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Articles from Mena Report (May 16, 2015)

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" pat monitoring and verification (mandv)"(ks/cs/156035). 132
"Building and maintaining IP-VPN network and provide Internet access at the offices of SE RAW." The contract includes construction and maintenance of IP-VPN network and provide Internet access at the. 102
"carrying out emergency repair works of existing buildings, facilities, etc., managed by tp" dls - thrace ", including supply of necessary activities envisaged construction materials.". 408
"consultancy services for the construction of protection wall for anti-sea erosion from jetty to light house at moti daman (6th call)". 183
"Contract for the supply and implementation of a computerized patient data management system (pdms) in the areas of intensive care and intermediate care medicine including anesthesia documentation sys. 157
"Development of innovative strategies for smart specialization of Ruse Municipality for the period 2015-2020, the" This contract aims to develop an innovation strategy for smart specialization of Ruse. 109
"Electricity purchases for the center-lipEtvEiros budapest city v. district council 2015-2016.". 242
"Emergency aggregate dock repairs and replacement of major marine engines and diesel-generator base minesweeper" priboy "onboard ? 63". 167
"implementation of graphic design, typesetting and printing of publications: book of polish military cemetery graveyard of the kiev-bykivnya". 199
"implementation of services in connection with the implementation of the national programme for energy efficiency of residential buildings in the municipality of blagoevgrad stage iii", on lots: lot 1. 284
"Maintenance of vehicles, including: 1. basic and repair, and preventive maintenance of vehicles; 2. delivery of spare parts. ". 440
"making a clock guards in the territorial units of sar. 328
"maldi-tof mass spectrometer" az 025008/15. 298
"Manufacturing, supply and installation of reconstruction of the number two boilers - pk12 (12 tons / hour of steam) fuel oil to biofuel" sunflower husk. ". 344
"Preparation of project documentation for the construction of bicycle paths in 4 locations". 390
"providing / laying drainage line at different places in naroda road ward in north zone. ( arc)". 180
"renovation of multifamily buildings - survey to establish the technical characteristics related to the requirements of article 169, paragraph 1, item. (1-5) and 2 of the spa and the preparation of te. 450
"repair and maintenance of toilet in township" at ntpc-tanda. 130
"Repair of opoznavatelen route" Voyevodin dol - Skaklya "and labeling approaches with signs, fabrication and placing of information boards, construction of recreation and renewal of marking routes" Bi. 103
"Supply and installation of professional kitchen equipment, professional dryer, washing machine and boiler for the needs of the municipality of varna and budgetary units on lots.". 407
"Supply of calibration gas analyzer equipment to control air quality and emission control and working gas.". 251
"supply of computer equipment for the fs sbu.". 128
"supply of computer equipment for the fs sbu.". 134
"supply of office supplies, copy paper and toner cartridges for the needs of ria" with two lots as follows: lot 2: office supplies outside the list of art. 30 of the law on integration of people with. 193
"The provision of rental services along with conference rooms catering for 20 training participants in silesia within the framework of the project entitled. "education, promotion and prevention in ora. Conference news 333
(1) asphalt road at chaklasi satodi naka to tundeli. 159
(1) mf-cortscr theta 2 self-tap l8 ti (2) mf-corscr theta 2 self-tap l 10 ti (3) adaption plate 2.0, 20 holes hole spacing 5.0 mm, pure titanium. 399
(1) signal channel plug in unit 2wire hotline subscriber loop interface for webfil pd mux. as per rdso specn. no.Irs:tc:68/2012 with latest amendment compatable with existing webfil pd mux, make webfi. 204
(19.20.21-00.00) - Petrol engine (gasoline), including aviation gasoline) - Gasoline A-92, A-95 gasoline (19.20.26-00.00) - gas oil) - Diesel fuel; (19.20.29-00.00) - Mineral oil lubricants; heavy dis. 109
(gasoline A 92, A 95 gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oil): Lot 1 - A 92 gasoline; A petrol 95; diesel; Lot 2 - lubricating oilQuantity: Lot 1 - A gasoline 92 - 28 680 liters; A petrol 95 - 4100 lit. 187
(no. 5751) nv electrical connection to the power grid and 0.4-10 kv power network reconstruction of objects of design and project supervision services in kaunas region. 352
