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Articles from Mena Report (March 19, 2015)

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"construction of rain water harvesting systems (pit and bore) at pts". 135
"Development of project documentation for dehydration and reconstruction of roads in residential sikawa". 211
"Integrating activity (single) parents". 412
"Ongoing maintenance of green areas municipality city swinoujscie region i - left bank". 202
"provision of airline tickets for air transport of passengers and baggage on mission in the country and abroad.". 198
"supply of spare parts for computer and office equipment for the needs of eso". 115
"waste collection and disposal of municipal solid waste in the municipality of etropole and cleaning of public places.". 218
(1) Fittings For Switch Expansion Joints (Complete Set Of Fittings Only) On Psc Layout For 60 Kg Rail Section As Per RdsoaS Drawing No. T-4165 With Latest Alternation.& Specification : T Ee 10-2000 As. 223
(1) manufacturing and supply of rail screw 22x135mm for 60kg (uic) rail to rdsos drg no t-1035/latest alteration and spn. irs-t-16-1981 with latest corrigendum. (2) manufacturing and supply of rail sc. 184
(1) Providing PCC in front portion of V. T. C and dispensary Chandmari of Bastacolla Colliery under Bastacolla Area. (2) Making Security Guard shed on the roof of substation at BOCP work shop and othe. 130
(1) Repair and maintenance of 4 nos. qtr. at staff colony Kuya Colliery near Durga Mandir Non Coal Bearing Land of qtr. 168
(1). gt 46mac db resistor outline drawing for roof mounted grid resistor - dynamic brake re1, re2, re4, re5, re6, re8 - 1.222 ohms. and 545 amps. dlw part no.18250038, emd part no. 10634215. alt/rev.-. 154
(amc) for two nos. electric furnaces, pollution control device including control panel, switch gear, 250 kva transformer and lt distribution. 141
(i)secunderabad division - electrical maintenance department - renovation of test room office at ground floor of sanchalan bhavan EuAo electrical arrangements.EuAoa (ii) renovation of sr.dfm office at th. 102
- inter-ic ganpyeong hoenggye road paving construction waste disposal service expansion (2015). 122
001-2015 operation and maintenance of street lighting system leverkusen. 222
01-159/14 Safety switches and auxiliary equipment for necessities of TPP Bitola. 111
018 - kreisklinik ebersberg - 9th stage of construction - expansion, structural improvement and renovation. 127
05 pair 0.5mm size tly-cbshu4 unarmoured telephone cable switch board cable make-plaza or similar. 104
0600 Drainage Surveys. 239
1 box wrench for opening m 36 castle nut 04 nos. 2 box wrench for opening m 24 castle nut 04 nos. 133
1 ethyl alcohol 70%, 8 alcohol 95%, 22 baking soda, soda ash 22, 40 caustic soda, 48 dye for disinfectant, 55 dye for shampoo, 192 plastic containers, 22 borax, 16 carquad. 126
1 high pressure hand pump. features and specifications - light weight,robust steel construction, max. operating pressure 700bar/10,000 psi. with quick release system. qty per set 01no. 2 hydraulic hos. 269
1 hp-46 clour cartridge -1 nos. 2 hp-678 clour cartridge-1 nos. 1 set 2 nos. 111
1 master controller for lt and ct. 2. master controller for 15/2t mh. 161
1)aluminium oxide coated endless sander belt, grit : 120, circumference length : 330 mm, width : 10 mm. qty: 5000 no. 180
1)balance weight qty: 50 no 2)balance weight qty: 50 no 8)null qty: null null. 113
1)current transformer to emd part no 8374003 as per drg 36670500241 -001 rev 01 qty: 150 no. 180
1)grinding mop dia 40 also resin indutrial cloth mop dia 40x40 width with dia 6x25 long shank, grit 60 of cutfast division of m/s grindwheel norton make or equivalent qty: 1000 no 2)grinding mop dia 6. 321
1)heavy duty industrial pedestal type mancooler fan. 240
1)lubrizol lz - 52 qty: 1000 kg. 179
