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Articles from Mena Report (November 6, 2015)

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"70000 tons and 30000 tons hot asphalt plants six 0-25 mm gravel procurement and transplantation work". 104
"road culverts and repair section of road on the way wed 50 mosteika k. tytuvenai apyl. neighborhood "building project for a service. 336
"supply of electricity from coordinator of standard balancing group for the needs of the military academy and its structures in the country.". 485
"supply of medicines and medical supplies for the needs of op" ecoravnovesie "for stray dogs on the territory of sofia municipality.". 185
(1) aluminum straight extensible ladder 11 meter height.The stiles of ladder should made of aluminium - c- section size 66.6x31.7x4 mm while the steps made of 25.4 heavy duty aluminium fluted pipe dia. 295
(1) e2 prom programmer. (2) 1:100 signal passive probe. 146
(1) name plate (water pump ) to drg. no. 10250049 (34 d-75012) alt-y (2) name plate (lube iol pump to drg. no. 10250037 top (34d-75050) alt-w. 112
(1) repl of lt and ht motors in pap, sap/ cna plants (2) biennial rate contract for misc jobs in mech dept of urea plant (3) misc jobs in electrical dept. of urea plant and (4) misc maint jobs of mach. 169
(1). Hiring Of Four (04) Nos. Of Maintenance Vehicle For Sr.Section Engineer(Sig)/1/ Dhanbad, Sr. Sr.Section Engineer (Sig)/2/ Dhanbad, Sr. Sr.Section Engineer (Sig)/ Barkakana & Sr.Sr.Section Enginee. 191
(ph no.:(42680) bipolar cable cat no. 80 287 53 04 for memb2. 119
(ph no.:31170) disp. niv mask adult for phillips bi-pap respironics - model a-40. 119
(ph no.:37058) live extended transfer set - fresenius. 114
(ph no.:40518) hbs ag rapid (50t). 113
(ph no.:42681) laproscopic monopolar cable cat no. 26002m. 115
(ph no.:42687) clip applicator, medium-1 no.(for open surgery) with set of minimum 100 clips (old ph no. 31093. 126
(ph no.:49136) propylene glycol 5 mg, diazolidirylurea 1.5 mg/gm cream (emoline). 123
(ph no.:63001) adhesive elastic bandage 10cms x 4/6 metres plus. 118
(ph no.:63005) aerosol spray dressing plus. 113
(ph no.:63086) nebuliser. 110
(ph no.:63089) medicated paraffin wax for physiotherapy one kg plus. 117
(ph no.24017) pseudoephedrin 30 mg(plus) diphenhydramine 15mg(plus) ammon.Chl.(plus) sod.Cit.80mg/5ml-100ml syrup. 127
(ph no.32018) didrogesterone 5 mg tablet. 116
(ph no.32060) phytoestrogens tab (soya based isoflavones exp- menopace, monoease). 120
(ph no.36096) sodium iothalamate (420 mg iodine) inj- 20 ml - conrey - urografic 16 percent ampules. 125
(ph no.49011) betameth dip lotion 0.05 percent 30 ml (sternon lotion). 122
(ph no.49103) allantoin 0.01 g/ 1 g, extractum cepae - cepalin 0.1 g, heparin 50 iu 20 gm ointment. 130
(ph no.62095) menoease capsule. 114
[beaucoup moins que]B.D.1.1-1 ISO: 2013 750 kV transmission line capacity for issuing Rivne and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant, 750 kV Rivne NPP - Kyiv with the expansion of 750 kV" Kiev "and measures 750 kV. Line-oper. 101
~~15 overlay technicians in rural areas. 113
~County Roads Snow Removal Services in Caras-Severin , Lots 1-6, for A Period of 36 Months. 567
0 shares best high school special classroom repair construction (emergency). 128
011-16 On Call Services And Repairs For Hvac Throughout Pgcps. 111
0169/NLH Street Lighting and Neighbourhood Lighting Works. 251
02 lan 10/100/1000, 02 x 02 mbps wan ports (v.35) router ac operated power supply ,cisco or similar as per annexure-ii. 339
04 types of ball berings. 146
04 types of plastic items. 144
04 types of putty. 143
1 .Modular push button/actuator with holder rear connection suitable for pannel mounting and plastic front ring in red colours as per siemens cat.No.35b50000-ac01 or l and t cat no.Hdisci or abb model. 166
1 3 suburban pagoda schools refurbishment. 116
1 Mechanized Cleaning Washing Both Interior And Exterior. 249
