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Articles from Mena Report (September 20, 2015)

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"Determination of the contractor to perform rescue archaeological research along the North Tangent of newly registered archaeological sites.". 515
"Evaluation of the map of restored ownership (KBC) to create a cadastral map and cadastral registers (KKKR) on a single system for maintaining cadastral data and services provided by them for the Nort. 196
"Reducing pollution in rivers from sewage network of the town Jihlava" addendum no. 6 to SOD. 249
"Supply of equipment for the needs of" Coordination of Programmes and Projects "- Managing Authority of Operational Programme" Transport "with the following lots: - Lot ? 1: "Supply, installation and. 480
"Supply with installation of multimedia devices for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Gdansk divided into three parts" in the framework of the project "Development of moder. 261
"The acquisition of movable bridges" within the Project entitled. "Construction of hangars for aircraft with apron". 158
"The purchase of battery-electric" Project entitled. "Construction of hangars for aircraft with apron". 155
"The purchase of hardware for the various workshops and laboratories of Bialystok Technical University within the framework of the project" Inno-Eco-Tech "Innovative teaching and research center for a. 270
"The purchase, delivery and installation of multimedia equipment and set pieces on the need for an underground tourist route in the workings of the Main Key Hereditary Adit in Zabrze ~ZP / 40 / MGW /. 518
(1) drive system (2) ncu box. 333
(15) lowering ,laying & jointing pipeline 90 mm dia pvc 6 kg/cm2 - 2780 rmt. in masa gamtal f. village w/s scheme. tal. gandevi dist.Navsari. (rejuvination programme 2015-16). 209
(B1520) For maintenance and integration project an elevator and complete restructuring of the cuisine of the Swiss Embassy building in Paris, an architect is sought. 101
(ph no.:40277) rg kit creatinine for erbachem 5 plus auto analyser, 4 x50 ml. 121
(TSZHS) Purchases of coal from OTP. 130
, technically competent and experienced firms/groups of individuals for taking up service providing hrd service. 175
01265 Maintenance of Flues, Chimneys, Lightning Protection & High Level Equipment. 163
01913t - lowood wtp upgrade - detailed design. 162
07 types of mechanical item(machining). 145
09 type of control cards/items for maintenance of cnc m/c. 126
1 couping cock-lh to escorts drg.No: 3kb 165 alt-06 or to wsf drg. no. ib 70378/2 and 1a 71395/3 or its equivalent confirming to icf spec icf/sk-10-2-421, rev no.03. note:-offers of icf approved sourc. 152
1 pit bottom landing cleaning, dismantling and fitting with props at kharkharee colliery. 129
1 set of ir grills for lhb eog. 266
1) block repairing 08 units nhs (/26 at jorsa colony under kalidaspur 2) repairing old type (deq) block occupied by samir chakraborty & others at jk nagar colliery. 166
1) installation of endless haulage track along 0l west in rviia seam at no. 167
1) mounting fluid lhmf 300/5-300 mm 2/5. 2) dis mounting fluid lhdf 900/5-900mm 2/5. make-skf (imported). 168
1) Repairing Road With Moorum And Hume Pipe Culvert From Shankarpur Village To Kenda Area Office-Banbahal Village Under Sonepur Bazari Area. 151
1)crupper pgs no.I dock complete 2)sursingle su large complete 3)saddle pa universal 4)breaching pa long mk- iii complete. 150
1)fltr fbrc plystr rl qty: 10 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)i/v of loxacin 100 ml. 107
1)promethazine + pholcodine 60 ml qty: 8000 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1-1/4 non return valve escorts type 3a24899/1 or recon type 86r , suitable for electric loco teflon seated as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/363 alt-2 or latest. 128
1. pipe line replacement at adhewada river and harijanvas section. 2. rampar -surka pipeline under budhel zone. taluka: bhavnagar, dist. : bhavnagar. 222
