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Articles from Mena Report (March 10, 2015)

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"consumables for infusion pumps and nutrition". expte. 116/2015. 182
"Maintenance and landscaping public green spaces. 279
"raising of existing road, existing compound wall, c.L.Fencing & switch yard portion and extension of bus at 66kv khatamba s/s under jambuva circle.". 214
"Reconstruction of streets stefanik" - project documentation. 223
"Reconstruction of streets stefanik" - project documentation. 229
"Supply of medicines under the law on medicinal products for human use for the needs of the hospital" st.vrach "ltd.,. sandanski in periodic applications depending on the needs of the contracting auth. 217
(1) trenching, laying of hdpe duct, blowing of ofc cable, splicing termination, installation of ofc between parbhani-mudkhed and commissioning the system, (2) diversion and laying of 6 quad cable / of. 184
(6) Trailer Mounted Watercraft Decontamination Units. 113
-Providing And Laying Vitrified Tiles, Providing And Fixing Aluminium For Doors, French Spirit Polishing, Pvc Sheet Flooring,Vertical Blinds Etc. 150
:Improvement Of Ventilation System In Nursing Home Kitchen. 128
01 No. 99 HP IP Stone Cruser conn. On 2 part Tariff D/c & Repl. Of 01 Damaged PCC Pole. 135
024 wwi brunswick, new zeluba - a building design. 278
03 misc civil works at kolarpimpri ocm,wani north area. 157
03 nos of jobs as per table. 165
05 nos. of electronic spares. 112
06 nos. of electronic spares. 196
1 data logger system card - moxa card rs 232 suitable for existing cgl make data logger as per irs:s:99/2006-01.No. 2 data logger system card - moxa card rs 485 suitable for existing cgl make data log. 138
1 Moei And Fans Ic Street Light In Resdl.Non Resdl. Area At Arc Sarsawa. Moei And Fans In Resdl. Area In Arc And Airfield And Comprehensive Maintenance Of Street Light In Arc Airfield Tx Area.2 Rmo Pu. 235
1)Repair maintenance operation EI and Fans,P/S,DG Set,lifts,AC Plants and Eq.AFAS,UPSS,3x10TR P/T plant Honble LGsResi.andO/B Rajniwas,2)RMO EIandFan,P/S,DGSet and C/L 4Nos Mini.Bung.at8RajNiwas Marg. 168
1)s.R.D.G. ball bearing. 190
1- 1/2inch x 26 inch hose coupling for fp to rdso drg. no.Wd-81027-s-01 alt-10. it is a fp hose coupling. 131
1. bodyline high back chair, 2. exe.Table size:1500 x 750 mm. 177
1. laser cartridge model no.543 (magenta) or similar. 2. laser cartridge model no.542 (yellow) or similar. 133
1. providing e and m services. 179
1. Replacement of damaged water pipe from filter plant to 38 no. Colony of TOCP 2. Construction of pond with stairs at Pindra Village under CSR Scheme 2014-15 of TOCP of Hazaribagh Area 3. Constructio. 113
1. Replacement of damaged water pipe from filter plant. 112
1. Wagon loading of 50,000 Tes of coal by pay loader at 6 & 9 No. Rly.siding. 110
1.1 by 4 inch cut of angle cock. 175
1.5 sq.Mm black colour e-beam cable. 269
1.5 ton 5 star rated window type room ac make lg , weather maker or similar. 211
1.Conference letter pad with n.F.Rly logo (14 pages). 2. transparent l folder, a4- size. make- rainbow or similar. Conference news 135
1.Peri.Insert,2. Central insert, 3.Insert,4.Insert,5.Insert. 283
1.Shank article no.043198 1600-12x100l make:utilis/equivalent, 2.Parting & grooving 1.0-3.5 l cp uhm30 hx. 225
1.Supply of 110 KV AB Switch without earth with MOM. 119
1/2 huck / avdel bolt to huck pin part no. c50 lrbr 16 - 24g with collar part no. lc2r 16g or avdel pin part no bl01 - 1624g with collar part no. cb01 - 1600 or lal baba part no. lb50l br - s16 - 24g. 140
1/2 square drive l handle chrome vanadium alloy steel, polished chrome plated of make king tony reference no. 4581 - 10 / stanley part. no. 86 - 493 - 22 / groz., article no. ldh / 1 - 2 / ug. 126
110 kv dunat-rab: reconstruction of cable homes surb (island of krk). 246
