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Articles from Mena Report (June 15, 2015)

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"Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits for a voltage of more than 1000" by the code DKPP 016: 2010 - 27.12.1Quantity: According to the specifications and quality charact. 104
"life insurance and medical expenses plan for employees of municipal employee benefits". 106
"urgent" urgent "removal of solid waste 38,000 pounds bio-infectious. according to attached specifications moh-general hospital san juan de dios" urgent ". 118
(1) stripping tool for use in 3- phase loco, type striper , part no.9005000000, make weidmuller germany or similar as per pdf file. (2) crimping tool for use in 3- phase loco, type ctf.63, part no.920. 236
(1494/152) Overhauling, Breakdown & Running maintenance of Boiler Duct-Dampers & Expansion joint in all units at NTPC-Farakka. 112
(1498/156) Repairing of Plough Table of Track Hopper-I at NTPC-Farakka. 107
(A)Diversion of 8inch diameter pipeline (02 ranges) from BLA camp road crossing to main sump (Triangular face). (B)Dismantling of 8inch diameter pipeline (04 ranges as laid down) from main sump to BLA. 107
(ph no.:06146) colistin sulfate inj 1200 units. 130
(ph no.:31177) external pacing pads for philips defibrillator. 114
.Gasket coupling flex 3 inch to emd part no.-8479602. 114
0 won laoshan district disaster risk improvement project. 130
1 . cartridge no hp-678 black 40 forty nos 2 . cartridge no hp-678 tri-colour 20 twenty nos total no of cartridge- 60 40 nos black and 20 nos tri colour. 120
1 1/4 ball type isolating cock as per clw drg no.1209-18, 306-187. 402
1 1/4 inch isolating cock ball type with vent to clw drg. no. o/2/65/364 alt.7. 110
1 Basasc To Carry Out the Refectory, 1 Cooks, 2 Cooks Helper and 4 Dishwasher 19-Month Run To About Outsourcing Work. 106
1 inch piston impact wrench free speed 6300 rpm. working torque ( fw ) 100-950 ft. lb max torque ( rev ) 1200 ft. lb. overall length 8.8 in.Net weight 5.5 kg. approx. air inlet nptf 3/8 inch . part no. 140
1 Special Repair Of Gpra Qtrs. At Khallini Under Sub-Divn.-Ii Shimla Pdg Rewiring In T- I 1 To 36 Qtrs And Type Ii 1 To 16 Nos Qtr. 156
1)bhel make shaft current monitor with ring transformer to suit shaft diameter of 686mm (transformer id 706mm) and as per annx. cl, qty: 2 no 2)lump sump charges for supervision of installation & comm. 114
1)brg assy dia 160 x 140. to drg 14025840002 var 00 rev 08.Note:-(1)the bearing shall be supplied in a totally closed wooden box and all loose items like, connectors (inlet & outlet), inspection glass. 142
1)Construction of Compound Wall. 119
1)hex nut m56x5.5 property class-8. 110
1)moisture detector for turbine oil iso vg -46 as per specification hg 10085 rev -01 & annexure -cl qty: 4 no 2)lumsum charges for supervision of installation and commissioning of each set of moisture. 115
1)solder bit dia. 25 , 400 watt to drg. a4-cpm-bit1. weight= 600 gm qty: 50 no 2)solder bit dia. 19 , 250 watt to drg. a4-cpm-bit2. weight= 350 gm qty: 100 no 3)solder bit dia. 10 , 160 watt to drg. a. 111
1-1/4 cut off angle cock fp to clw drg no 0/2/65/386 or to rdso drg.No wd 88123-s-01. 112
1-2 inch isolating cock with vent to kpa drg.No.Er-kpa-el-va.3hb.159c item-c (side b vented when valve closed). 241
1.8 mm dia (bare), 2.02 mm dia (covd) max. double glass lapped round copper conductor. 106
1.Transportation of coal from Rajapur OCP Coal Dump No.13-E ( North of 14 No. coal dump ) of ROCP/ S.Jharia to BNR Railway Siding Feeder Breaker Hopper. and 05 (Five) others work total 06 (Six) work. 117
11 types of steel strip/sheet of various sizes and different specifications. 153
110 v 200 ah lead acid battery set with electrolites specific gravity:1.190at 27 degrees centigrade in non-returnable jerry can each set consisting 55 cells of 2 volts as per rdso spec.No.Rdso/pe/spec. 267
110 v/200 ah low maintenance lead acid stationary battery with connecting fasteners, cables and electrolyte solution sufficient for 55 cells/ 2 v as per rdso spec. no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0040-2003 rev.0. 127
