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Articles from Mena Report (October 7, 2015)

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"erection of ht/lt/tc for ipds scheme under anand(n),anand(s),mogri s/dn.". 180
"integrated services of urban sanitation of the city of cagliari ~cup: g29d15000860004 - in body and measure. cig 6412700771. 237
#5128 malheur county grant-in-aid. 123
#5139 washington county gia. 131
(1) ink cartridge hp 851(black) or similar.(2)ink cartridge hp 21(black) or similar(3)ink cartridge hp 22(colour)or similar.(4)ink cartridge hp 678(black) or similar.(5)ink cartridge hp 678(colour) or. 165
(1) swivel base heavy duty machine vice-jaw width -300mm, jaw opening- 400mm. qty- 01 no (2) bench vice- 6 inch / 150mm width jaw opening -300mm qty -01 no make- sonalkar/ apex/ sareko tools. 331
(1)Clearing Bushes And Vegetations In Ernakulam P.Way Section.(2) Proposed Tree Cutting From Railway/Private Land In Ernakulam Subdivision. 135
(3 of 3 electrical procurements) electrical procurement iii - tools and equipment central energy plant building project legacy, new orleans, la vamc. 114
(a) recoupment of minimum essential amenities (mea) in agc-pwl section. (b) recoupment of minimum essential amenities (mea) in mtj-awr section. (c) agra division: improvement of toilet block to recoup. 140
(a)comprehensive maintenance contract of split / multy split / ductable / package type ac units for a period of three years in mumbai division. (b)manning and operation of 2x120 tr centralized ac plan. 165
(A)Improvements To Side Drains In Cuttings In Kottayam P.Way Section. (B) Clearing Of Bushes Along The Track In Kottayam P.Way Section. 138
(i)interlocking of level crossing gates for mb-12 at km 369/7-8 & mb-13 at km 370/15-16 between blng-hrbr stations of ranchi division. (ii) construction of rest room for track machine staff at gdbr, j. 149
(NU/1044) Main Contractor for Richardson Road Student Accommodation. 292
(old) calibration history, temporary remodeling (living cultural centre) construction design services. 106
: FAA Issues $27 Million Grant for Replacement Airport in North Dakota. 468
: FAA Proposes $1.9 Million Civil Penalty Against SkyPan International for Allegedly Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Operations. 304
: pure iron flat 44.85/44.45x4.039/3.886mm for q realy armature as per description no.D210060-00-06 ofs and t/workshop/ podanur. 115
? ac train substations (ac 25kv and above) retained earnings ? sp dongducheon other four places gas insulated switchgear decomposition precision inspection work. 131
01. pre-filtration facility to remove coarse impurities. 02. feed water nature- tap water 03. production capacity- the quoted system should be able to produce high purity (type -1) water with producti. 157
01399 Maintenance of Lifts at HMP & YOI Grampian. 142
02 Nos. Civil work of Ghorawari Sub Area. 122
02 Nos. civil works of Ghorawari Sub area. 127
03 types of different works in e and m deptt mkd sa as per tender documents at umrer area. 147
05 nos different works in excvatio deptt in usa as per tender documents at umrer area. 137
07/14 bidding for the provision of maintenance, repair and maintenance of the gauging stations roea guadalquivir basin. key: cu (co) -5090. 187
08 types of air filters pneumatic connectors for various machine (detail in item detail). 173
08-rethel-2015 maintenance of public lighting installations, light-signaling and various associated work. 260
0909 Home to School Transport. 175
1 . sofa set teak wood frame with seat, back cushion and hand rest 3 1 1 qty. 10 sets. 2 . wooden centre table with teakwood frame with melamine polished of size : 42 x 20 x 18 . qty. 05 nos. 136
1 1/4 inch cut off angle cock to rdso drg. no.-wd-88123-s-01, alt no.-2.And specification no.02-abr-02 appendix-d. 212
1 292 Supply of Light Commercial Vehicles (with Automatic Transmission). 358
1 bhn test block range:271-341 bhn with certificate reference is 2281-2005 qty. 05 nos. 2 indentor ball tungstan carbide of dia 10 mm for bhn machine with certificate qty. 05 nos. 250
1 curtain cloth set superior quality of rumars company, whimsical book or similar make sr. no. 19. granada design , colour 104, 100 percent cotton, 137 cms width consist 10.50 meter fabric and whimsic. 246
1 double slotted four jaw chucks size 24 inch x 5.5 inch 01 no. 2 double slotted four jaw chucks size 14 inch x 3.5 inch 01 no. make - praga, unnat, rakhi one set consisting of two nos. 159
1 inch jublee clamp 16-22 mm, worm drive hose clip hexagonal headed screw as per is specification no:- is 4762: 2002 and material stainless steel as per ss-304. 125
