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Articles from Mena Report (November 14, 2015)

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"Choosing a credit institution for making financial services for the TP" DGS Parvomai ". 102
"continue right to use the available software licenses nra citrix xenserver, pl / sql developer 10.0, installshield 2013 professional, golden 6, adobe photoshop cc and aqua data studio 14". 455
"electricity supply mv and lv at freely negotiated prices for the needs of" national sports base "jsc and the choice of a balance group coordinator.". 488
"maintenance of motor vehicles, including overhaul, repair, prevention and delivery of spare parts for motor vehicles owned by tp" dgs places~. ". 209
"making services in the field of forest management in the forest district korpele in 2016". 411
"orphan drugs procurement.". 151
"Production and supply of promotional materials for the needs of the territorial division" State Forestry - Breznik ". 161
"Provision of information support system of legal support" Consultant Plus "for the needs of PJSC" IDGC of Volga "-" Penzaenergo. 102
"provision of services for the protection of persons and property grounds and facilities," branch in sosnowiec coal mine "kazimierz - julius" based in sosnowiec. 131
"Selecting an operator to provide communication connectivity and internet access for the needs of TP DGS" Smilyan ". 109
"supply of drugs under appendix 1". 486
"supply of one (1) number of used trucks for the needs of op" organization and control of transport "- plovdiv municipality". 337
#5180 wasco county m57 funds. 122
#5251 physician assistant medical care @ srci. 132
#7638 launch ramp & parking lot improvements at indian crk cpg. 146
%Online Examination Process i.e. Computer Based Test (CBT) and Online Assessment Evaluation Process1.Question Bank Preparation/Key-in and owning complete responsibility2.Conduct of Online Examination-. 148
(1) repairing works of pf lighting of pwkp, bqw & bhcl halts. (2) maintenance of wiring, lighting and other electrical works of waiting halls, pf, fob, station building of twg, dure, dha & sld station. 149
(1) Repairing Works Of Pf Lighting Of Pwkp, Bqw & Bhcl Halts. (2) Maintenance Of Wiring, Lighting And Other Electrical Works Of Waiting Halls, Pf, Fob, Station Building Of Twg, Dure, Dha & Sld Station. 167
(1) tig torch 3000a (2) electrode cable 70 sq.Mm/4m/400a(3) adaptor euro central con. ttg/ttw (4) torch- cooling liquid (5) ground cable 70 sq.Mm/4m/600a. 144
(1)bearing retainer ring pe of tm ta0659 to clws drg.No.4twd.092.076 alt.2 or latest.(2)inner flinger ce of tm ta0659 to clws drg.No.4twd.092.458 or latest.(3)set of fixed external flingers (pe and ce. 192
(1)Part repairing & maintenance & filtration oil of 2 nos. Transformer of Keshalpur Colliery Sub-Station. (2)1000 KVA ,6.6 KV/3.3 KV power transformer, make Crompton greaves Sl.No.34918V. 109
(a) at ntsk (officers colony) - repairs to floor of main rooms, kitchen and toilets of b/1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14 (type-iv ss), b/8, 9, 10, 11 (type-iv ds) & b/16, 6, 7 (type-v) (total = 26 units) (b) at nt. 184
(a) between mjn and llo - repairs roof and ceilling to qtr. no.T/28 ab, t/6, t/9, t/25ab, t/27ab, t/29ab, t/30 at dby, qtr. no.E/23abc, e/14abcd, e/22abcd at mrg, qtr. no.E/28ab, l/16ef, e/31abc, t/15. 191
(a) pipe line to bhim nagar dalit wasti at sangvi (sunegaon) tq. ahmedpur dist latur-2014-15 (under dalit wasti sudhar yojna (b) estimate for drilling of new bore well 150mm dia @ 60mtr at sangvi (sun. 127
(CCNA) Master Contracts for Professional Consulting Services-CRA. 129
(facility fee), agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and quarantine office new government building to build communications-based information system, ltd. (animal disease control room). 142
(fuhua primary) full-day staff meeting for approximately 110 pax, tentatively on 24 nov 2015. please attach photos of venue and seminar rooms and proposed menu in quotation. pre-setup needed for the v. 120
(fuhua primary)chartering of ad-hoc bus transport for year 2016 (firm) & option to renew for 2017.Vendors must indicate as alternate offer if there are differentiation between peak & off-peak charges. 104