1)paraffin with antibiotic tulle qty: 1000 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)pbd t strip 8 to 12 tkx27w2400 to 3200 lg. qty: 50000 no 2)pbd wax coating spacer 3tkx27wx2400to3200lg. qty: 25000 no. 202
1)pressure gauges qty: 4 st 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)rough high cycle grinding wheel dia 60 to drg e-wt/st-112 sl. no. 3 tool no. 1504512, grade a16-r4-bl4 of m/s grindwell norton make or equivalent. qty: 1000 no 2)rough high cycle grinding wheel dia. 283
1)wheel of cross trolley as per drg. no. 4d/clw/28/2005.2) wheel of cross trolley as per drg. no. 4d/clw/37/2006.3) shaft for cross trolley as per drg. no. 4d/clw/27/2005. 214
1. cartridge no.18 ( b) , 2. cartridge no.18 ( m ) , 3. cartridge no.18 ( c) , 4. cartridge no.18 (y ) . 124
1. rmo air conditioner units installed at ag punjab aande office building plot no. 20 sector 17 chandigarh. 2. rmo air conditioner units installed at ag punjab audit bhawan plot no. 21 sector 17 chand. 154
1.1/4 angle cock ball type with vent bp fp as per e.Rly drg.No.Ccc/dl-802 sheet 1 of 2 and sheet 2 of 2 . 405
1.1/4 female threaded elbow 90 degree, test pressure 10 kg/cm2. 110
1.1/4 female threaded union elbow 90 degree, test pressure 10 kg/cm2. 111
1.Single phase direct on line starter suitable for submersible pump capacity 1.5 hp, overload relay range 8.9-13.5amp. 2.Single phase direct on line starter suitable for submersible pump capacity 5 hp. 243
10 gm balancing weight for lhb wheel set balancing as per sample.M.S.Material approximate size 18.5 mm l x 16 mm w x 06 mm thick . note:sample may be seen at sse/wheel/pl. 135
10000000000000000 shares smart media center building construction supervision. 103
1000a plug & socket assembly, nylon body, threaded type. 212
1011 route namseok not part with martial pavement refurbishment. 116
1024 local road improvement construction line linear curved portion. 127
10x8 sq ft. interlock projector screen usa coated matte white brand swastik or similar. 115
11 kv-0.415 kv,3 phase,100 kva,outdoor-type step-down tranformer conforming to cee,s specn. no. cee-139 (r-1)-2011. (annexure - b attached). 355
110-kv cable route for integration southtown. 344
1100v, 4cx16sq.Mm pvc copper cable. 115
120 mt silicon metal for our smelter plant. 136
125 amps bch de-contactor plug. 157
12mm glass with edge polish size : 153cm x 92cm. 105
12x40x845 +1.5, -0 mm lg. rect. brass bar with half round edges. 240
14 / zp / 15 proceedings of the public procurement conducted in an open tender with a value in excess of 207 000 eur for the supply of dressing material for the provincial specialist hospital. coperni. 545
14 elementary schools outside gilan thorough inspection engineering services. 120
144x144mm.Sq. d.C traction motor ammeter flush panel mounting type, moving coil heavy duty version external shunt type but to be supllied with out shunt with range 0-1000 amps d.C. full scale deflecti. 209
15-020 Household Hazardous Waste: Collection & Disposal Services. 104
15amps /16 amps 250volts spt switches. 115
15amps 3pin plug top alone 250 volts with isi mark. 119
16 sq mm colour blue, electron beam irradiated 1.8/3.0 kv cable as per rdsos specification no.Elrs/spec/elc/0019,rev.2 of february-2011. and others. 344
16sm0015p - intraocular lenses. 103
16sm0037p - column (prosthesis). Column 109
16sm0052 - vascular (prosthesis). 110
16sm0076p - hemodynamics and electrophysiology equipment stents. 116
18 MND / REN / 1.5-07.2015 foam-filled pontoon bridge across the river. Desna Bryansk RU. 153
1inch coupling cock with out by pass and operating key to kpa drg. no.Er-kpa-el-va.3hb.161c,item-b. 230
2-1/2 inch male sqcare drive hydraulic torque wrench. 342
2. extension of the district school bergstedt at home colony damm 218 - various high building trades. 255
2.5mfd condenser for ceiling fan. 115
200 mm 150 mm dia tubewel boring work. 136