1 no non tooled up cnc turn mill centre. 223
1 repair of jyoti make control panel of mkd chp at site 2 fabricating modified shear pin with nut and washer for ir feeder breakar of chp of mkd ii oc mine. 144
1 sheet for window frame 2x53.5x1760 and support piece 3.15x28x1725 in assembled condition ,drawing no.Rcf khx drg no. cc14620. 2 rubber profile cc54406,rcf drg no.Cc54445. 3 rubber profile cc54106,rc. 213
1 x 250 watt metal halide flood light fittings with presure die cast aluminium integral wide beam long throw flood light luminous suitable for single ended tubular lamps having tempered glass with the. 227
1 x 400 watt metal halide flood light fittings with pressure die cast aluminium integral wide beam long throw flood light luminous suitable for single ended tubular lamps having tempered glass with th. 224
1) copper end terminal heavy duty size-95 mm sq hole-e-12 cat no.-8055 of m/s dowell s or similar with 100 percent copper. 2) copper end terminal heavy duty size-70 mm sq hole-e-10 cat no.-8054 of m/s. 192
1) copy turning tool holder to iso identity code pdjnl3232 2) a tooling set consisting of (a) 1 no. tool holder 3) carbide insert to m/s.Sandvik cat.No.330-20-40aa-235. 138
1) dmc cam 142 to drg. 15771230003-004. (note :vendor code&supply date only to be punched/sticker to be put on each component in addition to technical information if any.) qty: 100 no. 128
1) engagement of water tanker of supply of water and construction purpose at lalmatia colony rehab site. 193
1) locking plate for axle box of wag5b locos to neis drg. no. nei:x-105. ref.14 or similar(1 set consist of 4 segment) (2) clamping plate for axle box of wag5b locos to neis drg. no. nei:x-105. ref.23. 334
1) mounting fluid lhmf 300/5-300 mm 2/5. 2) dis mounting fluid lhdf 900/5-900mm 2/5. make and brand-skf (imported). 175
1) procurement of motor starters and spare parts. 2) replacement of defective switches. 3) installation of air conditioners. 116
1) ptfe insulating piece to spec no bp22899 drg. no. 46670500207 #001 rev02. qty: 250 no 2)ptfe insulating piece to spec no. bp22899 drg no. 46670500207 #002 rev02. qty: 100 no. 130
1) Repairing Of Houses At Daher Tola. 2) Cleaning & Removing Deposited Earth, Debrises, Heaps. 3) Repairing Of Houses At Lohandia Basti-18 Nos. Damaged. 143
1) stainless steel ball valve , body- aisi 304 / 316 gr. cf8, ball- astm a351 gr. cf8,stem- aisi 304 or better, seals - ptfe., ends- screwed to bsp,size:- 1/2" bsp (f). qty: 15 no 2) stainless steel b. 487
1). Maintenance Operation electrical installation and Fans, Street/ Security light at CJ-1, 2). CJ-2, CJ-3, 4). PHQ, TSP Barracks, ITBP Barracks at PHQ Complex, Central Jail, Tihar, New Delhi during 2. 168
1)0.14 x 25 mm glass backed resin poor epoxy bonded mica paper tape (rogs 275.2) to bp25191 rev.04. date of manufacturing & expiry should be mentioned on each roll as it is shelf life material. total. 171
1)2000 kva cast resin dry/oil type transformer as per enclosed specification note: (1)technical bid containing technical offer+ commercial terms&conditions+un-priced copy of price bid to be put in 1 e. 179
1)230v ,50 hz, resistance type, fan regulator conforming to is- 374 (latest) suitable for ceiling fan having 1200/1400 mm sweep diameter. regulator should have guaranteed against any defect for a peri. 496
1)ag 3101 compole coil as per the drawing no. 14333222001 rev.09.**equal number of "n" and "s" coils to be supplied in each lot.** qty: 36 no 2)ag 3101 mf coil as per the drawing no. 04333222001 rev.1. 156
1)ag3101 main field coil. equal no. of "n" & "s" coils to be supplied in each lot. coils to be mfg as per drg.-04333222001 rev.12; coil assy. drg.-24333222001 rev.03 and pole body as per drg.-14333222. 187
1)angle head (right angle tool holder) as per annexure-a" for pama machines. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. envelop. 163
1)carbon steel elbow 300nbx45 deg. lr. sch.40.As per product standard ht00205 (rev.00). qty: 4 no 2)s.S.Seamless elbow 80nbx90 deg. lr. sch.40.As per product standard ht00205 (rev.00). qty: 24 no 3)s. 307
1)case assy for demu motor sw grp to drg. no. 05731030013-v01 ,r04 (01 no. front cover to drg no. 15731130036-v01, 01 no. front cover to drg no. 15731130037-v01, 01 no. back cover to drg no. 157311300. 176
1)cbct 3-1 core, details as per annexure-a, it .001. qty: 50 no. 115
1)connector 34780600020 rev 02 #001 (wt=1.70 kg) qty: 900 no 2)connector 34780600020 rev 02 #002 (wt=1.70 kg) qty: 900 no. 128
1)crimping terminal #01 to drg.Tr20051 rev-11 qty: 1000 no 2)crimping terminal #02 to drg.Tr20051 rev-11 . qty: 6000 no 3) crimping terminal # 08 to drg.Tr20051 rev-11. qty: 3000 no 4)crimping termina. 213