(fuhua primary)provision of daily school bus service, to and fro school and home each school day or any other day as required (estimated enrolment 1450, single-session school.) critical evaluation cri. 138
(ph no. 10040 ) metformin sr 1 gm tablet. 117
(ph no. 22026 ) glyceryltrinitrate 2.6/ 2.5 mg tablet. 119
(ph no. 22048 ) nicorandil 5 mg tablet. 116
(ph no. 22093 ) telmisartan 40 mg tablet. 116
(ph no. 22110 ) ivabradine 5 mg tablet. 116
(ph no. 3001) acetyl salicylic acid 150 mg tab (enteric coated). 120
(ph no. 32071 ) micronised flavonoid (plus) diosmin (plus) hesperidin 500 mg tablet. 121
(ph no. 4020) rabeprazole 20 mg capsule. 116
(ph no. 4026 ) pantoprazole 40 mg (plus) domperidone 10 mg tablet. 120
(ph no. 45005 ) diclofenac aqueous gel 30 gms. 117
(ph no. 49064 ) mupirocin 2 percent 5 gm cream. 118
(ph no. 51018 ) fluromethalone (fml) eye drops 5 ml. 118
(ph no. 62070) calcium acetate (phostat) tablet. 116
(ph no. 9004 ) amitriptyline 25 mg tablet. 116
(ph no. 9034 ) amitriptyline 10 mg tablet. 116
(ph no.:(42676) berchold diathermy patient plate. 113
(ph no.:20033) telbivudine 600 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:21004) beclamethasone hcl inhaler 100 mcg. 117
(ph no.:22108) eplerenone 25 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:26072) frusemide 100 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:30015) alpha tocopheryl acetate 25 iu, sodium selenite 100 mg, ubidecarenone 100 mg, argenine 100 mg (ubiq) cap. 129
(ph no.:31167) drb splint. 111
(ph no.:36099) poly covers 17.5 plus 1.5 x 14.5 x 400 mm with monogram. 124
(ph no.:42667) penlon anesthesia work station spo2 finger probe (child). 117
(ph no.:42669) drager anesthesia work station nibp cuff (child). 116
(ph no.:42682) opthalmic bipolar coagulator westfield cautery with forceps. 116
(ph no.:42683) berchold bipolar diathermy cautery cable single pin. 116
(ph no.:49004) framycetin skin cream 20 gm. 117
(ph no.:49127) benzocaine 20 percent w/w ointment. 118
(ph no.:49195) propylene glycol (plus) emulsifying wax (plus) glycerine (plus) cyclomethicone (plus) shea, aloe, chaco, mango butter (plus) cetyl alcohol (plus) stearic acid (plus) dimethicone cream 1. 138
(ph no.:5008) chlorpheniramine maleate 4 mg tab. 117
(ph no.:51040) prednisolone eye drops 5 ml (similar to predacetate). 120
(ph no.:62085) keraglo forte/ similar cap. 116
(ph no.33009) iron sucrose injection. 115
(ph no.33017) ferrous ascorbate 100 mg (plus) folic acid 5 mg (plus) b12 (plus) b6 (plus) vit d3 1000 iu tablet. 131
(ph no.49015) betamethasone valerate 20 gm ointment. 117
(ph no.49087) terbinafine hydrochloride cream 1 percent 10 gm. 119
(ph no.51075) vitalux plus tablet. 115
(ph no.62027) vitamin b-complex 11 ml injection. 117
(ph no.62073) astyfer xt tablet. 115
(provisional) constitution 7 elementary school photovoltaic power generation system installed purchase. 118
(sbse12015-217 and 179) paintings industrial industrial polyurethane enamel marino marino color black, yellow, white, blue, red and green. applied signal for marine. 112
(short) civil works at drill site " mddk"(development location) " in mandapeta area , mandapetablock) sh(i):-civil works at d/site mddk, sh (ii):-m isc. Civil works during rig building drilling time,. 176
(short) development of dr. B.r. Ambedkar park area at godavari bhavan in ongc base complex, rajahmundry engagement of consultancy services. 157
(tentative name) jincheon fire kindergarten expansion, ltd. 125
(tentative name) jincheon kindergarten expansion communications ltd. 124
(tentative name) jincheon kindergarten new construction electrical engineering. 126
(tentative name) jincheon kindergarten new construction machinery construction. 126
(tentative name) jincheon kindergarten new construction. 119
(tentative name) jincheon kindergarten stretch supervision. 110
* joint supply agreement * working donghae locomotive inspection and improvement of the environment improvement and other construction. 134
* patent includes construction seojeong-ri station - gyeongbu free passage and dome roof waterproofing other construction. 132
