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Articles from Mena Report (November 13, 2015)

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"Modernization and renovation of instrumentation KOC University Hospital Ostrava 2" - operating rooms. 225
"provision of collection and management of municipal waste from property owners in the commune kobiEr". 158
"services in forest management to perform in elk forest district in 2016". 182
"Supervision of works in the execution of works within the project of the Municipality of Varna" Aesthetics and modernization of the main pedestrian areas and public recreation areas of the city "sche. 256
"supply cut the liner 7" along with providing accompanying services necessary for the execution of works in the hole przemysl 285 h ". 290
"Supply of food for the needs of" St.. Kliment Ohridski "- g. Troyan - 2016" in lots as follows: Lot 1 - Bread and bread products Lot 2 - Canned vegetables, compotes, jams, marmalade Lot 3 - Meat and. 182
"Variations EYATh water supply networks in the area of ??nodes Efkarpias, Lagada and Makrigianni (57.4.a1) in Western Inner Ring Road of Thessaloniki from A / C K5 (KP 0 +000, Hospital area. Papageorg. 246
"Variations water networks EYATh in node Meander (57.4b1) in western Inner Perifereieaki Road Thessaloniki, from A / C Meander (KP 3 +200) to flush junction with Allied Internal Regional Road (area A. 226
(1) miscellaneous work in connection with aunrihar EuAo manduadih doubling work of varanasi division of n. e. railway. 126
(1) replacement of existing worn out washable apron on pf line no. 1a & 4 as per type plan no. l-41 at ambala cantt. in the section of sse/w/m/umb under aden/ambala. (2) (i) repair to main nallah, dra. 327
(1)-provision of river training work at bridge no. 1075, 1077 & 1125 in the section of aden/be (2nd time)., (2)-jacketing of bridge no. 1048 up & dn, 1056 up & dn, 1069 up, 1073 dn, 1075 up, 1077 up,. 178
(1)improvement of broken/damaged colony drainage & sewer system under the jurisdiction of aden/dgg. (2)provision of wind tie in existing structures in the jurisdiction of den/east/ngp. (3)provision of. 162
(15-t002) clock security service buildings adjacent territories mpgu property and the rule of law, protection of property of the customer during transportation. 144
(16-t001) clock security service buildings adjacent territories mpgu property and the rule of law, protection of property of the customer during transportation. 143
(6) (i) repair to protection work at bridge no.140 (10x100a span) & bridge no. 272 (9x18.30m) in sirhind-nanglamdam secion. (ii) repair to road surface of level crossing & speed breaker/rumble strips. 362
(a) at ntsk-(drm office premises)- repairs to roof leakage, falase ceiling, doors/windows, toilets, including painting washing of old den office. (b) at ntsk - repairs to fencing surrounding qrs no.20. 159
(a) repairs to lc gate goomty, latrine, t/well, pathway & fencing under the jurisdiction of sse/w/kne. (b) repairs to approach road of l-xing gate under the jurisdiction of aden/kne (l-xing no. sk/305. 204
(a) repairs to paver block and premixing at l-xing no. kk-1a, kk-2, kk-3, kk-4, kk-5, kk-7, kk-8, kk-9, kk-10, kk-11, kk-16, kk-17, kk-18, km-8, km-13, km-16, br-16, br-5, br-10, br-11, br-20, br-22 &. 173
(i)khandwa- desilting of open well at khandwa. (ii) khandwa- repairs to both ends of abna dam and barrage gate.(iii)savda, nimbhora:- repairs to roof leakages of staff quarters by providing non asbest. 168
(spacer sleeve) bush steel for 55 and 35mm main conveyor belt distributer conveyor belt, spares for cutting chain assembly, cutter bar, dredger drum, skirt rubber, corner roller assembly complete (bea. 179
004925 NE Youth Employment Initiative Peer Mentoring Service. 181
01)updating, reconciling, certification, computerization and collecting of land records from state government for land plans of railway property in mysuru division.Item no.1. 140
02)providing facilities for differently abled person at ada? category stations-07 stations (subramaya road, kabakaputtur, chamaraj-puram,nanjangud, chama-rajanagar, krishnarajanagar & holenarsipur) i. 143