1)crnkd trng fcg tool qty: 100 no 2)crankd trng tool qty: 50 no 3)crankd trng tool qty: 100 no 4)prtg off tool qty: 55 no 6)prtg off tool qty: 50 no 7)prtg off tool qty: 120 no 8)prtg off tool qty: 80. 158
1)dropper resistor assy to drg no. 27211010539 rev01. qty: 10 st. 110
1)flowmeter (80 nb) as per product std. hg10047 rev03 & annexure-b & annexure-cl qty: 10 no 2)flowmeter (100 nb) as per product std. hg10047 rev03 & annexure-b & annexure-cl. qty: 10 no 3)flowmeter (3. 142
1)forged normalized rough machined and ultrasonicallytested shaft to spcn. no. bp19388, rev. 09, size - 190 + 2,- 0 mm dia x 2700 + 10, - 0 mm lg. (qty 01 no). ntpc q.A. plan - rqp no. 0000 - 999 -qve. 380
1)hex screw m48 x120 lg. item 002 of drg. 32570139601 rev. 00 on fully finished basis with due tc, gc, and i/r. qty: 384 no. 124
1)hexagonal bolt fine thread as per drg.No.Cim /tlg/ 1516/02 rev-00. qty: 300 no. 112
1)instrument rack-01 (ir01) as per drawing no.:rapp 7 & 8/ 64211/6402/ sch r-0 sheet no. 03 of 16, bhel spec tse-z0-523-00,r2 rev02and npcil approved qap (qap no.Bhel/bpl/ste/ci/qap/045 rev00). qty: 2. 504
1)lanyard navy blue silk plated for revolver as per stock sample (2) lanyard navy blue silk plated superior quality for whistle as per stock sample ((stock samples available at office of the chief sec. 289
1)lubricating oil , brand- argina x-40 of m/s bharat shell ltd. for our 6 mw diesel engine 18v32 of m/s wartsila india pvt. ltd, special and essential condition as per annexure i & ii . qty: 1.254 kl. 136
1)lv bushing head assy. & item for 36 kv , 12500 a drg drg. no 04990300004/10 item no. 002 to 007, 009 & 018 dim. l1= 1234 , l3= 1000 cu.Wt.- 87.24 kg (pvc factor 1:87.24). qty: 12 no. 137
1)milled strip (p.B"d) 2tk x 60 w as per item 05 of annexure encl. qty: 3000 no 2)milled strip (p.B"d) 2tk x 51w as per item 07 of annexure encl. qty: 2000 no. 137
1)modular capto deep shoulder milling cutter with over lapping helical pvd coated insert. dia of the cutter = 40mm , cel =60mm or more , total gpl of the cutter with holder = 200 mm or more , no. of f. 168
1)oil rig scr panel twin (duplex) blower with 600v ac 50 hzMotor as per bhel specification no. or 12032, rev. 01 (as per hill graham part no. b103 or equivalent) qty: 21 no. 133
1)oil unloading vessel,drg-11705240449,var-00,rev-01 (qty = 01 no.),assy of items-1 to 33.As per technical annexure-1 ,1a. qty: 538 kg. 120
1)pole body m/cng to drg no 34038140051 #01 rev 00 (without m72 x 6 tapping) note for e-2853054 :- (6)indetification of supplier,po no,drg. no. by hard punch at specified area.(7)qty. shall be distrib. 193
1)position switch (non-contact type) along with connecting cable (prewired connector type) as per technical specification no. 241554552 rev 00. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercia. 173
1)r.T. shaft to drg. 44028142468, it.01 rev.00, bp19388 rev. note: inspection shall be done by bhel/ntpc as per qa/mt/lem-233 rev no. 01 qty: 5 no. 130
1)railing for generator flooring as per drawing no. 32630285607 rev00. qty: 2 st. 111
1)rtd (range 0-250deg c) as per bhel drg ste- 14-143 rev01variant 00 and bhel spec tse-z0-505-01 r0 ; along with thermowell, thermowell length l= 130mm, thermowell insertion length l"= 110mm qty: 35 n. 263
1)rubber disc, material: white butyl rubber, working pressure: 10 bar, max. temp. 70 deg. c., hardness 60-70 deg. shore a, size:- od-300 mm , id-18mm , thk-12 mm. qty: 6 no 2)neck ring, material: buty. 333
1)service water tank,drg-11705240564,var-00 & 01,rev-03 (qty = 02 nos.),assy of items-3,4,7 to 14,16 to 22,25,26,28 to 33,35 to 38,40,41,46,54.As per technical annexure-1,1a. qty: 31142 kg 2)dmcw tank. 173
1)set of stator & rotor end plate to drg. no. 34026242173 # 01,rev. 00 & 34028142556 #1, rev 00. without dishing operation. qty: 20 st 2)set of stator & rotor end plate to drg. no. 34026242238 # 01,re. 140
1)shield support to drawing no: 35171000522-001,rev-01, material specification-aa12330 & annexure-a. qty: 50 no 2)static shield to drawing no: 25171000503-002, rev-04, material specification-aa19950 a. 128
1)slip ring unit to drg. no. 14362318001 rev.10 var.00 item no. consist of item 2,3 and 4 matl to spec bp22463 concerned drg. 34362318001 rev.5 and matl to spec, aa12114. qty: 1000 no. 133
1)special seal dia 1672 for water side as per it-01 of drg. no. 32120118540 (rev.00) qty: 1 no. 121
1)square shoulder milling cutter of diameter 40 mm ,cutting depth 14 mm or above,arbor mounting type.Number of insert mounted at a time 3 or 4.(1)technical litrature catalogue and supporting technical. 244
