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Articles from Mena Report (October 14, 2015)

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" needle roller". 125
"biennial job contract for maintenance / overhauling of 400 / 132 kv switchyard equipment for the year 2015 - 2017 ". 123
"construction of the complex of buildings in zielonki lots of stare babice composed of the municipal gymnasium, centre for culture and sports hall of options - task 2: networks and water and sewage co. 138
"erection of 66kv equipment, structures, control wiring, yard lighting, control-room & staff- quarter electrification etc at 66kv sureli s/s & 2 nos of feeder bay at 132kv ode s/s. 207
"erection work of 66kv lilo of both circuit to 66kv masar road s/s from existing 66kv karjan-tgbl d/c line on m/c & d/c tower with acsr panther conductor having route length 3.615 kms under constructi. 215
"erection work of lilo to proposed 66kv vaghach s/s from existing 66kv naswadi-sengpur line on tower with acsr panther conductor having route 2.50 rkms under construction division, jambuva under jambu. 226
"erection work of lilo to proposed 66kv valakhedi (gothib) s/s from existing 66kv sarsava - santrampur h frame line on tower with acsr dog conductor having route 2.70 rkms under construction division,. 228
"production and periodic delivery of uniform representative and field clothes for the needs of" northwest state enterprise "," severnotsentralno state enterprise "," northeast state enterprise "," sou. 244
"streetscape work, utility trench around school building and catch water drain along road no. 51 & dcs plant building in gift city". 206
"work of shifting, dismantling of various 220kv lines within the premises of 220kv jambuva sub-station for up gradation of 220kv gotri sub-station under construction division, jambuva under jambuva tr. 220
(1) 4 sets of hydraulic flange sppreader (intg) 14.5 t as per attahced specification (2) 2 sets of hydraulic flange sppreader (intg) 15 t as per attahced specification (3) hydraulic flange sppreader (. 143
(1) constructing a box type rcc culvert @ch. 480mt. on l.D.No-3, vill- atgam, ta. & dist. valsad (2) constructing a box type rcc culvert @ ch. 820 mt. on l.D.-1 at vill. atgam (bhoyavad), ta. & dist. 199
(1) Drain grass cleaning work at SubStation DOCSA (2) Making cleaning ofdrain to pass out accumulated water to Nallah near gas Godown DOC Colony. 167
(1) hppa bush, drg. no. 81039, item- 2, alt.- 14 and rdso spec. no. rdso/2009/cg/17 rev. 1. (2) hppa bush, drg. no. 81039, item- 3, alt.- 14 and rdso spec. no. rdso/2009/cg/17 rev. 1. 166
(1) White washing distempering painting minor civil repairing works of Auditorium at DOC POC Township (2) Renovation of Sub Station near VIP Guest House to accommodate Generator Set at DOC POC Townshi. 120
(1)hp 702 black ink cartridge ,cc660aa(2)hp 22 tri colour ink cartridge,product code-c9352aa(3)hp 960xl black officejet ink cartridge,product code-cz666aa (4)hp 88 large black ink cartridge,product co. 200
(1)toner cartridge no.Cltk406s black for samsung(2)toner cartridge no.C406s cyan for samsung(3)toner cartridge no.M406s magenta for samsung(4)toner cartridge no.Y406s yellow for samsung(5)toner cartri. 200
(poplar-basin) we ayr-laye state highway survey and design engineering services is. 112
(spacer free end) flexible tubing sub assly dlw drg. no. tpe-06-0017-1 alt-g dlw pt no. 10080910. 123
000619 Third Party Logistics. 290
01/01 / 2016-31 / 12/2016 between 366 (three hundred and sixty-six) days 7 items toners and cartridges filling and renewal. 112
01412 Provision of Cafe Servery. 167
04 types of different works in excavation deptt in usa as per tender documents at umrer area. 108
1 east ramp feeding gyeongcheonsa other two places the road environment improvement construction. 130
1 pc. used truck with a crane. 123
1 schools outside of the concessions (concessions and bio) precision inspection service. 123
1 thermal over load relays, setting range 125a-200 a for 100kw moter, independent mounting ,ac three phase ,415 volt,3 pole as per c and s ref no lr1-f200. 2 enectronic timers ,240/360/415 v, 50hz, 9-. 157
1) mini bus-27 seater- different school of durgapur 2) big bus52 seater- h.p.coloney to new kenda to central school- asansol and shift duty of cisf personnel. 156
