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Articles from Mena Report (January 8, 2015)

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"Delivery of equipment for the separation of proteins and amino acid analysis - within the project .: Construction Podkarpacki Center for Environmental Innovation and Research in Rzeszow". 169
"Implementation of analytical activities and technological developments in Bulgarian Metrology Institute" project "Upgrading the information and communication environment of BIM by further integration. 325
"Providing insurance services" civil liability "of cars owned by tp" dgs gotse delchev " "motor hull" - all risks ppp cars owned by tp "dgs gotse delchev" group insurance "accident" for employees of t. 218
"Selecting a contractor to prepare detailed plan and design the construction of new station buildings, stations and buildings for the projects" Modernization of the railway line Sofia-Dragoman - part. 359
"sukcesivna supply of food for the period 2015-2016". 122
"taking a long-term municipal debt to finance the investment project:" overhaul of the street. "hristo botev" city. galabovo ". 109
"Teaching and scholarly inquiry optical system - fishing - 30Z group 2". 321
(030/c-712-100-001-001) for total gas management (tgm) and gas supply contract to the solar energy. 113
(1) set of field weakning resistor box to bhel drawing no.0570030020, qty. 1 set (2) set of field weakning contactor box with 2 mcc and 01 no g.P relay to bhel drawing no.157530030044 .Qty. 1 set (nb,. 352
03 items of supply and commissioning. 188
03 no civil maintenance work. 110
1 rmo e and m services at icisa, cag sector -62, noida. up 2 mo ei and fans, pump set, sub station at nvti sector 1, noida. up sh. :- amc of cummins make dg sets. 108
1 type of item. 103
1)12 way tp vertical mcb distribution board. double door along with 1 no. 3 pole, 125 amp mccb as incomer & 36 nos 32 amp, sp mcbs as a outgoing, voltage - 415 volt.Breaking capacity of mcb of 10 ka,b. 205
1)120x7crepe paper covered flex.Copper cable. 216
1)bafflecarrier sgmt. cstg (r/m) qty: 4 no 2)bafflecarrier sgmt. cstg (r/m) qty: 4 no 3)bafflecarrier sgmt. cstg (r/m) qty: 4 no 4)bafflecarrier sgmt. cstg (r/m) qty: 4 no 5)balancing ring rough machi. 133
1)cable glands for 8 core to 12core x 2.5sqmm cable to sg12735-004,rev01 (type scg6 as per is12943). qty: 3000 no 2)cable glands for 4core x 2.5sqmm cable to sg 12735-003,rev01 (type scg5 as per is129. 186
1)dia 230 round bar. 132
1)digital timer switch for street light , input power supply 230 v 50 hz, din rail mounted type, programmable (days & weekly), minimum 10 nos. of programs can be stored, timer shall be operated in aut. 218
1)duplex platinum rtd for pw hea qty: 6 no 2)duplex platinum rtd qty: 4 no 4)triplex nickel chrome nickel qty: 8 no 8)3 wire simplex flat prtd qty: 48 no 9)triplex nickel chromium qty: 4 no 10)resista. 116
1)energy efficient street light fitting of 2x 14 watt, 230 volt, 50hz, aluminum body, electronic ballast, prewired up to terminal block, confirming to ip 65 and two nos. t5 tube rod with each fitting. 299
1)hydrophobic foldable iol 17d qty: 3 null 2)hydrophobic foldable iol 18d qty: 15 null 3)hydrophobic foldable iol 19d qty: 16 null 4)hydrophobic foldable iol 20d qty: 16 null 5)hydrophobic foldable io. 140
1)latex foam rubber solid type 25 mm thick x .60 m x 1.20 m 2)latex foam rubber sheet solid type,13 mm thick x .60 m x1.20 m. 131
1)moving blade st 1l qty: 272 no 2)locking blade st 1l qty: 4 no 3)moving blade st 1r qty: 272 no 4)locking blade st 1r qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)oil catcher half ring r.M. t.E qty: 18 no 3)blower qty: 3 no 4)insert cover casting varoo qty: 2 no 5)oil catcher half ring (r.M.) qty: 14 no 6)baffle ring carrier (r.M.) cas qty: 8 no 7)baffle ring. 151
1)pressure switch 1.6 to 16 qty: 2 no 2)pressure switch 0.5 to 10 qty: 11 no 3)pressure switch 0.05 to 1.05 qty: 4 no 4)diff.Pr.Switch 0.1-1.0 bar qty: 16 no 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)pressure switch 1.6 to 16 qty: 2 no 3)pressure switch 0.05 to 1.05 qty: 6 no 4)diff.Pr.Switch 0.1-1.0 bar qty: 12 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)roller bearing type nh324 em/c4 to bhel drg. no. c450068 item# 30 rev.38. qty: 100 no. 181
