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Articles from Mena Report (June 24, 2015)

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"complete building construction and district court district court in zamosc at the crossroads: wyszynskiego, zamoyski, pawlEwka zamosc". 205
"construction of c.R.Building ,quarter(g+1),foundation, compound wall,w.B.M road, fire protection wall & ancilary civil work at 66 kv vaghach s/s ta:naswadi dist: chhotaudepur under jambuva tr circle. 228
"construction of r.C.C. u/g sump r.C.C.E.S.R.(seismic zone-4)having capacity of 25000 liters & 12 mtr.Ht. & pump house in dalit vaas of panva village at panva under special component year 2014-15. tal. 219
"Dewatering and Removal of Slushy soil and disposal of removed silt from pond of Cooling Tower No. 1 at RTPS.". 125
"management consulting services construction attica region of design issues.". 118
"Reconstruction of the main water supply, water supply branch of the square." asparuhovo "quarter." galata "with. chickweed and the town. varna. section of the connection to the existing water supply. 183
"Sap system development and support (kbe / 148/2014).". 188
"Supply of medical devices, personal protective equipment and consumables for the needs of" prevention and control of hiv / aids. ". 475
"the sale of electricity within the meaning of the energy law (journal of laws of 2012. pos. 1059 as amended. d.) to branches mine restructuring company sa: kwk" piekary-rozbark ", kwk" brzeszcze "coa. 259
(1) phaco-emulsification hand piece tip for infinity model phaco-emulsification machine of alcon make: 1 piece (2) phaco-emulsification hand piece sleeve for infinity model phaco-emulsification machin. 421
(1)fire retardant curtain fabrics to specification no.C-9911 (rev-03 of feb-2005 with amendment no.1 of jan-10 and amendment-02 of april-13).Nb:-width of the cloth should be 1220 mm and colour should. 287
(1)hanger lever assembly (r.H.) except item nos. 3 and 4 of drawing no.11020568 alt-x (drg. no. tpl-0311 for reference only.) (ii) hanger lever assembly (l.H.) without bushes i.E. except item nos. 3,. 130
(1)st.Cup grinding wheel with wire wound on periphery, type-6 size:14 inch x 4 inch x 9 inch, r-38b-20 spec.A46m5vbe or da46m5v10. as per dlw drg.No.Sk40mc0658. alt -b (2) grinding wheel drg.No. sk06a. 336
(1596) 605 re-tendering high-performance scanners FTA. 382
(B1506) total cleansing of the reception center for asylum seekers in Via Motta 1b in Chiasso seek individual service providers in the following specialist areas: architecture, civil engineering, elec. 101
(i) dial indicator,(1) measuring range-0.075 inch (2) graduation- 0.000 5 inch (3) dial style 0-15-0 (4) range per revolution - 0.030 inch (5) back- lug back (6) dial diameter- 1.250 inch (7) accuracy. 344
(ph no.:37068) abg sensor solution pack for abg analyser, model : abl 80. 118
(ph no.:40012) agar -agar 500 gm. 112
(ph no.:40040) bile broth - 500 ml. 112
(ph no.:40236) paraffin wax 56 0c to 58 oc inch. 116
(ph no.:40356) urea dam 40 tests kit. 113
(ph no.:40485) matrix gel ahg card. 112
(ph no.:40506) acculyte-5 electrolyte analyser chloride electrode. 113
(ph no.:40540) creatinine kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. 115
(ph no.:40541) cholesterol kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. 115
(ph no.:40542) triglycerides kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. 115
(ph no.25035) docetaxel 120 mg injection. 129
(ph no.25116) bortezumab 2 mg injection. 113
(tentative name) fireside kindergarten stretching firefighting facility construction supervision services. 118
- Supply Framework Agreement Medicines for the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Oncologice- Pgfilgrastimum 6 Ml. 536
-Srcf Crushed Stone Iasi. 407
. anseong line route 17 west road maintenance construction waste treatment services. 128
~technical support on best environmental management practice in the telecommunications and ict services sector~. 155
0009 fuel oil from 2016 to 2017 vitos haina-2015th. 317
0011 fuel oil from 2016 to 2017 vitos hochtaunus-2015th. 318
03 types of different civil works as per tender documents in mkd sa at umrer area. 104
04 items of e.Beam cable ( details in item description column). Column 189
04 items of e.Beam cable ( details in item description column). Column 211