12-T main hook load cell for SLI (Safe Load Indicating) system of Gotwald new design Jamalpur make 140T break down crane model MS 450 part No. MS-450-LS-01 of M/s. Mechanica sytem or equivalent with 1. 102
15b-092 silver springs acres road improvement program (mstu). 209
15b-093 lift station improvements 2015 phase 1. 292
15b-099 twin lakes ranchettes road improvement program (mstu). 251
2 amps/250 volts micro switch type 170h0069 of bussman make. 272
2 mil thick tape, teflon film coated uniformly on one side. 188
2 nd year Maintenance of Eucalyptus clonal plantation (98 Ha). 108
2 years maint contract for hematology 3 part analyser. 121
2.5 kva, 110v dc / 230v ac natural cooled underslung inverter. 175
20 hp submersible pump set. 208
200 mm face milling cutter with accessories. details are as per annexure a(item code: wj000 001 02). 148
2014-15 sc corpus fund - kannarathodi jayanthi colony road at elampalloor grama panchayat. 137
2015 0 won green pest control annual cost Corporation (zone 1). 113
2015 1 regional road drainage Dredging (unit price contract). 108
2015 2 regional road drainage Dredging (unit price contract). 109
2015 3 regional road drainage Dredging (unit price contract). 110
2015 annual road maintenance equipment lease contract price. 116
2015 Composition and seunggicheon flower road maintenance business. 109
2015 Crack Seal Project. 136
2015 disaster safety support printing and distribution services. 107
2015 drilling pipe pavement repair work (annual price). 118
2015 drilling pipe repair road construction Construction waste processing services (annual price). 109
2015 Facilitated school transport TE[sup.1]nsberg and NE[sup.1]tterE[sup.1]y-. 204
2015 Floor pavement maintenance work (annual price). 119
2015 Growth roadside improvements and facility management work. 108
2015 in hall road re-paving (annual price). 117
2015 River disaster prevention, Ltd. (Golgi-to-Earth) Detailed design services. 106
2015 road construction excavation annual cost recovery. 119
2015 road surface repackaging unit price contract. 105
2015 roadway resurfacing. 235
2015 Route 463 provincial road pavement hemp district refurbishment. 120
2015 Route 5 and Route roadside greenery maintenance work. 109
2015 street light facility maintenance construction (annual price). 106
2015. School cisterns (water tanks) cleaning and disinfection services. 114
21 address lines paldaldong mountain road construction. 108
22 watt led tube light fitting lumen-o/p 1900-2200 led make-nichia japan fixture-aluminum make-leedax model-tl22ni equivalent model of wipro, c and s. 121
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. demolition of block "j" & "j.1" type resi. block in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. (block no.607, 608 "j" type) (block no.601 to 605 "j.1" type) = 7 blocks. 224
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. demolition of block "j.1" type resi. block in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. (block no.156, 156a, 157, 157a, 158, 158a, 606 = 7 blocks). 215
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. demolition of block "j.1" type resi. block in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. (block no.159, 159a, 160, 160a, 161, 161a = 6 blocks). 218
24v, 1.6kv inverter similar to microtek make with 24 months warranty with two nos of 12v , 150ah tubular battery similar to microtek make mtekpower eb 1800 with warranty 18 months plus 18 months pro r. 128
25 kv ,1600amps double pole isolator complete with earthing heel as per rdso specification no . eti/ohe/16(1/94)rev-02 (march -04) and rdso letter no.Ti /psi/25/isol/policy /99 dated 03-06-1999. 243
25t four leggedwire rope sling complete with hook at one end and oblong link at other end of effective length 04 mtrs as per jmpw drg. no jmp/cr-165/2003. 312