1)skf usa make roller bearing (double row) to skf no.22324 vaj to bhel drg.No.44304476001 item#01 rev.01. qty: 108 no. 191
1. fastner hook/loop tape synthetic og 25mm 2. fastener hook/loop tape syn. og 25 3.Fastener loop tape 25mm og 4.Fastener hook tape 25 mm og. 169
1.Extension rod, 2.Extension rod, 3.Mandrel rod, 4.Mandrel rod. 183
1.Insert dcmt, 2.Insert 754, 3.Insertdcmt, 4.Insert dgr, 5.Adaptor, 6.Tool holder, 7.Tool holder dghal. 230
10 ton capacity mechanized trolley for interbay material movement. 175
10342 Replacement Heating System at HMP Greenock - Ailsa Hall. 161
110 v, 120 ah capacity vrla battery conforming to rdso specification no. rdso-pe-spec-ac-0009-2008 (rev- 1) with amendment no. 1 or latest and rdso s letter no. el-6.7.50 dated, 18.01.2010. one set of. 457
1100v, 4 core 6 sq. mm, cu conductor, pvc insulated, frls, pvc outer sheath unarmoured cable. 138
114861 - Provision of Office Machines. 106
12 feet,self supported,folding aluminium ladder made of 10 swg alu. c section,steps of 25mm dia alu.Pipe at every 1 feet, platform 18 inch x10 inch make:heera,annapurna,arco.Model nos.Of al ladder are. 115
12.7mm impact wrench.Make:makita or similar standard as per model. 106
130 sq mm cadmium copper large span wire (130 sq mm) of size:37/2. 10mm as per rdso spec.No.Eti/ohe/50 (6/97) rev.1 (6/97) with a and c slip.No.1,2, and 3. 126
1419539- Provision of Construction Services. 107
1424205 - Provision of Temporary Personnel Services. 104
16 Flats located at Hall Street and High Street, Lochgelly Brickwork & Blockwork Works Package. 199
1cs of bracket grill lhb-eog. 137
2 types of al extrusion to drg no ext-sk-170. 108
2014 Access Road Kowloon maintenance work carried out design for e-Bidding. 112
2015 CCTV camera video information maintenance services. 105
2015 Cheonan Asan Citizen Safety CCTV integrated control center monitoring services. 117
2015 flash energy production Osan newsletter published services. 109
2015 Renovation and security (unit price contract). 101
2015 school year, elementary school after-school computer class operators Railway Station North Bidding. 114
2015 street lights, security, and maintenance work (annual price). 106
2015 Traffic CCTV Maintenance Services. 113
23 m span bridge over papriya nallah in km 8th on sawani karma road, package no. jk04-161, phase viii, block ramban, district ramban. 113
25 m span through type motorable steel truss girder bridge at rd 3275-3325 on barmeen to satyalta khas, package no. jk14-108, block ghordi, phase viii, district udhampur. 118
25mm dia colour coated drapery rod superior quality . 109
3 phase a/c crank case exhauster motor with built in inverter conforming to rdso specification no. mp. 2008 rev.01 or latest. dlw pt. no. 12102131. 203
3 phase ac fuel pump motor with built in inverter conforming to rdso specification no. mp.,2008 rev.01 or latest. dlw pt. no. 12102120. 201
3 phase induction condensor fan motor base mounted suitable for conventional type rmpu ac coaches,0.75 kw or 1 hp,1000 rpm,ip 56. make- croptom greaves,fedders liyods, sidwel refrigeration, amit engin. 106
3 ton capacity floor (radio remote & pendent) operated eot crane. 206
3. Supply and delivery of Generic Drugs and Medicines :( 29 boxes (100~s) Amoxicillin,500mg.capsule; 30 boxes(100~s) Cefalexin,500mg. tablet; 300 vials Benzathine penicillin,1.2 mu,IM (PEN-G); 600. 135
3/4 cut out cock with vent olp ball type cast iron body to is 210, grade 20 to rdso drawing no.- skdp 2877,alt.-2 with length of handle 6 and ensure interchangeability of handle with any of the cock f. 106
34 m span bridge in km 2nd rd 800 - 825 khawas to gunda road, package no. jk12-107, phase viii, block budhal, district rajouri. 114
48 m steel type truss girder motroable bridge in km 21st rd 300-350 on muttal to janglegali beyond kund road, block panchari, package no. jk14-376, phase ix, district reasi . 121
50 m span single lane through type bridge in km 19th rd 625-700 (puranakadal) over river mursudar on mulwarwan novapachi road package no. jk04-28, phase vii, block warwan, district kishtwar. 122
54 mtr span single lane through type bridge in km 30th rd (200-315) over river mursudar on mulwarwan to novapachi road, package no. jk04-28, phase vii, block warwan, district kishtwar. 122