,1) gear plate complet of tap changer n32 to m/s bit,s pt no s1477 or similar for electric locos. . 152
.T. work Km 1 to 7 Total 7.00 km. on Simariya-Madhopur Road, Reconstruction of Damadged Portion km 3/2 to 7/8 Total 4.8 km on Simariya-Madhopur Road. 211
/w restoration work to officemukku-meyannoor road ch.0/000 to 4/500km (damaged due to trenching work for laying watersupply pipe line for kwa project). 147
: aluminium cover plate in set for irs point machine. 1 detector rod-cover plate to drg.No.Rdso/s.10813 alt-2. -2nos per set 2 drive rod-cover plate to drg.No. rdso/s.10808 alt-3. -2nosperse 3 lock ro. 146
:Provision Of Bio-Toilets Inside Plant. 177
? ? railway signaling field construction engineer holds the wire yield around 3 ~ bo extrahepatic sites rail replacement interfere with signaling equipment refurbishment. 124
? electric railway - district ?? ????????????????????????????????? 120
? last 10 years the railway signal machine construction performance corporation reserves ? phil gyeongbu line switcher mechanical adjustment between meguro refurbishment. 127
~ check the road paving work between design jeungpyeong third difference - permeable concrete. 106
~~15 army ranger cargo sopojang sac buy bundles. 111
~~15 army ranger mountain penetrate clothing purchases. 107
0 shares purchased, such as the university college of industrial science laboratory safety cabinet environmental chemicals. 109
0 won bukga fun neighborhood old road re-paving. 117
0.5mm x 5 pair unarmoured underground pijf telephone cable. 110
00 islands complementary test facilities construction. 118
01) extension of 440v oh line from field substation to rise side of the quarry ( approx.1000 mtrs.) for facilitating supply to face pump at bhanegaon ocp under silewara sub area. 153
01412 Provision of Catering Equipment. 204
02 types of hp-72 ink cartridges for plotter hp design jet t-610, a0 size (detail in items detail). 111
04 sets of tap set 1 tap 1/2 inch set-20 unf - 02 nos 2 tap 3/8 inch set - 16 unc -03 nos 3 7/16 set -14 unc -02 nos 4 tap 5/16 18 tpi -01 nos of make bsw/it/totem/adison/facom/snap on/amstrong only. 148
05 types of gears and gear shafts for eot cranes (detail in item detail). 109
06b30 / 2015 / m034 - rental defibrillators in european parliament buildings in brussels, luxembourg and strasbourg. 154
1 1/4 inches ball type cut out cock non vent type to dlw part no.11396969. drg.No. sk-0759 alt.1. only dlw approved vendors to be quote . 148
1 cut out cock, ball type without vent.To drg.No.Dlw/sk no.:0759 alt.I, part no.11397081. material to be procured from dlw approved sources or their authorised dealers. 122
1 ea door, rolling steel, insulated; 1 ea door, rolling steel, insulated; 1 lot remove and haul away two existing doors; install two new insulated doors; connect new doors to existing power; provide a. 103
1 flexible re-inforced rubber hose connection, 33 long for sanding device to clw s drg no. 0/3/65/116. 135
1 full size almirah for office use of size 1980 mm x 910 mm x 480 mm of make delite, kom or jalaram or godrej or similar. qty 07 nos 2 mini almirah of size 1270 mm x 760 mm x 430 mm with locker for of. 119
1 ji middle school integrated wiring system purchased. 115
1 long bridge refurbishment. 111
1 moei, pump, compound lights i/c amc of lifts, ups, dg set and f/a system at naaa yarrows during 2015-16. 2 rmo e and m services i/c iei, pumps, street light, lift and fire equipments at iias r.P. ni. 207
1 moei, rmo dg set and sub station in lt panels in office building occupied by hq artrac shimla h.P. 2 moei, rmo pump set installed at gpra under sub-division-ii shimla bamloe section during 2015-16. 206
1 royal district disaster preparedness repair facility renovation projects works. 121
1) Construction Of 03 Nos. Concrete Well 2) Construction Of Branch Road Near Iti Building 3) Widening Of Road Earth Filling Etc. 131
1) Improvements to road from CNK road to Kunchehosahally,drainto nternalroadsinanthoninagar of 22 dist, roads from cnk road to Huchhanakatte, Thejigere to Kachenahally, kachenahally colony of Kumbenah. 177
1) repairing of block no-17 (16 units). 174
1) spraying of insecticide/pesticide for control of mosquitoes at various office building of gm office and new account section chandrapur. 2) anitermite treatment to various office room of gm office. 150
