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Articles from Mena Report (June 19, 2015)

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"construction of transformer bay foundations, cable trench, road and misc. civil works at 66 kv koyali & 66kv poicha s/s under koyali tr division under jambuva circle.". 213
"consumables for radio equipment" destined to general universitario gregorio maranon hospital, case no. 55/2015. 115
"consumables for radio equipment" destined to general universitario gregorio maranon hospital, case no. 55/2015. 107
"procurement of equipment for the room pnuskok (police national office for combating corruption and organized crime) in osijek and rijeka, group 3, 4, 8 and 9 - repeat the procedure. 145
"Selecting the banks to provide comprehensive banking services to" SHR-NC "EAD including conducting all banking operations related to the company%s business internet banking transfer of salaries, coll. 166
(1) h.S.S. hacksaw blade, size- 18 inch x 1 inch x 10 tpi x 18 gauge, is:2594/1963. to is.2594/1963 (2) h.S.S.Hacksaw blade, size-12 inch x 1/2 inch x 24 tpi,23 gauge, is:2594/1963. (3) hss power saw. 333
(1) hss extra long hand tap 3/8 -16 unc-3 (bottoming) ansi-b-94,9-1987, drg. no. sc-70/7, alt a (2) hss hand tap 3/4 inch- 14 npt. drg. no. sc-29/5, alt -a. (3) hss hand tap 7/8 inch- 9 unc-3 (bottomi. 329
(1) supper hss cutter blade drg.No. hms/1068-69/007 alt a (2) hss special tool to drg no. hms/1118-1119-1120/037.Alt-a. 320
(1)gasket (2)gasket. 110
(1)high tensile rustless (stainless steel) bolt with nut lock nut (2) high tensile rustless (stainless steel) bolt with nut and lock nut (3)high tensile rustless (stainless steel) bolt only (4)high te. 149
(1)register arm hook, (2)large register arm hook, (3)register arm eye piece, (4)tubular stay sleeve and (5)mast bracket fitting assy. 164
(bol) 2015-1-33 pacp bag supply of clinical and municipal waste. 153
(gwangeup materials) exchange (agriculture, forestry, livestock quarantine headquarters building construction). 114
(i)modified brake hanger link to cees drg.No.Loco /4/bg/066 mod -b for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos. (ii)safety bracket of air brake gear to cees drg.No.Loco/bg/047 mod.2 for wam4/wag5 locos. 202
(nfu) 01/21/2015 pacp material supply intravenous infusion. 167
(ph no.:36102) digital radiography films 10 x 8 blue thermal (pack of 125 films) sony. 121
(ph no.:36104) digital radiography films 17 x 14 blue thermal (pack of 125 films) sony. 121
(ph no.:37009) sodium hypo chlorite bleach 6 percent 5 ltr. 116
(tentative) 5 samsong kindergarten new construction machinery construction. 126
~Supply and maintenance of an inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS)~. 219
1 construction of storage unit of 3 ramt at 11 afh af station hindan ghaziabad up 2 construction of otm accommodation for 3 ramt at 11 afh af station hindan ghaziabad up 3 providing and fixing of 10 n. 135
1 moei and fans i/c street light in resdl./non resdl. area at arc sarsawa. moei and fans in resdl. area in arc and moei and fans in airfield area. 2 rmo pump and dg sets at arc sarsawa. sh: rmo and co. 115
1 rmo stac units army at sena bhawan new delhi 2 rmo wtac units and stac units navy at sena bhawan new delhi sh annual maintenance contract of window split type air conditioners. 107
1 tea set 06 cups and saucers - 04 set. 2 flower vas - 04 nos. 3 dinner plate - 16 nos 4 quarter plate - 16 nos 5 table spoon - 16 nos 6 glass borosil - 16 nos. 7 thermos flask 01 litre capacity - 04. 138
1) Construction Of Rcc Road From South Corner. 153
1) control pcb (zmat/d-720) part no.1611642602 of m/s esab. 2) fan cooling part no.-1651684041 of m/s esab for esab make welding m/c. make-esab. 146
1)breast plate b.G complete 2)net line hemp tank mule mk 4 complete 3)rope loading 18.3 mtrs complete 4)girth pa short complete. 153
1)bridle watering rein complete 2)reins driving long complete 3)reins half rein complete 4)reins leading complete. 145
1)crupper pgs no.I complete 2)crupper pa large complete 3)crupper pgs no. 00 complete. 143