03)providing facilities for differently abled person at ada? category stations-05 stations (byadagi,chickajajur, chitradurga, ranebennur & yalvagi ) in sr. den/north jurisdiction.Item no.03. 140
04)providing facilities for differently abled person at ada? category stations-03 stations (tiptur, kadur and tarikere) in sr. den/central jurisdiction.Item no.4. 139
05)zonal contract for execution of works and supply of materials including cement and steel for the period from 01.07.15 to 30.06.16 in zone a-4 & a-5 (mysore a arasikere section)item no.05. 152
06)mysuru sub division: elimination of scabbed rails at scattered location between bageshpura a habbangatta stations and mysore naganahalli station. item no.06. 138
07)installation of water level monitoring system in bridge no. 118, 400 & 597 (hassan a mangalore section) and bridge no. 242 & 264 (mysore a arasikere section).Item no.07. 144
1 inch isolating cock for wsf type brake equipment for emu to m/s. wsf part no. ib 70383/5 or clw drg.No.0/3/65/213. 191
1 nsn ltc. 107
1 pearl motor infantry brigade hr bl barracks service team building facilities and boiler and inventory levels creating for periodic maintenance and emergency repair of fixtures and the maintenance of. 123
1 pen hemodialysis center for service procurement. 114
1) execution of various civil engineering works such as earthwork in embankment/cutting, blanketing, extension/modification of fobs, construction of retainng wall, drain, carrying out balance works at. 210
1) proposed repairs to exterior surface of drm office front side face by providing texture coating. (2) repairs to faEuA*ade of drm office building at platform side. (3) nagpuraproposed construction of. 180
1)tool qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 103
1,650 cy soft spot repair; 1,100 cy deep soft spot repair; 5,500 lf pipe cleaning and video; 5,500 lf 12" to 24" contractor selected pipe culvert rehabilitation liner; 28 ea rectangular grate and fram. 112
1. annual maintenance contract of electronic telephone exchanges at shimla & bhatinda. 2. annual maintenance contract of electronic telephone exchanges at saharanpur & remote shelf at kjgy. 3. annual. 207
1. construction of minor bridges (rcc box), earthwork in formation, side drains and toe / retaining wall between km. 912 to km. 930.4 between chichonda section (including) and teegoan station (includi. 159
1. hex head screw m6x40 stainless steel 2. hex socket head cap screw m10x60 stainless steel 3. csk hd tapping screw st 3.5x13-c stainless steel. 120
1. high capacity intervehical coupler 2. inter vehical coupler unit high capacity. 106
1. proposed construction of 2.00 m x 2.00 m rcc box syphone by push through method under track and open trench method in approaches for canal crossing of jhanda minor canal of bargi diversion project. 290
1. provision of 800 mt. stabling line towards gorakhpur end at nakha jungle for keeping the coaching rakes of gorakhpur. 2. provision of two spurs 300 mts. each for p.O.H. coaches near l - xing no. 1. 177
1. reading lights three seats for lhb chair car coaches 2. reading lights two seats for lhb chair car. 113
1. writing pads small in 100 leaves, size 140x220 mm. 60 gsm, x 2. short hand book in 100 leaves, size 13.5x21 cm, paper in 60 gsm 3. attendence register off 100 pages printed on bothside 60gsm white,. 153
1.Carbide insert (iso) suitable for spec. chamfring cutter no sp543 10563/1, sandvik ord no.Tcmt16t308 ur 4025 or similar 2.Carbide insert tnmg220412, sandvik ordering no. tnmg220412,pf-4215 or equiva. 355
1.Multistage regulator for oxygen with rated inlet pressure (max)200 bar with max. outlet pressure 10 bar and max.Flow rate 1000 ltrs/min. should conforms to is: 6901-2009 or latest available standard. 212
1.Provision of road side lights at different level crossing gates and rewiring of gates, station buildings and railway quarters of kangra velley, section and upgradation of power supply system in rail. 190
