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Articles from Mena Report (March 18, 2015)

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"construction of computer centre, class rooms and laboratory at govt. polytechnic college. 138
"delivery of food to provide nutrition persons accommodated in the territorial divisions and accommodation of foreigners applying for international protection of the state agency for refugees / roc -. 273
"Preparation of project documentation for the reconstruction / expansion of roads - 10 parts". 262
"rotor spiral" ofaj drg.Fs-2483 a. 118
"spiral" to ofaj drg.No.Fs-2469b. 118
"spiral"(brass) ofaj drg.No.Fs-2480b. 118
"Supply of medical devices / general medical supplies / paid by patients for the needs of the hospital" tota venkova "ad - gabrovo". 234
(1) loading ) loading and transportation of coal from tarmi feeder breaker discharge end to tarmi siding (185 mtr) and (2) loading of coal into railway wagon by pay loader at tarmi railway siding for. 161
(1)level sprit (2) rail thermometer magnetic stand and (3) gauge cum level (bg). 214
(a) safaiwala -3 nos. (b) cook-cum-caretaker - 1 no. (c) driver - 1 no. (d) electrician - 1 no. (e) plumber - 1 no. 147
(i)tool holder to specification lf123-k-32 32 32 b for parting or w383340lh225046650 only (ii)parting & grooving coated carbide insert. 132
? 02/15 [beaucoup moins que]The right to provide services on booking, registration, purchase and delivery of tickets, train tickets. 153
? auto railway signal equipment construction engineer holders tuchal ? 8 gyeongin bupyeong station outside line switcher improved construction. 131
?? ?? railroad automatic signal equipment construction engineer hold-yard 159.742km hoedeok gyeongbu railway sleepers aged nine others exchanged track circuits. 119
05 nos.Each pc and printer alongwith peripherals. 135
06 depot boardwalk plumbing. 262
1 .Shifting / raising of 66kv chhatral - santej d/c tower line ( betn loc. 29 to 32) on acsr dog conductor (for dfcc-project) 2. shifting / raising of 66kv chhatral - santej d/c tower line ( betn loc. 253
1 Marine Plywood 19Mm Thick 2 Commercial Plywood 8Mm Thick 3 Road Marking Paint (White) 4 Road Marking Paint (Black) 5 Road Marking Paint (Yellow) 6 Acrylic Exterior Emulsion (Blue Crackle 2441) Nerol. 203
1 Shallow screening of loop lines replacement of broken sleepers at isolated locations transportation of material cess repair work surfacing of LCs cleaning of side drains. 123
1 type of item(cboi). 111
1 way switch 20 amps , ivory colour with anchor code no.95401 or crab tree code no. act5xxw161- 01 no. 207
1).LT UG, Copper, Armoured, XLPE control cable and 2) Copper Flexible Trailing Power Cable ( As per Annexure-I & II). 116
1)alloy tool steel size:315mm x 765mm. 2)alloy tool steel h-13 sz:315x650mm. 127
1)caca cooler to drg.14023140090, var.00, rev.02. cooler should be identical to earlier supplied cooler against p.O. no. 1505473 dated: 01/02/2011.Note:-(1)inspection shall be done by by bhel/tpia as. 200
1)double row spherical roller bearing - 22218, make:- skf/fag/rhp/nbc/ntn/nsk/timken and ina only. qty: 20 no. 214
1)lead in plate (353 pins) qty: 22 no 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)multi contact band. 129
1)proportional valve qty: 2 st 2)j.B.With amplifier qty: 2 st 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)s.C. ring (ordering) to drg. 44028045513, it.01. rev.00 and matl. specn. no. aa19801, rev-04. ; weight of each ring = 72 kg.Each ring to be ultrasonically tested as per am54155.Note:-(1)inspection s. 205
1)ta9901az slip ring assembly to drg. 14302376001 v00 rev03 . to be supplied in proper packing . qty: 10 no. 175
1-2 living area (beautiful buildings) sports center cctv installation work. 112
1. bolt to drg.No 8603-01-01-01-10-004-00xa 2. nut to drg.No 8603-01-01-01-09-006-00xa. 118