1- moei and fans i/c street light and operation of pump set in income tax office bldg. and resdl. qtrs. in colony at saharanpur. sh- routine maintenance of ei and fans and running operation and compre. 146
1-1/4 self locking cut off angle cock ball type drg. no.Escort 2kb-396701, rpil pt. no.6070015, 00607001600, sil part no.08512421. 152
1-class iii digital signature certificate along with usb tokaen valid for two years with orgination name northern railway for digital signature of data/document required for implementation of mmis 2 c. 225
1-plug insert female 36 plus e odu-pn,209.745.152.037.108 batch no-4069499 999999 evi cust-pn-5.63300.00.172.0 qty. 06 nos make-odu 2-connector insert 36 plus e odu-pn.209.845.152.037.150 batch no. 40. 349
1-years review kbv 309th. 141
1. h.P single phase open well monoblock pump suitable to use on 230 volts 50 hz ac supply similar to make v-guard sharp sugane. 111
1. hose asm drg. no. gm pt no 40054733 alt b (p.L.No.: 16241411) 2. hose asm drg. no. gm pt no 40030891 alt b (p.L.No.: 16241423). 395
1. u-clamp 12mm to hold 25nb pipe, 2.T-bolt with fly nut and block plate as per drawing enclosed. 238
110/35 kv osijek 1, replacing secondary systems -nabava equipment. 158
110v dc mobile charging socket. 177
12 Coradia Lint Trains. 134
120 ah capacity lead acid cells (18 cells per set) in ppcp container. 544
12a hp black cartridge. 144
15 e 042 - the specialist foundation engineering din 18301 - road construction, earthworks din 18317, 18318, 18300 - drainage channel din 18306th. 218
150 mm sweep ventilating fan exhaust fan medium duty fiber suitable for single phase ac supply 230v, 50hz off shutters to prevent dust from outside make orient/ bajaj. 114
1k purchase of lcd monitors. 353
2 kva 1 phase in put and 1 phase out put on line ups without batteries to connect with 12v/8nos. batteries built in isolation transformer ups should be guaranted for two years.Make:numeric or consul.M. 164
2 line expendable digital cordless phone panasonic model no. kx tg 6700 bx or equivalent. standard irs condition with latest amendment will be applicable. 116
2-NanoSi: Ratiometric FRET Based Nanosensors for Trypsin Related Human Recessive Diseases. 315
2.0mm thick frosted type polycarbonate diffuser for fl. fitting double suitable for icf drawing no:- icf/sk - 7-103, col-iv. 118
2015 avenue growth environment improvement construction waste treatment services. 119
2015 business newly established forest roads (plum geummae uljin-geunnam tsubuku). 119
2015 doyurim forest road improved construction structure. 120
2015 experiment equipment (analytical instruments), 2-channel temperature data logger records such as 14 kinds of purchases. 109
2015 experiment equipment (instrumentation) oil rotary vacuum pump and 9 kinds of purchases. 106
2015 forest road scenery changes afforestation mowing business. 110
2015 gwangjin water corporation (continued long-term construction). 122
2015 highway delegation drainage facility maintenance business (fertility branch). 116
2015 highway delegation protective fencing projects (muju). 115
2015 housing infrastructure improvement project (myeongbo apartment parking lot maintenance construction). 116
2015 if road traffic safety facilities maintenance construction maintenance business. 113
2015 land uijeongbu hall maintenance construction road signs. 121
2015 namdong cheongneung one place as other road maintenance work. 119
2015 namdong cheongneung road maintenance and one other places as refurbishment of waste processing services. 123
2015 road construction excavation annual recovery unit (3rd). 124
2015 school year middle school library book purchase fertility. 101
2015 southern farm machinery rental offices construction design services. 107
2015 water pipe remount one won new construction. 116
2015/559 procurement of framework agreement telecommunications equipment type sdh / pdh on replacement of existing equipment and new installation and contract for maintenance and support. 138
