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Articles from Mena Report (September 9, 2015)

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" pest control operation in plant area for 2016 ". 114
"construction of breaker foundations (replacement) at various substations & tr. bay / pt bay foundations under godhra tr division under jambuva tr circle.". 203
"construction of breaker foundations (replacement) at various substations & tr. bay / pt bay foundations under jambuva tr division under jambuva tr circle.". 203
"Get on the bus office for nav" adopted by the purchase contract. 416
(1) proportional flow control valve (2) pressure control valve (3) dc valve and (4) items for cnc gear hobbing machine. 312
(1) safety relay, pnoz x3, qty. 03 nos. make- pilz (2) safety relay, pnoz v, 3os 24vdc qty. 01 no make- pilz. 320
(15106) 420 courier services between BE, ZH and SG. 235
(A)Complete rewinding 01 one no Transformer main line OCB switch 15 HP,550V/12V/110V Salanpur Colliery 5 no. incline rewinding. 111
(b1527) Develop, create and deliver a standard wall system in the new building of the National Museum in Zurich. 216
(ph no.:10067) insulin aspart 100 iu x 1 ml x 10 ml vials (novorapid vials). 125
(ph no.:31176) minocal caliberator 2 ml. 113
01 No 33kv Dp For 10 Kva Ht Conn, Replacment Of Cable & Shifting Of Xmer,Aug Of 16 Kva To 25 Kva Xmer,02 No 08hp Pump Conn At Various Vill U/N Nankatthi & Jamul D/C. 104
02 types of air line spares i.E filter and lubricators (detail in item detail). 152
02 types of ic and 02 types of igbt bsm (detail in item detail). 103
02 types of spares (detail in items detail). 152
03 items of forged,hardened & tempered and machined flanged shaft & bw. boom pivot axle. 114
04 types (different sizes) of flexible copper conductor cable. 159
06 amp. hbc fuse link clip on with staggered tags conforming to is:13703 part 2/sec.2 of 1993. 113
1 black inktoner sp-203 ricoh 2.Tonner cartridge ricoh sp 1200sf all in one printer 3. cartridge/tonner ricoh africa) sp3500 or similar. 201
1 double row cylinderical roller bearing nn-3013 k 65x100x26mm 2 double row cylinderical roller bearing nn-3018 k 90x140x37mm for center lathe machine, l-22 make-fag/ skf/ nbc/ zkl one set consists of. 170
1 hp 802 black small 10 nos 2 hp 802 colour small 10 nos 3 hp 678 black 12nos 4 hp 678 colour 2 nos 5 685 black 20 nos 6 685 yellow 20 nos 7 685 cyan 20 nos 8 685 magenta 20 nos 9 hp 46 black 06 nos 1. 158
1 hp mono block centrifugal pump make: texmo, suguna, kumar, lubi, or cri. 168
1 li guangming guseongmyeon things batgol nongro paving. 118
1 li village ditty depth extensions paving. 112
1 moei and fans i/c street light and rmo pump set for narcotics deptt. at mandsour. 2 moei and fans i/c street light and rmo pump set for income tax and central excise and resdl. buildings at ratlam . 156
1 tapper roller bearing no- 47896/47820, size-5 3/4 inch x 3 3/4inch x 1 1/8 inch.....Qty- 10 nos 2 double row self alinging spherical roller bearing no- 22218.Size- 160x90x40 mm----qty-10 nos make- t. 150
1) o-ring r26 df801 le joint francais ,material viton/fpm/fkm,size internal dia ( d1)- 35.60 mm,cs d2- 3.6 mm as per as 568 a,iso 3601( din), bs 1806/4518 ,doc.No.S70h0139,spec.No.St24001 and data she. 247
1)130 mm dia bar to ps tm 00292 rev 01 note (1)po no & heat no to be punched on each bar.(2)test certificate to be attached with every supply.(3)lengths are acceptable in the multiples of 0.48 mtrs.To. 179
1)28 watt 230v t-5 tube rod qty: 2400 no 2)1x28 watt electronic ballast qty: 700 no 3)ignitor for 150-400w hpsv lamp qty: 800 no 4)son street light fitting 150w qty: 100 no 5)250 watt metalhalide lumi. 152
1)320 dia twin roller assy. drg.No.-14993700001 var-00 rev.09 (as per annexure-a & b).Pvc factor-1:290. qty: 250 no. 118
1)assy.Of 298d rear extension chamber to drg. no 15215001603-v05,rev.05, pvc ratio of stell is 1:76.37 at base rate of 1mm thick crc steel as published by jpc for kolkata city is rs.50/kg. qty: 700 no. 183
1)bar qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)bowl qty: 48 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)braided connection to drg no. 36510200189 v00 r07. pvc for copper 1:0.155 pvc base rate of rs.381.693/-per kg.Rates of hcl cc full applicable on the first working day of the month of scheduled deliv. 323