1 moei and fans c/light in cpwd guest house, dehradun sh:- supply of 4 nos. 28inch led tv 2 c/o resdl. qtrs for metrological centre at haridwar road dehradun sh:- c/o 4 nos. t-ii qtrs, 4 nos. t-iii qt. 156
1 printer epson mx310 or similar 2. printer dot matrix epson lq300 plus 11 or similar. 170
1 rmo passenger lift in old campus at s.J hospital new delhi. 2. rmo passenger lift in new campus at s.J hospital, new delhi. 3. rmo lift at residential complex at s.J. hospital new delhi. sh: supplyi. 145
1 work station along with accessories 2 5 slot vpx cage 3 usb560v2 stm emulator 4 code composer studio v5 platinum-node locked 5 usb-to-gpio usb interface adapter evm. 149
1" Diaphragm Control Valve for Gas Turbine Air Processing Unit. 110
1) 8 Channel Digital Scope Corder with Built-in-Printer as per Specn No. : ARDE/AE/DSC/15-16/01, Make Yokogawa or Equivalent(2) Four Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Built-in Printer as per S. 106
1) excavation for peripheral drain for bhanegaon ocp for ground water charging of near by village under silewara sub area. 141
1) kutcha drain cutting along the nima ob dump 2) engagement of water tanker for supply of water construction purpose. 173
1) Making Fencing (Chain Link) 400 M Length At Bahula Colliery Siding. 135
1) renewal of channel sleeper fittings of bridge no. 211 up - 457 nos. 223
1)diary qty: 150 no 2)safety calander 1999 qty: 900 no 8)null qty: null null. 113
1)elect.Position transmitter qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)flame photometer qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 102
1)half face respirator qty: 75 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)hss(m2)t/s drill dia 3.2mm qty: 55 no 2)t/s drill dia 3.3 qty: 20 no 3)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 15 no 4)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 10 no 5)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 25 no 6)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 5 no 7)twst. 184
1)Mysuru Division: Manning Of Unmanned Level Crossings (49 Nos): Construction Of Gate Lodges, Road Work, Drilling Of Bore Wells, Provision Of Retro Reflective Warning Boards, Rcc Pale Fencing, Rubberi. 167
1)primary water cooler(150m3/hr) qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)rebuilding repairing and profile cutting of teeth points of pinion (part no. 1040.18.015) 05 nos. 145
1)recomissioning of ehg system qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)sprocket-hfs qty: 2 no 2)valve cone for 9000t press qty: 2 no 3)valve seat for 9000t press qty: 2 no 4)guide bush for 9000t press qty: 2 st 5)lifting pin for 9000t press qty: 2 st 6)plunger for uppe. 168
1)worm gear box qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1-1/4 cut of angle cock (fp for white colour) as per elw/bsl drg. no. elw/bsl/1/f.72.200. 441
1. drde bio - digester tank r.H.S. as per rcf drg. no. mi005854 alt. c item no. 1 to 9 and 11. (a) item no. -10 rubber/hose connector as per rdso drg. no. cg14070 alt. nil, item no. -2 material for it. 253
1. ink cartridge no. 685 black or similar, 2. ink cartridge no. 685 magenta or similar, 3. ink cartridge no. 685 yellow or similar, 4. ink cartridge no. 685 cyan or similar. 133
1. moei and fans at central sectt. bldg. at south block,new delhi. 2. moei and fans at central sectt. bldg. at north block,new delhi. 3. moei and fans i/c security light at l and m block and plot no. 174
1. o-t key sheet a98l-0001-0518 hase tr qty. 01 no make- fanuc india ltd. 2. o-t key sheet a98l-0001-0524 hase b qty 01 no make- fanuc india ltd. one set consist one no. each. 332
1. portable high pressure electric motor driven diving air compressor capacity of 15 m3/hr(fad). 117
1.5 sq mm stranded annealed tin coated copper conductor. e-beam irradiated cross linked polyolefin, insulated cable, as per rdso specification no.Elrs/spec/elc/0019 latest , 1.8/3.0 kv, colour in red. 152
1.C o office building g plus 4 for income tax department at plot no.2 and 2a, sector-17, panvel, navi mumbai. sh providing plumbing consultancy services. 2. c o residential building g plus 5 for incom. 151