203.2 mm x 95.25 mm brake cylinder with slack adjuster complete (working stroke - 32mm) for self generating main line coaches. drg. no. rdso s sk 81057 , alt. 9 , item no. 1 of note no. 2 and rdso s s. 190
22 w ft led fitting with tube, input voltage 90-300v ac 50 hz, color temperature 6000k, cri and gt 80, beam angle 90 deg, power factor and gt 0.9, system lumens and gt 1100. similar to model-ssk-ra 22. 180
24 vdc 10 amp, battery charger storage temp.40degree and operting temperatuire-20 degrees part no.6h.849.09.0.00 similar to make:nhp.Makes:nhp,m max power,nana industries. 148
24 watts /230 volt ac / 50 hz led street light fittings suitable for 230 volt / 50 hz, protection ip-65, make similar to philips, cg, wipro, bajaj. 122
25 kv d.C. fuse. 227
25 kva three phase inverter. 296
250 amp. hbc fuse link din type blade contact size-2 conforming to is:13703- part.2/sec.2 of 1993 or latest. 113
25kv, single pole vacuum type interrupter as per latest specification no. ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120.(dec:2013) ver.0 alind type vse 5/8 or bhel type pvti. 159
25kv, vacuum type circuit breaker as per latest rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120.(dec:2013) ver.0 alind make vse 5/20 or bhel type pvtb. 159
2D-Ink: Ink-Jet printed supercapacitors based on 2D nanomaterials. 359
2nd phase restructuring functional wing. 113
2w/4w subscriber interface card 4 channel per cord compatible with webfil make pd mux as per specification no.Irs-tc-68/12 with latest amendment. 114
2x24 watt t5 street light fitting (ip65) wiht 2 nos. 24 watt t5 tube. details as per tender specifcation. 249
3 by 8 inch lever operated horn valve to wsfs pt. no. ib70141/2 (ai-217/1) or similar to cees drg. no. loco/2/son/002 for electric locos. 171
3 number single storey temporary classrooms. 105
3 phase mccb panel board 6 way consisting of cable alley for both sides vertically right and left sides , basic and meter module having suitable ranges of digital voltmeter and ammeter, selector switc. 239
3 phase mccb panel board 8 way consisting of cable alley for both sides vertically right and left sides , basic and meter module having suitable ranges of digital voltmeter and ammeter, selector switc. 238
3 pole power contacto rating cap.32 amp.,3phase 440 vac coil voltage 230 vac with aux cotacts 2no 2nc confirm to iec.609474 model no.3 tf3400apo of seimens or similar model of l and t,bch,schenider.No. 143
3 watts led based retrofit type light fittings for railway coach passage / mirror light fitting suitable to fix on the fitting and to operate in the voltage of 110v-140v dc. 116
3-8 t - type air strainer complete with sintered bronze filter element, 50 micron filtration capacity for locos and wsf type brake equipment for emu-memu.To clw drg. no. 0-2-65-440 and clw-ts-99-90-00. 247
3/4 union socket.Dlw drg. no. tpl - 0047, dlw part no. 11289041, line no. 4, alt no. l, with material mi-is 14329, gr. bm - 350. 116
380 mm propeller type vntilating fan, 230 v ac, 160 w, 0.75a, 1400rpm, to make almonard or equivalent of bajaj/khaitan. 165
3m 1270 corded reusable earplug or similar. 124
4 -18w led energy efficient surface mounting fitting with high quality diffuser,1600 lumens, 20,000 hrs life time similar to model no.3,31082 of m/s philips. makes:crompton,bajaj,philips. 150
4 legged chain sling with hook in assembled condition suitable for a combined working load of swl 12 ton. working load of each chain sling is 3.2 ton consisting of the following:- nominal size of chai. 241
40 Flexity 2 Trams. 153
4wh. t/w mark iv ptl make following consisting of 4 items. 1 n-1 reducing valve set at 5k kg/cm2 a-18 sil drg.No.30101501.Qty.04 nos. 2 unloader valve a-1 sil drg.No.9930090.Qy.02 nos. 3 auto drain va. 167
5 kva,25kv /240v auxiliary transformer as per rdso spec. no.Eti/psi/15 8/2003 or latest along with all fitting. to be procured from rdso/core sources only. 122
5 star rating energy saver bore well submersible pump motorset water lubricated isi mark 10hp,18 stage,head 184 discharge 225 lpm v-6 3phase 50hz suitable for 200 mm dia bore confirming to is 8034/200. 133
