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Articles from Mena Report (April 12, 2016)

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"Construction Of Control Room Building,Staff Quarters,Compound Wall, Foundations,Cable Trench, Wbm Road & Opposite Feeder Bay Foundation. 231
"Repair electrical current RC1 type, excavators ERC -30/7 1400. 469
"this is a subcontracting opportunity" for hjca for a cnc tabletop mill machine and service for hjca student trades. 121
(16026) 341 maintenance and enhancement of the Swiss Food Composition Database. 304
(alex)- spacecraft components to make a 1u pathfinder satellite, spooqy-0. please refer to attachment for detailed specifications. 117
(hr/15/0150) term contract for wellbeing programmes for np staff over a period of two years. 132
(hr/15/0152) staff recreation club tours for june - september 2016. 172
-/ 5(6) lvcto poly phase static energy meters. 132
.Rewinding, repairing of ceiling fan, exhaust fan, of different size. 151
?city center campus furniture. 166
0.017 mi of bridge and approaches. 130
0.161 mi of bridge and approaches. 121
0.568 mi of bridges(2) and approaches. 116
02 misc items supply work at pimpalgaon ocm,wani north area contact person name anurag kulshreshtha designation sr. Manager (enm), ppgocm telephone number with std code 7774030769. 131
07 misc civil works at wani north area. 109
1 inch hose coupling type uic with 1 inch straight nipple(length-24 inch), specification- clw drg no- 0/3/65/66, alt-10. 160
1 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6206 18 nos. 2 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6208 06 nos. 3 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6412 04 nos. make : fag/skf/zkl/arb. 267
1) "adaptor" for 5/2 valve & 2) "elen screw". 125
1) construction of road flank along the concrete road. 164
1) cutting of kutcha drain from maha laxmi camp entrance road east side hume pipe culvert to simra sub station entrance gate under dmz. 188
1) dev of lithium battery for proximity fuze qty 1 job 2)lithium reserve battery for proximity fuze qty 200 no. 130
1) earth filling around the boundary wall and the low land area of azad house. 178
1) hiring of water tanker of 6000 ltrs. For spraying over coal transportation and haul road of girija section. 145
1) making interconnection from 150mm dia main to 100mm dia ws main (pumping) to 100mm dia ws main at h.No.22-1-423 kali khabar under darulshifa section 2) replacement of 250mm dia, 150mm dia, 100mm di. 193
1) making of footpath from dibakar pandit house to 20 dia well. 167
1) Providing and fixing Road Furniture in km. 96/600 to 128/750 On Dhamangaon Yavatmal Road DH-300 Tq. 183
1) Removing Earth, Coal Dust, Rubbish Debrises In Inpit Weigh Bridge. 2) Cleaning And Removing All Kinds Of Soil. 3) Cutting Kutcha Drain Surrounding The Area. 143
1) Repair Of Damaged Pipe Line Of Nhs (S-S) And (D-S) Qtrs. Sector-I- Ii And Iii 2) Repair Of Sanitary Works At Nhs Sector 3) Repairing Of Houses At Basdiha Village. 151
1) repairing of boundary wall at sidhu kanhu school 2) extension of water reservoir tank. 164
1) repairing of houses at chhota bhorai village 2) repair and maintenance of experts hostel. 177
1) supplying and laying rcc hume pipe 1000 mm dia for mine discharge water. 170
1) tapper plug gauge for inner bore of shaft for 3-phase traction motor, drg. no.:- 4tjf.096.016. (details as per item tab.) 2) tapper ring gauge, drg. no.3 ehm 413011. (details as per item tab.). 299
1)bracket (plated) to drg.No 25211001505-001 rev.14 qty: 7000 no. 110
1)caca cooler to drg. 04023140038, var.00, rev.00, and filter as per annexure - i. qty: 1 no. 120
1)chemical concrete anchor fastener m16x125 mm anchoring depth along with resin/adhesive capsule, setting tool etc. qty: 350 st. 122
