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Articles from Mena Report (September 2, 2015)

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" misc. civil works for township in ntpc sipat for the year 2015-16 ". 120
"construction of control room building ,foundation,cable trench, quarters,comp.Wall,wbm road,yard water supply,watchman cabin etc at 66 kv vavdi(hariyala) s/s & electrical earthing & other end of any. 242
"development project (project documentation including building and executive) for the reconstruction and modernization of infiltration ponds on the basis debina poznan with obtaining a valid occupancy. 299
"property insurance severocesk water company inc.". 189
"property insurance severoceskEi water company inc.". 192
"Selection of a contractor for the provision of postal and courier services for the TP" DLS Dikchan. " The contract is divided into two lots: Lot 1 - "Making of universal postal services for the TP". 200
"Supply and installation of an observation system to the existing conservation facilities in the area Karakyutyuk" project "Sustainable management and device Natural Park" Blue stones ", according to. 236
"supply of medicines for the needs of" tokuda hospital sofia "ad". 209
(1) name plate (water pump ) to drg. no. 10250049 (34 d-75012) alt-y (2) name plate (lube iol pump to drg. no. 10250037 top (34d-75050) alt-w. 112
(1)black cartridge for hp printer 2608 no 853/8767a (2)coloured cartridge for hp printer 2608 no 857/9363a (3) black cartridge for printer 5288 no c860a/cb 335zz (4) coloured cartridge for hp printer. 203
(15133) 810 collection, data management and security and calculating the core indicators (BDM) 2016-2020. 282
(15133) 810 Surveys, management and backup of data and calculation of core indicators (MBD) 2016-2020. 104
(normal budget - 2015-16) improvement & widening to malpur-bhadkodra-jantran-kora-nodhana-vedach-gajera road (m.D.R.) km. 0/0 to 33/0 (section km. 0/0 to 14/0) ta. jambusar dist. bharuch. 183
(ph no.:37008) transduser potector. 111
(ph no.:40507) erba-path 4 x 5 ml for xl-640 auto analyser plus. 119
(ph no.:40509) clenac-3 (standard), 5 lts plus. 114
(ph no.:40518) hbs ag rapid (50t). 113
(ph no.:40527) acculyte tubing set plus. 113
(ph no.:40545) sgot kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser plus. 117
(ph no.:40551) uric acid kit for erba xl - 640 auto analyser plus. 119
(ph no.49087) terbinafine hydrochloride cream 1 percent 10 gm. 119
(recall-ii) cdw to restoration of bastions, fort walls and improvement of approach pathway from foot of the hill to main entrance of rajmachi fort, dist. pune (lime grinding machine). 158
0-19 Healthy Child Programme. 200
01327 Youth Work Services at HMYOI Polmont, HMP YOI Cornton Vale & HMP &YOI Grampian. 109
05hp water pump set. air cooled 2600rpm single cylinder trolley and with complete accessories.Make-kiloskor or similar. 107
07 types of cleaning materials. 129
1 3/8 fafnir sealed ball bearing. 342
1 rmo lifts at nirvachan sadan new delhi 2 rmo sub station at nirvachan sadan new delhi sh operation of passenger lifts and providing electrical staff in substation at nirvachan sadan new delhi. 133
1) box display distributor duel to emd part no.40043448,dlw part no.18120283. 2) circuit breaker fuel pump-turbo light 30 amps to emd part no 8458724 dlw part no.18310229. 3) circuit breaker head ligh. 117
1) cylinder head suitable for 1400 hp demu cil pt no. 3811988. make : cil. 2) actuator suitable for 1400 hp demu. cil part no. 3875875. make : cil. 180
1)spacer to drg. 46011000121#02 r-02, as per spec. aa12023 r-08. (6) pl. submit offer in two part bid strictly as per encl. annexure-ii .(7) all other terms & conditions as per finish basis annexure i. 137
1, Kollangarai - Nadur via karambakudi rastha in Kollangarai panchayat Km 0/0-2/850. 2, Arputhapuram to Vallam link road in Thirukanoorpatti panchayat Km 0/0-3/300. 153
1. b check kit for 500 kva dg set make-cummins model no. kta-19-g4/kta-19g5 suitable for lhb power car as per annexure enclosed. 2. c check kit for 500 kva dg set make-cummins model no. kta-19-g4/kta-. 132
1. nut-1 1/2 inch -6 type clt hexagon lock grade-c, (unified form) purchase spec.No.Wdg4/ps/veh 02,rev.5 dt.06.07.10 as per drawing drg.No 9416572 alt a (p.L.No.: 19350235) 2. nut 1/4-20 hex as per pu. 424