5 star rating energy sever bore well submersible pump motor set water lubricated isi mark confiming to is 8034/2002 latest v-6 suitable for 200mm dia bore 3 phase 50hz 7.5hp head 197 meter discharge 1. 136
50 pair under ground telecom cable. 139
5020 salzburg, sinnhubstr. 15, classical secondary school salzburg, rehabilitation and extension, aluminum windows and pr facade. 208
5020 salzburg, sinnhubstr. 15, classical secondary school salzburg, rehabilitation and extension, door systems. 202
52 kv 2000 amp oilp condencer bushing for 21.6 mva 132/27.5 kv tractin transformer make:bhel/ alstom/telk as per bhel drg. no.24500050071(rev-1)/similar drawing of alstom or telk. 134
5kw/7.5hp and 45kw/60hp squirrel cage induction motors of em-chp/dr.Nttps. 129
6. extension of wwtp cloppenburg / 2. construction stage; lot 3: construction technology ii / piping, alteration, connection and surface works. 330
600 amps hot dipped galvanised steel crocodile type earth clamp with rohs complaint with double braided copper shunt model: eccr60 of welspring universal make or equivalent. 116
6000 acquisition of the conveyor units trays shopping enclosure kit. 142
79 village rr water supply scheme providing and constructing rcc esr at nimkhed ade providing lowering laying and jointing pvc pipe line for pwgm and distribution system. 143
8 x3/4 br cylindre with hand brake trunion sil drg.No.08110202. suitable for ii wh.T/w mark iv ptl make.Make:-stone india ltd.,cd tvs,escort,faiveley. 123
800 ah capacity lead acid cells (56 cells per set). 247
800ma x-ray unit with inbuilt dr system 5 nos. 207
A framework agreement within the framework of various materials as well as a plant fertilizer and pesticide, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, as well as the purchase of seeds for the kaposvEir. 282
A Mtc of master sewerage scheme leg No I II and III Gurgaon. Providing fabricating of Informatory M.S. Board. 135
A mtc of W S Sew and SWD in Sector 21 Gurgaon Cleaning of Storm water brick drain. 133
A mtc of W S Sew and SWD in Sector 22 Gurgaon Cleaning of Storm water brick drain. 133
A Mtc of W S Sewerage and SWD Scheme in Sector 22 Gurgaon Providing and lowering of 300mm i d RCC Np2 pipe. 140
A Mtc. of H.L. bridge over river Ghaggar connecting Panchkula and Panchkula (Extn.) (Providing and laying 25mm thick mastic asphalt layer on damaged area at new Ghaggar bridge in Panchkula (Extn.) inc. 158
A Mtc. of master sewer leg no I II and III Gurgaon. 129
A Mtc. of sewerage in Sector-26, Panchkula (Extn.) (Providing and fixing of SW pipe 200 mm id from Ashiana pocket-A to existing SW pipe line in park near SCO in Shopping Centre Sector-26, Pocket-C and. 157
A second water treatment plant and substation copper filter paper outer wall repair work. 122
A set of wheels. 1 abrasire grinding wheel dc wheel to size: 100 x 6 x16mm 500 nos. make: bosch/spit fire. 2 cut-off wheels to size: 100 x 1.2 x 16mm 1000 nos. make: bosch/spit fire. 182
A. annual m&r of lawn and horticulture works in officers guest house, damini and two room field hostel ,atp anpara. b- annual m&r of lawn and horticulture works in ffh ,atp anpara. c-annual m&r of law. 142
A/r and m/o residential and non residential buildings of s.O.I., ngc and tc,dehradun during 2015-16. sh : cleaning of sewer line, septic tank, water storage tank and providing skilled/ unskilled labou. 106
A/r and m/o residential and non residential buildings of survey of india at hbe,dehradun during 2015-16.Sh : cleaning of sewer line, septic tank, water storage tank and providing skilled/unskilled lab. 105
A/r and m/o tower a doordarshan bhawan mandi house new delhi during the year 2015 2016 sub head water proofing treatment over the roof machine room 6th floor tower a. 106
Abdominal swab cotton white cloth 45 cm l x 35 cm w. 111
Abg elactrolyte analyser. 411
Accessories of control panel for dyno- drive testing asper item no- 1 push bottom make- siemens/ reputed , qty 1 no 2 emergency switch make-siemens/ reputed , qty 1 no 3 indication make- siemens/ repu. 184
