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Articles from Mena Report (January 22, 2015)

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""supply of telescopic aluminum ladder as per given specifications for palanpur (tr) circle." (only oem participates). 158
"construction of control room bldg, foundation, cable trench, compound wall, road, staff quarter, etc. at 66 kv kukas s/s. ta- mehsana ; dist-mehsana,under mehsana tr. circle.". 166
"Mowing grass, weeds, and suckers samosiejek lane road with provincial roads managed by the provincial road management mazowiecki in warsaw, divided into 26 parts" - no. 005 fifteenths proceedings. 121
"supply of specific medical devices for invasive cardiology for the needs of the hospital" tota venkova "ad - gabrovo". 179
(1) friction arm for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to clw s drg.No. -6. (2) friction arm spring for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos to clw s drg.No. (3) ha. 148
(1).Black ink cartridge hp 27 or similar. (2) hp cc388 a toner black or similar (3) ink advantage 2020 hc make hp or similar (4 laser printer 1020 plus make hp or similar). 129
01/2015 maintenance cleaning service. 210
02 nos. of drilling rig mud water pump for drilling up to 300 m rock works 16 level 5 standard single license drilling accessories for delivery in ner states manipur and sikkim. 109
04 seater dining set-a set is consist of 01 table 04 no chair is called one dining set. details specification as per attached. 112
1 1/4 inch cut off angle cock with vent to rdso w drg no.Wd-88123/s-01.Alt-2 or latest. 133
1 hd (tip) 1.4 mm-100 amps to be used in 1hd torch model no.736.1hd.68 of l and t ewac make, air plasma cutting machine. l and t ewac make air plasma cutting machine model placut 101d. 121
1 hd electrode ( heavy duty)100 amps to be used in 1hd torch model no.7361 hd.68 of l and t ewac make, air plasma cutting machine. l and t ewac make air plasma cutting machine model placut 101d. 121
1 master controller for lt and ct. 2. master controller for 15/2t mh. 121
1 set hoses tbd4 v12-rc, pt.No.- 123400190057 05 nos. 2 set of hose clips td/v 12, pt.No.- 123200190388 04 nos. 3 w.Temp switch 96 deg 24v, pt.No.- 105685090028 08 nos. spare parts of greaves cotton m. 154
1)device qty: 1 no 2)roller qty: 10 no 3)roller qty: 10 no 4)p.Ring qty: 1 no 5)cone for mandrel qty: 2 no 6)ring qty: 1 no 7)pad qty: 3 no 8)pad qty: 2 no 9)pad qty: 2 no 10)bolt qty: 20 no. 121
1)flow guide nb80 qty: 2 no 2)vortex type flowmeter qty: 1 no 3)vortex flowmr nb15singlesensor qty: 2 no 4)vortex flowmeter 100 nb qty: 5 no 5)vortex flow meters 100nb qty: 5 no 6)vortex flowmeter 150. 127
1. dust filter bag, part no. 49 size- 150 dia x 1800 mm long, qty. 24 nos. area of filter bags cloth-20.5 sq mtrs. 2. endless belt for satettile drive, part no. 14.5, drg. no.- sil/tst/ssb-1592-2k 3,. 215
1. replacement of damaged hdpe over head water tanks at umrer sub area of umrer area.2. fixing of water meter including other ancillary works at filter plant at umrer sub area of umrerArea. 120
1. surge protection device (spd), class-b. spec. no. rdso/spn/165/2004,2. surge protection device (spd), class-c to specn. no. rdso/spn/165/2004. 248
10 mm thick splited collar in two half for hand brake spindle of air brake wagon size id-39 mm,od-70 mm is:2062 fe 410. 125
10 pairs x 0.5 mm high conductivity solid annealed bare copper telephone and switch board cables with high density polyethylene insulation. paired polyster and sheathed with high oxygen index, fire re. 162
11 kv polymeric disc insulator. 172
14 mm dia ungalvanised steel wire rope as per item tab. 196
160sqmm stranded annealed copper jumper wire 19/7/1.25mm conforming to the rdso specification: eti/ohe/3 2/94 rev.1. 173
19f/aircraft, eagle f-15,reticulated foam kit,fuel (left wing). 104
20-MW off-grid solar park. 168
2014 Gyeongnam dive survey for selected small cucumber ssippurim. 119
2015 annual roadside pyetosa commission processing services contract price. 115