5w,2u cfl cat no.92364 of anchor make. 101
71 m span through type steel girder bridge at km 5th rd 300-400 of chassana to kalaban road, package no. jk14-10a, phase viii, block mahore, district reasi. 119
A lump-sum fixed-rate construction contract under the FIDIC Yellow Book, which is the subject of "The TatabEinyai Heating Plant biomass-based development by creating new jobs" of GOP-2.1.3. No. 11-2012. 327
Abrasive grinding wheel. 104
Accelerator with 06 percent cobalt. 156
Accident and health insurance services. 109
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 115
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 127
Acquisition of audiovisual and computer equipment for the innovation center for training of aragon. 127
Acquisition of desktop computer. 173
Acquisition of ERP software application (hardware, software licenses, software, training) for the project "Investment in ERP solutions, an investment in the future", SMIS 46614. 213
Acquisition of laboratory equipment. 133
Acquisition of road signs. 115
Acquisition of Tangible Assets Data Room. 442
Acquisition of unleaded petrol and diesel CO95 as fuel vouchers. 471
Acquisition of user folder of web solutions for the care and education provided by the health and welfare of the meeting. 248
Adaptation of the existing SKA-RZ Bad Schallerbach grounds work. 209
Addition alteration to structural rehabilitation and replacement of joineries of jamuna building p 128 at bmc under ge p n and cg kolkata. 105
Addition/alteration to cgh, spl at kanenagar in sector-ii, antophill, mumbai-37, during 2013-14, sh-upgradation of residential, type-ii quarters, 30 nos.In building nos 50, 53 to 67, 69 and 81. 101
Additional services for the development of the overall conceptual and main project documentation, surveying and geotechnical investigation works, and the implementation of administrative procedure in. 115
Additional services on the amendment of the location permit (construction in stages), and all major projects, surveying and geotechnical investigation works, implementation of administrative procedure. 114
Addn/altn to main hangar at aftc jalahalli, bangalore. 110
Administrative educational services. 118
Advanced water treatment plant water treatment plant ungsang liquid oxygen and nitrogen to buy. 104
Advertising and marketing services. 151
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 147
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 127
Air conditioner split type capacity 2ton details technical specification as follows: 1 capacity tr - 2.0tr. 2 cooling watts - 6350. 3 compressor- rotary- r22. 4 power supply- 230/single phase/50hz. 5. 154
Air setting cement castable as per following specification1)al2o3 90%min.2)fe2o3 0.5% max.3)cao5.5% max.Applicationtemp.1750deg.Cmx4)pce sk 36 min.5)bd at 110deg.C/24 hrs.2.9gm/ccm. 103
Aji-iii irrigation scheme renovation to minor-11r of lbmc, lining work & structure repairing, earth work under p.I.M. of aji-iii irrigation scheme (part-i) & (part-ii). 166
Al.Extrusion to drg no.Ofaj ext-sk-170 in length 660 mm. 110
Alarm system and antenna installation work. 185
Alimony, groundwater and glass cleaning as well as winter services and laundering achievements in various objects of the city straus mountain. 118
Allocation of a portion of the laundry and cloakroom service of the health district. 115
Alluminium alloy pop blind rivet with steel mendral specn rivet diameter 4.0 mm hole. 120
Aluminium alloy sheet of various sizes. 138
Amalgamated battery charging unit 130v,200amps capacity for sg ac coaches. 101
Amazon Forest Sector Initiative (AFSI). 173
Amc for calibration and functional checking of gas detectors. 108
Anaesthesia and resuscitation devices. 110
Anaesthesia and resuscitation. 122
Angola : ANGOLA: Provincial Directorate of Culture Culture supports Fair of Traditional Medicine. 149
Angola,Brazil : BRAZIL inks visa agreement with ANGOLA. 117
Animal products, meat and meat products. 145
Annual cleaning/up keeping/grass removal works for control room,office,switchyard,store area. 168
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of Lift Annoucement System Lift. 109
Annual comprehensive maintenance of lift Voice announcement system. 105