Accident and health insurance services. 108
Accounting & Consultant Services. 116
ACOFORS: Launching Acoustic Force Spectroscopy - unlocking the potential of biomolecular bungee jumping. 267
Acquisition of Competition and contract management tool. 123
Acquisition of diagnostic systems for the sector aas coagulation n. 5 (po pordenone, spilimbergo po, po st. vitus), the irccs burlo of trieste and the c.r.o. aviano. 182
Acquisition of mass spectrometry equipment. 151
Acquisition of paper for the needs of agents of departmental services. 129
Acquisition of professional full-dome digital planetarium programs for the hradec kralove. 224
Acquisition of professional full-dome digital planetarium programs for the hradec kralove. 221
Acquisition of textile promotional items for the poitou-charentes region. 183
Acquisition of the municipality of eurajoki and its managed / owned by the real estate insurance. 123
Acquisition systems for recording, playout and slow motion. 243
Activated carbon. 361
ADAPTIVE: Industrial implementation of adaptive computational methods for turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction. 313
Added-value database services. 158
Additive, gasoline sulphur reduction. 120
Address line 77-2 sinsangdong other five places road maintenance work. 118
Addressing and enveloping propaganda of voters. 168
Adjustable roller lever. 137
Adjusting bolt assembly. 197
Adjusting screw f.Sig.H.B.Mag7. 209
Administration and implementation of an information system for laboratory. 140
Administrative 188-2015 lot 36 supply of machinery for the new railway complex valladolid record. 195
Advertisements on the bus bodies(outside) of SBSTC. 124
Advertising and marketing services. 124
Aewol earth groundwater development project to install instrumentation panel production. 102
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 162
Agumendation of water supply scheme village mamrai mh pc block batala distt gurdaspur. 134
Air brake hose coupling assembly for feed pipe to rdso (w) drg.No. wd-81027-s-01, alt-10 conforming to rdso spec no. 02-abr-02 appendix -f, amd. no. 1 of feb.2007. 234
Air circulator fan 600 mm sweep, heavy duty make : havells/usha/cg. 146
Air conditioning of new system department on ground floor of moil bhawan nagpur. 103
Air flow indicating gauges for dual brake locos.To rdso drg.No.Skdp.3510 alt 2 and skdp-3518,specn.No mp-1412-88,rdso insp plan no.Mp,tp-14. 330
Air flow measuring value used in locos.To rdso s spec.No.Mp.1412-88, drg no skdp.2705 for pipe mounted. 343
Air hose assembly l type .Material for hose coupling to sheet 4 of tpl-0118 shall be black hearth malleable iron casting only. to drg no: dlw-tpl 0118 sheet 1 of 5 alt f style -1 type: l. 2 dlw-tpl 01. 202
Air hose assly type h.Material for hose coupling to sheet 2 of tpl-0118 shall be black hearth malleable iron casting only. to drg no: dlw/tpl 0118 style 1 type-h sheet 1 of 5 alt.F , 2 of 5 alt e, 5 o. 194
Airblower emergency lighting system model : nwb bare blower /similar capacity 1.5 meter cube/min watt input -350 watt-308 kmph weight 4.6 kgs. 120
All-terrain vehicles. 122
Alluminium cylinder without cap for shunting contactor make bhel drg no jhs/rs/2/639. 105
Alpine specializes streets composition li 1 led sign maintenance construction. 122
Altair - 4 x with multi gas detector with rechargeable battery and chager without pump make:-msa or similar.Co 0 to 1999 ppm .Lel 0 to 100 percent lel , 02 0 to 30 percent vol , h2s 0 to 200 ppm as pe. 129
Aluminium inner frame for double sealed window for ac coaches as per drg.No. icf/sk-5-4-274 alt.K, item 2. note:-past performance of this item to be enclosed by firms otherwise offer will be passed ov. 148
Aluminium straight ladder. 280
Aluminium tag for 16 t wheel set . description as per drg. aluminium tag for icf roller bearing 16t axle as per cd/j and t/llh s drg. no. 44/118 to be punched 1/4 letter as 16t kpa. 133
