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Articles from Mena Report (January 20, 2015)

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"B17-15, Hall Street Wwtf Fire Alarm Upgrade Project". 194
"Geodetic surveying of the cave Duhlata to ensure the safety of visitors". 444
"rehabilitation and maintenance of street lighting in the town. targovishte and the villages.". 103
"supply of fuel and lubricants for the needs of ta dls" rusalka ". 205
(1) set of open end torque wrench head suitable for micrometer interchangeable head torque wrench assy.Of 1/2 inch sq.Dr. and torque range-50-250 ft-lbs (one set consisting of size-9/16 inch ,5/8 inch. 202
1)Construction of CC Drain and CD at Wd No 2 from Shanthabai House to Udusalamma Temple 2)Construction of Drain at 2nd wd from Beldar Shanmukappa House to Sathyanarayana Rao House 3)Construction of Ro. 141
1/4 inch needle valve assembly (elbe pt no.5981/1 or similar for wipers(consists of 6 items) 1).Body elbe pt no.5590/1 - 1 no.2).Cap nut 5648/1 - 1 no.3).Spindle 5650/1 - 1 no.4)o ring 5623 - 1 no.5)k. 116
10 low-floor articulated buses 18 mtr, euro vi full air conditioning passenger compartment. 129
11 x 12 -3 ply continuous computer stationery fan folded with sprocket holes on both sides size 12 depth x 11 width three ply carbon interleaved made by 60 gsm good quality paper. colour-light pink li. 158
110 v dc motor with 400 v ac immunity as per spec irs: s 37/82. 113
1100 ah capacity vrla cell,. 389
1421961 - Provision of Supply and Maintenance of Operating Equipment. 109
18 mm. dia. ungalvanised steel wire rope 6 x 36 construction rho lay fmc, tensil strength 1770 n/mmsq.As per is : 2266/02.Make/brand : sunity/usha martin/orion only. 171
18mm bus terminal clamp (compression type) as per drg. no. ti/drg/ohe/ftgnf/rdso/00006/03/01 indentification part no. 6311-2. 144
2014 Fourth Space Communications Equipment Corporation of change. 110
2015 Art Center Shuttle bus rental services smiley face. 122
2015 bicycle road maintenance construction contract costs (3 zones). 108
2015 bicycle road maintenance construction contract price (1 region). 109
2015 bicycle road maintenance construction contract price (2 zones). 107
2015 charging electric vehicles and building disinfection sterilization services. 109
2015 Chungnyeolsa Management Office Cleaning Services. 108
2015 city planning road lane paint work (contract price). 109
2015 emission reduction facilities and water flow research services. 110
2015 field study rentals travel services. 106
2015 Forest Gardening doyurim business conduct design services (secondary). 111
2015 Forest welfare institutions sharing project implementation design services. 110
2015 Giheung-gu road facilities maintenance annual cost construction (civil sphere 1). 121
2015 Giheung-gu road facilities maintenance annual cost construction (civil sphere 2). 122
2015 gwangjeokmyeon office cleaning services. 103
2015 high-speed network equipment maintenance, administrative services. 103
2015 Incorporation museum building facilities management trust services. 115
2015 Inspection Branch Office cleaning services. 105
2015 Intake ICT Apprenticeship & Cadetship program (3Years). 114
2015 Martian Green Environment Centre residents benefit facility cleaning services. 114
2015 new downtown street lighting (street) On Bad refurbishment contract price. 105
2015 new downtown street lighting (street) shorted section refurbishment contract price. 107
2015 Northern Gyeonggi comprehensive building facilities management services. 119
2015 painted lane rural road construction (unit price contract). 107
2015 Park (toilet, vest-pocket park) Custodial Services. 103
2015 Public building facilities management services. 112
2015 Social service personnel transport vehicle rental services contracts. 116
2015 Suji-gu traffic safety facilities (road show) annual maintenance cost construction. 119