(poct) solution for measurement of hba1c in the hospital adult and paediatric. 221
, optionally including supply of heating plants of the administration union wismar with natural gas for the years 2016 and 2017. 2018th. 308
: butter.Description procurement subject or its parts (if the customer provides the submission of price proposals for parts), including their relevant technical and other parameters: ISO 4399-2005 but. 118
?amopoti ?ande Rekoha, limpiemos el lugar que vivimos (Entorno Limpio) (?amopoti ?ande Rekoha, we clean the place we live (Clean Environment)). 284
01 starter remy make model : 42 mt. pt. no.- 105720520022. spare parts of greaves cotton make diesel engine, model : tbd 4 i v12 make : m/s. greaves cotton ltd. 229
013 electrical work. 195
01301 Supply and Maintenance of Energy Efficient In-Cell Televisions. 318
02 types of plastic moulding items (covers). 147
020.1.1 - new school center deggendorf - ba1.1 new gymnasium - baumeisterarbeiten. 164
020.1.1 - new school center deggendorf - ba1.1 new gymnasium - lift equipment. 165
04 legged wire rope sling of swl 40 tons capacity fitted with round ring size- 70mm x 300mm id at upper end and eye hook at other individual end, proof load - 80 tons, effective working length - 4mtr,. 155
04 types of mechanical item. 117
07 types of casting items. 117
08 types of die casting items. 118
0893 - Home to School Transport. 171
0894 - Home to School Transport. 173
1 / biud / w0028 - supply of road salt for the bundeswehr property within the federal republic in 2 lots. 178
1 / dli2 / fv023 - supply of 2 mEnhraupen with attachments. 209
1 1/4 latched isolating cock without vent for e-70 brake system ftrtil pt no 00300400. 116
1 c/o 01 x bath room block 03 nos for or of sff hospital at chakrata sh eraction of pole 2 c/o 01 x toilet block 05 nos for or of sff hospital at chakrata sh eraction of pole. 151
1 c/o cook house and dining hall for victor colm at chakrata sh eraction of pole. 127
1) high end i.C.U bed size 2272(l)x1048(h)x(h) adjustable from 470 to750 mm (approx) make:godrej/janak specn shown at annexure- a .2 fowler bed specn : size 2242 l x 1048wx610 h mm (approx) make/brand. 148
1)(neutral tool holder srdcn 2525 m10 , oal = 150mm or more sutiable for 10mm round insert rcmt10 ) x10 no. + ( set of spares like shim, shim screw , insert screw and other spares as applicable with t. 247
1)0.14 x 1000 mm epoxy mica paper ( rogs 275.2 ) wrapper to bp25191 rev.04. qty: 6000 sm. 198
1)11//2.20 x 8.20 mm continuously transposed copper wire epoxy coated as per item 1 of annexure 240654052 rev-00. qty: 801 kg 2)29//1.80 x 6.35 mm continuously transposed copper wire epoxy coated as p. 200
1)2 nos. ac pcr house as per spec.Or 12535 rev.00. supplier to furnish tc and proof of source for main skid i beam and crc sheet metal. payment shall be made on actual measured weight in kg inside bhe. 215
1)315kva, dry type power transformer as per annexure-1. qty: 2 no 2)500 kva dry typr power transformer as per annexure-2 qty: 2 no. 136
1)4 mm sq x 660 volt heater cable to material specification bp-28588 rev 02.Note:-size & grade should be printed on each meter length and also on 100 meter drum. qty: 3000 mr. 222
1)80 tk x 5000 (l) x 2000 (w) - 2 nos, steel plate as per astm a 537 cl-1 & annexure "a" rev 00. qty: 12.5 mt 2)40tk x 5000 (l) x 1600 (w) - 1 nos, steel plate as per astm a 537 cl-1 & annexure "a" re. 179
1)8000 x 3000 x 120tk - 5 nos. carbon steel plate as per astm a 516 gr 70 (through thickness test as per astm a 770/a 770m to be carried out) and annexure - a (rev 00) qty: 113 mt. 151
1)airless spray unit for painting purpose having min.Working pressure 290 bars having noise of air motor limited to 87db(a), changeover time limited to 1/15 sec with no pressure spikes, high precision. 324
1)barrier assy. to drg.No 35211001541-v01 rev.06 qty: 1500 no 2)barrier assy. of l.T. bus bar (except item 001 & 002) to drg. no 25216901515-v06 rev.05 qty: 1500 no. 143
1)bottom spring support as per drg. no. 3-17053-41009 rev. 02, data sheet and technical spec. enclosed. qty: 12 no 2)rigid support as per drg. no. 4-17053-40931 rev. 00, data sheet and technical spec. 201
1)bracing ring to drg. am54234, it.27, rev.23. qty: 2 no. 129
1)cacw cooler to drg. 14023540028, var.00, rev.00 with tube bundle drg. 34023540039, rev.02 and water flow indicator to drg. 44023540003, rev.02. qty: 1 no. 204
1)carbide tipped mt-5 dead centre of oal = 300 mm . all the other details would be as per is 2534 : 1999 . qty: 10 no 2)mt-5 live centre with major cone dia = 60 mm & cone angle = 60 degree . other de. 171