1 clean earth youngchun large segment arable land surveying business services. 108
1 microtex lead acid tubular positive and pasted negative plates stationary batteries 110v 40ah comprising 55 cells of 2v each capacity at 10hrs, rate of discharge assembled in hard rubber contaner wi. 207
1) air flow measuring valve 2) air flow indicator gauge details as per item column. Column 337
1) socket (s&s) centrifugally cast (spun )iron pipes ,class la, conf. to is: 1536/ 2006 working length 5.5 metre - 150 mm dia. qty: 600 rm 2)spigot (s&s) centrifugally cast (spun )iron pipes ,class la. 117
1) thurst cylindrical roller bearing no 81218 size 90x135x35 mm 2) needle roller bearing no nki 70/25 size 70x95x25mm as per item tab. 132
1)1000 lph mobile pneumatic tyred mounted oil purification system, portable dirty oil transfer pump, portable clean oil transfer pump,. 187
1)armature for fein make (jancy )magnetic drill machine model : slugger 4*4 qty: 2 no 2)speed control pcb card for fein make (jancy ) magnetic drill machine model : slugger 4*4 qty: 2 no 3)main contro. 192
1)chemical resistant epoxy based, rapid recoating zinc phosphate primer as per spec tre-166 to shade no. 2797. qty: 27000 lt 2)full glossy polyurethane finishing paint as per spec. tre-165(blue) to sh. 223
1)copper silver brazing alloy (ba-cu-ag14) granules lag- 44 dia 0.2mm to 2.00mm as per spec. aa 77020 rev 02.(to be supplied sutably packed in 5 kg pakage).Note:-each individual packet must have ident. 154
1)corner bracket to size. two inch as per drg. tfx/sk/ 519 rev-02 qty: 3000 no 2)cornor bracket to size four inch as per sdrg. no. tfx/sk/430 rev. 02 qty: 3000 no. 101
1)fluorescent bi-pin lighting fixture for normal & emergency operation (maintained type emergency luminary with battery back-up) suitable for 2x18w lamps , 50hz, 220-240vac operation. m/s cooper crous. 103
1)gasket b220x250x290 qty: 7 no 2)gasket - ibc25pn40*2 qty: 12 no 3)gasket - ibc32pn40*2 qty: 3 no 4)gasket - id=130,s=2 qty: 12 no 5)gasket - id=102,s=2 qty: 10 no 6)gasket-794*858*3 qty: 3 no 7)gask. 111
1)gear pump, model : azpw21022rqrxxmbs0593 part no. r 983032285, working pressure 60 bar & discharge volume 32 lpm, make: rexroth or yuken/ vickers make of same rating and dimension (driven by electri. 400
1)helical gear and pinion (item no a and b) as per drawing no 3d/clw/06/2001 material specification en36a and en24 2) driven gear shaft as per drawing no 4d/clw/30/2006 material specification en24 3). 157
1)luminaires complete with lamps, accessories etc for retrofitting at parbati-iii hep as per specification no. hse-ps-pbt3-rft02 rev.00.Submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one s. 132
1)mcb"s for retrofitting at parbati-iii hep as per specification no. hse-ps-pbt3-rft01 rev00. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed envelope & price bid in other. 128
1)plug h type b s300 m27x2 as per specification iso 6149-4 qty: 80 no 2)lock-washers s 4 st/mzn as per alstom document no: 9ana370352 qty: 50 no 3)lock-washers s 5 st/phs as per alstom document no:9an. 249
1)supply of ismb 400 As per attached annexure a qty: 9.6 mt 2)supply of ismb 300 qty: .7 mt 3)supply of ismb 250 qty: .7 mt 4)supply of isa 100 x 100 x 10 qty: 1 mt 5)supply of isa 50 x 50 x 6 qty: . 132
1-moei and fans r m of p sets compound lights etc at aayakar bhavan surat 2- moei and fans rm of psets compound lights etc at central excise and customs surat sub head- supply of materials. 120
1-one side stop knot,other side scaffold hook with rope (10 mtrs.) reference model no.-tr-14-10 of uviraj or similar form froment/udyogi/karam make with rope grab full arrester ref. model no.-rgfa-a-2. 381
1. mc steel hex bar 76.20 mm, 2. stainless steel round bar 80 mm. 184
1. nut 5/8-18 self locking as per drg. no.8028724 alt ea part no.19355191. 2. washer 5/8 flat as per drg. no. 8028730 alt ha pl no. 19391158. 338
1. pin-1/8 inch gm part no.273703 alt b part no. 19330133 2. ring retainer drg. no.Gm pt no.8042973 alt c part no. 19340199. 335
1. pl. no. 11382879:- modified cylinder head , elgi pt. no. 070305000, kpc pt. no. 0950060200 2.Pl.No. 11382715:- valve cap nut for hp lp discharge valve , wabco pt.No. 514643, kpc pt. no. 09500054200. 169
1.1 providing a spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma mass detection (icp-ms) for the agri laboratory fraisoro through the modality of lease. 170
