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Articles from Mena Report (February 27, 2015)

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"annual rate contract (arc) for loading unloading and stacking of various material at construction division store i.E. anjar const. store, 220 kv tappar s/s, 220kv shivlakha ss, 132 kv s khiali ss &. 219
"Delivery of packaged food products, eggs and fat, bread, milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, canned foods, meat and meat products" for the needs of the hospital "dr bratan shukerov" ad -. 135
"Ongoing maintenance of green areas municipality city swinoujscie region i - left bank". 200
"open house biologics discount agreements 2015-01" - complete non-exclusive discount agreements pursuant to A* 130a subsection 8 sgb v to the drug infliximab any time with possibility of accession.. 377
"work for mesh type earthing for 66kv sub stations under nadiad & karamsad tr divisions under nadiad tr circle". 184
(1)Construction Of Cattle Trap In-Front Of Swm Site Gate, (2) Providing Water Supply Arrangement. 119
(a) periodical renewals to atmakur (r&b) road. 185
-Pvdg. Iei And Fans Including Lightning Conductor. 110
: Repairing Work In Gyane Opd Area. 109
04 misc civil works at wani north area. 137
1 1/4 inch (1.25 inch) angle cock (ball type ) with vent for brake pipe and feed pipe application as per cees drg. no. loco / 2 / ae / 210 , mod-b for electric loco. 169
1 inch nb seamless steel pipe standard rl 4 to 5 mtr. 336
1 leek jiphajang seokgok Lee concrete pavement construction. 109
1 supply of plant asoka, qty 36 nos and 2 painting and letter writing on m.S. board, size:- 50 cmx 30 cm 26 nos. 166
1 transreceiver, vhf, hand held, 1w/5w synthesised with ni-mh batteries. 446
1 type of item(cboi). 111
1 up-gradation and maintenance of software module for material management as per specification 2 documentation and data entry for software module for material management as per specification no. mmd/l. 144
1 x 333MVA. 765/400kV. Single Phase Spare Transformer and 2 x 80MVAR, 765kV Single Phase Reactors. 112
1) box beading die and punch. 199
1) Dgms Approved Quality Fast Setting Resin Capsule Size-24Mm X 350Mm. 143
1)a.T.T.Change over valve qty: 4 no 8)null qty: null null. 113
1)ampicillin (500 mg/ vial)inj qty: 500 null 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)b m120x6x560-25x493 qty: 8 no 2)cap nut. 122
1)brilinta 90 mg tab qty: 2000 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)casting for pedestal. 164
1)castle nut m16 qty: 200 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)cefazoline ( 1 gm/ vial) inj qty: 1200 null 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)double brush holder qty: 32 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)fitting bush qty: 126 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)flange qty: 170 no 2)flange qt. 130
1)h2 cooler piping for 660mw tg. 130
1)hpt steam evacuation valve qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)inj.Atracurium 2.5 ml(10mg/ml) qty: 150 null 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)lower guide qty: 6 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)mineral turpentine oil qty: 4000 lt 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)nelaton catheter no-16(plastic qty: 300 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)pentazocine (30mg/ml) inj qty: 2000 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)povidone iodine 10 percent lotion qty: 60 null 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)Repairing & mainte. Of water supply system. 233
1)repairing of 80 mm dia gi pipeline upto b type qtr. Of shri. Sujit sinha at walni colony of ssa. 145
1)rubber hand gloves(. 118
1)stnls st flr mtl tg/plsm/mig/m qty: 1000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)universal fixture qty: 2 no 2)screw. 123
1)zinc phosphate cement qty: 12 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
1. Complete repairing/rewinding of 01 No. 250KW/415V,. 104
1. desilting of road side katcha drain near dsmq colony at murpar sub area2.Surface dressing of side berms of colony roads of bandar colony at murpar sub area umrer area. 154