2015 Annual tolerated treatment area intercepting pipeline maintenance costs, Ltd. (the first half). 120
2015 avenue Bodhi tree pruning work (annual price). 108
2015 campsites Palgongsan dohak security, defense. 106
2015 Clay arc Gimhae manned security, defense. 110
2015 commuter bus rental services. 123
2015 Exhibition hall and library management services. 117
2015 Fire hymn related to citizen satisfaction survey rating services. 112
2015 Fixed stop illegal state, unmanned surveillance system maintenance services. 105
2015 Gapyeong lip library management (cleaning, security) services. 115
2015 General Construction Division bonchon building facilities for security, defense. 113
2015 Giheung-gu environment green landscape construction and facility management costs per year. 110
2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Media Center conduct site design services. 107
2015 hangangmul Environmental Institute of Landscape Architecture and cleaning services. 116
2015 in Changwon City Traffic Information System (UTIS) Maintenance Services. 117
2015 Information and Communication System Maintenance Services. 112
2015 Information and Communication System Maintenance Services. 108
2015 namchondong security, maintenance, construction contract price. 105
2015 Namyangju library information system maintenance services. 106
2015 public sewage treatment plant sludge transport services. 122
2015 Road Facilities Maintenance Ltd. (contract price) Primary. 110
2015 Road Lighting Maintenance Ltd (unit price contract). 106
2015 Road Safety Facility Renovation. 105
2015 school year, middle school uniforms holiness (winter clothing, Havok) purchase school sponsored Phase 2 Bidding. 116
2015 school year, the Northeast Middle School Uniforms Photo Gallery. 104
2015 sinbaekdong security, maintenance, construction contract price. 101
2015 Streetlight security and annual maintenance work (contract price). 106
2015 total water pollution management facilities reduce emissions monitoring services. 115
2015 tunnels and underground electrical safety car news agency services. 115
2015 Youth Training Center renovation conduct design services. 104
203 mm air brake cylinder (with slack adjuster) with 32mm stroke for all main line coaches to rdso sk 81200, alt.5 to rdso specn. c-k-013 (except item no.17,18 and 19) to be procured from rdso approve. 243
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. demolition of "j.1" type resi. blocks in sector no.20 @ gandhinagar. (block no.191, 191-a, 191-b, 192 & 192-a) (third attempt). 163
24x7 onsite shift manning, monitoring, management and maintenance of all hardware viz. servers, storage, network components, san switches, antivirus and ntp servers. 157
25,000 Solar Roofs. 148
25nb heavy duty seamless pipe, black, length 6 mtrs. and plain ends.Outside diameter minimum 26.5mm. 129
2D Large Beam (10 mm) Diameter Galvo System; 2D Galvo System with Metric Accessories;. 107
3 phase induction condenser motor suitable for lhb type rmpu ac coaches as per rdso spec.No.Rdso/pe/ spec/ac/0089. revo with amendment no.1 and 2. or latest. 173
3/4 inch ball type isolating cut off cock with vent as per clw drg no.0/2/65/364 ref-3, alt-7 note:- (1) firms may give a separate additional quote in case latest specification/design amendment. (2) p. 105
3/4 inch mci straight union with socket and check nut as per clw drg. no. 0/3/65/8 alt.8 is-2108/1979. 198
3/8 inch ball type cut out cock without venting to clws drg. no. o/2/65/364, alt.- 7. for electric locos. 199
3/8 inch lever operated horn valve as per clw drg. 0/3/65/95. 175
4 burner gas - stove s.S lpg make - sunflame , bajaj , usha. 205
415volt,50hz,3 pole,38amps,ac 3 duty,oprating coil voltage 110volt dc 77-137 ,power contactor,with surge suppressor diode 77v...150v dc,and auxiliary contact block front mounting 1no 1nc of abb make:. 208
808 public survey Swiss Radio and TV use. 107
9 inch brake cylinder. drawing no.As per aj tech drg no.Aj-7000, item no. -1 or similar. 223
A set of fasteners consists of 06 items: 1 cap screw to size 3/8 x 16tpi x 1 long to dlw part. 253