1.5 mm sq. colour grey electron beam irradiated, 600-1000 v grade single core copper cable conforming to rcf s specification no. edts-132, rev. c (data sheet-2) with amendment no. 1 , 2 and 3 or lates. 431
1.5 sq.Mm black colour e-beam cable. 259
1.5 sq.Mm red colour e-beam cable lhb. 258
1.Carbon brush for fuel pump motor festo elgi size 10x20x32 mm drg. wdm2 cb-8/h alt.2.Or latest grade eg-0 as per rdso spec. no. mp.0.2400.60 rev.04 june-2014 and rdso l.No.El/2.2.70 dt 25.06.2014 qty. 152
1.Hp colour laser jet printer all in one model no. pro mfp m176 n. 2.Hp laser jet printer model no. pro. cp 1025 nw printer . 213
1.upkeeping of store shed no. 5, 6, 21-a, 26, o & m store and open yards of dtpp and sweeping, cleaning & dusting and minor handling of material and opening / closing of cases & its counting, checking. 158
1/2 check valve complete as per elbe part no. 5476/1 or wsf part no. a83288/4 with latest alteration or its equivalent. note: clw approved sources should participate in tender, if not liable for rejec. 136
1/2 inch drain cock clw drg. no. 0/2/65/364 ref.5. nr pl no. 23167610. 143
10 inches x 8 inches wodden board of pvc unbreakable decorative sheet cover of 4mm thick comprising of 4 nos. of plug and socket with switch and kit kat fuse. switch, socket and kit kat fuse of g-magi. 187
1000155847 asan. pack x 320 gr. cream 0704020107 rolled oats, packages x 320 gr. rolled oats, packages x 320 gr. ground corn cream 0704020109, packages x 320 gr. 0704020110 banana cream, packages x 32. 142
10mm sqr. colour grey electron beam irradiated 600-1000 v grade, single core copper cable conforming to rcf s spcn. no. edts-132,rev.- c data sheet -2 with amdt.No.-1 , 2 3 or latest. 429
11 x 12 -3 ply continuous computer stationery fan folded with sprocket holes on both sides size 12 depth x 11 width three ply carbon interleaved made by 60 gsm good quality paper. colour-light pink li. 191
110 v, ac hand drilling machine similar to hitachi make. 106
110 v/200 ah low maintenance lead acid stationary battery with connecting fasteners, cables and electrolyte solution sufficient for 55 cells/ 2 v as per rdso spec. no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0040-2003 rev.0. 127
1140 wien, quarry road 33, rehabilitation and extension, ahs wien west -. services of local building including tga and the construction site coordinator gem. bau kg. 197
1180 wien, gregor mendel-straE-e 33, university of agricultural sciences - baumeisterarbeiten - ensure accessibility, house technical exercise, functional restoration liebig tract 2nd construction stag. 237
12 v/75 ah maintenance free battery amron make sealed type. 101
12 volt battery xcl 2000 model for 15 to 25 kva d.G. set. make: hbl, exide and tata, hbl model no xcl 2000. 121
120kv 10ka cl-3 metal oxide, station class gapless type lightening arrestor as per rdso specification no. eti/psi/137(8/89) with a and c slip no. 1-7 with insulator base and surge monitor. 135
1245 Filtration equipment supply of, refurbishment and cleaning services. 262
125a,1000volts ac semi conductor fuse . similar to ferraz shawmut make cat no. 20gb10v125p ref no. x095700j or model no. 1051cpglb 20127125x095700j or similar confirming to is 13703/iec 269-2 alongwit. 185
15 hp motor control panel for 3 phase, 15 hp submersible pump with inbuilt auto start unit make: l and t type mug-20 star delta or meico make only. 115
15-1077, rituximab 100 mg / 10 ml concentrate for solution road iv infusion technical: 10293. 113
15021gv2- reconsultation-market maintenance services in the green spaces of the city of strasbourg and eurometropolis. 194
15030v - purchase, installation and removal of christmas illuminations. 213
15042c accompaniment quality initiatives eurometropolis. 178
156 (YE-zellialt A) Equity Lab Kit (Kit with Device Provision) Purchase. 113
15CP016 Lightburn Ward 1. 187
15marw school wondelgem - supply and installation whiteboards and touch monitors. 148
1601- MSLC intends to renew a software license/technical/maint. support for Sybase Adaptive Server. 105
1602800104 underground security and road l60 section b. 132
18 guage ss 304 plate of size 190mm x 90mm with incrased groove for wide angle light and push button based led berth light suitable for metro fitment in accw coaches as per icf specification no.Icf/el. 244