1) Proposed Extension With Strengthening Of Arch Bridge No.778/1 (Span 1 X3.05M) And 799/1(1X6.10M) With Arch Top Box On Itarsi. 167
1)0.13 x13 mm x 50 mr lg fibre glass tape to aa25611 rev 03.Material to be supplied in roll of 50 mtr. qty: 100000 mr. 123
1)bracing ring to drg. 34036146019, it.20, rev.27; weight of each ring=8.69kg. qty: 2 no 2)bracing ring to drg. 34036146019, it.26, rev.27; weight of each ring =9.09 kg qty: 2 no. 139
1)castel lock as per sg12640 rev 02 # 1 qty: 300 no 2)key for above lock as per sg12640 rev 02 # 2 qty: 100 no. 128
1)flexible hose pipe 10nbx3000lg with quick release coupling to as per annexure-a rev"00". note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other env. 165
1)insulated din bearing assy. gnlq- 22- 250- 280-12- 12 with type 12 seal dia.280 mm on both sides and thermometer hole of dia. 15mm.Note:for foreign suppliers:-(1) pls quote on cfr mumbai basis.(2)pl. 146
1)latex foam rubber solid type 25mm thick x .60m x 1.20m 2) latex foam 10.00mm thick x0.6m x1.6m 3)latex foam rubber sheet solid type,13 mm thickx .60 m x1.20 m. 165
1)line transducer , novotechnik type lwh- 0300 , art no: 024312 , f nr : 122338 /g . qty: 8 no 2)line transducer , novotechnik type lwh-0360 , p/n : 024314, b/n : 140409 /g/ qty: 6 no. 128
1)pneumatic air blow gun suitable for general air dusting purpose of the job. gun should have long angled nozzle of length 100mm approximately for direct projection of air flow to the required area. a. 209
1)ptef insulated silver plated cu. cable awg 20/19/32 (19/0.2mm) 3 kv grade. grey, working voltage 1000v to ps 28570 rev.05 qty: 10000 mr 2)ptef cable silver plated cu. wire single core. cable awg 16(. 154
1)r. t. shaft dia 286 x 3962 lg to drawing no. 34038142124 # 01 rev 00 to spec no-aa19333 rev 09.Note: on both the end faces of the rt shaft identification by hard punch must be complied i.E. heat no,. 276
1)r. t. shaft dia 350 x 4800 lg to drawing no. 44028142341 # 01 rev 02 to spec no-bp19388 rev 09.Note: on both the end faces of the rt shaft identification by hard punch must be complied i.E. heat no,. 156
1)terminal block mounted 120v ac operated, screw type, 2pdt relay as per phoenix part no. pr1-rsc3-lv-120ac/2x21 or exact equivalent of connectwell/wiedemullar/wago/elmax is also acceptable. qty: 20 n. 163
1)throttle valve 1.5" bsp to drg.32302949098 (var-6) and as per annexure- i enclosed. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other envelope. 166
1)vijayawada division a additions and alterations to ohe in connection with aprovision of shifting of starter signals to the boundary of track circuit ahead at tenali stationa. 171
1-1-4 inch (one and one-forth inch) non-return valve type 86 r with teflon seat used in locos.Spec-drg no.As per kpa drg.Er-kpa-el-va.3g7.2270. 308
1-2 (half inch) drain cock (ball type) to specn.Drg.No. as per clw drg.0-3-65-365 alt-2. 305
1-armo of electrical installation and pumps at deen dayal upadhyay park at rouse avenue road and jpnm park at bsz marg, new delhi 2- moei and fans at 48no g type qtrs at meerdard road, new delhi 3-arm. 156
1-densified thermal bonded polyster block for single seat size 90 x 478 x 600 mm for ii-ac coaches to icf drg.No.Wgscwac6-6-1-608 alt.T/2 item-5 confirming to rdso spec.No.C-k607 rev.-1 with amndt. sl. 164
1. additional storage capacity for storage area network (san)2. host bus adapters (hbas). 119
1. assembly of front plates with key board and key tops. 135
1. brake gear bushes drg. no. rdso/sk-81039 alt.(14) item no. 7 qty./set 32 nos. 2. brake gear bushes drg. no. rdso/sk-81039 alt.(14) item no. 2 qty./set 96 nos. 3. brake gear bushes drg. no. rdso/sk-. 408
1. cone assembly comprising of cone,cage and roller. nei ltd.Drg.No.Pesd - 6085 narrow , part no.-1,rev - b, mod - t. mat.Spec:rdso spec-ab/rb/39-02, rev-3, amnd-1 and 2. 2. cup for ctrb. nei ltd.Drg. 205
1. double cup spares to ctrb timken . drg. no - hm - 129814xd. mat. spec. rdso, ab/rb - 39 - 02 rev.3 . amnd. - 1 of jan, 08 and amnd. - 2 of nov,08.. 2. cone assembly comprising of cone, cage and rol. 203
1. moei and fans at defence officer bungalows under sd-iii/ed-ii. 2. moei and fans at honble ministers/state ministers, former president of india bungalows under sd-iv/ed-ii sh: supply of storage type. 132