A)oil tank for transmission system / 175.32.087cb 2 b)replenishing oil tank assy / 175.32.094cb 1cb. 106
A.R.C. year 2014-15 for civil works for various health care facilities in khambhalia and bhanwad taluka, dist. - dev bhoomi dwarka , gujarat state ( reinvited). 134
Aar approved grease for ctrb bearing. 105
Abresive grinding wheel straight type-i, to size: 100 x 25 x15.8 mm to is:2324/1985 and marking as 38-24 r 5 bl-4 to is: 551 or latest. make-grindwell, norton, carborendum, stirling. 129
Acceleration and deacceleration lane at jai bhagwan petroleum, shimli village, rohtak district, hissar division. 104
Acceleration and deacceleration lane. 108
Accessories of electric compressor of 535 cfm 10 lko. 350
Accident and health insurance services. 114
Accident and health insurance services. 112
Accident and health insurance services. 103
Accident and health insurance services. 132
Accommodation cleaning services. 131
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 141
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 140
Accomplish the repair and alterations for USS Nimitz (CVN 68). 160
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 134
Acetone - lr. 208
Acetylene rubber hose pipe for welding and cutting with high tensile synthetic braided textile reinforcement in red colour inner dia 8 mm working pressure 20kg/cm2 operating temperature -20 c to 70 c. 123
Acquire vocational measures. 335
Acquiring Ad Dissemination Service (FKN). 110
Acquisition and integration of a software solution for managing sedentary and non-sedentary trade. 141
Acquisition Gesamtmelioration Sarn, 15th stage. 164
Acquisition of laser-based system for measuring flow rate and particle size. 123
Acquisition of media training courses. 101
Active service in the defence forces recruitment campaigns from 2015 to 2017 to find the organizers. 172
Addition alteration to building no p-25a, provision of cabinet cover and partition in building. 128
Additional works on construction supply pipeline and pump stations irrigation system kapinci - va ka. 110
Addn altn to existing resi accn amenity bldgs and spl repairs to joinery sanitary fittings plastering plumbing plinth protection and leakage seepage. 128
Adjustable spanners size :- 305 mm 12 , standard pattern generally confirming to is : 6149 : 1984, capacity : 35mm. 158
Administration software package. 220
Administrative social services. 107
Adopter for fuel pump drg.No. dsl-tkd sk-no. m 504 alt. nil. nr alt-1. 228
Advertising and marketing services. 150
Advertising campaign services. 140
Aerotel usa inc. 65iia medical equipment & supplies contract award 2/1/2015 - 1/31/2020. 108
agare manor park management activities. 242
Agri phowrah 1.8 kgs(without handle)conforming to is:1759/86. 213
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 115
Air sampler - 04 nos. ford: fdl, vadodara. 133
Air transport services. 119
Air whistle assly.Dlw part drg.No.11664265 alt.D. 209
Airport Air Quality Management Guidebook and Resource Library. 283
Airport Passenger Terminal Design: Electronic Resources Library. 174
Albania,Singapore : SINGAPORE inks open skies agreement with and ALBANIA. 112
All that part and parcel of the property owned by smt archana srivastava w/o sh neeraj kumar srivastava consisting of property at gata no 114/1, mauja khajuria, tappa thrauli, pargna and tehsil naugar. 137
All the piece and parcel of the properties being residential plot nos. 208
All the piece and parcel of the properties being residential plot. 225
Almirah iron with spray paint 72 x 36 x 19 3 self gage 22/20. 209
Alternate day in plastic bag with bio medical wast collect. b. transportation charge. c. bio medical disposable charge. d. empty plastic bag suplly. (3rd attempt). 160
Aluminium chequred plate. size, 2760 x 800 x 2.03 mm. is, 737-86. gr. 65032 wp. 247
Aluminium extruded unequal angle. 166
Aluminium flat moulding size:3660x25x2mm confirming to is:737-2008 gr.31000h2 and bright anodised confirming to is:1868-1996 gr.Ac.10. 271
Aluminium flat. 157
Aluminium stretcher. 163