1. cartridge no.940 ( yellow, cyan and magenta). 5nos. each. 129
1. tab. glimapride 1 mg (strip pack) 2. tab. glimapride 2 mg (strip pack). 106
1.0 ton split air conditoner unit to work on 230v, 50 hz., single phase ac supply, high eer rotary compressors, r22 refrigerant anti dust, lcd display remote, timer, swing, display on remote. with min. 247
1.Replacement of old C I Pipe line to PVC Pipe line from Nagalingjjan Arch to Jamakhan House. 153
1.Water spraying on public road between CISF Check post near Shivpuri weigh bridge and road junction of Shivpuriunder Shivpuri Sub Area.2.Water spraying on weight meter road of VP-II Mine and Vishnupu. 133
12 volts smf battery 65ah, make :- exide or equal alongwith provision for connecting 3 nos. fct adaptor with each battery set. 131
128428 highway a30; ak schE-ttorf - as rheine nord. 149759 repair bw 7689, 7692, 7695, 7698th. 292
15 line islands (seongpyeong) pedestrian environment improvement project. 114
15797 Leasing of cars for the Health Care Service in Reykjavik. 133
15kw and 22kw star delta starter for rail less hts for gslopvs. 129
15mm solid dummy plug m.S.Galvanised to is.1239, part-ii steel plug. 103
16 kva rack mounted intelligent ups. 107
16sm0022p - catheters, guides and strippers. 131
16sm0077p - radiological contrast. 106
16sm0114 - stapling, instrumental endosurgery and sutures. 118
19.20.21 - 00.00 - Petrol engine (gasoline), including aviation gasoline (petrol A 92, A-95, diesel fuel (in seych coupons or cards)Quantity: 19.20.21 - 00.00 - Petrol engine (gasoline), including avi. 102
2-octyl cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesive with high viscocity of 0.5 ml per vial 06 pcs/ box. 160
2. extension of the district school bergstedt at home colony damm - various technical trades. 250
2000 litre avgas trailer. 103
2015 chilbosan trail maintenance and ecological restoration work. 115
2015 disaster control system security situation maintenance services. 110
2015 dredging sewage treatment plant (gajwa sewage, gulpocheon intercepting facilities). 123
2015 elementary cctv control center monitoring services. 104
2015 gangnam motorway construction waste treatment facility construction routine maintenance services. 116
2015 security, refurbishment (annual price). 113
2015 server / pc / information technology / security integration maintenance services. 112
2015 w02, natural gas tender. 166
2015 water treatment plant jeongsuji foil reinforced waterproof construction. 120
25 kv gapless surge arrestor la as per specificatyion no. clw/es/a-12, alt-c and clw drg. no. clw/es/sk/-1/a-12 alt- d or latest. 123
3.5 vga lcd and 5 vga lcd. 120
3/4 x 30 bogie hose connection assly to drg no.600/mech/pt/1991. 125
40 gymn bE-hlau, fl 214 -. carpenters interior doors. 168
400 sqmmx3 core 11 k v h. t. xlpe armoured cable straight throuh jointing kit. details as per tender specifcation. 148
4059 c.O. on a.J. construction of judicial acadamy in gujarat highcourt sola, ahmedabad (providing fire fighting system in judicial acadamy building). 195
46 / zp / 15 procedure for public procurement conducted in an open tender with a value of more than 10 000 000 for the supply of pharmaceuticals - import target for the provincial specialist hospital. 313
470 percent b5f /- 20 percent , 400vdc, mp 85 degree celsius, capacitor screw type for filter circuit. 140
4900001209 - clean, clean and inspect existing sewer and inspect sewer connections. 211
50 MW Solar Power Plant at Huangshi City. 183
500v metal body hand generator insulation tester with test lead range : 0-1000 m.Ohms. make : cie or similar. 108
55634S-IWC F166- Bulk Salt For Water Softeners-PDC PWR PLT. 246
6 amps hrc fuse link cns off set clip. 165
6 axis deformity / fracture correction system. 204