1. Repiar Maintenance Operation Lift At New Campus At S.J Hospital, New Delhi. 2. Repiar Maintenance Operation Lift At Old Campus At S.J Hospital, New Delhi. in connection with Comprehensive Maintenan. 131
1. sealing angle lh 2. sealing angle rh 3. sealing angle. 105
1. stud 5/8-11 drg. no.8028701 alt rc part no.19110042, 2. stud 1-8 drg. no. gm pt no.8035930 alt jb part no.19110054. 337
1. traction motor suspension bearing ce for emd locos non drive end to emd pt. no. 40083493 rev. nil, dlw pt. no. 17400053 rdso spec. no. mp.0.2402.17 rev.01 may 2012 with corrigendum dated 14.09.2012. 144
1/2 safety valve type t2 set at 8.5 kg/ sq. cm to wsf pt no. j-70929/18 or equivalent as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/63 alt -2 or latest. 131
10 types of spares (detail in item detail). 113
100003, UT8KOM-BLS / Adaption supervision systems Canton Basel City. 101
15/007 Larkfield Children~s Centre - Internal Alterations. 148
1564 / g23: innovative and systematic approaches for energy efficiency and environmental advantage in local public transport. 290
18 types spares (detail in item detail) for morara internal grinder machine. 111
1x28 watt indore type crca sheet 0.5 mm thickness, powder coating with coating thickness of 45-65 nucron test certificate to be submitted by manufacture body box type, of colour glass white all mounte. 199
1x28 watt indore type crca sheet 0.5 mm thickness. powder coating with coating thickness of 45-65 nucron test certificate to be submitted by manufacture body box type, of colour glass white all mounte. 197
2 Airfare to Roatan, Departing on 17/09/2015 and Return Early the 9/18/2015 in the Last Vuelo.-A for Caesar Augustus and Turcios Sandoval Mendoza Flavia Lariza Pineda. 129
2015 fourth quarter holy mountain welfare elderly small number of paths restaurant food materials purchased (cost) Electronic Quote Information Notice. 112
2015 to replace old water pipes Ltd. (quartzite hapsong) - the second half. 122
22 Service Breakfast Packed with Canned Juice Dela Academis Cadet Military and Members of the Marimba, for the Day September 1, 2015 for Celebration of Flag Day. 115
23 types of plastic items. 145
24 volt alternator dynamo belt. cont i-v advance hevy duty cogged raw edge v-belt for 24 v alternator din 7753 part i-d/n 2215 bx-33, 72 teeth, make-contitech. 143
24 volt alternator with single groove pulley. for 1400 h.P. demu/dpc. type: gac 5r-24. make:- lucas- tvs or similar. 383
2HR006-503 - Developing the Resource Management and Re-use/Repair Workforce. 238
3/4 duplex check valve with soft seated valve set at 5 /- 0.1 kg per sq.Cm as per clw drg no. 0/3/65/103 alt. 2 or latest. 128
30095 e7 0001 university of greifswald, campus loefflerstr .; 1. tba new library and lecture hall, auditorium stalls 15e0246k. 153
32^ traffic circle project. 120
3D Seismic Data Processing 2015 - Northern Switzerland. 108
3D Seismic Data Processing 2015 - Northern Switzerland. 109
3D Seismic Data Processing 2015 - Northern Switzerland. 109
4 core pvc insulated armaured alluminium cable size 16sq. mm make- lapp or similar. 312
40Mt Electronic Road Weigh Bridge Calibration On Weekly Basis At Scw. 142
43 / MEL / WAU / 2015 equipment tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and performing adaptation of premises in the project biomedical research center. 292
45 / MEL / WAU / 2015 laboratory equipment for Biomedical Research Centre project. 478
450 litre water tank. 174
4wire way station train traffic control equipment as per rdso specifation no. irs: tc 60/2007 or latest along with 4 wire control telephone as per rdso specefication no. irs:tc 38/97 with amendment no. 221
63mm od pvc phasting type. 137
63mm od pvc phasting. 140
7.2 Contract - Supply of mobile equipment to ZPiUOK in Sosnowiec (Part 9) - Lot 1 contract 7.3 - Retrofit waste sorting plant-lot 2. 536