1.Cervical cum lumbar traction machine with two action table.2.Muscle stimulator unit.3.Wax bath unit.4.Continious passive machine(lower limb). 197
1/2 inch nipple with end pt length-5 inch drg. no-sk no-0826. 175
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 144
10 round type pvc glove heavy duty with all attachment holder wire base pvc without lamp. 137
10 sqmm colour green/yellow thin walled flex. elast. cable with cu. cond, 750v to 1.8/3.0 kv rds. 345
100 percent payment on receipt and acceptance of goods. 291
10000 copies each of brochure and leaflet are to be produced on top priority basis. 138
1000mm length and 7mm dia rod made of spring steel fitted with coupling on either ends with accessories:1 special spanner - 01 no. 2 push and pull tool - 01 no. 3 sand driller - 01 no. make:kamrod or. 186
1050 kva emu transformer for 25 kv ac emu : rdso spec.- rdso/pe/spec/emu/0137(rev.- o ) - 2009. 155
110 v solenoid valve of single bottle vcb. bt pt. no. 3eyc-300053-r1. make: bt. type: bvac25.10m07. 422
111305/TN INReach Project Embankment Contractor Procurement. 377
12 a toner make:- prodot or similar. 157
12 heavy duty scarifying brush 3 nos/set wire bristle for sc-major floor scrubbing machine to innovative item code-1370800 or similar. 112
12.5MW Datca Wind Farm. 109
120ah vrla battery. 270
125 115 mm Dia Bore well Khanan evam sthapna karya in Ward No 1 12 03 07 08 09 10 Total 6 Nos. 139
15 Ml Capacity Clear Tubular 20 Mm Glass Vial Made From Schott Fiolex Tubing As Per Drawing Brit/Pes/Tgv-Gg/2007/02 Enclosed. 179
1516-18 Queens Quay Project Management Services. 214
15r022 - service contract - execution of catering services and servicing the premises of the scientific and technical center building located in marne-la-vallee. 171
16 channel recorder. 127
16 logic input cards. 101
1651/sre-12/search lights/2015-16/gsi. 137
18 mm fuel injection pump to ww pt. no. fcqab 180a0565 or hynes cat no. apf1cq180t80t6445c note: dlw approved sources only to quote and past performance to be submitted. 173
19 core x 3 sq. mm, 750 v grade flexible elastomeric cable with copper conductor as per rdso specn. no. e 14/01 part.I rev.Ii/feb.1993, part-i. note: only rdso approved suppliers should be participate. 145
1feet x 1feet 18 w recess mounting led luminaire made of crca steel sheel housing with powder coated comprising with acrylic difusser, as per technical specification enclosed. make: philips, bajaj, cg. 229
1set modular frame for lgs. 186
2 feet x 2 feet 36 w recess mounting led luminaire made of crca steel sheel housing with powder coated comprising with acrylic difusser, as per technical specification enclosed. make: philips, bajaj,. 231
2 led signal module - 25.000 no. 101
2 lee southwest nongro guam check paving. 111
2 mbps digital modem confirming to rdso specification no.Rdso/spn/tc/80/2008 rev.0.0 amendment-1,excluding clause no.3.1.1,3.1.2 and 3.1.3 related to emi/emc tests,in pair comprising the following:-(i. 218
2 nos of hand operated high pressure hydraulic pump : type; two speed useable oil capacity:983cm3 pump pressure rating: 1st stage 13bar & 2nd stage 3000 bar oil displacement per stroke; 1st stage 16.2. 152
2) qualified professional engineering services firms for electrical and instrumentation with experience in design, assessment, maintenance, and construction of utilities infrastructure. projects may b. 103
20-25 watt led street light luminaire with light source: high power led, lighting color cct : cool white, cri and gt 70, system lumens output : 1650 lumens 5 percent , system efficacy and gt 65 im/w 5. 257
20-MW Budhi Ganga small hydropower project. 243
2015 3rd forest gardening business (hapcheoneup naegok naegok earth). 113
2015 3rd forest gardening business (samgamyeon dongli district inpyeong). 115
2015 3rd forest gardening business (ssangbaekmyeon daegok be ohgol earth). 116