1. Provision Of 1 Bay P.P. Shelter On Gadm, Muh, Nsa, Rbj, Mjpb, Bik, Bjlp, Deo, Kb, Kitn, Kmp, Oel, Pd & Rzj Stations To Recoup Deficiency. 149
1. Supplying and stacking of sand at various mines of Saoner Sub Area. 117
1. web cotton white thin 25mm (bleached)(2101874845) 2. web cotton white thin 51 mm (2101874870). 143
1.Maintenance of Ring Road No26 Jankpuri to Peeragarhi ,2 Maintenance of Hort. work situated at Rajinder Nagar 3. Maintenance of Hort. work at different, Survey Repot No.36,37,38,HDM-114/PWD/2015-16. 148
1.Similar to encarta cnference table e. 145
1.Supply of hdpe pipe 32 mm od, 25 mm id, 3 mm thickness for pvk 5 incline, kothagudem area. 141
1.Supply of spares for g990 model volvo motor grader working at gkocp, kothagudem area on proprietary basis. 138
100 km Cycle Track. 226
100 MW Wind Power Plant at Midelt. 281
100w mercury lamp silvania make or similar for ndt equipment model no. zb-100f ultra violet black light system. 109
10131 - works restoration and maintenance. 125
10396 - LED Lighting and Controls Upgrade at HMP Castle Huntly. 146
104 (one hundred and four) amasya university building workers and environmental clean. 118
11 connected to our health needs of the general secretariat of the facility with 2015 cumulative textile material procurement. 108
1100 v gr., 4 core, 10 sq.Mm , pvc insulated, copper flat cable. 113
119 dispatch to build a comprehensive seismic equipment. 130
13th finance grant-providing 200mm dia od hdpe distribution pipe line & construction of 250 kl sump budamagunta kavali municipality. 135
14 items of vegetables and fruits (apples, kiwi, pumpkin, carrots, green salad and lettuce, mandarin oranges, cauliflower, squash, white cabbage, red cabbage, leeks, spinach, radishes). 103
1400 hp demu monthly schedule filter kit conisting of 1) lube oil filter element to cil part no.3166554 - 4 nos. 2) l/o bypass filter element to cil part no.3873576 - 2 nos 3) seal o ring for l/o main. 191
148th Avenue NE Master Plan improvements at Bel-Red Road, NE 20th Street, and NE 24th Street. 113
15-16 jaeseonchung bottle detailed design (2 apparent every day earth) services. 114
15/11394 HPC-nodes for DTU Compute. 386
150 mm dia, 90 Mtr. deep ordinary Tube Wells, Water Testing, H.P. Installation and Const. of Unisef Design Platform, Drain Sockage pit W.P.F. etc. Compete in Distt. Balaghat 25 Nos. T.W. 140
2 a-levels angiography systems umm. 147
2 mbps digital lan extender confirming to rdso no rdso/spn/tc/80/2008 rev 0.0 amendment 1 or latest if any with following digital interfaces- 1 four nos ethernet 10/100 base - t-port as per clause no. 162
2014 special diagnostic traffic safety improvement target point traffic signal construction. 120
2015 augmenting national and public childcare centers, ltd. 121
2015 bottle bursaphelenchus xylophilus habitat removal business (sea serpents district) detailed design services. 117
2015 bupyeong-gu, improved business where frequent traffic accidents (electrical). 115
2015 dvd 213 - supply of steel plates and panels enamelled signs for the city of paris. 276
2015 hardware window road maintenance in the second half (unit price contract) construction. 116
2015 incheon, gyeonggi halophytes format condition and habitat restoration considerable research bidding. 110
2015 inland superior fry (carp) purchased a small number of stocked goods purchased quote guidance announcement (urgent). 108
2015 school year, secondary school honeysuckle number of books purchased quote announcements. 108
2015 school year, the second half of a small number of books purchased quote announcements. 114
2015 second han river construction waste (crushing flow) processing services (emergency). 131
2015 second han river number of building dismantling construction (emergency). 126
2015 seorak maintenance work guiding signs. 115
2015 traffic lights maintenance costs, ltd. (secondary). 115
2015 uijeongbu gongeopgo experiment materials purchased a small number of announcements quote. 104
2015 west sea natural seagrass forest composition promotes all forms, and add considerable scrutiny bidding. 123
2015-2016 sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation. 137
2015_0060 security and reception service biz hersbruck. 164