1. replacement of damaged weighline of pr loading system of chp jayant project. 129
1.3 percent ddf estimate for commercial connection in fo the chief officer city 2415 tuljapur. 131
1.Hospital information management system hims software (ms windows based)as per the specification annexure a ( 14 pages) and special conditions in annexure b (three pages) along with modifications as. 225
100 MW wind power project. 149
1000 a clamp meter with ir thermometer model ex 830 make:aplab or similar. 105
1011 tender point controller. 128
12 x 8 wooden box with top sunmica sheet 3 mm thickness fitted with 1 no. of 25a, dprccb, 30ma, 10 ka breaking capacity conforming to is 12640 and 1 no. of 20a dp mcb, 10 ka breaking capacity conformi. 201
120/132 w bare uhp lamp suitable for barco projector part no. b 9842807/r764741. make - philips, osaram or barco make only.120/132 w bare uhp lamp suitable for barco projector part no. b 9842807/r7647. 133
123 / zp / 15 procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than 10 000 000 euro for the supply of pharmaceutical products for the provincial specialist hospital. coperni. 190
12th mknz p tug logistics des k league barracks speed tc building, plant, boiler and annex towards of periodic maintenance and emergency repair stock level establishment and maintenance of the purpose. 110
137 / zp / 15 procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than eur 10 000 000 for the supply of pharmaceutical products for the provincial specialist hospital. copernic. 554
138 / zp / 15 - the procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than 207 000 per lease centrifugal blood pump for cardiopulmonary bypass for the department of vascular. 506
15061c - maintenance 3 offset presses ryobi brand. 184
15s0038-supply and installation of road signs for the town of saint-nazaire. 193
15vbt001 - county road agency of villers bocage, 2015 program, building the roundabout, rd 577 and 524 town of vire. 172
16 springs mastication. 118
1600 ac ac demu. 259
17 depot north gate system. 209
2 hardware dealer. 286
2 mb programmable digital webfill mux,primary multiplexer tributory card. 101
2 regional directorate of road traffic information sheet on the road making the business of the responsibility. 117
2 units of passenger cars, 1 truck and 1 double cabin pickup rental units. 109
2. s-bahn route munich - ve 30 rohbauarbeiten tunnel west with trough and hp hauptbahnhof train station. 154
200ah/110 volt lead acid low maintenance battery set consisting of 55 no cells (2 volt each) as per rdso specification no rdso/pe/spec/tl/0040-2003 (rev-0) with amendment no. 1 with electrolyte in sep. 258
2015 year sophomore small island themed educational travel services. 122
2015-16 district panchayath thiruvananthapuram - improvements to puthukkonam idappazhinji road in poovachal g.P. 133
2015-2016 academic year, received the transport scope 6 carrying a total of 437 students from the center of the 19 settlements 181 working days 79 097 table d~hote hot lunch reception, service and dis. 124
2015-2016 hot on the high school students within the academic year should move educational lunch reception, service and distribution services auction. 108
2016 / pastor / lille. 125
2016 control group providing food. 123
2016 kawasaki brute force 300 atvs & 2016 polaris 900 rangers. 126
2016 Logan Airport Air Passenger Survey RFP. 275
25 nb flange welded joint (pipe to pipe) to icf drg. no. icf/sk-3-5-232, alt-d/nil, col-i, item no. 1 to 7. this item is reserved for procurement from rdso approved sources only. material and specific. 190
252 medical beds for ksd hospitals. 297
3 pole fixed type thermal based mccb rated 100 amps., 415 volts ac, 10 ka cat. no- xfe100g make- bch,abb or similar in l and t schneider,siemens,havell s,legrand,indo asian,hpl. 140
3 seater perforated chair with arm make-goderej nanno peren or similar. 101
3.0m X-L Band Satellite Antenna and Radome (UW-MAD) 16-0014. 536
3/4 straight union coupling female as per drg. no .Wr-ccg-el/3-.Pc-029. 110
3042/eproc/7 kumaon/59/ e3provee. 125
32 led tv with hd led picture quality, hdml port usb-1 wide colour enhancer plus 720p resolution make - lg, samsung only. 118