19 led based cluster type fault indication lamp. 272
1set of body shell items. 223
1set of sole bar for lwlrrm. 199
1x1/4 additional bp cut out cock with vent as per clw drg. no.02/65/364, alt-7. 147
2 feet 24 w, t-5 tubular lamp with g-5 cap as per rdso-spec. no.Rdso/pe/spec/ac 100 rev 2008 amd1 make: osram/ge/germany. 240
2 inch straight coupling as per dlw part no. 11282757, style - 1 or to dlw part no. 11282770, style - iii, and dlw drg no. tpl-0081. 111
2 items of relay for control electronics. 246
2 items of set of cable tie as detailed in item header. 409
2 mb modem v-35 and g.703 with front panel indication, high speed 2 mbps modem with all accessories as per rdso spec. no. spntc. 80/2008. 123
2 mb tributary card compatible with webfit make pd mux flexi mux as per spec. irs-tc 68/12 with latest amendment. inspection be rdso. 114
2 mfd, 400volts,50hz capacitor for ceiling fan having cylindrical shaped metal container hermetically sealed and protected against corrosion or rust with maximum dimension of 40mm dia and 75mm length. 137
2 nd poh kit for alstom make double bottle vcb consisting of fourteen items as per list attached. 222
2.5mm2 colour black eletron beam irradiated, 1800-3000 v grade, single core copper cable conforming to rcf s specn. no . edts-132, rev.-c, data sheet-1 with amdt.No.1 , 2 and 3 or latest. 429 of anganwadi building @hingangaon. 118
2005 july-august lunch goods (meat) jointly purchase a small number of estimates information notice. 115
2015 - oh sang dansan nine road (lido 202) paving. 114
2015 7-8 month school meals (meat) joint purchasing sap veterinary quote announcements. 116
2015 bukhansan (dobong) access road maintenance construction. 117
2015 Employer Conference - Conference Facility, Meeting Rooms, Overnight Lodging, Break Refreshments, and Meals. Conference news 139
2015 global illumination check mechanized paving gyeongjakro. 111
2015 gwangju u convention hygiene (hand sanitizer, mulbinu) purchase. 111
2015 ilsan beach permanent stage equipment rental services. 112
2015 jiwonyong small library book purchase (osong library) veterinary quote information notice. 105
2015 july-august jecheon appeal school meals (corrosion) of the number of small budget. 105
2015 july-august school meals goods meat seonghwan regional joint purchasing. 103
2015 medical institutions purchase drugs without standing jiwonyong island. 101
2015 Model Service Agent (Pickup) Purchase. 102
2015 new forest road construction (five districts). 126
2015 new forest road construction. 121
2015 nonsan village radio broadcasting facilities staking business (bujeokmyeon oeseong 2 lee). 119
2015 price road maintenance agreement (jinjeop) - 2 car. 110
2015 price road maintenance agreement (onam) - 2 car. 110
2015 price road maintenance agreement (toegyewon) - 2 car. 117
2015 villages (small) water tank drain cleaning services (2 zones). 114
2015 Year Hardware Purchases. 103
2015 year july-september school meals goods (agricultural products) estimates of purchasing bidding small number. 114
2015 Year Playground and Sports Equipment Purchase. 103
2015 Year Purchase Trash Metal. 104
2015-04 restructuring extension of the headquarters of the social plan of the meeting independents. 102
2015-51 market assistance mission to develop a list of recommendations to improve the urban integration of bus stations. 243
204-15 / mc supplies and assembling of pitches ecological monthly. cig 6296615313. 144
20mm dia.Solid carbide end mill cutter. 156
21 teeth pinion drg.Rdso skdl 3510/3640 rdso specn. no. mp-o-2800.9 rev-.2 of june-2005. 225
220 kvar, 8 kv, single phase, capacitor unit as per sr.Dee-trd-sdah s drawing no. sk - 2120 and as per rdso s spec. no. - ti-spc-psi-fc and sr-0100. 375
221/mvt supplier development training services framework. 418
24 sls card to extend auto telephone on cable sutable for tadiran telephone exchange of flexicom-5000 or similar specicfication :- number of circuits : 24, audio impedence : 600 ohms , talk battery re. 229
25 kva, 25 kv/240 volts, 50hz, single phase oil filled auxiliary transformer as per rdso specification no.Eti/psi/15 08/2003 with a and c slip no.1 or latest. 122
25 mm drop bracket consisting of part id no.2361 and s.S fastners of size 10x25x20 mm with lock nut conf. to rdso drg. no. re/33/p/2360 rev-e. 123