Aluminium wall support cum extension ladder size 8ft closed 14 ft extended. model no. 505 of make - sai siddhi corp. or similar model and specification in make of kijeka, swastika, al. ladders. oem/te. 132
Alumino ferric grade-1 suitable for water purification to bis specification no: is-299. 332
Alytus kindergarten ,, pu ynelis "inside a plain building repair technical drafting services purchases. 199
Amalgamated battery charging unit 130v, 200amps capacity for sg ac coaches with vrla batteries as per rcf specification no.Edts-041 rev a and dy.Cee/icf/designs note no.Md/dss/spec/211 dt.11-09-2001 f. 149
Amc for bystronic make cnc las. 113
Amlodipine 5mg tab in strip. 470
Ammonium persulphate, ar/excellar grade in 500g packing. qualigens, ranbaxy, sd fine or himedia brands only. 106
Ammunition. 118
Ammunition. 111
Amoa sirh dialogue. 167
Amoxycillin 250 mg dt tablet. 106
Amtc. Water supply scheme bhiwani town construction of s.v. Hodies and repairing of old damaged hodies related old water works area of bhiwani town and all other works contingent thereto (time limit 2. 136
Amtc. Water supply scheme bhiwani town renovation and restroation. 121
Amtc. Water supply scheme bhiwani town repairing of pipe line leakage etc. In related to water works no. 2 area and all other works contingent thereto (time limit 2 months). 124
An audit of internal processes and contracts mlsa. 443
Anaerobic Digester Insulation Replacement. 209
Angiography devices. 145
Angular contact spring. 147
Annealed copper terminal for cb-63. 159
Annual contract for custom clearance of hazardous cargo of mumbai for a period of one year as per enclosed scope of work/terms & condition. 193
Annual contract for deployment of Operators for operation of Air Compressor & DS Pumps. 143
Annual contract for deployment of staff for assisting. 144
Annual contract for detection of fault in underground ht-lt cable under emc. 139
Annual contract for insulation works during overhaul , short shut downs & routine maint of boiler maint-ii,st-ii ktps,koradi on as & when required basis. 152
Annual Contract for performing the work as Feeder Manager for 11KV Palandur feeder under Deori Subdivision of Deori Division,. 154
Annual Contract for performing the work asFeeder Manager under MSEDCL at 11 KV Yelegaon feeder, Mudkhed Sdn under Nanded Rural Division, Nanded. 165
Annual Contract for performing the work of 11KV Darekasa Feeder Manager under Salekasa Sub division under Deori Division. 152
Annual contract for turbine house cleaning. 135
Annual Maintanance And Repair Of Civil Works In -I/Ii New/Old /Iii/Iv/V/G-Type Quarters, Project Hospital, Temp. Colony Of Atp, Anpara. 139
Annual maintanance contract of Cleaning of floating particles and other materials from screening jali at Ahemdabad Sewage Pump House Bhopal. 136
Annual maintanance contract of Cleaning of floating particles and other materials from screening jali at Badwai Sewage treatment plant Bhopal. 136
Annual maintanance contract of Cleaning of floating particles and other materials from screening jali at Khanugaon Sewage Pump House No 1 Bhopal. 142
Annual maintanance contract of Cleaning of floating particles and other materials from screening jali. 140
Annual maintenance & Up-keepment of Structures including overhead/elevated structure and underground structures. Staff Quarters Repair & replacement. 121
Annual maintenance -2015-16 - Unit III - FG duct A side Renewal of deflector plates, renewal of duct support etc.,. 152
Annual maintenance -2015-16 - Unit III - FG duct B side Renewal of deflector plates, renewal of duct support etc.,. 152
Annual Maintenance 2015-Boiler Replacement of defective Main steam stop valve and allied works. 152
Annual maintenance and supply of spares for gas leakage alarm system in srivari potu, new bhondhi potu, annaprasadam complex and lpg plant at tirumala for the year 2015-16. 149
Annual maintenance and supply of spares for solar water heating system at sgrh-8 blocks, ngrh-i,ii,iii, svrh, pac-iii, adhiseshu rest house and seva sadan in apsrtc bus stand complex at tirumala for t. 169
Annual Maintenance contract for arresting oil leakage and other associated works. 144