10 set test animal cage set 1 set operation lamp and 1 set heated animal operating tables to purchase work. 106
10 types of items. section:hvf/ta/cboii group. 116
10.61.31.-33.00 - Cereals and grains of hard wheat (flour weight) 10.61.32-30.09 -Krupy and other grains from grain crops, neog(Buckwheat, kernel weight, weight semolina, millet highest quality weight. 126
15-c-00054; kensington avenue groundwater diversion and road reconstruction. 230
15.Csd.Rp.060l1/061l2 security services for eda premises. 161
150MW Solar Farm in Kahrizak. 124
16-c-00007; wayne c. papy center renovations. 213
162nd Ave Fiber Communications Project. 127
18 Traxx locomotives. 118
2 ea spalding g5 basketball goals; 4 ea spalding g5 basketball goals. 109
2) mysuru division: manning of unmanned level crossings (41 nos): construction of gate lodges, road work, drilling of bore wells, provision of retro reflective warning boards, rcc pale fencing, rubber. 171
2) qualified professional engineering services firms for electrical and instrumentation with experience in design, assessment, maintenance, and construction of utilities infrastructure. projects may b. 104
2. earthwork in embankment, cutting, bridge approaches & construction of minor bridges in section between sewagram to warora from kms. 759/5 to kms. 829.5 for wardha (sewagram) - ballarshah 3rd line p. 151
20 Megawatts of Renewable Energy. 216
2015 backbone network devices. 115
2015-2016 academic year muE-la hinge gazel i / o fadil mah karagol-dikmen mev 8 item 1 pcs 10/14 person fadil mah degirmenyani new mev 8 item 1 pcs 10/14 person yemisender mah 17 item 1 piece tool 180. 110
2016 category ii maintenance rental agreements. 252
2016 year itu health, culture and sports department of the dependent to eat in the cafeteria and to deploy based on the cook and the execution food technician outsourcing of work. 121
203 mm air brake cylinder with slack adjuster with 32mm stroke for all main line coaches to rdso sk 81200, alt.5 to rdso specn.C-k-013 except item no.17,18 and 19 to be procured from rdso approved sou. 186
2211 / a / 2014: "Task 2: supply and installation of computer equipment, other equipment and software - development of a national education quality assurance system of evaluation and promotion of soci. 273
23 types of o-rings for tool turret of cnc turining center machine (detail in item detail). 290
3 chassis acquisition / cab, diesel, for placement of waste compaction equipment. 143
30 cy of excavation and disposal of subgrade for the removal of unsuitable material below the designated lines of excavation; 30 cy of import of subsoil in accordance with subarticle 3.08b of section. 134
30 mt road construction works in landscaping works. 110
30" overhead cantilever sign structure; 60" overhead sign foundation; atms power service. 105
36 (thirty-six) months with 01/09 / 2015-31 / 08/2018 between a total of 86 people technical, office and cleaning services support personnel services procurement work. 117
36 inches gravimetric feeder belts. 114
4-door patrol sedan, 01 ea. 104
47,000 lf temporary striping; 9,800 lf sediment fence; 4,800 lf sediment barrier, type 3; 3,100 lf asphalt pavement saw cutting; 264,000 cy embankment in place; 9,000 mgal watering; 62,500 sy subgrade. 142
47-16-0003, a 57, hard shoulder exercise between as and as sonsbeck alps, 24-36 km, fr cologne. 152
500kva 750 v 3 ph diesel alternator set for lhb power car without power and control panel & conforming. 112
6 types of items cap,buffer,sleeve,band for clip assy,side plate and strap. 122
675-33-cd104road wheel with solid rubber. 141
915-15 annual contract for engineering services for video broadcast system. 107
95 octane unleaded petrol and diesel eurodiesel 20000 liter 2000 liter supply. 102
A Microwave Ashing Furnace and a Microwave digestion system at Lancaster University. 282
A) construction of full fledge rpf chowkey under aden/miraj. b) provision of basic amenities at karad & miraj goods shed. c) kolhapur- provision of dormitory & retiring room at kolhapur. 144