6 finger interlock unit complete for switch t2, bhel part no. 15801430007 v01. 111
6 KVA UPS with sealed maintenance free batteries. 103
6 pin emergency socket as per rdso spec no irs - tc- 42/87 with amendment no.2 latest (part-l). to be supplied through rdso approved sources. make : epsilon,telecom manufacturing and trading co. 158
6f 22 9v battery for thermometer temptreture gun. 193
8 50 kV e-coil plus optional 4 pieces for follow-up project SPB-Oberland. 187
8 50 kV SPB plus optional 4 pieces for follow-up project SPB-Oberland. 192
801091work services for setting up of 100 kwp mini grid solar power plant system at afa hyderabad. 145
8740/e8/ge (east) agra. 131
950 tons of asphalt on municipal roads. 105
A M And O 2014 17 Hvac And Refrigeration System At P H Annexe New Delhi Sh Pdg Services For Routine Inspection And Maintenance Of Split Ac Units And Water Coolers Installed Inside And Outside Ph Annex. 139
A set of copper gasket consists of 03 items to dlw part no. 10175842 to drg no. ske1288. note: dlw approved vendors only to be participated. 169
A set of hardware consisting of 02 types make-tvs/unbrako/lps only 1 socket head cap screw. 169
A set of kbi air dryer spares, consisting of 04 items, 08 nos kbi part no. valve cone 02 nos. 2 kbi part no.B82682 piston 02 nos. 3 kbi part no.A57201 compression spring 02 nos. 4 kbi. 202
A set of paints for alco locomotives for the year 2015-16. 1 synthetic enamel super white paint 70ltrs. 2 synthetic enamel orange paint 150ltrs.3 synthetic enamel yellow paint 90ltrs 4 grey enamel put. 202
A set of repair kit consisting of three items. 161
A set of spare for ace fork lifter consisting of eight items. 180
A set of spare for maintence of tata sumo rj-19-1c-1753. 118
A-9 automatic brake valve assembly. 233
A/Mtc. W/S Sch. Maur Mandi. 158
A/R And M/O Of Electrical Sub-Station, Over Head Lines, Street Lights At S.S.B., Fcil Complex At Gorakhpur.Sh:- Repairing/Replacement Of Ug Cable For A-Type Qtrs And Earthing Arrangement For Hospital. 114
A/r and m/o to gpoa building at akurdi, pune during 2015-16. s/h providing services for housekeeping to the gpoa premises at akurdi. 141
A/R And M/O To Gpoa Building At Akurdi, Pune During 2015-16. S/H Providing Services For Housekeeping To The Gpoa Premises At Akurdi. 103
A/R And M/O To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under S/Div-Iv Of Pawd-I Dg.14-15 Sh: Plaster Repair Works At Bungalow No. 11 Janpath. 126
A/R And M/O To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under Sub/Division-V Of Pawd-I Dg 2014-15 Sh Pvc Water Storage Tanks And Other Misc Work At 9,10,25,36 Meena Bagh And Others. 126
A/R And M/O To Supreme Court Of India, New Delhi. Sh:- Supply Of Material. 109
A/r/m/o of submersible pump set and d.G. set around ct- 4 at sector 20 and 23 dwarka ph.I. 151
A4 multifunction b and w laser printer print/copy/scan model mf 3010 or similar. 125
Aadiwasi Pre-Metrice Boys Hostel Chentikheda Ka Ses Work Risk And Cost Package No. 134
Aar approved grease for ctrb bearing as per specification no.Wd -24-misc-2003 rev-1. 327
Absorbable hemoststic, gelatin sponge for standard use, size 7 cm x 5 cm x 1 cm spongostan standard 20 foils / box. 164
Ac induction motor for eot crane,. 205
Access and basic support. 398
Accommodation services. 120
Accounting and auditing services. 175
Accounting and auditing services. 172
Acid sulphuric battery concentrated grade to is 266-1971 with amdt.No.1 of 1981. 110
Acoustic protection in noisy. 252
Acquiring a textile cutting machine and cad solution. 170
Acquisition 10492 / Lyss - transformation node Lyssnord. 191
Acquisition of a mobile crusher for processing of green waste and montpellier mediterranee metropole resumed mill currently in service. 192
Acquisition of a single crystal diffractometer x-rays. 143
Acquisition of administrative and school supplies. 222
