/65/364 alt -6 item no 10 and skdp-2877 alt-5. 305
1 Sofa Cloth With Its Fitting In Sofa And Chairs Ddecor- Hombre, Colour- 22-Siena. 137
1) lt xlpe 3 1/2 core cable 95sqmm & 2) lt xlpe 3 1/2 core cable 120sqmm. 120
1) make interconnection to 400mm dia indu aryan feeder main with 200mm dia anand nagar feeder main at road no.1 to avoid low water supply pressures and to avoid pit taps in anand nagar & krushi nagar. 214
1) replacement of damaged 150mm dia air valve with 150mm dia ci kinetic a/v with di isolation s/v at lecturers colony at nh-9 from auto nagar to hayathnagar on 400mm dia di main under auto nagar secti. 215
1) replacement of dmgd extng150mm dia ci a/vwith 150mmdiadi kinetic a/v on 400mm dia di main kothapet x road for impt water supply to phanigiri colony maruthinagar sectn 2) replacement of dmgd exntg 2. 224
1) stuck up hand pump along with repairs and replacement to hand b/w at various places at gowlipura section areas under gowlipura section (2) stuck up hand pump along with repairs and replacement to h. 193
1)1+1 Plan Telephone Instruments Each Set Consist Of 2 Telephones With Power Adaptor ,. 159
1)bolt fdn ac-4.6 qty: 500 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)calcipotriol/calcitriol/tacalc qty: 1600 null 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)Cast Steel Wedge Gate Valve 300Nb Ansi Class-150 With Flanged Ends As Per It. No. 01 Of Product Standard Ht00229 Rev 00. Qty: 90 No. 415
1)cloth belt. qty: 50 no 2)cloth belt. qty: 100 no 3)endless barasive belt. qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)cr-st-strp-x20crmo13kg qty: 1200 kg 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)end mill cutter,indexable. qty: 4 no 2)carbide insert qty: 100 no 3)screw 174-3-832 qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 117
1)endless barasive belt. qty: 50 no 2)cloth belt. qty: 100 no 3)cloth belt. qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)fine boring head qty: 3 no 2)boring head qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)grinding wheel qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)Hss (M2) Clare Shank End Mill, 20.0 Mm Std. Cutting Dimensions And Other. 210
1)insert(r4) qty: 1000 no 2)insert(wiper) qty: 300 no 3)insert(r20) qty: 400 no 4)carbide insert qty: 200 no 5)cartridge for m/c tool qty: 14 no 8)null qty: null null. 132
1)mandatory spare(j.O.F.) qty: 2 st 2)gaskets/o-rings - duplex filte qty: 2 st 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)Pin To Drg.No 25211001581-004 Rev.05 Qty: 9000 No 2)Pin To Drg.No 25211001581-010 Rev.05 Qty: 6000 No 3)Set Of Pins (Each Set Consist Of 3 Nos. 237
1)replacement of dmgd exstng 80mm dia cia/vwith 80mm dia kinetica/ on200mmdia in various places. 217
1)seal ring r/m qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)Shoulder Paving to PB Road,CC Paving to Dajibanpeth, laxmi temple to Anchatageri oni cross road. 179
1)st-b-hfs-pipes qty: 650 mr 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)stethoscope isi qty: 24 null 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)stuck up hand pump along with repairs and replacement to hand b/w at various places at barkas mysaram section 2) stuck up hand pump along with repairs and replacement to hand b/w at various places a. 181
1)Supply Of 415V 1600A Lt Busduct (4 Set). 169
1. 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Split Air Conditioner With Voltage Stabilizer 2. 1.5 Ton, 5 Star Split Air Conditioner With Voltage Stabilizer 3. 2 Ton, 3 Star Split Air Conditioner With Voltage Stabilizer 4. 2 To. 187
1. araldite aw106 2. hardner hv-953u. 113
1. cosntruction of internal road to shivale wasti at tulapur, tal. haveli, dist. pune. 131
1. Hiring Of One No Ac Staff Cars Model-Maruti Sx 4 (Vxi), Ford Icon Bs Iii, Accent Gle Bs Iii. 137
1. Horizontal Damper Secondary Yaw. 253
1. hose coupling (fp) for lhb knorr bremse part no. 175882/455 or ftil part no. 608001200 2. hose coupling (bp) for lhb knorr bremse part no. 175888/455 or ftil part no. 608001300. 133
1. hp deskjet f-4288 printer 818, 818 xl black or similar. 2. hp balck lasejet p 1007 printertoner no 88a or similar. 3. hp black 21 print cartridge or similar. 128
1. ink cartridge, scx-3201g-1043, 2. ink cartridge, scx-3401-101, 3. ink cartridge, scx-4300-109. 115