2015 3rd forest gardening business (ssangbaekmyeon daegok korean-style earth). 116
2015 3rd forest gardening business (ssangbaekmyeon oecho affine earth). 114
2015 3rd forest gardening business (ssangbaekmyeon oecho earth sign). 111
2015 aquaculture materials warehouses joint purchasing new construction. 119
2015 bingol state hospital, bingol maternity and child health hospital, bingol oral and dental health center with karliova, young and solh state hospitals medical supplies. 106
2015 bukhansan cctv parking lot maintenance construction. 113
2015 drought compared to water development projects (1 daxing li). 112
2015 drought compared to water development projects (li-propelled 1). 114
2015 east sea (busan) stone sea forest composition dialysis for business. 129
2015 east sea (ulsan) stone sea forest composition dialysis for business. 114
2015 gardening forest project (chireong goals earth). 109
2015 gardening forest project (naebuk goals earth). 109
2015 gardening forest project (reed batgol earth). 106
2015 history perspex door installation work. 119
2015 horizontal flower bed mat windproof membrane installation work. 115
2015 islands repackaging construction waste treatment services. 117
2015 jiri southern town profound restoration project demolition work. 115
2015 jiri southern town profound restoration project waste treatment services. 121
2015 road structures (local wolgyo state route 78) renovation. 121
2015 rural road re-paving waste treatment services. 114
2015 soan wolhang other complex multi-landings facility construction. 113
2015-2016 snow removal equipment operating leasing services. 119
2015. school smoking prevention workshop services, business associates. 119
2015/276 offshore terminal bremerhaven - water-side ordnance search / eviction. 308
2015v12017280 - market design, implementation, operation and maintenance pool located at 7-15 avenue paul appell in paris 14eme. 312
2016 year heating oil procurement. 113
2016 year of the blood center group 10 4 pen supplies purchase. 101
203.2 mm x 95.25 mm brake cylinder with slack adjuster complete rdso sk-81200,alt.-5, and other as per rdso sk-81057 alt.-9 material and spec. as per drawing and spec. for icf bg coaches. 202
220/132/33 kv ss at toopran and connected line in medak dt. 128
24 pin harting make han e type connectoe with silver plated crimping terminals with suitable pin as per cable base with two lever - no 09300240301 male insert- 09330242602 female insert-09330242702 ho. 122
25 sqmm colour blue thin walled flex. elast. cable with cu. cond, upto 750v. rdso letter no.El/2.2. 348
2led signal module e 42.40.03 - 4.000 no. 104
2nd shaft with matching gear for 25 ton eot crane vide job no.Ba/037/01/02-lt gear box item no.Hr-250 0 intermediate pinion shaft-3m-14 teeth and matching 3m-85 teeth. 122
2no 2nc pin type limit switch capacity 5 a used for level crossing gate make avon,bohmen or brisk. guarantee / warranty as per irs condition of contract. 116
2wire leased line 2mbps g. shdsl model as per specification attached in annexure-a make-cygnus or similar. warranty one year. 272
3 phase, squirrel cage, crane duty induction motor with brake kit complete with following 3.0 hp/2.2 kw, 4 pole, 1440 rpm, ip-55 protection s4 duty, tefc, 40 percent cdf with 150 starts and stops/ hrs. 193
3 still quite a bit steep slope collapse danger zone maintenance business. 131
3 ton capacity x 6 to 8 mtrs lift electric wire rope hoist. 136
3 ton, aircon energy saver for air conditioning having memory based micro controller, which constantly analyses the tempeature transfer profiles between the air and evaporator coil. similar to model a. 243
3 treatment plant sludge collector installed purchased parts production (jungnang water reclamation center) - (urgent). 117
3)Mysuru Division: Manning Of Unmanned Level Crossings (36 Nos): Construction Of Gate Lodges, Road Work, Drilling Of Bore Wells, Provision Of Retro Reflective Warning Boards, Rcc Pale Fencing, Rubberi. 167
3,105 building automation. 180