250 watt quartz discharge metal halide lamp,single ended,elliptical structure cap/base-e 4,luminous flux not less than 18000 lm. 106
27 Taking Part of Surgical Hand Tools. 106
27Nr New Build Social Houses At Rosslyn Gardens Kirkcaldy - Superstructure Works. 187
2core circular armoured xlpe cable of size in sqmm 2x10.0. 236
2core circular armoured xlpe cable of size in sqmm 2x16.0. 236
2core circular armoured xlpe cable of size in sqmm 2x25.0. 236
3 Pen Cleaning Supplies ((Shampoo Hair (200 Ml, Adult Type), Soap Liquid Hand Washing Agent and Foaming Shave (200 Ml Tubes)) Procurement. 104
3 pole power contactor similar to siemens make 3ta16 rated voltage upto 690 v, 50 ka, auxilary contact 4 no plus 2 nc, coil voltage 220 v to 264 v of siemens, l and t or equivalent confirming to iec 6. 132
3 pole power contactor similar to siemens make 3tf50 690 v, 50 ka, coil voltage 220 v to 264 v 50 hz aux contact 2 no plus 2nc of siemens, l and t or equivalent cvonfirming to iec 60497. 132
3 pole, 20amp 690 volt ac circuit breaker for battery charger input for 3 phase loco pos no. 100 , type -qx3 ah8569, as per abb part no-hbtb585552r3043 orlatest. 142
3 ton compressor motor,3.6kw motor,2p powr.346-380volt.Frequency 3 to 50hz, a.C supply, similar to m/s hitachi refregarator compressor , model 403, dh-6412, hitachi compressor product sae(goong zhu co. 194
3.6 v primary lithium thionyl chloride li-socl2 high drain aa-size cell/battery to saft pt no: ls14500/rs stock no:2019438,of make saft france or equivalent imported make only for maintenance of wdg4/. 137
3/2 way pilot operated , rotex magnet valve, type sr-3008 for electro pneumatic compressure governor. 251
3/4 inch dia lock bolt and collar for 3/4 inch dia lock bolt. grip range of 3/4 inch dia lock bolt (min-0.500 inch, max-0.750 inch). drg.No.:-wd-11036-s-01, alt-nil , wd-11036-s-02, alt-nil. and eoi.N. 281
30 kw motor for oil cooling unit with axial flow design for wap5 three phase locomotive as per clw specn. no.Clw/es/3/0647 alt. c or latest. 128
343 Items Kit (Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Blood Bank). 113
3D-GATED: Three-Dimensional Graphene Architectures as Templates for Electrochemical Devices. 321
4 1/2 digit hi pot tester ac/dc, range 0.1 kv to 5 kv ac/dc, cap. max. current 40 ma for ac, 10 ma. 165
4 pin pre-cooling plug and socket , 63 amp 440 vac, confirming to drawing. no. icf / sk-7-1-102 alt. r , item in col. - vii for plug and items in col. -iv for socket. 159
4 pole mccb with fixed thermal magnetic setting of 125 amps cap 25 ka breaking cap icu make similar to hpl code, h3, indo asian. 121
4 pole on- load changeover switch rated current 63a cat. no. inas0063, in sheet steel enclosure type. make- indoasian or similar. 117
4 sq.Mm red colour e-beam cable. 256
4. ba - messestadt wa 12 cleaning, heating systems. 165
42 kv 10ka mettal oxide gapeless type (station type) lighting arrestor with insulating base and surge monitor along with coper cable of 8.5 meters length as per rdso specification no.Ti/spc/psi/mogtla. 147
5 items of spring loaded switch for 3 phase locomotives. 228
55 Stuyvesant Place Rfp. 231
6 Items Food (Biscuits, Wafer, Chocolate). 107
6 single pressure gauge bp to rdso drg.No. skdp - 3516, alt - 3 with arrangement to rdso drg.No. skdp- 3518 alt- 2, calibration certificate from govt approved sources should be submitted along with su. 125
62.5 kva, 3ph, 415 v, 50 hz, dg set, water cooled complete with alternator, amf panel, accessories, battery charger omplete with voltage regulator etc. along with acoustic enclosure for adequate prote. 189
685 litre water tank. 188
7/2015 "electronic open tender for the supply of liquid motor fuels and heating all regional sections of the attica region for the years 2015 and 2016". 223
7/8 inch dia lock bolt and collar for 7/8 inch dia lock bolt. grip range of 7/8 inch dia lock bolt (min-2.000 inch, max-2.250 inch). drg.No.:-wd-11036-s-01, alt-nil , wd-11036-s-02, alt-nil and eoi.No. 281
70 / zp / 15 - procedure for the award of a public contract with a value in excess of 207 000 euro for service development documentation updates after the department of endocrine surgery for vascular. 552
77 teeth gear wheel for wag5a/wag5b to rdso drg.No.Ddo-299,alt-4 or latest to rdso specn. no.Mp.0.2800.09(rev.02)june-05 or latest. 244