1)carbon brush qassembly (ge type) to drg.No.34362018004 rev.05 var 00. qty: 10000 no. 168
1)chromo art paper instant label size- 3"x5" base light green colour in printing black. qty: 4000 no. 202
1)coach bolt . a cup head, square neck with nut and washer to size m12x 130 mm long as per drg. no. tfx/sk/533 rev.01 qty: 3000 no 2)coach bolt. a cup head square neck with nut and washer to size m16. 271
1)current transformer to ratio 300/1 a as per enclosed annexure- i. qty: 6 no. 204
1)dendrite adhisive pc-65 (1 ltr.Of each pack) equivalent is not acceptable.Note:-each box have identification mark i.E. po no., supplier identification etc. qty: 800 kg. 204
1)earth contact to drawing no: 35170300528-001, rev-04, material specification: aa12023 and annexure-a. qty: 300 no 2)bush to darwing no:45170300511-001, rev-01, material specification: aa12117 and an. 170
1)electronic position transmitter for ip governing valve , diff.Exp.Detectorforipcv a343 as per spec:st51005 and bhel haridwarmaterial code w97374201028. qty: 5 no. 172
1)end washer 34924700003 rev 00 #001 qty: 2500 no 2)end washer 44904400005 rev 03 #001 qty: 2000 no 3)end washer 44904400006 rev 01 #001 qty: 1000 no. 146
1)flap wheel size dia. 100 mm x 16 mm bore grit a-60 qty: 1000 no 2)flap wheel size dia. 100 mm x 16 mm bore grit a-80 qty: 1000 no. 194
1)full finish with stress relieved casting of aux. terminal box bottom to drg. no. 44022340007 rev.04, ref. drg. no. 24022342005, rev.03. qty: 1000 no 2)full finish with stress relieved casting of cov. 228
1)full finish with stress relieved end shield to drg. no. 14024840024, rev. 02, ref. casting drg. 14024840007, rev. 01, patt.No. 1241239. qty: 50 no 2)full finish with stress relieved end shield to dr. 397
1)graphite gasket with ss sheet reinforcement, as per drawing no. 753g82897. qty: 2 no 2)graphite gasket with ss sheet reinforcement, as per drawing no. 753g82900. qty: 2 no 3)graphite gasket with ss. 316
1)l - ring to drg. 44038046041, it.01, rev.00. qty: 12 no. 129
1)l p heater no.-1 shell assy,drg-01621870087,var-00,rev-04,(qty = 02 nos.),assy of item-01 to 34. as per technical annexure-1,1a & 1b. qty: 8752 kg 2)l p heater no.-2 shell assy,drg-01622270063,var-0. 272
1)maintenance manual for kolkata metro. 212
1)morse taper reduction sleeve mt7 - mt6 qty: 10 no 2)morse taper reduction sleeve mt6 - mt5 qty: 10 no. 182
1)mounting plate finished to drg. no. 44363118001 rev .08 material to spec. aa10108 rev .08. qty: 600 no. 194
1)multi-contact type- 14002965-102, la-cus/160/0, 15-0, 5 ag; multilam qty: 150 no 2)multi-contact type- 72.1000, mc-lamfix; lamfix 4bn. 113h qty: 360 no. 202
1)number plate to drg.No.44361018001 rev.02, background to be silver satin and letter to be black. qty: 1000 no 2)type and serial. number plate to drg.No.34361018002 rev.01. qty: 1000 no 3)warning lab. 178
1)o & m manual printing for vertical squirrel cage motors. (itc frame) as per annexure - i.Note:-early delivery is accptable. qty: 500 no. 199
1)packer plate to drg. no 44021042160 #01 rev 01 and material specn. aa10115 rev 09. qty: 2400 no 2)packer plate to drg. no 44021042160 #02 rev 01 and material specn. aa10115 rev 09. qty: 2400 no 3)pa. 281
1)plug 10 pin male to part no zpem-1212-355pn of m/s amphenol or to part no czpem-12-12355pn of m/s cooper crouse hinds. qty: 2 no 2)receptacle 10 pin female to part no zrep-12-355sn of m/s amphenol o. 248
1)pole body m/cng to drg no 34038140051#01 rev 00 qty: 195 no 2)pole end plate m/cng to drg no 34038140046#1 rev 00 qty: 390 no. 223
1)pole end plate forging as per item-1 to drg. no. 32530242601 rev-00 qty: 144 no. 198
1)pvc shroud suitable for m5 stud to drg.No b-9400113-001 rev.05 qty: 80000 no. 125
1)roller assembly 183mm dia with bearings 4 sets (4x4=16 nos.) for model no. hr3k of our item no. 26/b/2137. qty: 4 st. 154
1)round endless polyster sling capacity wll 15 tons, with overload indicactor having safety factor 1:7 and as per standard bs-en-1492-2-2000, efective length - 8 mtrs., circum length - 16 mtrs. qty: 5. 459
1)s.C. ring (ordering) to drg. 44028045892, it.01, rev.00 and matl. specn. no. aa19801, rev.04.Each ring to be ultrasonically tested as per am54155. qty: 2 no. 206
1)seamless ss pipe to aa-10755 rev.09 of size. 127 mm od x 5 Mm tk. checklist to p.I.241150924 shall also to be complied fully. random length of 4 to 6 meter is acceptable. qty: 25 mr. 199
1)silicone resin 806 a / tsr-117. qty: 3000 kg 2)hardener z 6121 / src-18. qty: 120 kg. 180