3 aspect signal group relay suitable for led signal type a-rt-rg-a067 without ba. 131
3 pole power contactor type ml ac3 rating a 32, ac1 rating a 40, type ml 2 aux contact 2no 2nc cat. no.Ss 90701 make l and t or similar. 124
3 year maintenance contract for pcs, ups, printers. 172
3/4 square drive double hex industrial socket 24mm socket end dia 36.9 drive end dia 43.Approx oal 48mm make mac master model no ms3-24 mekaster model no mim324. 123
3/4 square drive reversible ratchet handle approx oal 605mm make mac master model no rh-3 mekaster model no mrr-20 sam c-151. 114
3001 non-eluted with the same three places road maintenance project implementation design services. 113
3003 East Gudeok three places outside the village road maintenance business conduct design services. 113
32 mm o ring. as per ncr drg no. jhs/sk-2690 alt nil. 127
336 kv and 30 kv surge arrestor. 131
4 leg steel rope sling assembly as per drg. no. b/trs/crn/3/69. note: govt. test certificate to be provided for each sling. 126
400 amps welding plant of make: af 455 of surrarc or its equivalent in make: esab/wearriest as per specification details follows: 1 rated input voltage : 380/415/440 v 2 lines of 3ph 50 hz. 2 rated in. 260
5 civil work at saoner sub area Patansaongi mine. 129
5 hp horizontal mono set pump. model of lubi make pump lhs-6 / size 80 x 80 mm, three phase 2880 rpm, with 3 mtr. lead cable having discharge capacity of 870 lpm at 12 mtr. head or equivalent model of. 151
6. providing storm water drain at lingapuram tribal hamlet in ward no.19. 129
600 amps crocodile type heavy duty earth clamp, make: l and t/esab. 105
7/8 dia. lock bolt and collar for freight stock as per rdso s drg no.Wd-11036 -s-01, alt. nil grip range 2.25 to 2.5 and drg. no.Wd-11036-s-02,alt. nil. 151
75 mm-3 inch scale moving iron type ammeter. 281
8 port fxo gateway with dual ethernet interface. techroutes ag 3100-80. 103
95 sq.Mm copper lugs. make:pioneer,national,telcon. 110
95 sqmm(475-0.5mm)single core, pvc insulated multistranded,unsheathed copper cable. 418
9508801-fsss scanner head assy. 104
9619301-scanner airfan dc mot.Start. box. 106
A & a to poultry farm buildings at vadodara (providing kotah stone shelves, chain link jali, pvc door, iron works, wooden staff table & other works) (deposit work). 198
A c fuel pump motor 1.5 hp with built in inverter for diesel electric locomotive as per rdso spec. no mp-0-24-00-20 of july 2008 rev.01 supply voltage 72 v. dc improvement measures as per modification. 176
A construction of new c. c. road from gobarbhai~s house gali and pateliyavad. 170
A construction of new c. c. road from shanti sadan society.(part 1),shanti sadan society.(part 2),ramnagar in ward no.5, stiphans school to ambika nagar,unchvaniya road. 187
A construction work of asphalt road from chakaliya road to govind nagar via gitnandan society,dolatgunj bazar (bazar chowk to gaushala),taluka panchayat to policechowky main gate via gwssb office thak. 195
A construction work of asphalt road from shethkaka chowk to nilam society via navjivan mill and shethkaka chowk to railway fencing via dtn office. 182
A midi rli having 2 nos 10 hp pump motor sets for irrigation of 40 ha area. 144
A modernization studies in television news agency. 205
A r and m o residential quarters under service centre. 132
A set consiting as per following. 1 pfi-102 black ink-01 nos. 2 pfi-102 matle black ink-01 no. 3 pfi-102 cyan-01 no. 4 pfi-102 yellow ink-01 no. 5 pfi-102 magenta ink-1 no for ipf 750 m40 plotter cum. 143
A set of brake controller components for demu dpc consists of 3 items as per annexure attached. 400
A set of e.P.Box components for demu consists of 05 items as per annexure attached. 400
A) improvement of road from kobirajpara more to sarishakuri via bajitpur, ch. 700m to 1700m, b) const. of 0.625x0.625m 2nos u-drain culvert at ch. 1000m & 1640m on said road, (id no.181725011). 123