Acquisition of bluetongue vaccine doses. 134
Acquisition of Electricity Meters and Associated Equipment for Measuring the Effective Exercise of 2015. 534
Acquisition of Equipment for Operation and Maintenance of Water and Sanitation Systems in the Area of Operation. 477
Acquisition of Laboratory Supplies. 201
Acquisition of mass spectrometry instruments high resolution for medical faculties and sciences university of geneva. 108
Acquisition of Mobile Services (Voice and Data) and Mobile Internet. 509
Acquisition of Reagents Analyzers. 205
Acquisition of Research Equipment for Research Centre Normal and Pathological. 161
Acquisition of Research Equipment. 177
Acquisition of test benches and servicing for buses and trams vehicles rtm. 277
Acquisition, deployment and management of digital file. 180
Acquisition, development and operation of the web tv and video-on-demand service by parliamentary television. 214
Adapter (narrow jaw) class e 6 inch x 11 inch to rdso drg. no. wd- 89067 -s/9 alt. no. - 6. 131
Adapting to the needs of tourism through the execution of renovation and expansion of the circulation of cars in the workings of the mining museum. 190
Addition Alteration To Shastri Bhawan New Delhi Sh Sitc Of Voltage Stablizer At Gate No 4. 111
Addition alteration to shastri bhawan new delhi sh sitc of voltage stablizer at gate no 4. 126
Addition Altration And Maint Work Of Shiv Mandir And Hanuman Mandir. 144
Addition/alteration of first floor management building. 132
Adhesive synthetic ind/me/788(d). 156
Administrative development project services. 119
Advance Water Tender Fire Van Vehicle Purchase Ganj Basoda. 150
Advertising services. 185
Advice on the qualification of frame application - cloudburst projects and green roads. 136
Aerosol spraying liquid penetrant kit consisting of3items i.E.Dye penetrant,cleaner anddeveloper in ratio1:3:2 penetrant system properties as under:- a.Visibility-type ii.Visible dye b.System sensitiv. 170
Aggregates. 140
Agora Tower. 517
Air barracks - increasing energy efficiency. 237
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe as per rdso drg. no. wd-81027-s-01, alt. no.-10. 206
Air Compressors and installation ofby-pass line for air dryers. 114
Aircraft noise countermeasures local housing purchase air conditioning installation (16th). 109
Akg make pump spares. 127
Alarm systems. 106
Alarm systems. 123
All in one bid for construction and installation including supply electrical works and energisation of 6 nos tubewells. 147
All wool cloth serge having minimum width 140 cms (exclusive of selvedges) confo. 322
Aluminium door. 155
Aluminium equal angle moulding size 2440 x 20 x 2.5 mm icf drg no wgscwac-4-3-017 alt 1 and 4 item no 21 drg. no.J and t mtn ext.No 411, alt.-2(nature of item - non safety). 170
Ambulance conversion services. 152
Amc for 2x40 kva ups. 131
Amc for dti under dhanbad do for two years. 125
Amc for xerox machines. 114
Amc of horticulture work at gail jubilee tower and gail info hub noida. 118
Amc of hydraulic power pack for 2 nos stacker reclaimer of chp stg-1. 135
Amc of numeca software system. 136
amc of street lights. 132
Amylase, code-10217-4 .... 244
Analysis of the Indian power market and offtake possibilities for Nepalese producers. 156
Analytical Platform of Violence Against Women in Mexico. 162
Angular contact spring complete fixed contact as perm/s abb drg. no.Ina 516497r-2. 110
Animal products, meat and meat products. 167
Animation and training sessions for computer destination massicois. 319
Annual Comprehensive Corrective Maintenance Contract For Repair Of Defective Electrical Pantry/Sub Pantry Appliances Of Lhb Type Rajdhani, Duronto And Garib Rath Passenger Coaches. 157
Annual comprehensive maintenance of window/ split/ package/ tower and ductable type air conditioning units at dak bhawan, new delhi. 147