1)digital energy meter 3p3w, size 96 x 96 sq mm, acc. class 0.5, ct & pt are programmable, wide range aux. supply as per bhel specification no or12388 rev 01. qty: 4 no. 128
1)eot crane component as per annexutr-1 qty: 1 st. 108
1)filler rod er-90sb-3 for tig welding size 1.6 dia x 1000mm or 500mm long as per sfa 5.28 of asme ii c. qty: 50 kg. 127
1)flat plate to drg .34647000263 it. 003 qty: 60 no 2)mounting plate to drg .34647000263 it. 001 qty: 120 no 3)pin / stud to drg. no. 34647000263 it. 002 qty: 120 no. 136
1)fully finished compensator assy. for inlet pipe lpt to drawing no. 21074518200 rev.04 material spec. st41006 rev.05. qty: 4 no 2)fully finished compensator dn 600x6 to drawing st41001.405. qty: 2 no. 134
1)ring core as per item no. 01 of annexure-a and drg. no.44781000036 rev.01 qty: 1600 kg 2)ring core as per item no. 02 of annexure-a and drg. no.44781000036 rev.01 qty: 3300 kg. 130
1)Scru Hex A 04Cr18ni10. Qty: 3000 No. 143
1)seamless stainless steel tube size 21.3 o/d x2.77 tk to astm a312 gr.Tp 304 as per purchase specification ht 00204 rev.02. qty: 960 mr. 128
1)ta / oa 6301 az / bx clamp to drg.No. 44303465001 item 01 rev.02. 130
1)temperature compensated pressure guage with aux contact as per product standard sg 24311 qty: 10 no. 116
1. Hiring of diesel covered jeep/bolero/equivalent plying mostly inside as well as outsidejhingurda mines for 12 hrs per day for period of minimum 730 days registered with m.p permit only. 2.hiring of. 175
1. plc- 18w. tube qty..-60nos. 2. holder - qty.-25 nos. 107
1.1/4 inch cut off angle cock (ball type) with vent to drg no.Sk no.0832 (11065096 sheet 1 of 2) alt-z and with part drg no.Sk no.0832 (11065096 sheet 2 of 2) alt- x. 146
1.494 mi of bridges(4), box bridges(4), box culvert and approaches. 114
1.Hose assembly emd part no. 40047151. 2.Hose assembly emd part no. 40047152. 3.Hose assembly emd part no. 40044153. 220
1.Varnish beck to l.Red colour air drying 2.Varnish"elmothermg" f-50 3. thinner ~t~(thinner 205) dr.Beck in 4 kg. tin. 131
1/4 bsp hydraulic fht pipe from pump to pressure gauge ( left hand side ) of inventum make ordering no.Inv-001l/pp/31/bmg. 118
1/4 bsp hydraulic fht pipe from pump to pressure gauge ( right hand side ) of inventum make ordering no. inv - 001r/pp/31a/bmg. 119
10 brake cylinder with hand brake to rdso drg.No. wd-08095-s-01,alt-nilmaterial should confirm to rdsospec.Wd-23-bmbs -2008 (rev.-1). 153
10 brake cylinder without hand brake to rdso drg.No. wd-08095-s-02, alt-nil,material should confirm to rdsospec.Wd-23-bmbs-2008(rev.-1). 153
10 n bemiston fire department vrv design-build. 282
10 pairs, 0.63 mm conductor dia. unarmoured, polythene insulated polythene sheat. 127
100 mm borewell submerssible pump 3 phase 440 volt 50 hz having discharge 1.5 lps at 95 mtr head, star rating 5, outlet 32mm similar to kirloskar make, model no. ku4--0821t make kirloskar, cri, lada. 166
100 mm borewell submerssible pump 3 phase 440volt 50 hz having discharge 1.0 lps at 155 mtr head, star rating 5, outlet 32mm similar to kirloskar make, model no. ku4-0736t make:- kirloskar, cri, lada. 170
100-ton air cooled chiller. 176
1000, caaa, cia, eggs. 108
1000, cha1 ,dwcf, produce. 104
100Mm Borewell Submerssible Pump 3 Phase, 440Volt, 50 Hz, Having Discharge 2.1 Lps At 95 Mtr Head, Star Rating 5, Outlet 50Mm Similar To Kirloskar Make, Model No. Ku4-1524T Make: Kirloskar, Cri, Lada. 167
1245 21st avenue, west of 53rd street project. 105
12v,88ah rating 13 plated lead acid mainterance free battery. make:exide,amco,amaron,sf. 106
1st floor of the heath science building window treatment. 116
2 nos. E & m Miscellaneous job such as, repairing of ceiling fan motors - 30 nos. With fitting of necessary spares /materials & repairing/rewinding of 3 ph. Induction motor kirloskar make 160 kw,415 v. 147
2 seater and 3 seater complete. 216
2 to 3 pieces of food processor (tre) 3.5 t. 177