A) thane-kalyan a rebuilding of existing 2/0.76 stonetop bridge no.43/3 at km 43/13-14 by providing 1/1800 mm dia rcc pipe by micro tunnelling on thane-kalyan section b) replacement by 1.0m x 1.2m rcc. 205
A2 motorway, especially wr. neustadt grimmenstein, km 46.650 to km 66.500. 225
Access Control And Video Surveillance Systems Augmentation. 108
Accident insurance services. 111
Accommodation and exploitation of websites / internet applications officer of digital post. 308
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 146
Accompanying 3 pilot territories of additional SPEE. 179
Accounting and auditing services. 131
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 202
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 214
Acquisition of a 32-channel body coil for MRI GE 3T Discovery. 119
Acquisition of equipment "KlingEic". 142
Acquisition of housing for orphans and children left without parental care, individuals from among them in accordance with the state program of the samara region housing development in the samara regi. 189
Acquisition of housing for orphans and children left without parental care, individuals from among them in accordance with the state program of the samara region housing development in the samara regi. 189
Acquisition of housing for orphans and children left without parental care, individuals from among them in accordance with the state program of the samara region housing development in the samara regi. 189
Acquisition of IT equipment (desktop, laptop, tablet). 545
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 101
Acquisition of office furniture and school furniture. 213
Acquisition paper for the region provence-alpes-cote d~azur. 156
Additions and renovations to elementary school and new concession building. 129
Addn alteration and special repairs to bldg no p331 at defence colony pxe cahandipur. 134
Aden (m) shajapur a supply of drinking water at raghogarh, sinduria kachari, pachor road and chouhani only in summer for 2 years. 131
Aden/wst sub division-repair to staff quarters and service buildings. 138
Adiyaman-celikhan irrigation network. 116
Advertising and marketing services. 163
Advertising material. 166
Aerial mapping services. 297
Agra cantt - provision of transit accommodation for officers (on first floor of existing transit accommodation building). 119
Agra cantt - supply of r.O water at pf no.2, by installing two nos. r.O plant capacity of output 3000 to 5000 liters/hours. 129
Ahmedabad division:-reconditioning of cms crossing in situ by rw-2 translamatic robotic or similar welding technology in the jurisdiction of sr.Den (nw)-ahmedabad. 144
Ahu replacement. 122
Air hose assly type h .Material for hose coupling to sheet 2 of tpl-0118 shall be black hearth malleable iron casting only. to drg no: dlw/tpl 0118 style 1 type-h sheet 1 of 5 alt.F , 2 of 5 alt e, 5. 151
Air quality management. 155
Airport Signage Fabrication and Installation For The Miami-Dade Aviation Department. 339
Ajmer division protection of signalling cable in ajmer yard of north western railway. 122
Ajmer division regarding repairing of faulty v-mux s card make puncom. 120
Ajmer division removal of existing antenna waveguide from tower dismantling of radio equipment multiplexer battery bank battery charger and all others equipments from 10 railway microwave stations at. 162
Alipurduar division : replacement of batteries for ips and conventional power supplies for various signalling installations at 15 stations in bg-i, ii and iii sectiona? . 144
All horizontal & vertical joints on theexterior of the entire main equipment bldg including joints inside the parapet ofthe east high roof are to be removed and repaired. (grind out to depth of 2-inch. 112
Allahabad - extension of washable apron along platform no. 3 & 4 along with apron facility at cc siding and loose work siding under asstt. divl. engineer-line-n.C. railway - allahabad. 125
Alternate fuel vehicles groups i: qty 13 ea - hybrid sedan, group ii: qty 2 ea: cng ban, group iii: qty 5 ea: bi-fuel pickup-up truck. 116