Annual contract for assistance in operation by providing manpower for railway operation including operation of locomotives and marshalling yard at 2x600 mw kalisindh super thermal power project, rajas. 125
Annual Contract for inviting registered agency for engaging of Semiskilled out sourcedpersons 05 nos (02 nos for IT Nanded for the work of Data Entry Operator for office working hours & 03 nos for con. 137
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel) with Data Entry, IR meter reading. 114
Annual maintenance contract for preventative and breakdown maintenance of tokheim and aplab make mpp mpd and dispensing pumps installed under mumbai divisional office. 102
Annual Maintenance Contract of Cleaning and Housekeeping contract. 126
Annual maintenance contract of electrical systems including substation equipment. 124
Annual Maintenance of PH services in Sector-25, Panchkula (Repair of pump chamber, snowcem, painting, plaster, CC path and sanitary items and all other works contingent thereto at T Well No. E-1, E-2,. 121
Annual maintenance of s and t system including outdoor indoor s and t gears like multi section digital axle counter data logger ips control panel electronic interlocking including outdoor signals etc. 128
Annual rate contract for mainline maintenance along the row of kdpl smpl kspl and kapl group a. under bareja jurisdiction. dist. ahmedabad. 106
Annual rate contract for mainline maintenance along the row of kdpl smpl kspl and kapl group b under navagam jurisdiction. dist. ahmedabad. 106
Annual rate contract for mainline maintenance along the row of kdpl smpl kspl and kapl group c under hazira jurisdiction. dist. surat. 106
Annual rate contract for operation & routine maintenance of pumping machinery & repairs of pumping machinery with allied equipments of u/g drainage scheme at sarigam ind. estate. 166
Annual rate contract for providing environmental hygiene services at various stations under koyali base.Group a at wrpl koyali. dist vadodara. 104
Annual rate contract for providing environmental hygiene services on intermittent basis at various stations under koyali base. group d at wrpl ratlam. village bangrod dist.Ratlam. 109
Annual rate contract for providing environmental hygiene services on intermittent basis at various stations under koyali base.Group b at wrpl sabarmati. dist ahmedabad. 107
Annual rate contract for providing environmental hygiene services on intermittent basis at various stations under koyali base.Group c at wrpl hazira. dist. surat. 107
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation to various roads under PWD Sub Division M_4113 during 2014_15 Repair and improvement of drainage system of the Sudershan Cinema Road. 104
Antineoplastic Drugs Supply with a Duration of 24 Months. 440
Antivirals for systemic use. 121
Aoh kit for overhauling of pulse generator of m-s. aal pt no.1900007200. (1) oil seal dia 20-40 x 6 m-s aal pt.No. 8.3010.138-01 qty-set 01 no. (2) o ring dia 110-114 x 2 m-s aal pt.No. 8.3010.188 qty. 371
Aoo 2015-007 sterile medical ophthalmic devices (supplement 1). 267
Aoo print jobs (raise). 126
Appointement of consultant form improvement and development of dak bunglow through ppp in district udaipur. 106
Appointement of consultant form improvement and development of dak bunglow through ppp in nathdwara district rajsamand. 107
Appointment as Co-Ordinating Investigator. 129
Appointment of consultancy for improvement of dakbanglow through ppp. 110
Arc for housekeeping services (dusting, cleaning and washing office areas incl. toilets) in office building at gidc vapi. 153
Arc for necessary repairing of 75 h.P/40 h.P/35 h.P non clog pump sets. 186
Archaeological excavation operations. 155
Architect assistance for preparation of two draft project for extension at Sagstad school and Grasdal school. 118
Architectural and related services. 108
Architectural design services. 377
Architectural design services. 418
Architectural design services. 363
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 494
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 126
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 115
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 170
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 109
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 180
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 129