2015 traffic safety facilities (road show) annual maintenance costs, Ltd. 116
2015 traffic signals to replace aging pontoon construction. 106
2015 Training Municipal Library Custodial Services. 116
2015 wondosim road lighting (street) On Bad refurbishment contract price. 106
2015 wondosim road lighting (street) shorted section refurbishment contract price. 104
2059 p.W. m&r providing & fixing various building materials & other misc. maintenance item in block no. 1 to 9, dr. j. m. bhavan, sectorno. 10, gandhinagar. (for 12 months). 169
2059 s.R. providing & fixing various building materials & other misc. maintenance item in block no. 10 to 20, dr. j. m. bhavan, sector no. 10, gandhinagar. (for 12 months). 169
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing to mla quarters sector no.21 gandhinagar. (repairing toilet flooring, dado, plastering, colour work to walls of bed room etc. at unit no.8/8, 6/9, 14/11). 172
24 paper rolls for stroke termosensible ecg graph. Roll. C-8771. 105
24w led indoor lights with sensor, input voltage:90-300,ac-50hz, size l:433 x w:53 x h:48, colour temperature:6500k. similar to cat no.Ssk-t12-ifpls-12x2 of syska led make. make:syska led,phillips,hpl. 299
25kv drop out fuse element capacity 1 amp as per rdso specn.No.Eti/psi/14(1/86) with a and c slip no.1 or latest (as on date of opening of tender). 291
3-way isolating cock 1/2 for hom to drg. no. elw/bsl/2/f74.117. 135
35 mm dia ungalvanised steel wire rope, 6 x 36 construction, rho lay fmc, tensile strength 1770 n/ mm2 conforming to is: 2266/2005. make /brand: orion/ sunity / usha martin only. 191
4 core shielded cable for aws as per siemens price schedule to offer no. ic/moi/ra/ml/tvd/a0023/ssb. make- siemens ltd or caliplast or delton. 258
4 inches control air gauge self illuminated with l.E.D. (flush mounted) rdso no, skdp-3524 alt no.3. 405
4 point contact ball bearing qj 1022, skf qj-1022 n2 ma/c4-b-20 and fag qj 1022. 236
400 ah / 48 volt vrla battery with racks and accessories. 107
400w ballast suttable for 400w metal helide lamp. 272
422 Spatial Dragonflies Park and the surrounding road changes. 113
42kv 10ka rated discharge class-3 station class metal oxide gapless surge arresters hermetically sealed in a porcelain container having pressure release arrangement at both ends with a line terminal c. 121
4900001302 - cleaning of drains. 155
5-d milling machine. 181
50w high bay light, cool white input supply:230v ac supply, 50hz /- percent . no of led s:1x50w, total power consumption:50w,dimension:305x270 h mm,protection grade:ip 66, led colour:cw/ww/nw, similar. 308
50w high bay light, cool white input supply:230v ac supply, 50hz /- percent . no of led s:1x50w, total power consumption:50w,dimension:305x270 h mm,protection grade:ip 66, led colour:cw/ww/nw, similar. 310
50watt led flood light, ip:65 protection. make: hpl or havells/legrand or similar. 108
6 paper rolls crepe sterilization process in steam and gas, medical grade, coil 75cms x 270 yards (240 a 250 mts) length, maximum 50 micron porosity. C-8786. 122
6/16 a socket -3m all technical and diamention must be similar as that of modle no- 37424whi of make. 153
A g.Shdsl modem with g.703 interface driving range upto 6.5 km. 303
A set of direct on-line starter. set consists of these items:- 1 hp 1, kw 0.75, cat. no. -naflen, overload relay range- 1.58 - 2.50, qty. - 03 nos. 2 hp 2, kw 1.5, cat. no. -naglen, overload relay ran. 134
A) Beacon Primary School will be organizing a series of learning journeys for year 2015 to complement our enriched curriculum and, at the same time, enhance the learning experience of our pupils. The. 118
Ac reactor type-a81l-0001-0163, make- fanuc. 110
Access control systems. 209
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 146
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 138
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 108
Acid nitric analytical regent to is 264/76. 143