Annual contract for Daily up keeping and cleaning of office of the Executive director-1 Godrej hill kalyan (W). 164
Annual contract for hiring of waiters in the office of ministers of ministry of water resources, rd and gr. 144
Annual Contract For Loading & Unloading Of Companies Line Material At Various Msedcl Stores/Sites Under Kedgaon Division. 149
Annual Contract for Monthly Photo Meter Reading using Digital Camera (other than RF meters), and Data Entry along with Bill Distribution under Airoli Subdivision of (O& M) DIVISION, Vashi. 169
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste. 125
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste. 122
Annual Contract for primary collection of municipal solid waste. 122
Annual Contract for Printing of Energy Bills with Digital Photo of Meter under Chalisgaon Division. 151
Annual Cost Of Running Of National Gene Bank And Nbpgr New Campus Pusa, New Delhi. Sh: Laying Of Cable And Making Joint. 109
Annual gardening work on job basis contract. 130
Annual job contract for technological upkeep of coke oven and by product plant. 127
Annual m&r of cooling tower of unit no. 12&13. 110
Annual Maintanace W/S Sch. Sangat Mandi. 155
Annual maintanance contract Of Wet Riser System At Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam. 129
Annual maintenance and service contractof breathing apparatus sets. 129
Annual maintenance contract for 500 kva cummins make dg sets. 143
Annual Maintenance Contract For Air Conditioners And Water Coolers In Connection With Moei And Fans Street And Compound Lights Including Rmo Sub Station Dg Sets Lifts Fire Fighting Equipments Ac Units. 129
Annual maintenance contract for air conditioners and water coolers. 152
Annual maintenance contract for auto weather station at chemistry department at ntpc-simhadri. 135
Annual Maintenance Contract For Cleaning And Replacement Of Sea Water Intake Structure Gates. 144
Annual maintenance contract for fands systems under gail mansarampura, gail abu road and gail bhawan, jaipur. 131
Annual maintenance contract for maintenance of dot matrix printers. 143
Annual maintenance contract for upkeeping of all electrical equipments and installations at cmpdi residential colony and cmpdi office complex located at seepat road , bilaspur 495006 (cg) for 2015-16. 148
Annual maintenance contract of computers and peripherals at parbati he project, stage-ii. 141
Annual maintenance contract of perkin elmer make tricarb 2900 tr liquid scintillation analyzers. 126
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Printer Pc With Software For Online Barrel Label Printing Wadilube Inst. 114
Annual Maintenance of Bore well Motor Pumps Starter Panel Board from ward no 1to 35 in Hassan City Limits for the year 2015-16. 115
Annual Maintenance of Bore well Motor Pumps. 107
Annual maintenance of microwave and uhf towers. 179
Annual maintenance of water supply scheme. 153
Annual maintenance of white washing,colour washing, distempering. 137
Annual Maintenance Sewerage Scheme Bathinda 2015-16 O and M of Main Disposal works, Temporary Disposals, Sew. Lines, by providing P.O, Sewerman, Helper, period 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016 As per DNIT. 174
Annual maintenanec contract residential colony. 118
Annual rate contract installation of tea /coffee /soup vending machines and supply of material / consumables. 155
Annual rate of building works under district r&b sub division rajkot. 168
Annual repair and maintenance work electrical of residential and non residential buildings at gc crpf rambagh srinagar for financial year 2014 15 sh repairing of 125 kva dg set. 139
Annual Repairs, Maintenance And Upkeeping Of Cgo Complex At Vijayawada For The Year 2015-16. Sh: House Keeping Services Including Care Taking Services To Guest House, Running Of A Canteen, Security Se. 128