33 KV HT Line,11KV HT Line, DTC & LT Line Maintenance and LCP work in Dhule Rural Sub Division under Dhule Rural Division. 153
33 KV HT Line,11KV HT Line, DTC & LT Line Maintenance and LCP work in Pimpalner Sub Division under Dhule Rural Division. 153
33 KV HT Line,11KV HT Line, DTC & LT Line Maintenance and LCP work in Sakri Sub Division under Dhule Rural Division. 152
3500 krems an der donau, steiner landstrasse 4, stein prison, rehabilitation cellblock - safety technology. 229
36/15 mm tap connector, complete with fasteners as per rdso s spec. no. - eti/ohe/49 9/95 with a and c slip no. 1 to 5 and rdso s drg. no. - eti/psi/p/6520 mod - b . 154
38bn/itbp/qm/brass item tender. 141
4- laning of Guna-Biaora section from Km 332.100 to Km 426.100 of NH-3 (Package-II) in the State of Madhya Pradesh to be executed on BOT (Toll) on DBFOT pattern under NHDP Phase-IV. 105
400 toner cartridges and ink. 110
415v,3200a,al busbar,50ka/1s,cr encl bd. 101
4290451418 Brush & Tree Cutting & Stump Removal In Calvert County. 101
5 piece hlf 10. 160
54 month over hauling replacement kit for single bottle vcb with aal patr no. 4300007100/12. 229
650th mi group cargo and passenger van. 110
650th mi group sedans. 106
68 channel logic analyser. 117
6th call constructing angawadi building at onanavase varvatkarwadi. 115
7.5hp( 5kw)1440 rpm squirrel cage indication motor, 3 phase, 415volt ac, foot mounted, conf. to rdso spec. no. rdso/pe/spec/ac/0084,rev-2008( rev-i) suitable for ventilation fan of rajdhani/shatabi po. 280
7/8 inch tube as per drg.No.40c77886-1 alt c. 333
70 degree angle probe f/b frequency. 2 mhz for drtrt-201and srt rt-1o1 usfd testers make-paras elaectronic. 296
70 watts, 250 volts, son/e/hpsv lamps. 108
8 Model 2.5 VHF Motorola APX 6000XE hand FFP. 103
8(a) competitive joc naics 238220 plumbing heating and air conditioning contractors. 118
890133003 energy management; tender energy supply. 15e0522 supply of electricity - "100% green electricity". 199
950xl black and 951xl cyan,yellow,magenta ink cartridge. 103
A 21-bornhE[micro]ved stolpe, major repairs to the roadway. 158
A 21-bornhved stolpe, major repairs to the roadway. 156
A contract (fidic based) kelenfE[micro]ld railway station xxi xxviii. the emerging track in place of the p + r parking lot and realize the associated road construction, hydraulic engineering, public works, b. 204
A set of 14 finger type pressure plate and 14 fan type clutch plate assembly. make ashok leyland suitable for leyland make diesel engine model 16dti hind with fly wheel plate springs bushes fingers se. 136
A simple 180 pages of text in single colour and four pages of cover in four colours. 129
A ski should be light weight and well balanced that facilitates rotation and sliding rails. it should also have kick tail for maneuverability and switch riding. 137
A variety of fruits are taken in an year. the quality of fruit has to be as per specification. 141
A&e formal proposal (rfp) transportation analysis planning. 110
A.C.Crank case motor (0.5 hp) with built in inverter dlw part no.12102131 rdso specn.No.Mp. july 2008, rev-01. 277
A/r and m/o work and provision of kota stone flooring in division office and inspection quarter gonda. 139
A01 west motorway, int tu. liefering, adapt. stsg / works. 165
A23 median strip lighting / led lights. 182
A4 size laserjet printer 19/18ppm speed iso letter a4 600 x 600x2 1200dpi . canon model 6060b or similar model of hp. 113
A9, sa9 base gasket as per ftil part no. 502-701000 or sil part no. 30077601. 112
Abrasive belt aluminium oxide roll size 50 metre width 50 mm 180 grid, universal carborandum make or similar. 113
AC Bridge Repair Pack A. 158
Ac crank case exhauster motor with built in inverter, rdso specn. no. mp. of july 2008 (rev.01) col-7.0. and rdso s modification sheet no. mp.Mod.Em-02.04.11(rev-00) dt. 21.4.2011. 411
Access reaction vessels (16 x 98 nos. per pkt.). 108
Accident and health insurance services. 104
Accident and health insurance services. 227
Acid anhidride (mhac-p) for hitachi tm type 15250a as per specn. no. a0274, alt-1. 174
Acoustic enclosure for safety valve testing. 114
Acquisition and development of vehicles and boats. 122
Acquisition and media creation tool. 198
Acquisition of equipment to animal testing laboratory. 146