2016 detailed design of erosion control business services (4 zones - pocheon). 123
2016 school year, talented high school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 102
2016-2019 multiannual open market for the supply of fabrics and accessories for tents + technical assistance. 164
2059 p.W. m&r to n.R. bldg. m&r to govt. non residential building jungle cutting work after monsoon at sector no.15 @ gandhinagar. 214
2059 p.W. m&r to n.R. bldg. providing and fixing g.I. pipe with connection at aanganwadi & primary school @ sector no.13, gandhinagar. 209
2059 pw stock. 101
21bE[micro]lg to look ten ii project (akcay right bank irrigation main canal concrete retaining wall on). 110
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. m&r to govt. residential building jungle cutting work after monsoon at sector no.13 @ gandhinagar. 210
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. m&r to govt. residential building jungle cutting work after monsoon at sector no.7 @ gandhinagar. 207
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing and fixing c.I. pipe, g.S.W. pipe, gully trap & constructing brick maso. chamber work for "gh.1", "ch.1" and "j" type blocks in sector no.13 @ gandhinagar. 225
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing and fixing frp doors in toilet - bathroom in "j.2" & "ch" type blocks in sector no.7, gandhinagar. 212
25 mm diameter, Steel wire reinforced, Flexible, PVC CONDUIT, Gray color,1/2 inch, Flexible, GI Conduit.,Flexible PVC CABLE STRUF / WRAP for wire dressing, to be used as flexible,conduit without any r. 144
25 mm steady arm clamp assemblyforged ri no.2491-2 and 2492-3. as per rdso drg. no. ti/drg/ohe/ftgfe/rdso/00/014/10/0. 126
25kv, 1250 amps.Double pole isolataor with operating handle assembly, but without earth contact assembly, terminal connectores and interlock.As per rdso specn no, eti/ohe/16 .1/94 rev-2 mar-04. 290
3 pen device purchase affiliated health care facilities for the general secretariat. 109
3 phase squirrel cage induction motor suitable for 415v _ 10 percent ,50 hz _5 percent 3000rpm 2 pole,0.55 kw,0.75 hp make:bbl/siemens/abb/cgl. 127
3.7 asset management services (am). 110
3/4 inch dia lock bolt and collar for 3/4 inch dia lock bolt. grip range of 3/4 inch dia lock bolt (min-1.000 inch, max.-1.250 inch). drg.No.:-wd-11036-s-01, alt- nil. wd-11036-s-02, alt-nil and eoi.N. 285
30-60 syringe with line for infusers. jms for use in equipment for general hospital "saint john of god". 117
30/2015 -services of collection, transport and distribution in domestic objects on express shipping for a period of two years. 153
33 kv surge arrestor for mmbpl. 101
4 110mm pvc pipe sunflex or similar make: isi, 4 kg presure each pipe of 6 meter long. 105
4 pole power contactor of current rating 80 amp dc operated with control coil voltage 110 volts dc type lcidt80afd of schneider make or suitable equivalent type of siemens/bch/telemechanic only.Materi. 132
4 x 1750 kva dg sets with acoustic enclosure, accessories and control panels for 3 x 660 mw stpp at north karanpura, jharkhand. 126
5,000 copies of wall calendar and envelope 2016 for vvips. 136
6 160mm pvc pipe sunflex or similar make isi : 4 kg pressure each pipe of 6 meter long. 105
60 Gsm White Cream Wove Reel Paper Width-84 Cmsreel Dia-100 Cm Internal Core Dia Of Reel 7.5 Cms To 8 Cms Reel Weight -440 Kg. 138
744- sabarimala festival 2015-16 - road maintenance and traffic safety works between km. 45/000 and km. 81/250. 137
7th grade students experience learning theocratic career songyong car hire quote small number of announcements. 138
8 passenger otis make lift including all accessories. 107
80 mm flage type sluice valve, cast iron body with brass moving parts and brass spindle isi 4846 . make: durga or akshaya or any other make with isi certification. 188
817m40(en24) forging 200 mm dia. 119
82 Mm Bomb Hit Lighting. 366
8732 repairs to rolling shutters to certain buildings at cvrde avadi. 141
8746 repair servicing and maint of motorised rolling shutters for certain buildings in technical area at cvrde avadi. 148
A cleaning service in facilities spwsz in szczecin. 152
A cleaning service spaces inside the buildings, exteriors of paved and maintenance of green areas in the units, institutions and military installations in military complexes administered by 2 wog wroc. 177