1)slitting cutter set . the set consists of: 1) slitting cutter of dia. 960 mm to dia. 1000 mm with integrated system that incorporates double prism "v" method of insert retention with external drive:. 250
1)solid carbide mica milling cutter grade- k 20 for mica under cutting. size : 0.03" thick x 1" o/d x 9/32" bore x 40 teeth as per drg no. txm/sk-782 it no.-3 . (copy of drg. attached.) qty: 100 no 2). 209
1)spares for acropolis rrc system eot cranes, joy stick switch f-24-60 qty: 6 no 2)spares for acropolis rrc system eot cranes, encoder f- 24/10 d qty: 10 no 3)spares for acropolis rrc system eot crane. 303
1)special bolt to drg. no.44363118002 rev.03 matl to conform class p8.8 of i.S 1367 qty: 10000 no. 173
1)spiral casing (fabrication), drg no. 02020219602 rev.01 assy of #1 to27 & 32 to 36. as per technical annexure-1. qty: 55606 kg. 207
1)stainless steel solder pot of solder voume capacity = 9.5 kg or more , input voltage= 240v, ac , 50hz, power consumption = 650w ( approx.) , maxm. temp=400 degree celcius. accuracy=+-(1.25 percent o. 202
1)stator chamber de rough machined as per drg. 04453192003 rev.11 & stator chamber nde rough machined as per drg. 04453192004 rev.12. note:delivery lead time for lot#1 of 70 sets shall be less than 60. 238
1)supply of switchgear components for refurbishment of 6.6kv chp switchgear qty: 1 lo 2)refurbishment of chp switchgear complete with installtion and commissioning of the switchgear qty: 1 lo. 206
1)switch enclosure to drg no.05171000500-v00,rev11& sg 12501 (two sheets). color for powder coating of external surface wlll be informed later. qty: 165 no 2)enclosure for cable termination to drg no. 223
1)ta 10102 insulation washer to drg. 44303423004 rev. 03. Note:- item should be supplied in proper packed condition. mat. test certificate is required . qty: 4500 no. 200
1)ta 9901 plate retainer to drg. 34301076022 rev.01 .Supplier"s identification mark should be on each job.To be supplied in proper packing. early delivery acceptable. qty: 200 no. 205
1)ta9901az special pin drg. no. 34303276002,rev09 note:- component is protected with anti-rust oil on all machined surfaces. early delivery acceptable. qty: 1087 no. 217
1)tissue paper 12 micron x 90 mm width , as per spec. aa21133 rev-02 qty: 4000 kg. 150
1)turbine speed sensor-jaquet make ferrostat speed sensor with amplifier model no dsf 1210.00 shv with connection wire 20 mtrs. qty: 12 no. 173
1)vacuum interrputers as per rating 36kv, 25ka for 3 sec., 630a to 2000a. qty: 78 no. 127
1)vpi fixture tl# 1598309 rev. 00. supplier should manufacture item # 5 & 6 qty. 12 nos. each as per drg. given. 1 set consists of it # 5 & 6 qty. 12 nos. each. supplier should quote as a set. qty: 2. 565
1)welded austentic steel tubes to sa 249 tp 304 & in line with bhel specn. aa -10753 rev.09 and std. qa plan no. bpl/cde/sqp/014 rev.00 duly packed in wooden boxes as per aa - 0490002 rev.02 tube size. 219
1-1/4 ball type cut off cock with vent with sealing arrangement to clw drg. no. 0/2/65/364, alt.7. note: clw approved sources only to quote. 128
1-3/8 dodge expansion type special duty pillow block with timken taper roller bearing to alco cat no.16715214 and dlw pt.No. 11400171. 123
1.1/4 ball type cut off cock venting type and with sealing arrangement as dlw part no. 11815334 with handle sealed with vent . 120
1.6 tonne lifting capacity and 2.6 tonne pulling capacity isi marked hand operated pulling and lifting machine with 20 m length of galvanised steel wire as per rdso specn no ti/spc/ohe/toolspl/0990. 127
1.Bend size 15 mm as per table no. 5.2 of is : 1879/87 with amdt.No. 1 to 5 male and female long sweep bends g4. 2. bend size 25 mm as per table no. 5.2 of is : 1879/87 with amdt no. 1 to 5 male long. 148
1.Pcu for ricoh aficio mp 2000l2, 2.Developer for ricoh aficio mp 2000l2. 260
1.Zone No.1(D). - Zonal works for Supply of drinking water at service building/bunglows and colonies over Bikaner sub- Division under ADEN/HQ/BKN. 218
1/2 ball type drain cock to clw drg.No. 0/3/65/365 alt-2 or latest. 435
10(60) a poly phase static energy meters. 131
100 kw electric generator purchase. 159
1030 vienna, anton-von-webern-platz 1, university of music and performing arts vienna, refurbishment and extension university library, electrical installations and lightning protection work. 178
1030 vienna, anton-von-webern-platz 1, university of music and performing arts vienna, refurbishment and extension university library, hkls- and msr services. 174
1031 - construction work. 402
110 kv double-circuit line gittermast pottenbrunn-stratzdorf. 139
110/60/30 kv oil-filled three-winding regulating transformer 50 mva. 110