12v x 100ah smf rechargeble vrla batteries with icc wire leads fastners etc make: exide,hpl,standard. 203
132 kv ct outdoor single phase oil filled type current transformer of ratio 400-200/5a as per rdso specification no. eti/psi/117 ( 7/88) with a and c slip no. 1 to 9 with terminal connectors. 171
140v, ac, 450 mm sweep railway carriage fan to is:6680-92, frp blade crash worthy design of fan guard etc., as per rdso spec.No. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0050-2010 (rev.-1). note: firms may give a separate add. 179
145 kv 800 amp oip condencer hv bushing for 21.6 mva 132/27.5 kv traction transformer make:bhel/ cgl/alstom/telk as per bhel drg. no.24500050072(rev-1)/similar drawing of cgl,alstom or telk. 137
15 Pearl Pegttugklig the Ecvsegttbklig of Hela Repair of Pavilion Building (1982-Ipv-Bet-002, 1982-Ipv-Bet-003). 103
15-1271 r1 *** *** 25cm rectosigmoidoscopio tube disposable sheet **** *** 42519 r2 aposito primary or non-adherent ropes 7.2 x 20cm (3 "x 8) **** sheet 100574. 127
150mm straight grinder ralli wolf model no.Gq6 or equivalent make: ralli wolf/bosch/hitachi with authorized dealer warranty certificate. 134
150sqmm hard drawn stranded copper conductor for feeder wire of size 37/2.25 sqmm overall diameter 15.75 mm.As per rdso specn.No.Ti/spc/ohe/hdcscf 0030 (06/2003)or latest. 146
1600 paper and plastic bag medical grade (mixed) paletEn without with adhesive closure and chemical sterilization indicator to sterilize in steam and gas of 35-38cm 30-33 c-8113 x. 115
16th Street Combined Sewer Overflow Separation Project. 244
19 inch led monitor for desktop computer similar to model no-e1914h of dell-make/brand or equivalent. 114
2-Part Rental Service Personnel Services. 107
20 People 36 Months Ambulance Driver Service Procurement. 105
20,000 minutes for health inspection of water, 1000 minutes for health inspection of solid waste and 2000 instructions for punitive administrative proceedings. 123
2015 sewage dredging (second unit price contract). 102
2015-064: survey and design of 199th street safety improvements from gardner road to clare road. 105
2016 Farm License - DuPage River Watershed No. 1. 137
21.20.21-40.00 Vaccines for the treatment of humansDescription procurement subject or its parts (if the customer provides the submission of price proposals for parts), including their relevant technic. 192
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. providing & laying ips flooring in area of demolated tanks on terrace of j, j.1 & ch.1 type of resi. qtrs. in sector no.6 at gandhinagar. 220
3 Piece Park Construction Work. 113
3-4 coupling cock with l.H. operating key with out vent to kpa drg. no.Er.Kpa-el-va.3hb.160 d,item-c. 221
3/8 inch air strainer, type -t as per clws drg. no. 0/2/65/440 for pneumatic pipelines in electric locos. 183
30 led monitors to be distributed: (22) in the area of dincrece y (8) in section of public trust and mortgage registration of panama. under no purchase. 20-15. 159
3d printing manufacturing innovation center remodeling electrical engineering. 123
3GW LNG Powered Combined Cycle Energy Project. 147
3rd call for supply material for rashta khadikaran under jansuvidha scheme at gp pandharwani. 121
4 maintenance electric power plants located in the area of pediatrics and support service in accordance with attached specifications. 121
4 Third Mknz P Tug Tnks Bl K League Kh Building Systems Made Lightning Rod in the Faraday Cage. 118
40 vaccines anti polio, sabin, oral solution dropper bottle, 20 doses. 105
400MW Gas-fired Power Generation Project in Yangon region. 213
5 pin modular socket and switch with cover and steel plate for switch/socket with glass fuse of 500 ma and led indication fixing shall be provided the switch and socket as per is-3854 and 1293 for 110. 270
50-MWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power project in Aswan. 163
54 width rexine colour - black as per sample attached. 131
5GW Solar Power Project. 126