1)building bar, slot drift & checking gauge drg.# e-722. supplier should manufacture drg.# e-722 building bar tl# 1517564 qty. reqd. 24 nos., slot drift tl# 1517565 qty. reqd. 2 nos. and checking gaug. 201
1)bush qty: 2 no 2)bush qty: 2 no 3)cross beam qty: 1 no 4)fixture qty: 1 no 5)striking force qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 124
1)change over valve nb65 np16 qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)changeable pad qty: 2 no 2)changeable pad qty: 2 no 3)dowal pin for heller m/c qty: 20 no 4)screw qty: 25 no 5)screw qty: 25 no 6)screw qty: 25 no 7)screw qty: 25 no 8)coppor cylinder qty: 60 no 9)c. 151
1)chv cs flgd rf np 4.0mpa nb50 qty: 8 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)compound gauge as per bhel specification (annexure - i). qty: 10 no. 110
1)d/e thread plug gauge m48x1.5 qty: 5 st 2)thread ring gauge qty: 2 st 3)plug gauge unf-2b qty: 2 st 4)thread ring gauge, go¬go qty: 2 st 5)d/e thread plug gauge go and n qty: 2 no 6)d/e thread pl. 194
1)elgi or equivalent make air compressor ,single stage two cylinder ,free air del: 25 cfm, working pressure 9 kg/cm2 , belt driven by 7.5 hp motor suitable for 415 volts 3-phse ac supply, horizontal t. 161
1)expo technologies uk make pressurization control system (model no.- 0791) motor sys-e (electronic timer) qty: 1 no. 114
1)flat qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 102
1)flexible air separator (aircell) (w = 2553 , l = 6053 , g = 3300) as per enclosed annexure. qty: 1 no. 114
1)general arrangement of common kiosk as per drawing no.- 34526200229, rev.03 and wiring drawing no. - 34526200228, rev.03.(qa plan-qa/tcb/31/645 ) qty: 1 no. 120
1)ha bricks qty: 150 no 2)ha bricks qty: 100 no 3)ha bricks qty: 50 no 4)ha bricks qty: 15 no 5)ha bricks qty: 100 no 6)ha bricks qty: 250 no 7)pouring cup qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 139
1)jacking screw qty: 20 no 2)nut m36x1.5 qty: 336 no 3)plug qty: 100 no 4)double nipple qty: 32 no 5)nipple qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 126
1)jop with ac motor qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)m35 - long series machine tap m8 x 1.25 x 50 fl x 300 oal (set of 3 taps ) qty: 5 st 2)m35 - long series machine tap m10 x 1.5 x 50 fl x 300 oal (set of 3 taps ) qty: 5 st 3)m35 - long series machin. 234
1)mech.Spliced sling 08mmx06m qty: 90 no 2)ms wr sling 10mmx04m qty: 90 no 3)ms wr sling-10mmx08m qty: 80 no 4)ms wr sling-12mmx04m qty: 100 no 5)ms-wr-sling-12mmx06m qty: 50 no 6)ms-wr-sling-12mmx08m. 155
1)oa6301az/bx damper bar drg.No. 44304565001, #01, rev 02. note:- item to be supplied in bunch of 20 nos. bar . supplier"s indentification and type of machine should be indicated on each job. qty: 200. 137
1)oil vapour exhauster qty: 12 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)oil vapour exhauster qty: 8 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)pin taper qty: 60 no 2)needle valve qty: 10 no 3)pin, tapered qty: 30 no 4)screw, m8x32 qty: 300 no 8)null qty: null null. 125
1)polycarbonate sheet to size 4 thk x 760 x 1940 lg. as per sg-10701,rev04 qty: 30 no. 121
1)r. t. shaft dia 350 x 4800 lg to drg 44028142341 # 01 rev 02 to spec bp 19388 rev 09.Note-on both the end faces of the r t shaft identification by hard punch must be complied i.E. heat no, drawing n. 272
1)rate contract for 0.09 mm tk x 25 mm wide polyester terephthalic acid easter film backed polyester glass fabric treated (l611)tape to bp25795 rev. 06. material to be supplied in rolls of 50 mr. pack. 172
1)rib qty: 36 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)safety light curtains with transmitter, receiver, smps 24 vdc, controller, mounting brackets & cables. sensing height 180mm (min.), sensing distance 3 mtr. (min.). curtains are required for heavy pr. 183
1)scale as per drawing no 22120119209 rev 00. qty: 4 no 2)indicator as per drawing no 22160119203 rev 00. note: all items of enquiry to be procured from same source. submit offer in two part bid, i.E. 180
1)scheme qty: 1 no 2)mandrel qty: 6 no 3)main pads qty: 2 no 4)device qty: 1 no 5)base plate qty: 1 no 6)bolt qty: 27 no 7)taper drift qty: 20 no 8)drift qty: 20 no 9)drift qty: 20 no 10)tool lh qty:. 146
1)seamless-st-tubes-h/r normalis qty: 3 mr 2)seamless-st-tubes-h/r normalis qty: 10 mr 3)seamless-st-tubes-h/r normalis qty: 10 mr 4)seamless-st-tubes-h/r normalis qty: 15 mr 8)null qty: null null. 127
1)set of press board components as per annexure a, b,c1-2, d, e1-4,f, g, & "h" enclosed. qty: 3 no. 119