Annual street light maintenance of zone 1 and zone 2 in Puttur TMC limits. 104
Answering service provision and management of municipal waste generated on residential real estate. 121
Anti corrosive paint (por-15) grey colour for mas. 139
Anti tracking varnish f-93 of elantas beck india/ pune or re 118 or rotomac/new delhi. note only rdso approved sources will be considered for placement of p.O this is shelf life item and should be pro. 163
Antihaemorrhagics. 166
Antihypertensives. 125
Antineoplastic drugs (l01ba) (l01ca) (l01cb) (l01bc) purchases. 143
Antineoplastic drugs rituximab (l01xc02) and trastuzumab (l01xc03) purchases. 136
Antineoplastic Drugs Supply Framework Agreement with A 12-Month. 492
Antineovaskuliarizuojantys medicines age-related macular degeneration treatment. 194
Antivirals for systemic use. 131
Any Catering Contract. 154
Any civil work. 124
Anzac class ships - ship repairs and maintenance. 104
Aoh kit for medha mrt-922 spm as per annexure attached elrs/spec/spm/002-rev 02 june-2004 with ammendment no 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 or latest consist of 10 items and 10 nos. as per annexure c. 135
Ap-3 modified highly poly merised alluminium finished size 10 x 01 mtr x 02 mm thick make m/c,mk. 129
Apc back-up bx600ci-in ups 600va or similar 24 month warranty. 179
Api 6d gate valve for kv-repl project. 117
Api6d gate valve for kv-repl project. 115
Application invitation ibm servers, storage. 170
Application management of the transverse application of electronic management guepard documents. 168
Applications For Train Halt Agents At Vadakannikapuram And Anamalai Road. 136
Appointment of coal transportation agency for coal supplies under mou basis from m/s mahanadi coalfields limited (mcl) loading point/s to btps by all rail route. 116
Appointment of consultant for preparation of city sanitation plan. 126
Appointment of Halt Contractors. 160
Appointment of nabcb (national accreditation board for certification bodies) accredited certification body to award certifications of iso 14001 2004 and ohsas 18001 2007 and integration with existing. 143
Approximately 130 m bus stop, 143 m pavement, 260 m of water pipes, 50 m stormwater pipe and conversion of wastewater line approximately 50 m. 172
Approximately 800 meters with wastewater pipe with extensive use of NO Dig methods. 127
Arc chute for shunting contactor for locos. 258
Arc for carrying out painting of piping/equipment/structural etc as per tender specification. 123
Arc for mechanical maintenance at mmbpl, gujri, manglya and sherpur. 110
Architectural and related services. 101
Architectural and related services. 138
Architectural and related services. 171
Architectural and related services. 219
Architectural design services. 165
Architectural services for buildings. 137
Architectural services for buildings. 122
Architectural services for buildings. 131
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services for Road. 101
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 111
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 134
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 134
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 101
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 111
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 119
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 120
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 129
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 122
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 173
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 117
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 168
Architectural/Engineering Services for Baler Building Improvements and Expansion. 177