1)stainless steel seamless elbow-80nb to sch-80s, 90 degree, short radius as per product standard ht00205 (rev.00). qty: 40 no 2)stainless steel seamless elbow-100nb to sch-80s, 90 degree, short radiu. 294
1)sticker printing on glossy finish paper with adhesive backing sheet, size (w x h) 125 mm x 100 mm (+- 5 mm tolerance) . printed as shown in specimen attached. to be stuck on walls, switch boards, m/. 177
1)straight coupling 20 o/d to drg. no. 42991501001, item no. 01, rev- 00. qty: 400 no 2)straight coupling 25 o/d to drg. no. 42991501001, item no. 02, rev- 00. qty: 400 no 3)equal elbow 25 o/d to drg. 150
1)strip (t-spacer) as per drg. gpt.612005.0104 qty: 100 no 2)strip (t-spacer) as per drg. gpt.612005.0104-01 qty: 200 no 3)strip (t-spacer) as per drg. gpt.612005.0104-02 qty: 100 no. 134
1)stud h d gal tr20143s rev 04 #19,m16x115 qty: 6000 no. 111
1)supply of gsm mobile handset as per attached annexure qty: 55 no. 107
1)tefc brk motor b14 5hp part no. 316430258 of batliboi universal radial drill machine of wtm division block -1. note: 1) early delivery acceptable. 2)submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commerci. 175
1)thyristor 250a, 1200v for active field supply circuit. m/s ruttonsha make thyristor type no-235rk120 or equivalent of semikron/dynex/westcode with pigtail design & insulating sleeve on pigtail. pigt. 311
1)vent valve nb6 np25 var-1 qty: 11 no 2)drain valve assembly qty: 4 no 3)ball valve nb10,g3/8 qty: 80 no 4)ball valve nb20 g3/4 qty: 55 no 5)ball valve nb65,np16 flgd qty: 37 no 6)ball valve nb100,np. 177
1)water box (top part) qty: 12 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)welding electrode e-7018, dia 3.15 x 450 lg. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. envelope ensure that "enq.No. type of. 159
1- a complete set of drde bio - digester tank. 219
1-1/4 ball type clp cut out cock with vent for wdg4 loco. dlw part no. 17390060. 113
1-1/4inch isolating cock with vent (ball type)as per clw drg no.0/2/65/354 alt-6 item no.9 sealing virgin ptfe. 143
1. a r and m o to residential qtrs at sector v pushp vihar new delhi dg 2015 16 sh providing services for plumber for day to day complaints 2. a r and m o to 848 nos type ii qtrs at 5 pushp vihar m b. 156
1. Construction Of E&M Division At Prothrapur. Sw: Providing Iei & Eei. (Item No. 1 -3). 2. M/O Iei & Eei To Hawabill Nest At Neil Island Under Sd-Iv E&M Division, Port Blair During 2015-16. (I.No. 4). 183
1. Daily cleaning of washing ramp including removal of muck / mud / sludge etc. At gondegaon ocm of gondegaon sub area. 122
1. excutive table .2. steel almirah. 3. executive steel chair. 198
1. g-51 tip 1.0-3a, as per part no. pla 74051100 of m/s l&t or part no. pg 5104 of m/s pathfinder metalogics,pune or similar 2. g-51 electrode, as per part no. pla 73105110 of m/s l&t or part no. pg 5. 183
1. heavy duty crimping tool body: aluminum alloy die: scm4, cable lugs awg 8,6,4,2,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0,300mcm din- 10,16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150mm2 make- pro skit/usa, qty. 02 nos model no. 8pk-ct 150/. 413
1. hex head screw stainless steel 2. pan hd tapping screw stainless steel. 107
1. m.S.Plate, is: 2062 : 2011, e-250, cu, quality-c, killed normalized size: 18 x 1250 x 5000mm 2. m.S.Plate, is: 2062 : 2011, e-250, cu, quality-c, killed normalized size: 22 x 1250 x 5000mm. 235
1. pa system for lhb chair car coaches 2. pa system for power car coach 3. pa system for lhb ac 2t/3t coach 4. pa system for hot buffet coach 5. pa system for l1acea coach. 131
1. repair of civil work at haridwar,jwalapur, ikkar, pathri, aithel motichur & rishikesh in connection with ardh kumbh mela a 2016,replacement of broken ac sheet and gutter on pf shelter at hw, provis. 225
1. rubber knee boot no. 10, type -i, is:15298/is:3738-1998 make-m/s liberty, m/s p n safetech, m/s marion wuerth india pvt. ltd.,m/s vijay saber safety ltd., bata and duck back. 2. rubber knee boot no. 205
1. s&t portion of work in connection with malliveedu-malligura -extension of platforms to accommodate 14 coaches. 2. s&t portion of work in connection with chattariput-kirandul -extension of platforms. 138
1. s&t portion of work in connection with manning of 18 nos. of unmanned lc gates and interlocking of 02 nos of manned lc gates in waltair division. 2. s&t portion of work in connection with ctr & trr. 148
1. tube 2. tube 3. brake beam. 101
1.)Construction Of Base Concreting Of Rcc Forest Boundary Pillars At Hanspuri (Maximum Distance 30Km.By Sea/Road) Labour Component Only. 2.)Construction Of Base Concreting Of Rcc Forest Boundary Pilla. 189
1.0 supply of control panel, electronic cards and compurter for dchs - rrs system. 2.0 installation, commissioning and testing of dchs-rrs system. 131