1. main led signal lighting unit consisting of led signal aspect yellow with current regulator. 156
1. Renovation of Electrical Installation at Ground Floor, Deptt. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, L.N. Hospital, New Delhi. 2. Renovation of General repair of Elect. Inst. In OPD, OT and Gynae Block at L. 157
1. Sinking Of 200Mm Dia Production Well. 2.Construction Of Pump House 3.Internal Electrification. 134
1. The tenderer should have previous experience in doing Breakdown maintenance work in boiler feed water, stator water, hydrogen cooler boos. 134
1.25 inch nb seamless steel pipe extra strong rl 4 to 5 mtr. 339
1.5 hp ac fuel pump motor with built in invertor. 173
1.5 inch nb seamless steel pipe extra strong rl 4 to 5 mtr. material specn.Ems-54 grade-a. 339
1.Metal shwlving racks adjusttable type. 142
1.Testing and calibration of HT equipments. 110
1/2 cut out cock with vent ball type cast iron body to is 210, grade 20 type- olp. 150
10 sq.Mm/750 v single core elastomeric cable to rdso specification e 14/01 part i revision ii of 1993. 113
10 ton capacity floor (radio remote & pendent controlled) operated eot crane. 260
100 fogger 2 in 1 technology fogging machine. 106
1001n15003 - bull gear for wdg4 90 teeth to emd pt. no. 40074148, dlw pt. no. 18440022. 209
11 kw motor. 114
110 heavy-duty 40-foot XcelsiorA compressed natural gas ("CNG") powered buses. 117
12 inch heavy duty brushes (set of 03 brush) to make delstar sc major code no.1370800. 122
1220 vienna, seaside town baufeld d18 c - part 2 region, district education - high and low voltage. 190
15 Road on BOT Toll plus Annuity basis. 132
15.6 aol led monitor samsung or lg. 106
1727 Mt Q 300 Lux Corrugated Pipe (Sn8), 35 Pieces Q1000 Lik Concrete Chimney Components and 35 Pcs Ondansetron Cast Iron Door and 415 MA Filling Material Supply Contract Work. 106
18teeth pinion for wag -5 loco. 239
19-MW Decatur County Solar Project. 165
1inch check valve as per m/s wsf pt. no. ic-70032/2. 118
2 2 way sol valve. 102
2 types of item (cboi). 152
2 types of steel round bar. 112
2014 Artificial Reefs facilities if the number of research services. 111
2015 bongcho be juxtaposed small kindergarten school vehicle rental services, re-estimate the number of electronic notification (emergency). 108
2015 Building Information Communication equipment Seosomun annual cost construction. 107
2015 City Park Maintenance Services. 101
2015 drilling pipe pavement repair work (annual price) - Jiangxi. 120
2015 emergency leak repair pavement repair work - Northwest region (annual price contracts). 115
2015 emergency leak repair pavement repair work - Southeast region (annual price contracts). 114
2015 excavated pavement repair work (annual price). 111
2015 Fairytale second experiential learning charter bus rental services. 119
2015 Hanbat National Fire Protection Agency inspections and fire safety manager job submission service announcements small number of quotations. 102
2015 in hall road maintenance work (annual price). 118
2015 KY AmeriCorps Member Training and Swearing-In Ceremony. 428
2015 March-May Seongnam Girls~~ High School meals goods (livestock) Purchase re-bid notice. 103
2015 pavement maintenance construction Construction waste management services. 107
2015 pavement marking maintenance work (annual price) - Sung Dong. 120
2015 pavement marking maintenance work (annual price). 115
2015 Road and accessory facilities, emergency maintenance work (2 sections) (unit price contract). 129
2015 Road and accessory facilities, emergency maintenance work (3 sections) (unit price contract). 128
2015 Road and accessory facilities, emergency maintenance work (Zone 1) (unit price contract). 130
2015 road excavation Recovery Corporation (annual price). 117
2015 Road Facilities Maintenance Ltd. 115
2015 Road Facilities Maintenance reinforcement work (annual price). 115
2015 Road Safety Facility (outside the reflector 9 types) Maintenance unit price contract work. 111
2015 school year duty (manned guard) services small number of guidance announcements Quote. 115
2015 school year jinnam buy milk for school meals. 110
2015 school year, computerized administrative office equipment supplies and consumables purchases Tender notice. 104
