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Articles from Mena Report (January 30, 2015)

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"construction of compound wall, water drain, watchmen cabin, water sump septic tank & area grading work at 220 kv mesanka (gariyadhar) s/s. ta. gariadhar, dist.Bhvnagar under amreli tr circle. ". 176
"Construction of the building for social housing, located in Building IV-55 (ID 10135.5503.55) sq. 47, the plan of 28 M.P., Region" Asparuhovo "g. Varna" project "Support to provide modern social hous. 224
"money, disinfection, removal of fixed permanently stains, ironing, patching and sorting of hospital linen and operational and staff clothing of" hospital - burgas "ad". 329
"Mowing grass, weeds, and suckers samosiejek lane road with provincial roads managed by the provincial road management mazowiecki in warsaw, divided into 26 parts" - no. 005 fifteenths proceedings. 123
"Providing information and publicity within the project" Support for the provision of modern social housing in the municipality of Varna "scheme for grants BG161PO001 / 1.2-02 / 2011" Support for prov. 212
"Providing insurance services" civil liability "of cars owned by tp" dgs razlog "; "casco vehicle" - all risks ppp cars owned by tp "dgs razlog"; group insurance "accident" for employees of tp "dgs ra. 275
"Rehabilitation of 3.94 km Gravel Surface road and Contruction of Drainage structures from Lalm-e- Sabzk Village to Senjetak Village of Salang District Parwan Province Contact ID RRD/WB/ARAP/KBL/PRN/0. 106
"Supply of containers and vehicles for the separate collection of recyclables and green waste project" Building a regional system for waste management for Region Borovo (Byala, Rousse) ", with two lot. 233
"supply of specific medical devices for invasive cardiology for the needs of the hospital" tota venkova "ad - gabrovo". 181
"work for replacement of dog to panther conversion & strengthening. 165
(12) Restoration to Saline Embankment of Harishpur gherry (East) from RD.00 Km to RD.0.915 Km. 103
(A) Dismantling and erection of feeder-I, 3.3 KV Over Head Line near 4 seam face pump due to Hyd/ shovel (1000-4) marching for pump installation at AKWMC, OCP. (B) Dismantling, erection and diversion. 104
1 cut out cock ball type. 345
1) piston pump yuken. 106
1)0.22 x 900 mm nomex polyester composite to bp 25296 rev-05. material to be supplied in rolls of 50 kg. qty: 100 kg. 165
1)cacw cooler to drg. 14023540028, var.00, rev.00 with tube bundle drg. 34023540039, rev.02 and water flow indicator to drg. 44023540003, rev.02. qty: 1 no. 162
1)cardboard tubes 38.1id x 46.45 mm od x 25 mm long. qty: 400 kg. 155
1)slip ring assembly to drg. no. 14028440001 var.00 rev.07. qty: 20 no. 150
1)supply of temperature gauge 0-300 deg. c for air dryer qty: 8 no 2)supply of pressure gauge with needle valve 1/2" for air dryer qty: 7 no 3)supply of air regulator 1/2" for air dryer qty: 3 no 4)su. 291
1. masking arrgt-ac (one set=sk 01- 16nos,sk 02-8nos & sketch 04-40nos), as per paint sketch no 01 altb,02 alt b and 04. 2. masking arrgt.-non ac (one set=46 nos each of sketch-03 and sketch- 04), as. 116
1. s&t work involving trenching, cable laying, termination of cable with accessories in c/w various cable crossing in the section of ambala, rajpura, sirhind, kalka & chandigarh. 2. telecomm. work in. 109
1.1/4inches ball type isolating.,. 194
100 Amps TPN Switch Fuse Units. 245
102 / NRN / BS-V / 2014 Purchase of services consisting of a comprehensive project for the organization of Polish BIOFACH Fair 2015 which will be held 11-14.2.2015 in Nuremberg. 549
11 K V A Transformer Installation And 11 K V Line H T Extension Work. 111
11 K V A Transformer Installation And 11 K V Line H T Extension Work. 110
110 v dc 225mm sweep bracket type railway carriage fan confirming to is:6680-1992 with annex h revised in dec 2005 . note:1 guarantee for 24 months for any manufacturing defect from the date of instal. 303
110v/130v dc line contactor for air condition coaches. 145
12 volts 100 ah sealed maintenance free battery. 139
128/JO Bench Test Equipment for Teaching. 233