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 104
Arno starting resistance cut out ac relay (qcvar) for locos. to clw specn - clw-es-r-2- alt. k. 285
Assembly Of Spares And Major Overhauling Roller Screen And Coke Crusher Of Coke Sorting Plant. 122
Assly fuel injection tube 3/8 inch 0.D x 0.107 inch i.D. rdso drg.No.Sk. dp.3925. 180
Attending complaints of chowkage in drainage and sanitary installation and sewerage and for daily operation of main sluice valves. 117
Auditorium audio solution, stage lighting and air condition cassette ac for maha lakshami town hall at modasa (arvalli). 159
Augmentation of Water Supply to baripada town under UIDSSMT on EPC contract,. 108
Australia : Another Accolade for Tasmania's Tourism Industry. 297
Australia : Boost for little-known aspects of Australian history. 323
Australia : Colin Radford appointed Chair of the Defence Reserves Support Council Victoria. 282
Australia : Donate safely this bushfire season. 455
Australia : Fuel industry under pump for high Territory prices. 427
Australia : Labor Government Steps in to Save Bendigo Kangan. 284
Australia : LASCOM extends relationship with SAGE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. 418
Australia : Minister Announces Harness Racing Victoria Audit. 297
Australia : New addition to Tasmania's road safety strategy. 220
Australia : Prawn Watch app boon for science. 331
Australia : Simonds Stadium to be Upgraded and Preserved. 377
Author~s supervision for the task: Construction of a double carriageway section S7 Checiny - JedrzejEw. 133
Automated blood pressure monitor with ac adaptor. technical specifications 1 it should be of automated digital bp apparatus, 2 it should have the facility to function in both ac/dc current. 3 it shoul. 131
Auxiliary switch rotary spares for 132 kv sf-6 circuit breaker. 104
Award for display of advertisements at earmarked areas through vinyl stickers/paintings as per the railway specifications on the exterior of coaches and laminated advertisements on the interior coache. 102
Axle oil medium to is 1628-1986. 108
B.R.C. for maintenance of garden at chph and gsecl colony area at kevadia colony. 147
B.U.Jo. 2013-14 constructing a 6.00mt single span slab drain at ch. 5/4 to 5/6 on ankleshwar amboli boridra nangal road tal : ankleshwar, dist : bharuch. 160
Babysitting services on four military sites from the base defense carcassonne. 122
Bahamas,United States : FRONTIER AIRLINES cites poor demand for trimming five services from TRENTON-MERCER. 451
Bahrain : BAHRAIN's sovereign fund MUMTALAKAT HOLDING signs $500m credit facility with six banks. 183
Bahrain : BATELCO declares converged infrastructure services for SMEs. 133
Bahrain : T AZUR ISLAMIC INSURANCE COMPANY signs agreement with BFC. 128
Ball bearing type 6314z/c3 to bhel. 220
Ball bearing, skf 6305zz for f.P. motor and cce motor. 368
Bangladesh,Netherlands : BANGLADESH contracted ROYAL HASKONINGDHV for engineering consultancy services to shield coastal zone. 355
Barrs Brae Play Area. 118
Batken Water Sub-Project in Kyrgyz Republic. 443
Battery charger cum mains power pack with charge status indicator suitable for ultrasonic flaw detector of einstector of einstein ii-r of modsonic make. 109
Battery operated fork lift truck capacity :5 ton make : voltas ltd. or similar as per specification at annexure :a. 151
BBF QM - Tjallara Building - Refurbishment at Jalygurr Guwan MACS and Broome Circle Creche. 113
Bearing 6310 rs1z/c3 of make skf/nbc/fag with original manufacturer certifiacate to swr part no. 16982009, child part of dlw part no. 17451759 and emd part no. 9518890. 109
Bearing 6314 rs2z/c4s1 vt228 imported make ofskf/nbc/fag radiator fan of wdg4/wdp4 locomotives, child part of dlw part no. 17450391 and emd part no. 10632019. 107
Bearing bracket complete for back rest. 167
Bearing shell to m/s. adtranz s pt.No. a2313, drg.No. ag-545649 p2 or m/s. aal pt. no. m2313, spare for air motor of tap changer type no 32. 120
Beds for medical use. 163
Belgium : JACOBS secures contract to upgrade PTA plants for BP. 143
Belgium,United States : Marsh Acquires Aalst-Based Trade Insure NV. 354
Benefit provision of temporary staff. 236