A set of spare for repair of electromagetic crack detector machine consisting of 05 items- 1 thyritor to pt. no.16216 qty-01nos 2 firing card to pt. no.Ke-05 qty.-01nos 3 timer card to pt. no.912142 q. 159
A textile factory near bacospin near delhi railway crossing mansa road, bathinda msg. 12735.25 sq. Yd. In the name of dashmesh textiles. 142
A/P/S/to 2 Nos. of 7.5 HP WS works involving extension of 11 KV line Errection of 25 KVA Transformer on single pole structure and extention of LT line at Pashupatihal Village in the name of Panchayat. 150
A15 / 41 acquisition of garbage dump trucks for the collection of household and similar waste. 170
A33, hall as / steinhagen - as borgholzhausen, new bw 23a, crossing aid forest path. 198
Absolute digimatic caliper series 500 range: 0-6 inch (0-150 mm) resolution: 0.0005 inch/ 0.01 mm accuracy: plus/minus 0.001 inch make: mitutoyo or sylvac. provide with carbide tip jaw for od and id m. 346
Abstract and evaluate thermochemical data for gas phase anions and anion clusters. 106
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Printing And Copying Tools. 136
Acquisition of Access Points. 511
Acquisition of laboratory equipment and SPF animal house as part of the European Genomic Institute for Diabetes (EGID). 535
Acquisition of maintenance products. 151
Acquisition of pins 10 carat yellow gold to give away to staff with 20 years of service in celebration of the 111th anniversary of the National Bank of Panama, according to specifications Attached t. 131
Acquisition of software procurement and management of public procurement. 238
Acquisition paper / cardboard from selective collection door to door and at recycling centers. 127
Acquisition support services. 117
Acquisition, installation, maintenance and monitoring 90 automatic parcel terminals. 143
Addition/alteration to shamshan ghat at nowshera. 134
Additional Cctv Functionalities - Integration With Hcd And Rsfps. 130
Addn altn and spl repair to 8 blocks (88 qtrs) at arjan vihar delhi cantt. 140
Addn/ Altn to SMQs at AF Station Barrackpore. 133
Adhesive sticker, size: a6 contents printed on sticker as per annexure. 107
Advertising agency services. this is a three (3) year fixed price contract (april 1, 2016 through march 31, 2019) with two (2) one (1) year options. 125
Agency selection for zilla parishad hingoli recruitment process 2015-16. 120
Air Compressor Required For MWM Engine Of CSM 924 & UNI 8268 Machine. 137
Air exhauster assembly for lavatory. 163
Air pressure switch p 0.5 to 16 bar imax-3a, vmax-30v dc/250v ac, smax-24w/400va, p.No. 0821100023, make-rexroth or equivalent. 123
Ajc for routine and breakdown maintenance of chp part-a at igstpp jharli. 134
Alerter led lamp assembly to m/s.Medha pt. no. sp660901005. make: m/s. medha or similar. only rdso approved sources to supply . 153
Alfa laval portable centri at barh stpp. 110
All electric microprocessor controlled automatic injection moulding machine 140 160t. 116
All india lubes sales officers meet event management branding. 108
All that part and parcel of the property of m/s pochiraju industries limited. 170
All that part and parcel of the property of pochiraju industries limited consisting. 146
Allotment of Car/Auto Parking Stand at Chandigarh (Main Side) & Cycle/Scooter Stand at Nabha & Jagadhri (ATM) Railway station on quotation basis. 151
Alungalkadavu irrigation pipeline extension. 124
Amc and operation of ea in zone a. 137
Amc for firefighting and offsiteand-8217, at igstpp, jhajjar. 128
Amc for printers and lan system. 105
Amc oce tds. 115
AMC of Canon Photo Copier. 136
Amc of coal handling plant from wagon tippler to crusher house at igstpp jharli. 135
Amc of conveyor belt in chp at igstpp-jharli, jhajjar. 129
Amc of switchyard, power transformers and overhead line at igstpp-jharli, jhajjar. 131
Analog insulation tester as per is 2992-1987 rang 2500 v,0-10000m ohm, hand driven generator type with test lead,instruction manual,tests and caliberation certificate, warranty certificate,carraying c. 136