A) road from gutala to gopavaram road. 171
A). improvement of bibidoil-raykhail road ch. 1370-2370m. b). construction of 3 no (1.00x1.00m) drainage culvert on bibidoil-raykhail road at ch. 1620, 2070, & 2175m. c). construction of 1x1.50x1.50m). 142
A). improvement of botertol-chor mohmedpur road ch. by bc ch. 2076-3076m. b). imptovement of doulotpur-mirjanogor (via panigaon) road by rcc ch. 00-500m., upazila : dakshin surma, district : sylhet. 122
A.C. surge protection device as per attached specification. 134
A/mtc. of Street light points installed on 8/11/12 mtr. long pole on dividing road. 136
A/mtc. of Supply and laying points installed on master road MG road from IFFCO chowk. 140
A/R And M/O Resdl Building For I.G. Mint Colony, Kolkata During 2014-15.Sh: Providing And Laying Sw Pipe Line Around Type - Ii New Block No 1 To 8 At Mint Colony. 134
A/R And M/O To A.C. Printing Press, New Delhi Dg 14-15. Sh: Misc. Civil Work. 110
A/R And M/O To Cgo Complex And Kendriya Sadan At Cbd Belapur ,Navi Mumbai During 2014-15. Sh: House Keeping. 120
A/R And M/O To Mps Flats/Bungalows Under Sub/Division-V Of Pawd-I Dg 2014-15 Sh Repair Of Damaged Wall At 47, Lodhi Estate. 120
A9 motorway, gleinalmtunnel construction of the 2nd tube / works elektromaschinelle equipment - medium-voltage system. 235
Abb Variable Torque Variable Frequency Drives Maintenance. 153
Ac cab fan, wall mounting 110 volts plus/- 22.5 percent,50 hz plus/- 3 percent with on - off switch,air quantity 20 cubic meter/minute at specified voltage as per specn no. clw/es/f-4 alt-g and sketch. 156
Academic research services for the medium-term plan to establish environmental protection. 104
Accommodation and office services. 133
Accommodation cleaning services. 135
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 148
Accounting Services To Complete Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 68 Compliance Audit. 235
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 119
Acid metering tank. 125
Acquisition and deployment of a wealth management solution. 440
Acquisition and maintenance of sweepers, truck chassis, boxes of rocks, supply, installation and maintenance of patient lift arms containers for the service of urban waste tower urban community (s) mo. 290
Acquisition C-band 5.7GHz Amplifier. 132
Acquisition of a laser cutting machine. 123
Acquisition of an x-ray diffractometer. 373
Acquisition of catheters. 122
Acquisition of computer technology. 235
Acquisition of measurement equipment in the fields dimensional force / torque / mass, pressure / flow and power / time-frequency / temperature. 265
Acquisition of operating-theatre devices. 161
Acquisition of scenic and festive equipment. 266
Acquisition of workstations, servers, network assets and various peripherals and personal computing accessory for the city of bordeaux and the ccas. 304
Acquisition, implementation and support of a management and planning system ontleen- (bop) for the department of special assignments and party material (bsf) and a general warehouse management system. 178
Acquisition, integration and monitoring support for a sales management solution. 161
Acrylic sheet of 6 percent b1 0.5 mm thickness,size:-4 x8 . 101
Activated carbon. 182
Activated carbon. 140
Active Oil Incinerator System Equipments Fire Bricks Relining And Revamping Works. 153
Activity serving application line. 101
Actr k30 / 12rpm. 103
Adaptation and building heating network and heating network. 252
Adapter art. no. 5193858. 110
Addiction treatment. 118
Addition Alteration At Krishi Bhawan New Delhi Sh Providing Fire Alarm System And Pa System For E F G And H Wing. 114
Addition And Alteration In Mmv Section At Ati, Ludhiana. Sh:- Ei Work. 102