3-4 square drive assembly for avanti -1 to part no. av-01-05, make, hytorc-usa. 218
3-way cock air valve complete for safety earthing switch hom as per clw drg.No.Clw/es/sk-2/s-6 alt-i. 146
32.50.1 Tools and instruments medical, surgical and dental Lot 1, Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 - 32.50.13-79.00 - Tools and Devices, other Lot 5, 6 lot - 32.50.12-00.00 - medical sterilizers, surgical or laborat. 202
33 Kv Kerwana And Lmlai 11 Kv Fedar And Lt Line Near Sagar Naka Railway Over Bridge To Bypass Hatta Naka Under Damoh Res Dc South Division. 136
35670-L Ext-I of Moosa Br. of Bikhi Disty. 104
380 kV cond. Sils iD Soazza: Delivery insulators and fittings. 149
3d molded interconnect device (3d mid) characterisation for space telecom applications. 212
40 gb tape cartridge dds4 make- hpor similar. 209
4121 Measured Term Contract: Drainage 2015/17. 186
42 kv out door type surge arrestor disconnector assembly for track side 25 kv sure arrestors of class-3 type tested. as per rdso ref no.Ti/psi/gapla/policy/13 dt:17.10.2013 and 08.08.2013 rdso mi no:t. 250
4225 c.O. on welfare of sc, st & obc addition, alteration and renovation of mamasaheb fadke adarsh nivasi school in sector no.8 @ gandhinagar. (construction of new building for adarsh nivasi school fo. 250
43 to provide services for compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (ctp). 135
45/48 watt led outdoor light fitting with 21 nos. led, 12 nos. are with lenses, power consumption 45 watt max. lumens 6720, input voltage 150-275 v.50 hz., colour - cool white body type - aluminium, w. 153
48555 Measured Term Contract for the Installation, Maintenance and Periodic Inspection and Testing of Security Systems. 197
4x1.5sqmm black outer sheath with coloured cores electron beam irradiated cable 600/1000v. 328
5 samok steep slope collapse danger zone maintenance business. 128
5-ton tri-axial shaker system. 128
50 taut wire sensor - detekion stw-40 or equivalent. 106
500 watt helogen fitting with tube. make: havells, cg, philips, surya, bajaj. 109
550V 250 meters head, make-KSB, submersible pump motor set(Under B/Down). 109
55203135 school for strategic reconnaissance, and remodeling wirtsch.- betreuungsgeb. flensburg. 128
55203135 school for strategic reconnaissance, and remodeling wirtsch.- betreuungsgeb. flensburg. 126
555.5m2 extension to existing primary school. 138
7 historic marker plaques to be installed at various locations and two historic district entrance signs. 124
7 regional directorate of highways for printers toner supplies purchase. 107
70 sq. mm green/yellow thin walled flex. elast. cable with cu. cond, 750v to 1.8/3.0 kv rdso lett. 346
750 volt grade cable having annealed tinned copper conductor melinex, tapping covering overall confirming to rdso spec.No. spec/e-14/01, (part-i)/rev-ii of feb.1993 or latest of size single core x 16. 159
78912-R Ext-I of Uddat Br. of Bhikhi Disty. 104
8410/bor/e8 special repair to squash court and certain misc works at 14 brd af under ge (af) borjhar. 167
8413/bor/e8 repair and replacement of summer and winter appliances in tech and domestic area at afs borjhar. 164
90 degrees elbow with bellow for connecting radiator and main transformer as per els/bza s drg. no. b/trs/tfp/3/88. note: one sample should be got approved before effecting bulk supply. 134
A framework agreement is the purchase of audio-visual equipment and contracts. 131
A kit of spares consisting of 4 items as per list enclosed to aal part no for overhauling of aal make speedometer in alco type locomotives. 113
A panel of attorneys to represent indigent adults in criminal proceedings. the panels include: habeas corpus, primary misdemeanor,secondary misdemeanor, primary felony, secondary misdemeanor and murde. 424
A r and m o to a block, nic building at cgo complex, lodhi road, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh: preparation and printing of official records on computer. 128
