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Articles from Mena Report (February 25, 2015)

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"independent public service insurance health care team in kedzierzyn kozle". 342
"Insurance" eco valley "sp. with o.o in lezyce ". 126
"laying, dismantling, jointing and termination of power cables, control cable in stage-i 200mw unit under randm".(ks/cs/oandm/142193). 144
"Maintenance and repair of sixty (60) sts. new cars. 546
"perform translation services for the ministry of finance.". 115
"Performing security activities in facilities municipal property and provided such management of the municipality of varna lots.". 408
"supply of medicinal products for use in general hospital discontinued items and new medicinal products for university hospital" queen joanna isul "sad". 330
(1) Dismantling of Abandoned Structures. 286
(1)Augmentation of power supply system over MB division.n. 171
(A)Trichur Sub Division Ee Desilting Of Septic Tans, Ic, Manhole And Sewage (. 143
.Pvc molded chair 230 nos,2 .Mosquito net 50 nos,3 .Wooden rake 01 no.4 .Wooden top 02 nos. 125
: Operation And Maintenance Of Pump Sets And Ei And Fans. 128
0 shares gyodongcho juxtaposition kindergarten school bus rental services Quote small number of advertisements. 126
04 nos heavy duty laserjet printers. 121
08 types of hexagnal m.S. bar and round m.S. bar. 135
1 (one) new theme engine comes with three (3) coaches. 179
1 h.P. tri-color cartridge 857 - 2 nos 2 h.P. tri-color print cartridge 854 - 2 nos 04 nos. 117
1 nos. E and m miscellaneous job such as, air coolers 32 nos. Repairing by changing of material/spares. 132
1) Filling Of Abandoned Mine. 162
1) sputum collection cerntres and 2) sputum pick up and transport services. 131
1) Steel Rectanguler Block 330mm X 140mm X 25mm. 103
1)32 mm dia 1.5 percent nicrmo hot rolled, hardened and tempered steel round bars to material specification aa 10501 rev 14.Bars to be supplied in random length of 3 to 6 meters. material test certifi. 244
1)50 nb(60.8 mm od x 3.65 mm thk) mild steel tube erw plain ends to material specification aa10152 rev 06.Tubes to be supplied in random length of 4 to 7 meters. rust preventive coating of varnish to. 251
1)6 x 25 mm bright steel flat to material specification aa 10112 rev 07.Material to be supplied in random length of 2.5 to 4.5 meter. clear temporary rust preventive(trp)shall be applied on the bars t. 248
1)8 x 25 mm bright steel flat to material specification aa 10112 rev 07.Material to be supplied in random length of 2.5 to 4.5 meter. clear temporary rust preventive(trp)shall be applied on the bars t. 248
1)abrasive cutting m/c qty: 500 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)ball bearing 6313z/c4 to bhel drg. no. c450067 item#14 rev.25. qty: 500 no. 211
1)bell crank lever to drg.No. 25217001514-002 ,rev09, on fully finished basis. qty: 3600 no. 195
1)bottom guide bush to our drg no.45217001742-001,rev.07 qty: 2500 no. 193
1)bracket to our drawing no.45213030661-001 (rev 05) on fully finished basis. qty: 3600 no. 195
1)core flux test cable (flexible ht power cable 300 mm2, 6.6 kv) as per prodcut standard hg 10049. qty: 500 mr. 193
1)digital paint thickness meter as per enclosed bhel specification. qty: 2 no 2)wear resistant regular/straight type separate ferrous probe, length : 300 mm. qty: 2 no. 175
1)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 1500 mr 2)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 700 mr 3)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 3100 mr 4)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 1400 mr 5)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 5000 mr 6)epx gls adhsv-tape qty: 700 m. 165
1)field lead forging qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)flap wheel with 6mm spindle size-dia 60x60 grit 60. qty: 500 no 2)flap wheel with 6mm spindle size-dia 60x60 grit 80. qty: 500 no 3)flap wheel with 6mm spindle size-dia 60x60 grit 120. qty: 500 no 4. 218
1)forging for ring qty: 2 no 2)forging for ring qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 115
1)framework agreement / rate contrtact for pccw for 6 months on finished basis. qty: 1952 mt. 198
1)gouging torch 1800amps with complete spare kit having 360 deg. free revolving cable,swivel head, air control valve, insulator boot, rubber o ring & clamp lever handle. qty: 50 st. 170