Aluminium impeller for oil cooling blower (centrifugal type) for 3 phase locomotives as per clw specification no clw/es/3/0647 alt-e and clw drg. no clw/es/3/sk-1/0647. 235
Am mc 1500a 96x96 shunt - 7.000 no. 102
Amc of battery operated jumbo trucks and hand operated hydraulic pallet trolleys in sukhoi engine division. 123
An open-end contract for ice and snow removal of the office. the project start date is december 1, 2015 and will continue for a period of one(1) year with an option of three (3) one (1) year renewals. 115
Angioplasty supplies. 132
Aniidco Intends To Dispose Of Unserviceable Asset/Stationary Items Of Imfl Godown Dolly Gunj And Imfl Godown Haddo As Is Where Is Basis. 135
Annealed tinned electrolitic high conductivity copper multi strand flexible conductor as per is:8130/1984 of class-5, pvc insulated as per is:5831/1984, cores twisted together,melinex taped, shielded. 178
Annual comprehensive maintenance and repair of dg set capacity 20 kva to 250 kva at npol and 14 asc kakkanad kochi. 147
Annual Contract for HP Printer Ink, Toner & Printer Supplies Compatible. 447
Annual contract for hp printer ink, toner & printer supplies original equipment manufacturer. 136
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter Reading through CMRI having load 10 KW & above & consumers under PC zero LT-II (A,B & C ), LT-III(A,B& C), LT V (A& B), LT X (A,B & C) category including mo. 164
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter Reading through CMRI having load 10 KW & above & consumers under PC zero LT-II (A,B & C ), LT-III(A,B& C), LT V (A& B), LT X (A,B & C) category including mo. 163
Annual maintainence for road and buildings for the div-184, unit-41, zone-14. 133
Annual maintainence for road and buildings for the div-186, unit-41, zone-14. 133
Annual Maintenance Contract of telescopic cover. 143
Annual Maintenance of 132 KV S/S, Chandausi, under Electy. Trans. Division, Sambhal. 130
Annual management of municipal water services: catchment, lifting, water distribution and maintenance. 252
Annual needs services for welding and fabrication services. 155
Annual Patrolling & associated maintenance works of 220 KV C.B.Ganj-Moradabad LILO, from Tower location No. 115 to 242, under Electy. Trans. Division, Rampur. 141
Annual rate contract of fire alarm , fire extinguisher, cctv system and electronic alarm system for branches under rewa region. 103
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To H-Block Ward No. 11 To 17 And 18 To 21 H Block Extension X Ray Eeg Lab At Safdarjung Hospital New Deli Maintenance Under Sub Div Ii. 113
Annual repair and maintenance of residential and non-residential building for group centre campus of crpf at siliguri during 2015-16. sh-development of site for fuel station at crpf, siliguri. 125
Annual repair contract (arc) of tata libert/emerson make ups installed in churchgate- virar suburban section of mumbai division, western railway for 3 years. 141
Annual term contract for maintenance and minor civil works in rwr and dc hal dc. 113
Anti allergy cough sedative syrup containing atleast dextromethorophan hbr. plus cetrizine or chlorpheniramine maleate plus phenyle phrine in 60 ml bottle. 475
Anti vibration mounting either to kpc part no.7713012650 of kpc ltd. or cil part no.3877027 of m/s.Cdss/pune, suitable for nta 855 r1 engine of dhmu. 146
Anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic products. 149
Antineoplastic agents. 143
Antineoplastic agents. 125
Antineoplastic agents. 119
Antineoplastic agents. 130
Any civil work. 123
Apparatus for sound, video-recording and reproduction. 144
Applicant Tracking System For The University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh. 475
Appointing medical lab for testing the patients of postal dispensary, trichy for a period of one year from the date of acceptance of tender award of work which can be extended for a further period of. 139
Approx 255 lf of 36" - 48" carrier pipe with steel casing by boring; 1 ls of sewer control; 14,912 lf of cctv inspection; 20 vf of sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation; 208 lf of 18" and 21" rcp; 14,. 151