2 years amc for bry air gas purification system for bhel pem noida. 121
2-year term contract to maintain and support the data information management system (dims) from 15 april 2016 to 14 april 2018. 144
2.5 kva bulk invertor 110v dc/230v ac conforming to rdso specification no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0132/2009 rev-0 . supply from icf approved sources only will be accepted. 129
2015 bond program multipurpose safe room construction project. 163
2016 capital improvements project. 149
2016 claude allison park project. 102
2016 concrete program. 111
2016 crack sealing. 105
2016 fog seal program. 105
2016 funderburg research award in gastric cancer. 112
2016 improvement projects - fernwood, sunnyside, vestal and winterhaven. 108
2016 mft resurfacing, city wide patching & crack filling projects. 118
2016 middle school improvements. 181
2016 municipal water supply improvements. 138
2016 northwest parking lot addition. 103
2016 overlay project (contract 2). 119
2016 parking improvements. 200
2016 pavement marking program. 104
2016 paving improvements. 124
2016 port isabel jr high school road improvements. 109
2016 renovations. 109
2016 resurfacing package southeast. 102
2016 resurfacing program. 183
2016 road program. 209
2016 roadway improvement project. 194
2016 roadway milling. 132
2016 roadways resurfacing contract. 120
2016 rosewood beach play area project. 128
2016 scrub seal program. 120
2016 sewer repairs. 186
2016 sidewalk/ curb replacement project. 121
2016 soccer field drainage improvements. 105
2016 south salt lake mastic seal project. 122
2016 street overlay program. 145
2016 street rehabilitation project - surface treatment: chip seal. 148
2016 summer life safety work - site paving. 131
2016 summit cove road reconstruction. 142
2016 upper southampton paving project. 164
2016 water rehabilitation project. 159
2016 water reliability study proposal. 121
2016-rwss to cherkala replacing filter media at ssf cherkala. 123
2016-rwss to kuttikkole supply and erection of suitable submersible pump set. 125
25 kv 9-t insulator proclain type 1050 mm creepage ti/spc/ohe/ins/0070 04107 as per rdso drg.Eti/ohe/p/6020-1/mod-c. 128
25 kv earthing /discharge rod assembly as per rdso spec. no. eti/ohe/51(9/87) with a and c slip no 1 or latest along with test certficate. 129
25 kv single pole vaccum circuit breaker with spring machanism as per rdso spec.No.Ti/spc/psi/ lvcbin/0120(dec.2013)ver.O make:alind/bhel/abb. 129
25 mm 2/2 way pneumatic cylinder operated ( angle type-y ) on/off control and normally closed valve. 200
2mm thk-pvc flrg sht rdso/cg-12. 222
3 hp three phase submersible monoblock pump set. 108
3 pin plug top - 16 amp trangular special 220/240v isi marked, make - jj/ anchor/ standard or similar. 135
3.409 mi of widen and overlay. 108
3/4 inch x 30 flexible hose connection complete, specification- clw specn. no- 0/3/65/106, alt-3. 156
31171000 Power Transformers 50532200 Repair and maintenance services of transformers Contract on Partial turnkey for supply, Errection, Testing of Pole mounted Dist.Transformer 63KVA, 11/0.433KV on 9. 135
36 watt, 230volts, cfl, 4 pin type suitable for model no. sce 336, street light fitting, make:- cg, bajaj, surya, osram, philips, arya. 112
3d co-ordinate measuring machine - 1 no. 217
4.6 x 30 mm fiocchi copper plated steel. 110
40 watt, led well glass fitting similar to model vin, fgl, make:- cg, bajaj, philips, vin. (five years warranty). 148
4000 south 900 west street rebuild. 284
42 kv lighting arrestor with surge counter and provision of cable upto surge countre. as per rdso specification ti/spc/psi/mogtla/0101 2/2015. 125
42mm bi- hexagonal sockets made up of chrome vanadium steel having 3/4 inch female square drive generally conforming to is:6131 - 1980. make: jhalani / taparia / eastman / everest. 140
5-100 mbps internet circuits. 109