Analysis of the demand for supporting the creation of white and green jobs in Lower Silesia. 257
Angle bar to drg.No.675-51-211. 119
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of RO Water Purification System installed at Head Quarter Vikas Kuteer Punarwas Bhawan and Tis Hazari Court. 143
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter Reading through Digital Photography & IR meter Reading through HHU machine with Data punching and Bill Distribution to R & C Consumers in Akkalkuwa Sub Division. 144
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter Reading through Digital Photography & IR meter Reading through HHU machine with Data punching and Bill Distribution to R & C Consumers in Taloda Sub Division u. 146
Annual contract for operation and servicing of air pressurization systems orf various substations inside plant area of guwahati refinery. 134
Annual maintance contract of power sub station at curry road telephone exchange building mumbai 400012. 104
Annual maintenance contract for cutting unwanted vegetation. 114
Annual Maintenance Contract for round the clock of CMS (Crew Management System ) equipments. 103
Annual Maintenance contract of 2 Nos. "OTIS Make" 6 Passenger Lift at Telephone Bhawan, Solapur (2nd Call). 109
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Lead Acid Batteries, Repairs Of Battery Chargers And Reconditioning Of Battery Sets At Various Substations Under Shivajinagar Division. 138
Annual maintenance contract of six nos. Eot cranes msf regd. nO. 6949, 6950,6951,6952,6953,7065,smr section. 109
Annual maintenance to ei to judicial quarters in gajuwaka at visakhapatnam for the year 2014-15 (2nd call). 139
Annual maintenance to the iii chef metropolitan magistrate court building in gajuwaka at visakhapatnam for the year 2014-15 (2nd call). 141
Annual maintenance to the two court building in in gajuwaka at visakhapatnam for the year 2014-15 (2nd call). 138
Annual operation and maintenance of air conditioning and air ventilation system at igstpp, jhajjar. 134
Annual overhauling(aoh) replacement kit ( pt. no.-4300007100/30) for single bottle vcb of m/s aal type vcba 25.10 tr, as per annexure attached herewith. 191
Annual rate contract (arc) for expert services of m/s woodward (i) pvt. ltd. for checking woodward governor and over speed trip device (protech 2o3) at mathura refinery for year 2015-2016. 135
Annual Rate Contract For Cleaning Of Z.O Building And Roads Of P.H. Compound & Maintenance Of Plantation Etc. @ P.H. Comp. 106
Annual rate contract for providing and fixing of street light on ring road in pap area, jaipur. 144
Annual rate contract for servicing of pusher centrifuge (model no. p 360) of abc plant. 125
Annual rate contract for supply of water through tanker for colony and control room of 400kv jetpur s/s and sub-SLDC, jetpur under Jetpur(TR) Division. 158
Annual Rate Notice For The Division Of Unemployment Insurance. 105
Annual Repair & Maintenance of Non Residential Building for Civil Work For The Year 15-16. 143
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation OPD and Casualty block GTB Hospital Shahdara Delhi during 2015 16. 136
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation to various buildings under su division M 1322 N Hari Nagar New Delhi. during 2015 16. 133
Annual Repair and maintance of residental and non-residental building in connection with supply of civil items at bpos. 145
Annual Repair and Maintance Operation District Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi. in connection with Making arrangement for water tankers. 136
Annual Repair And Maintance Operation To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under Sub/Div-I Of Pawd-I Dg.15-16. in connection with Renovation And Repair Work In Various Bungalow Under Section-Ii. 119
Annual Repair And Maintance Operation To National Museum At Janpath, New Delhi. During 2015-16 in connection with Provision Of Bricket Gate And Repairs In Railing And Grills. 116