Additional civil works with 40 MVAR Capacitor Bank at 220 KV S/S Bithoor Kanpur. 130
Additional laying of distribution network with hdpe pipes for the proposed water supply scheme for five zone within purulia municipality under spl.Brgf programme. 143
Addn/altn of stn hq bldg and electronic equipment room (ee room) at 725 suaf and computer room at af station jammu. 139
Addn/altn to main hangar at aftc jalahalli, bangalore. 201
Addn/Altn To Small Arms Firing Range At 14 Fbsu, Af Stn Under Age (I) Af Purnea. 133
Adjustor for brake block to icf s drg.No. t-3-1-607, alt.No.- p/12 . 109
Advertisement rights within the premises of Tilak Nagar Zone. 119
Advertising and marketing services. 360
Advertising management services. 187
Advertising management services. 183
Advertising management services. 186
Advertising management services. 183
Advertising management services. 186
Advertising management services. 180
Advertising management services. 184
Advertising management services. 181
Advertising services. 140
Advertisment on uni pole in Zone No 14. 134
Advisory and consultative engineering services. 205
Advisory and consultative engineering services. 108
Aep connection plain common cairo roquefort la bedoule. 370
Aerator fine air diffuser replacement membranes and lubrication. 160
Afforestation of agricultural land in the municipality. 151
Agile Working and EDM Solution. 166
Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation. 349
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 132
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 190
Aida Compact Neo Standard, Hd Documentation System For Digital Storage Of Still Images,. 108
Aids to navigation equipment goods purchased (clear and appoint bulbs). 103
Aids to navigation equipment goods purchased (clear and period accessories). 103
Aids to navigation equipment goods purchased (marine meteorological equipment). 104
Aids to navigation equipment goods purchases (batteries). 104
Air bellow drive schunk make part no.1-b04.5375 for pantograph type wbl 23.03 (vital item). 116
Air brake cylinder 8 x 8 for wap-1/wap-4 loco as per clw drg.No03/3/19/1 alt.2. 121
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe. 141
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mch unit at dungarpur distt. dungarpur (raj.). 145
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mchn unit beawar distt. ajmer. 141
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mchn unit bundi distt. bundi. 144
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mchn unit dholpur distt. dholpur. 141
Air defence radar. 332
Air drier pcb assembly to ftil part no.780354000. material should be procured from oem/authorised dealer only. 106
Air filter element as per part no - 88291002 - 854 suitable for godrej sullair crew air compressor model no as 2208. 112
Air filter element for compressor model no.Vv-120 of m/s knorr breme part no.8-000-8-923-719-5. 117
Air hose nipple. 104
Air intake for the hc-144a aircraft. 105
Air outlet duct assembly for vtc 304 turbo super charger of wdm3a diesel locomotives as per abb part no.900500. 121
Air plasma cutting machine. 241
Air pressure switch model no- rt-5. make- indfos/danfos. max testing pressure-25 kgs/cm2. 146
Air pressure switch range 1-10 kg/cm2, adjustable differential. 212
Air refreshner container stainless steel to drg.No : icf/sk-6-3-440. alt.No. a or latest. 137
Air reservoirs ( mr-1 mr-2) to dlw part no. 17454517 and drg.No. 10662293 alt ab pl. no. 17454517. 305
Airconditioning work at 100 bedded mch unit at dungarpur. 139
Airconditioning work at 100 bedded mch unit at mahila chikitsalya jaipur for groud floor and first floor. 150
Airless centrifugal shot blasting machine(swing table type) (on turnkey basis). 166
Alarm system and antenna installation work. 153