2015 school year, high school school bus rental services concentrate bid change notification. 131
2015 school year, making a clean school cleaning services. 120
2015 school year, school administration school bus rental services. 113
2015 school year, school bus rental services. 125
2015 school year, school meals increased ancho goods (milk) to purchase emergency Bidding. 118
2015 school year, school meals three months food (aquatic product type) Purchase. 103
2015 Seogwipo City hall road facilities maintenance costs gongryang construction. 124
2015 Seoul economical driving experience education charter bus rental services performed. 114
2015 Southeast Community Center security, defense. 103
2015 street light maintenance work (annual price). 115
2015 three months the number of minority school meals meat Quote Information Notice. 108
2015 Traffic Safety (road) accessories Maintenance Ltd (annual price). 107
2015 year-minded buy milk for school meals. 108
2015.3 month Gimhae Im Ho High School Meals goods (meat) Purchase. 102
2015002 - supply and transport of natural gas. 144
21.20.1 Medicine (narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors) 21.20.13-80.00 Medicines, others of mixed or unmixed preparations put up for retail n.v.i.u. 103
220 kv bpi for ntpc hydro lata tapovan project. 136
2215 water supply & sanitation. - (107) gandhinagar sewage scheme. providing & laying d.I.Pipe parallel to old line at 2mld basan. 200
23 teeth pinion for hitechi traction motor of wap-4 locomotive. 432
24 fiber optic cable with corrugated stainless steel. 148
24 hours programmable time switch with minimum switching time of 15 munities. 153
24 w led bulb suitable for b22 holder. 168
250v dc/25 amps change over switch consist of 6 switching packets with 6 contact closed at -60 degree, nil at 0 degree and other 6 contact closed at 60 degree complete with bakelite handle equivalent. 138
25mm. nb heavy duty pipe, black, length 6 mtrs. and plain ends.Outside diameter minimum 33.3mm. maximum 34.2mm ,wall thickness-4mm. nominal mass of steel tubes plain end -2.930 kg/mtr 10 percent with. 158
28 Blocks Water Distribution System announcement block construction. 109
3 core screened cable size 1.5sq mm. 170
3 phase induction motor (flange mounted type) ip-55 no. 403
3-4 inch safety valve set at 8.5 kg-cm2 type e-1 for emu s-memu s. 249
3.5c x 300 sqmm cable. 110
30 kw induction motor for axel flow design oil cooling blower unit as per clw specification no: clw/es/3/0647 with corona resistance winding suitable for m/s stesalit make axel flow oil cooling unit. 128
36 kv hv bushing (a-34) as per is 3347 part v sec 1 confirming to drg.No. elw/bsl/3/f91.053. 395
36 kv hv bushing a-34 as per is 3347 part v sec 1. 116
4 feet led tube light fitting, rated power 18w, input volt -ac 85v- 280v, luminious flux 1800-2000 lm, colour temp 5000k-6500k. 120
4 new residential building with 2 and 1 tiefgargen daycare lurchweg / engelbergstr. stuttgart gable. 134
400 kV 400 MVA Power transformers 2017-2018. 191
4215 NRDWP -2014-15: Revival of PWS Scheme at Bettakaduru village (And 140 Nos. Houses hold connection in S.T.Colony) in Channagiri Tq , Davanagere Dist. 119
5 mm dia manual metal arc welding electrodes,classd, type of coating : heavy confirming to spec. no.Irs: m-28/12, aws a, 5.5 code:e8018w2. 127
5 star split air conditioner, power stabiliser and water cooler cum purifier. 141
5 watt vhf walkie- talkie sets. 167
6 inch single pressure gauge for bp, self illuminated led type to drg. rdso-skdp-3516. alt. 3. 223
6 lac ltr capacity ud water tank overall capacity 13.50 lac ltr with pump house at aram bagh. 120
6 pair twin twisted screened data cable. 123
8 way capillary with stainer copper material suitable for the use of roof mounted package ac unit fitted in the railway ac coaches. 123
80-MW Decatur Parkway Solar Project. 162
8756 /e8/ge (east). 135
8757/ e8/ge (east). 135
8758/ e8/ge (east). 134
8761 / e8. 126
9,500 remote-read water meters for drinking water for private households and small businesses as well as related reading system. 259
A 5 motorway, durlach fde 2015th. 180
A a to sena bhawan new delhi sh renovation of room no 420 c wing at sena bhawan under office of dpro. 124
A new tractor with accessories and aggregates (sand beach tractor and wiper linkage. 186