Amalgamated battery charging unit 130v,200amps capacity for sg ac coaches as per rcf specn. no.Edts 041 rev. a and amended as per dy.Cee/icf/design note no.Md/dss/spec/211 dt. 11.09.2001. icf/rcf appr. 101
Amc for water cooler of cluster-ii, vidhansabha, nirmanbhavan, lokayukta, vigilance building at gandhinagar. 150
Amc of 144 nos. chip conveyors. 123
Amc of computers and peripherals. 102
Ammunition for naval warfare. 111
Amphibious crafts and ships. 121
Amphibious crafts and ships. 130
Amphibious crafts and ships. 151
Analytical balance-04 nos. ford: fdl, vadodara. 132
Angola : TAAG to start daily flights to KINSHASA. 128
Angola,China : HUAWEI Group provided training to over 800 technicians in ANGOLA. 151
Annealed copper split pin etc. 192
Annual facility management services in NDMC Barat Ghars at Laxmi Bai Nagar, Lodhi Colony, Kaka Nagar and Khan Market (work-2). 110
Annual facility management services in NDMC Barat Ghars at Moti Bagh, Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Mandir Marg (work-1). 108
Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) For Cms Devices At Chandrapura (Crp) And Krishnashilla (Krsl) Under Sse(L)/Gmo & Cpu Respectively Through Open Tender For One Year. 104
Annual Maintenance contract AMC for rectification of leakage in Central heating hot water central air conditioning system etc. pipe lines in SKIMS Soura n SKIMS MCH Bemina. 112
Annual maintenance contract for maintenance servicing and refilling of fire extinguishers. 106
Annual Maintenance Contract for the Computer System, its peripherals & LAN installed at the O/o S.E. (COAL) & O/o DyCE (TI&C), MAHAGENCO, NAGPUR. WORK: B SUBJECT: Maintenance contract for refilling an. 138
Annual maintenance contract of bison GPU. 107
Annual maintenance contract of revert grinding plant and wtp alongwith operation of revert grinding plant. 142
Annual maintenance of online u.p.s. 5 kva and 3 kva. 101
Annual maintenance of water supply, sanitary work for quarters of cgms unit, cgms office, vip guest house, cmds residence cum office, kalyan mandap, dav school and 132 kv sub-station colony,th quarter. 117
Annual overhauling aoh replacement kit for single bottle vcb of m/s bt type bvac 25.10 (older secheron) as per rdso smi no. elrs / smi/0236 rev.1 (date 31.12.12) kit.Drg.No.3eyc -600280-r1 (part no va. 216
Annual rate contract for chemicals, media, reagents, filter papers,etc... ford: fdl, vadodara; fdl, dethali; rfl, rajkot; rfl, bhuj. 146
Annual rate contract for glasswares ford: fdl, vadodara; fdl. 142
Annual rate contract for supply of trisodium phosphate including transportation for various power stations of gsecl. 149
Annual rate contract for supply of various types of resin including transportation for various power stations of gsecl. 153
Annual rate contract for the work of DI pipelines of different sizes. 126
Annual rate contract for the work of upvc pipelines of different sizes. 126
Annual rate contract work of various routine, break down, preventive and as & when required maintenance works of new lignite and lime stone handling system of mhp#4 of unit # 4 and gmdc purchased equi. 172
Annual repair and maintenance of Community Centre, Sector 54, S.A.S Nagar. 108
Annual repair and maintenance work at DTL Colony. 118
Annual repairs & maintenance rate contract for civil work of various health care facility for year. 136
Annual repairs & maintenance rate contract for civil work of various health care facility. 136
Anti corrosive paint (por-15) grey colour for mast. rdso specification no. ti/spc/civ/por/0080 (08/2008) (aug 2008) (packing in 5 gallons/tin-per gallon 3.785 liters). 18.925 18.925 37.85 liters. make. 112
Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil Hlp Vg 32 (Extra Heavy Duty). 108
Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil Hlp Vg 46 Extra Heavy Duty. 107
Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil Hlp Vg 68 Extra Heavy Duty. 107
Anti-aging health tremendously hilbing Industrial Zones strategic environmental impact assessment services. 108