1)hand crank to our drg no.35211001509-001,rev09. qty: 4000 no 2)slow closing handle to our drg no.35212001553-001,rev10. qty: 4000 no. 204
1)heating element 18kw qty: 15 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)inlet valve body fitted with inlet valve plate,valve disk and helical spring.Operating voltage 440 v ac size 342mm x215mm vacuum 0.005 mbar temp 260 deg cent qty: 2 no. 182
1)inner flinger ce as per bhel drg. no. 34394427003 rev.11. qty: 50 no. 148
1)junction box, 24 terminal qty: 9 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)lapox a-35, hardner k-35 qty: 500 kg 2)lapox a-35, hardner k-35 qty: 150 kg 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)leakage steam vl with pneu.Act qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)pin (travel recorder)to our drg no.45217001763-001,rev00 qty: 1200 no. 192
1)pressure transmitter (0-160 kg/sq.Cm, 3/8" bsp (m)) & their mounting accessories as per enclosed specification no. 241541351 rev.00 qty: 3 no 2)pressure transmitter (0-16 kg/sq.Cm, 3/8" bsp (m)) & t. 344
1)rubber roller for bur grinding machine as per bhel drg. no.-2sp08007324. rubber material as per sample, dynamic balancing at 2500 rpm contineously for 10 min. to test adhiveness of rubber over rolle. 227
1)s.C.Bar to drg. no.-42530285602 & product std. hg- 04002, qsp/hg/105. qty: 316 no. 170
1)seal steam valve with pneu.Act qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)set of hardware as per item 1 of annexure enclosed. note e6443026 :- (7) total items to be procured from single sourse on total l1 basis to ensure proper matching and quality. qty: 1 st 2)set of har. 246
1)set of pole stud & nut consisting of 1 no. of stud m30 as per drawing no.32530268004 it. 1 & 2 no. of nut m30 as per drawing no.42530261004 it. 1. material for stud & nut to be as per aa10209. qty:. 188
1)slot liner qty: 84 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)steam stariner qty: 1 n 2)steam strainer for main steam qty: 1 no 3)steam strainer (hrh) qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 126
1)surge coil (gaussmeter) as per specification hg-pun i-55 rev-00. qty: 2 no. 183
1)t-piece (forged) qty: 18 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)top commutator cover assy. 277
1)transducer 0-200v/4-20ma dual output, 90-270 vac/vdc aux power as per spec cee/10015 rev02 item-5 qty: 15 no 2)transducer 0-100 millivolt/4-20ma dual out put, 90-270 vac/dc aux power to spec cee/100. 205
1--b. heavy duty cooker 01 nos, c. heavy duty cooker. 187
1. Driving two stone drift (each about 200 mtrs. long) to approach M-Seam. 126
1. hp computer tonner 55 a, 2. hp laser jet tonner 125a (ymc). 127
1. Providing of safety devices for 02 Nos. 10 MVA, 33KV/11KV Transformer. 133
1. Repairing of 300 KVA 11 KV/440V Transformer. 318
1..Re-wiring of 14 Nos. different types of quarters. 106
1.Hyd exp tool holder, 2.Internal sleeve,. 244
11 kv rated, brown glazed porcelain anti fog type disc insulator with b and s type, cap 16 mm alternate b and with clevis and tongue connection for cross-span of size:- 280 mm dia x 145 mm height and. 199
110 volt ac light weight heavy duty portable electrical hand drill machine single speed non-metallic body. 338
110-kv cable route for integration southtown. 345
1100 volts grade, pvc insulated, single strand, high conductivity plain annealed copper conductor, cores laid up,. 171
1100v grade copper conductor pvc cable to is : 1554/part-i/size : 7 x 2.5 sq.Mm. 126
1100v grade pvc insulated copper cable of size : 4 core x 2.5 sq.Mm. 124
115 kV Electrical Substation. 132
11kv, protective c.T. ratio : 60-35/5 amps. & 300/5 amps. 134
12 Month subscription. 103
12 volt / 80 ah sealed maintenance free vrla battery. 166
12 volts sealed maintenance free battery. 151
15 e 022 glazing work din 18,361th. 217
15759p Software License -VMWARE. 156
15s0009: supply of labor and high visibility clothing for county council officers from the correze - lots 1 to 4. 289
17-hydroxyprogesterone oh neonatal screening methodology: fluorometric assay (delphia); use: laboratory diagnosis; reagent: yes; area: immunology;. 104
18watts cross pin cfl to work in ac 230v 50hz supply. make:crompton,philips, bajaj,havells or similar. 110
1qr note book 20.5 x 33cm f018. 322
1x 18 watts 4 feet led tube light. 117
2 call of term contract for artificier work in technical area at af station utarlai. 136
2 inch nb seamless steel pipe standard rl 4 to 5 mtr. 264