13 percent cr stainless steel bars size 55x28mm, 104x53mm, 106x53mm, 110x56mm, 58x32mm, 118x59mm, 62x34mm, 53x30mm, 82x46mm, 90x55mm, 68x42mm, 55x35mm, 75x46mm, 99x50mm, 100x59mm, 65x38mm, 86x55mm, 90. 118
18 months overhauling kit for faiveley. 152
2015 - 2018 Landscape Maintenance. 105
2015 Eunpyeong Lifelong Learning Information Systems Maintenance Contract. 104
2015 Graduate Program Relocation. 115
2015-2016 electricity supply contract. 117
20mm.Dia. drill body. 110
22mm drill brazed type. 119
288-2015 event closed bladder drainage system, consisting of: probe foley no. 18fr, two way, silver ion plated e hidrogel with ball 5 ml, port of sampling. 139
2kva ups system with input isolation transformer similar. 136
2x500 kva igbt based converter for hotel load supply for 3-phase (wap-7/wap-5) loco,. 166
3054 s.R. to resurfacing of kalol-mansa-vijapur road (with bypass) km 0/000 to 4/000 incl 1.200 km c.C. road. 179
500 kva,750 v,3 ph diesel alternator set for lhb power car without power and control panel. 269
53nb special flexible mettalic coupling for oil pump of ac emu main transformer. 254
A library of books. 294
A mtc estimate for water supply scheme. 135
A set consisting of 03 items 1 filter lubricating oil part. 106
A set of 19mm 3/4 square drive bihexagon socket chrome vanadium steel plated. 106
A set of buffelo fttm blower bearings 1 spherical roller bearing. 177
A set of consisting following items :- 1 seal ring/ gasket 206148 ww part no. 36628-39, qty- 05 nos. 2 centering bearing ww part no. 36628-150, qty- 04 nos. 3 gasket ww part no. 36628-163, qty- 20 nos. 118
A set of consisting three type slogging wrench ring spanner. 105
A study and literature review on the needs of people in poverty related hardship in Stoke on Trent. 105
A) toner cartridge model. 126
A/r and m/o to non residential building at ajcbibg shibpur howrah during 2014-15.Sh-repairing and renewing the fencing at ticket counter howrah gate and nazirgaunge gate for security purpose. 104
Ac 3 pole contactor for pre-cooling transformer rectifier of 110 v dc air conditioned coaches. 118
Accord Housing Association Timber Materials. 110
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 133
Acp protection cover as pr drg. no.Cad emu carshed-113. material ss304. 242
Acquiring kantklipper Volvo wheel loader according to claim killer. 103
Acquisition 233 K Vordemwald AO; Pinning. 128
Acquisition and implementation of a web-based solution for managing training and monitoring. 135
Acquisition of a lathe like tram-train. 108
Acquisition of pcs, laptops, ups, software etc. - a group of 26 ii. 383
Acquisition of Unleaded Petrol and Diesel Using Credit Cards. 237
Acquisition of vehicles and equipment - 2014 program. 300
Acquisition sw - digitization of documents. 252
Acs mar migration in the main building. 104
Additions to Discovering Anzacs website. 108
Adjusting piece STEP. 144
AET Cleaning Framework Agreement. 221
Afghanistan : Special support for sustaining the afghanistan government~s operations. 162
Africa multiple countries : Humanitarian policy group integrated programme - 2013-2015. 181
Africa multiple countries : Whole-of-system review of protection in humanitarian crises - norwegian refugee council. 219
African Rivers Fund LLC. 476
Air brake hose assembly l type tpl-0118,sheet 4 of 5 ,alt-b. 111
Air brake hose coupling support for wagon. 342
Air compressor (auxilliary). 361
Air motor cover. 132
Air secondary filter fire rdso drg. no.: sk.Dp-3476, alt-8. 178
Air-sea rescue services. 169
Air-traffic control equipment. 147
Airport Road Substation 242KV Outdoor Gas Circuit Breaker. 167
Al.Alloy pin. 150
Albania: Water Resources and Irrigation Project. 266
Algeria,Libya,Turkey : TURKEY in talks with ALGERIA on the crisis in LIBYA. 238
Aligning Education with Labour Market Needs (Kosovo). 168
Alluminium sheet 8 feet x 4 feet x 2mm. 145
Alteration to shed including provision of egg rading machine and certain miscellaneous e/m works. 113
Aluminium conductor welding cable. 105
Aluminium sheet size : 8 feet x 4 feet. 145
Amc for regular repair and maintenance of switch yard lighting, power supply and street lighting work in colony, general electrical maintenance work of sub-station at 132kv css jorabaga, lakhanpur are. 107