500 villas in New Heliopolis City. 150
60 mtrs. aerial hydraulic ladder platform (ahlp) to be mounted on volvo, scania, mercedes or equivalent chassis and fabrication thereof as per the specifications mentioned herein this bid document. (e. 160
752640 provn of underground ug xlpe cable in lieu of overhead oh electric lines at gopalpur. 120
7th street neighborhood park improvements multi-use path. 128
8 nylon wheel with 02 nos bearing for material handling trollies. 124
8.739 mi of base repair, leveling and overlay. 113
84/2016 event code 8646. 111
8mm series, reali slim angular contact bearing, type a, k 14008 aro or equivalent. 128
9 watts compact flourescent lamp with 4 pins in a line of make osram/philips/indo asian only. 116
9.377 mi of overlay. 105
A 70- 44, single crystal probe for rail tester, 70 deg, 2 mhz for srt- single rail tester model no. ds 329 digital srt. 115
A set of drill bit consisting of five different sizes of hss jobber drill bits as follows. i 6 mm ii 6.2 mm iii 6.5 mm iv 6.8 mm v 7 mm. make:addison / totem / miranda / ambika. 152
A set of dual wall polyoletin heat shrinkable tubes. 1 size: 39/13. colour: red, black, yellow. qty:01 mtr. each 2 size: 30/10. colour: red, black, yellow. qty:01 mtr. each. 163
A Set Of Glasswares Made Of Borosilicate Glass Consisting 6 Items. 244
A Survey On The Identification Of Individual Mobile Coverage Solutions. 126
A Systematic Review Of Croatian War Veterans And Family Members Of Deceased Detainees And Missing Croatian Soldiers. 117
A&e repair gym water seepage. 101
A) widening of free left at jubilee check post junction t/w film nagar (rd no.45). 236
A-43/16 - s; manufacture appraisal value of real estate in the process of obtaining property for the works and the river of national roads in the territory of the republic of slovenia. 170
A-wing hvac system replacement and related work. 132
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub div.-iv of pawd-i dg.15-16 sh: repair to modular kitchen in various bungalows. 122
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/div-iv of pawd-i dg.15-16. sh: providing security/arrangement for watch and ward of vacant premises. 124
A/r and m/o to supreme court of india, new delhi. dg-2016-17. /sh : providing and fixing aluminium foil on insulation for g.I. pipes./. 128
A/r and m/o to supreme court of india, new delhi. dg-2016-2017./sh: - supply of sanitary items for toilets./. 123
A/r and m/o to supreme court of india, new delhi. dg. 2016-17. /sh:- internal finishing work in judges chambers, court rooms and judges areas of supreme court of india, new delhi./. 136
A/R and M/O Various roads under PWD West Road Division I, New Delhi dg. 2016-17. SH Miscellaneous works such as repair of footpath, damaged drain slab, kerb stone etc. on various roads under West Road. 143
A45-2b,single crystal angle probe at weld 20x20mm 45 deg/2 mhz with - model for ds 322. 108
A70 - 2bsl, 70deg. single crystal probe 2 mhz side looking sl with potted cable 2- for model ds 322. 110
A70-2b,angle probe for at weld 70 deg. single crystal 2 mhz 20x20mm with.For model no.Ds322. 109
Aanekoski city passenger transport; hietaman area. 248
Aberdeen Art Gallery - Fit Out Audio Visual Hardware Contract Package 7. 165
Abrasive rail cutter rdso spec. no.Tm/sm/1 rev.01 of 2012. 107
Abrasive rail cutting disk wheel as per rdso spec. no. tm/sm/2 rev.01 of 2007. 111
Abrissive rail cutter machine disc type make laxmi or similar. 110
Ac paving/concrete replacement at capitol collegiate academy. 141
Academic Education Classroom Materials. 126
Accessories for existing eppendorf model bioflo 115 1.3 lit fermenter. 131
Accidental death & dismemberment insurance for police and firefighters. 170
Accommodation Based Support for Vulnerable Young People and Adults (16-65). 165
Accountants services 2017 annual optional extension until 31.12.2020. 244