Anwaltliche advice and representation in international arbitration concerning investment protection. 125
Application magnet valve ev-207-3vt 110 volts to escorts drg. no. 3a 82337. 193
Application Of Primer & Paint On Steel Structural,Equipments, Galvanised Corrugated Sheets, Walling, Pipeline. 125
Appointment Of Epcc Contractor For 50 Mw (Plus Or Minus 5 Percent) Wind Power Project. 113
APS Employee Census. 106
Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort Project. 136
Architect and modelling tasking support to the European ATM architecture program (EATMA) from March 2015 to December 2017. 234
Architectural and related services. 118
Architectural and related services. 135
Architectural design services. 141
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 148
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 132
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 255
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 240
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 154
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 157
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 243
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 104
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 151
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 186
Arms holding attachment consisting of items 13,14,15,16,17 and 18 as per drg.No. 19/092 and 19/093. 01set 2 nos . 178
Asbestos gloves. 189
Assistance with reviews. 104
Attachment wall complete lh colour satin blue. 168
Audio/Visual System for Bay County Courthouse Addition. 111
Audiometry cum speech therapy unit of drc on ie-Digital Audiometer withFree Field Speaker (2Nos),Acoustic operatingbooth,Audiometry table-1,Audiometry chair-2,Loop induction system,Group Hearing Aid (. 118
Augmentation of water supply along with connected items at ticca area and provn of certain em minors works at dalhousie. 111
Australia : Aleisa Crepin Joins Baker & McKenzie in Brisbane. 232
Australia : CARNEGIE WAVE all set to run Onshore Power Plant. 116
Australia : Chasing the future on Australia Day. 345
Australia : COSMODYNE technology selected by WesPac. 247
Australia : Facelift: The new Liebherr 172 EC-B 8 Litronic Flat-Top Crane. 488
Australia : Final Report Charts a Future for a Stronger West Coast Economy. 297
Australia : Heritage spark for Albany Fire Station. 335
Australia : High-level consultations in Washington. 269
Australia : ICF International Awarded $16 Million Contract with Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative. 287
Australia : ICF International Wins $14.5 Million Re-compete Contract with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 171
Australia : Invaluable support for anti-racism message from outgoing Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes. 275
Australia : Liebherr presents at Intermat 2015 the R 946 its first Stage IV/ Tier 4f Crawler Excavator on Market. 472
Australia : Liebherr to introduce new equipment at the 2015 Intermat. 355
Australia : Major restoration work at Port Arthur convict site now complete. 358
Australia : New powers for ACCC will strengthen franchising industry. 344
Australia : Parmalat set to expand its dairy exports from Australia. 208
Australia : Regional unemployment falls as confidence continues to rise. 227
Australia : Sorrell wins Solar Towns Programme grant. 260
Australia : Taskforce Will Transform Frankston Station. 389
Australia : Territory organisations receive $1.1 million sporting boost. 274
Australia : The new Liebherr LiUP crane driver elevator for tower cranes. 395
Australia : Unlocking the Secrets Tasmania's Past. 228
Australia antigen card test 3rd /4th generation. 211
Australia,China : AUSTRALIAN GREEN INVESTMENT BANK and Chinese associate to endue in SOLAR ENERGY. 161
Australia,France : Liebherr Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 37 Z4 XXT with Innovative Outrigger System at the Intermat 2015. 417
Australia,Germany : Improved safety for Mobile Cranes by Variable Supporting Base from Liebherr. 335