American Auto-Matrix Building Automation System Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Services. 160
Amphenol plug male with wires and amphenol plug (triploc) femele suitable for woodward. 116
Anaesthesia and resuscitation. 130
Anaesthesia and resuscitation. 326
Animal products, meat and meat products. 174
Anlagepflege- and funeral work, cemetery Richterswil. 121
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel) with Data Entry, IR meter reading through HHU & bill distribution for RC consumers in Manwat S/Dn under Parbhani C. 115
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel) with Data Entry, IR meter reading through HHU & bill distribution for RC consumers under Jintur Sub Division in Pa. 115
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel) with Data Entry, IR meter reading through HHU & bill distribution for RC consumers under Parbhani Rural Sub Divisi. 113
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel) with Data Entry, IR meter reading through HHU & bill distribution for RC consumers under Sonpeth Sub Division. 112
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter reading through Digital Photography (10 Megapixel). 115
Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) Of Forty Two (42) Nos. Digital Pf Clocks And Five (5) Nos. Tower Clocks. 121
Annual maintenance contract for maintenance of passbook printers available in various postoffices. 110
Annual maintenance contract for two years for four nos auto lpg dispensing stations. 105
Annual maintenance contract of 3T and 1T Kone Make elevator installed. 118
Annual maintenance contract of day to day mechanical, electrical and tyre repairing work of 24 nos. conservancy vehicles of jadavpur unit garage under swm ii department on contractual basis including. 119
Annual maintenance contract of radio frequency (rf) link. 115
Annual rate contract for erection of 66 kv transformer/line bays at various sub-stations under himatnagar tr. circle. 158
Annual rate contract for repairing/replacement of impulse lines, valves, nipples, thermowells,. 104
Anti tracking varnish. 175
Anti-tracking varnish for class 130 degree used on field coils. 262
Antibacterials for systemic use. 106
Appropriate procedure - sports palace of beaulieu (nantes) - rehabilitation and extension. 298
Arc for general up keeping and cleaning of workshop, other mechanical site workshops and loco shed for the year 2015-16. 109
Architect landscape architecture. 117
Architect large projects. 107
Architectural and related services. 173
Architectural design services. 133
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 123
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 286
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 130
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 341
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 143
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 203
Armenia : ADB approves new strategy with ARMENIA. 169
Arp - part-gu system technology. 183
Asbestos -removal work. 103
Asbestos removals framework. 352
Assembled vacuum switch.,. 128
Asset Revaluation Services. 101
Assignments diagnostics waste before demolition work. 195
Assy.Belt 6755 -201-cb1190. 115
Audience screen and optional equipment delivery lif priority study programs. 108
Audited energy 15 buildings of the ulg and teaching hospital. 243
Australia : Australia assists Afghanistan counter improvised explosive devices. 227
Australia : Boost for Barwon Learn Local Partnership. 305
Australia : ENEL produzione completes disposal of stake in SF energy for 55 million Euros. 202
Australia : Funding support for road safety projects. 243
Australia : Getting our future farmers job ready. 369
Australia : Green light for aerial tours to Breaksea Island. 266
Australia : Harris Corporation Awarded Contract by FAA for Alaska Flight Services System. 407
Australia : Jetstar partnership paying off. 295
Australia : Labor Misfires on Young Offender Intervention Program. 201
Australia : Liberals Tore The Heart Out Of Victoria's Social Housing. 241
Australia : Minister Funds Jobs Hope For Indigenous Offenders. 243