Annual repair and maintenance of ibb fencing of 66 bn bsf under shq bsf siliguri nb ftr bsf sh procurement of chemicals for de-weeding of wild growth along the ibb fence. 124
Annual repairing and maintain have of lift at head office bldg. in mbmc area. 124
Annual software renewal for pkware. 105
Annual Work Contract for material handling (i.e. unloading / loading / shifting of material) and work assistance by providing unskilled services at Major Stores (TPS and NPTPS) Parli-V. 141
Annual Work contract for providing manpower / assistance for maintenance of coal unloading equipments at CHP-VM of TPS Parli-V. 132
Application of cheese ymantequilla. 109
Applying Ceramic wear coat EROMAT 1003 in the inner surface of MDV s, MPO s, POE s & Mill inner cone s during annual overhaul of Unit I for the year 2015-16. 132
Appointment of Surveyor at any Load port in China for the job of Draft Survey,Hatch Inspection, Cargo Supervision,. 106
Appraisal Services to determine the fair market rent for five year extension of sublease between USA Department of Navy and New Cingular Wireless located at Waimea, Kekaha, Island of Kauai. Consultati. 105
Appraisal Services to determine the fair market value for issuance of direct lease to Na Pua Makani Power Partners, LLC for property located at Kahuku-Malaekahana, Island of Oahu. Consultation or othe. 103
AR and MO Building in BM-III Div During 2014 15 SH Repairs to in and around fire control room janpath Regal sump domes etc at Palika Bazar. 137
Ar and mo to rajghat new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh providing control room for cctv camera at rajgaht near kisan ghat new delhi. 121
Architectural & CDM Co-ordinator Services. 163
Architectural and related services. 236
Architectural and related services. 103
Architectural design services. 493
Arrangement of air-conditioning and allied electrical installation in conservative dentistry and endodontics at new building of dr. r. ahmed dental college and hospital, kolkata air conditioning arran. 151
Arrangement of Temporary Electrification during the celebration of Deewali at Kolkata Raj Bhavan under SGE/WB during the year 2015-16. 131
ARTDIPT/091 The Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR). 130
As per appx a of rfp0010. 117
As per eligibility. 124
As per list attached 1 6307 .2zr .C3, 2 6308 .2zr. c3 (01 set). 103
As per te. 137
Asbestos covered hydraulic hose to is:7651 1997 as per sae100 r8 type at inside systhetic rubber material, hose length-5000mm, id-1 , with swivel nut and adpapter 1 bsp mild steel galvanized fitted at. 268
Asbestos rope size : 40mm., is:4687/99 make: chanpion/charminar/supperman/appu. 109
Asbestos Surveys of common stairwellls. 125
Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold Remediation, Containment, And Abatement Services At Bwi And Mtn. 123
Assessment of energy and carbon benefit from applying energy standards - Development of a tool. 172
Assistance Mission to the contracting authority for the review of the Local Plan Moving. 194
Assistance to mastery of work for the development of conservation furnishings stores the library of architecture and heritage) (94. 268
Assistance to welding rail joints by at-skv process at scattered location against defective welds under the jurisdiction of sr. den/i/kir. completion period a 12 (twelve) months. 136
Assistant Engineer/Sengottai Sub-Division : Periodical Brightening Of Staff Quarters, Welfare Buildings, Stations And Service Buildings. 135
Assy fire extinguisher 3.5 kg btm (halon 1301)squib operated. 118
Attending Breakdown works in ESP of Unit IV & V for the period from the date on or after 08.10.2015. 143
Attending electrical maintenance works in Station A conveyor system. 125
Attending leakage from terrace of staff Quarter by providing polymeric water proofing Membrane at Arvi Dist. Wardha. 102
Attending preventive electrical maintenance of conveyor equipements. 112
Attending preventive maintenance work in Conveyor-17. 111