A set of luminous tape consisting of 3 items 1 luminous tape yellow 2 inch width - 300 feet. 2 luminous tape black 2 inch width - 150 feet. 3 luminous tape red 2 inch width - 150 feet. 188
A set of polyamide terminal block with accessories including 1 single level fuse terminal block catlog no.Csfl4u suitable for 4 sq.Mm with fuse rated voltage 1000v, rated current 6.3a suitable to moun. 173
A set of spares for escorts make tight lock coupler.1 knucle to escorts drg no: sk611 or equivalent 02 nos. 2 locker to escorts drg no: sk612 or equivalent 02 nos. 3 thrower to escorts drg no: sk1560. 195
A-controller sub-assembly for ke type distributor valve consisting of 6 items knorr bremse make as follows. s.No-knorr bremse part no.-description-qty.In nos 1 a27763/15-sealing ring-1 2 i79075/ki-scr. 142
A.T. weld grinding strip file 300 x 35 to 40 mm make:- j.K. venus or similer. 145
A/a to cgo building west block-5, naval hq, r.K. puram, new delhi. dg. 2015-16. sh:- renovation work at wing-5, dnd sdg office. 122
A/a to cgo, building west block-7, r.K. puram, new delhi. dg. 2015-16. sh:- renovation of office at 1st floor wing-7, west block-8 of national council for promotion of urdu language at r.K. puram, new. 136
A/r and m/o administrative building for forest survey of india at ib-198, saltlake, kolkata during 2015-16. sh:- day to day maintenance of iron removal filtration plant of capacity 27 cum/hour. 131
A/r and m/o cfsl building at 30, gorachand road, kolkat-14 duing 2015-16 . sh: water supply and sanitary installation, and external serice. 122
A/r and m/o cgo building, west block - 1 to 8, r.K.Puram, new delhi dg. 2015-16. sh: -removal of day to day malba collected from various running works. 129
A/r and m/o general pool residential complex at i. c. block, salt lake, kolkata during 2015-2016. sh : internal repairing, painting and other misc. civil works due to change of tenancy. 132
A/r and m/o of residential and non- residential building at uhc during 2015-16 sh :- annual operation and maintenance of iron removal plant 30 cum per hour capacity at uhc,chetla,alipore, kolkata. 133
A/r and m/o office cum laboratory building for gsi, saltlake, kolkata during 2015-16. sh:- day to day operation and maintenance of iron removal filtration plant, activated carbon filter and water soft. 137
A/r and m/o to ags office campus at teynampet, chennai during 2015-16. sh: providing services of carpenter, plumber, mason and sewerman for attending day to day complaints. 128
A/r and m/o to ags office campus, teynampet, chennai-18. sh: cleaning of manholes, gully traps, septic tank, storm water drains and repairs to pipe lines, painting work etc. 129
A/r and m/o to cgh at spl kane nagar, antop hill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16. sh:providing services for driving of departmental vehicles. 120
A/r and m/o to cgh at spl, kane nagar, antop hill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16. sh:repairs of broken boundary wall behind building no.92. 122
A/r and m/o to mps flats at meena bagh under s/d-iii of pawd-i dg. 2015-16. sh: internal finishing work. 119
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-i of pawd-i dg. 2015-16. sh: finishing work in section-ii. 118
A/r and m/o to non-residential building for marine house at hastings, kolkata during 2015-16. sh: building and sanitary. 119
A/r and m/o to non-residential buildings to central excise dewas. sh :-internal finishing work for office building of central excise dewas. 125
A/r and m/o to non-residential buildings to income tax dewas. sh :-internal finishing work for office building of income tax dewas. 125
A/r and m/o to residential building at dwr, karnal during 2015-16. sh: repair and renovation of driver room and window c type quarter 15 nos. and a type quarter 8 nos. and type e quarter. 133
A/r and m/o to residential quarters under sd-i/cd-iv at iari, pusa, new delhi during 2015-16. sh: cleaning of water storage tank. 125