6 quad 0.9 mm jelly filled underground, screened, armoured cable for special purpose in electrified area as per spec. no. irs:tc-30/2005 (ver.-1) with amendment no. 4 or latest amendment as on the dat. 395
600 amps soft switching full bridge igbt based arc welding machine as per specification attached. 119
7/8 dia lock bolt and collar for 7/8 dia lock bolt grip range of 7/8 dia lock bolt min 1.500 inch, max 1.750 inch as per r.D.S.O drg no-wd-11036-s-01 and wd-11036-s-02. 133
75 broad-gauge metro cars. 232
765v Transformer Package Tr1 For (A) 3x500 Mva 765/400kv Transformer At Raipur Pooling Station Under Installation Of Bus Reactor. 149
A set of pipe wrenches stillson type generally confirming to is 4003 1 1978 i 1978 design no.161722. consisting of items: 1 product no.1273 length 300 mm qty-10 nos. 2 product no. 1276 length 600 mm q. 135
A set of screw and nut bolt as per annexure. 106
A set of spares for avtec transmission model no.Trt 2421 transmission for ndm/1 locomotive consist of items as per annexure supply from oem/authorised delaer only. 114
A set of three colour cartridges for hp jetpro m451dn printer 1.Colour cartridge cyan ce 411a 2.Colour cartridge yellow ce 412a 3.Colour cartridge majenta ce 413 a make:hp or similar. 124
A substantial NASA SEWP V contract. 291
A tool set of consisting indexable. 112
A. annual m&r of lawn and horticulture works in gandhi upvan,g-type residences,atp anpara. b. annual m&r of lawn and horticulture works & sanitation work in project auditorium ,atp anpara. 132
A9 pi1307 strengthening abutments and replace publishers bearings - project management work. 223
Abrasive rail cutting disc as per rdso specn no- tm/sm/02 rev 01 of 2007 , make- andre or similar. 111
Abrasive rail cutting disc wheel size-400x4x22.23mm as per rdso spec. no. tm/sm/02 rev.01of 2007. 113
Accelerating The Movement to End Child Marriage. 388
Acid hydrochloric technical to is-265-1976 (vital item). 111
Acquisition and maintenance of a boat mower deflector collector. 254
Acquisition and maintenance of an electronic document management software. 130
Acquisition of 2d and 3d. 399
Act For Maintenance Of Tower Line Under Wagle Estate Div For 2015-16. 156
Adaptor valve for indicator compression and firing pressure to dlw drg. no. mst e 5063, alt c or latest sh. 1 and 2 dlw cat no. 15520353 and 15520365. 278
ADDFACTOR: ADvanced Digital technologies and virtual engineering for mini-Factories. 460
Addi.,Alt.,Renovation And Beautification Works Of Exist. Entrance Gate Of Tcp Ii Incl Necessary Connected Works. 111
Addition and alteration in at c.H.C. bhesan and manavadar,tal-bhesan ,manavadar dist:- junagadh. 188
Additional bp cutout cock with vent size 1 1/4 (1.25 inch) as per clw drg. no. 0/2/65/364 alt. 7 or latest. 240
Additional bp cutout cock with vent size 1 1/4 (1.25 inch) as per clw drg.No. 0/2/65/364 alt.7 or latest. 240
Additional bp cutout cock with vent size 1 inch as per clw drg.No.0/2/65/364 alt.7 or latest. 220
Adjustable click type torque wrench ratchet type 3/4 square drive with no. 24 socket having 1/2 square drive on socket capacity : 135-750 nm. make : taparia/triastar/blue point/snapon. 183
Administrative and Financial Instruments Help with Funeral Transportation and Execution Based On Service Personnel Service Procurement Job. 111
Advertisement Through Audiovisual Closed Circuit Colour (Cctv) Of Liquid Crystal Display (Lcd) Or Led Or Plasma Or Any Higher Version Television System And Its Installation And Running For Five Years. 149
Advertisment on uts tickets of izatnagar division. 104
Afghanistan: Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project. 231
Agro shade net in pvc based, colour green 1 roll 20 ft x 20 ft. 111
Air bellow drive schunk make part no.1-b04.5375 for pantograph type wbl 23.03 (vital item). 116
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe rdso/w/drg. no. wd-81027-s-01 alt.10, c.Rly. alt.A. 109
Air break contactor power 3tf50-02oapoie ac, 110a, 415 v coil, 110v 50hz, 2no 2nc, make seimens/l and t mnx-110. 116