Auction for disposing of unserviceable / dismantled electrical / mechanical materials at cwc , beach road qtrs., visakhapatnam. 111
Auction For Sale Of Coal Chemicals Items From Durgapur Steel Plant. 184
Auction Notice Of 16 Bn Bsf, Handwara, C/O 56 Apo. 103
auction of Unserviceable materials. 116
Auction sale of abandoned old building/structures, inside crws factory campus. 123
Audiology Services for UDC Inmates. 146
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Badarpur Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Construction of an RCC OHSR of 25000 ltr. 138
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Badarpur Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Providing and installing pumping machinery electric chlorinator for disinfections of water Construc. 147
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Badarpur Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Under PRWSSIP Providing and Installing 200 mm. 124
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Simbal Majra Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Construction of an RCC OHSR of 25000 ltr capacity with 18m height upto FSL and 15m bed level pl. 137
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Simbal Majra Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Providing and Installing deep tubewell 1 No of size 200 mm id straight. 125
Augmentation Bifurcation of Water Supply Scheme for Village Simbal Majra Block Kharar District SAS Nagar Providing and installing pumping machinery electric chlorinator. 159
Augmentation of tlsb/ssp with feeder wire in connection with 3rd line from tlsb to tlhr. 117
Augmentation of water supply by making interconnections of existing water line with newly peripherals main from Sector-7 UGR at Rithala Village in AC-06 under EE(NW)-II. 137
Augmentation Of Wind Solar Hybrid System At Rashtrapati Bhavan New Delhi. 167
Augumentation to w.s.scheme at village junapani. 110
Ausa water supply scheme reform works carrying out consumer survey water audit energy audit gis mapping and hydraulic modelling and providing and installing flow meters. 134
Australia : A home today, New York tomorrow. 330
Australia : Qantas and Accorhotels Improve loyalty points partnership. 461
Australia : Qantas to take Australians to holiday in Bali this summer. 398
Author~s supervision over the implementation of the investment project entitled .: "Construction of high-pressure gas network, the relationship Brodnica - New Town Lubawskie - Ilawa, DN 300 and gasifi. 173
Award - Alloy facade and aluminum composite panels -. New boarding school and gymnasium, AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein, Irdning 8952, Raumberg 38th. 133
Ayurved raw drugs rajpipala. 166
Ayurved raw drugs vadodara. 166
B. T. Renewal Work Under Road Sub Division Damoh. (1) Ron Sataua Jhagar Rd. Km. 3,4,6,7,8=5.00 Km. (2) Bansa Imaliya Dhangour Rd. Km 4/10 5/4- 10,6,7 =3.00 Km. (3) Hindo-riya pipar- iya Rd. Km. 3,4,5,. 173
B. T. Renewal Work Under Road Sub Division Damoh. (2) Ghutar- iya Raneh Rd. Km. 1 to 4= 4.00 Km. (3) Hatta Town Rd. 1.1 Km. (4) Hatta Up jail Khairi Jamuniya Rd. Km. 1 to 5 = 5.00 Km. (5) Hinota Murac. 125
B.T.Renewal Work Under Hatta Sub Division (1) Binti Madiado to Katkheda Rd.Km.2,8,9,10 =4.00 Km. (2) Ghu-tariya Ranch Rd. 121
B.T.Renewal Work Under Road Sub Division Damoh. 134
Balance road after pmgsy construction is km 5/6(100) to 6/10 total length 1500 mtr. On bilha- dodaki- pausari road (via kewanchhi- aithulkapa length 7.85 km). 106
Ball bearing 6212 2zr c3 make : skf/fag only required. item to be supplied in oem s tamper proof carton along with pre despatch inspection certificate. authorised dealers with valid dealership certifi. 160
Bangalore cantonment - electrification of tender section and other offices in cao office complex duly releasing the existing wiring arrangements. 127
Battery box supporting plate ms size.50x10x1945 long in mm and l type m s plate 152x50x10 mm with m10 bolt hole x 3 nos. 114