1)shell assy. of oil cooler (150 kw) (8 nos.) to drg.No.11650440264,rev.00,var.00,item #01 as per technical annexure -1. qty: 1758.88 kg 2)shell assy of oil cooler (220 kw) (26 nos. ) 11650440267, rev. 203
1)shim qty: 10 no 2)shim qty: 10 no 3)shim. qty: 10 no 4)shim qty: 10 no 5)shim qty: 10 no 6)shim qty: 10 no 7)shim qty: 10 no 8)shim qty: 10 no 9)shim qty: 10 no 10)shim qty: 10 no. 142
1)spare of cooler control cabinet as per mid no. - 406755008. qty: 1 st 2)spare of c.C. ccabinet as per mid no - 406755005 qty: 1 no. 120
1)square shoulder milling cutter of diameter 40 mm ,depth of cut 14 or 16 mm,arbor mounting type.1)technical litrature catalogue and supporting technical document must be submitted for the item along. 240
1)stud bm72x6x325-25x279 qty: 40 no 2)stud bm120x6x550-25x483 qty: 22 no 3)stud bm100x6x510-25x452 qty: 30 no 8)null qty: null null. 119
1)sv body qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)ta7005 cover assy (nde) to drg. no. 24033540002 v00, rev.04 . note :- po. no. sl.No. should be punched on each job. ta7005by written by white paint on each consignment. qty: 5 no. 133
1)tool holder stgcr 5050 t16. qty: 5 no 2)tool holder qty: 10 no 3)tool holder qty: 10 no 8)null qty: null null. 118
1)valve cone qty: 24 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)ww.Shaft qty: 2 no 2)w.Barring gear qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 114
1- door latch r.H. to rcf drg. no. lw56430 alt. nil matl. and spec.- as per drg. 2- door latch l.H. to rcf drg. no. lw56518 alt. nil matll. and specn. as per drg. 158
1-006-15 hoekse line: mooring stations and track. 191
1. 9 gkw single core cable, size: ax120 sq. mm. for 4000v bk to specn. no. clw/es/3/0458/e 2. 9 gkw single core cable, size: ax150 sq. mm. for 4000v bk to specn. no. clw/es/3/0458/e. 145
1. set of bracket assembly 2. set of bracket complete of 30 ltr watre tank. 109
1. set of bracket complete and other items for lhb power car 2. set of bracket and member complete for lhb power car coach. 118
1. Special Repairs to Government Highways roads in Udhagai H C and M Sub Division Package No 43. 133
1. stainless steel hardware items and 2. uncommon s.S.Hardware items. 259
1.5 ton capacity rottery compressor 230 volt opp. r-22 referigerent make hitachi, panasonic, or highly. 113
1.Mysuru division: tumkuru-hubballi section: through sleeper renewal (primary) of existing 52kg psc sleepers with 60 kg psc sleepers to 1660 no per km for a length of 41.821 km from km. 296/000-313/85. 167
1/2 spring lock washer single coil flat cross section medium duty to specn. no. 1802/51. 111
10 pair x 0.5 mm high conductivity solid annealed bare copper telephone and switch board cable with high density polythene insulation paired polyster and sheathed with high oxygen index, fire retarden. 148
10.Arasikere: improvements to existing railway colony road. item10. 123
100 amp mccb with adjustable thermal magnetic release 4 pole rating 415v, 50hz breaking capacity 50 ka. make:- indoasian,c and s, havells. 263
100 percent on receipt and acceptance of material by consignee. 117
1004145 Flotta Linkspan Painting. 136
11 kv ht heat shrinkable type cable end termination jointing kit suitable for out door 11kv 150sqmm, conforming to is 10333/1982 or latest. make rechemor equivalent. note:1. tenders are advised to quo. 197
110 v dc, solid state electronic inverter. 199
11KV/433-250 V 100 KVA oil immersed naturally cooled three phase 50Hz double wound, outdoor type, CSP Distribution transformers with CRGO/ Amorphous core top cover fixed with nut and bolt and neoprene. 191
12 inch 90 degree smooth bend -reg.,. 107
12 inch diameter steel wire brushes for floor scrubbing machine (03 nos. in one set) for sc major floor scrubbing machine. make: del: star or equivalent. 127
12 lead ecg machine with gsm , mfg. skanray, masteros, schiller, philips. 171
12.Mysuru: improvements to roads at vontikoppal railway colony. item 12. 125
130 sq.Mm cadmium copper large span wire of size: 37/2.10 mm as per rdso spec no.Eti / ohe/50 6/97 with a and c slip no.1,2 and 3. 135
14 t double legged alloy steel gr-t, chain sling complete with hook at one end and oblong at other end connected with connecting link, effective length 3mtrs, as per drg. no. e.Co.R/cs/01/2010 alt-a ,. 215
1415-873 Natural Gas, 100kw & Sub 100kw Electricity. 448