Albania : COLUMBUS COPPER to acquire pending onshore hydrocarbon licence block 8 in ALBANIA. 173
Algeria,Qatar : ALGERIA signs MOU with QATAR on Investment in Tourist Real Estate. 103
All in all operation and maintenance work for the vadod-jiav sewage pumping station of surat municipal corporation for 5 (five) years, surat. 188
All in one pc. as er specification attached. make: hp/dell/lenovo. 142
Allen key 1/16" to pt.No.6370634. 114
Alloti market mastery force. 301
Alluminium base board. 161
Almino thermit welding of 52 kg (72UTS)/52kg(90 UTS) Rails in situ or in the depot or at location decided by Railway in the new line project from Agartala to Sabroom including all the station yards in. 150
Altera development tools. 119
Aluminium terminal (lugs) 16 sq.Mm. 122
Alumino ferric grade-1 suitable for water purification to bis specification no: is-299. 329
Am And O 2014-17 : Hvac And Refrigeration System At Ph Annexe, New Delhi Sub Head:Supplying And Fixing Water Filters. 106
Amc for fccu lift. 116
Amc for metrohm instruments in qc. 118
Amc for voltage stablizers. 120
Amc of aerial access tower wagon by oem. 132
Amc of ductable air conditioning units available in ttd administrative building, tirupati for the year 2014-15. 127
Ammonia printers. make:- leo or similar . as per specification:- 1) effective width - 120 cm 2) printing speed - upto 150 cm per minute 3) details of driving mechanism - special friction drive . 4) li. 198
Analog extension card without cable and without licenses for hi path 4000 exchage-24 port slamc card. 108
Analysis apparatus. 143
Anchorage Signal System, Signage, and Safety Improvements. 175
Anemometer air velocity/ volume/ temperature meter. 173
Angle base frame for medium size detachable s.S.Location box. 202
Angola : ANGOLA analyses memorandum on implementation of National Maritime Surveillance and Security System of exclusive economic zone. 184
Animation of natura 2000 sites. 143
Annual cleaning and upkeeping of senior officer club at adarsh nagar colonyof kusmunda area. 134
Annual cleaning of settling tanks inside workshop complex at lkp ocp under lkpa for one year. 134
Annual comprehensive maintenance of 10 KVA UPS System Nexus Make in connection with MOEI and Fans RMO P sets street compound light DG Sets Substation FF System AC Plant PA System lifts at Dada Dev Mat. 182
Annual comprehensive maintenance. 191
Annual Contract for Cleaning / chute choke up removal in Zone-B along with allied works at CHP-A. 125
Annual Contract for Monthly IR (Infra Red) meter reading/ Photo meter reading of DL,. 190
Annual Contract for Monthly IR (Infra Red) meter reading/ Photo meter reading of DL,. 190
Annual Contract for Monthly IR (Infra Red) meter reading/ Photo meter reading of DL,. 189
Annual Contract for Monthly IR (Infra Red) meter reading/ Photo meter reading. 189
Annual Contract For Transportation Of Company s Materials Of 4 Mt Package At Various Sites Under Thane Iii Division For The Year 2015-16. 159
Annual maint of 02 nos of lifts at ins dronacharya, 06 nos lifts at cgra rameswaram, 17 nos lifts at sma rameswaram. 155
Annual maintenance and emergent repairs to electrical installation. 156
Annual maintenance and emergent repairs to electrical installation. 148
Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) For Force And Torque Testing Instrument. 137
Annual maintenance contract a m c for induction sealing machine. 115
Annual maintenance contract AMC for Mechanical jobs to be conducted to the Machinery installed in SKIMS Soura and SKIMS MCH Bemina. 146
Annual maintenance contract for atlas copco compressors. 107
Annual maintenance contract for goods lift. 106
Annual maintenance contract for package type air conditioners, air conditioners (split/window type) and water coolers of various types & capacities at vijayawada for a period of two years. 141