Annual Maintenance Contract for Cleaning of Floating Particles from Bar Screen of Gomti Colony Diversion Structure at Kotra Sewage Pump House Bhopal. 138
Annual Maintenance Contract of 17 nos. over head cranes including running maintenance & repairing of the major break-down. 101
Annual maintenance contract of arboriculture at north entry gate at ina ezhimala. 122
Annual maintenance contract of computers , printers and ups etc. 112
Annual Maintenance contract of various battery banks installed at various zones units of panipat refinery. rprc 154822. 142
Annual Maintenance of 1x200KVA Dg set and 1x160KVA Cummins Make DG Set. 182
Annual maintenance of Badshahpur Nallah, Gurgaon. 143
Annual Mtce 2015-Replacement of damaged cassette baffle at LTSH & Economizer area in boiler etc. 136
Annual Painting Of Bridge No.346. 130
Annual rate contract for electrical material supply. 121
Annual rate contract for repair/ servicing of refrigerators, water coolers and deep freezers of main kitchen and other areas in the hotel samrat. 107
Annual rate contract for the transportation of incoming and outgoing materials. 136
Annual rate contract for transformer oil filtration and oil testing jobs in various plants for the year 2015-17 at rcf ltd., chembur. 118
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Work For Pre-Mansoon Repairing To Roofing Of Tiffin And Welding, Plb Shop Room (Tower) M.W.T.R.A.X. Store At Telecom Factory, Wright Town, Jabalpur Year 2014-15. 108
Annual Repair and Maintenance Work (Civil and S & P only)of Bijoygarh State General Hospital and of Pump House, Office Room & other Civil Structures related to W/S including Internal,. 101
annual repair and mtc of PHS at various e sampark centre. 161
Annual repair and mtc of PHS at various Gram Sampark centre UT Chandigarh 2015 16. 164
Annual Repair Contract For Alstom Make Modules. 136
Annual supply of tyre , tube, flap, batteries, wheelrim, ms sheet etc. for different types of vehicles of smc. 130
Annual tender for the work of fabrication of various items as per shedule-b for various s/dn under do patan, ugvcl,. 153
Annual work contract for Online sealing of water, steam, fuel oil in various valves. 152
Anr Systems Security Solution. 539
Antibacterials for systemic use. 154
Anuual Maintenance To Muggidaragihalli To Muchunur Road From Ch: 0.00 To 2.50 , 3.20 To 8.00 Km For The Year 2015-16 Jagalur Taluk. 117
Aoh kit of elgi trc -1000 mn compressor consisting of 28 items as per annexure-a. 183
Apartment underground parking canopy construction. 105
Apparatus for measuring radiation. 111
Appointment of contractor for cone yarn packing job work. 114
Appointment Of Contractor For De-Coiling/Straightening/Cutting Of Tmt Coils Of All Sizes & Delivering Tmt Bars . 180
Appointment of Halt Agent at Jiyapuram Halt Station. 154
Appointment of indian charterd account for financial year 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17. 133
Appointment of project management agency (pma) for implementation of ddugjy scheme for apspdcl in andhra pradesh. 158
Appointment of regular h and t contractor for handling and transport for container/ cargo at icd, verna, goa. 115
Appointment of regular H and T Contractor for Handling and Transport for container/ cargo at ICD, Verna,. 148
Appointment of regular h and t contractor for handling and transport for container/ cargo at icd, waluj. 114
Ar and mo to gpra qrts at haddows road chennai 06 during the year 2015 16 sh repairs to ceiling plaster wall plasters water supply and sewerage lines and finishes compound. 107
Ar and mo to horticulture works attached to gpra qtrs at haddows road chennai during 2015 16 sh supplying peon messenger for office of the assistant director hort chsd chennai 90. 107
Ar and mo to non residential buildings to custom house at rajiji salai chennai 01 during 2015 16 sh miscellaneous works at annexe building and electrical sub division. 105
Ar Of From Hospet- Shimoga ( Sh 25) To Devanayakanahalli- Haledevarahonnali- Hosadevarahonnali Road From 0.00 To 7.00 Km In Honnali Taluk Davanagere District. 116