85 / zp / 15 proceedings for awarding a public contract conducted in an open tender with a value exceeding 10 000 000 eur for the supply of medical equipment for the regional specialist hospital. cope. 508
9 tonne adjuster specification eti/ohe/p/5020 revised-b.. 101
A 14-metre survey vessel. 318
A cleaning service office space and exterior falling in military complexes: k - 3619 al. independence 243, warsaw, ul. koszykowa 78, 79a, warsaw, ul. krzywickiego 34, warsaw, ul. nowowiejska 26, 26 b,. 241
A mo ei and fans including rmo compound light pump set central excise office rajkot b mo ei and fans including rmo cl and pump set of special bureau colony rajkot. 102
A multiannual framework agreement (four (4) years) services relating to the annual maintenance of air conditioning units for the benefit of the federal police. 171
A review of the consequences of population trends should include discussions of age structure, ethnic composition and background (migrant workers, refugees, migrants from the rest of the country. 131
A set of item for m48 schedule kit of prag make air dryer consisting of 44 items as enclosed document. 114
A set of spares parts for avtec trt 2421 transmission for ndm loco consist of items:- 1 plate,int spline pt no.80001332 qty-16 nos 2 plate pt no.6837690 qty-13 nos 3 plate,ext spline pt no.6837422 qty. 133
A-9 unit inlet and exhaust valve min assly (including o ring ) drg no. ndla/ar-175 alt-1, wabco - 562349, sil - 30090202 and 30070224 ftil part no.790502106. 262
A-92, diesel fuel, mineral oil and synthetic oil (or their equivalents) 2 LotQuantity: Lot 1 - 2 Name (A-92 - 17 420 liters, diesel fuel - 1300 liters or equivalent); Lot 2 - 2 Name (mineral oil - 320. 112
A.C damping board for main rectifier drg no 4tr-1913 make - hind rectifier or similar. 114
A.C.Air break power contactor in open ex ecution,tripple pole,415 v ac, rated current 70 amps for ac-3 duty 50 c/s ac con rent 70 amps for ac-3 duty 50 c/s ac con rent 70 amps for ac-3 duty 50 c/s ac. 328
A/r and m/o of abhay ghat i.E. samadhi of hon ble late prime minister of india shree morarji desai -ex.Prime minister of india- at ashram road, ahmedabad during 2015-16 sh:- cleaning of samadhi. 101
A/r and m/o residential building of income tax and central excise department at kafla, cuttack, odisha during 2015-16. sh:- day to day operation and maintenance of pressure filter from 01-07-2015 to 3. 104
A9, klaus tunnel chain, full extension - bl 07 road reconstruction klaus and san pancrazio, road construction and hE-llrohranlage or hunger bichl south and roE-leithen. 152
A9, klaus tunnel chain, full extension - bl 07 road reconstruction klaus and san pancrazio, road construction and hllrohranlage or hunger bichl south and roleithen. 153
Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening programme (aaa). 434
Abrasive emery cloth sheet drill weave of size 280 x 230 mm or 297 mm x 210 mm . grit no- 50. conferming to i.S. 715 - 2002. or latest version. 281
Ac dumping network for hind rectifier as per drg.No. 4/tr/91/13/1 . 226
Ac/dc damping board for aux .Rectifier .Type 4tr-573/3. make - hind rectifier or similar. 114
Access platforms. 161
Access Roads leading to Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR) site. 215
Accident insurance services. 143
Accident insurance services. 129
Accommodation management services. 172
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 166
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 147
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 131
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 226
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 143
AccuCT: Accurate characterization of charge-transfer excited states. 235
Accura pulse wrench. 215
acquiring premises for opening/shifting of Branches with ATM and opening of off-site ATMs: Premises for shifting of Branches with ATM: Dist-Kaimur:- Mohaniya, Semi-Urban-1250 sq.ft. approx, Dist-Auran. 116
Acquisition and installation of a type ribe etching system (reactive ion beam etching). 148
Acquisition and Installation of level crossing safety devices. 142
Acquisition and rental of workwear and personal protective equipment. 254
Acquisition of 3d radiotherapy preclinical image-guided device. 159
Acquisition of a gas chromatograph coupled to a triple quadruprole type of mass spectrometer for inra toulouse. 153