Australia,United Kingdom : BEADELL RESOURCES rearranges $60 MILLION bridge loan with SANTANDER. 156
Australia,United Kingdom : BISICHI MINING bags Au6 MILLION loan facility from SANTANDER. 135
Australia,United Kingdom,United States : RIO TINTO reports improved quarterly production of iron ore. Financial report 196
Australia,United States : ROLLS-ROYCE introduces MTU onsite energy genset. 283
Austria : LiSIM: Virtual training under realistic conditions. 391
Austria : UNODC chief meets President, officials, on support to counter drugs, crime and violence in Honduras. 320
Auto titrator (potentiometric) -01 no. ford fdl, vadodara. 138
Auto titrator(non aqueous) - 01no ford fdl,. 134
Autoclave -03 nos. ford: 01 no. fdl, dethali; 01 no. rfl, rajkot; 01 no. rfl, bhuj. 144
Automatic density meter - 01 no. ford: fdl, vadodara. 139
Award Of Contract For Operation And Maintenance Of Pay & Use Toilets. 108
Awarding concessions for summer center municipal years 2015-2017. 118
Axle box pivot bush to alstom drg. no.1247488, alt. no.- a or latest to be read with tech specn no.17.359 100 03,tech specn no.17.617 10002 and mdts-148 rev.01 or latest,mdts-122 rev.03 or latest. 153
Azerbaijan : ARRA declares tender for construction of second smart home for ORPHANAGE GRADUATES. 133
Baggage carousels renovation issuing. 137
Bahrain : Batelco U3 Youth Package for BD3. 157
Bahrain,Oman,Qatar : MANAMA: Energy Minister welcomes the New TATWEER PETROLEUM CEO ANDREW KERSHAW. 276
Bakery. 135
Balance work of construction of Sector dividing road 55-56 from Gaytri Temple. 114
Balance work of Linking of BG track with 60 kg/52 kg on PRC sleepers density 1660/1540 nos. per Km. including spreading of ballast, linking of turn out, trap, making and fixing of guard rail, check ra. 114
Balance work of Linking of BG track with 60 kg/52 kg on PRC sleepers. 145
Balance Works Of Main Package (Package-1) Excluding Bucket Wheel Reclaimer For Enhancement Of Production Capacity To 6.5 Mtpa At Meghahatuburu Iron Ores Mines, Dist. West Singbhum, Jharkhand Pin 83322. 147
Ball joint traction lever to fiat drg. no.C 53973 ref bred 8403 rev.02 or latest ff no.1521728 mod 01 ,to be read with technical specn. 17.532 10000, technical spec. no.17.617.10002 and mdts-148 rev.-. 130
Ball valve. 131
Ballots & Supplies for Westmoreland County Election Bureau. 491
Bangladesh,Japan : BANGLADESH issued Global Tender to construct three bridges to ensure smooth traveling. 278
Bar management services. 132
Basic inorganic and organic chemicals. 148
Battery cable and terminal protector each can contains 500ml similar. 274
Battery charger 220 v ac/110 v dc-50amp.Cap. 287
Battery cleaner and terminal conditioner each can contains 500ml similar to model no.Z105 of corium make.Make corium model. 275
Battery operated led based flashing tail lamp specification no.2002/tr/281/tl rev.01 dt.30.09.02 rdso no.Ed safety rly board s lr.No:88/safety i/24/2 pt 12/01/2002 and 27.04.01 addressed to id/t rdso/. 104
Battery operated led based flashing tail lamp with out battery. 125
Battery operated led based torch light cum flashing hand signal lamps as per rdso specn.No.2002/tr/281/hsl. amendment no.1 (without cells). note: firms may give a separate additional quote in case lat. 142
Beach replenishment Contract. 158
Bearing mounting and dismounting kit make - skf combi kit tmmk. 159
Bearing needle roller for hp con. rod kcw-623 air compressor. drg.No. kpc pt. no. 096-50339-50 ntn make drg. no.-mr 283716 iko japan make br-283716. 240
Bearing to fiat-sig schienenfahrzeuge ag s drg.No.1268555,ver-00 or latest. 123
Beds and Overbed Tables. 153
Behaviour and includes a railway vehicle grants in co-operation railway vehicles and tracks and the rules for collection limits. 164
Belgium : Club Brugge FC Debuts First Connected Stadium' and Free Wi-Fi in Belgium's First Division. 330
Belgium,Netherlands : Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF) delivers two off-stock bow anchors to Belgian dredger. 203
Benefits of preventive and curative lymphadenectomy. 119