A R and M O GNEC New Delhi dg 2014 15 (SH Up Keeping and maintenance of services of GNEC campus and providing and service of computer operator Dak messenger under B 2313 (N). 152
A r and m o to non residential building of aiih and ph at 110 c r avenue kolkata during 2014 15 sh security fencing of gents hostel. 136
A r and m o to non residential building. 147
A r and m o to the residential non residential building 2059 other building under rhu and tc at singur anandanagar dearah nasibpur. 147
A r and m o to the residential non residential building 2059 other building under rhu and tc at singur anandanagar. 155
A r and m o to the residential non residential building. 148
A r and m o to yojana bhawan new delhi during 2014 15 sh misc civil work. 120
A set of high tensile eye bolt consisting of following 02 items,. 139
A.Cpu : amd a6 5400k, 3.4 ghz processor with cache, 1 mb total cache ard. 299
A.Cpu : amd a6 5400k, 3.4 ghz processor with cache, 1 mb total cache or higher. b. motherboard : amd a series/nvidia ge force a series or higher. c. bus architecture : 4 pci pci/ pci express d. memory. 325
A/r and m/o office building of nic at bhubaneswar. sh: supply of materials for day to day maintenance during 2014-15. 124
A/r and m/o to g.P.R.A and defence pool residential accommodation at summer hill shimla during 2014-15 and 2015-16. sh: providing maintenance services related to all trades of civil work for residenti. 147
A/r and m/o to gpoa at bikaner during year 2015-16 sh: day to day maintenance of gpoa. 120
A/R And M/O To Gpoa At Bikaner During Year 2015-16 Sh: Day To Day Maintenance Of Gpoa. 108
A/r and m/o to gpra at bikaner during year 2015-16 sh: day to day maintenance of quarters in gpra colony. 123
A2 motorway, section unterwaldstrae herzogenberg, km 215.500 to 220.700, ge rfb arnold stein. 132
A2 motorway, section unterwaldstraE-e herzogenberg, km 215.500 to 220.700, ge rfb arnold stein. 131
Abundance two hypotheses educational materials construction conduct design services. 106
Ac Maintenance At Wrpl, Chaksu Pump Station And Tank Farm Area. 125
Access Control and Video monitoring. 128
Access to Online Legal Information. 118
Acquire a new common case processing and archiving solution (case-archive solution) for administrative and political procedures in the municipality. This case-archiving solution should constitute the. 322
Acquisition and implementation of a management software and monitoring the activity at hospital. 159
Acquisition and Transportation of Prefabricated Rigid Type Bulwarks New Jersey. 212
Acquisition medical services generally and pediatric screening. 109
Acquisition of academic and extracurricular time management software. 288
Acquisition of distribution rights for a management software of the housing. 118
Acquisition of innovative technologies for the manufacture of sheet metal. 250
Acquisition of laboratory equipment and related services. 306
Acquisition of surgical medical equipment retail. 108
Acquisition RPL ICT & ICT integration. 198
Acquisition, installation and commissioning of new technological equipment. 278
Ad Hoc Voice & Data Cable Installation. 104
Adapter (narrow jaw) class e 6 inch x 11 inch to rdso s drg. no. wd- 89067 -s/9 alt. no.- 6(six). 166
Addition alteration and repairs to officers dorm. 149
Addition alteration to existing cook house and dining hall of airmen mess at mukkunnimala at af station trivandrum. 151
Addition/ alteration of house no. 2170, type v (judge house), sec. 42, chd. 128
Addition/alteration to 8 nos. passenger lifts. 140
Additional civil works for improvement of kaikalur-psa in krishna area (mudenepalli block). 124
Additional requirement of air-conditioning and allied e.I. work. 134
Addn-altn to basemtat. 123
Addn/altn to bldg no p-1 and certain other works at naa under ge (n) tezpur. 145
Addn/altn to building no p/257 at af station utarlai. 134
Addn/altn to naval kg school bldg. 143
Addn/altn to sncos mess kitchen at vsn nagpur. 137
administration of Yakutsk by providing advertising and information services in the national socio-political weekly. 131
Adopter for sand ejector of wap - 7 locos. 108
Advance water tender with 16 ton chassis, A. 1 Quick Response Vechicle with 1 ton chassis. 170