12 terminal strip. bhel drg. no. 25870230004v00, acs - 2230/ref.000. 247
12 volt, 42 ah, smf battery for ups of capacity 1 kva make: exide , okaya , luminous or su-kam manufacturing date of battery must be within four month from supply . 129
143 rmv augsburg - 756 008 new rmv green factory - a building design. 313
15 050 purchase two automated soil co2 flux measurement systems. 106
15-0266 lv 132 - fire protection door and window elements, construction to expand the secondary school new school, heinrich-heine-strasse 36, 38440 wolfsburg. 194
15-275 Handicap Ramp And Curb Repairs. 111
15-277 - White Goods And Scrap Metal Recycling Disposal Services. 103
150mm ( 6 ) single air gauge (bp) self illuminated with led. 236
155 delivery of a set of lc / ms / ms - performance liquid chromatograph with tandem mass detector. 168
15oat002 - provincial road no56 restore the bridge over bull souleuvre carville public and la ferriere harang. 179
15s0081 - telecommunications services for the departmental council of moselle. 149
15sf026-00 _ maintenance of green spaces of the cergy-pontoise urban community. 251
15st345 - open market multiannual (2014-2017) with price schedule regarding the acquisition and socks delivery in favor of defense. 221
15th venice architecture biennale 2016 - general commissariat of the german contribution. 484
15trs001 public road to ensure regular services, a principal, transportation of students to their institutions teaching. 222
16-DOC-1000-J58-Records Archive Storage. 104
182 - goldberg clinic kelheim - 3rd phase of total renovation, structural improvement of functional areas - patient monitoring. 147
19.20.21-00.00 - motor petrol (gasoline), including aviation gasoline (A-92, A-95); 19.20.26-00.00 - gas oil (diesel fuel); 19.20.23-00.00 - light mineral oil, light distillates, n.v.i.u (2-stroke oil. 198
1set frame for lscn eog. 186
1x1/4 additional bp cut out cock with vent as per clw drg. no.02/65/364, alt-7. 147
2 lE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeuge lf 20th. 166
2 mw wind turbine. 339
2 wire / 12 way dtmf selective calling telephone as per rdso specification no. irs-tc-80/2000 with amendment no.1 latest. make: epsilon or bentron or spark enterprises. note:- material should be suppl. 154
2/4 wire combined portable control telephone as per rdso specification no. irs-tc-75/99 with amendment no.2 latest. make: epsilon or bentron or industrial instruments and controls. note:- material sho. 155
2/4 wire light weight portable control telephone as per rdso specification no. irs-tc-78/2000 with amendment no.1 latest. make: epsilon or bentron or m/s bit and byte technosys. note:- material should. 158
20 mm rotating flange welded joint to rdso (w) drg.No.Wd 83062-s-07, alt no.-5, with rdso spec.No.04-abr-02, amd. no.6 of april-2010. 154
200131010 bad kreuznach, justice center, newly built (neuplan.) 15e0091 stahlbauarbeiten - canopies. 157
2015 deve 39 - leasing, installation and maintenance of facilities for the operation of the fair from the throne and other events on the lawn of reuilly in paris 12th. 348
2015 remedial works - contract 1 (ringaskiddy, tivoli, south custom house quay). 177
2015-02 market: cleaning the premises of the iep of lyon. 125
2015-078-Design,Deliver,Install, & Test. Public Safety Digital Trunked & Convent. Analog Radio Syst. 125
2015/5205 - java development framework agreement. 203
21.20.11-30.00, 21.20.11-50.00, 21.20.11-60.00, 21.20.11-80.00, 21.20.12-50.00, 21.20.12-70.00, 21.20.13-10.00, 21.20.13-20.00, 21.20.13-40.00, 21.20.13-60.00 (drugs)Quantity: 374 names. 104
21011 e2 0003 hanse barracks rostock, new multifunctional building and new parking platform, structural engineering (twpl) (vof). 237
2215 water supply & sanitation. - (107) gandhinagar sewage scheme. raising, lowering and reconstruction of damage manhole of in various sector no.1,2,6,7,8,3,3 a new,4,5,12,13 and gh road main line in. 227
2215 water supply & sanitation. - (107) gandhinagar sewage scheme. raising, lowering and reconstruction of damage manhole of in various sector no.14, 15, 16,23,24,28,26,25,27, adivada sector no.28 g.I. 233
2215 water supply & sanitation. - (107) gandhinagar sewage scheme. raising, lowering and reconstruction of damage manhole of in various sector no.21, 22, 29, 30, 17, 18, 9, 30, 10, 10a, 10b, 11, 20 ra. 234
2215 water supply and sanitation. - (101) gandhinagar water supply scheme. providing and fixing c.I. main line in maldhari vasahat at gokulpura village in g.T.S. 210
22eu / 15 igs trier, refurbishment born c - window work. 219