A/r and m/o zsi laboratory cum office building and annex building at new alipore, kolkata during 2015-16. sh: - building, sanitary and water supply portion. 125
A15 / 44 supply of personal protective equipment technical staff. 153
A31 basic renovation km 139.670 to 147.670 both rf, ba 3-4; traffic safety a31 as haren - as meppen, ba 3-4. 199
Aapc 235 - maintenance contract and maintenance of mechanical ventilation systems controlled individually and / or collectively. 127
Ab seconds laundry facilities construction. 115
Abrasive disc size:- 400 mm dia, 2.5 mm thick for use with abrassive rail cutter. 143
Ac and dc mcb test bench complete (with jig and accessories) for testing of ac and dc mcbs of emu/memu coaches. input: 440v. 3-ph, 50hz, 100 amps. out put: 0-100 amps., 130 v dc and 0-100 amps, 240 v,. 197
Ac current transducer single channel and ac voltage transducer single channel. 242
Ac current transducer, 1a/4-20ma - 10.000 no. 101
Ac High Potential Test Set. 109
Ac volt transducer, i/p:0-143v, o/p:4-20 - 10.000 no. 105
Access control system with retractable automatic terminals. 166
Access ferritin cals kit (6 x 4ml per kit). 108
Access ferritin kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 108
Access fsh calibrator kit (6 x 4ml per kit). 108
Access h fsh kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 109
Access h lh kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 109
Access hybritech psa cal kit (1 x 5ml/5 x 2.5ml per kit). 113
Access lh calibrator kit (6 x 4ml per kit). 108
Access prolactin calibrator kit (1 x 4ml/5 x 2.5ml per kit). 112
Access prolactin kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 108
Access vit d calibrator (6 x 1.4ml per kit). 109
Access vit d kit (2 x 50 test per kit). 109
Accessing electronic information sources ethnographic video online volume i and volume. 222
Accessing electronic information sources ethnographic video online volume i and volume. 220
Accumulator ( lhs ) as per sidwal part no rcac - 098 suitable for sidwal make rmpu ac plant. 107
Accumulator ( rhs ) as per sidwal part no rcac - 098a suitable sidwal make rmpu ac plant. 106
Acid sulphuric concentrated battery grade conforming to is.266-1993 iii revision , amendment no.1 reaffirmed 2003 in 20 kgs. non stackable high density ployethylene containers conforming to is:6312-19. 122
Acoustic panelling and false ceiling work at rabindra bhaban in the district of bankura. 146
Acp boards of size: 3.5ft x 2ft 7 sqft for general rules for prs at dwr-02, lwr-02, ubl-03, gdg-03. 107
Acquisition and maintenance of networks and telephony components. 111
Acquisition angiography microscope polisomnogrado and tissue processor. 118
Acquisition glucose testing strips. 101
Acquisition implementation of a computerized patient record (ipr) territorial. 162
Acquisition market and maintenance of network equipment for the northern department. 183
Acquisition of ammunition caliber 12.70 x 99 mm crawler; ordinary and tracer (4/1), 7.62 x 51 mm nato ordinary; 5.56 x 45 mm nato and regular 40 x 53 mm caliber shots breakers (he); for use in various. 216
Acquisition of backup robots. 154
Acquisition of comfortable rooms (apartment, house) with total area of ??not less than 28 and not more than 33 meters, in the municipality town of livny, oryol region for orphans and children left wit. 197
Acquisition of equipment urine strips and various reagents for laboratory. 107
Acquisition of equipment urine strips and various reagents for laboratory. 107
Acquisition of equipment urine strips and various reagents for laboratory. 109
Acquisition of Hard disk Drives. 578
Acquisition of meals in the ebi of ribeira grande. 161
Acquisition of medical equipment. 225
Acquisition of office furniture. 144
Acquisition of security and surveillance services in municipal facilities. 110
Acquisition of Server, document scanner and laptop. 102
Acquisition of software, maintenance services and expertise symantec. 175
Acquisition of technology. 133