1. providing doors and windows at commissioner residence balasamudram hanamkonda in w.No. 39 (recall) 2. construction of brick masonry at commissioner residence 1st floor at balasamudram, hanamkonda i. 170
1. sinumerik op 010 operator panel 2.828 hw ppu 241-3 sinumerik 828d basic hardware. 3.Machine control panel mcp 483 usb sinumerik machine control panel. 133
1.0.5mm x 20 pair armoured underground pijf telephone cable 2.0.5mm x 10 pair armoured underground pijf telephone cable. 122
1.11kv/250 amps coupler compression gland neoprene rubber bushes. 2.11kv/500 amps coupler gland compression rubber bushes. 119
1.5 tesla mri machine service in medical college jhalawar. 137
1.Fabrication of 8 nos guide rollers od 2.Fabrication of one no. drive shaft of land t make receiving pit mkd sub area. 154
1/2 inch square drive sliding bar 300 mm long , make: everest / taparia / jhalani. 106
10 percent coblat tool size 1/2 x 1/2 x 8 make-miranda,sandvik,widia with genuineness. certificate. 299
10 Sq.Mm Stranded Annealed Tin Coated Copper Conductor, E-Beam Irradiated Cross Linked Polyolefin Insulated Single Core Cable, Voltage 1.8 / 3.0 Kv As Per Rdso S Specification No.Elrs/Spec/Elc/0019, R. 221
10500 kg of rso. 139
106239 - RumbleStrips 2016. 106
109232098000 piston oil ring er 120/253 109232099000 piston ring trapezoidal 109232102000 piston ring-minute type. 126
11/0.433 kv 100 kva distribution transformer. 107
11/0.433 kV 200 kVA Distribution Transformer. 115
1100v, grade pvc insulated multistrand 3.5 x 70sqmm. 109
11kv c&t metal parts. 110
11kv metering sets of ratios 10/5a and 20/5a indoor type. 114
12000 kg of sugar. 139
12th st. se reconstruction - paving improvements. 390
130050312334 bush 130051570014 pin 130053920734 connecting ex piping. 119
130053513054 exhaust flange. 114
130070120124 valve lift assy. 115
1381-2016 list human factor ix concentrate powder and solution for parenteral use 500 iu vial 5 ml code 2052. 112
15 Nos Tubewell Drilling work in different locations of Kurawar Distt. Rajgarh. 130
150 mm Tubewell mining in Municipal corporation chhindwara area of Various Wards. 119
1531730,003,charleston road slip repair. 101
15vjec003/procurement of condensate pump spares. 120
16 Amps Switch Socket Outlets Consisting Of Single Pole Switch. 139
16d0044 - baumholder, lager aulenbach, new development camp practicing troupe planning engineering structures and traffic facilities gem. part 3, section 3 and 4 hoai. 359
16fei20535 noise abatement along railway lines of the federal - section merzig. 162
17219 - design of i-10 baker county sprayfield eb rest area improvement. 132
17309 - highway design - resurfacing, rehabilitation, & restoration. 118
17411 - cei services for sr-809/military trail from lake worth rd to s. of sr-80/southern blvd. 105
17551 - continuing services contract for florida scenic highways and environmental management support. 146
17618 - sr 25/okeechobee road at west 16th avenue. 119
17701 - corridor, subarea, and special studies - continuing. 163
17734 - arterial performance monitoring - continuing. 212
189-1 bugokdong address one won drainage maintenance construction. 121
190516 / 5.2 / ne (university of kaiserslautern, supply current). 138
190516 / 5.2 / ne (university of kaiserslautern, supply natural gas for the delivery points). 152
1st semester 2016 learning materials can be purchased for a nominal quote announcements. 123
2 core pvc insulated shielded wire pa cable24 strand copper conductor of 0.20 mm 24/0.20 mm . make :- network or delton or brimson. inspection by consignee. 109
2 kva sine wave inverter similar to model no ups ebz 2000 make- microtek ,luminous or similar. 125
2 ohms 20 watts resistance wire wound with terminal pins. 143
2 water treatment plant clarifiers and filter paper tiles (painted), construction. 125
2.3 tow under jen mandli sub dn pachpadra. 142
20 bottles timolol maleate ophthalmic forming solution gel, 0.5% 2.5-5ml dropper bottle. 105
2016 / hfb / oo / 32788 - offering holiday care for the children of the staff of the flemish government. 152
2016 3/4 ton cargo van. 128
2016 best year guidance pearl 8th grade field trips foster microfinance services can quote submission of notice. 139
2016 curb ramp & concrete repairs. 156
2016 electric room air conditioners (normal and high-rise) purchase installation (secondary). 114
2016 juwangsan national park disasters vulnerable district maintenance conduct design services. 125
2016 kitchen equipment. 395