2014-15 MWS Scheme at Mini Water Supply Scheme from Gardibail in Santeguli GP of Kumta Taluk Uttara Kannada District Under NRDWP Coverage and Quality Scheme. 119
2015 annual contract price construction waste management services. 127
2015 april the dongjucho, geumcheon of school meals goods (corrosion) joint purchase of emergency bidding. 111
2015 bongyoung same district opened the trunk forest road construction. 124
2015 cctv installation project implementation design services for security. 108
2015 construction waste management services. 117
2015 detailed design of road construction improvements, electrical construction services. 124
2015 detailed design of road improvements, construction services. 116
2015 detailed design of the hall road bottlenecks to improve services. 117
2015 emergency repair roads damaged part corporation (annual price) - sung dong. 118
2015 forest road improvement project structure (spread). 125
2015 forest road work (doosan) installation. 118
2015 highway maintenance work carried out design services. 115
2015 incheon branch road traffic authority traffic ifez research services. 104
2015 india and bike road maintenance business contract price. 108
2015 jinan jeongcheon local provincial road bridges (4 places) precision inspection services. 113
2015 local road (route 55) overlay construction (finish literacy). 109
2015 local road (route 55) overlay construction (finish statue). 107
2015 local road (route 708) overlay construction (jeongeup ipam). 114
2015 local road (route 718) overlay construction (kunsan impedance and 1 other locations). 115
2015 local road (route 718) overlay construction (nangsan acid). 112
2015 local road (route 741) overlay construction (finish bibong). 112
2015 local road (route 743) overlay construction (general janggye - beonam). 116
2015 local road (route 751) overlay construction (nanyuan ah young - inwol other 2 sites). 123
2015 local road (route 795), overlay, ltd. (jinan jeongcheon - gentian). 117
2015 local road (route 796) overlay construction (flatulence silence). 113
2015 local road (route 799) overlay construction (finish samrye - bongdong). 112
2015 local road (route 799) overlay construction (yeosan acid). 110
2015 local road jing~~an area extending bridges (3 points) precision inspection services. 115
2015 main roadside tree maintenance business (fine and resident district). 107
2015 new forest road work projects (hyangyang - forest road between teukri). 111
2015 northern region pavement marking paint work (annual price). 115
2015 Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Project. 221
2015 recording and roadside trees bosik construction. 108
2015 road construction excavation recovered except one case of construction waste transportation and disposal services. 118
2015 road management office haengjeongmang information and communication equipment maintenance services. 108
2015 roadside landscape improvement construction. 103
2015 school year on-site experiential learning transportation vehicle rental services, electronic submission estimate of the number of small guide emergency notification. 133
2015 school year, high school freshman math soongsil travel services bidding. 106
2015 school year, on-site car rental services experiential learning. 123
2015 school year, on-site car rental services experiential learning. 125
2015 supply and demand survey siheung parking services. 107
2015 the first semester of the vehicle rental services, on-site learning experience small number quote announcements. 128
2015 traffic safety facilities maintenance, and resident parking pavement marking guhoekseon installation work (annual price). 112
2015 waste dumping surveillance camera rental services. 107
2015 World Gymnastic Championships Branding Requirments. 138