Arc for one-way/two-way transportationOf fcl/tank-container/lcl/break-bulk cargo from kolkata to differentRefineries/pipeline units of iocl and return of empty container to kolkata (forTwo-way transpo. 114
Archaeological services. 119
Architectural and related services. 143
Architectural and related services. 304
Architectural Services to Conduct An Americans with Disabilities Act Self Evaluation and Transition Plan for College of Alameda. 149
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 152
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 140
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 126
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 124
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 152
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 211
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 253
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 244
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 202
Argon gas iolar-2 or equivalent. 104
Argon gas. 117
Armoured gasket 3/4 with retainer for d type flexible elbow 3/4 consisting of. 1 armoured gasket to drg.No.Tpl-0314 and part no.11325768 alt.D. 9 2 retainer to drg.No.Tpl-0313 and part no.11105938 alt. 184
Arno starting contactor. 168
Arrangement of pa system on hire basis. 106
Arresting of leakages in Unit-2 CEP pits in station building at RTPS. 118
Articles of cellulose incontinence panties and single use". destined to general hospital universitario gregorio maranon. record number 2/2015. 105
Artificial grass. 123
As per item column given below:-. Column 210
Asbestos -removal work. 196
Asphalt hot mix - asphalt concrete. 171
Asphalt hot mix - asphalt concrete. 182
Assembling and Linking of BG Track Point. 172
Assembly and disassembly of safety nets, slides and trapezoidal sheets in the TGR I, II, III of the World Heritage Site VE[micro]lklinger HE-tte. 436
Assistance mastery of artwork services for the design, implementation and maintenance of applications and websites developed. 251
Assy wheel nut m22x2.5. 111
Assy. long life sec. fuel oil filter less element as pe drg. no. ske-1348 alt nil pl no. 10052094. 353
AstroFIt2: Astronomy Fellowships in Italy 2. 366
At Nogaon(NOG)-Proposed raising of existing PF to high level platform. PP shed, improvement of waiting room and Booking office, Seating arrangement,. 102
Attending Breakdown /Overhaul work in condenser debris filter system during Unit II overhaul. 127
Attending Breakdown/overhaul works in ACW pumps TG and SG DMCW pump in Unit I II during the. 134
Audit system public services in air transport of croatian: analysis of existing and preparation of a new program to provide services of general economic interest in air traffic. 135
Augmentation Of Water For Carriage Watering. 119
Auto drain valve used in locos. to specn drg.No.Rdso specn.No.Mp.01.0026 rev.00.March 2010. 320
Aux. cam switch comp./pt. a5514/a6331/a6434/drg. am 400660r1 or m5514/m6331/m6434 drg. 9910383855002. 215
Auxiliary Bearings having bore dia 80-150 mm for various TPS. 138
Auxiliary contact block, 3tx4010-2a, 1 no,is :13947 iec:60947 for mounting on 3tf3 3th3 contactor. make- siemens. 110
Auxiliary interlock complete set for power braking switch, bhel drg. no.15781630001v00. 144
Auxiliary interlock complete set for reverser, bhel drg. no. 15781630003v00. 142
Auxiliary reservoir ( 200 ltrs) drg.No. rdso s sk 96081 , alt. 5, item 1 to 18 in assembled condition. material and specification : rdso s specification no. 02/abr/02, amendment 3/2010 , appendix - c. 185
Auxiliary reservoir, 200 liters drawing no.Rdso/sk-96081, alt. ( 5 ) specification no.02-abr-2002 ( amndt.-3 ). 353
Auxiliary switch with base for c-118 as per clw speen. no.Clw/es/c-15 alt-d. 403
AVS: BKP 277.1 sliding and folding walls. 160
Award of cleaning services. 175
Award Of Contract(Single Packet System) For Pay & Use Toilets Available. 138
Award procedure framework agreement microsoft software. 160

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