Berth/seat location board made by acrylic sheet of 2mm thickness of size 3 x 12 matter to be printed as emergency windows available at berth/seat no: in two lines and pasted on reverse side. consignee. 139
Bhutan : BHUTAN TELECOM reconfigures 3G network in GELEPHU. 105
Bi-metal band saw blades,m-51 grade,size 4860 x 41 x 1.3 x 3/4 tpi qty: 20 no. 147
Binocular microscope as per specification attached. 120
Blairhall Primary School, Blairhall, Door Entry Systems. 192
Bostwick Data Center / Leslie E. Tassell M-Tec. 147
Box fibre board rigid corrugated triple wall 7 ply with internal dimensions 700 mm x 450 mm x450 mm. 118
Bracket fan 225 mm sweep,110 v ac confirming to is: 6680-92 annexure h dec-2005 . the fan looks elegent,compact,light weight, aluminium body anti corrosive and with frp blade. the fan will have ball b. 161
Bracket type rc fan 110 v dc,225 mm sweep,confirming to is: 6680-92 with deviation as per annexure h and on/off/on swith in base.Finish of motor body with metallic silver ash powder coating and crashw. 150
Braeside Play Area. 111
Brake beam for cast steel bogie of blc wagon drg.No :-contr-9404-s/17, alt-5 item no-1 to 16. 316
Brake block to c. rly drg. no. ma 540/m alt-2, mtrl specn. is: 210/1993 gr. fg 220. 143
Brass washer to drg. 45380401061, it. 01, bhel. 176
Brazil : BNDES sanctions US$9.6 million loan for building of new SOLAR MODULE FACTORY. 145
Bridge and tunnel operation services. 115
Bridge on Frye Bridge Road over Muddy Creek. 163
Brisbane propery search and long term accomodation consultancy. 118
Brokerage and consulting market for liability insurance programs operating airfields and war risks aeroports de paris and its security providers. 166
Brush 24v to delco remy pt. no. 1852888 suitable for starter motor type 50 mt of intac cater pillar diesel engine model no. 3412 dita of demu. 114
Brush holder with spring complete set. 254
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 184
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 178
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 194
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 175
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 155
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 176
BT Renewals Road works under MRR. 167
BT renewals to 33 roads. 113
Build 2 Liftboats. 180
Build a new 15,000 square-meter, 5-story Ambulatory Care Center. 169
Build a new generation of small, armored personnel carriers. 160
Build a three-tower residential development. 129
Build Baltic Triangle, a three-tower residential development. 193
Build the new Braidwood Primary School. 148
Build the Paddington Link Tunnel. 152
Building 110 Kv Husi-Panel Crow 33-43. 457
Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work. 143
Building- cleaning services. 125
Building- cleaning services. 105
Bush (wrist pin) drg. no. kgp/dl/cx-4 alt-2. 131
Business Planning and Restructuring Assignment. 192
Business Processes & Patterns Consultants Contract 1559 2014-003956 FA 578432. 107
BWPC - RVJ Pathology Transport Services. 125
by the contracting authority Buy flights. 110
by the contracting authority Maintenance and management of interoperable spine IS e-Health. 175
by the contracting authority The establishment and implementation of the first-level support to users of eHealth. 164
Byggeleder Flekkefjord Cultural. 104
C.P.Impect wrench model no.Cp610rp or similar. 107
C.P.Rivetting hammer model:cp4689 pugar boyer or similar. 102
C/O Bop Bldg. For Ssb Murtiatola And Bop Koriya Sh:- Supply Of 1400 Mm Sweep Ceiling Fans I/C Reg 200 Nos. 2. C/O. 4 Nos T-Ii-04 T-Iii And 1 No. T-V Qtr For Nrc Litchi At Mushahari Muzaffarpur Sh:- Su. 105
C/O. Bldg For Jnv East Champaran Bihar Phase B Work Sh:- C/O. Dormotory 0.5 Nos. Boys Plus 0.5 Nos. Girls T-Iii Qtrs. Ds-8 Nos. T-Ii Qtr. Ds-2 Nos. T-I Qtr Ds-2 Nos. Guest House Ss I/C Internal Water. 121
Cable cleat to s - rly drg no :-sr /d /ef - 82/b drg. 376
Cable lug 3mm square for solderless crimping to copper conductor with insulated metal renforcement to dowell s cat.No.8313 (with 6.2 dia stud hole). 116
Cable pvc insulated single core unsheathed, multistrand alluminium conductor of 35 sq.Mm 7/2.5mm for voltage upto and including 1100volts rdso specification no.Rdso/pe/spec/tl/0027/2002 rev-01 amnd.1. 104
Cable pvc insulated unsheathed aluminium conductor multi stranded single core 1100v grade. 102