1.Cervical cum lumbar traction machine with two action table.2.Muscle stimulator unit.3.Wax bath unit.4.Continious passive machine(lower limb). 197
1.Electron beam irradiated copper cable size 1.5 sq mm grade voltage 1.8/3.0 kv volts confirming to rdso spec. no. rdso/spec./elc/0019/rev.2 feb.2011 edts 132.Qty.28896 mtrs. 2.Single core thin walled. 163
1.Examination table/treatment couch. 2.Quadriceps exercise table. 176
1.Shoulder wheel(round shaped). 2.Wrist circunductor(wooden) .3.Ancle execiser.4.Parallel bar without mirror.5.Ultrasound therapy (3mhz-1 no.1mhz-1 no.). 189, erection, testing and commissioning of 2 sets of engines with generators of 100 kva (marine quality, make / model type approved by irs. 150
100 drill cotton protective lab coats. 118
100% DDF the work of COMC Street Light at Kapildhara Smashan Bhoomi At Osmanabad under the jurisdiction of Osmanabad(U) Sub Division under Osmanabad Division under DDF Scheme. 149
100w led flood loght specifications attached . note:- oems or authorized dealer only should quote along with authorization certificate. firms should mention details of make/model of the item and shall. 176
10389 Recover and Repair Kitchen Roof at HMP Inverness. 133
11 kv (e) voltage grade conductor size 3 x 150 sq. mm. stranded , compact circular aluminium conductor, ht xlpe cable conductor screened with extruded semi conducting compound, xlpe insulated, insulat. 212
11 plate 12 volts excp 65l exide 65 ah champion battery new fully charged complete. make:- amco, sf, exide, similar. 118
12 kw 110/130 v dc auxiliary alternator with pulley and rectifier-cum-regulator unit rru as per rdso specn.No. el/tl-41a. make: kel, presstech, note:- offers of rdso approved sources only will be cons. 142
13 types of plugs & sockets. 118
15-0521 cleaning services for the phaeno. 253
15-16 jaeseonchung bottle detailed design (chogok earth). 107
15-16 jaeseonchung bottle detailed design (hakcheon 2 district). 111
15-16 jaeseonchung bottle detailed design (jigok daeyi earth). 112
15-16 jaeseonchung bottle detailed design (southern song district). 113
15097 - environmental waste management (lot 1), scanning (lot 2), industrial plants (lot 3) and the cleaning and sanitation (lot 4) at the sites of toul and phalsbourg. 417
150w led flood light specification attached . note:- oems or authorized dealer only should quote along with authorization certificate. firms should mention details of make/model of the item and shall. 143
150w,son-t hpsv lamp confirming to is : 9974 duly isi marked. 111
154kv overhead transmission lines with (eight months between substations - maegok water treatment plant) demolition work. 124
15e0602 tile laying works. 166
16 / 0001-00 immunohaematology. 152
16 line islands (truly the road) maintenance construction. 118
17 lcd/led monitor square with 3m cleartek capacitive touch sensor with usb input port. 102
18 type of wires. 111
18w led batten tube light fitting. make: 1 fortune art code:lfs20f/w, 2 orasam ean4052899172043. specification as per annexure attached. note:- oems or authorized dealer only should quote along with a. 191
19 slot, 2x24v dc , 19" mc chassis - 3.000 st. 105
1set carline assembly for lgs. 205
2 amps hrc fuse link (15 items). 107
2 buildings in vitro translation of morals improved construction. 115
2 hp submersible pumpset suitable for 4 inches dia borewell capable to deliver cold unfiltered water 75 lpm at a head of 60 metres, 2880 rpm complete set with water lubricated and suitable to operate. 155
2 lee hojeomyeon ten thousand kinds of new damgol town depth check paving. 123
2 public parking throat copper composition construction. 111
2015 2nd purchase materials for security cctv installation gwangeup. 106
2015 academic year second semester field experience learning a small number of vehicle rental services quote announcements. 137
2015 boknae bongcheon elderly rural village community life home construction. 119
2015 chungyang gifted education learning foster international cultural services. 123
2015 dongincheon yeoksegwon refurbishment of the underground mall precise safety diagnostics. 123
2015 extravaganza garye secondary forest business district (district hindeum bone). 104
2015 extravaganza garye secondary forest business district (district jeondeum bone). 104
2015 extravaganza garye secondary forest business district (live mogol district). 104
2015 fall semester study materials buying guide announcement quote of the small number. Buyers guide 120
2015 flammable bulkhead replacement and other work. 116
2015 gardening forest business district sangwol ansari. 109