Advertisement contract under publicity Zone-B for display of commercial advertisement. 144
Advertisement on BOT basis at different sites of Patiala city Group I. 144
Advertisement on BOT basis at different sites of Patiala city Group II. 144
Advertisement on BOT basis at different sites of Patiala city Group III. 145
Advertisement on the 237 street light poles by kiosk boards,. 133
Advertisement on the 637 street light poles by kiosk boards, which are situated at different roads in the city. 129
Advertising and marketing services. 255
Advertising for development and modernization international airport. 412
Aerial Obstruction Lighting and Marking. 169
Aeronautical life support equipment. 113
After-sales service car brand opel. 137
Agencies for supply of following street light Electrical Equipments of ISI mark of brand Bajaj and Crompton greaves etc.description of item:CFL Fixtures Complete,36 ft/40 w Tubes,Chokes for tube light. 114
Agricultural and horticultural products. 132
Air and weather proof silicane sealant for use of glass with rubber. 124
Air brake hose coupling complete for feed pipe to rdso s drg. 125
Air compressor oil servo press 100 rr of m/s. ioc for emd locos rdso mi no. mp.Mi-15 rev.-06 of may 2013. 172
Air condition works of vk industrial area. 112
Air conditioning of treasury office premises. 120
Air filter cum-pressure regulator. 115
Air filter to icf drg. no. icf-sk -6-4-035 alt. v-5. 304
Air flow measuring valve spec. no. mp1412/88 and drg.No.Db 10355/3 (for pipe mounted version with part no.C-76574/002). 443
Air-conditioning of jhargram treasury. 135
Alarms lodz regional office in lodz and escorting shipments. 385
Algeria : USD 90.6 bln to be invested by Algerias Sonatrach in exploration. 105
Algeria,Kenya : KENYA, ALGERIA inks MoU on Oil, Gas Production. 170
Allotment of catering stalls at d, e & f category stations over ranchi division. 112
Allotment of space for automated teller machine. 123
Alluminium bus bar or roof fitting. 446
Alumina grit cleaning of lp bladed rotor and lp blade carriers of steam turbine at ntpc anta. 137
Ambulance Cost of Service and Utility Rate Study. Report 313
Amc for 2 nos. otis lifts for central excise/custom department at gulistan bhawan, gorakhpur year 2014-15. 124
Amc for 3 nos. otis lifts for cat office building civil lines, allahabad year 2014-15. 122
Amc for ge plc at tps and lpg filling unit at barauni refinery. 125
Amc for hbl make battery banks at netra. 127
Amc for monitoring and maintenance of cp systems in gail, maharashtra region. 125
Amc for passenger lift (ccr) at ntpc jhanor. 132
Amc in respect of computer, laptops, scanners, printers, ups etc of this ministry. 131
Amc of chemidoc xrs system. 110
Amc of desktop computers and peripherals. 126
Amc of fire detection alarm system installed. 131
Amc of ivrs. 125
Amc of process/ stack analyzers of dhdt and cru-msq blocks of bgr. 134
Amc of ro filters 50 lph (3 nos). 130
Analysis of the requirements of the act no. 484/1991 coll., on czech radio for the needs of the czech radio. 168
Analysis Oil Transformers in Operation at Cernavoda Npp Analysis and Interpretation Bulletins. 331
Ancient 1 regional sustainable energy supply business seawater thermal heat pump manufacturing purchasing installation. 118
Ancient City General Gymnasium Laundry facilities renovation (Architecture). 108
Anesthesia Device Department and ICU. 120
Angle for 20 mm bore branch pipe to icf drg. no. wgscn/c-3-5-005. 175
Angola : ANGOLA Health minister announces State Budget to Prioritize Sanitary Growth Plan. 104
Angola : CAPITAL MARKETS AUTHORITY and ANGOLA enter into partnership deal. 155
Angola,Senegal,United States : APR Energy renews 106MW of contracts in Sub-Saharan Africa. 342
Angular contact ball bearing skf no. 3306 a, make: skf, europe. 103
Angyo wall expansion joint replacement construction. 105
Anitivirus, toner cartridge ,ups battery and off line ups. 152
Annual comprehensive maintenance of electrical installation. 132
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of water coolers cum purifiers. 154
Annual Contract for arrangement of Water supply. 144
Annual Contract for Comprehensive Maintenance of IT infrastructure Material under all sections of Pune Zone Office. 137