1) Supply of TITANIUM ALLOY Ti6AI4V Forged billets of size Oia.225mm x 338 mm Ht. in annealed and proof machined condition2) Technical Specification shall be as per VSSc: MMPS: 3102F: 2011 Iss.01 rev. 168
1)45 x57x9050 lg copper tube in bend & finished condition to bp12082 rev.06 and drg.24783200001 rev.08 item 001 copper tube.. pvc faactor applicable is 1:77.4. qty: 50 no. 135
1)belleville spring washer to drg 35380401070 # 01 rev 08, as per spec. 51crv4-din.17222. qty: 20000 no. 115
1)brake equiliser assly of air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to clw drg no-,alt-5. 2)slack adjuster (bottom short end)assly for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos toclws drg no.01.3.1. 262
1)castle lock as per sg12640 it001,rev.03 qty: 5000 no 2)key for above lock as per sg12640 it002,rev.03 qty: 5000 no. 128
1)cholecalciferol (400iu/ml) qty: 400 null 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)contact bolt (copper forging) qty: 8 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)copper silver brazing alloy wire dia 2.5 mm ( bacu-pu ) lag-5p to spec aa 77014 rev 02.Note:-(1)each individual packet must have identification, qty., po no, item description i.E. material code, spe. 182
1)electrode tightening wrench. qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)entecavir 0.5 mg tab qty: 4400 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)epoxy based zinc rich primer paint as per bhel corp. spec. aa56114 rev.03 packing size 20 lt each. (grey shade). qty: 400 lt 2)high built intermediate epoxy paint as per bhel - spec. aa56112 rev.02. 147
1)escitalopram 10mg tab qty: 70000 null 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)fastners hot dip galvanised as per he 74109 rev.00 & checklist to p.I.241151060 enclosed. hex bolt m16 x 90 lg to be supplied with nut in assembled condition as per drg. no. 31650540051 rev.05 item. 397
1)flat file,size 250 x 320+-2mm. files to be made with pulp board (duplex board) of 350 gsm+-5 percent in assorted light colours.Files to be printed with company"s name in hindi,monogram and other det. 193
1)forging for rotor shaft qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)indexable drill (u-drill) dia 76 mm having drill depth 200 mm (min.) capable to performance on steel/forged at following parameters : diameter - dia 76 mm, tolerance - 76.00 - 76.15 mm, length - 200. 250
1)insulation flange (less then 1 meter, for thickness 9 to 15 mm) as per spec. bp 22484 & drg. no. 32530234603. qty: 500 no 2)insulation flange (greater then 1 meter and less then 2 meter, for thickne. 150
1)natrilix sr 1.5 mg tablet qty: 500000 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)oa 7002 az, oa 6301 az cable glandassy part no. sibg -4251 r-4238. qty: 700 no. 111
1)optical pyrometer qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)pi tape (die measuring tape) 900 mm to 1200 mm accuracy 0.03 mm of m/s pi tape usa. certificate of calibration to issued with each tape. calibration in accordance with nsi/ncslz540-1-1994. iso/iec17. 539
1)power distribution panel qty: 3 st 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)pr.Regulator var-2 to tg60129 qty: 14 no 2)pr.Regulator var-3 to tg60129 qty: 20 no 3)pr regulator var-1 to tg60129 qty: 31 no 8)null qty: null null. 126
1)roller brg nu 236 m to drg am 54243 # 12 rev 03.As per din 623m with machined brass cage centered on rolling element. qty: 30 no 2)roller brg nu 238 m to drg no. am 54243 # 13 rev 03. as per din 623. 153
1)rotor flux probe qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)s.C.Ring to drg. 44028045923 it.01 rev.00, and matl. specn no. aa19801 rev.04.Each ring to be ultrasonically tested as per am54155. qty: 10 no. 126
1)straight through jointing kit for 1-core, 185 sq. mm, aluminium conductor, xlpe insulated, frls (outer sheath), armoured, 33kv(ue-system) cable as per item no.1, clause no. 1.5, section-1 of technic. 231
1)supply of isolator spares as per annexure i qty: 1 lo. 106