Acm for automatic contrivance for winding engine Without spare for a period of one year at hlc 1 mine. 122
Acquisition of 900 coupons redeemable for fuel (diesel / petrol) q 100.00 in name of vehicles for use in the ministry of agricultural affairs. 120
Acquisition of surgical medical laboratory equipment for use hospital solola. 162
Acquisition, installation and onsite warranty of computer equipment for public colleges of the herault department. 130
Acrylic Cooling Tower Demonstration Unit. 283
Adapter spline to cil part no: 200087 for hydraulic pump drive of cil 700 hp demu dpcs. make: cil or its equivalent. note: 1 oem/authorised dealers of oem only to quote. 2 firm should submit credentia. 105
Added-value database services. 136
Addition / alteration to atcote building at afa hyderabad (tender id no 2014-mes-8367-3). 112
Addition alteration and special repairs to building no t 88 at solapokhari at ins chilka. 104
Addn/altn to aviation system installed at ss complex nsb-i chankayapuri, aviation obstraction lightning system. 129
Administrative Support VVCS Perth. 114
Advertising and marketing services. 120
Advertising and marketing services. 121
Advertising campaign services. 149
Advertising management services. 169
advisory and assistance services. 136
Aegis combat system onboard surface ships. 137
Aerial and related services. 176
Agency fuel cards. 120
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 111
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe. 160
Air Conditioning Filters, Filter Media And Filter Frames By Manufacturer (OEM), Purchase Of, Term Contract. 114
Air oil element as per no.- 240017. make /brand: aic/gud/dmic. 180
Air operated pneuphonic horn assly to clw s drg. no. 0/2/65/109. 249
Air Ticketing Services. 120
All in one desktop system intel core i3-4th gen 2 gb ram, 500 gb sata hdd, odd dvd writer, wireless keyboard and mouse, lan, wi-fi, 19.5 led monitor with windows 8.1 warranty : 3 three years brand: hp. 114
Alloy steel bar (flats) size 72x38mm (7mt), 90x46mm (2mt), 76x38mm (9.5mt), 65x38mm (5.5mt), 68x40mm (5mt), 75x46mm (1.5mt), 82x42mm (5mt) and 93x48mm (4mt). 115
Aml/dgm/eandm/tender/14/ 147 date 13.01.2015 Cleaning of spillage coal slush, slurry at various section of amlohri chp phase-2 for 1 (one) year. 118
An amount of seconds classrooms construction design services. 106
Ancheoncho Bathroom Remodelling and other design services. 110
Ancher double strap ri no. 5031, as per drg. no. eti/ohe/p/5030 (mod.C). 139
Angle,brackets,channels and clamps. 179
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Lifts At 320 Multistoreyed Flats At Motia Khan, Block No. B-1. 111
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of water purified system (15-20 L per hour capacity) in Trauma Centre. 144
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of water purified system (25-50L per hour capacity) in Trauma Centre) at AIIMS. 116
Annual Contract for Assistance in maintenance of C&I system installed in unit-1to Unit-4,. 101
Annual Maint. Contract Of Weighbridges & Weighing Machines. 114
Annual Maintenance Contract For 107 Nos. PC (For 3 Years). 107
Annual maintenance contract for servers pcs and dot matrix printers under western region. 114
Annual maintenance contract for the rotork make motor operated valve actuators of rup north block and south block of gujarat refinery. 105
Annual maintenance contract for various types of ro plants installed. 106
Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of HT, LT & TC Under KARELIBAUG S.DN and other subdivisions. 104
Annual Rate Contract for maintenanceof HT/LT Lines & T/Cs under Gorva Sub division or any other Sub division under V(West) Division. 137
Anyang develop climate change adaptation measures detailed implementation plan. 108
Approach road and development of switchyard including land construction of equipment foundations cable trenchs and switchyard fencing with ms gate at kaluabrindabon 33/11 substation dist.- paschim med. 120