2016 local mill & overlay. 114
2016 medina county equipment and labor. 105
2016 mud jacking services. 107
2016 ochoco lumber waterline. 338
2016 pavement striping. 139
2016 renovations. 116
2016 road work. 112
2016 school year english experience center rent charter bus services submit estimates of the number of small advertisements. 136
2016 school year field experience learning guide car hire quote veterinary services small. 124
2016 school year, educational attainment support agency swimming elementary 3rd grade safety training car hire service announcement quote of the small number. 142
2016 school year, hanbat national university experiment announcement materials (computational flow, etc.) purchase bid (urgent). 118
2016 school year, hanbat national university experiment materials (stationery, etc.) purchase bidding (urgent). 113
2016 school year, middle school math maesan suncheon travel entrusted service bidding. 129
2016 seocho illegal parking crackdown unattended install cctv purchase. 122
2016 storm sewer improvements. 185
2016 street improvements. 140
2016 street paving project. 113
2016 waterfront waste purification business. 114
2016 year geumgucho-site experiential learning rentals service quote of the small number of advertisements. 104
2016 year peace pole middle school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) school sponsored purchases tender notice. 107
2016 year residence war eighth grade field experiential learning (school trip) accommodation services companies bidding notification. 108
2016-05 / log / electric cars and vans / vw kvd-kvm. 160
2016. catering supplies (other 33 kinds of rubber gloves) quote of the minority can purchase advertisements. 120
23ne-hej preserve vpa-hip. 121
24v starter battery charger. 155
25KVA Addl. Xmer at vill Daubandhan, Rep ofbroken Xmer DP & Rep of damage LT PCC Pole under Bilaigarh &Pallari D/C under C.S.D. Baloda Bazar. 102
3 types of stainless steel electrodes. 113
3 wire electronic ignitor for 70w - 400w hpsv lamp. 109
3/8 x 3/8 steel nipple taper, as per drg no wr- ccg-el/3-pc-004 alt-2. 105
307 caribbean yongcheonri concentration refurbishment. 116
3150 Amps L.V.Bushing A3 And A4 To A6 As Per Bhel Drg No. E 6250136/8 Col B For A3 And E 6250136/8 Col. 143
337115 - aperture card digital conversion. 108
33kv 220v dc vcbs with crps and cts of ratio 400-200-100/1-1-1 a with feeder protection ied relays. 122
33KV W/w Connection at village Amahi Nagar Palika under Toomen D/C. 121
3kw heater with ohp fixed at 65 deg.C set suitable for amit / fedders rmpu ac coaches. 105
3rd call for food grain transportation sindhudurg district. 122
3rd raising of lagoon 3a at dhanras ash dyke of ntpc korba. 133
400 amps, hrc fuse base made up of dmc, suitable to fix knife type hbc fuse links to standard cat no.Isuc020400 to type sbf02. acceptable brands: standard, siemens, l and t. 143
45 m ss tower foundation , erection works along with hoisting of air fm, stl and tv 1 kw antennae and rf feeder cables at lpt cuddapah, air fm complex. 135
4500kg of dal(v). 139
48or8 lines epabx make karel model ds 200 with operator console and 48 volt f c b c make dyna model 4350. 150
5 Mm Red Led Indicator For 110V Dc Mobile Charging Socket. 132
5 types of items(cboi). 112
5c x 4sqmm round flexible cable. 113
6 quad x 0.9 mm dia underground jelly field cable for signalling and telecom ins spec. no. irs-tc-30-2005 ver.I with amendment 4 or latest. 398
64 slice ct scan machine manpower service in medical college jhalawar for pp mode. 138
66 Street light POL IHHDP Quarter. 121
7008 xecl pulsed excimer laser system and products associated with laser procedures. 105
74 st pierre faucigny _ lot 4 forced conduct. 329
77-2015 arz shift sewers julianaplein ee. 201
7714 connecting to collections workshops 2016. 123
7743 law enforcement&patrol services stewart & tou velle statepark. 129
79 Street light IHHDP Quarter. 120
7th street reconstruction project. 117
8 anyang east ind wooil car in front of the box, including 33 places sewage renovation. 124
8 way line cord with one side u link and one side hook for 4 wire control telephone. 101
800 m drilling work in uravkonda mandal,anantapur dist for diamond investigation. 139
8500 add~l dialysis wesh 2111. 102
A Citizens~ Conference On The Energy Transition, The Completeness Of The Steering Committee For Final Publication Review Through The Selection Of The Panel, The Appointment Of Trainers, Training Mater. 186