2015 gyejoksan renovated castle walls comprehensive maintenance business. 112
2015 jincheon collected waste vinyl rural establishments (circles) contracting processing services. 106
2015 local rivers facilities maintenance ltd. annual price (secondary). 117
2015 long-term employment and civil service merit industrial inspection tour company (group 1). 119
2015 new forest east sea underwater joseongji me straight, and artificial feeding haejojang pocket facilities. 130
2015 night cctv security control services. 109
2015 population and housing census promo production, installation. 103
2015 riparian area residents support (banghari river maintenance). 115
2015 rural living environment improvement project (buksanmyeon water lori secheon maintenance). 116
2015 school year, elementary lyricism island experiential learning services company. 126
2015 school year, high school talent equipment purchases. 108
2015 second half of the living environment forest corporation (maseongri 1 other places). 115
2015 seed potatoes storage and supply infrastructure supporting construction (machinery) ltd. 120
2015 seongsan reservoir dredging business district. 118
2015 year of consignment (parcels, home) delivery guy covering manufacturing. 107
2015-16 construction of aganvadi school room, at. nindvada ta. songadh,ist. tapi. 170
2015-16 construction of study room, of govt. asharamshala at. vaillage borkuva ta. songadh, dist. tapi. 173
2015-16 construction of study room, of govt. asharamshala at. vaillage sisor ta. songadh, dist. tapi. 173
2015-2016 sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation. 135
2015-4 dsi managed services and maintenance of network security platform agefiph. 144
2015. the second semester junior namak btb request a quote. 109
2015.101p a&e services for public safety training center. 109
2016 girls~~ high school sophomore year hyewon island field trips service bidding (change announcement). 128
2016 school year, school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchase bid change notification. 108
2016 school year, school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchase bidding phase 2. 107
2016 school year, school uniforms (winter clothing, havok, life clothing) purchased company (standard price simultaneous) bid (price). 101
2016 school year, school uniforms seongdonggo (havok winter clothing) manufacturing purchasing company. 105
2203-16 Gang Mowing Services. 329
24 pin dmp cartridge 01 24 pin dmp cartridge model no tvse-msp-455 make-tvse/prodot/similar qty 36 nos 02 24 pin dmp cartridge model no tvse-msp-355 make-tvse/prodot/similar. qty 24 nos. 03 24 pin car. 146
24vdc battery and battery charger, thep - 1.000 st. 105
25 kw brushless alternator with rectifier cum regulator equipment for 110 volt dc sg coaches along with all other scope of supply conforming to rdso s specification no. rdso-pe-spec-ac-0056-2014 (rev-. 429
25kva,3-phase diesel driven alternator set complete with accessories. 208
2nd call-Improvement of naudra bridge junction including bituminous construction work at zone no 13 Jabalpur. 122
2nd circuit stringing 220kv rss-nirmal dc/sc line and connected bays. 113
2nd grade math jeju travel services entrusted bidding. 121
3 civil works at indora complex wcl nagpur. 135
3 phase, 3 pole bus bar contactor ith -1050a, ic ac-1-1050a, ui-1000v coil voltage: 250-500v, 50-60 hz, dc. similar to abb: af750-30 in technical and physical specifications (with 3 auxiliary contacts. 279
3 pole power contactor capacity- 225 amp. suitable for ac 3, 415 volt, 50 hz, with 2 no plus 2 nc aux. contacts having coil voltage 415 volt, ac. conforming to is: 2959/1985.Make : c and s electric lt. 208
3-compartment bag (for parenteral nutrition). 197
3/4inch check valve to wsf pt no.Ic.70032/3,pamphlet no.Ai-221,supplement no.1.Each unit should be embose/engraved with makers name month year and batch no.Of manufacturing at a conspicuous place. 157
3054 m&r to various road in gts applying lime and geru trees on "gh", "infocity" and "dlf" road and road no.1, 2 & 3 @ gandhinagar. 213
3054 m&r to various road in gts applying lime and geru trees on "k", "kh" and "geb/ pashujaivik" road and road no.7 @ gandhinagar. 211
3c x 300 mm2 ht cable for tgtu. 101
3d seismic data acquisition & processing in transition zone (tz) in west of gandhar area, cambay basin during field seasons (fs) 2015-16 for geophysical services, vadodara. 181
3rd call extention of dist system at kuran tal sangamner dist ahmednagar. 123
4 neck joint labor market composition parking lot demolish existing buildings construction. 120
4 wheeler commercial for speed post pickup delivery. 123
40 UK Hotels for a global hotel chain. 168