220 kvar, 8kv, single phase, 50 hz conventional type shunt capacitor unit as per rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/fc/ and sr/0100 ( 01/10) or latest. 175
23 teeth pinion for hitachi traction motor to rdso drg.No.Skdl-4356 alt.B or latest conforming to rdso specn.No.Mp.0.2800.09 rev.02 june-2005 or latest rev if any. 132
24 hours Manning/ Attendant Job. 107
24 volt starter battery charger for 500 kva da set as per rcf s specn. no. edts-106 rev.- o or latest. 127
2460 / leitha, fischamenderstrae 23-25, bsz, thermal renovation roof and facade. 124
2460 / leitha, fischamenderstraE-e 23-25, bsz, thermal renovation roof and facade. 123
255 sqmm single core copper cabel. 184
25kvar power capacitor. 206
3 east water as banking and financial road bike refurbishment. 110
3.2 mm silver brazing rod no- 1805. 153
3/2 way solenoid valva, part no 6775340450 for tower wagon mark-iii kirloskar cummins engine use. 112
3/4 inch x 30 inchies bogie hose connection with end fittings as per s.C.Rly drg no.C/els/lgd/pn.Eqpt/3/22 with latest alteration. 137
30K Ultra low temperature Closed Cycle Cryocooler. 104
3d modelling using pdms software. 117
4 duplex air pressure. 373
4 wire dtmf way station equipment per rdso spec no irs-tc-60/2007 latest with 4 wire control telephone as per spec no.Irs-tc-38/97 with amendment no.1 latest.To be supplied through rdso approved sourc. 165
40_46. oberschule_fl 11 extended shell. 201
400kv ss at ghani and connected line to kurnool& bay at kurnool. 109
4modular pvc box with top plate cover. make : pointer/roma/legrand/ge/l and t/gold medal. 116
4th generation intel core i5 computer system. 124
4x 35 sq mm 1100 volt pvc armoured aluminum cable confirming to is: 1554 or latest. 165
5 watt trans receiver battery pack 7.2/7.4v capacity 2300mah type nimh rechargeable compitable for motorola gp-328 walki- talki set. 107
5/3 way double solenoid valva, part no 6775340350 for tower wagon mark-iii kirloskar cummins engine use. 113
50 rental vehicles in grenoble university hospital. 132
500 mw condenser tubes cleaning by using specially designed imported phosphor bronze bullets or by using conco bullets made of heat. 142
5550.501.4663 low cheeks, development Ried (East), water pipeline construction, pipe fitters. 154
5amps 250 v 3pin plug top alone with isi mark. 119
5amps/6amps 250volt spt switches. 114
6 pin emergency plug and socket flat type as per rdso spec.Irs-tc:42-87 with amendment. 115
6 quad telecom cable 0.9 mm dia. 337
7 adenocarcinoma bondong road construction outside bokgae eight places thorough inspection services. 115
8.6 x 6.2 mm (bare), 8.9 x 6.5 mm (covered) daglas copper to bp28187. 139
80 watts induction street light fitting with lamp. 160
8992/03/e8 of 2104-15.Special repair and renovation of toilet facilitate to handicap at k.V. amla. 141
A innovative programme of energy saving replacement of hpsv ,mh, ftl lamps. 134
A set of switch roller for kepco make master controller wdg3a and wdg4 consisting with following items details as per annexure attached. 107
A Supply Of Material And Labour For Day To Day Maintenance Of Resdl And Nonresdl Bldg. I.E Gpra At Sec.7 I/C Ib, Nv-I, Ii And Iii At Sec. 261
A Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Ductable Split AC,s in ward block-1 at Dr. BSA B. Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of cassette AC units in autopsy in Mortuary at Dr. 160
A/b frn covrac/dc/emu/d2 02202/1. 167
A/E Services For Renovation Of Old City Hall. 249
A/r and m/o residential building for i.G. mint colony, kolkata, during 2014-15. sh - repair of doors, windows, patches, white wash, colour wash and painting work etc. in different quarters. 141
A/r and m/o to supreme court of india, new delhi. sh:- supply of material. 132
A/r and m/o vayu bhawan during 2014-15 sh: internal finishing work at vayu bhawan and j-block, new delhi. 123
A2.10 Tiling and masonry work. 111