A comprehensive cleaning service at the premises listed mining authorities, including cleaning the inside of an object, external environment and care of green areas, broken down into parts, bdg / 24/2. 468
A contract for it support of the national tax and customs repository houses. 157
A operation and maintenance of automatic fire alarm system and down comer system for fire fighting at abhimanch auditorium, nsd bahawalpur house, new delhi. b: operation and maintenance of fire fighti. 167
A r and m o to residential and non residential building civil work at survey of india doranda ranchi sh: providing services by engaging labour for day to day maintenance during 2015 16. 132
A r and m o to residential and non residential building of survey of india doranda ranchi during 2015 16 sh : day to day operation and maintenance of filtration plant. 131
A set of luminous tape consisting of 3 items 1 luminous tape yellow 2 inch width - 300 feet. 2 luminous tape black 2 inch width - 150 feet. 3 luminous tape red 2 inch width - 150 feet. 188
A vaccine against varicella inj. 0.5 dose, the investigation sign zzp-163/15 pos. 1-3. 223
A)modification and shifting of railway utilities of electrical general services in jasai juichandra section of mumbai division. B)provision of segregation of lighting and power load at various divisio. 145
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/div-v of pawd-i dg 2014-15 sh general maintenance and conservancy service at section-ii. 123
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/division-v of pawd-i dg 2015-16 sh repair of g.I. pipeline at 21, lodhi estate and c-i/14 humayun road. 130
A10 motorway - section allaines / allainville - pavement maintenance. 208
A61 - widening to 2x3 lanes between the interchange and the junction lezignan a61 / a9 - coordination safety and health protection (sps) - design and implementation phases. 318
A85 - section blere / saint-aignan-sur-cher - maintenance of roads. 209
A96 Dualling Hardmuir to Fochabers Multi-Disciplinary Support Services Contract. 290
Abt compatible open access meters of 0.2s class accuracy. 110
Accessories for sterile merge plasticnih system. 123
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 188
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 188
Accounting and auditing services. 111
Achievement of regulatory zoning sanitation reims metropole. 153
Achieving assistance services, legal advice and representation in court ugap before the administrative courts of appeal and, if appropriate, administrative courts. 154
Acquire materials and equipment for water and sewage systems and plumbing projects in Hamar and Strange municipality. As part of the acquisition also includes stockpile with limited access, as well as. 108
Acquisition and implementation of a full web solution for managing training and monitoring services and associated support. 190
Acquisition Backhoe Loader - Mini Accessories. 545
Acquisition Backhoe On Wheels. 527
Acquisition Beta-Blocker and Other Drugs. 520
Acquisition of 630 Kva Transformer Station Compact 20 / 0.4 Kv Substations in 20 Kv Cables and Connections Between the Pc in Electrical and Pta Bottom Emptying Outlet Dam. 505
Acquisition of books, books, maps, images, account reports, publications and periodicals documentary purpose. 262
Acquisition of Desktop Pc Monitors, Notebooks, Multifunction Projectors,. 529
Acquisition of epc 30 sdis lower rhine. 115
Acquisition of external data on companies. 196
Acquisition of licenses and service system apv erp software - 2016. 177
Acquisition of specialized equipment for roads. 148
Acquisition Of Stage And Sound Equipment. 104
Acquisition of the finnish centre for data center space, as well as expertise and capacity services. 213
Acquisition of use, updating and licensing support microsoft products (software assurance). 125
Acquisition of vaccines in immunization policy of the hautes-pyrenees department. 285
Acquisition of vehicle fire, ton-pump 2000 liters. 115
Acquisition Of Visualization Hardware And Supports For Traffic Lights From 2016 To 2019. 224
Acquisition Substitutes and Other Drugs. 519
Acquisition, implementation and operation of bicycles. 293