Acquisition of a software solution for securing privileged accounts and related services. 272
Acquisition of an adult mannequin complex and a complex model in gynecology obstetrics. 150
Acquisition of Equipment Installations. 406
Acquisition of financial resources through long-term loans. 126
Acquisition of fixed devices to measure speed and license plate reading. 124
Acquisition of furniture and equipment for ehpad - eco-quartier val de moine in cholet. 369
Acquisition of IT Equipment. 534
Acquisition of liaison vehicles. 225
Acquisition of licenses for virtualization solutions, desktop, provisioning, delivery and related specialized services for design, capacity planning, implementation and delivery of the virtualization. 176
Acquisition of Machinery and Equipment Without Assembly Integrated Project with the Title Improving Basic Physical Infrastructure and Access to Public Services for the Population of the Village Sugag,. 509
Acquisition of media monitoring services. 154
Acquisition of medical surgical material. 108
Acquisition of r & d infrastructure for research center focused on innovative forms of assessment of geological structure and bedrock for the needs of the energy industry. 193
Acquisition of services - insurance against industrial accidents, 01.09.2015 to 31.12.2017. 127
Acquisition, maintenance and evolution of switches of the city of bordeaux and the ccas. 300
Acrelic transparent sheet clear 4mm thick size 6feet x4 feet. 109
ACT against AMR: Abyssomicin C Truncated derivatives against Antimicrobial Resistance. 304
Activator - loctite product no. 7075 1 bottle - 100ml . 172
Adapter retainer bolt with lock nut drg no:- sk-69594,alt-34,item no- 8. 255
Addition / alteration to bldg no. bi-5 at base hospital, special repairs to roof treatment to single officers accn at bldg no.121 and provn of guard room with toilet bathroom at aro barrackpore under. 121
Additional accommodation at scoil ruain, killenaule. 160
Additional Infrastructure facilities, Upgradation of existing buildings. 149
Additional laying of distribution network with hdpe pipes for the proposed water supply scheme for five zone within purulia municipality under spl.Brgf programme. 142
Additional power outlets. 106
Additional works: MM-CL-08 Rehabilitation and extension of water reservoirs, pumping stations, dedistributie network and wastewater network in Baia Mare-West. 181
Adhesive with end use as detailed in drg.No.D17272300 technical spec.As per purchase spec no.Dlw/tot/veh/dd/ps_adehesive and sealants rev no.01 note-packing should be in 01 kgs pack drg.No. gm part no. 334
Adhesive-loctite product no:324 1 bottle-50ml. 160
Adjustable click type torque wrench 1/2 sq. inch. drive capacity 50-250 lbft/70-330nm - type - ratched make - trister or britool or top tool. 119
Adjustable spanners in different sizes 300 mm - 04 nos, 200 mm -04 nos,150mm -04 nos . make : taparia / jhalani/pie/ eyerest. 133
Adjustable spot light for driver and assistant driver desk illumination lamp should be led based and operating voltage 110 volt dc for locos.Entire assembly should confirm to spcn no. clw spcn.No. clw. 240
Adjustment of the rd 140 in the cross of le plessis meriot pr 1 to pr 1 + 185 + 800. 326
Adl training kit( activities of dailiy living). 119
Administration and implementation of an information system for laboratory. 143
Administration sets. 118
AdoDigitFamX: Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects. 371
Adopter and elbow, drg. no. dsl/tkd/sk. no. m-1491, item no. 3 and 4. 139
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) products and services. 163
Advanced precision kill weapon system. 111
Advancing Strategic Initiatives. 193
Advertisement rights on Flyover bridge on Bombay Market to Punagam 24.0 mt. wide T.P.Road. 108
Advertising and marketing services. 128
Advertising campaign services. 135
Advertising services. 122
Advice and coordination on environment on construction sites in the demarcation of state highways in western andalusia. province of granada. weighting technical score: 0.30. weighting of the economic. 182
Aerial mapping services. 121
Afforestation And Maintenance work. 180
Agency fuel cards. 156
Agreement - Framework Service for Surveillance, Prevention, Control and Eradication of Animal Diseases, Those Transmitted From Animals to Humans, Animal Protection and Environmental Protection, Identi. 512