145 / zp / 15 procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than eur 207 000 for the supply of dressing material for the provincial specialist hospital. copernicus in lod. 199
15 mm gravity type spring loaded water tap to drawing no.Rdso/sketch: cg-k6070 item no. 2. 117
15169 Po0-Baltimore County Randallstown Vom Generator9428 Liberty Road, Randallstown, Md 21133. 120
15th auction for printing and copying. 177
15w-40 lubricating oil of ultra supreme make or similar. 147
1cleaning and removal of coal slurry from belt area and inside the washery building at nandan washery. 145
1inch hose coupling type uic with 1 inch straight nipple for wap4 locomotive length of hose is 34 inch as per clw drg.No.0/3/65/66, alt-5 (material to be procured from clw approved sources only). 136
2 amps stabilizer for lcd tv specification: capacity: 1 kva, input volts: 170-270,output volts: 200-270. make: v-guard or everest or keeline. 173
2 inch elbow x90 degree of malleable iron to is -2107 gr b. 102
2 kva,415/190 volt ac 3 phase secondary star connected trainsformer as per rcf specification no edts-016 rev,a or latest,make:bhasin packard/delta/pyramid. 118
2 mb tributary module compatible with webfill make pd mux as per specification no-irs-tc 68/12 with latest amdt. 269
2 types of steel round bar. 113
2. s-bahn route munich - ve 41 rohbauarbeiten breakpoint marienhof. 303
2.Mysuru division: tumkuru-hubballi section: ancillary works in connection with through weld renewal from km..331.000 to 400.400 for a length of 69.40 kms between amaravathi colony-karajagi stations.I. 147
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to motorrola gp-328 as per specifications: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of battery should. 308
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to simco, hyt-265 as per specification: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of batter should be. 309
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to vertex vx-160 as per specifications: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of battery should be. 308
20109 Air mail transport for Islandspostur ohf from KEF airport o CPH airport in Denmark. 154
2011 lxxxv 2015.evre-order service framework agreement on environmental protection product fee. pursuant to A* 22 para (1) 3,280,000 kg resulting administrative area (+ 25%), hungary product no longer. 232
2015 / 103-9 new fire station alsfeld. 186
2015 6th grade macheoncho small island themed educational travel services entrusted bidding. 122
2015 agricultural infrastructure precise safety diagnostics geological survey services (10 tools). 124
2015 agricultural infrastructure precise safety diagnostics services geological survey (tool 11). 121
2015 agricultural infrastructure precise safety diagnostics services geological survey (tool 12). 132
2015 agricultural infrastructure precise safety diagnostics services geological survey (tool 9). 122
2015 business composition basin residents benefit - eunrim road between confirm paving. 112
2015 buy internet telephone installation. 118
2015 colaiste an chraoibhin - sws windows project (1). 102
2015 fall semester grade level (u, s) vehicle rental services, e-quote on-site experiential learning bidding (corrected). 128
2015 fall semester gyeongyang school bus rental services, on-site experiential learning estimate the number of small announcements. 134
2015 forest road work projects (castle jeomgok guam - yunam). 119
2015 luxury enjoyed peace road development project (bridge) construction. 131
2015 national bicycle road network (mokcheoneup) maintenance construction. 127
2015 old age security cctv building construction. 106
2015 price road weeding contract work (3rd). 113
2015 st aidan~s cc - sws windows project (1). 101
2015 st brogan~s college - sws windows project (1). 102
2015 training freshman year charter bus rental services tenders. 126
2015 wansan-gu hall construction to replace water meters (contract price) 2 differential. 117
2015-16 district panchayath thiruvananthapuram - construction of drainage sewage treatment plant and disposal of sewage in coastal area of poovar g.P. 141
2015-2016 academic year in central martyr ali ihsan aydin elementary and vehbi koc middle school to yE[micro]rE-kyayl to, seyital, erenkE[micro]y, vault akpinar and the rigid neighborhood (1-4 / 5-8 grade) 21 transp. 103
2015-2016 must bear the academic year primary / secondary schools in the scope of 21 (twenty) central from the student~s dereyalak neighborhood vehbi koc elementary school and martyr ali ihsan aydin e. 121