Approved Leased apartment. 102
Arc for reclamation and servicing of stage-i wet ash and st-i and ii awrs equipments vide cs:1009/4808. 101
Architectural and related services. 128
Architectural and related services. 111
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 115
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 160
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 121
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 232
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 168
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 122
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 163
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 113
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 327
Argentina,Canada : AMERICAS PETROGAS starts production at four appraisal wells. 193
Armoured or reinforced doors. 165
Armoured-faced conveyors (AFCS) for mining. 129
Arrangements and details of cattle guard for wdm2 locos to rdso drg no, skdl-4131 alt no. b, skdl-4130, alt-a, skdl-4131, skdl-4132 alt b with mounting bracket. 419
As as to ops room at joc e at ins circars. 105
Asan Baebang Middle School Meals goods (Fisheries logistics) joint purchase of electronic Bidding. 101
Asan Baebang Middle School Meals goods (poultry) joint purchase of electronic Bidding. 101
Ash/garbage cleaning, sweeping of roads, cleaning of drains. 115
Assembled ajdustable stand pipe elbow, to drawing/specification evw10lra3c ermeto or equivalent with type test certification in accordance to is:10103-1982. 140
Assembled ajdustable swivel elbow, to drawing/specification ew10lmeda3c ermeto or equivalent with type test certification in accordance to is:10103-1982. 140
Assist in managing in the delivery of the commemorative activities program. 113
Assist in managing the delivery of the Commemorative Grants Program. 114
Assist in the monthly reporting process and financial statements. 110
Assist with the delivery of the Commemorative Grants Program. 113
Assistance from architect to implement the application until rezoning decision being taken from PBE. 135
Audio-visual equipment and related services. 191
Australia : ABS, DoC to see which new statistical datasets would be most useful to track IT's contribution to national economy. 171
Australia : Applications open for new $476 million skills fund. 323
Australia : Cosmic radio burst caught red-handed. 398
Australia : DSTO collaborates to see fire through the smoke. 334
Australia : Farm Finance debt restructuring loans now available in WA. 451
Australia : Innovative new myGov shopfront in Sydney CBD. 320
Australia : MAJOR plan for SCARBOROUGH BEACH unveiled. 181
Australia : MEGAPORT named as GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM partner. 181
Australia : NAB credit card offers 0% interest for 12 months. 279
Australia : New draft guidelines on organ transplantation open for public consultation. 436
Australia : Ongoing unrest at the Manus Regional Processing Centre. 281
Australia : Review into fires commence. 373
Australia : Telstra hits 100G on key Asia-Pac submarine cables. 341
Australia : Urban renewal, transport, equality and jobs on agenda with new portfolios. 379
Australia : Urgent need to restore the rule of law to the building and construction industry. 468
Australia,Ghana : AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT decides to support GHANA's ebola preparedness. 181
Australia,Hong Kong,Japan : TELSTRA introduces new 100G connectivity across multiple submarine cable routes. 111
Australia,United States : EPA reviewing potential groundwater contamination. 217
Austria : Ams pre-announces fourth quarter 2014 revenues exceeding guidance at EUR 139.0 million, first quarter 2015 revenues expected to grow quarter-on-quarter and a fourth quarter 2014 operating ma. Financial report 324