400 watts metal halide electromagnetic ballast consisting of high quality silicon steel lamination with argon welding, 220/240 volts. suitable to use on 230 volts ac supply of wipro/bajaj/havells/crom. 138
41a_esi - heating and refrigeration. 202
4ft tissue culture hood, stainless steel interior cabinet, with programmable uv light. exterior dimensions similar to the following:hxwxd, 1568x1300x800 mm. will also need testing and certification (t. 102
4G Broadband Network Establishment. 206
5 Year Maintenance, Repair and Calibration of a range of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment and Ancilliary Items at 1710 Naval Air Squadron and the Institute of Naval Medicine. 167
50 digital signage/information display system model : micromax 50b0200fhd or similar specification: screen size 49.6 min , full hd, resolution 1920 x 1080, connectivity 2 hdmi, 2 usb ports. 116
5usec fixed optical delay line for aaau. 127
6 finger interlock unit complete for switch t6,suitable for mainline emu, m/s bhels drg no. 15801430007v06 fig ref 000, cs no. acs- 1282 . 125
60.1_esi - elt - power engineering (electrical construction). 194
600 hp motor stator rewinding one unit kirloskar make. 127
620 control room and staff building sobacken. 128
676_16 total facilities management (tfm) solution. 141
715 significant environmental improvement construction. 116
800mm dia MS Gap Closing Works in sewage pumping main in between Santhapettai MPS to Avaniapuram STP Supplying, laying of 600mm dia MS Encasing pipe, lowering and inserting of 200mm dia MS sewer pipe. 165
9 ho gai pedestal rescue special production. 121
95 sq.Mm colour black electron beam irradiated cable 1.8/3.0 kv as per rdso specification no :elrs/spec/elc/0019, rev.2 of february 2011. 322
9th street: hemlock - veterans. 133
9W2D-4UXM2K Hire of Vehicles. 147
A 4mm dia wire for saw in spool copper coated continuous solid wire type auto melt grade a for saw-1 spec.No.Irs .M.39/01. b flux for saw class f-1 type agglomerated auto melt gr.Iv spec.No.Irs.M.39/0. 200
A alluminium bus bar 45mx 10mx100m - qty 01 no. 2 carbon brush for current collector 40,qty 3nos. ancor clamp m type,qty-03 no. 4 terminal 25mm ,750 v-qty-20 nos 5 brack adjustment stude qty-08 nos 6. 191
A b g and electrolyte analyzer machine as per specification attached. 371
A cleaning service spaces, clean the windows in the buildings of the city of katowice. 140
A complete set of drde bio-diegester tank with mounting arrangement to rdso drg. no. cg-15028 alt. nil item no. 1 for lh and item no. 11 for rh (quantity 240 nos. rh and 240 nos. lh) (a) hose connecto. 199
A contract to implement the digital hungary program nyE[degrees]regyhEiza town urban-centric pilot actions of intelligent services, software and the necessary equipment to transport the tender documents indicat. 185
A master plan for tourism of sibenik-knin county. 116
A mtc. Water supply scheme cheeka town & kakheri job work for testing of water samples in lab and job work for upkeeping of water works. 138
A mtc. Water supply scheme taragarh kassan songal guliana kithana job work for upkeeping of water works & water supply watch and ward of public health assets of various water schemes under phe sub div. 130
A mtc. Water supply scheme titram narar sisla sismore kheri sheru jakholi job work for upkeeping of water works & water supply watch. 135
A new lift eye clinics in kaunas housing acquisition and installation and dismantling of the existing lift. 197
A pretigious 7 sheet wall calendar, four process colours, wiro bound. 121
A Public Boat Launch and Visitor Center. 151
A r and mo to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh attending day to day complaints of carpentary and office boy under section i re call. 133
A r and mo to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh attending day to day complaints of carpentary under section ii re call. 130
A r and mo to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh providing services of computer operator and office boy in ddg office and running and maintenace of ivrs at cpwd service centre. 144
A Set Of 19 Components-Hr Bino. 150
A set of drill reduction sleeve. 113
A solicitation of a prospectus for a concession business opportunity for guided sport fishing with associated boat storage on american creek in katmai national park and preserve. 114
A true ari songhadong while other five locations around the road maintenance work. 118
A variety of vehicles belonging to the fkf nonprofit zrt. small and large pieces of major refurbishment. 331
A) 3 pole mccb, capacity: 20a, suitable for ac 3, 415 v, 50 hz, breaking capacity: 50 ka. as per model no.. abh 103 c 20, of m/s lsis. b) 3 pole mccb, capacity: 40a, suitable for ac 3, 415 v, 50 hz, b. 199