2015-2016 year of head office cleaning services. 121
2015-31 nursing services - shnh. 291
2015. school daegu city railways promotional picture frames interior led lighting advertising bidding. 114
20153201 management services related to the operation of the tactical leadership programme (tlp) albacete. 183
2016 girls~~ middle school uniform full water year (winter clothing, havok (blessed life))purchase school sponsored bidding. 120
2016 school year last week geunyoung girls~~ high school uniform (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 125
2016 school year, jinjiang middle school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding - phase 2 (specifications, prices separation) concurrent bids. 125
2016 school year, school uniforms maegok (copper, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 104
2016 school year, students school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchases tender notice. 108
2016 year gyeongnam middle school uniform (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 106
2016 year tastefully understated rooms girls~~ high school uniform (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 116
2016 year, incheon gozan middle school uniform (winter clothing, havok (on the blessed life, under a uniform) re-purchasing company for bidding announcements. 107
22 ohm, 50 w, resistance for stesalit alternator mounted rectifier as per rdso spec.No mp. rev.00 april 2009. 121
220 kvar, 8kv, single phase, 50 hz conventional type shunt capacitor unit as per rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/fc/ and sr/0100 ( 01/10) or latest. 176
220kv substation, edamon -construction of gabion retaining wall and rr masonry wall. 147
235_16 Sports Equipment. 164
24 pins passbook printer epson plq 20 or equivalent. 106
24 v battery of 210 ah suitable for nilkamal stacker model no.Nkes1232ffl spares for m and p. make:exide or sukam or amaron. consignee: sse/c and w/gy . 170
2515 other rural development programme construction of taluka panchayat office building at waghai, tal : waghai, distt : dang. 176
25kv current transformer outdoor oil filled with out terminal connectors. as per rdso spec. no.Eti/psi/90 6/95 with a and c slip no. 1 to 8. ratio:200-100/5a. make: vidyuth, vishal. 173
25kv neutral current transformer outdoor oil filled with out terminal connectors. as per rdso spec. no. eti/psi/90 6/95 with a and c slip no.1 to 8 ratio: 2/1 amps. make:vidyuth, vishal. 175
25kv/240 v, 50 hz, 10 kva auxilliary transformer for traction purpose as per rdso spec. no. eti/psi/15 8/2003 along with all fittings. 117
2732 nos. steel trunk large size b. 136
2kva transformer,edts-015 rev. a for 415/110 v ac 3 phase sgac coaches as per edts-006 rev.H,ip volts 415 v ac,op volts 220v,190v ac,phase 3 freq.50hz.Make-bhasin packard,electro wave,pyramid vimal or. 134
3 core flat pvc insulated and sheathed cables with flexible copper conductor size:2.5 sq.Mm and conductor 36/3mm suitable for use in submersible pumps voltage upto 1100 volts confirming to is 694-1990. 154
3 core power cable and screen audio cable detail as per item. 122
3 inch emd type rubber seal as per gm pt. no. 8471160,item no. 3 drg. no. dlw drg no.17282238, alt-c sheet 3 of 3. 132
3 ph. sq. cage. ind. motor frame 132 s kw/hp- 5.5/7.5, amb- 50 degree c, volt- 373-456 pf- 0.85, ip- 55, rpm- 1445, hz- 50 plus/minus 5 percent a- 10.4, eff- 86.0 percent make- bharat bijlee or simila. 353
3 phase induction motor blower motor with t.P.O. 415 /-10 percent volts, rated current 1.81 amps, rated output in 0.75 kw/1.0 h.P, rated frequency 50 hz, rpm 1410, shaft dia 18.9 mm, type of duty s1,. 225
3 phases in realization designing a program of 200 social rental housing, housing 35 social access, parking including demolition and asbestos removal in the municipality of cormeilles-en-parisis (95). 160
3 pin top 15amps capacity ivory colour finished to work on 230 v 50 cycles.Make:anchor/lisha /crabtree /kalki/cpl. 112
3 ploe power contactor 415v coil voltage -230v, 3te 88-0a. make. siemens, indo asian, maru, andrew jule. note.1 firm to submit authorised dealership certificate at the time of supply of material. 2 ma. 138
3 ploe power contactor 415v coil voltage -230v,3te 84-00-0a. make siemens, indo asian, maru, andrew jule.Note.Make/ brand to be mentioned. firm to submit authorised dealership certificate at the time. 140