Acquisition of the carrier for the provision of services in the public passenger rail transport on long-distance trains session bratislava - urany - elected - banska bystrica. 454
Acquisition, Design, Delivery and Installation of Switches Mt During 2016-2019. 529
Acrylic model of the kudankulam nuclear power plant. 107
Actuarial Services for GASB. 395
Actuating sleeve confirming to rdso specification no.07-abr-92, amendment no.4 to rdso drg.No. wd-82064-s-06rc, item-1, alt.4. 174
Adapted Open Procedure No. 1438: Energy Audit Missions, Audit And Public Lighting Audit Gtc. 162
Add.Lpg bulk tt for ez. 101
Addition alteration and re-construction in cantt board junior high school building. 147
Addition alteration renovation of existing rooms of academy bldg anatomy bldg within college campus of cnmch for setting up demo rooms laboratories incl acoustic work in the existing lecture theatres. 154
Addition alteration to toilets of living in officers accommodation air men messes billets and other br maintenance works at af station suratgarh. 145
Addition, alteration and renovation of ee electrical office in a.G.Office ground floor srinagar. 112
Addnaltn in cook house of jcos club of delhi area provost unit provision of interlocking tiles cook house privision of boundry wall raised platform and footh path at apg under ge east delhi cantt10. 151
Adjustable track feed registance 30 ohms as per rdso drg no sa 20166/m inspection by- rdso. 108
Adjuster for brake block. 318
Adjusting screw fip lifter to drg.No.Dlw part no.10210726 dlw drg.No.32d 72139-1 alt.B. note: past performance to be enclosed. 168
Adlink make pci-7432, isolated 32 ch di and 32 ch do cards. 108
Adliswil, Zurich Street. 187
Administrative and Academic building for B.Sc Nursing Course at NTC complex Bankura Lightning Conductor work. 185
Administrative services relating to development. 166
Advance work at Alloli Kansoli Fs.No. 78,81 & Olmani Fs.No. 237 Khanapur Range during 2015. 103
Advertising and marketing services. 384
Advice and assistance for the development and implementation of corporate communication strategy illness insurance. 301
Agency agreement for the construction of public facilities and the development of urban spaces in sainte-genevieve-des-bois. 286
Aggegate impact tester including of cylinder lab , metal measure , tamping rod automatic blow coounter . 110
Aging Financial Reporting System. 122
Aids for the disabled. 171
Air circulator 18600mm sweep,single phase ,noiseless metal body ,base pipe two tone colour of. 224
Air cricuit breaker single phase, type-3wv5616-1ea22, ui-1500v plus minus 20, vde-660v plus minus 10, ith-2-4000a, ve-750v plus minus 10, 1 geater than 3.6 aka with dc motor control supply-48-60 vdc w. 423
Air diffuser arrangement complete set cc - 44258, alt - nil. 138
Air hose pipe ( rubber) size 12.5 mm x 19 mm od type-ii reinforced with synthetic fibre as per is:446/1987. 130
Air transportation of m.R.Blades. 132
Aircraft Deicing Fluid Acquisition and Solid and Liquid De-Icing Agent for Airport Movement Areas. 512
Airport terminal advertising program. 122
Al-Janadriyah Exhibition Facility. 154
Alarm signal disc ( fabricated ) drg. no. icf/std-3-5-011 alt ( 2 ). 252
Alerts gateway dtc and r / r servers dtc upgrade. 279
Algeria : Metso technology helps Betonex increase capacity, preserve the environment and raise employee safety to a new level in Algeria. 822
All in one ink tank colour printers l-350 series or similar scan,print,copy make:hp/epson/canon or equivalent. 120
Allen cooper leather shoes. 107
Alley reconstruction. 105
Allotment of ATM counter in Main Terminal Hall at CMBT Koyambedu chennai 107. 133
Allotment Of Booths Having Facility Of Std/Isd/Local Call/Fax/Internet At EeA-1Ee & EeAa Category Station. 141
Allotment of Dormitory or any general purpose like office show rooms super market health clubs exhibition hall and any other commercial activity with valid permission of licen. 148
Alluminium angle size 3600 x 65 x 10 x 3 mm is: 3909/1992. 168

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