Air compressor support assly without item 4 to 9 of drg no.Tpl-6378 alt-d(wdm3d)and dlw drg. no. 11058675-tpl-6378 alt-d part drgs./spec. no.(1)11572085-tpl-2488 alt-a (sheet 3 of 4) (2) 11691372 alt-. 151
Air filter element.(220419499). 163
Air manifold r.S. as per drg. drg. no.Tpl-6166 alt j. 155
Air plasma cutting machine along with standard accessories complete with suitabl. 309
Air tight,water tight or proof and acid resistance coating for battery terminals similar to jm-512 of valex . 179
Air transport services. 108
Air transport services. 103
Airinlet silencer nde to drg. 34021040520 var.00 rev.04 qty: 7 no 2)air inlet silencer to drg. 34021042057 var.00 rev.01 qty: 7 no 3)air inlet silencer. 105
Airless spray gun model vr-360,250 bar 06 064 000 01 or similar. 107
Airport Dining and Retail Infrastructure Modifications Job Order Contract. 119
Al moulding ex channel 2.5x14.5x14.5x20 l2m. 168
Al moulding ex uneq angle 3.2x19x25.4. 169
Aladag Forest Department Alabarda 192, Aladag 060, Juniper 022 and 027 Belkaraagac337, Ecaydurt 140, Blacksmith 352, Sarialan Warehouse with Sarialan 088 and 108 Codes Numbered Roads Built Road Superst. 117
Alloy steel round bar 36mm dia. 157
Alloy steel round bar 45mm dia. 157
Alluminium ladder folded stool type with 4.5 wide step size 8 ft. heavy duty as per is 4571/1977. 119
Alternator a115 for voltas fork lifter 03 ton cap. part no. - mhde005222 voltas make fork model:- dvx - 30fc - bcd or similar. 120
Aluminium extruded unequal angle. 203
Aluminium tag vertical shock absorber as per j and t/llh s drg. no.- 44/1180 length : 66 mm. x width 38 mm. x 1 mm. thick with inside hole dia 26 mm. 150
Aluminium tag.Size:29 x 65 x 1mm thick hole dia 16 sk no.Llh 14/2009. 134
Ambulance (new toyoto innova gx 8 seater). 154
AMC of Computers, printers and other Infrastructure of R-APDRP Towns under Nandurbar Circle. 140
Amc of computers, printers, ups, wifi modem router and fax machine. 102
Aml/dgm/eandm/tender/15/ 232 date 26/5/2015Belt jointing of 1600mm wide in conveyor 6c,7c,10c,11c and 12c at reclaim section, chp phase-ii at amlohri project. . 116
An ear of rice grows in the youth culture house new construction (electrical). 116
Analysis of feedingstuffs for the presence of constituents of animal origin. 203
Analysis of us defense and involvement of its developments. 371
Angle bracket coupling 1 inch x 1 inch x 60 degree to drg no.Tpl-0039 (11250306)alt c. 125
Animal Shelter Microchipping. 176
Ankara AtatE-rk Sports Hall Dormitory Repair and Outdoor Sports Facilities Construction Work. 108
Annaul repair and maintenance Of Street Light For The Year 2015-16. 110
Annealed copper stranded jumper wire 160 sq.Mm as per specn.No.Eti/ohe/3(2/94) rev.1 (4/95). 131
Annealed copper terminal for cb-21 rf. 165
Annual & others maintenance of Unakal-Maradagi Road at K.m 0.00 to 5.70 in Hubballi Taluk. 110
Annual and other maintenance of anchatageri-ramapur-via cennapur road k.m 2.00 to 9.45 in hubballi taluka. 122
Annual contract for testing of stack emission of boiler and ambient air monitoring. 125
Annual contract for work as a Feeder Manager on 11KV Nandeda Gaothan Feeder. 138
Annual electrical maintenance works of yards, sheds, canteens, noon meal centre, street lighting systems, high mast, fixed and mobile lighting towers in and around mines gii and earth work of telephon. 132
Annual electrical repair and maintenance of jda building and campus lighting. 124
Annual maintenance & other Repairs of Byahatti-Kiresur road km 0.00 to 9.0 in Hubblli taluka in Dharwad Dist for the year 2015-16. 116
Annual maintenance & other Repairs of Gamanagatti-Itigatti-Tarihal Road up to Taluka Boarder From K.M 0.00 to 8.20 in Hubballi Taluk. 115
Annual maintenance & other Repairs of Hubli-Gokul Road at K.M 0.00 to 6.40 in Hubballi Taluk. 122
Annual maintenance & other Repairs of old Hubli to Budarsnagi Belgali via Gabbur km 0.00 to 8.72 in Hubblli taluka in Dharwad Dist for the year 2015-16. 132
Annual maintenance & other repairs of Savanur-Sherewad Road km 37.18 to 39.78 in Hubblli taluka in Dharwad Dist for the year 2015-16. 118
Annual maintenance & other Repairs to Gopanakoppa-Shivalli road upto taluka Border from km 0.00 to 5.64 in Hubballi taluka. 124