3 pole mccb 50 ka ,415volts, 50hz ac supply capacity 200a with fixed thermal magnetic release confirming to isi 13947. make: indo asian, c and s, standard. 133
3-yearly kit for ftrtil make air dryers consisting of 16 items , kit details mentioned as . no.1 ftil part no.790029165 - inlet man coalscer kit - qty-1 no.2. ftil part no.790029111 - regenarating ori. 310
3.Mysuru division: (i) mysuru: extension of platform no.2 & 3 at bangalore end ii). extension of platform to accommodate the longest train stopping at stations krishnaraja-nagar pf. no.01, belagola, m. 155
3/8 inch cut out cock (ball type) with vent to drg no. dlw sk no.0759 line-2(11397007) alt-u and specn.No.4/dcw/loco/pkg-010 alt-a1. 130
30 mm facing cassette lh ord no. 6939322120 make - widia - kennametal / sandvik only from authorized dealer with manufactures guarantee certificate. 118
30 mm facing cassette r h ord no - 6939322010 make - widia - kennametal / sandvik only from authorised dealer with manufactures guarentee certificate. 119
30 mm turning cassette lh ord no. 6939318620 make - widia - kennametal / sandvik only from authorized dealer with manufactures guarantee certificate. 118
3100 st. pE[micro]lten, josef straE-e 84, renovation and expansion bg / brg, gymnasium expansion. 165
3rd acc. relay bracket. 127
4 inch single air pressure gauge(bc)self illuminated back lit with led (flush mounted) to dlw part no. 11445488. rdso drg no.Skdp 3527 alt 4. 112
400 watt copper ballast suitable for 400 watt hpsv/mh lamp as per shakti code no..Ssvb/mh 400w, bajaj code no.Bjs 400 sv/mh and cg.Cat.No.Hdbi 40s/mh.Accepted brand shakti /bajaj /cg. only. 137
5 pair pvc cable 0.5 m.M. dai copper conductor. switch board tele cable irs:tc:24:1991 inspection authority by rites . 120
5 pin plug 6 amp, 240 v, ac, white in colour, make panama, anchor or wonder. 113
5.Mysore division: extension of platform to accommodate the longest train stopping at stations-ranebennur- platform no. 2&3, sasalu, amruthapura and chalgeri .Item5. 137
50 pair polythene insulated and polythene seathed jelly filled under ground cable of 0.63mm dia, copper conductor poly-ai moister banner and steel tape armoured conforming to rdso specification no: ir. 305
52 kv oip condenser bushing for 220/25kv, 20 mva cgl make traction power transformer. as per spec.No. eti/psi/85 3/87 or latest. 139
6 pin emergency female socket as per rdso specification no irs:tc 42/87 ammendment.2. 113
6-MWp solar farm on Ameland Island. 235
6.Bantawal: provision of low level platform shelter on platform no. 01(77.0m),water pedestals 04 no on platform no. 01 & platform benches 20 no on each platform.Item 6. 145
7.5 kva 110 v dc,sine wave inverter with pwm technology,micro controller igbt technology and digital display.Input-90-140 v dc,output-230 v ac,50 hz.Protection-fuse at output, dc low,dc high,and over. 142
8 feet alluminium folding ladder self supported light in weight fire proof rust proof 8 feet in height having non slip flat steps with alluminium frame rigid and platform on top enabling one person to. 138
80 amp strip fuse. 120
80nb ms galvanized cap for lcu yard 2094 99 and 50nb flush deck fitting for sounding for lcu yard 2092 99. 136
90 degree indexable cutter dia 125mm tfm90ap-9125-40r-17 of taegu tec or r390-125 dia-40-17m of sandvik. 313
A cleaning service offices and outdoor areas. 205
A comprehensive business center construction materials gwangeup ulsan (utensils) purchase installations. 110
A r and m o d ii 210 nos at west kidwai nagar, new delhi during 2015 16 sh internal finishing work. 119
A) hytrel lower washer for primary suspension to rdso s drg.No.Cg-k 4059, alt.No.4 or latest and rdso s specn.No.C-k409 (rev.2) of december 2008 with amendment slip no. 3 of sept 2010 or latest. (b) h. 385
A) laying of bt road in uma nagar (b) cutting of trees which are touching the electrical wires (c) bigger size of sewerage line is proposed (d) streets lights may seen regularly (e) posters should not. 190
A-r and m-o a-block hutments, dalhousie road, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh repair of rooms, roof, coping and others misc. civil maintenance work. 120
A.C. north light curve up-9 size 1.05 mtr long x 6 mm thick to close the north light root of the ridges. 120
A.R.Suspension angle,one additional hole incorporate at 550 mm in total length of angle (angle size 75 x 75 mm). drg. no. crw-ab-59 alt-2. 198