23 teeth pinion. 374
2460 bruck / leitha, fischamenderstraE-e 23-25, bsz, thermal renovation roof and facade. 184
25 kv composite bracket insulator with specifc creepage distance of 1050 mm as per rdso specification no. ti/spc/ohe/inscom 1070 1/70 or latest. 112
250 mm finish milling cutter kit, drg.No.Inkmg40044 alt- c . 320
2500 baden near vienna, mE-hlgasse 67, ph lower austria, expansion and renovation - metallbauarbeiten facade. 203
2nd call of tender for periodical services and repairs to plastering including chajja etc in otm accn of age br-i of ge east jalandhar cantt. 136
3 pole power contactor with aux contact 2 no and 2 nc,coil voltage 240v, product similar to type mnx 50 of l and t,ac-3 rating 50 amps.As per is/iec 60947-51 make l and t,seimens,cgl,bch,c and s indo. 161
3 ton, grade 80 alloy steel bottom hook assembly, 10 mm rope dia, two sheave. 101
3 ton, grade 80 alloy steel bottom hook assembly, 14 mm rope dia, one sheave. 101
3-8 (three-eight inch)double check valve type 24 a used in locos. to specn. drg.No. spec.No. wab co t-2447-0 and drg.560504. 278
3/4 safty valve with locking nut,set at 11.5kg/cm2 to prevent setting being disturbed to wsf pt.No.Ib 70741/4 or recon drg.No.Rec/t-4008/4 and to clw drg no.0/3/65/93 alt-3 or latest. 139
30 Ft Low Floor Heavy Duty Transit Buses. 235
301d power supply. 117
3054 r & b s.R. vadasar bhoyan road. km.0/000 to 3/600 (providing and fixing cat~s eye, road marking, earth work). 204
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - electrical emergency room. 142
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - heating. 140
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - insulation. 140
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - locksmithing. 140
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - medical gases. 141
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - metalworking / metal frame doors. 143
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - sanitary. 140
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - screed works. 141
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - trockenbauarbeiten. 140
312 - structural improvement klinikum weiden - ba 8 / ba 9 - ventilation. 140
3kva delta/star 415/190 v transformer. 257
3rd call of tender for welcome maintenance to officers md accn at rana pratap enclave manekshaw vihar ranjit chowk and mes civ officers accn under age br-ii of ge east jalandhar cantt. 143
4 port 40 ghz network analyzer. 120
4 wire dtmf head quarter control room equipment as per rdso specification no. irs-tc-60/2007 or latest. make: epsilon or bentron or anu vidyut. note:- material should be supplied of rdso approved sour. 151
4-slot 3u esmp esi chassis. 115
40 gymn bE-hlau, fl 211 -. tile work. 159
400144301 400144302 u -. target expansion of the bundeswehr central hospital koblenz - new functional / surgical building (1st phase) and new wards (2 ba) -.. building design and interiors gem. part 3. 408
40w led ac 2x2 feet palen light. 168
425 / pn / zp / u / 2015 - provision laundry service. 177
48 volt/200 ah maintenance free v.R.L.A. secondary cell, each of 2 volt with all total of 24 cell per set as per rdso specn. no. irs: 3:93/96 a with latest ammendment if any. 146
4c x 2.5 mm2 cable for mmbpl. 112
4x4x1 c 2x0.75 black colour 9white colour cores numbered black multi core electron beam irradiated cable to edts 132, rev-c, am-3, data sheet-5, rdso approved make-nicco / kolkata, huber suhner ag, ra. 132
5 ton, grade 80 alloy steel bottom hook assembly, 12 mm rope dia, two sheave. 101
50 k.V.R.400 volt 3 phase condenser bank. 138
500 lph reverse osmosis system. 121
500kva, 3ph conventional copper wound dtrs. 111
5020 salzburg, sinnhubstr. 15, classical secondary school salzburg, rehabilitation and extension, schwarzdecker- u. bump. 204
517MW cogeneration power plant. 255
54 / s / 15 / her / ge / a / 0030-supply of incontinence for the mother and child hospital universitario insular de gran canaria. 229
6 inch fuel oil level gauge assemly drg no. tpl-0378 sheet 1of 3, alt.H. 111
6 mm grooving insert kit, drg. no. in06mc0004 alt- f . 310
600 kva dg set -4 nos. 178
7-hu-1875-00-00-gi. services of various conservation operations on the roads of the north of the province of huelva. (2014/000152). 154
7.2 v, 2300 mah, ni-mh rechargable battery for motorola gp 328 portable radio with belt clip for motorola part no. hnn 9009, asp 02 with hln 9044 make: motorola or similar. 150
7.5 ton cap manualley operated trolley sigma hoist. 130