Austria : UNODC, government of Japan review joint plan of action. 257
Automated pir sensor 230v pir outdoor motion sensor with following specification 120 deg, 12 meter distance coverage with inbuilt in adjustable timer and lux control should be wall mounted in weather. 283
Axle cap screw (1 inch dia 8 unc 2a x 2.1/4 inch long) for cartridge bearing assembly class e (6x11) to m/s. nei drg. no. pesd-6085 (narrow), part no-7, rev no.-b,alt. no.-b. 117
Azerbaijan : Minister Elmar Mammadyarov received the delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister of Japan. 229
B/w of c/o. drains, roads & culverts in textilepark, sirsilla (v&m). 110
Bahrain : BATELCO announced plan to give free SIM card service to expatriates in partnership with LMRA. 254
Bahrain : Batelco Signs Agreement with Labour Market Regulatory Authority to Provide Free Calling Cards for Workers. 429
Bahrain,United States : ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD promotes US and BAHRAIN'S trade connection. 369
Balance work for the Const. upgradation of approach road from Railway Station Katra to SMVD University via Nangal in Km 1st to km 7th. 112
Ball bearing 6307 2rs skf imported europian origin as per rdso modification sheet no. mp. mod.Em-02.04.11 rev.00 dated 21.04.2011. accepted - make/brand of m/s skf only. 103
Bangladesh : 2nd instalment of re-financing scheme gained by ICB. 152
Bangladesh : BANGLADESH blocks VIBER and TANGO temporarily. 201
Bangladesh,China : MPC-BANGLA to construct a a 1,075-MW combined cycle power plant in MAHESHKHALI, BANGALDESH. 403
Banking and investment services. 188
Banking and investment services. 166
Bar approach road to deputy sarpanch falia road at village rai. km.0/0 to 0/850. (vrnp) ta.Limkheda. dist.Dahod under tasp 2014-2015. 165
Base Services - Estate Maint. & Op Services. 109
Base Services- Access Control for QLD & NSW. 117
Battery charger 220v ac/24vdc-30 amp.Cap.(self regulating). 274
Battery operated four wheeler platform truck. 134
Battery operated scrubber machine. 247
Bearing 6208.Zc3. 139
Bearing assembly roller ce included inner and outer race tm mounting,emd pt.No.40083493. 116
Bearing assembly roller pinion end tm mounting,emd pt.No.40072949. 138
Belgium : Boehringer Ingelheim wins EC approval for drug to treat rare lung disease. 167
Belgium : Commission and EIB launch new advisory service on financial instruments. 460
Belgium : IWT funds VisiCloud, a joint Agfa HealthCare/Inside Matters advanced image processing project. 430
Belgium : KAMAZ-master Truck Racing Team Defends Championship Title at Dakar Rally 2015 Supported by WABCO's High-Performance Safety Technologies. 269
Bent coupling link with lh trunnion for enhanced screw coupling in assembled condition to rdso sk-99002, alt-3 item.No- 2 and item no-5, to rdso specn-c-9505 revised. 233
Beongil 119 points, including 14 road paving work carried out by saemjae design services. 109
Bicycle road maintenance construction contract price. 102
Bid documents for r.C.C trimix road under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri sahari vikash yojna (udp-78) 2014-15, by vallabh vidhyanagar nagarpalika dist:- anand. 162
Bid documents for r.C.C trimix road under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri sahari vikash yojna (udp-78) 2014-15, by vallabh vidhyanagar nagarpalika dist:- anand. 162
Bid documents for r.C.C trimix road under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri sahari vikash yojna (udp-78) 2014-15, by vallabh vidhyanagar nagarpalika dist:- anand. 156
Biennial Rate Contract (Brc) For (I) Cleaning (Ii) Maintenance Of Buildings, Roads. 108
Bk1 water and drainage systems. 104
Black upper full grain leather safety footwear. 141
Block, Brickwork & Precast Concrete Package ref (WP003/Napier) Care Home, Napier Road, Glenrothes. 180
Blood analysis services. 108
Bogie brake push rod for casnub bogie. rdso drawing no: sk - 69597, item- 3, alt -41or latest. bis specification no. is-2062 fe 410 wa. 414