A Customizable Verbal and Physical Crisis Intervention Model (CIM). 314
A gangakhed (msh-16) to zola-pimpri-masla road k.m. 0/00 to 13/680 block gangakhed. 166
A Grants Management Solution. 210
A hydraulic jack of 50 t with pump as per annexure a . make: premier /bemco or orion hydro power, along with 02 set of maintenance spare kit each. warranty for one year. 114
A new adolescent residential treatment facility. 124
A set of drill bit of various sizes consisting of following nos. 1 14.5 mm dia drill bit. qty-5 nos, 2 16.5 mm dia drill bit. qty-5 nos, 3 24.5 mm dia drill bit. qty-5 nos. make: addition/totem. 125
A Set Of Piston Rings For Hhp Loco Elgi. 126
A Set Of Push Button Switch Consist. 136
A set of repair kit of d-1 auto drain valve consisting of 06 items (07 nos) as per ftil part no 790518105 or equivalent as per annexure attached. 109
A Set Of Tap Sets Consisting Of Following Sizes. 132
A-43/16 - s; manufacture appraisal value of real estate in the process of obtaining property for the works and the river of national roads in the territory of the republic of slovenia. 168
A. 4k hd professional video camera 01 nos b. Carrying case 01 nos c. Tripod stand 01 nos d. 64 gb sd card 02 nos. 124
A. eugene rennels bridge railings. 143
A.. - land transport biological samples (scheduled and emergency). 223
a.Const. of lane from Ration Depot. To H/o Roshan lal at mohalla Khadpur ,Channi Himmat .W.No.51 b.Const. /Upgradation of lane from main road to to H/o Madan Lal at Mohalla Old Tube Well Channi Himmar. 167
Abatement certification training courses and uniform physical conditions standards (upcs) training courses. 123
Abb-field bus module profibus - dp. product type: f1 830f . part no: 3bdh000032r1. 112
Ac frequency drive model no. acs 355-03e-07a3-4 for cross travel of demag 10 ton eot cranes. make: abb only with test certificate. 143
Ac water group & storm drain group 1008. 225
Ac water main replacement, 2016 phase 1. 144
Accessible concrete interpretive trail project. 144
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 125
Accreditation Applications: Design And Production Of Electronic Communications Infrastructure With High Speed Broadband (Ftth) In The Territory Of The Regional Authority Of Martinique (Ctm). 106
Accumulator rhs suitable for sidwal / intec make rmpus similar to sidwal part no. rcac - 098a. 103
Acquisition And Implementation Of A Management Planning Software Jobs And Skills) (Gpec. 115
Acquisition And Implementation Of A Non-Collective Sanitation Management Software. 171
Acquisition Of A Modular Structure To Offices. 153
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceuticals, to the direc tion area south of guatemala health. 116
Acquisition of non-life insurance. 107
Acquisition Of Pediatric Diapers, Hygiene And Care Products, Infant Food Milk Municipal Kindergartens In The City Of La Rochelle 3 Lots. 167
Acquisition of projectors. 183
Acquisition of tools and hardware for meurthe-et-moselle department. 183
Acquisition Of Valves And Plumbing Material For Potable Water Networks. 117
Acquisition of vehicles and equipment for all services of the county council of hrault - 2016 program - the third part. 198
Acquisition of voluntary contribution terminals and associated services. 231
Acquisition, resumption and vehicle rental for service lorient agglomeration. 181
Acrylic box of size 50mm x 50mm x 30mm thickness 2mm in red transparent colour. 107
Acrylic cover for six finger box for emu as per drg no emu/e-2/sk-06/6. 105
Ad hoc handling and transportation contract at palwal rake point. 140
Adams software. 118
Adamson hot water tank. 149
Addition alteration and special repair to bldg no p 58 p 59 at icgas daman under ge cg p bhandup. 150
Additional services making the final project of reconstruction of state road d24 to share lug zabocki-zlatar bistrica, length of 15.004 km. 111
Additional Support Services Outsourcing. 115
Addl 1x63 KVA x-mer Aug. of 63 to 100 KVA, Repl of 07No. Damage Pole & Conv. Of LT line 1PH to 3 Wire at various villageunder Suhela & Hathband D/c of CSD Baloda Bazar. 110
addl/altn and spl rep to joinery and chjjas of certain qtrs at sma v%puri under ge (nw) vasco. 106
Addn altn to certain portion of bldg no p11 nursing officer mess and provn of parking shed at mh and repair replacement of precast manhole cover and allied works under zoneii area at mil stn jaipur. 154