Belle beille tranche 3: project management contract for energy rehabilitation for the bbc renovation 131 family housing. 131
Bellow connector assly. to dlw part no. 10080727 sheet 1 of 1 alt. no. ydf.For wds6 locos. 421
Belt tensioning device for 25 kw brushless alternator confirming to rdso/elec/dte/skel/3940 (sheet-1 and ii) with modified spring confirming to rdso.Drg. rdso/pe/sk/ac/0068-2004 (rev-0). note: firms m. 183
Betamethasone with neomycin cream in 15 or 20 gms tube. 120
Bin pallet to drg. no. cc-97c. 119
Biomedical equipment. 168
Black glass of size:107 x 83 x 3 mm thick for hand welding shields. 102
Blanket cover for runing rooms. the cloth of blanket cover should be cotton is 745/2003 or latest variety no. 12 banket cover to be stitched by cotton thread to variety no. 12, as per is 1720/1978 or. 177
Bmc-2015-16- mechanical maintenance works in pressure parts of boilers in tps-i. 134
Body of generator drive, drg.No.308-52-9. 194
Boot..Diode insulating - silicon rubber - .060 wall x 5-7/8 inches long to emd part no.8378316. 161
Box..Distributed - signal to emd part no.40061427. 152
Bracket for guide block r.H.As per rcf/kapurthala drawing no.Lw-56396 and lw-56397,alt-nil. 144
Brass dead nut flare size 1/4 suitable for refrigeration use,. 111
Breakdown/ Overhaul of equipments in pressure vessels, Alkali and Acid storage tanks. 143
Breakdown/ Overhauling of Instrument and Service Air compressor in Units IV & V for the period from t. 148
BS 05/26/2015 - infrastructure for research into systems. 149
BS 11/03/2015 - expansion cooling BST (IT boxes). 138
BS 56/07/2015 - glosowych_3 interface devices. 145
BS 59/07/2015 - equipment lab9, lab4. 172
Budget work 2014-15 strengthening and widening the carriage way by providing bm and bc and improvements to chavadimukku pullanvila nareeckal road (ch.2/400 to 6/400). 146
Bulk Supply of Road Binders. 117
Bunker cleaning chain fitting and belt cleaning at chp under govindpur area. 127
Bus acceleration mb 20/25 - holstenstraE-e / max brewers avenue; - engineering services for transportation planning and construction supervision. 505
Buying media in the context of a comprehensive image and product campaign multimedia markets Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Polish - supplementary order. 162
by the contracting authority Buy an active research equipment (Lot 1, 6, 20). 149
by the contracting authority Successive deliveries of conventional and organic foods. 114
by the contracting authority Successive deliveries of goods by sections, conventional and organic food. 114
by the contracting authority Sukcesivna supply of food for the period 2015-2019. 173
by the contracting authority Sukcesivna the food supply of goods, conventional and organic food. 114
by the contracting authority Supply and installation of equipment with lots of Institute for Energy FE UM - Phase 2 (from less environmentally burdensome materials). 152
by the contracting authority Supply and installation of interior furniture and laboratory equipment for the investment project: "New building campus Meadows Phase I: Building A". 132
by the contracting authority Supply and installation of technical, depot and office equipment for the building no. 6 Pivka intended to deposit. 446
by the contracting authority Supply of hardware for the operation state of cloud computing, a set of 11th. 123
by the contracting authority Supply of hardware for the operation state of cloud computing, a set of third. 122
C c road of l i5o oo m and 300 mm dai sw pipe drain. 152
C.C. Lining of Binaika Distributory from RD 0.00 M to 5610 m and Jhiriya. 109
C/o pavars block at manch an vishwashanti chauk in buddhanagar under nagari dalitettar sudhar yojana. 122
Ca no. cwe/af amb/ hal-52 /2014 -2015 provision of certain items of furniture at af station halwara. 141
Cable cutter 500 mcm to pt. no.605742-1,make-tyco/amp. 110