Approx 4,445 lf of 6" to 78" diameter sanitary sewers and appurtenances. diversions structure, 8 junction chambers, 24 manholes, 3 flow metering manholes. work includes 175 lf of 12" dip sewer class 5. 143
Aq18 ld quick coupling female, make-rehobot hydraulics ab part no.45950 or similar. 102
Aqu8 d quick coupling male, make-rehobot hydraulics ab part no.45953 or similar. 102
Aquisition of desktops, computers potatiles, backpacks, optical mouse and battery backup. 111
Arakkonam-jolarpettai section-supply of drinking water by tanks mounted on lorry for railway colonies and stations aden/kpd sub division. 147
Arakkonam-renigunta section-back up power supply for auto sections-provision of hut for power supply arrangements. 142
Arakkonam-renigunta section-strengthening, providing protective works and inspection steps at major bridges & banks at aden/ajj sub division. 145
Architectural (Glass, Photographic, Stone, Tile). 120
Architectural and related services. 152
Architectural services for buildings. 111
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 376
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 138
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 108
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 128
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 198
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 113
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 103
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 140
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 127
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 107
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 235
Architectural/engineering firm for design services for the renovation of fire station #2 (fs2). anticipated services for the renovation project may include but are not limited to, seismic upgrades, pl. 138
Architectural/engineering Services For An Elementary School. 250
Archive shelving. 108
Area care at statens serum institut. 219
Armoured military vehicles. 131
Armoured personnel carriers. 136
Arrangement of tradesmen for cisf at kusmunda area. (retender). 116
Arrangements of 20 cc cameras at temple premises. 129
Arranging waste management in the city of moldava nad bodvou. 239
As-needed Hazardous Waste Management And Emergency Response Services. 182
ASALVO: Bio-pesticide from a strain of Bacillus licheniformis for the control of major pests in different cultures. 356
Asbestos abatement of structural fireproofing material reinstallation of new structural fireproofing material removal of existing suspended ceiling system and associated lights, etc. reinstallation of. 115
Asphalt parking lot repair at libraries. 104
Assignments periodic and timely regulatory controls in the buildings of the town and the ccas. 132
Assistant divisional engineer / tirunelveli sub division :- (a) proposed repairs to exg. yard drainage arrangements at tirunelveli station & (b) proposed drain alongside the track both side between km. 144
Assistant divisional engineer manmad subdivision- igatpuri - manmad section-supply and stacking of 65mm gauge machine crushed stone ballast and loading into hopper/bob wagon by mechanical means at las. 138
Asylum houses - individuals - Hradec. 260
Asylum houses - mothers with children - Hradec. 259
Asylum houses - mothers with children - JicE[degrees]nsko. 267
Asylum houses - mothers with children - Nachod. 254
Asylum houses - mothers with children - Trutnovsko. 257
At aishbagh :- repair of b.G. coaching complex. (building work). 110
At amingaon:- special repairs of marginal bund along the river brahmaputra to protect railway land against erosion / inundation under the jurisdiction of den / ghy. 138
At apdj divn - proposal for modification of the cover for fuse distribution board (fdb) in gs & gscn coaches. 133
At bfd - repairs to station building and staff qtr (qtr no- t/10, t/11 abcd, t/1 ab, 2, 3 ab, 4ab) including repairs to colony drain and septic tank. 139