2 wire,64kbps,g.Shdsl modem consisting of one unit consisting of one dte interface g.703 and one v.35 ports. 231
2,000 psychological testing for use by the directorate general of private security services. 111
2015 alley road maintenance construction Construction waste management services. 111
2015 alley road maintenance work. 109
2015 Announcement of school meals three months Quote ilbanmi purchase a small number. 111
2015 changpyeonggo clean dormitory management trust services. 110
2015 excavated pavement repair work (annual price). 117
2015 Floor pavement restoration construction excavation construction waste treatment services. 112
2015 Jeju stand Middle liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply price estimate number of announcements. 112
2015 pavement maintenance, construction and 1 case of construction waste treatment services. 125
2015 Price Road maintenance contract work (primary). 118
2015 road construction mechanism of facilities maintenance (annual price) - Jiangxi. 118
2015 road construction waste treatment facilities maintenance construction services. 110
2015 Road Facilities Maintenance Ltd. (annual price). 115
2015 Road Overlay construction. 106
2015 Road Overlay Service Technician waste disposal. 107
2015 road traffic facilities and bicycle parts maintenance facilities construction. 108
2015 school year junggok buy milk for primary school meals electronic Bidding (Urgent). 108
2015 school year, school meals sindun goods (seafood) Purchase Contract notice. 101
2015 school year, Taisho High School Foodservice liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Purchase Price Quote voluntary contract notice. 109
2015 school year, whole-grain high school school bus rental services, small number of re-quote bid announcement. 102
2015 three months of school meals of meat purchased a small number of announcements Quote. 110
2015 Traffic and road maintenance, construction accessories (annual price) - Sung Dong. 123
2015 traffic safety facilities (road show) Maintenance work (annual price) - North. 118
2015 Traffic Signal Mast Arm Project. 123
2015 Tube page asphalt pavement restoration construction excavation transport and handling services (annual price) - North. 116
2059-m. & r. to n.R. building supplying of sensor battery for swarnim sankul-1 and 2 sardar bhavan, gandhinagar (for 6 months). 194
22 watts led fitting colour w.W suitable to operate on 230v 50hz. 366
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. engaging skilled labour. 212
240/415 volts, 50hz 63amps triple pole neutral conforms to is/iec 60898-1 c-curve of 10 ka breaking capacity. 129
25mm solid dummy plug m.S.Galvanised to is.1239, part-ii steel plug. 105
2qr note book 20.5 x 33cm f017. 321
2x14 watt t-5 outdoor f/l fittings. 138
2x14 watt t-5 outdoor fl fittings aluminium housing. 131
3 1/2 core al.Armoured cable-400 sq. 146
3 month supplies school meals (meat) purchased a small number of electronic submissions Quote advertisements (Urgent). 106
3 pair pvc cable 0.5mm dia. 105
3 phase diode bridge rectifier at the input and three phase igbt based inverter at the output with drivers Dc link with midpoint access Specification input ac voltage vac 415 volt Dc link voltage v. 158
3/4 inch manifold mounting isolating cock for e70 brake system. 178
32 amps fush holder asian make similar to ge make. 108
32 amps hrc fuse links screw type similar to indo asian make. 110
34 kv surge arrestor complete with continuous operating voltage. 130
36mm aluminium bus tee terminal complete with fasteners as per rdso drawing .No. eti/psi/6510 rev. -d. 224
4 direction spring return to zero joystick. 128
400kv ss at ghani and connected line to kurnool& bay at kurnool. 107
5 Division Water Supply project implementation design services. 118
520YW Summer Accommodation Cleaning. 243
56kvar, lv capacitors (indoor type). 128
6 db omni directional vhf antenna indigenous. 123
6 motor power break switch with magnet valve. 300
6 motor reverser with magnet valve to dlw drg. no. el/pt/0649 alt r5. 283
6 x 1w fountain light/garden light spike type round made up of aluminium die casting body with clear glass,finish:. 398
63 amps bakelite fuse holder similar to ge make. 107
63 amps fuse link screw type similar to ge make. 108
7-segment display and other items aries, manora peak, nainital-263002. 129
8 godrej nartal padlocks or its equivalent make of sheel. 111
8774/e8/g e(east) agra. 132
8775/e8/ge (east) agra. 130