1)tacrolimus 1mg cap/tab qty: 12000 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)thinner for paints qty: 300 lt 2)paint qty: 320 lt 3)paint qty: 210 lt 4)paint qty: 15 lt 5)paint qty: 25 lt 6)paint qty: 20 lt 7)paint qty: 150 lt 8)paint qty: 270 lt 9)paint qty: 270 lt 10)enamel. 145
1)tool qty: 5 no 2)tool qty: 30 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 20 no 2)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 30 no 3)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 80 no 4)dril mt shk. qty: 70 no 5)drill jbr plshk qty: 70 no 6)twst drl m.T.Shnk qty: 50 no 7)twst drl m.T.Shnk q. 178
1)udl ring segment as per 34528100114 rev. 01 qty: 2 no. 110
1)uniform tc shirting qty: 13485 mr 2) uniform tc suiting qty: 7220 mr 8)null qty: null null. 112
1. day to day preventive and breakdown maintenance work of plough feeder of section-iii chp jayant project for one year. 136
1. elbow equal 50mm forged and galvanised 2. elbow equal 40mm without collar 135 degree galvd. 110
1. frp smc moulded fuse distribution box with cover 2. frp/smc moulded fuse distribution board(doorway). 111
1. repairing, erection, testing and commissioning of electrical installation at bws sub station jayant project. 131
1. spring guide upper for bogie bolster suspension 2. spring guide upper. 106
1. spring to sil drg. no. 08576021 or similar. 2 stem. 3 hex lock nut m 10x1.5 to sil drg. no. 71051015 or similar. 124
1. tab. glimepride 1 mg (strip pack) 2. tab. glimepride 2 mg (strip pack). 108
1.Repairing/replacement of Formation sign of BRO and Deepak on 16 X 3 Retro Reflective board in situ installed at KM 0.600 on Manali-Sarchu Road(H.P).2.Repairing of Retro Relective slogan board ly. 191
1.Rmo, passenger lifts in joa block i and ii at minto road, new delhi. 2. rmo, passenger lifts in ww hostel at minto road, new delhi. sub-head:- comprehensive maintenance of johnson make passenger lif. 135
1/2 drive quick release round head ratchet handle, plastic handle, quick release with push button, approx. wt. -620 gms. make- stanley/ gedore/ toptul/ snap on. note:- proof of purchase from oem s or. 136
1/2 inch 3 3/4 inch bolt head 4nf 20tpt with nut and spring lock washer as per drg.No.Wdm2-cx-58-h alt.3. 121
1/2 inch dia asbestos rope for mr connecting pipes. 141
1/2 inch isolating cock without vent (ball type),clw drg.No.0/2/65/364 alt.6 , ref.5 and 6. 145
1/2 inch od with wall thickness 1.6mm seamless copper pipe annealed. to is 2501/1995 material to is:191 grade dpa/1980. 168
10 km under ground jf cable. 131
10 ltrs. 5 star rated storage electrical water heater, rated power: 2000w of model no. swh - 910s. make: crompton greaves or similar. 166
10 Megawatts Alternating Current (mwac) Of Ground-mounted Solar Energy Resources. 191
100 mm taper plug valve assembly for btpn as per rdso s drg. no. wd-93066-s-01, alt.-2 or latest and confirming to perticuler specification no.Wd-06-tpv-93 with latest amendments. 123
10399 The Installation of a Comfort Cooling System at HMP Low Moss. 147
105 multiple housing construction. 130
10w led street light fitting, aluminium die cast with ip 65 protection, 230v ac, 50hz as per rdso specification no. rdso/em/led norm ver.1.0 , warranty 5 years, specification details enclosed. make: o. 193
110 kv electrical substation delivery "bolderaja ii". 160
1100v grade annealed tinned high conductivity copper conductor cable of size:4c x 0.75sq.Mm epr insulated overall screened cable. 121
11kw/15hp, ac 3 phaswe, 415v, squirrel cage induction motor. 177
12 inches cabin fan of sweep 300mm, speed in rpm: 2500, air displacement: 50 metre3/minute, power consumption: 90w, colour: white, number of blades: 3 with front grill, make: similar to khaitan paloma. 176
12 mm round milling insert kit. 314
12 pin plug with socket 8 amp to 12 amp, 500 volt 50 hz. make-bch/havells/schneider electric./siemens. 130
12 v-7ah smf battery similar to exide make. 105
1200 mm (48 inch) sweep ceiling fan. 107
12inch long gun metal bars as per is:10742 1983 of diameter- 1- 1inch dia x 16 nos - weight 20.800 kgs. 2- 2inch dia x 15 nos - weight 77.200 kgs. total bars 16 15 31 bars and total weight 98.000 kgs. 133
14 cu. m - 15 cu. car capacity on municipal waste shipments lease purchase. 245
15 e 0188 high and low voltage. 172