Australia : Most fatal burden of disease caused by cancer and cardiovascular disease. 399
Australia : New appointment to Heritage Council. 269
Australia : New Productions Secure Screen Tasmania Funding. 421
Australia : Qantas & Samsung unveil industry-first virtual reality experience for Travellers. 461
Australia : Qantas expands business rewards program. 431
Australia : Qantas to Gift historic B747 to aviation Museum. 464
Australia : Qantas to showcase Upcoming Australian talent at new look G'day USA. 470
Australia : Queensland Building and Construction Commission overhauls system with TechnologyOne. 387
Australia : Scaddan workshop to delve into soil constraints. 421
Australia : Shortlist out for first Public Private Partnership for schools. 228
Australia : Social media helps GRDC keep industry ahead. 385
Australia : The Liebherr Troubleshoot Advisor Improves Service Efficiency. 293
Australia : Water quality is already improving in the Great Barrier Reef. 329
Australia : Western Sydney airport environmental guidelines issued. 246
Australia : WORLD BANK decides to give US$7 million to help TUVALU reach 100% renewables generation. 144
Australia : World-first poison bait not so cool for cats. 323
Australia,China : FOSUN GROUP buys SYDNEY PROPERTY. 153
Australia,Mozambique : AUSTRALIAN mining firm TRITON MINERALS secures US$16m for MOZAMBICAN mine. 152
Australia,Philippines : Defence Minister announces the gifting of two Landing Craft to the Philippines. 206
Austria : DLA Piper advises Israel Chemicals on company purchase. 261
Auto change over arrangement of inverters. 132
Automatic electric water heater. 125
Automatic spring testing instrument with load cell and digital read out and as per annexure "a". 137
Av. De Villardin, c. of Somais, Chamblandes, Osches, limes and Verney, road improvements, renewal of industrial pipes and exhaust manifolds water. 121
Awareness Raising on Environmental and Social Benefits in District Heating Projects. 149
Axle box housing for icf coaches (finish machined) to drawing/specification icfs drg. t-0-2-602, alt. no. u/14, itemno- 2. 248
Axle outer, rdso drg.No.Sk.Mp-116, alt.- b . 194
Azerbaijan : IFC, Partner Help Smaller Businesses in Azerbaijan Gain Easier Access to Finance. 366
Azerbaijan,United Arab Emirates : OECD, IDB makes development plan after 2015. 127
Azerbaijan: SECO Trust Fund for Azerbaijan - Financial Sector Modernization. 313
Balance joint measurement survey and valuation of affected structures, and any other value addition to the land etc. within the prow of delhi meerut expressway project, km 0.000 to km. 65.000 of delhi. 115
Balance Work Of Tender No. 52 Of 2011-12 (Open)/South For The Work Of EeSupplying, Stacking And Spreading Of 50Mm Gauge Nominal Size Machine Crushed Stone Ballast, Transporting Of P.Way Materials/Fitti. 134
Ball bearing 6314 z/c4 for ftm blower. make :- skf, fag, ntn. 362
Ball pein hammer with handle size 340 gms. is: 841-1983 make - taparia or everest. 109
Ball spline with spline nut. 166
Ballistic Identification Solution. 111
Bangladesh : POULTRY OPERATORS aims to boost investment by 2020. 255
Bars red and blue silk , width 1cm ie point 5 cm red and point 5 cm blue cloth silk. 220
Basket bamboo 450x250mm dia 1.25 kg in dried condition less. 130
Battery(ni-cd)unit consisting of 3 cells for wap7 and wag 9(3-phase) class of locomotives. clw s spec no.Clw-es-3-0030 alt-c. 263
Battery. model : apc ups system model sybt 5. out put. 159
Baulos L05745, LG Bahnhofstrasse and access operations center East Turtmann. 165
Beaker, low form graduated with spout, made of low expansion, 3.3 borosilicate glass, 250ml capacity, 69mm od approx, 94 m m height . 120
Bearing (shock pulse) conditions analyzer with accesories and optional accessoires. 241
Bearing bracket (pe) to hitachi.,. 197
Belgium : Agfa Graphics with automatic board feeder and varnish printing at C!Print in Lyon (FR). 290
Belgium : Close cooperation with the European Parliament needed for speedy setup of the European Fund for Strategic Investment. 314
Belgium : Commission approves acquisition of Abbott Laboratories' Non-U.S. Developed Markets Specialty and Branded Generics Business by Mylan, subject to conditions. 321