Acrylic sheet transparent clear, superior quality make mitshubishi, europlast, micalite, t. glast only, size - 6 feet x 4 feet x 4 mm thickness. 120
Act 5 diff control,part no- 7547198 and pack size 6x2.3 ml. 264
Actuator diaphragm. 107
Addition/alteration to non-residential building at goi press, nilokheri dg. 2013-14. sh : providing aluminium doors, windows etc. in office of goi press, nilokheri. 117
Additional Public Safety Uniform Items. 461
Additional services complete supervision of construction works and works on the transfer of installations to build the southern ring road of nova gradiska from 4157 to d51, shares and km 0 + 000.00 to. 120
Additional services making conceptual design documents of obtaining amendments to the location permit, production of the entire main project documentation with obtaining a building permit for the seco. 142
Additional services on the preparation of studies on impact assessment on the environment, major projects, surveying and geotechnical investigation works, and the implementation of administrative proc. 126
Additional work in the existing facilities at ELCOSEZ-Gangaikondan-Tirunelveli such as construction of Overhead Tank,Sump,Pipe Laying work and Electrical Works. 128
Addn/altn to bldg no t-54 and t-85 and water tank staging at 10 sec rr pattan. 147
ADEN-ABR Sub Division : Renovation of Officeras Rest House, Mt. Abu. 121
Adhesive for lhb coaches suitable between 5 to 48 deg.Celcius temp in 310 ml tubepacking. 316
Advanced Traffic Monitoring System Using Bluetooth Technology. 435
Advanced traffic monitoring system using bluetooth technology. 181
Advertising and marketing services. 224
Advertising and marketing services. 225
Advertising and marketing services. 157
Advertising consultancy services. 111
Advertising line of the museum errichtungs- and betriebsgmbh. the participation documents are provided electronically and after proper registration of prospective abrufbar. 181
Advertising Rights For Erection And Display Of Hoarding Structure At Andheri, At South East Of Rob Of Size 80: X 80: (01) For A Period Of Five Years. 145
Advertising rights for erection and display of hoarding structure at khar bambhi railway colony, north side corner, s.v. Road of size 45: x 45: (01)for a period of five years. 150
Advertising rights for erection and display of hoarding structure at khar bambhi railway colony, s.v. Road of size 45: x 45: (01)for a period of five years. 146
Advertising Rights For Erection And Display Of Hoarding Structures At Following Locations For A Period Of Five Years. 135
Aerial photography of the machine airworthiness monitoring, operation and maintenance. 147
Agreement - Liquid Oxygen. 250
Agreement multi-awarded project management framework for public road improvements across all areas of the metropolis. 348
Agricultural and forestry land development of azereix-ossun. 281
Agricultural history museum exhibition facilities goesan additional installation work. 102
Agua Fria Landfill Monitoring & Reporting Services. 452
Aids to navigation equipment goods (group clear and maritime) purchase. 106
Aids to navigation equipment supplies (batteries) purchase. 111
Air blower spares. 104
Air brake hose coupling for brake pipe specification rdso specification no 02 -abr-02 ammendment no. -3 of april 2010 drqwing ref rdso drg no. sk-73547 alt 12 or latest. 121
Air cleaner assy.(open tender enquiry). 238
Air filter 3/8 inch to dlw drg no.Sk.No.2165 alt nil or latest pt.No. 11360288 . 242
Air pressure pipe 2500 psi heavy duty wire breaded with socket punched on both side for 8 wheeler tower wagon size- 2.5 feet dia 1.5 inch. 120
Air transport services. 209
Air-conditioning installations. 142
Air-conditioning installations. 123
Aircraft or spacecraft equipment, trainers, simulators and associated parts. 124
Airport terminal expansion. 215
Ajmer a Installation of Water Re-Cycling Plant at. 119
Al.Rd.80mm is:738-1994 design.52000. 120
Alandwater supplyscheme tqdeulgaon raja distbuldana. 119
All in- one desktop computer. 161
All Repairs & Maintenance Of P.Way Zonal Works For A Period Upto 30/09/2016 From Km 287.47 To 334.74 Between Bhadrak EeJajpur Keonjhar Road Station Under SSE(P.Way)/ Bhadrak Of Khurda Road Division. 170
All that part and parcel of the property of smt.shanti jagadish, consisting of land & building, structures, erections, installations, etc. 110