8Nos Type Ii Quarters In Block D1 And D2 Of 4 Quarters Each. 118
A contract to the 76th c. 11.5 highway and pavement strengthening the 27 + 217 to 53 + 933 km no. the section between - additional works planning, licensing and construction of the object. 197
A improvement of occupied qtrs 972 gpra type iii qtrs at sarojini nagar new delhi under 3j sub divn dg 2014 15 a upgradation work in 70 no occupied type iii qtrs. 226
A improvement of vacated qtrs 972 gpra type iii qtrs at sarojini nagar new delhi under 3j sub divn dg 2014 15 a upgradation work in 70 nos vacated type iii qtrs sh pf wall tiles floor tiles kitchen si. 223
A innovative programme of energy saving replacement of hpsv ,mh, ftl lamps. 130
A major /midi rli scheme having 2 nos motor pump sets. 155
A midi rli having 2 nos 7.5/10 hp motor pump sets. 143
A r m o of residential quarters of central excise and custom department colony at salimpur dumrah, patna drg 2014 15 sh:- day to day maintenance by driver, despatcher cum messenger, carpenter and nigh. 145
A set of ball bearing consisting of 06 types.Make-skf 1 62052z/c3. 147
A set of split pin manufactured from half round mild steel wire with bright self colour finish. 234
A) Providing V Wire Technology to PWS Scheme. 129
A-4 Size, Number of pages 400 pages, 70 GSM Map Litho Paper, Multi Colour (4 Colour) Printing,. 104
A/r and m/o to 180 nos residential quarters of aayakar abason for income tax department at e m bypass, kolkata during 2014-15 sh: repair of pump house. 136
A/r and m/o to non-residential administrative office building at aayakar bhawan poorva for income tax department at e m bypass, kolkata during the year 2014-15 sh: day to day maintenance of external w. 147
Abb training center in berlin - here: heating systems. 216
Abrasive emery grain "corundum" as per is:3178:1996.Aluminium oxide contents min.90% is grit no. 30. make-carborundum/grindwell norton. 133
Accident and health insurance services. 130
Accident insurance services. 145
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 114
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 247
Achizirtia Surgical Gloves. 342
Acqdemon analysis and software support services. 103
Acquisition and installation of removable stands for games islands taking place. 213
Acquisition and maintenance of a system of priority traffic lights allowing thinning of the road corbeil. 199
Acquisition for the operation of asylum- UDI region Central Norway. 150
Acquisition of air conditioning units in the server rooms. 135
Acquisition of air conditioning units in the server rooms. 132
Acquisition of Display Walls. 103
Acquisition of hygiene and cleaning services. 102
Acquisition of Machinery, Equipment and Tools for Independent Research. 503
Acquisition of magnetic tickets envibus public transportation network of the sophia antipolis agglomeration community. 320
Acquisition of medical surgical equipment contract not open. 107
Acquisition of Motor Fuels (Diesel and Gasoline Euro 5 Gold Premium Unleaded 5). 274
Acquisition of Tactical Data Radios & ancillaries. 112
Acquisition of the travel system. 350
Acquisition, implementation and maintenance of an asset management software. 376
Acrylic nitrile bonded cork composition sheet grade rc-70-c. 378
Acts of radiology and ultrasound achieving prescribed to residents of nursing homes of the social action center of the city of paris. 544
Adapter for brake gear arrangement of wap-1/wap-4 locos to clw drg.No.03/3/12/35 alt.1 or latest. 124
Adapter, 90 deg. male elbow, primary filter, forpiping fuel oil system. 118
Addition alteration and special repairs to building no t 88 at solapokhari at ins chilka. 140
Additional tas functionalities at karur receiving terminal. 108
Addn / altn to building no p-25 at grd kunraghat. 124
Addn/altn to bldg no p-22 and provision of drapery roads at site-iii baknaur under ge af ambala. 145
Adjustable cup sleeve for coupler escorts drg. no. 40.317.13 (2) or wsf drg. no. 40.317.13 (2) . 227
Administration building Schwanengasse 14, total renovation BKP 233 Floor Lamps. 186
Administration fees forDrought Concessional Loans Scheme in Victoria. 104
Administration software package. 174
Advanced air interface demonstrator for future mobile interactive networks (artes 5.1 3a.061). 178
Advertising and marketing services. 215
Advertising and marketing services. 105
Advertising and marketing services. 120
Advertising and promotional items. 105
Advertising and promotional items. 104