Acnu60374-atrp(015) - resurfacing and traffic stripe. 129
Acnu60991-atrp(012) - resurfacing (triple layer bituminous surface treatment) and traffic stripe. 139
Acoustic Renovation Of Classrooms, Interview Rooms And Waiting Room. 127
ACP pipe laying jointing of 100mm Dia and 80mm dia at narsingh nagar gdda ward no 8 file no 06/16x9/1. 139
Acquisition And Implementation Of A Foodservice Pos Software Package, Boxes With Card Reader And Receipt Printer In Tour Of Payment Terminals. 106
Acquisition By Group A) Aggregate Small Portable, B) Unit Hrt Center Split. 122
Acquisition Of Customer Management And Billing Software Of The Control. 103
Acquisition of ink and cartridges for printers and copiers. 139
Acquisition of material minor surgical medical supplies and equipment diagnosis for the national hospital salama, baja verapaz. 160
Acquisition of tuberculin tests and single and combination vaccines for the northern department - 5 lots. 406
Acron Corporate Loan. 364
Acsr conductors and alloy - recovery 2016. 151
Actuarial Services to Value OPEB Liability. 160
Actuarial services. 135
Adapter (narrow jaw) class e 6 inches x 11 inches, confirming to rdso specification no.Ab/rb-39-2002 (rev.3), amendment no.2 of nov 2008. to rdso drg.No.Wd-89067-s/9, alt-6. 161
Adapter 1 inch x 45 degree to drg no.Tpe-12-0033 (386),line-1 (11329889)alt-v. 119
Adaptor and hydro lock nut pia/13/07/as/07 of make: precision. 108
Adaptor valve for indicator compression and firing pressure to dlw drg. no. mst e 5063, alt c or latest sh. 1 and 2 dlw pt. no. 15520353 and 15520365. 245
Addition alteration to building no 5 at colaba mumbai. 130
Addition and alteration of aquaduct at ch.45320 mt of panam main canal. 193
Additions and renovations to edward devotion school. 141
Adjuster for brake block. 204
Adjusting pull rod for mrvc (siemens) emu coaches drg. no. emu/m-3-2-071 alt-nil item no. 1. material and specification as per drg. 111
Admission Process of Two-Years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EI.Ed), Two years Bachelor in Education. 101
Adolescent and Youth Drug Addicts Recovery. 226
Advanced metering system installation. 113
Advertising and marketing services. 374
Advertising campaign for fy17. 108
AENA, S.A. published tender for Provision of Sound insulation work in Spain. 162
Aerial fire suppression products. 117
Afghanistan,Pakistan : PAKISTAN consent to partner on higher education with AFGHANISTAN. 233
Aftermarket body and fender parts. 133
Agency services for the creation of a tenant magazine and its printing and delivery for howoge housing association. 351
Agile Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI). 283
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 167
Ahulana prov 2 nos. Shallow t/w in village ahulana laying of 100mm i/d pipeline in village ahulana. 114
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe to rdso sk-73547, alt. 13 , and rdso specn. no.02-abr-02 with amdt.-4 of june. 2010, appendix-f. 215
Air curtain size 04 feet motor capacity 1/3 hp rpm - 1400, 230v. 50hz, make - z air, almonord. 114
Air Pressure Cleaning of Handpump and its accessory . Block Gairatganj District Raisen. 121
Air Pressure Cleaning of Handpump and its accessory . Block Sanchi District Raisen. 121
Air Pressure Cleaning of handpump and its accessory. Block Badi. 119
Air Pressure Cleaning of handpump and its accessory. Block Begumganj. 119
Air Pressure Cleaning of handpump and its accessory. Block silwani. 122
Air Pressure Cleaning of handpump and its accessory. Block Udaipura. 119
Air Receiver Tank. 107
Aircraft modification. 101
Airfield pavement repairs. 125
Airport Improvements Pond D Storm Drainage System. 309
Alfuzosin hcl 10mg dutastride 0.5mg tab. 109
Aliso Viejo Station Renovation. 166
Alko sign board of size 3 x 2 feet de with alluminium frame and 4mm glass door lock system. 155