15 th session of the 13th Kerala Legislative Assembly - Servicing and maintenance of AHU machines and motors in Assembly ,Golden Jubilee Museum and Administrative block including SEF ,LPF,TEF motors e. 152
15-17 a&d direct services. 136
150081reg printing and copying v2. 273
15049 fleet management. 117
15128 - painting, drywall, insulation, suspended ceilings, soft floors and wall coverings to aia cf. 176
16 amp hrc fuse link complete body suitable for 110 vdc delayed actioncat no -597-0167 with single pole fuse base individual mounting with suitable fuse carrierpiece and coller ring confirming to is b. 151
16 amps switch socket outlets consisting of single pole switch and a socket outlet comprising 3 socket contacts, designed to engage with the corresponding plug points, surface mounting type with inter. 147
16 w - 1200mm t5 led tube light fitting, model no. ssk-ra1601-n in input voltage 90v - 300v ac, 50 hz, 0.0730a, pf and gt 0.95, flux 1665 im , luminious efficacy 107 lm/w ,65,000k. make : siska, phili. 200
17009 park care and maintenance schlossgarten schwerin, management measure - care and maintenance of historic gardens / garden monument 2016-18. 159
18 mm bus terminal clamp compression type with id - 6311 - 2, complete as per rdso s specn. no. - eti/ohe/49 9/95 with a and c slip no. - 1 to 5 and rdso s drg. no - ti/drg/ohe/ftgnf/rdso/00006/03/0. 165
18mtrs length round sling (circumference:18mtrs) rope material: 100 percent high tenacity polyster fib re. safe working load:36tonnes. specification as per bs6668(part-2) din61360. note: 1mtr length o. 241
19 core x 2.5 sq.Mm, black colour, e-beam irradiated thin walled flexible elastomeric cable with copper conductor suitable for rolling stock application confirming to rdso/spec no elrs/spec/elc/0019 r. 365
1x1050 kva dg set, accessories and control panels as per technical specification no. is-1-14-2013/dg for 1 x 51 mw combined cycle captive power plant for ongc hazira ,gujarat. 141
2 aspect signal group suitable for led signal group suitable for led signal siemens make type a-rt-rg- a066 without base plate product guarantee certificate required. 114
2 feet 24 w t.5 tubular fluorescent lamp with g.5 cap as per rdso speen. make : bajaj, philips, cg. 179
2 new moon lee town hall construction estimates submission. 116
2 plantation and horticulture work at .V.P.S park bharatpur. ( one year maintenance). 131
2 reclaim earth reservoir dredging projects. 126
2 year annual maintenance contract for 1750 kva ht dg at piyala. 107
2,000 sitagliptin phosphate, metformin hydrochloride simple coated tablet 50 mg / 1000mg. 106
2-dimensional X-ray diffraction device. 177
20 mfd /- 5 percent 440 volts ac 50hz oil impregnated capacitor with explosion proof configuration to is 13585 for oil cooler motor kf approximate size : 220mm x 80 mm x 80mm lbh make yesha or sunny. 141
2015 agricultural infrastructure project for the promotion jam maker to buy. 102
2015 architectural design improvements (wangrim town) pilot project. 101
2015 dae arboretum complementary business facilities. 115
2015 dalseong child safety video infrastructure (multi-function cctv) building project. 110
2015 eastern lifelong hakseupwon public library book purchase (3rd) announcement of the bid submitted gyeongyeok small number. 112
2015 emu room chair repair work. 116
2015 fall semester (december to february) school meals goods (fisheries) supply. 104
2015 forest fire surveillance camera reinforcement work. 112
2015 hansenin simplified pension facilities new construction (communication). 109
2015 hansenin simplified pension facilities new construction (construction). 117
2015 hansenin simplified pension facilities new construction (electrical). 113
2015 high school multipurpose hall extension drawbridge electrical construction. 116
2015 horizontal green spaces smaller maintenance construction. 112
2015 jodo-myeon agricultural offices rent new construction. 130
2015 safety division and local exhaust organic acid harmful gas purification device 1 kinds of other purchases. 121
2015 stationary traffic control equipment unattended (speed / signal violation) purchase installations. 113
2015 traffic accident where frequent improve traffic safety signs, ltd. (gunja station and other 2 sites). 119