Bi-arc for hiring of closed body non a.C.Diesel jeep vehicle for nakhtrana group ss under tr division nakhatrana. 155
Biennial rate contract for surface preparation by grit blasting followed by red oxide primer coating and olive green finish painting and stenciling of bridge components at vendor premises with grse fr. 109
Bifurcation of over loaded 33kv shivapet feeder and 33kv toopran feeder from 132kv manoharbad ss by erecting 12 km double circuit line in medak circle. 111
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Development of Boduoluo Village, Lijiang City. 384
Biodiversity conservation of a threatened forest in the town of Luseki (Conservation de la biodiversite d'une foret menacee dans la localite de Luseki). 211
Biosafety cabinet -03 nos. ford: 01 no. rfl, bhuj;. 144
Bipap machine , specification of bipap machine- 1. should deliver automatic bi-level s, st spontaneous-timed and auto cpap therapy. 2. should have automatic regulation system of two pressure level, ip. 223
Black upper full grain leather safety footwear to is:15298 pt.2 2011,with amndt.No.1 of june-2012. classfication of footwear as per clause 4,table 1, code designation i and design a low shoe as per fi. 140
Bleaching powder stable to is 1065/89 (2nd revision) gr.-1 with minimum available chlorine percentage by mass 34 percentage. 107
Blower for control unit nultifan 4314 24 v dc 210 ma 5wzp us pat 5135363 re 34268 4547714 qb pat 2133082 2075288 make papst motoren germant or acec part no.J 5105 cn 004. note: dealers to quote alongw. 196
Bod incubator (22A-c,32A-c,37A-c,44A-c) - 03 nos. (each having 04 units) ford: 01 no. fdl, dethali; 01 no. rfl, rajkot; 01 no.Rfl, bhuj. 153
Bogie bolster arrangement.Drawing no.T-0-4-654, alt- (f) and (4). 190
Bolt complete (for brake block) to irs drg.No. w/bg-6166 alt.3. 124
Bolt hex. hd m24 x 150 x60 thd. length. dlw drg. no.-tpl 5491, sh 1 of 2, item-23 alt-ab, dlw part no-15663012. 101
Bolts m.S.Hex head half threaded size 8 x 55 mm long with two flat washer one spring washer one nut. 161
Bongsan Cultural Center personnel security, defense. 110
Bongseojung classrooms and other construction design services. 107
Bongwon Elementary School multipurpose hall erected Communications Ltd Veterinary Quote Information Notice. 114
Brake beam complete without bush for bogie mounted brake cylinder bg-coaching icf drg no.T-3-2-624 col.Iv item 1,3,4,7,10,11,12, and 13 alt l-7 or latest. mat specn as per drg. 138
Brake gear pin with washer and bulb cotter for canub bogie,. 136
Brake head bolt drg. no. 202v 205070 alt f. 206
Brake oil mak bf or equivalent. 107
Brake pad for lhb coaches 1 no lh and 1 no rh as per honeywell bremsbelag gmbh germaney s drg no.J492 left and j493 right . mat:jurid 877 or as per becorit germany s drg. no.43152c1a,mat. becorit 984. 113
Brake pad for lhb coaches 1 no lh and 1 no rh as per honeywell bremsbelag gmbh germaney s drg no.J492 left and j493 right . mat:jurid 877 or as per becorit germany s drg. no.43152c1a,mat. becorit 984. 152
Brass piston for 1 1/4 percent u201d non-return valve escort type along with viton rubber gasket as per m/s. recon drg.No: rec/ecv/219. or as per ref.No: 4,5,6,7,9, and 10 of s.C. rly drawing no: b/tr. 122
Broadcast production equipment. 203
Brooms coconut made of ribs of coconut. length in mm:900, weight in gram:550 min, wooden plug:yes,material of tied up round :g.I wire, no of tied up round:4. 256
Brush seater size:-120mm x 28mm x 16mm to ge cat no. 106 x 98 medium grade to dlw spec. no. del/spn-195. 110
Bucket m.S.Galvanised for general use capacity 14 ltrs. nominal size 300 mm stamped with initials of n.C. rly. in 45 mm high leters specn no is- 726/92. utility quality. 150
Build 600MW of solar and 500MW of wind. 157
Build a hotel. 123
Build two-mile Bristol busway. 162
Builder, Refix/Renew Slates at 8 - 18 Auchterlonie Court, St Andrews. 162
Builder, Replace Fence at Dollar Court, Dunfermline. 104
Builder, Roof Repairs at 51 - 57 Beatty Crescent, Kirkcaldy. 104
Building -cleaning services. 158

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