Alluminium single ladder with flat steps to size. 6 feet with solid rubber shoes and caps. sketsh attached. 107
Alternate equalisung stay for lower spring beam forged type both 16.25t and 13t bogies as per drg no. rdso -cg-11060. 118
Aluminium chequered sheet size - 2940 x 830 x 2.03 mm for mainline coaches rdso specification no. c- 8217 rev 1 is : 737/74. 116
Aluminium flat size 32x2x3600mm long is 737/2008 designation-64430, condition- 0. 132
Aluminium painting of Trestle structure, hoist bridge, girder assembly etc. of Mahanadi Barrage Gates (39 to 46) left side. 131
Aluminium stearate. 156
Aluminium welding electrode 2101e,size:3.15mm, make:l and t or diffusion or lh. 106
Ambulance services. 170
Amc for 02 nos. kirloskar make dg sets(1x250 kva gen set at kusumbha,1x05 kva dg set at ds palace ntpc transit camp). 131
Amc for central air conditioning system of adm office at wtps. 192
Amc of computer/printer/scanner/laptops/ups etc in ministry of ayush. 142
Amc of noaa metop modis system at imd at hq new delhi chennai and guwahati offices. 149
Amc of sangram-ii system of wardec. 127
AME of Electriacal Repairs works for NO-3 Sub Division Office Buildding work @ Bhadrvathi. 116
Ame Of Electrical Rapairs Work For No-4 Brlbc Division Office Building @Bhadravathi. 106
Amendment no. 1 for provision of pipe line distribution network for compressed air for ordance factory, chanda, chandrapur. 138
Ammeter range 30-0-30a. for battery charger to clw s drg.No. clw/es/sk-1/b4/d or latest. 200
Ammonia. 182
An Integrated Learning Model. 213
An only one won mujeom town nohugwan improved construction. 115
Anaesthesia and resuscitation. 122
Analysis and testing services. 193
Anchor link assembly to icf drg.No mg/t-0-7-002 alt. q/4 (or latest). (vital item). 117
Angola : Governor urges farmers to boost production to diversify economy. 131
Angola : Minister - Angola raises US$58 billion in FDI. 167
Angola,Botswana : BOTSWANA, ANGOLA to hold bilateral talks. 172
Angola,China : Angola and China to facilitate trade by accepting national currencies. 148
Angular contact spring complete (fixed contact gold plated) make-abb as per m/s abb drg.No. ina516497-r2 for abb make pc-8 relay make-abb. 166
Animation for setting goals work sites of the natura 2000 document fr 7200691 "valley euille" fr 7200695 "hydrographic network lisos" fr 7200801 "hydrographic network brion" fr 7200804 "hydrographic n. 230
Ankara lock re information dept league 2001-lab-bet-036 album nola laboratory buildings uninterrupted power supply distribution boards and laboratory mahal ups outlet facilities not and fuel laborator. 112
Annual Contract for montholy / Qtrly photo meter reading at consumers premises through digital photography and digital cameras of 10.00 Mega pixel or above with data punching and downloading of data t. 162
Annual contract for Montholy /Qtrly Photo meter reading at consumers premises through digital photography and digital cameras of 10.00 Mega pixel or above with data punching and downloading of data th. 162
Annual Contract for montholy/ qtrly photo meter reading at consumer premises through digital photography and digital cameras of 10 mega pixel or above with data punching and downloading of data throu. 162
Annual maintenance and repairing work of street light pole in mbmc area. 130
Annual maintenance contract for Cummins engines of various locos and dozers. 418
Annual Maintenance contract for electrical system installed at gail infohub, noida (e bid no. 8000008636). 120
Annual maintenance contract for hp make datacenter components at wbpdcl corporate office. 131
Annual maintenance contract for. 120
Annual Maintenance contract of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System Stations of Unchahar. 108
Annual maintenance contract of arsenic and elimination plants. 129
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Medical Equipment In District Hospital Tikamgarh Mp. 111
Annual maintenance contract of microprocessor based control system and microcontroller governor fitted in 03 nos. wdg3a locomotives . 123
Annual maintenance contract of misc. maintenance work in the plant and township of dankuni coal complex. 140