2015 woodland forest road development project officer. 113
2015 year in busan digital high school experiment to purchase additional materials to submit a quote small number of announcements. 116
2015-16 maintenance of electrical installations and equipment cines. 123
2015-2016 academic year propelled secondary education under mugla province hinge county central high school to dokuzcam sungur mhl 14 E[micro]gr180 business days handling. 103
2015. heungdeok school visit to india flight purchasing agent service and car rental to submit a quote small number of announcements. 141
2015. western north port hinterland road maintenance construction (secondary). 117
2015. western north port hinterland road maintenance construction waste treatment services (secondary). 121
2015/488 automated telephone sales. 102
2016 annual contract for cured-in-place pipe for sanitary sewer rehabilitation. 132
2016 building management services (expense areas). 112
2016 furniture procurement. 116
2016 school year, school uniforms (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 107
2016 west sea, coast guard headquarters building facilities management services. 107
2016 year of sanskrit underground shopping center cleaning and security services. 132
2016 year to buy two-stage bidding takeda middle school uniforms. 109
2016 yirum center facilities management, security, defense. 120
203 mm air brake cylinder of stroke length-60 mm.With slack adjuster but without hand brake connection for emu coaches to rdso dg. no. sketch 81200 alt.5 and specn. c-k013 longwith latest amendment/al. 154
22KW/30HP SUBMERSIBLE PUMP vertical multistage type suitable to work on 415Volts +/- 10%, 3 phase, 50HZ AC supply with the following specifications 1) Net Generated head: 59-30mts 2) Discharge : 96-1. 117
22nd Street - Avenue A to 4th Avenue Paving. 130
24 a double check valve to stone india drg no 29191521. 102
24 a double check valve to stone india drg no 29191521. 102
24 fibre optical cable ofc straight joint closure sjc complete with all accessories as per tec specification no. g/ojc/02/01 march 99 with latest amendments teecee make having following minimum quanti. 190
24 watts, 230 volts ac, 50 hz, led street light fitting suitable for 230 volts, protection ip-65, make similar to philips, cg, wipro, bajaj. 121
24th Street - Avenue B to C Improvements. 108
250 amps hrc fuse link bolted type central tag suitable to use on 415v, 50 hz, ac supply, conforming to is 13703 or latest. required make: standard/l and t/indo asian/ siemens/c and s/hpl. authorised. 150
2500 baden near vienna, mE-hlgasse 67, ph lower austria, expansion and renovation - glazed tubular frame elements. 189
25th Avenue North and Booker Street Water Main. 207
3 construction of cross and drain at 80 feet main road near gss and at qtr no 914 to 921 spm nagar bharatpur. 147
3 items of tc inserts. drg.No: sme-5/98. 109
3,500,000 qty bmv 4702i 10/15 promotional plate insert - 3.75" x 8.5, prints head to head, no bleeds, 4 color process on 70# white matte offset with a minimum thickness of .004" (.01mm). a test run of. 114
3-4 stretch research building construction management services. 113
3/4 square drive size 1-3/8 socket, 12 point, make: taparia, everest, gedore, power master. 113
3/4 square drive size 1-7/16 socket, make: taparia, everest, gedore, power master, griphold. 112
30 cable terminator for terminating 500 & 750 mcm 25kv jacket concentric neutral (jcn), al or cu cable with an insulation outside diameter range of 1.05" to 1.80". 103
328 toner cartridge for canon image class mf 4720 w printer. 102
36 mm bus aluminium bus tee connector ri- 6501 and 6482 confirming to drg no. eti/psi/p/6500 rev- c. 170
36 watt electronic ballast for fl corridoor light to clw drg no. clw/es/e/3/0041. 157
37 pin male socket suitable for roof mounted package unit as per rdso drawing no.: skel - 4391, alt. 1, sheet. 5. 314
38 led indication panel to bhel drawing no: 16670500058 suitable for top mounted rectifier panel of bhel make ar4500a used in wdm3d locomotives. 133
391 service object protection 4 regional logistics base - composition skwierzyna - biedrusko security group, ul. poznan 5, 62-003 biedrusko, carried out by specialist armed security in all day shifts,. 268