Booster air gauge self illuminated with l.E.D. (flush mounted) rdso no. skdp-3530 alt no. 2 at the back 1 normal dia,100mm 2. range (0-3kg-sq.Cm). 356
Bracket for empty load change over large. 221
Brake block for tower car. drawing no- eastern rly kpa drg. 113
Brake pad for lhb coaches 1 no lh and 1 no rh as per honeywell bremsbelag gmbh germaney s drg no.J492 left and j493 right . mat:jurid 877 or as per becorit germany s drg. no.43152c1a,mat. becorit 984. 152
Brazil : TELEBRAS launches bidding procedure for satellite control centre. 115
Brazil : Voith Ships 320 ton Runner to Belo Monte Hydropower Plant in Brazil. 307
Briddle bar bfat wagon to drg. no-ncr/jhs/sk-2803. 140
Broach for gear cam shaft . 107
Building Cleaning Contract. 141
Building- cleaning services. 238
Building- cleaning services. 115
Building- cleaning services. 154
Bulgaria,Qatar : MARCH : QATAR Airways to launch direct service between DOHA and SOFIA. 181
Bulk Legislation publication annual order. 104
Bus garage construction work. 185
Business and management consultancy and related services. 104
Cab activating key switch (pos no -125) as per clw spec. no clw/es/3/0074 alt-a and abb doucment no 3 ehp 590522p0001. 192
Cable asm- spd p/u trk1, drg no: drg 18001427 alt. b, pl no.18001427. 156
Cable asm-spd p/u trk2, drg no.18001439, alt. b, pl no.18001439. 155
Cable box. 130
Cable isi marked single core multi strand flexible copper conductor of size 2.5 sq mm unsheathed pvc insulated suitable. 136
Canada : CANADIAN Xpress Air Inuit Tour declared. 112
Canada : Creating 80 New Auto Manufacturing Jobs in Windsor. 317
Canada : EASYHOME's arm to acquire Cash Store retail locations. 216
Canada : LNG pipeline benefits agreement inked by Gitxaala. 206
Canada : Montreal Airports boosts security & operational efficiency with FiberinMotion. 333
Canada : NEW Guideline to Support RFID Implementation in Retail Industry introduced by GS1 US. 353
Canada : Ontario Increases Wages for Early Childhood Educators. 229
Canada : Province supports new housing project in prince albert. 462
Canada : Turquoise Hill announces fourth quarter 2014 production. Financial report 229
Canada,China : CAE partners with China Eastern Airlines for cadet training. 320
Canada,United States : Goldcorp expands Porcupine district with acquisition of Probe Mines Limited. 461
Canteen management services. 159
Capacitor 0.47 mfd, 2800 v peak, working voltage 2000 v, with fixing clamp.For hole storage application of rsi block,icar-italy make imported capacitor type a-11b-o-47-280 or ge-usa,make capacitor typ. 112
carry out construction work on arctic offshore patrol ships (AOPS). 135
Carrying out a historical research on the mining site. 140
Carrying out welding operations (stick and tig) on fabricated assemblies or production items made of plates. 108
Cast aluminium alloy acro foil section impeller duly balanced suitable for smoothing reactor cooling blower mvsl to clw specification no.Clw/es/b-14,alt-c . the impeller shall generally confirm to dra. 109
Cast iron components pertaining to color light signal assembly. 201
Cast steel brake beam complete with bush for casnub 22 w(m) bogie to r.D.S.Os drg. no. wd- 85084 - s/1. item no.-1 and 2. alt.No.- 5 (five).Or latest. 357
Catering services for other enterprises or other institutions. 271
CCTV monitoring security services for the first half of 2015. 124
Ceiling light fitting double with diffuser for lhb type lhb type coaches. 157
Central dispatch of the tax return form. 127
Central print output management solution and courier services. 102
Centre pivot ring for cast steel bogie (cast steel bolster) to drg. no. rdso (contr)-9404-s/5, alt.-8, item no. 4, specn. no. contr. lccf 20 (c)-96 (rev.2). 126
Centrifugal pump similar to model no.Db-100/40 of kirloskar make or equivalent. 107