Belgium : Commission approves acquisition of GSK's oncology business by Novartis, subject to conditions. 435
Belgium : Commission approves both GSK's acquisition of Novartis' vaccines business and a consumer healthcare joint venture between GSK and Novartis, subject to conditions. 270
Belgium : Commission approves UK flood reinsurance scheme. 475
Belgium : Commission launches work on establishing a Capital Markets Uniond. 456
Belgium : EC conditionally approves GSK's acquisition Of NOVATIS' vaccines business; creation of new company. 102
Belgium : European Commission pushes for full transparency for ISDS in current investment treaties. 382
Belgium : The European Commission tables proposals to improve transparency in Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) based on existing investment treaties. 391
Belgium,Ethiopia : ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES, Liege Airport continues its cooperation deal for next 5 YEARS. 236
Belgium,France,Spain : GAMESA inks deals to supply 29.4 MW of wind turbine for projects in BELGIUM and FRANCE. 155
Belgium,Saudi Arabia : Al-Hada Hospital extends its Barco diagnostic display fleet with Coronis Fusion 6MP LED. 448
Belgium,Spain : Gamesa s G114-2.5 MW opens the door to the Belgian market. 344
Belgium,Ukraine : European Commission support for Ukraine. 401
Bench Test Validation, Removal and Installation of 117 5-Camera CCTV Replacement Systems On-Board 117 METRO Buses. 118
Benchmarking education for results - advisory services (Pacific). 122
Benin,Cote Dlvoire,Morocco,Niger,Togo,United Arab Emirates : MAROC TELECOM completed acquisition of six subsidiaries in AFRICA from ETISALAT. 324
Bespoke Wall Cupboards - Sunflower Nursery, Lochgelly. 106
Bevel pinion gear shaft with key , lock nut ,matching bevel gear wheel and hub for 1250 kw gear box suitable for phb weserhutte, model : kis/85f as per pwh drg. no. e101520 and as per part nos. e10068. 120
Bid documents for constructing storm water box drain near ranchodray society. 145
Bid documents for providing, lowering, laying & jointing pvc pipeline160/110 mm dia 6 kg/cm2 at from runi h/w to kanchanpura & mardanganj village, ta: sami, dist. patan. (m.P.Lads fund). 175
Bid documents for strengthening & widening to t.P road from mahi canal colony & other t.P. asphalt road under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri saheri vikash yojna (udp - 56) dist :- anand. 151
Bid documents for strengthening & widening to t.P road from opposite pwd rest house up to ankita tenament asphalt road under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri saheri vikash yojna (udp - 56) dist :- anand. 153
Biomass Power Project in Port Talbot. 151
Bitumen and asphalt. 122
BjE[sup.1]lsen school New ventilation replacement of heating and electrical systems. 231
BKP 244 ventilation systems. 112
Bl switch complete. 122
Bl type drivers control switch box. 116
Black oxide coated hex. hd bolt. 106
Blood- transfusion supplies. 132
Blower fan motor centrifugal type. 197
Blower for machine room as per clw specification no. clw/es/3/0020 alt-f or latest. 181
Blower traction motor. 356
Boiler Upgrade Package at North Queensferry Primary School. 109
Bolt special square head for gear case unit to c.Rly drg no.Ci/el-1132 alt-7. 382
Bookbinding and finishing services. 200
Bracket sked 476. 155
Brass back door lock with 2 female keys. 111
Brazil : Sulzer Has Been Awarded Two Long-Term Supply Agreement Contracts for the Supply of Strategic Products to All Petrobras Refineries in Brazil. 214
Brazil,Chile,Colombia,India,Peru : STERLITE-CONDUSPAR all set to inaugurate their fibre-optic cable plant in BRAZILIAN CURTIBA. 207
Breather bottom drg. no. elgi pt. no. 070302850. 169
Brightening And Repair To Plastering Of Staff Quarters At Various Stations In Senior Section Engineer/Works/Vriddhachalam Section. 103
Brukontrakt South Rogaland 2015-2016 - Maintenance of Bridges. 107
BT Renewal Road Works. 102
BT Renewal Road Works. 103
BT Renewal Road Works. 103
BT Renewal Road Works. 102
BT Renewal Road Works. 103
BT Renewal Road Works. 101
Build a new hotel. 104
Build a primary school. 148