Advertising for Drought Recovery Concessional Loans for NSW and QLD. 108
Aerial spraying services. 112
Aeronautical life support equipment. 113
Aeronautical life support equipment. 112
Aesthetical improvement and improvement of common area of staircase of residential type-iii qtrs block 21 to 28 sector-4 pushp vihar new delhi. 123
Air brake hose coupling complete for brake pipe. 156
Air brake hose coupling for brake pipe to drg no. rdso sk-73547,. 127
Air brake hose coupling support to rdsos sk-73552, item no.-1 to 4, alt. no. 04. 319
Air break contactor. 128
Air circular pedestal with case. 127
Air Conditioner with all Accessories. 147
Air conditioners. 126
Air diffuser arrangement complete set cc - 44258, alt - nil. 139
Air duct drg.No. gm part no 8332267 alt. ba. 174
Air flow indicator. 348
Air hose assembly l type material for hose coupling to sheet 4 of tpl-0118 shall be black hearth malleable iron casting only. to drg.No. (1)dlw/tpl-0118 sheet 1 of 5 alt.F, style-1 type l. (2) drg.No. 170
aircraft spares t56. 116
Aircraft sparing to support operations. 107
Aircraft sparing to support operations. 105
Aircraft test facility system software licence renewal. 110
Alappuzha Ee Provision Of Escalator On Pf No.1. 122
All in one printer printer deskjet ink advantage. 105
All in one printer, print/scan/copy/fax model no. scx-4521ns/xip samsung or equivalent. 124
All part and parcel of land measuring. 152
Allen bolt size 8 x 30 mm specn - 2470/1973 for physical properties. 124
Alloy steel d shackle one set consisting of one no. each of 1 , 3/4 and 5/8 dia shackle along with guarantee certificate. 116
Alluminium pillar . 117
Alternative navigation simulation & demonstration. 106
Aluminium copper bimetallic strips of size 250 x 150 x 1 mm confiming to rdso specification no. eti /ohe /55 (4 /90 ). 229
Amc for electrical repair and maintenance work in hec township for the year 2015 16. 144
Amc of optic fiber lan at ofch. 145
Amc of refrigerated centrifuge. 121
Amc of residential lifts in ntpc sipat township ". 132
Amc of risograph machines in the mhrd. 127
AMC- Work of Optical Fiber Cable connection after breakage including supply on as and when required basis. 126
Analytical Weighing Machine (Readability: 0.1 mg (0.0001 gm max cap.ZOOg). 119
Ancillary job related with general /controlled blasting in ob up to the depth of 6.0m with 160 mm dia at amera ocm. 138
Angle cock r 3/4 right design. 121
Angola,Namibia : NAMIBIA and ANGOLA in a move to improve cross-border trade. 211
Annual audit of the transport company hamburg-holstein ag and its subsidiaries for the year 2015, optional for the years 2016-2019. 334
Annual cleaning of khep reservoir, dam area etc. 128
Annual contract for hiring of civil tpt (2015-16). 145
Annual contract for stack, ambient air, noise level monitoring & preparation of annual environment statement for the previous year at gtps, uran. 137
Annual handling of materials at central store/GCC/trichy for the year 2014-2015. 119
Annual maintanance contract of fax machines. 131
Annual maintenance & Up keep of Structures in elevated structures, surface, overhead structures, station & allied service buildings. Kavi Subhas yard & carshed. 112
Annual maintenance & Up keep of Structures in RTS Box, Surface, Overhead Structures, Station & allied Service Buildings. Tollygunge Yard & Carshed. 112
Annual maintenance & Up keepment of Structures including overhead/ elevated structure and underground structures, staff quarters, repair & replacement of pipelines. 123
Annual maintenance contract (amc) for fully automatic paper cutting Machine/guillotine, power operated stitching machine and pedal Operated stitching machine - reg. 140
Annual Maintenance Contract For Computers And Printers Of Maxdna & Various Plcs At 500 Mw Khaperkheda Tps. 127
Annual Maintenance Contract For Integrated Conference System,Hall Display,Video Imaging, Audio Video Recording,. Conference news 165
Annual Maintenance Contract For Tld Badge Readers. 122
Annual Maintenance Contract of Computer Systems and Peripherals. 273
Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers & Printers. 102
Annual maintenance contract Of Medical Equipments. 118
Annual Maintenance contract of police station keezhvaipur. 112
Annual maintenance of epabx system . 168
Annual maintenance to carryout the repair/replacement works to engine, steering system, hydraulic system,. 197