Annual maintenance & other Repairs to Koliwad-Antur-Bentur road upto taluka Border from km 0.00 to 4.10 in Hubballi taluka. 124
Annual maintenance & other Repairs to Koliwad-Rottigawad road from km 0.00 to 5.28 in Hubballi taluka. 110
Annual maintenance & other Repairs to Madalli-Koliwad road from km 3.00 to 8.00 in Hubballi taluka. 121
Annual maintenance & other Repairs to Umachagi-Koliwad road from km 0.00 to 6.50 in Hubballi taluka. 121
Annual maintenance & others Repairs of Kiresur-Bandiwad Road at K.m 0.00 to 10.00 in Hubballi Taluk. 122
Annual maintenance & others Repairs of Kusugal-Byahatti Road at K.M 0.00 to 6.40 in Hubballi Taluk. 122
Annual maintenance & others Repairs of Shiraguppi-Gudenakatti Road at K.m 0.00 to 5.50 in Hubballi Taluk. 111
Annual Maintenance And Other Repairs Of Old Hubballi-Veerapur Cross Via Mavanur-Kantur-Giriyal Road K.M 0.00 To 8.65 In Hubballi Taluka. 115
Annual Maintenance And Other Repairs To Adaragunchi Haliyal Road From K.M 0.00 To 7.99 In Hubballi Taluka. 113
Annual Maintenance and Other Repairs to Gamanagatti-Sutagatti-Itigatti-Kanavihonnapur From K.M 0.00 to 9.30 in Hubballi Taluk. 122
Annual Maintenance and Other Repairs to Gokul-Revadihal-Tarihal Road K.M 0.00 to 6.20 in Hubballi Taluk. 122
Annual maintenance and other repairs to hubballi-kundagol road via bidnal road from k.m 0.00 to 8.00 in hubballi taluka. 126
Annual maintenance contract 33 nos. of 6 kva numeric ups setups at mpso and its locations for the period of one year (01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016). 103
Annual Maintenance Contract for Maintenance of Deutz make Engines. 103
Annual maintenance contract of air conditioners window ac split ac installed. 131
Annual maintenance of "d" type quarters (1 to 612) in vinayaka nagar area, at tirupati for the year 2015-16. 150
Annual maintenance of a,b, and c type quarters in ram nagar area, at tirupati for the year 2015-16. 151
Annual maintenance of external water supply scheme to charmwood green field faridabad. 172
Annual Maintenance of Harti Hulkoti Road Km 0.00 to 10.00 (0.00 to 1.00 & 4.00 to 7.00) in Gadag Tq. 117
Annual Maintenance of Kurthikoti-Harti-Beladadi road km 0.00 to 11.00 ( 0.00 to 7.00 & 7.20 to 9.00) in Gadag Tq. 116
Annual maintenance of Malpe-Molakalmur Road (69.70-82.93, 93.78-95.60, 105.00-108.20, 109.00-113.00, 117.00-118.10, 127.75-129.00, 130.00-136.00 km) in N.R.Pura taluk Chikmagalur Dist. 121
Annual maintenance of power borewells for the year 2015-16 in w.No.15, ramakrishnapuram of div.No.3b of lb nagar circle, ghmc. 148
Annual maintenance of roads in varoous sectors Faridabad. 161
Annual maintenance of Seherewad-Belagali road from Km 0.00 to 5.00 in Hubblli taluka in Dharwad Dist for the year 2015-16. 115
Annual Maintenance of Street light and other connected electrical accessories at Anjanapura 1 to 11th Block for the year 2015-16. 112
Annual Maintenance of Street light and other connected electrical accessories at J.P.Nagar 8th phase 1st & A Block, 2nd Block, 3rd Block & EWS Block, J.P.Nagar 9th phase 2, 3, 4, 4a, 5 & 5a Block and. 138
Annual Maintenance of Street light and other electrical connected accessories at Banashankari 6th stage 1 to 11th Block including F.E. 4th H, 4th B & 4th T (including Lakes) for the year of 2015-16. 125
Annual maintenance of Virajpete Byndur Road ( SH-27) (234.48-234.80, 239.25-241.60, 244.00-244.58, 247.63-247.76, 252.12-252.30, 253.80-255.40, 263.40-270.32,272.50-279.45 km) in Koppa Taluk Chikmagal. 124
Annual Maintenance Of Water Purification System. 119
Annual Maintenance of Water Supply Scheme in Sector 3 Faridabad. 157
Annual Maintenance of Yalishirunja-Venkatpur-Sortur road 0.00 to 6.00 (0.00 to 3.00 & 4.00 to 6.00) in Gadag Tq. 115
Annual maintenance work of electrical wiring appliances and electrical accessories in vip guest house building in ptpp colony area parichha . 123
Annual overhauling of 33/11 kv sub-stations, ocb s and breakdown maintenance of ht/lt cables of atp anpara. 119