Certain essential repairs to compressor and other connected works of ac plats at ins tunir and outside area at naval station karanja. 106
CGC SWPPP Evaluation and Development of Concept Proposals for Lead Removal from Stormwater. 316
Chairs to drg.No.Wgsczac8-6-1-80. 169
Channelization of nallah along SNHC on left side. 144
Charging carrier for container & heat treatment fixture. 197
Check chwigok road pavement construction (secondary) waste treatment services. 112
Chemical cleaning kit for roller bearing consists of 1 orion 445 / indrox 3961:- dewatering and protective fluid. 226
Chemistry centre university of wE-rzburg, south campus hubland, new inorganic chemistry - structural work. 150
Child Welfare Services Differential Response Services. 119
China : CEA to launch in-flight WiFi internet access service to passengers. 200
China : COSCO signed loan deal with EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF CHINA to purchase new vessels. 136
China : Qihoo 360 spends CNY200 million to form a joint venture with NETCORE. 111
China : TAX Refund Scheme to attract overseas tourists launched by China. 339
China : ZTE Multi-Service Edge Routers Preferred in China Telecom IP Network Construction. 282
China : ZTE to Post 94.2% Growth in Full-Year Profit. Financial report 191
China,Finland : Wartsila and China State Shipbuilding Corporation s 2-stroke engine joint venture to start operations. 300
China,Korea Republic of : DONGBU INSURANCE invests in a joint fund with METLIFE and MANULIFE FINANCIAL. 210
China,Netherlands : Latest Damen shipment guarantees short delivery times. 426
China,Thailand : CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES launches regular direct flight service between YINCHUAN and BANGKOK. 121
China,United Arab Emirates : AIR ARABIA to launch its first flights to CHINA next month. 248
China,Zimbabwe : EXIM BANK OF CHINA released $65m to HUAWEI for expanding the Network of NETONE. 480
Christmas Island Recreation Centre Roof Works. 121
civil architectural work for upgrading pump stations/ terminals of naharkatiya barauni crude oil pipeline (nbps) project of m/s oil india ltd, dibrugarh, assam. 115
Civil maintenance work at sealdah rms building under rms h division. 105
Civil work for construction of p.O. bldg. with spm quarter. 111
Civil works for preservation of heritage buildings for 2014-15 at po building chhotta shimla. 102
Civil Works of Four laning of NH-82 (Gaya- Hisua-Rajgir-Nalanda-Biharsharif). 117
Cleaning and cleaning work on the buildings of the old port from 2015 to 2018. 235
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 119
Cleaning of malma coal debries from belt roadway and loading into belt conveyor. 302
Cleaning of oh reservoirs, u/s sumps, repair / replacement of pipe line including painting to pipes and replacement of valves at afs bidar. 113
Cleaning solvent as per rdso mp.0.8000.01 (rev-2). 131
Cleaveland open cup coc flash point apparatus as per ip36,astm d.92 and is 1448 p69 .Electrically heated model with varrier copper coil and oil jet test flame with the following accessories. 1 flash p. 145
Client uses Mercell Sourcing Service. 209
Clinical Nurse Consultant services for the DVA Exceptional Case Unit. 120
Clw type wiper assly complete consisting of 1 motor assly clw spindle length 135mm, qty-01 nos 2 arm and blade assly clw 01 nos 3 control and valve assly clw 01 nos, confirming to clw specn no clw/ac/. 106
Coal or rock-cutting machinery. 249
Coal or rock-cutting machinery. 234
Coastal storm risk management project. 214
Coconut oil for industrial use to be supplied in the form of 250ml suitable plastic container . specification no:- grade-2 raw of expressed type to is. 542/1968 reaffirmed 2004 . note: rate should be. 102
Cod.1314 zinc oxide and calamine lotion, 120 ml bottle immediate delivery, will raise record of default affect him future purchases, if no accreditation in account with no igss. 140

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