Acquisition of IT Equipment. 583
Acquisition of semi-automatic defibrillators (aed). 159
Acquisition of Stationery Products. 519
Acquisition of various paper for office. 138
Acquisition routine reagents for clinical laboratory equipment. 101
Acrylic sheet transparent . as per is 7569, size: 4 x6 x 5 mm. 110
Action plan of cnc-ii lighting system regarding fire safety and energy management system. 182
Activities in the maintenance of basic water management and water essential for regulation of water for agriculture in the county ostroleka, przasnysz, ostrow, wyszkowski and makowski. 164
Activities related to real estate. 128
Adaptation 4m corridor Morschach double track tunnel. 440
Adapter, male 7/8 inch x 1/2 inch - 14 for fuel oil piping to drg.No.Dlw/tpe-12-0026 alt.L line1 (pt.No.11329737). 126
Additional and alteration to two numbers officers and two numbers sailors married accommodation building at ins kalinga bheemunipatnam. 150
Additional insurance health. 138
Additional/alteration to bldg no p-28 at sharifabad military garrison. 136
Addn /alt to boundary wall and provn of 3m high boundary wall at izatnagar bareilly. 141
Addn altn to airmen and dsc billets at af stn halwara. 138
Addn/altn and special repairs to station auditorium cum cinema hall at ins shivaji lonavla. 137
Aden/rjp sub-division - nandalur - repairs to staff quarters. 114
Adhoc handling and transport contract at amc, cotton market godown, jadcherla. 142
Adjustment ring, a5e00364938a/a5e00364938 to siemens part no. 22.45 for siemens traction motor suspension unit. 152
Administration on real estate, representing 100% owned by municipalities bialystok managed by the management of municipal property in bialystok - no: bom. 191
Administrative healthcare services. 144
Administrative housing services. 133
Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System Increment 1, dismounted operations variant. 127
Advanced pilot training (apt) family of systems (fos) program commonly referred to as "t-x". 126
Advertising and marketing services. 138
Advertising and marketing services. 311
Advtersitment through LCD/electronic display board at 18 station. 108
Aeronautical mobile airport communications system. 107
Aerospace systems technical research operations and support services (astros). 114
Afghanistan - Addressing Immediate Household and Shelter Needs - CARE Canada 2015. 276
After filter element for holmain air compressor 254cfm code no. e7-32 model hcs 501 air compressor. 116
Afzalpura- transportation of foodgrains & other items from kfcsc / tapcms / other wholesale nominee godowns. 135
Agricultural services. 113
Air brake hose coupling for brake pipe to rdso sk. 73547, alt. 13 item 1 to 7. matl. and specn. as per drawing. 161
Air circulating fan 30w, 64/75 volt d.C.To drawing no. / specification no. del-misc/41-a alt-z and del/spn/108 alt-a2. 122
Air compressor for wdg4 loco, emd part.No: 40017843, dlw part.No: 17480012. 216
Air conditioning system and modification of lighting in vsgh of vsp. 137
Air conditioning works for incubation centre. 140
Air duct channel guard full . mat:- m.S. as per sketch no.Bwn/uc/e/001. 390
Air exhauster assembly. 184
Air filter 3/8 inch to dlw drg no.Sk.No.2165 alt nil or latest pt.No. 11360288 . 242
Air intake filter element. 307
Air n arc 300d. 124
Air spring assembly. 540
Air transport services. 178
Aircraft-towing vehicles. 193
Airline Technical Representative. 415
Al Maryah Central mixed-use retail development project. 360
Aland- transportation of foodgrains & other items from kfcsc / tapcms / other wholesale nominee godowns to fair price depots (retail transporation) including loading, unloading and arranging in stack. 135
Alarm systems. 140
Allotment of Car/Auto Parking Stand at Chandigarh (Main Side) Railway station on quotation basis for three months or till finalization of tender whichever is earlier. 133
Allotment of exclusive publicity right contract for display of advertisementat platform concourse and circulating area of shimla railway station for period of six months or till the finalization of t. 144
Alluminium conductor welding cable (hofr covering) cable size in sq. mm. 95,rated current in amps. at 60 percent duty cycle,438a min weight of 1 mtrs. lengts of cable conductor should be 253.90 gms. s. 414