Annual maintenance works of stage-ii mills like ball charging, cleaning of classifiers welding. 165
Annual Operation and Maintenance of 220 KV S/S , Sec-62, Noida under ETD-II, Noida. 125
Annual rate contract for floral arrangements 2015-16. 108
Annual Rate Contract for laying underground cable. 120
Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of RO Plants under various sub-stations under Mehsana TR Circle. 131
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of building works in center zone under sjmmsvy. 152
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of building works in east zone under sjmmsvy. 152
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of building works in north zone under sjmmsvy. 152
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of building works in south zone under sjmmsvy. 152
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of building works in west zone under sjmmsvy. 152
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of c.C. road (c.C. chareda) in center zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of c.C. road (c.C. chareda) in east zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of c.C. road (c.C. chareda) in north zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of c.C. road (c.C. chareda) in south zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of c.C. road (c.C. chareda) in west zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of canal / bridge works in center zone. 151
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of canal / bridge works in east zone under sjmmsvy. 150
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of canal / bridge works in north zone under sjmmsvy. 155
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of canal / bridge works in south zone under sjmmsvy. 151
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of canal / bridge works in west zone under sjmmsvy. 151
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of routin civil works in north zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual rate contract for strengtheing of routin civil works in south zone under sjmmsvy. 153
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation To Resdl And Non Resdl Accommodation For Soi Ibm It Ce Gsi And Mett Deptt At Jabalpur Mp. 109
Annual repair and maintenance of 11 kv lines/ lt system, street light, internal wiring of staff qtrs. office complex at koteshwar hep. 143
Annual Repair and maintenance of hospital, hostel and residential campus,. 124
Annual Repairs and Maintenance i/c day to day maintenance to T-IV Sanchar and T-II transit quarters at Dadar Mumbai-28 during 2015-2016. 115
Annual servicing of ac unit. 131
Annuity based contract for design, supply, installation of flow meters, motorised valves, integration in scada system, associated civil, mechanical & electrical works, commissioning and comprehensive. 237
Anti dust respirator mask venus v44 plus. 102
Anti static kit as per list attached.One set consists of four items. 111
Anti wear type hydraulic oil. 180
Antrepriza Works in Low and Medium Voltage Networks. 546
Anzac 100 years of mapping exhibit design services. 113
Ao - probes for treatment of varicose veins and provision of equipment and probes pacemaker extractors. Disease/Disorder overview 176
Aoh maintenance schedule sub kit aoh-2b of no-32 tap changer consisting. 143
Aoh replacement kit for single bottle vcb of m/s schneider electric type 22cb consisting of 15 items. 145
Apd for angle cock as per rdso drawing no. wd-80007-s-12a,. 121
Application service providers. 158
Appointment Of A Consignment Agent Cum Service Centre For Processing Flat Products- Hr Coils/Cr/Gp Coils In The State Of Haryana. 183
Appointment of Road Transport Contractor for Valley/Kupwara at Risk & Cost. 115
Appointment of station ticket booking sewak (stbs) at 27 e category stations over chakradharpur division. 110
Ar and m/o to lady hardinge medical collage. sh: - comprehensive maintenance of ro systems installed at lhmc under sub-division-iii. 122
Ar and mo for residential building for cpwd dhanbad sh internal finishing and roof treatment for qrts no h type 1 to 5 new and miscellaneous work. 126
Ar And Mo To Nuepa Campus New Delhi Dg 2014-15 Sh Cleaning Of Sewer Line. 106
Ar mo to cgo building east block 1 to 10 and trikoot 1 to 3, bhikaji cama place, new delhi during 2014-15 sh- internal finishing works. 128

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