Agricultural machinery. 130
Air bolster for air spring drg.No. icf rasr 743 n3 1009-10. 221
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe drawing no: wd- 81027-s-01 alt 10 and specn no: 02-abr- 2002 amndt - 3 appendix-f to pl no: 30350268. 122
Air brake pipe set complete to drawing no. wd-96021-s-12 item 1 to 19 complete to rdso spec. no. 04-abr-02 with amend. no. 3 of jan-08. 126
Air compressor assembly complete for demu 1400 hp engine to the elgi make model no: trc2507, part no: s07050 or its equivalent model of kirloskar pneumatic company or its equivalent as per technical s. 142
Air compressor pheating system for skv welding or similar. 113
Air compressor. 144
Air compressors. 232
Air connection 415mm 18 for main air supply pipe to power contactor as per part no. drg.No ndl/ef-1903. 114
Air dryer kit trident make 1 and 4 years m 48 1. as 660 m48 spare kit to air dryer consists 8 items.A as 445 shuttle vlve spare kit percent u2013 1 no,b as 446 purge valve spare kit-2 nos,c cd671 spri. 208
Air drying insulating varnish pigmented oil based for use as finishing surface coating to is-352 of 1973 colour gray to is shade no. 632 manufactured by m/s. elantas beck india pvt. ltd., or equivalen. 162
Air duct for traction motor type 253 bx, 4601 az of emu / memu. specn: kpa drg. no.Er/kpa/el-tm.2he.096. 180
Air elbow cyl. block to cyl. head ginish material spec. as per dg. no. 28a1142-2 alt d part no. 10120294. 354
Air filter regulator for lhb coaches cdts as per vibhu part no.23000-38 or equivalent. 101
Air flow relay for qvsi. specn. clw specn.No.Clw/es/r-34 . 149
Air inlet valve 30 degree seat angle to drg.No.Ske-688 alt-y and part no 10091920 drg. no. ske-0434 alt-y specn no. (1) 31pd5651 m rev. -z1 (2) misc-187 rev. a2. 163
Air pressure switch range 1-10 kg/cm2, adjustable differential 0.3 - 1.3kg/cm2 process connection 3/8 inch bsp male similar to indfoss model, type rt - 116 sbx with cna (coupling nut assembly). 183
Airport security service. 187
Al Zorah development - Phase One. 256
Alaram annunciator system complete as per rcf specs edts 117 rev a. conditions : 1) sample to be got approved before supplying full qty. 2) warranty/guarantee from manufacturer shall be quoted. 131
Alarm chain pull indication light fitting conforming to rdso drg. no.Skel 3911 (rev-1) alt.C with the following requirements , (1) the outside of light fitting should be finished in synthetic enamel r. 195
Alarm tubes drg.Icf/mrvc/d/bt-1-. 167
Ald / sm-15m120ao - acquisition and maintenance of a mobile shredder mill slow type for green waste. 170
All in maintenance contract for existing refrigerator installed at various minister bunglows ,cm bunglow , rajbhavan , circuit house at minister site gandhinagar as per requirement for one year (2015-. 204
Allergy Material Supply. 105
allotment of 02 nos of 2-BHK (E-105 & E-207) ready to occupy flats each measuring 1300 sq ft at Ebony block of Prestige St. John Woods Apartments, Koramangala on license basis for a period of 3 years. 122
Alloy facade and aluminum composite panels -. new boarding school and gymnasium. 174
Alluminium bus tee connector assly. 36mm as per rdso drg. no. eti/psi/ p/6500 rev c. . 116
ALMP: The Effect of Active Labour Market Policies on the Behaviour and Employability of Benefit Claimants. 375
Alu extru angle mould 1.98x9.93. 186
Alu. chequered sheet 2.03 x 813 x 2770. 135
Aluminium ladder size 8 fit four legs heavy quality with platform size 04 sq.Fit capacity of aluminium ladder- 200 kg. weight of 04 legs 32.000 kg. gauge- 22 g . weight of platform 04.000 kg. gauge- 2. 182
Aluminium name plate. 174
Aluminium Partitioning: Providing and fixing of Aluminiumpartition using 2 V* x 1 V2 Box Section for frame in 1.2mm thick fixing with 5mm clear float glass for top panel and 12mm laminated board for b. 116
Aluminium socket for aluminium conductor 95sq mm stud hole 12.7 mm dia plain width 24 mm, 200 amps, conforming to is: 8309/1976. make:-multi/dowells/uml/hpl/universal. 194
Aluminum conductor cable 10 sq. mm. multi strand single core pvc insulated pvc sheathed wether proof unarmoured working voltage up to and including 1100volt ac conforming to is 694/1990 or latest and. 174

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