Armo intl. ei and fans p/sets lifts s/stn.Dg set fire fighting fire alarm pa system ac units and water coolers at ip bhawan new delhi. sh : routine maintenance of window / split type ac units and wate. 153
Armo Intl. Ei And Fans P/Sets Lifts S/Stn.Dg Set Fire Fighting Fire Alarm Pa System Ac Units And Water Coolers At Ip Bhawan New Delhi. Sh : Routine Maintenance Of Window / Split Type Ac Units And Wate. 133
Armoured gasket for d type flexible elbow 2 as per dlw drg no - tpl - 0330, alt-d.Or latest and part no 11325665. 411
Arranging power supply to 5.HP motor under SCP installation. 112
Arranging power supply to 5.HP motor under TSP installation. 113
Arranging power supply to 5HP under SCP Installation at sy No.1/18 of Wagengera Village of Shorapur Taluka. 114
Array power supply unit. 120
Arts-facility operation services. 134
As and as to sailors in living accommodation ashoka at ins circars at visakhapatnam. 145
As boq of tender documents. 118
As-Needed services for final records and materials review. 179
Asa dosing pump as per tender documents. 130
Asbestos-removal work. 116
Assembly, erection and launching of 14x45.7 M through open web girder welded type 25T loading on newly constructed Br. No.188 over Beas River, in Punjab , at Km 90/2-9 between Mirthal Bhangala station. 119
Assignments asbestos and lead trails in the built heritage of the yvelines department. 168
Assistance for Pot Start-up and its Allied Jobs in Pot Lines. 120
Assistance for removal of trash from trcm buckets and cleaning of silt from bonnet cover platform, drain in silt excluder gallery and preventive maintenance / up keeping of hm equipment during the pea. 165
Assistance In Furniture Styling And Drafting Of Shop Drawings For Selected Categories On All Floors Of Block A And B Of Extension To Parliament House Annexe Building With Following Job Work Descriptio. 106
Associate Training Services for City of London Police Economic Crime Academy. 232
Attending breakdown and preventive maintenance works in main oil coolers and LP heaters. 133
Attending day to day complaint under the area of age b/r-i (army) central in army area jodhpur. 160
Attending Reparis and Maintenance to HDPE Community Bins (729 Nos) for Two Years in Dn-192 to 200, Zone-15. 164
Attending Reparis and Maintenance to HDPE Community Bins (729 Nos) for Two Years in Dn-192 to 200, Zone-15. 166
Auditing services. 165
Aug water supply scheme machhrauli gp of 8 nos villages tehsil and distt jhajjar. 137
Austenitic stainless steel electrode, dia 5 mm, irs class m5, is 5206/83, is/aws code-e-18.8 mn-r-26 as per irs: m28-02 amendment 1 and 2 or latest amendment. 342
Autoclave. 107
Automatic robotic painting plant - 1 no. 219
Auxilary switch 8 nc 7 no for 50 sfgp 20 a circuit breaker code : 920241009/sp . make : cgl. 117
Auxiliary cam switch complete for tap changer aal pt. no. m5514/river pt. no. a5514. 111
Aviation microphone headsets. 101
Award and service credit in the amount of 80 000 000 pln to finance current khw sa. 124
Award procedure phones for ucc / voip based on microsoft lync. 157
Axle Alternator Complete Unit With Shaft And Flexible Coupling To Ge Type 17Mm24f2 For Bg Diesel Electric Locos. 321
Axle driving stud. 125
B 96 bypass hoyerswerda - traffic planning systems 1st section lph. 5 and phases. 6, traffic planning systems 2nd phase phases. 3 phases. 4 phases. 5 and phases. . 6. 199
B.L. switch box complete for loco with m/s siemens make programme switch and limit switch. specn. clw specn. no. clw/es/s-31/a. 172
B.T. Renewal in Km. 96/2 to 98/8 (Carriage way 5.50m) & 121/2 to 123/2 (Carriage way 7.0m) of Katghora-Ambikapur Road (SH-2A) & Km. 1/2 to 4/10, 15-16 of Pasan-Pipariya Road (MDR). 116
Babhain to harijan tola brahmadev nagar. 139

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