A) three phase tefc squirrel cage induction motor reference standard is: 325, ip 55, frame size: bkh 90 of m/s kirloskar . rpm: 2800, insulation class: f, c opacity: 1.5 kw/2 hp, ambient temperature:. 246
A. Jhansi-provision of pipe line for cleaning of platform at jhansi. B. jhansi-replacement of sluce valve of train water supply pipe line at jhansi. by provision of master valve at jhansi. 141
A. moei and fans, rmo pump set, street lighting at custom and central excise colony, ranjit avenue, amritsar pb.Dg. 2015-16. b. moei and fans i/c rmo pump set, street lighting at cr colony amritsar pb. 158
A.C. bracket fan 230 v, 50 hz 16 make:- bajaj, khetan,crompton or similar. 110
A.C. cyclonic filter dust exhauster blower motor (0.87hp)with blower and built in inverter dlw part no11665324(for lh) and11665312 (for rh) confirming to rdso spec no mp. of july 2008, rev -. 300
A/R & M/O Ext. Services (SH:- Removing of malba in Hospital and residential area ) at AIIMS. 150
A/R and M/O resdl Campus at A.V. Nagar(South)(SH: Supply of materials at site)at AIIMS. 152
A/r and m/o to income tax office building bay site 25 to 30, sector-12, karnal during 2015-16. 113
A/r and m/o to new cgo building, nishtha bhavan, churchgate, mumbai - 20 dg. 2015-16. sh : miscellaneous work at a wing 4th floor, and a and b wing 7th floor. 132
A/r and m/o to non-residential quarters of goi press, nilokheri during 2015-16. 108
A/r and m/o to water supply filtered at iari, pusa, new delhi during 2015-16. sh: providing and laying g. i. pipe line, two operations of cleaning for underground tank over head tank within stipulated. 135
A26 linzer motorway junction linz / hummelhof (a7) - ast danube north, realizing section 1, financial control (bk) accompanying during construction / service control (bk). 162
Abbrasive rail cutting ,disc-size-400mm x 4.2 mm x22.23 mm. rdso specn no. tm/sm/2 rev 01 of 2007. 117
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specification no. tm/ sm/1 rev. 01 of 2012 : make: lakshmi. 161
Abrasive rail cutter rdso spec. no. tm /sm/1 rev. 01 of 2012. 107
Absorbent cotton wool 100g net. 111
Absorbent cotton wool 300g net. 111
Absorbent cotton wool 500g net. 111
Absorbent surgical gauze f ii drug and cosmetic act 1940 (50cm by 18m. 119
AC Bridge Repair Pack A. 110
Ac-route-indicator led with in built current regulator with rdso spec no.Rdso/spn/153/2011.Rev.4.1. 109
Academic hyeopdonggwan 1 building and two other buildings roof waterproofing repair work. 131
Access control and attendance recorder system. 101
Access ferritin cals kit (6 x 4ml per kit). 108
Access ferritin kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 108
Access fsh calibrator kit (6 x 4ml per kit). 108
Access h fsh kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 109
Access h lh kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 109
Access hybritech psa cal kit (1 x 5ml/5 x 2.5ml per kit). 113
Access prolactin calibrator kit (1 x 4ml/5 x 2.5ml per kit). 112
Access prolactin kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 108
Accompanying works (tac) - lot 1. 197
Acetylene gas dissolved in cylinders. 472
Acquiring premises for establishment of off-site ATMs at various locations. Last Date: 27.10.2015. 175
Acquisition and commissioning of software solutions for specific processes related to human resources management. 427
Acquisition and development of emergency vehicles, protection and the fight against fire and motor boats for sdis de l~herault - 3rd tranche. 212
Acquisition And Maintenance, Or Rental Of An Outsourced Procurement Management Software. 135
Acquisition and processing of waste. 342
Acquisition Of A Probe Energy Dispersive Microanalysis () EDS For SEM HITACHI TM-3000. 144
Acquisition Of A Server Together With Service Delivery. 250
Acquisition Of A Virtual Simulation Platform System Of Sensory Interactions To Benefit The Institute For Biomedical Research Of The Armed - IRBA. 150
Acquisition of A4 Paper for Printers and Copiers. 547
Acquisition of books, books, maps, images, account reports, publications and periodicals documentary purpose. 260
Acquisition of Cement. 111
Acquisition of compatible systems of fire breathing protection. 167
Acquisition of different models of envelopes or plastic bags and packaging materials for sale at post offices. 150
Acquisition of documents for the public library network of the city of saint-denis. 253
Acquisition of electrical equipment and lighting for all services and components of the university of toulon. 176

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