Annual maintenance contract for thermax make boiler and thermopack unit at wadilube. 121
Annual Maintenance contract Of Avery Phenol Drum Filling Machines. 120
Annual maintenance contract ups and stabilisers at wadilube inst. 114
Annual maintenance of all gardens for gdk and arl at p 43 hide road extension kolkata 700088. 124
Annual Maintenance Of All Gardens For Gdk And Arl. 115
Annual maintenance of street lights - deolali cantonment board. 145
Annual rate contract (14-15) for laying of new handpump in west zone ward-6,10,11.(reinvite). 184
Annual rate contract for printing. 122
Annual rate contract for publishing notice inviting tender advertisements. Approximately 3 nos per year. 120
Annual repair and maintenance of different structures at siding no 3 and 4 of bhubaneswari ocp, jagannath area. 137
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Electrical Works Of R Nr Building At Rtc Snr Crpf Campus Humhama Srinagar For The Financial Year 2014 15 Sh Repairing Of 1200 Kva Electronica Make Avr Installed At Rtc. 135
Annual Routine maintenance of Turbine offsite of equipments and systems installed in WT DM plant PTP and FF Pump hous. 165
Annual service contract of airconditioners and water coolers refrigetors etc. wadilube inst. c lube inst. cwh sewree. 123
Annual up keeping of central store under jagannath area. 130
Anode for chromium plating. 516
Antiroatation keyto drg. no: 8603-01-01-00-01-008-00xb. 111
Antivirals for systemic use. 132
Antivirals for systemic use. 176
Aoh kit for sil make air dryer consists of 5 items, 6 nos as follows: 1)filter. 339
Aoh kit for telpro part no 3400007800/01 aal make micro controlbased speedometer consisting of 07 items as per enclosed annexure a . 125
APHIA plus (AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance), Western Kenya. 468
APHIAplus (AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance), IMARISHA. 455
APHIAplus (AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance), Kamili. 456
APHIAplus (AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance), Nuru Ya Bonde. 477
Apparatus for deposition of thin layers on the basis of the physical vapor deposition by magnetron sputtering, and high-power impulse magnetron sputtering. 189
Apparatus for the deposition of thin layers on the basis of physical vapor deposition by magnetron sputtering and pulsed magnetron sputtering at high power. 166
Application management application "rapid development". 177
Applications are invited for pre-qualification of vendors/contractors for various electrical jobs. 144
Apply advisor positions in Oslo schools. 188
Appointment of handling and transportation contract of foodgrain at ladhuwala. 137
Appointment of regular contractor for handling and transport of food grains stocks of various depositors at central warehouse, maliwada. 149
Ar And Mo To Non Residential Building 1St Mso At Cpwd Nizam Palace Campus Kolkata During 2014 15 Sh Supplying Of Office Chair To Assistant Engineer C At Kcd I Cpwd. 129
Ar mo of office building for central custom and excise department at sriganganagar during 2015-16. 123
Ar Mo To Residential Qtrs At Andrews Ganj New Delhi Dg 2014 15 Sh Supply Of Material For Day To Day Maintenance Of Cpwd Flat. 110
Archaeological excavation in the neighborhood weyveld. 176
Architectural and engineering services for the expansion of the district heating network. 170
Architectural and related services. 200
Architectural and related services. 178
Architectural and related services. 101
Architectural and related services. 130
Architectural and related services. 140
Architectural Consultancy For The Work Construction Of Stpi Building At Ranchi Covering Civil Electrical Fire Fighting Fire Alarm Lift Civil And Electrical External Services Landscaping Etc. 121
Architectural design services. 161

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