70 watt open copper wound ballast for sv/mh lamp, suitable at 240 volt, ac supply, 50 hz, max winding temperature should be tw.120 degree centigrade temprise, t-70 degree centigrade, conforming to is:. 193
75 medicine balls, baseballs 200, 500 tambourines medium, 100 bowling games 100 couriers medium and color for athletics. such material is required for 13 to 15/5/15. 119
750v /415v, 100 va, 3 phase transformer and automatic voltage relay suitable for kel make alternator capacity 500 kva test cerificate to be enclosed along with supply. 113
800 amps air circuit breaker make: l and t model : cncs 80c suitable for 500 kva alternator thermal magnetic fixed type as per sample test certificated to be enclosed. 115
A 9 in mE-nchen freimann, construction of traffic and operational headquarters (itr), architectural services for the preparation and participation in the allocation, property supervision and property m. 288
A r and m o to residential quarters under service centre no. 242 and 243 1h sub division cpwd new delhi dg 2014-15 sh- attending emergent complaints of sanitary installation. 135
A replacement bus service. 183
A replacement bus service. 177
A set of chemical for roller bearing. 140
A set of o/h kit for m/s trident make auto drain valve consisting of 11 items. 1 trident part no.Ad1051-spring compression adv-1 no. 2 trident part no.Ad707-piston poppet adv-2 nos 3 trident part no.A. 209
A set of spares for ndm locos consist of following items 1. switch pressure oil to cummins pt no.2897691 qty-01 nos. 2.Harness wiring to cummins pt no.3056356 qty-01 nos.Material should be procured fr. 129
A. b. hose coulping for feed pipe matl.Spec. as per drg.No. tpl-0687 alt j. part no.11328472 it is a self life item. 258
A/r and m/o residential building at gpra gulmohar vihar, kanpur during 2015-16. 121
A/r and m/o to cgh at s.M. plot, phase-ii, sector vii, antop hill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16 sh : removing small trees, plants in walls and vertical face in bldg no. 1 to 51. 149
A/r and m/o to mps flats bungalows under sd-i of pawd-i dg. 2015-16 sh: cleaning of roof for section-i and ii. 128
A/r and m/o to mps flats bungalows under sd-i of pawd-i dg. 2015-16 sh: de-silting and cleaning of sewer lines and manholes by high pressure suction/jetting machine. 135
A/r and m/o to mps flats bungalows under sd-i of pawd-i dg. 2015-16 sh: plaster, tiles and various repair work in 42 ashoka road and other bungalows. 134
A/r and m/o to mps flats bungalows under sd-i of pawd-i dg. 2015-16 sh: touching work in various bungalows under section-i. 128
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalow under s/d-ii of pawd-i during 14-15 sh: misc. civil work in c-1/15 pandara park and various bungalows. 133
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalow under s/d-ii of pawd-i during 14-15 sh: providing and fixing of accessories of computers and amc under s/div-ii and division office. 137
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalow under s/d-ii of pawd-i during 14-15 sh: tank cleaning work in various bungalows in section-i and ii. 132
A4 paper (white and colored) and a3 (white). 128
Absolute barometer of nanorozli enE[degrees]m. 144
Absolute barometer of nanorozlienm. 137
Absolute rotary encoder. 194
Accessible low-floor transit coaches (busses). 109
Accessories of Potentiostat/Galvanostat,. 131
Accounting Audit Services in Joint Association Agreements / Joint Operation. 191
Acid sulphuric battery concentrated grade conforming to is 266-1993 iii revision amendment no:reaffirmed 2003 in 20 kgs. non stackable high censity polrethylene continuous confirming to is 6312-1994-. 136
Acquiring new lift. 160
Acquisition A3 and A4 Printing Paper Ds Olt 2015. 345
Acquisition analysis tools. 132
Acquisition and utilization of scrap metal from the district of wE-rzburg. 387
Acquisition microcatheter, microguides guides and catheters for osi donostialdea neuroradiology. 199
Acquisition of five horizontal machining center palletized four axes cnc for high schools descartes maupassant in fecamp, louise michel in gisors, siegfried havre, modeste leroy in evreux and blaise p. 221
Acquisition of hiking boots and shoe technician staff the traffic civil guard, 2 lots. 2015. 167
Acquisition of licenses esri products and technical support services for esri products for 2015 and 2016. 144
Acquisition of licenses esri products and technical support services for esri products for 2015 and 2016. 144
Acquisition of lifting equipment and military vehicles and equipment management. 247
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 111