Annual rate contract for repairing, testing, recalibration and tuning of defective electronics card/modules, 2x210 mw, ptpp, parichha. 120
Annual rate contract for supply of oxygen free nitrogen gas cylinder and oxygen gas cylinders at wtp-i, khaperkheda tps. 129
Annual rate contract for various size providing laying jointing of di/upvc/hdpe pipe line. 148
Annual Repair of Non Residential Building GMSH Sector-16, Chandigarh (Sarai Building) for the year 2015-16. 137
Annual Repair to NRB Building at I.S.B.T. Sector 43 Chandigarh. 122
Annual work contract for preventive maintenance of suspended magnets & ilms installed in chp-i. 143
Annual work contract for Providing services of day to day office work at O/o Dy. CE Project , Deepnagar, Bhusawal. 133
Annual works of loading/ unloading, shifting of material/ chemicals, shell/tank cleaning regular maintenance work of wtp & loading, unloading, stacking work at major store, gtps, uran. 140
Annual, maintenance to annigeri koliwad from km.0.00 to 6.30 in navalgund taluka of dharwad district h/a 2015-16 3054 road and bridges. 129
Annual, Maintenance To Karalawad Chilakawad Annigeri Navalgund Join Road Km 0.00 To 7.63 In Navalgund Taluka Of Dharwad District H/A 2015-16 3054 Road And Bridges. 121
Anti theft bar for battery box of heil emu. kpa drg. no. er-kpa-el-ba-4he-1555a. 255
Antispatter silicone spray contain 0.55 liter in one bottle .Make: anabord ltd or similer. 127
Antivirals for systemic use. 107
Aoh kit for magnet valve model 3270 of m/s.Rotex 18 months as per the following parts 1 kolben piston o ring - 1 no. part no.18, 2 seat o ring - 2 nos.Part no.19., 3 body o ring - 1 no. part no.20., 4. 160
APEC Initiative for Quality of Electric Power Infrastructure Development. 292
APEC Survey on Packaging and Labelling Requirements for Pre-Packaged Food Products. 332
Apparatus for soldering soft and firm solder or welding machines and apparatus for surface tempering and hot spraying, electrical (electrical machinery and apparatus for soldering or welding (excludin. 112
Application magnet valve for ep unit of memu/emu as per m/s. escorts drg. no. 3a-82337 or m/s.Wsf part no.Ic70222/1. 144
Applications for a market design realization. 161
appointment of electrical consultant for m.c.chandur bazar. 125
Appointment of Internal Auditors. 106
Appointment of station ticket booking sewak. 105
Approach road to sc colony at m.Kottala of molagavalli gp of alur mandal in kurnool district, estimate cost rs.138.00. 160
Approach road to sc colony at sudepalli village of veldurthy (m) in kurnool district. 152
Approximately 10000 Bio Digester based Individual Household Latrines. 198
Apron chrome leather size:24 inch x 43 inch is6153/1974. 317
Arakkonam-Renigunta Section repairs To Station Approach Road. 147
ARC for hiring of Utility/Pick up van for day to day maintenances and complaints gang. 147
Arc for rewinding of acsr dog/earthwire conductor from broken drum to new drum with supply of good quality wooden drum at vav store under construction division navsari. 205
Arc of replacement 66kv & 22kv sf6 breakers/mocb under r&m plan 2014-15-16 under tr circle navsari. 201
Architect, engineer services to support the Air Force KC-46A aircraft beddown within the continental United States. 102
Architectural & project management services at gujarat university. 116
Arcing horn to m/s.Repl part no s2531 and to drg no. am-304070-p1 or arc horn to aal part no.G2531 and to drg.No.9919000033001. 117
Argentina Youth Employment Support Project. 361
Argentina: AF for AR Provincial Public Health Insurance Development Project. 300
Armored Pickup/Deposit Services. 108
Arp-Dms - 01/A 33/11 Kv New S/S 9 No 33 Kv S/C Line 183 Km Addition Of 1 No 33 Kv Line Bay 1 No Installation Of Opgw 141 Km Installation Of Adds F/Optic Cable 60 Km F/Optic Terminal Equipment 9. 172
Arrainging Power supply to water supply installations of Allagi. 128
Art paper / art board item. 299
Asbestos free gasket after cooler water piping to dlw part no.10170340 and material speciation as per rdso modification sheet no.Mp-mod-es-07.74.10 dated 30.06.2010 or latest to dlw drg no.15d76503 al. 147