Almond giri. 123
Alteration to existing parking shed into store / office and provn of additional truss work with protective roofing for verandah of mes office accomodation building at icgs ratnagiri. 147
Alumininum ladder 6 feet long to alco series model no: al 102 or equivalent. make: alco / altec werner. note: warranty should be given for a period of one year from the date of receipt of the material. 139
Aluminium profile. 198
Aluru - Transportation Of Foodgrains & Other Items From Kfcsc / Tapcms / Other Wholesale Nominee Godowns To Fair Price Depots (Retail Transporation). 145
Amalgamated transformer rectifier. 168
Amalgamated transformer rectifier. 164
Amc and oh of esp (st-iandii) and flyash handling system (st-i), ntpc sipat cs-15094. 129
Amc For Eot Cranes- MechanicalAnd Electrical,At Hmt-Mbx Complex On LabourContract,etc. 140
Amc for rp machine. 120
Amc for xrd machine. 120
Amc of fully automated biochemistry anayser and semi automated biochemistry anayser for one year.(ref:ks/cs/156149). 124
Amc of hbl make chargers. 108
amodaLayingof DI pipe line in balance streets, Drilling and installing of 1 No PVC Tubewell ofsize 225mm o/d at Village Mirza Pur,Distt. Kurukshetra and all other works contingent thereto. 101
AMtc of master sewer line in Sector 23 23A Gurgaon. 157
an open tender at the choice of the right to sign the construction contract for the project: Overhaul of buildings of unfinished construction of the airport Khibiny Apatity, located in Apatity, st. Ap. 187
Analysis of the national value. 141
Analysis of the results of the experiment system to merge Siberia IPS and IPS East in parallel. 150
Analysis of the threat of terrorist use of explosives in an area with a high density of people. 234
Analytical Laboratory Services for Environmental Compliance. 170
Anekal - Transportation Of Foodgrains & Other Items From Kfcsc / Tapcms / Other Wholesale Nominee Godowns. 145
Anesthesia workstation with anesthetic gas vaporize. 129
Angle cock/t.P valve/p. cock,size -15 mm make:- bath care or similar. 156
Angular contact spring complete fixed contact as perm/s abb drg. no.Ina 516497r-2. 111
Animal products, meat and meat products. 119
Annealed copper rivet for cb-62. 141
Annual cleaning of under ground and overhead tank. 125
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of UPS installed in Admn. Block, Auditorium Hall and Inverter in Academic Block VI Boys Hostel I II III, IV Girls Hostel and Servo Voltage Stablizers in Pump House and. 166
Annual contract for garden manitenance at administration building area. 104
Annual contract for loading or unloading and stacking of material at construction store limbdi, under const. division limbdi for the year 2015-16. 175
Annual fire hose testing. 102
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Coach Guidance system of Cube Software make installed at Borivali station for 03 years. 131
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Transit Camp and Providing Catering Services. 103
Annual Maintenance contract for Air conditioners. 101
Annual maintenance contract for epabx system at hmt new transit house hmt complex jalahalli bangalore -560 013 for a period of three years. 118
Annual Maintenance Contract For Miscellaneous Work At Emc. 120
Annual Maintenance contract for networking equipments. 108
Annual Maintenance Contract for Public Address System installed at various NDMC Schools. 152
Annual maintenance contract for refractory relining of chamber furnaces pit furnaces and salt baths in sukhoi engine division. 125
Annual maintenance contract for ups batteries/repairs of ups systems in the ministry of water resources rd gr regarding. 133
Annual Maintenance Contract for Water Purifiers at NSIT. 132
Annual maintenance contract in 201,202,203,210,fuelhangar,di hangars,painting hangars,hal,afle stores and 84a hangars of su-30 roh. 126
Annual Maintenance Contract Of 1 No Central UPS 10 KVS Capacity With Replacement Of All Spare Pans And Potteries As Per Scope Of Work. English Translation Of Russian TOT Documents With Scope Of Work. 160
Annual Maintenance Contract of 1 No Central UPS. 152
Annual Maintenance Contract of 1 No Central UPS. 153
Annual Maintenance contract of R.O. System Eureka Forbes" make Aquagaurd Purifier model 80 PSS installed. 114