A2.12 Timber Works including roofing, glass facade, tinsmith, lock and fittings, ceilings, fixtures and shading. 111
A2.24 Templates and floorlayer - Construction of a new secondary school including cultural scene. 111
Abc make nflp 3.3kv vcb 630 amps spares. 132
Aberfoyle Road, Greenock - Lady Burn Overflow Diversion. 137
Ac damping capcitor. 184
Ac drive. 141
Access to Finance in South Sudan. 160
Access to the financial trading and investment research databases. 109
Accessories for burst testing machine. 121
Accident and health insurance services. 122
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 122
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 165
Accounting, auditing and fiscal servicesa. 155
Acquire a lidar system with associated equipment and software for use in geological data collection. 136
Acquiring premises on lease for shifting of premises of our bathinda cantt branch, distt. bathinda (punjab). 105
Acquisition ,, Portable Computers and Graphics, All-In-One Systems~. 281
Acquisition is to increase knowledge about the effects of the construction market of model programs for climate-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. 144
Acquisition New nursing center. 137
Acquisition of books, sheet music and games for libraries in the city of arras. 307
Acquisition of CNC machining center. 151
Acquisition of the right to maintain and upgrade the oracle technology and application licenses. 125
Acquisition of trailer and other items. 216
Acquisition protection of landSh total station survey digital method0 of southern ridge area for remaining 1.50 acres of land specialized job. 142
Acquisition, deployment and management of digital file. 182
Acrylic sheet blue transparent in size of 1200mm x 900mm x 3mm (plus/minus 0.2mm) thick confirming to is - 7569/1987 reaffirmed.2003. 133
Acting 4 medium railing renovation between ghaziabad-haaransilta. 313
Adaptation of the barracks building. 227
Adaptation, Extension And Refurbishment Of The Railway Infrastructure. 382
Adarsh nivashi school at santrampur (prov. compound wall & steel darwaja) gujarat patern yojana. 188
Addition/Alteration In The Existing Stores At I. B. Cpwd Ajmer. Sh: Furniture And Finishing Of Existing Rooms At I.B . 111
Additional & alteration in chc kadi ta-kadi in dist: - mehsana. 185
Additional repairing and renovation works of berhampore rabindra sadan, murshidabad during the year 2014-2015.Supplying an laying interlocking designer paver block at rabindra sadan, murshidabad durin. 157
Additional work to vet certificate iii digital resource. 104
Additional works estimate for Installation of WIM cum ATCC between km 201.00 to 202.00 on NH-48 Bangalore -. 133
Additional works of Plastering Electrification paver block flooring. 163
Adjuster ear with ear bushing for slack adjuster type irsa-600j confirming to rdso spec no 07 abr 1992 amendment no 4 of july 2000 to rdso drg.No.Wd-90002-s-02 rc item 1 and 4. alt.1 item 1-adjuster e. 196
Administration services. 305
Administration, defence and social security services. 225
Administrative development project services. 136
Administrative, technical and financial areas of the front of travellers. 377
Advanced Detection Equipment At Midfield Terminal. 173
Advanced document managment system with 3 year maintenance. 115
Advertising - printing - distribution of municipal magazine. 255
Advertising and information services on the TV channels broadcasting in the territory of the Tyumen region, including KhMAO and YANAO. 163
Advertising and marketing services. 113
Advertising and marketing services. 262
Advertising stickers and strips. 166
Advertising video-tape production. 127
Advice on the qualification of frame application - cloudburst projects and green roads. 136
Affordable living at wE[micro]rthbE[micro]schel baden-baden, construction of 4 apartment buildings in the oos district. 239