Acquisition of oulu university of applied education and training of electrical energy. 132
Acquisition of pediatric incubators and transport respirators. 407
Acquisition of Processed and Unprocessed Units. 565
Acquisition of software licenses for server migration of military information system. 157
Acquisition of software, hardware and multimedia for schools. 111
Acquisition of stage lighting system for the new territorial center rtve aragon (zaragoza). 189
Acquisition of the helsinki city theatre data network. 200
Acquisition of the medicinal cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, diclofenac sodium thiamine mononitrate, extended-release tablets 1 mg / 100mg / 100mg / 100mg. igss code 10853. 125
Acquisition of three heavy vehicles of 26 tonnes equipped with 19 m3 tipper robotic arm with minimum side-emption for the collection of household waste in containers. 164
Acquisition Rope Round - Ds Timis. 196
Acquisition, sorting, crushing, recycling of bulky waste and disposal of bulky waste / sorting residues. 193
Addition and alteration on electrical work in krishi bhawan new delhi sh replacement of old wiring in various rooms of food department. 132
Additional And Alternation Of Worthy Chief Engineer Office At Circle Building At Amritsar Balance Work Code No Asr Amc 64. 158
Additional work at modal school at block bansur in district alwar. 129
Addn altn to airmen billet at af stn sulur. 131
Addn and alter to main entrance and main passage of officres mess (ward room) at ins kbn and repairs to compound wall,fencing at certain places in ins kbn and rs(p) and repairs and maintenance to floo. 154
Adhiraj Samyama Phase II. 135
Adjustable crank for l c gate make : jai maa durga or similar. 147
Adjustable wrench, size: 12 300 mm , forged chrome vanadium steel black finish , as per is: 6149, make: taparia, jhalani, everest. 116
Adjusting the legal status of roads in the activities of the general directorate for national roads and motorways in warsaw aimed, among others, to convey by the general director for national roads an. 193
Adva Optical Networking Equipment (UW-MAD). 132
Advertisement tender for procurement of solid carbide drill, end mill cutter. 127
Advertising and pr services to information and promotion measures for hops from german wine-growing areas in china. 295
After sales service system public key infrastructure systems mil-wan and mil-net-p and training services in the field of operating solutions. 122
After sales service system public key infrastructure systems mil-wan and mil-net-p and training services in the field of operating solutions. 143
Agate card irel to part no. trvc 0702 92000 of m/s alstom make or part no. heag02 of m/s heec make. 122
AGB NIT 04:Comprehensive Maintenance Contract for small EA sets installed at various TE Bldgs in SSA Jalna under BSNL Electrical Sub Division - Aurangabad-II under Division Aurangabad. 119
AGB NIT 06:Comprehensive Maintenance Contract for EA sets installed at various TE Bldgs in SSA Aurangabad under JTO-II of BSNL Electrical Sub Division-I, Aurangabad under Division Aurangabad. 120
Air brake hose coupling assly. b.P. for air spring to rcf drg. no. lr36005 alt. a item-4 , matl. and specn. as per drg. 157
Air brake hose coupling assly. f.P for air spring to rcf drg.No. lr36005 alt. a ,item 3, matl. and specn. as per drg. 158
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe to rdso s sk-73547 item no.-1 to 7.Alt.No.-12 twelve or latest and rdso s specn no. 02-abr-02, appendix-f, with amendment no. 1 one of february 2007 or. 183
Air brake hose coupling complete for feed pipe to rdso drg no.Wd-81027-s-01 alt.10 and rdso spec.No.02-abr-02 with amendment no.4 of june 2010, appendix-f. 161
Air cleaner l/h to cat part no: 81539225. make: cat / fp-diesel, usa. note: oem / authorised dealers of oem only to quote. 121
Air cleaner outer element to gmmco pt.No.81536048. 136
Air cleaner r/h to cat part no: 81539258. make: cat / fp-diesel, usa. note: oem / authorised dealers of oem only to quote. 121
Air conditioner for lab. 119
Air conditioning systems. 121
Air diffuser arrangement complete set to drg.No. cc-44258, alt-a. 133
Air grill toilet/switch board complete. 170
Air hose assembly for m.R. style - i, type l to drg.No.Tpl - 0118 sheet 1 of 5, alt.F to dlw part no.11 32 8101. 124
Ak - blood components, antibody identification, selection of blood and blood components irradiation outsourcing. 179
Alarm handle complete as per irs drawing no-cc36421. drawing may be collected from office of the sr.Dmm/sbp if required. 148

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