At gorakhpur :- 1. converting non a. c. waiting rooms to a. c. retiring rooms. (ladies waiting room no. 12, 13 & gents waiting room no. 14, 15 ) 2. provision of m & p room in new coaching complex. 137
At guwahati- maintenance of barges 02 nos. at uzan bazar ghat in connection of water supply to ghy-ngc area, maintenance of water supply system of ghy (uzan bazar chemical house complex, ghy station a. 153
At lucknow division:- providing and fixing repeater whistle board on level crossings. 112
At mariani-upgradation and improvement to mariani station building by raising floor and providing tiles and replacing wooden truss & purlins and ci sheet roofing by tubular truss and coloured trapezoi. 148
At ntsk (drm office) - repairs to damaged floor of personal branch office, dcm office, sr.Dste office, sr.Dme office, safety cel, dom office etc. 133
Atoll Field Development- Phase I. 195
Attending Annual Maintenance Contract Of Computers And Pheripherals Of Ce & A Office, & Office Of Deputy Chief Engineer-I Circle, A.L.H.W. From 11.12-2015 To 10-12-2016. 173
Attending major repairs to transverse load testing machine 200 tonnes capacity at flash butt welding plant, arakkonam. 125
Attending Miscellaneous Works In Type-Ii Qtrs. At Alhw Residential Complex At Havelock. 175
Audio -visual equipment. 155
Audio- visual equipment. 171
Audit of the project "Introduction of high-tech medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment in University Hospital" St. Ivan Rilski "EAD" implemented with the financial support of the JESSICA init. 108
Augmentation of passenger amenities at 15 stations by provision of additional train display boards at platforms, waiting halls & single line display boards at fob, platforms and various passenger amen. 132
Autogreder acquisition for the road network in the commune Halchiu, Brasov County. 128
Automatic electric water heater. 138
Automobile care services 2016-2019 - tires and tire services. 149
Automotive batteries. 127
Automotive repair service and specialized repairs for school board vehicles. 123
Autonomous source of power supply for aircraft - 120 KVA II. 212
Aux-1 panel non-bolted empty shell - 40.000 no. 102
Aux-2 panel non-bolted empty shell - 40.000 no. 102
Award Of Contracts For Bulk Advertisement Rights Over Mysuru Division For A Period Of Three Years. 112
Awarding concessions for school transport for the years 2016-2018. 248
AWWA Isolation Butterfly Valves. 138
Axial piston motor for fugo tc model code: a6vm500 hz/61 w1-vzh027b/aa6vm500hz/63w1-vzh027b part no.:a6vm500 hz/61 w1-vzh027b. 120
Axle box assly. complete with roller bearing for wag7 class of locos as per rdso/ drg.No.Sk.Vl-603 alt.5 manufacturer s drg.No. x-207,rev. nil nei : 901-20-101 ver ab fag to rdso specn. mp.0.3600-01. 198
Axle holder for wag-9/wap-7 loco as per clws drg. no.1209-01.315-018, alt-1. 117
Ayanavaram -reconstructon of staff quarters type ii-20 units at ayanavaram. 138
B.T. Renewal of Thawar approach road Length 0.80 Km. Sunwara Pudrai Kaolan Road Chanage 785 to 8000- 7315 Km., Ghoghnrrel Khamertya Road Km. 4-1 Km. Ghrapandrya Clhapara road in Km. 1.2. 3 and 8 - 43. 109
B.T. Renewal work on Rangatola Changera-Bem Waraseom Road in Km 1/2 to 13/8 Total Lang* 12.80 Km. Overlay Km 23/10 to 38/8 Total 15.00 Km &T. Renewal of Mendta Lrgmara Omi Road Km 1 to 3/6 Total 2.60. 119
Ba4655187r - Roundabout At Md 147 / Glen Arm Rd./Mt. Vista Rd. 103
Babysitting services and filter inspection port facilities within gpmm western basins. 196
Bachhawara (ex) a hajipur (ex) section : provision of passenger platform shelter on platform no. 02 at shahpur patoree, mohiuddin nagar, desari, akshyawat ain agar and mahnar road stations. (total 10. 162
Balance Work For Replacement Of Corroded And Cracked Bottom Lateral Bracings. 187
Balance work of quad in madhepura a purnea section with shc a prna gc work in samastipur division of e.C railway. 137
Balance work of quad in madhepura apurnea section in connection with shc a prna gc work in samastipur division division of e.C railwaya? . location- samastipur division. 128