Afforestation of agricultural land in the municipality. 153
Afforestation of agricultural land in the municipality. 147
Afforestation services. 140
Agribusiness Project. 322
Agua Vista Park. 176
Ahgokri (deungtae) nongro check paving. 109
Air blast transformer oil cooler (radiator) with blower motor for bhel emus to icf spec.No.Icf-elec-014 rev.A and drg.No.Icf-sk-9-0-606 alt. e . 337
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe to rdso.Sk.73547 alt-12 to rdso specn. 02-abr-02 appex-f. 259
Air brake hose coupling support, to drawing/specification rdsos drg. no. sk-73552, alt. no. 6. 198
Air cleaner inner element to gmmco/hpp part no. 81536049, suitable for caterpillar diesel engine model: 3412 dita. 122
Air compressor model trc 1000b elgi tpl no.S07003 suitable for 700 hp. 112
Air compressor water cooled to rdso specn.No.Mp. rev.00 june-07 or latest. to drg.No.Rdso/sk.Dp-3842 emd pt.No.40017843. 135
Air filter assly (emd type j-1 filter) dlw pt no. 11664253. 178
Air filter for furnaces to rwf drawing. 149
Air filter to drg no. icf/sk-6-4-035 (alt. x) for ac-dc siemens rakes. 143
Air flow relay for emu-memu main rectifier. model gm 021.00.D4c-5 of m-s.Switzer or m-s. eversure drg.No.Eee-afr-05 ( rev-1) and hood eee-afr-hood-01 similar to clw specification no. clw-es-r - 34 alt. 328
Air line sleve 3/8 assembly as per ftil part.No-029009000. make:- ftil or similar. 113
Air motor cover complete for smgr of n32 tap changer.M/s repl pt. no.A-6602 consist of top cover a6602.1, bottom cover a6602.2, side cover a6602.3 and connecting link a6602.4. 190
Aircraft de-icing machine. 140
Aircraft spares. 105
Aircraft spares. 103
Aji-1 irri. scheme cleaning & painting work to foot bridge, h.R. platform & providing epoxy plaster on spillway ogee portion of aji-i irrigation scheme. (part-ii). 206
Algebra tutorial services. 186
All that part and parcel of property consisting of khata no khasra no area village 20 127ba 0.167 pistore mundia,bazpur 128 0.076 0.243 hect 316 126 0.266 hect. 4 bigha 4 viswa total land 0.509 hect. 171
All that piece and parcel of land admeasuring 6104 sq.ft with building thereon having toal plinth area of 2984 sq.ft located at rs no 50-2, door no 2, thripanipettai south street, viswanathapuram vill. 204
Allen bolt socket head 1/2 x20tpi unf-3a x1-1/2 . dlw drg.No.-tpe-13-0054, dlw pt.No.-10270061. make:- lps/pooja/sundram/boltmaster/jbn/deepak fastner/pioneer. 403
Allen Bradley Controllers. 125
Allied pucca field channe masonry work for the protection of stream jhora water under jaldharo jalbharo specialprogramme at paschim medinipore . 140
Allied pucca field channelmasonry work for the protection of stream jhora water under jaldharo jalbharo specialprogramme at paschim medinipore . 139
Allotment of hoarding sites on license basis at bhilai township,. 115
Allotment Of Parking Stands Over Malda Division For Three Years. 126
Allotment of shopping units existing at badapadia for a period of 5 years on short term lease basis. 131
Allu insulated cable 150 sqmm x 1 core 1100volts make:-avocab,havells and finolex. 111
Aluminium flexible ducting pipe dia 125mm. 203
Am Of 75Kva And 200Kva Dg Sets Moei And Fans Ic S Light And Rm Of Wsp Sets And Passenger Lift And Dgset Afa System Etc At Tncome Tax Office Bldg Cl Nagpur Sh Am Of 200Kva Dg Set. 177
Amc for air compressors under dhanbad do. 111
Amc for horticulture services. 115
Amc for period of 2 years maintenance of techser make, 20kva ups system and 10kva inverter cum ups system. 141
Amc Of Fire Fighting System And Fire Alarm Systems. 127
AMC renewal of Generic System (GS) Hardware and System software. 115
Amino gaunidine bi carbonate. 155
Ammonium poly sulphide. 103
Amo 2013-16 : Fire Detection, Alarm And Fighting System In Parliament House, New Delhi. Sub Head : Comprehensive Maintenance And Operation Of Addressable Intelligent Fire Alarm System. 117