Assessing the Economic Value of Green Infrastructure in Coastal Ecosystems to Disaster Risk Reduction and Response and Coastal Resilience in the APEC Region. 499
Assign services insurance on certain risks of the province of campobasso. 239
Assistance in mechanical yard including dustcontrol, headload canteen, pontoon shifting, transportation and any other mech. maintenance during 2015-17. 111
Assistance in project management for the development of the common information system. 207
Assistance services and hospitality to disabled people and with reduced mobility the airport. 288
Assistance services for the management of subscribers and users of public services of water. 131
Assly. of aux. terminal blocks to drg.No. elw/bsl/4/f95.003r, ref.No. a,h,i,j,k,l. sheet no. 1a/5, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 5/5. 421
ASTONISH: Atomic-scale STudies Of the Nature of and conditions for Inducing Superconductivity at High-temperatures. 352
At the University College in Nesna will be built a carport with space. 176
Atc - 1 : battery charger and power cord suitable to usfd machine make - modsonic model -einstein ii r or similar specifications: 1 suitable for use with 240 v as/50hz. 2 charging time: 05 to 06 hrs. 202
Athena instrument selection mechanism. 277
Attending faults of W/S AC at Risk and Cost of M/S Omkar Engineering Pvt Ltd Pune. 102
Attending General cleaning, daily maintenance and breakdown works of Boiler and Auxiliaries. 133
Auction for water tanker/open carrier truck under HD M-314/M-32/M-3, PWD, New Delhi. 141
Auctioning Services, Disposal Of Surplus Items. 157
Augmentation of nuclear medicine department with pet- ct unit and dual head gamma camera at jipmer, puducherry. 123
Auto drain assembly for air compressor machine model no. kes -ss - 7.5 make kirolskar part no. 006cv002 r00. 115
Automated Teller Machine Services. 112
Automatic voltage regulator for avr assembly for 70 kva to 110 kva kirlosker dg set make kirlosker or similar. 112
Auxiliary transformer 415v/110v (transformer tranella 15) to specification. no. clw/es/3/0098/b. 430
Axle box bearing/tapper roller bearing for wap-5 loco as per drg./specn. no. ia016-01494 rev. 2. 283
Axle box complete with roller bearing (plane end cover) to m/s nei s drg. no. x-105 rev.M or m/s fag s drg. no.Edd.901-17-101-000 ver. aa for thrust pad axle box of wag5b locos as per rdsos specn. no-. 244
Axle box housing (b.G.) proof machined. 162
Axle box housing finished with bushes and grease nipple for wag-7 ac electric locos as per ref nos.1 and 2 of clw drg no.06/1/11/6, alt-8. 131
Axle mounted disc brake system for alstom-lhb design-power car cocahes. 323
Balance work for Sub-Center. 121
Balance Work Of Providing Fixing Cable Trench Cover Roofing And Door Rolling Shutter For S Stn Bldg. 116
Balancer 765-17-7 (casting); qty-152 nos. 111
Balikesir Municipality What Belongs AltieylE-l District, KaramankE[micro]y Quarter Border Found in Quarry in Production Aggregate According To the Desired Size and Stocking Construction Of. 117
Ball bearing s/row rigid journ. 158
Barbed wire fencing including earth work at sontoshpur regulator shed area in connection with chakol tengolgari drainage project under ndr budget of natore o&m division, bwdb, natore during the year 2. 120
Barh Project - Supply and Installation of Power Cycle Piping (PCP) Package. 175
Base door assembly without gasket for wdm2 and ydm4 locos to dlw drg. no. ske no. - 568 alt-b to dlw part no. 10021255. 109
Baterry charging terminal and fuse box for 110 v coaches to rdso drawing no. skel/3930 alt.3. note: firms may give a separate additional quote in case latest specification/design amendment is issued b. 176
Bath towel turkish handloom size 60x120 cms superior quality to variety no. 4 to is854/1991 or latest with wcr monogram stamped in black indeliable ink. 119
Battery 12 volts 25 plated mhd 1800 180 ah make: exide, chloride or similar. 194
Battery smf 7 ah 12 v suitable for ups .Makr:exide/amarraja/hbl. 123