Building cleaning multiple objects in the uchte. 129
Building construction work. 114
Building insulation School 664 - SOS and SOU Neratovice. 209
Building jean roget made safe from the main building - 3rd tranche. 204
Building rental or sale services. 139
Bunnell eLearning Project. 170
Burundi,Uganda : UGANDA, BURUNDI to take delivery of ex-US MRAPs. 255
Bus Lane Enforcement. 140
Bus Services Flekkefjord, Kvinesdal and Sirdal Municipalities. 144
Bus transport museumplein. 259
Bush for equalising stay for lower spring beam (16.25t axle), to drawing/specification wd-04-nylon bush-02, rdsos sk.88105,alt. no.3, itemno-5. 201
Bush for gear case lug for traction motor type - hitachi locos spec.As per clw s drg.No.4twd.095.079. 296
Business analysis consultancy services. 156
Business incubator 2nd section of laboratory equipment (laminar). 160
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 136
Business transaction and personal business software development services. 126
Buying a tractor at the compost turner. 212
Buying a tractor at the compost turner. 134
Buying Decontaminators Peer Gynt Helsehus. 300
by the contracting authority Successive deliveries of food for the period 2015-2016. 171
by the contracting authority Successive deliveries of food for the period 2015-2017. 176
Cab activating key switch (pos no.- 125) as per clw specn. no. clw/es/3/0074 alt-a or latest and abb document no. 3ehp590522p0001 or latest. 379
Cable pvc black. 285
Cadmium coated m.S. flat washer hole dia 08 mm and thickness 02 m m. 113
Calculation of quantities for development and beautification of park. 102
Cam roller fuel pump cross head crowned for stiffer unit camshaft. 143
Canada : Bell media and CBS corporation announce long-term content licensing and trademark agreement for showtime in Canada. 380
Canada : BLUEWATER POWER DISTRIBUTION acquires ONTARIO based PV modules maker. 143
Canada : CAE to buy BOMBARDIER BUSINESS for $15.9 million. 234
Canada : Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan Announce the First Canada Job Grant Recipient in Saskatchewan. 421
Canada : Minister Fast Holds 'Go Global' Workshop in Kitchener-Waterloo to Boost Canadian Exports and Jobs. 292
Canada : Pension assets post solid returns to close out 2014. 325
Canada : Premier, Agriculture minister to travel to the U.S. to discuss trade and investment. 311
Canada : Province Introduces Test of SaskAlert Emergency System. 224
Canada : Sikorski Joins Parsons as Senior Bid Director. 272
Canada : SUN LIFE FINANCIAL agrees to buy RYAN LABS. 153
Cap screw hex hd. 7/8 -9 tpix2 long. thread length 1-1/4 . dlw drg.No.Tpe-13-0044, alt-1, sl.No.77. 371
Capnography unit as per annexure to this tender. 114
Carbon brushes sizes - 8 x 20 x 32 mm grade eg-1165 as per dy cee/g/mtn drg no.Er/97 r2 part b conforming to is:13466/1992. 229
Cargo handling and storage services. 305
Cargo services, transportation logistics and analysis for the spreading of sewage sludge station of the city of meaux. 127
Carrying Out Disinfestations Treatments For Residential Buildings Hospital Guest House. 110
Case 14s0146: providing thermal low floor bus standard. 168
Casing and tubing. 218
Cat 6 Cable for D-link, Digi-link or equivalent. 161
Catalyst skimming replacement loading and unloading and dismantling and installation of 51 trash basket in 92r01 pds reactor at haldia refinery. 111
Categorization of Works for Earthwork in excavation / filling for embankment, canal. 119
Ce Gratings With Set Of Support ( Grating Rest) Blocks. 102
CenBiol - Genetic Analyzer II. 189
Centre section (flange conn sub assembly dlw part no. 10080922, drg. no. tpe-06-0018, sheet 1 of 4. alt-g. 200
Centre wedge for mk- 50 draft gear (item to be supplied with work test certificate) drg.No.Besco fig.20 item n or equal. 313
Ceramic resistor for governor (wood ward) to ww part no.5433665. 123
Certain br repairs to buildings. 136
Cesspool or septic tank emptying services. 110
Chef cap colour white and one point five ench width border. 165
Chile,France,United States : TOTAL & SUNPOWER announced completion of 70-MW Merchant Solar Plant in CHILEAN DESERT. 341

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