A/a to dr.Rml hospital, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh:-renovation modernization of nursing section-civil work. 114
A/r and m/o residential and non residential buildings of cpwd at bamunimaidan and japorigog, guwahati dg. 2015-16 sh: cleaning of dustbin and day to day cleaning and sweeping of office premises etc. 128
A/r and m/o to dr.Rml hospital, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh:-attending day to day maintenance complaints of water supply, sewer lines and drainage system of dr.Rml hospital under the jurisdiction of sub. 136
A/r and m/o to dr.Rml hospital, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh:-collecting of day to day malba at hospital dumping ground from dr.Rml hospital complex and disposal of malba beyond initial lead to municipal. 137
A/r and m/o to non-residential building under cd-iv, cpwd, new delhi during 2015-16. sh: providing and maintaining 1 no. car for ee cd-iv, cpwd. 125
A/r and m/o to residential and non residential building at bnp dewas. sh:-providing of driver and computer operator office of a.E.,dcsd, cpwd, dewas. 130
A/r and m/o to residential and non- residential building at bnp dewas. sh:- laying sewerline in gm bunglos and behind cisf officer mess and other miscellaneous work. 131
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specificatoin no-tm/sm/1 rev-01 of 2012 with later ammendment make/brand- kutter or similar. 113
Abrasive rail cutting disc 16 dia 400mm x 4mm x 22.023mm tm/sm/02 rev. of 2007. 116
Absolute encoder for 5 position turret wiring: white- (0v) com, brn min/plus ve(18-30v dc) grn-bit-1, vlt-bit-2, gry-bit-4, pink-parity yellow-strobe-3, blu-strobe-10, blk-strobe-30 shid-earth. p.No. 141
AC Bridge Repair Pack A. 150
Ac fuel pump motor with built - in - inverter, rdso s specn.No. mp. 0. 24.00.20 rev-01 ,july 2008,col-6.0 and modification sheet no. mp.Mod.Em-02.04.11 rev.00 dt. 21.4.2014 . 429
Ac pedestal fan 400 mm 16 sweep,to work on 230v ac 50cycles,aerodynamically designed balanced blades high performance motor three speed bush button height adjustable jerk free oscillation smooth runni. 134
Accessories for hcf test system. 127
Accessories for mercury analyzer - 1.000 st. 101
Accounting review services. 271
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 198
Accura pulse wrench. 214
Achieving design contract for the realization of outdoor spaces aix site chpa-chiap. 236
Acid resistant frp tray lh as per sketch no.Emu carshed 286 for battery box trolly of siemens emu rake. 290
Acid resistant frp tray rh as per sketch no.Emu carshed -287 for battery box trollyof siemens emu rake. 289
Acoustic emission testing of high pressure flask during their hydrostatic testing in the test bed and evaluation criteria. 193
Acquisition and maintenance of a computer guidance system, onboard telephony and statistical data services for the collection and urban cleanliness. 260
Acquisition of 12 service vehicles for the needs of the grand ducal police. 107
Acquisition of a framework for lumber, building materials, paint, gulbelegg and tools. 117
Acquisition of a winch grooming gear for alpine ski resort. 163
Acquisition of air conditioning equipment, supply and installation of equipment in hot-cold island-de-France region. 116
Acquisition of an X-ray diffractometer. 223
Acquisition of an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer X. 237
Acquisition of Chinese trade data. 179
Acquisition of housing for orphans and children left without parental care, persons belonging to orphans and children left without parental care, no fixed dwelling. 173
Acquisition of insurance broker. 123
Acquisition of natural gas, continuously, for objects Parques de Material e Oficinas II and III, subject to the Metropolitano de Lisboa. 102
Acquisition of office supplies and envelope for the control group between the city and the tarbes ccas city tarbes. 157
Acquisition of rolling stock for the small size of public transit. 261
Acquisition of software and debt management associated benefits. 234
Acquisition prerecorded media image and for libraries. 136
acquisition will UEKF enter into an agreement with ein supplier on rE[sup.1]rleggjartenester and ein supplier on elektrikartenester. Through the use of such an agreement GUIDES UEKF to get easy and good acce. 157
Acquisition, processing and exploitation of 3d data for the sewer system. 196