All that part and parcel of flat bearing flat no.301,shama ii apartment, kurla pipe road, behind kurla maternity & surgical nursing home, kurla west mumbai 400070 owned by ms. nAseem akthar khadri. 131
Allison Street Levee Rehabilitation And 34Th Street Bridge Rehabilitation. 134
Allotment Of Brand Promotion Stalls. 130
Alluminium alloy plates (chequered plate). 128
Alro/Vimetco Corporate Loan Facility. 259
Alu inner frame. 168
Aluminium Anti-seize Paste Aluminium based assembly and mounting paste for all threaded parts exposed to high temperatures and oxidizing atmospheres: bolts, screws, nuts, public works, highways, ski l. 196
Aluminium Apertures Works at the New Secondary School at Rabat L/O Dingli. 139
Amc for maintenance of hsmi computers and printers peripherals under lan system. 124
Amc for photocopier machine make - sharp. 123
amc for samsung make 81 cm led tv set series 4 model no ua32d40038 bmxl at mla rest house bhopal. 126
Amc For Window Room Coolers Cs Jabalpur. 101
Amc of central work shop machines. 110
Amc Of Ro System. 112
Amc of water treatment plant and ro plant. 127
Ami installation schedules. 210
Ammonia process paper roll 1.02 in dlts 10 meters length. 102
Analisys and Evaluation of the Policies of Quality Education. 182
Analogue input module. 109
Android tablets loetb. 135
Angola Statistics Project. 434
Anita street storm drain improvements. 224
Annual And Maintenance Of Canon Brand Digital Photocopier Machine In The Office Of The Se/El/Kcec-Ii And Ee/El/Kced-Ii, Nizam Palace, Kolkata. 106
Annual asphalt repair 2016 idiq. 163
Annual comprehensive maintenance contract of epabx system. 127
Annual Comprehensive maintenance contract of split ACs and Window ACs at Zonal Office Building,Green Park under south zone. 152
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of D G Sets installed at Sub Station No. 1,2,3 and 4, at L.N. Hospital, New Delhi. SH Repairing Work for DG Set No. 1 and 2 at Sub Station No. 4. 171
Annual contract disposal of municipal solid waste. 164
Annual contract for comprehensive maintenance & all risk operations of AC plant at unit 6 & 7 TM-NPTPS, Parli-Vaijnath. 128
Annual contract for credit recovery system. 118
Annual contract for fire fighting in coal yard and feeding of coal from slit hopper /conveyor 14/, Truck unloading hopper /conveyor 15/ reclaim hopper conveyor. 170
Annual contract for hiring of services of semi skilled labour i.e. 3 Nos of typists & unskilled labour i.e 2 nos of peon at EHV (O & M) Dn.Office Mahad. 101
Annual Contract for performing the work as Feeder Manager under 11 KV Jimalgatta feeder under Allapalli Dn. 134
Annual Contract for performing the work as Feeder Manager under MSEDCL at Yavatmal (U) Sub-Dn. under Yavatmal Division,. 143
Annual Contract for Printing of Energy Bills with Digital Photo of Meter under Chalisgaon Division i.e. Chalisgaon Urban, Rural I, Rural II & rural III Sub-Dn. 150
Annual contract for professional development simultaneous literacy/bi-literacy services. 121
Annual contract for replacement of faulty motors. 110
Annual financial auditing services. 108
Annual job/work contract for milking section in lrc at ndri, karnal-132001. 148
Annual Maintenacne and Running of 4 Nos Lifts at Head Office Punjab Mandi Board Sector 65 A SAS NAGAR and 18 Nos Lifts in Housing Colony Sector66 SAS Nagar. 129
Annual maintenance & servicing of pump at fire fighting at khaparkheda tps. 122
Annual Maintenance and Operation of HVAC Plant at Head Office Sector65A SAS Nagar. 109
Annual maintenance contract (amc) from authorized service providers/ original equipment manufacturer (oem) for various models of canon digital photocopiers installed in uidai headquarter, new delhi. 160
Annual maintenance contract (amc) of png/lpg gas pipe line, lpg bank & kitchen equipments. 106