Cable single core flexible multistrand annealed copper for 25 kv ac discharge rod as per is-1554 pt-ii 1988, size-248/0.45mm with heat resistive pvc insulation, voltage grade-650/ 1100v. 114
Cable,copper, flexible, tinned multi stranded ,single core size:192/36 swg,300v grade with base insulated of ptfe covered with two layer of the braided fibre glass sleeve, impregnated with f class ins. 127
Cairo Municipal Solid Waste Management Project. 218
Calibration Of Hyd. Pump & Controls Of Pc 300 Shovel & Repairing Of Hydraulic Cylinders Of Various Heavy Equipments. 129
Cameroon : CAMEROON authorities issues DOUALA-YAOUNDE highway construction tender. 195
Canada : Absolute Software to Use Google Maps Geolocation API to Track Devices. 250
Canada : AIR LIQUIDES new $12 million oxygen pipeline to get financing from ONTARIO. 221
Canada : BOCHK's RMB Clearing Centre awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification. 194
Canada : CAE awarded contracts valued at more than C$120 million for eight full-flight simulators and training services. 382
Canada : Canada Welcomes Market Access for Export of Canadian Ash Products to India. 295
Canada : CANADIAN SOLAR completes sale of 2 solar power plants to RET. 141
Canada : Funding available for campus safety projects. 169
Canada : GOOGLE Maps Geolocation API to be used by Absolute Software to track devices. 172
Canada : GuestLogix Announces 6+ Year Renewal and Expansion Agreement with Momentum Services and Eurostar. 422
Canada : Helping to Protect the World s Most Vulnerable. 418
Canada : Improvements to myUWindsor app aimed at engaging users. 197
Canada : MOLEX buys SDP TELECOM. Company overview 111
Canada : New building Canada Fund infrastructure application deadline reminder. 209
Canada : Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund--Working for Ontario. 368
Canada : Public equities and alternative assets are expected to substantially outperform bonds in 2015. 351
Canada : RBC Global Asset Management Inc. announces December sales results for RBC Funds and PH&N Funds. Financial report 135
Canada : Saskatchewan research council launches volatile materials expansion project. 412
Canada : VOICE and text messaging in a single app combined by UbiSpeak. 268
Canada : XIMEN MINING appoints new auditors to its board. 136
Canada,United States : BlackBerry Announces BBM Support for Wearable Technology. 338
Canada,United States : BlackBerry Provides Software Platform for NantHealth s Internet of Medical Things Device. 400
Canada,United States : BlackBerry Unveils Cloud-based Internet of Things Platform. 380
Carrying Out Of Reconnaissance EeCum-Trafic Survey For New Line Between (I) Tilda-Palari Balauda Bazar-Kasdol-Sarsiwan Orissa ( Bargarh) ( Approx 194 Kms), (Ii) Bijapur-Kirandul ( Approx 120 Kms). 106
Carrying out special repairs on turnkey basis to electrical & mechanical works to put the scheme in to operation. 161
Cast iron for locomotives and wagons. 133
Catering, management of the kitchen and making meals to residents of the mrpa / mrs "the closiere" service. 213
Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike and Activity Centre. 111
CCTVs in Ranchi. 115
Certain br repair works to pump house building and ug sump. 104
Certain br repairs to joinery flooring plumbing sanitary and connected works in jcos. 114
Certain repair to ceiling, roofing, flooring, plumbing and other b/r works in garrison school, hrdc, mes complex, transit accn, jco mess of stn wksp eme under age b/r ii at chandimandir. 122
Certain repair to roof covering sanitary items floor and certain minor works at ebs babugarh under age br ii of ge north meerut cantt. 115
CEVA - LTx 12.20 - Bifurcation and viaduct The Junction - Built Tunnel. 101
Change of faulty cable from pump house no 2 to pump house. 104
Chasis assly module for GM locos. 401
China : 200 CHINESE FIRMS to introduce IPOs this YEAR. 121
China : DLA Piper sees continued opportunities in Asia Pacific for 2015. 465
China : JINKOSOLAR enters into working capital loan agreement with CDB. 187
China : Ricardo provides vehicle NVH support to China s Qoros Automotive. 293
China : ZTE Receives Four IDG Awards at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show. 340

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