Annual Maintenance for Ricoh Printing System. 181
Annual Maintenance of P.A. System Jail No. 1 to 9 i/c Running, Maintenance and Operation of Inmates Communication System at Mulakat Jungla of Central Jail No. 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 of Central Jail, Tiha. 166
Annual maintenance of various Rural Water Supply Schemes 2015-16 (Falling under PHED, Kurukshetra). 120
Annual maintenance water supply scheme narnaul town. rEpair of 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch dia water supply pipeline on mohindergarh road, rewari road and railway road and all other works contingent theret. 127
Annual operation and maintenance of 11KV indoor sub station and E.I. internal and external services without material in the Punjab Police Headquarters Building, Sector-9, Chandigarh. for the period fr. 139
Annual Operation and Maintenance work of 3x 10 TR AC package units of PCM. 103
Annual operation running and maintenance of LWSS to NC/PC habitation in GP Gawalpur, Teban and Sarahan in Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi HP (SH: Annual operation, running repair maintenance of pumping ma. 105
Annual operation running and maintenance of LWSS to NC/PC habitation in GP Gawalpur, Teban and Sarahan in Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi HP (SH: Annual operation, running repair maintenance of pumping ma. 105
Annual operation, running repair maintenance of pumping machinery & rising main upto main storage tank complete in all respect 2nd stage including cost of all labours for three year period.). 104
Annual over hauling 2015 2016 Cleaning the cold and hot water tunnels. 112
Annual overhauling 2015-2016 Cleaning the trough of UACT II and painting with AC Black paint. 125
Annual overhauling spares kits for trc- 1000 mn elgi make air compressor consisting of 30 items as per annexure enclosed. 117
Annual overhauling works (2015-2016) of Unit-II - Providing patchup work and protective work to the tunnel surface of the cold water tunnel from transformer yard 281 to 420m. 129
Annual overhauling works (2015-2016) of Unit-II - Providing patchup work. 132
Annual rate contract (arc) for miscellaneous instrumentation jobs during shut down in cgp-1, cgp-2 and tps at gujarat refinery. 132
Annual rate contract for miscellaneous civil jobs at various locations in bpcl-kr. 107
Annual rate contract for painting grill/walls of various road dividers and islands /footpath r.C.C. pardi on the major road in south west (athwa) zone, surat. 192
Annual Rate Contract for supplying Drinking Water through Tanker in South East (Limbayat) Zone area. 113
Annual rate contract to provide services of divers for under water activities like sealing work of d.T. gates, penstock gates, stop-log gates of chph and rbph of sardar sarovar (narmada) project. 215
Annual rate maintenance works for footpath with r.C.C. pardi and paver block and roughkotah stone at various place in 13 - athwa ward at south west (athwa) zone, surat. 200
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation 124 Inf Bn Ta Sikh, National Stadium, New Delhi Dg. 2015-16. 101
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation building in BM II division during 2015 16. 136
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Building in BM-I Division during 2015-16. 131
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Repair Replacement Of Wood Work At Various Places At Air Force Station, New Delhi. 104
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To 124 Inf Bn Ta Sikh National Stadium, New Delhi Dg. 2015-16. 102
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation various roads under Sub-Division M-4421 of division M-442 during 2015-16. 129
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Various Type Quarters At Sector-5, R.K.Puram, New Delhi Dg. 2015-16. 106
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Vikas Bhawan New Delhi dg 2015 16 SH Misc repair work. 133
Annual repair & Maintenance to Staff Quarters at Mahadik Vasahat, Kolhapur for the Year 2015-16. 103
Annual repair And Maintenance operation Repair Of Shed At Shopping Complex At Air Force Station, New Delhi. 106