Annual Maintenance contract For Display Board At Kir, Prna, Sm, Boe, Kne, Njp & Sguj Station Of Katihar Division For One (01) Year. 138
Annual maintenance contract for dty s and dsa, borholla for a period of 2 (two) years. 133
Annual maintenance contract for fax machines /mfds. 138
Annual Maintenance contract For Servicing, Testing, And Calibration Of Pv Valves. 123
Annual Maintenance Contract for the Computer System, its peripherals & LAN installed and Maintenance contract for refilling and reconditioning of 51A, 12A & 88A toner Cartridges for H.P. LaserJet Prin. 162
Annual maintenance contract for thermax make boiler thermopack unit at wadilube. 118
Annual Maintenance Contract Of 15 Nos Of Screw Pumps. 152
Annual Maintenance contract Of Desktop/Printer, CPU, Photo state machine, Fax machine. 137
Annual maintenance contract of electrical and mechanical installations/facilities. 129
Annual Maintenance Contractor for a period of three years for 7 nos. of mooring launches. 116
Annual Maintenance Of Dg Set 320Kva Kirlosker Make. 129
Annual maintenance of internal water supply distribution system in Sector 19P-I, Sirsa. 155
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme in Sector 20P-I, Sirsa. 150
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme in Sector 20P-III, Sirsa. 155
Annual Maintenance Of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Set Joseph Leslie Drager Make Caba 9000. 159
Annual maintenance of servers, nodes, printers, scanners and computer peripherals under m and bd region. 144
Annual maintenance of water supply and sewerage scheme in M.T Dabwali. 155
Annual maintenance of water supply and sewerage scheme in R-III, M.T Ellenabad. 155
Annual mtc of water supply Sew and SWD Scheme in Sec 10 Gurgaon. 152
Annual needs for on-call litter pickup. 117
Annual Overhauling Kit Aoh For M/S. Laxven Make Speed Recorder. 1 Part No. M-01-010 Back Cover Gasket 2 Nos. 2 Part No. M-01-030 Dial Cover O Ring 2 Nos. 3 Part No. M-01-012 Memory Freeze Glass 1 No. 244
Annual overhauling works of 6.6 kv unit, station and ash handling switchgear buses of 2x250 mw unit # 5, ptep, parichha. 129
Annual parishwide homeowners sewage pump installation and maintenance project. 180
Annual rate contract for repair, rewinding and re-insulation of 6.6 kv motors ranging from 340 kw to 3600 kw of 2x210 mw units of ptpp parichha jhansi. 132
Annual rate contract for transportation of chemicals to plant areas. 105
Annual Rate Contract of various CPO and Electrical Items 2016-17. 131
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation AG(H), GSI, RPO, Environment , CBi office building and other Misc buildings under the juridiction of Maintenance office AG H at Sector-33B, Chandigarh during 201. 117
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Of Ei And Fans In Gpra Quarters At Dover Lane Kolkata Dg 2015 16. 110
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Of Water Supply Pump Set In Gpra Under Enquiry No. 1216 And 462 At Timarpur, Delhi. 102
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To 255 Type-C Quarter, 124 Type-Iv, M.S. Flats Under Cpwd Service Centre-249, Peshwa Road, Diz Area, New Delhi Dg. 2016-17. 111
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To Garden Area Attached And Potted Plants At Gpra Sector 38, Chandigarh Under Ccd-I, Cpwd, Chandigarh During 2016-17. 108
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To Mps Flats/Bungalows. 102
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation to various roads under South East Sub Division R-23 during 2016-17. 120
Annual repair & Maintenance OperationWater Supply Under Sd-V, Cd-I, Rangat During 2016-17. 170
Annual repair contract for computer and cctv network maintenance. 133
Annual repair contract for miscellaneous jobs to be carried out under telecom section. 131

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