3D Water Phantom and 1D Water Phantom and Related Items. 177
3m 1620 safety goggles flexible vinyl frame poly carbonate frame / lens perforation for ventilators, meets ansi. standard. 108
4 construction of drain at main road at ashok vihar, subhash nagar bharatpur. 137
4 x 10 sqmm ug cable. 214
4,500 glimepiride, metformin hydrochloride extended release coated tablet 4 mg / 850mg. 106
40 window annunciator 24w 16w 24w without ac fail,16w with ac fail suitable to numerical control and relay panel of make m/s.Alind and m/s.Ashida as per rdso.Spec.Ti/spc/psi/6071. 215
4002 earth disaster preparedness renovation project for waste disposal services. 121
4th Avenue and Big Curve Turn Lane. 104
5 pin connection block male 32a 440v, make:- bch or similar. 132
5/8 fastener kit for cylinder head to riser comprising of cap screw 5/8 x 11 x 3 long to dlw part no.15090218. qty.1no/set along with lock washer 5/8 to dlw part no.11393161 qty.1no/set . 132
50 sq.Mm red colour e-beam cable. 272
56th Street Pavement Overlay. 122
5amps 250 v 3pin plug top alone with isi mark. 110
5th city park facility maintenance business. 113
600va ups as per technical specification. 125
63 teeth drive gear lube oil pump machining to drg.No.Dlw part no. 10142861 and dlw.Drg. no.Ske-1196 alt e. 122
6x750 kva dg set with accessories and panels as per technical specification no. is-1-14-2011/001/dg for 4x270mw bhadradri thermal power plant of telangana state generation corp. ltd, telangana. 141
7 construction of of c.C. road intilak nagar , bharatpur. 135
7/8 inch dia lock bolt and collar for 7/8 inch dia lock bolt. grip range of 7/8 inch dia lock bolt (min. 1.000 inch - max. 1.250 inch) as per rdso drg. no. wd-11036-s-01 alt. nil and wd-11036-s-02 alt. 177
7000 eisenstadt, short wiesenweg 1, bg / brg / borg and federal schE-lerheim, expansion and function restoration - builders. 177
7000 eisenstadt, short wiesenweg 1, bg / brg / borg and federal schE-lerheim, extension and conversion - fencing. 139
7000 eisenstadt, short wiesenweg 1, bg / brg / borg and federal schE-lerheim, extension and conversion - sports facilities. 140
7000 eisenstadt, short wiesenweg 1, bg / brg / borg and federal schlerheim, extension and conversion - fencing. 139
7000 eisenstadt, short wiesenweg 1, bg / brg / borg and federal schlerheim, extension and conversion - sports facilities. 140
70066 Portable Staging for the Education Authority. 161
702 no black ink cartridge for hp office jet j 3608 printer all in one , make- hp or similar. 105
72 volts dc operated,twin circuit power led type cab light with dim and bright feature similar to dlw drg.No.El/pt/0597. 131
75d, 31r charged battery 12 volts,75 ah battery, make similar to exide power safe. with 24 months warranty. 116
8 items of forged hardened & tempered and machined shaft. drg.No: sme-163/05, sme-357/05, sme-1670, sme-1669, sme-0126, sme-30/98, sme-36/98 & sme-165/10. 124
83 teeth extension shaft gear maching to drg.No.Dlw part no. 10142850 and dlw.Drg. no. ske 1195 alt c. 121
9 links dedicated service data through fiber optic obscura, to meet the objectives of the company municipal water -empagua guatemala city -. 104
91 - reagents for appliances, material for vacuum blood collection and culture media for ivf. 177
A 59 / a 565 ad bonn-west to rheinbrE-cke here: drainage remediation 2. ba construction transport line v as bn-beuel b.. ad bn-east. 170
A contract for the award of service contracts by the open procedure for the maintenance of communication equipment alcatel, no. 430-1182 / 2015. 158
A Fluorescence-activated cell sorting device. 324
A hardbound diary consisting 404 pages of text. 127
A r and m o to residential building for sib colony at unit v bhubaneswar odisha during 2015 16 sh cleaning of swereline. 122
A set of complete kit consisting of fifteen items of tata sumo se - suv vechile. as per attached lists enclosed . 117
A set of luminous tape consisting of 3 items 1 luminous tape yellow 2 inch width - 300 feet. 2 luminous tape black 2 inch width - 150 feet. 3 luminous tape red 2 inch width - 150 feet. material to be. 214

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