Annual repair and maintenance work to different govt buildings under the jurisdiction of sskm hospital kolkata under section_i of sskm hospital sub division during the year 2015_16_s and p works_ phas. 165
Annual repair and maintenance work to different govt buildings under the jurisdiction of sskm hospital kolkata under section_ii of sskm hospital sub division during the year 2015_16_s and p works_ pha. 165
Annual repair contract Maintenance Contract Of Pa System At Heavy Water Plant, Rcf Thal. 131
Annual repair of s.L dwarkeshwar. 129
Annual Repairing Contract Of Defective Vhf/Walkie Talkie Sets In Katihar Division For A Period (03) Three Years. 135
Annual Repairs & Maintenance works to City Exchange Bldg. at Kolhapur for the year 2015-2016. 103
Annual work contract for Day-to-day routine maintenance of Electrical Equipments as per scope of work of Unit nO. 1 AND 2, SSTPP, Dongalia. 139
Annual works for fabrication of 66kv "h" frame structure and its accessories at construction division, limbdi 2015-16. 171
Anti tracking varnish f-93 of elantas beck india/pune or re 118 of rotomac/new d. 255
Anti-rust coating for cooling water expansion tank similar to m/s. wear resist technologies pvt. ltd, vadodara products viz. i ultraprotact spl marine grade in 5 kg container ii wr 25108 in 5 ltr cont. 158
Antibacterials for systemic use. 180
Antineoplastic agents. 136
Antineoplastic agents. 178
Aoh kit for hasler speed indicator, type a-16-88 of m/s.Aal new part no.1160007400 consisting of 08 items as per annexture enclosed. 121
Aoh kit for m/s.Knorr bremse air dryer, i.E. final filter element, to kbi drg no.1.4.3093 part no. 1-3-3085/6. 122
Aoh kit for overhawling of medha 921 recorder and indicator ver-02, energy cum speed monitoring system esmon spm medha make. 117
Application of the qualification system for option regarding the procurement of wifi at the swedish E[micro]resund trains. 119
appointment of courier agent for collection and delivery of documents in and around kolkata. 115
Appointment of local authorized chemist for supply of daily medicines to postal dispensary nellore. 138
Appointment Of The Chartered Accountant Firms as Internal Auditor for Audit of MPRDC for the period of Two Years. 129
Aqm-37 battery refurbishment. 105
Aqua guard water filter model protect ro uv make:aquagard or similar. 103
Ar and m ro water treatment plant at 51 bn itb police. 138
Ar and m sub-station at 51 bn itb police. 134
Ar and mo to bharatpur house short and long firing range and old barracks for rtc cisf and residential building for cisf 9th reserve battalion deoli during 2015-16. 124
Ar and mo to residential and non residential buildings for japrigog and bamunimaidan colony guwahati dg. 2015-16 sh: procurement of materials for day to maintenance. 121
Ara thunersee, expanding pah, waste water filtration equipment. 153
Arakalagudu - Transportation Of Foodgrains & Other Items From Kfcsc / Tapcms / Other Wholesale Nominee Godowns To Fair Price Depots (Retail Transporation) Including Loading, Unloading And Arranging In. 145
Arasikere- transportation of foodgrains & other items from kfcsc / tapcms / other wholesale nominee godowns to fair price depots (retail transporation) including loading, unloading and arranging in st. 135
Arc box. 339
Arc for miscellaneous machining jobs at barauni refinery. 126
Arc of scba sets and elsa sets in fire and safety dept. 129
Architects & Engineers - Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems. 156
Architectural and related services. 209
Architectural and related services. 264
Architectural Consultancy Services for St George~s Bristol. 272
Architectural consultancy services. 125
Architectural design services. 145
Architectural design services. 524
Architectural structural interior consultancy services for the proposed building for hrd ate functions in bhel. 137
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 125
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 198
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 145
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 115
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 164
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 128
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 144

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