Acquisition, transport and utilization of scrap metal and electrical scrap group 1 in the county area neuburg-schrobenhausen. 511
Acrylic stopper u clamp for supporting 11 watt,4-pin lamp in cfl fitting as per dy.Cee w ajmer s drg. no. rac/2/04. 123
Active and Passive filter board ;LCR Series and Parallal Resonance Trainer kit with AC Analog meter ; Discrete component trainer ; DC Regulated Dual Continuous Power Supply 0-30v, 3 Amp ; Digital Mult. 291
Adalimumab inj 40mg. 110
Adapter retainer bolt m 24 x 50 mm with lock nut phosphate coated conforming to drawing no. contr.-9404-s/4, alt.8, item no.4. delivery schedule - materials to be supplied as per the following schedul. 145
Adaptor m12 four pin male to m12 eight pin female converter, article no. 93000008100, make lubcon or eq. specification: pin 1 input voltage plus 14 v dc to 30 v dc, pin 2 motor running confirmation, p. 144
Adb assisted pmgsy package no.Or-02-adb-89-t-iii(nh 60 to belbaria) in the district of balasore. 140
Addition alteration of building no p 1 10 at cgra maniktala. 127
Addition alterations and spl repairs to security wall, bldg no 14 near science park at nsb i and spl repairs to waterproofing treatment of bldg no 11 and 12 at ncs chanakyapuri under ge new delhi. 165
Addition and alteration to ntti hqs at air men training school belgaum. 146
Addition/alteration to ntti hqs at airmen training school belgaum. 205
Addition/altn and special repairs to drainage system at naval base kochi. 140
Additional insurance group health and mandatory from 01/01/2016 for employees of spleth. 144
Additional insurance health costs. 115
Additional material for cctv-n chennai - 1.000 st. 103
Additional Works For Rehabilitation Of Ugljesici 12 I 13 Landslide Vogosca. 155
Additonal ic kit 06 items for wsf make ep unit .(1) o-ring part no.J-72050/21 qty-01 no. (2)o-ring part no.J-72050 /3 qty-01no. (3)packing ring part noj-73450/1 qty-01no. (4)hex nylon nut part no. 2ba. 268
Addn altn to bldg no t72 t84 t89 t113 t114 annexes and hangar t88 an courier point at af station tambaram. 146
Addn/altn to omq area (phase-i) at af stn jorhat. 128
Adhesive elastic bandage 10cm x 4 /6 m. 184
Adhesive plaster non extensible tape woven 5m long in spool 10 cm x 5m. 190
Adjusting washer. 198
Administration services. 133
Administration, defence and social security services. 140
Administration, defence and social security services. 134
Adobe acrobat professional xi software with necessary cd/dvd. 112
Adsl modem wireless access point . make: d - link dsl 2750u / zyxel. 112
Adult Education and other education. 154
Adult Education and other education. 154
Advancing Knowledge of International Humanitarian Law among Jurists and Human Rights Advocates. 118
Advertising and marketing services. 158
Advertising services. 127
Advertisment through lcd/electronic dispaly board of 18 stations at izatnagar division. 120
Aerometria and glass bottles purchase. 105
Aesthetic improvement of cgs colony ghatkopar mumbai 86 sh raising and strengthening of compound wall in front of type e 3 4 and 5 nos buildings. 124
AFD Educate on Human Rights & Abolition of Death Penalty. 163
AFD World Day for The Abolition of The Death Penalty. 194
Afkar III - Support to Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon. 168
After cooler discharge pipe ( left side)dlw pt no 16070045 drg. no. emd pt. no. 9546040 alt. ab. 217
Aggregates. 143
Agricultural pyeonghae access road just outside slope reinforcement work one position. 121
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 158
Ahmedabad division: Reconditioning of CMS crossing in situ by RW-2 Translamatic Robotic or similar welding technology. 143
Air brake hose assembly l type tpl-0118,sheet 4 of 5 ,alt-b. 154
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe to rdsos sk-73547 item no.-1 to 7.Alt.No.-12(twelve) or latest. supplier to mention/print date of manufacturing on the item and item to be supplied with. 429
Air cleaner outer element to gmmco pt.No.81536048.With miraco or cat make. 114
Air Permit Compliance Services. 281
Air plasma cutting machine. 110
Air port chairs- stain less steel 3 in one chair with out cushion. 104
Air Sites Co-Ordination Installation Design Authority. 234
Aircraft equipment. 155
Airport Road Water Main Extension, 8125Wm. 122
Alarm-monitoring services. 200
All in one bid for consrtuction and installation including supply. 167

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