Annual maintenance contract on turbine and auxiliary systems and piecemeal job of unit-1 to unit-5 (5 x 210 mw), bktpp. 148
Annual Maintenance Contract) of state Owned Aircraft Refuellers 06 Nos. and Tanker 01 No. 141
Annual maintenance of Tanks, Barrages, BCB Bandharas of Basavkalyan Tq. Bidar Dist. (Package - 6). 102
Annual maintenance of Tanks, Barrages, BCB Bandharas of Basavkalyan. Tq, Bidar Dist. (Package - 1). 103
Annual maintenance of Tanks, Barrages, BCB Bandharas of Basavkalyan. Tq. Bidar Dist. (Package - 3). 102
Annual maintenance of Tanks, Barrages, BCB Bandharas of. Basavkalyan.Tq. Bidar Dist. (Package - 2). 102
Annual oandm contract for mechanical maintenance at hvj compressor station, dibiyapur. 110
Annual rate contract for photocopy and allied service at iocl r and d centre faridabad. 135
Annual rate contract for procurement of consumables and accessories for computers and peripherals and some network and general items required at vidyut soudha and tsgenco stations. 121
Annual rate contract for wrapping electrical equipment for protection by bldpl for yard 2092 99. 134
Annual repair & Maintenance Of Residential Building Civil Work 50Bn Itb Police Year 2015-16 Sub-Item Rate Contract. 143
Annual repair & Maintenance Of Stp At Madanpur Camp 50Bn Itb Police Year 2015-16 Sub-Item Rate Contract. 140
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Electrical Sub Station, D.G. Set, Compound Lighting, Electrical Installation, Lift, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm And P.A. System At Supreme Court Of India New Delhi. 116
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Goi Main Press And Photolitho Press At Faridabad Dg 2015 16. 104
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under Sub/Div-V Of Pawd-I Dg 2014-15 in connection with General Maintenance And Conservancy Service At Section-Ii. 114
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under Sub/Division-V Of Pawd-I Dg 2015-16 in connection with Repair Of G.I. Pipeline At 21, Lodhi Estate And C-I/14 Humayun Road. 121
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Water Supply Pump sets installed in Main Pump House & OT Block at S.J. Hospital, New Delhi. 108
Annual repair and maintenance of non-residential buildings at nzp, new delhi. sh- providing and supply of driver, computer operator peon. 128
Annual repair to roofing flooring plaster joinery and certain ohter works in cda fund cda trg and certain other area under age br i of ge north meerut cantt. 149
Annual Repairing / Maintenance of to OPD block(SH:P/F of informatory board/signages at various area of AIIMS hospital)at AIIMS. 174
Annual repairing and maintain have of lift at head office bldg. in mbmc area. 132
Anti seize compound 400 ml.Container , mkae wd-40 or similar. make/brand to be stated. 116
Anti vibration mounting,of m/s. resisto flex make, model no. stb-84/70 or any other make, approved by rdso. 120
Anti-virus software package. 169
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents. 208
Antiseptic germicide to drawing/specification: (1) chloroxylenel b.P-4.8 percent w by v (2) terpincel b.P- 9.0 percent v by v (3)alcohol absolute-13.1 percent v by v (denatured containing carmel as co. 359
Antuna pumping station. 158
Aparc-be / 15/0041 system maintenance service a laxe shopping centre and underground car parks of "a laxe" and "plaza de la estrella" in vigo. 186
Application management services online inpi. 102
Appointment of agency to provide technical staff. 150
Appointment of Agent for collection of fees from roadside hawkers, vegetable sellers (Daily & Weekly), other hawkers Cart hawkers & owner%s of teen shade shops in encrochments slotter fee. 154
Appointment of architect consultant for implementation of bharatratna atal bihari vajpayee aadarsh ward yojana in mira bhaindar municipal corporation area. 138
appointment of Internal Transport contractor at Manmad for the period of 2 years. 147
Appointment of Technical Consultant for preparation of Detailed Project Report for Construction of Ultra Modern High Tech Bus Station at Hubballi. (at old bus station premises). 116
Approach road from parumanchala cross to p.Lingapuram of jupadu bunglow mandal in kurnool district, estimate cost rs.101.55 lakhs. 155

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