Bayramic Forest Management Directorate Will Be Used for Forest Fire in 2015 Along with the Driver for the Bulldozer To Transport Jobs 1 Trayler (Tractor + Trailer) Hire Business. 111
Bc relay valve to kbi pt no.735690. 293
Bearing 112l or 6-112l 7055600112. 111
Beaumont Municipal Airport Improvements (Construction Of 12,000 Sf Hangar With 2,500 Sf Office, 8-Unit T-Hangar, Fuel Facility, And Removal Of 2 Existing T-Hangars). 120
Bellow connector for g.E turbo, as per dlw part no-10249163,alt-v. 144
Bellow faireley part no. 8284275. 102
Bellows kbi part no. b 65580/12. 104
belt jointing of 1600mm wide in conveyor 1c,2c at crushing section. 116
Belt leather black with rpf monogram w-m white metal of standard size. 177
Benar saksohra road to bihta sarmera road via house of sri nandkishor prasad singh professor sideshwar prasad singh. 140
Benefits of audits. 119
Benin: Benin Statistical Capacity Building. 103
Bg_340_eu / 15 factory repair of various brake assemblies of different systems. 398
Bi metallic parallel clamp 15/20 with ri no: 1561 complete assembly along with bolts. nuts and washers conforming to drg no:eti/ohe/p/1560 rev -d. 134
Biennial maintenance work for 220 kv switchyard,power/distribution transformers at ntpc unchahar. 108
Bijarim youth training center multi-purpose hall new construction. 128
Bill posting on public land and land (administrative and financial assets). 165
Bio medical equipments-reservoir cooler/heater tcm - qty.01. 118
BIOBOTTLE: Biodegradable solutions for packaging of liquid dairy products. 474
Biodegradable trash bags 23 x 30 red least 14 microns. biodegradable garbage bags 23 x 30 black color least 14 microns. 130
Black cartridge for hp deskjet printer. model no- 840c/845c cartridge specification c6615d, make- hp or similar. 108
Black cartridge no: 702 for printer no: hp j3608. make: hp or similar. 122
Black ink cpi-6. 125
Black toner cartridge no.- 101. make : samsung or similar. 177
Block paving road in various streets (package-ii), veraval. 174
Block paving road in various streets (package-iii), veraval. 172
Block paving road in various streets (package-iv), veraval. 172
Blower for traction motor with motor (mvmt-1and 2) as per drg. /specn. no.Clw/es/b-14/c. 384
Body bolster icf drg.No. dmu/tc-1-1- 005, col-iv, alt -r or latest mat. spec: as per drg. 233
Bogie bolster arrgt.To drg. no. icf/mrvc/m-0-4-001,sheet no. 1 and 2, alt-h/nil, col-i, and rdso specn. c-9202 latest revision. note: the firm shall fulfil the requirements as per icf/md/specn.147 (re. 208
Bogie bush nylon 66 for 4.5 kw alternators as per rdso specification no rdso/pe/ spec/ac/0006-2009 (rev-1) and rdso drg.No. rdso/pe/sk/tl-0129-2009 rev.O. 131
Bogie centre pivot bottom for casnub bogies to drg. no. wd-85079-s-2 with alt.24, item no.1. material and specification as per drg. 167
BOHRREC: Reconsidering Niels Bohr~s Interpretation of Quantum Physics. 339
Bolt cutter 48 long for cutting copper conducter cutting capacity maximum dia 21mm length in 1200 mm make:taparia/jalani/blue star confirming to is 5200-1998. 136
Bolt for suspension tube m 36 x 110 mm as per rdso approval make and source only to clw.Drg. no.4 twd.095.089 (only clw approved sources will be considered). 412
Bolt part no. c 77932 kbi. 103
Bolus Tablet Group Liquid Group Powder Group Surgical Items White Glass Vials pencillin vial type. 122
BOOST: "BOOST - Cooperation in Urban Science, Technology and Policy". 453
Boot a/leather gp s/8m pair 30Boot leather pair 30Boot gp s/9m pair 50Boot a/leather gp s/9l pair 50Boot a/leather gp s/10m pair 40Boot a/leather gp s/11m pair 10Shoes canvas brown pair 30Shoes canvas. 139
Borewell Drilling of 115mm. 101
Boring of Tube Well. 146
Boring turning tool holder model no ddjnl3232p15 make sandvik. 102
Bottom cover housing with bushes for distributor valve to m-s. escorts ltd. part no. ek-91 or m-s. knorr bremse india ltd. part no. kd-91 or similar. 339
Bow assly pan item ref.18 to m/s sil ord. ref. s000308 without metalised carbon strip and both horns to sil ord. ref. s000309 should confirm to redso mod. no. elrs/ms/0333 rev-0 and drg. no. rdso skel. 212

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