Balance work of strengthening of 17 nos. steel bridge girder along with replacement of lateral bracing angle, gusset plate etc. of br. nos. 44up, 44dn, 2dn, 32up, 7up, 7dn, 18a-up, 18a-dn, 111up, 117d. 172
Balance works for the Construction of DEWATS (400 KLD) for 1040 dwelling units in Ekalavyanagar mysore. 119
Ball race complete assy with balls and cages, ball race segments for 1400 bwe. 120
Ballast supply for track renewal stretch almoraima-algeciras and san roque goods. 163
Banking and investment services. 185
Batteries. 139
Bay State Wind Project. 247
Baykan district 2 with type dressing room building, and tribune surrounding wall attendance portable. 110
Bedding for animal cages. 124
Benefit disposal infectious risk care activity waste (hcw) chu de nimes. 240
Benefits asbestos and lead diagnostics 2016. 129
Berth chain to drg. no.Ca/cf-122 alt (1). 251
Bespoke printed matter. 178
Beverages, tobacco and related products. 153
Beyazit, 152 houses and ironsides neighborhood in the urban transformation of main reconstruction practice of urban design and architecture preliminary design services procurement of works. 108
Bi-langual pre-printed computer stationery for requisition/issue note is:12766-89 as per approved sample (size 10inchx12inchx3ply, 80 colum60gsm). 112
Bid no 16-18 cr 214 water treatment plant blending and alkalinity adjustment modifications. 201
Biennial rate contract for carrying out the various underwater works and desilting. 126
Bifurcation of water supply scheme for village Chowarian Wali in Block Fazilka of District Fazilka under Punjab. 219
Big forest management directorate of public housing repair and maintenance, coating, doggalgaz facilities. 105
Bilaspur division- repl. of electrical equipment and dilapidated control buildings (5 traction stations) & ssps (5 nos.). 160
BIOAGRIBOOSTER: Agrobiological products for crop production improvement: a novel approach towards a sustainable agriculture. 372
Biochemicals. 130
Biomedical equipment. 135
Biomedical equipment. 122
Blood-testing reagents. 137
Blood-testing reagents. 148
Board of refugee shelters. 169
Boilers. 112
Bolt hexagon head m 36 x 4 x 110 mm long to i.S.1364 part.1 property class grade 10.9 with sealing hole dia 6 mm on head . 130
Bolton College IT Infrastructure Maintenance Contract. 191
Brand endoscopic equipment maintenance of fujinon, olympus, pentax and stryker for the tours university hospital. 364
Brand Implementation, Web/Graphic Design Support. 277
Bridge and Engine Room Simulators Upgrade and Additions. 212
Bridge rehabilitation and related work (including painting) to 3 bridges. 140
Brightening of mrts stations-perungudi, taramani, tiruvanmiyur and greenways road. 137
Broadcast-grade automated cablecast system. the proposal will need to include related services such as maintenance, training and support. 181
Brownfields environmental investigation&cleanup planning services. 104
Budhapank - salegaon via. rajathagarh a 3rd & 4th line: execution of earthwork, minor bridges & other allied works (km: 483.047 to km: 398.166 i.E 2 x 85 = 170 km. approx.). 148
Building alteration work. 127
Building and facilities management services. 139
Building construction work. 110
Building construction work. 123
Building installation work. 232
Building installation work. 116
Building-cleaning services. 117
Building-cleaning services. 131
Building-cleaning services. 122
Building-cleaning services. 113
Building-cleaning services. 137
Building-cleaning services. 121
Business and management consultancy and related services. 108
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 145
Buying chemicals and analytical. 107
by the contracting authority Drinking water supply in Pomurje - System B - Construction, transport, primary and secondary water supply - System B - Negotiations for a set of first. 142
C/o admn block for 27 bn bsf campus jaisalmer sh pdg fans exhaust fans and service connection at newly constructed substation building. 120
C/o admn block for 27 bn bsf campus jaisalmer sh pdg fittings at newly constructed substation building. 115

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