Annual Contract for Meter reading, through Digital Photography with Data Entry,. 174
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading. 159
Annual Contract for office keeping work of Vishwamitri West Division premises under Baroda City Circle, Vadodara for the year 2015-16. 124
Annual contract for servicing along with comprehensive maintenance & operation of lift in Service building at BTPS, Deepnagar. 130
Annual contract for supply of consumable items on as & whwn required basis at BTPS, Deepnagar. 128
Annual contract for washing/Drycleaning of Sofa set, carpets, curtains, seat Covers and towels etc. 183
Annual contract to operate the ambulance. 187
Annual mainteance contract for hvac equipments (ductable package, cold rooms and precision air conditioners) and installations. 137
Annual Maintenace and Running of 11 Number Pump House in Different Parts of MC Gurdaspur. 143
Annual maintenance & repairs to T.E building, Admin building and staff Quarters etc. T.E.Compound, Kalatalav, Kalyan (W) for the year 2015-16.SH: Day to day civil maintenance works. 116
Annual Maintenance Contract for 70nos Air Conditioner. 111
Annual maintenance contract for cathodic protection. 111
Annual maintenance contract for garden including maintenance of seasonal plants (indoor and outdoor at cmpdi hq complex ranchi. 125
Annual maintenance contract for hvac equipments (split, cassette and verticool air conditioners) and installations. 135
Annual maintenance contract for plumbing and sanitary works at ri-iv cmpdi complex, jaripatka, nagpur. 125
Annual maintenance contract for Repair & Maintenance works for residential and non-residential buildings i/c pumps & motors, golf course, lawns and fountains at chandkheda, saij, naika and sabarmati c. 137
Annual maintenance contract for the work of oil guns & Soot blowers at 2x500MW, BTPS, Deepnagar. 128
Annual maintenance contract of Air conditions having various apacities under Himatnagar TR circle. 137
Annual Maintenance contract of Boiler, Auxiliaries & Offsite. 110
Annual Maintenance Contract of Boyle s Machines. 128
Annual maintenance contract of notifier (honeywell) make fire alarm system installed at indianoil bhawan, noida. 149
Annual Maintenance contract Of Software Applications. 130
Annual Maintenance Contract of Wet Riser Sprinkler System comprising of Fire Fighting Appliances at NDCC PH II and Convention Centre New Delhi. 153
Annual Maintenance Contract(Amc) For Integrated Application Software Package For Ayuodhya Faizabad Development Authority. 120
Annual maintenance for arresting seepage on track bed, treatment of expansion/construction joints of RTS box/Elevated Structures / stations/Ventilation shaft. 132
Annual Maintenance Of Park At Hansa Garden Osr Land In Dn-5,Unit-2,Zone-1. 167
Annual Maintenance Of Park At Sakthipuram Sri Rangam New Town In Dn-5,Unit-2,Zone-1. 167
Annual maintenance support services for etp, btp and township units at barauni refinery. 139
Annual maintenance work of B.Sagar manpower. 112
Annual Maitenance Contract For Various Makes/Models Of High Speed Printer/Collator Machine. 146
Annual Overhauling Contract For Windows / Split Acs , Water Coolers & Fridges Of Different Make. 170
Annual rate contract (arc) for servicing/overhauling and major repair of transformers at mathura refinery. 130
Annual rate contract for canning of office chairs. 194
Annual rate contract for hiring of diesel driven close body ac jeep. 211
Annual rate contract for laptops hardware. 193
Annual rate contract for on-line sealing jobs of steam air bfw water inside digboi refinery. 138
Annual rate contract for repair and maintenance of civil works (terminal building). 127
Annual rate contract for repair and maintenance of window/split/duct-able air conditioning units and other cooling appliances of drilling services, assam asset. 132
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of public latrin works in north zone, sourth zone, east zone, west zone, center zone under sjmmsvy. 158
Annual rate contract for supply of animal and poultry feed. 144
Annual rate contract for under water works by engagement of divers at p.S.-i, ii and iii of tcfhp. 148

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