Ams advertising material framework agreement 2015-2018. 165
Analysers. 134
Analysis apparatus. 162
Analysis apparatus. 202
Analysis of the flood risk and the investment program. 351
Analytical quantity surveying services in the civil engineering field. 110
Ancillary furniture for southeast health and wellness center phase 2b and 2c. 105
Anesthesia multipara monitor as per specification attached. 352
Angioplasty devices. 138
Angular contact ball bearing. 204
Animal feedstuffs. 155
Announcement rent eleven coffee machines, as well as ingredients and other accessories (including cardboard cups, spoons, etc.). 136
Annual audit of the financial statements. 183
Annual cleaning and upkeeping of 786 nos m qtrs ompur colony under rajgamar sub area. 121
Annual comp. s&m contract for pc. 122
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of Cummins make DG Sets installed at various site. 159
Annual contract for assistance in operation for tripper operation of conv. 5A/B and 6A/B, 4X210 MW, CHP. 157
Annual contract for housekeeping & related works. 124
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping in Mysuru City Corporation, Mysuru. 122
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping in Mysuru City Corporation, Mysuru. 122
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping in Mysuru City Corporation, Mysuru. 121
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping in Mysuru City Corporation, Mysuru. 122
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping in Mysuru City Corporation, Mysuru. 120
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste & street sweeping. 121
Annual contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste and street sweeping in ward no~s 59,60 mysuru city corporation limits. 127
Annual contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste and street sweeping in ward no~s 61,62 mysuru city corporation limits. 126
Annual contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste in ward no. 34,35,36,37,38 in mysuru city corporation limites. 127
Annual contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste in ward. 129
Annual contract for the collection and transportation and safe door delivery of all type of stores items including gas cylinders, pipes, plates, structures etc. From stores officer, csu, barc, trombay. 130
Annual contract of taxi/car for the year 2015-16. 159
Annual electrical maintenance and rate contract for the year 2015-16 at iocl r and d centre, faridabad. 147
Annual M&R of civil works at 132KV S/S Kunera. 130
Annual M&R of civil works at 132KV S/S Pukharayana. 130
Annual maintance of ups (online & offline) establish in mantralaya vallabh bhawan bhopal. 112
Annual maintenance & servicing contract for IBM server, computers, peripherals & network at office of Superintending Engineer, HPC, Nashik. 135
Annual Maintenance 320 KVA Greaves Make DG Set). 154
Annual maintenance contract amc for complete repairing, maintenance and overhauling of different vehicles of siliguri municipal corporation. 125
Annual Maintenance Contract For 06 Nos. Eot Crane Of Els/Bia For Two Years. 158
Annual Maintenance contract for air compressors under dhanbad do. 125
Annual Maintenance contract For Cleaning And Replacement Of Cooling Coils And Filters In Ventilation System. 145
Annual maintenance contract for electric hoists and mechanical hoists in tp unit. 130
Annual maintenance contract for two no. lift installed in DEM block. 155
Annual maintenance contract for two number of 100 te electronic in-motion railway weighbridges. 157
Annual Maintenance contract of horticulture work at gail jubilee tower and gail info hub noida. 119
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Ricoh Photocopier Machine Of Make:- Aficio Model:-Mp2000le, Mp2000l2, Mpc2051, Mp2501l, 3224C. 148

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