Cadium copper catenray wire (19/2.10 mm 65 sq. mm in drum of 3000 mtrs.) as per rdsos specification no. eti/ohe/30(6/97) with a and c slip no. or latest with plastic drum. 431
Calendars for the year 2015, price quoted should be inclusive of all. 124
Call for Applications for the realization of remediation, collection, sorting, conditionnementet evacuation of non-TFA (compactable waste metal, plastics, powders) Site FEURS. 343
Callegra voicemail server. 104
Canada : Martin Masse joins Norton Rose Fulbright s Ottawa office as partner. 329
Canberra high-purity germanium (hpge) spectroscopic gamma radiation detection systems. 111
Canteen Flooring Modification. 103
Canterbury christ church university crm. 175
Cap plug for levelling with 32 a/f head with m.28 threading of aluminium body with ss filter loked by special lock washer. 121
Capital (50%) & Maintenance (50%) Work For Ht/Ltline & Tc Under Lsd-R Sdn-At Under Limdi Division. 161
Car Auction TWAD. 103
Car On Hire -SR IM-OCTI5TOSEP16. 118
Car Parking site at L.M.Bund Office Complex, ShastriNagar, Delhi 110031 for the period of 12 month. 153
Card Acquiring Service. 114
Carrying out hazop study for off-shore facilities at iocl wrpl vadinar. 132
Castelnaudary (11) - Quartier Captain Danjou - 4O Re - Renovation Tce 3 Accommodation Buildings 30 Rooms In R + 2 And Replacement Of External Joinery Of 4 Buildings. 390
Catering Service at Platform over Jaipur Division. 127
Cathode rays oscilloscope. 113
Cattle guard assembly to drg no.Dlw pt.No.17032969 alt.G. 116
CC5231 Bathville Flats, Lot 1 Structural Steelworks, Blacksmiths and Metal Works. 302
Ccd detector. 107
Cell counter. 108
Cement Concrete work at Mandi yard Jawar. 113
cement, sand. 104
Centre bavaria family and social affairs, demolition and construction roonstraE-e 22nd. 158
Centrifuges II. 247
Certain civil, water supply and sanitary fittings in government residential quarter no. k 3/5, at kundanbagh, hyderabad(under turnkey basis). 161
Certain repairs to wooden furniture sofa sets reweaving of charpoys caning of furniture and painting to steel and polishing to wooden furniture under ge nw karanja. 146
Changes in the structure Firehouse Dubi according ZL 1 to 6. 180
Changing of Asbestos sheet and other misc works at Primary wing. 130
Changing of Rack segment (02 Nos.) of Dipper handle and taking out broken out put shaft from propel gear box of EKG Shovel-HMB 492 of AKWMOCP. 102
Charlotte courtroom 2 redesign audio/visual equipment. 110
Check processing rebates slips and checks the antilles and guiana (martinique, guadeloupe and french guiana) on behalf of the caisse des depots et consignations. 228
Checking and monitoring the mechanical equipmentsin SCH-I. 110
Checking the alignment of mill motor with gearbox and setting the axial and radia. 137
Chemical cleaning of STG Condenser tubes Qty 1. 115
Chemical Division Testing of coal collected from bunkers of all 5 units, Coal Jetty I & II - Testing of pulv. 254
Chemical earthing system (strip to pipe technology). 136
Chengalpattu - Villupuram Section: Proposed Construction Of Road Over Bridge With Composite Girder 1 X 32.173M Sq (45.50M Sk) + 1 X 18.385M. 184
Chill Down Isolation Pv 6207 This Tender Is For Publication Purpose Only. Vssc Qualified Venders Are Only Qualified To Participate. 136
Christmas gift certificate purchases in 2015. 108
Chromatographs. 115
Civil work for extension of parking area at lpg bottling plant hazira. 112
Civil work of construction of proposed auditorium netaji sadan in ward no. 9 under bansberia municipality mplads. 152
Cleaner instrumental kit (1000ml per kit) for cobas integra. 110
Cleaning & removing of water hyacinth and semi solid materials and silt from peripheral canal behind East Enclave to the junction. 130
Cleaning /pointing and water repellent coating works on crs masonry walls of existing amenity and main buildings at esso - incois, hyderabad. 140
Cleaning and inspection of sewers, manholes in zeeland flanders 2016-2017. 144

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