Adhesives. 187
Administrative emphyteutic lease (bea) valuation of the gendarmerie barracks pollestres (france, pyrnes-orientales). 229
Administrative social services. 155
Advertisement Right On Underpass Panel At Sector 37 38A And City Centre Sector 32A Noida. 145
Advertisement ward road improvements. 141
Advertising consultancy services. 136
Advisory and consultative engineering services. 168
Aerosol cleaners and lubes. 126
After sales service vessels Directorate Border Police. 271
Agricultural machinery agricultural machinery leasing business (field nongsayong) buy. 117
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 167
Agumentation to water supply scheme pachgaon gram panchayat pachgaon tah umred dist nagpur. 132
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe to rdso s sk-73547 item no.-1 to 7.Alt.No.-12 twelve or latest. 110
Air conditioner 18,500 btu 230v dual. 108
Air conditioning chiller maintenance and repair. 204
Air Filter Services for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT). 359
Air spring complete with emergency spring of 140 kn load capacity. material and specification- rdso str no. c-k509 (rev.-2)/2008, amendment - 2/2010. 127
Air-traffic control equipment. 161
Airport Facilities Roof Assessment. 150
AIS SUBSTATION PACKAGE-SS01 for Extensions of 765kV Vindhyachal; Champa. 109
Ak - blood components, antibody identification and selection of blood for purchase. 145
All kind of building material supply. 117
All Service Buildings, Divisional Rly. Hospital, Drms Office,Electric Loco Shed Etc, Drain Etc Under Sse(Works)West,Asansol. 131
All Zonal Works From Bodma (Excluding) To Madhupur (Including) & Madhupur (Excluding) To Giridih (Including) . This Includes All Service Buildings & Colonies Etc.And Including Level Crossing, Minor Ro. 151
All Zonal Works From Km.214/25 To Pka (Excluding) In G.C. Section . This Includes All Service Building & Colonies Etc. And Including Level Crossing, Minor Road, Wood Works, Pipe Laying & Sanitary Inst. 151
All Zonal Works From Madhupur (Excluding) To Jhajha (Excluding) Jasidih (Including). 161
All Zonal Works From Stn To Km 246 In Main Line & Barachak To Hirapur . This Includes All Service Building & Colonies Etc. And Including Level Crossing, Minor Road, Wood Works, Pipe Laying & Sanitary. 151
Allen key size 22 mm black finish genrally conforming to is no 3082 - 1988 make japariya eastman . 107
Alterations and additions to the kennedy early childhood center. 230
Aluminised rayon suit. 171
Aluminium-Brass Tubes For Condensers Of Turbo- Blower # 2. 190
Aluminum sign blanks and aluminum sheets. 121
Alumni hall kitchen & bathroom renovation. 125
Alumno Thermit Welding Of Rails Joints 52Kg/60Kg New/Ss Single Rail 10/12/20 Rail Panels/Any Length With Skv Process. 172
Alumno Thermit welding of rails joints 52Kg/60Kg new/SS single rail. 126
Alva park, davis and harold paving. 110
AMC for the work of attending on-line leakages of high pressure parts of 2x250 MW Units at Paras TPS. 136
AMC for the work of ball segregation, transportation of balls and ball loading in BBD- 4772 Type coal mills of 250 MW Units 3 & 4 at Paras TPS. 145
Amc of access control system. 114
Amc of bottom ash and ash disposal system for igstpp-jharli. 131
Amc of generator,vfd, eot crane, dg and lifts of main plant for the year 2016-17. 124
Amc of goods lift 2. 109
Amc of ricoh make photocopier cum printing cum scanner machines. 115
Amc of scada system hardware (e bid no. 8000009273). 106
Amine function compounds. 204
Ammeter 0-300 amps dc moving coil round flush type 4 dial meter external shunt operated 300a/75 mv acc class 1.5 without shunt conf to is 1248.Make ae. material to be door delivered to sse/ele/ac/maq. 123
Anaesthesia devices. 140
Analyzes water and sediment. 170
Ancillary works for electricity power lines. 152
And Maintenance Degreasing Of Kitchen Hoods. 108
And Manufacturing Signage Placement Of Tourist Interpretation Of The Park Of The Island In Motion. 174
And Social Study Urban Neighborhood Plains City Givors. Report 268
Angle cutting machine blade size-355mmx3mmx25.4mm machine model no.Cc14std make hitachi/bosch/zoom. 276
Angoulme (16) - Mbc Preventive Maintenance And Repair Of Generators And Inverters To The Institutions Under The Db D ~Angoulme. 137

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