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Articles from Mena Report (February 16, 2015)

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"Construction of 10 kV cable and cable 0.38 kV overhead line. 105
"Manufacture, supply and installation of dual line filter with changeover facility. 136
"strengthening of 66 kv karjan-sadhali line. 213
(B610-33) Swiss National Museum (SLM) Zurich, renovation of the east wing (C1a and C1b) and the west wing (C2). 371
- Construction of Compound Wall, Sheet roofing and Other Essential Renovation works in Model Residential School. 143
01345 The Provision of AV Equipment for SPSC Training & Conference Centre. 167
04 types of pu paints. 128
1) bevel gear for air motor assly tap changer. 157
1)non woven nylon in bell qty: 50 no 2. 162
1)polythene sheet qty: 100 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1.1/4 ball type isolating cock without vent as per rdso drg no.Skdp-2877 alt.4. 118
1.25 (1-1/4 ) angle cock with vent as per clw drg.No.0/2/65/386. 135
1.5 sq mm (red colour) multistranded annealed tin coated copper conductor. 161
10 amps hrc fuse links, knife type 80ka breaking capacity. 148
10 kva - 110v dc, sine wave onboard inverter with pwm technology and micro-controller igbt technology and digital display. (description enclosed). 122
10.57-1-RFQ72 Smarter Compliance Prototype. 107
100 amp. rated moulded case circuit breaker ( mccb ), ac, 415 v with rated breaking capacity 35 ka, four pole with switching neutral, fixed un adjustable time current characteristics conforming to is-. 403
128-BYM-2013 Bidirectional tram Prinsensgate. 127
14.5 km Road Rehabilitation at Umlass Canal. 105
16 amps, 7 pole, 2 way with off, 110 v / dc rotary switch to is 13947 part- iii similar. 160
1x28 watt t-5 indoor fl fittings complete with ballast t-5 tube. make: surya/ philips or similar. 128
2 tee assembly union as per drg.No: tpl-0044 alt. f style.2, line.8. to dlw part no:11289661. 124
2-Seater For Motor Coach -Rh For Ir Dmu Coaches. 178
20 amps, 2 pole, 10 ka c curve mcb similar to abb make model no. sh202m-c20. make : abb, l,siemens,l and t. 145
20 watt led street light luminarie with light source high power led lighting colour cct cool white cri and gt 70 , system lumens out put :1650 lumens, plus 5 percentag system efficiency and gt 65 lm /. 321
22kv grade 12.7/22kv uo/v 3 x 240 sq.Mm stranded compact circular aluminium conductor cable ,conductor screening with extruded semi concuting compound,xlpe insulated,inulation screened with extruded s. 165
232 diesel locomotives. 117
25 mm thick m. s. plate. assorted size- 25 mm x 1250 mm x 2500 mm matl. specn:-is 2062 e 250a fe410w cu. 112
3-1.5mm sq black, electron beam irradiated, multi core screened cable. 426
3-Seater For Motor Coach For Ir Dmu Coaches. 178
4 brake cylinder single air pressure gauge, self illuminated. 405
42 teeth drive gear water pump. 119
6.6 kv grade 3.8/6.6 kv/uo/u 3x240 sqmm stranded compact circular aluminum conductor ,conductor screening with extruded semi conducting,xlpe insulated insulation screened with extruded semiconducting. 167
600 mhz nmr spectrometer. 125
70 amps,3 pole power contactor similar to l andt make type mnx-70 cat.No.St-19002 with 2 no plus 2 nc auxiliary contactor. 414
7385 tumalo state park comprehensive archaeological testing. 106
8v,290ah starter battery suitable for mark iii tower car. 135
a range of engineering and survey work (for design purposes) at the facilities of the investment program and the grid connection Tagil Electric Networks, a branch of JSC "MRSC of Urals" - "Sverdlovene. 122
A set of electrical and hardware accessories. 113
A set of nylon washer for use at joint between flaxible hose and pipe. 126
A) delta plc no. 220v ac power supply main unit with dc sink source 16 input and output in model dvp 32es200r. b) communication cable for delta make plc. c) communication cable for eaton make plc. d). 197
A/R to Maintenance to general lighting at Kolabnagar colony, Damsite colony & Dhaudapadar colony for 2014-15. 116
A/R to Maintenance to general lighting at Kolabnagar colony, Damsite colony & Dhaudapadar colony for 2014-15. 110
A/R to Maintenance to general lighting at Kolabnagar colony, Damsite colony & Dhaudapadar colony for 2014-15. 103
Abidjan-Kaya-Tambao Railway Line. 234
Ac blower motor mvrf for dbr as per rdsos. 346
Ac cab fan 110v for locos. 286
Accommodation for Department staff in Adelaide. 125
ACCTIOM: Advanced Pylon Noise Reduction Design and Characterization through flight worthy PIV. 382
Acquiring Driven scheduling program for cleaning. 118
Acquisition of the right to maintain and upgrade the oracle technology and application licenses. 119
Acquisition of Workers~ Compensation to Harstad municipality. 120
Acrylic sheet. 109
Adapter for commode with eliptical bottom to icf drg no:icf/sk-6-3-234, col-ii alt.K/6. 139
Additional services complete control over the construction of the second (south) and reconstruction of the existing (northern) carriageway national roads d36 (zagreb street) in the city of sisak, from. 116
Additional works to new building of sarvodayam hss - thrikkur panchayath - construction of staff toilet. 130
Adsl splitter to separate telephone line and modem line make tp-link, d-link, i-ball, digisol or similar. 124
Adsl splitter to separate telephone line and modem line of tp-link, d-link, i-ball or digisol make. 123
Adult Migrant English Program - Provider Forum. 118
Adult pacing , defibrillation pads, mfg. schiller. 143
After cooler and clamp for elgi compressor type trc 1000 mn as per elgi pt. no. 000446110. 122
Agreement for the implementation of metrological verification of measuring current and voltage transformers at substations of JSC "MRSC of Urals" - "Chelyabenergo". 107
agreement to perform maintenance of fire extinguishers (fire hydrants, fire extinguishers) for the needs of "Magadanenergo" "Arkagalinskaya GRES. 112
Air brake hose coupling assembly for brake pipe,. 137
Air compressor oil servo press 100 rr of m/s. ioc for emd locos rdso mi no. mp.Mi-15 rev.-06 of may 2013. 168
Air compressor. 115
Air connection assly with connectors for reverser as per bhel drg no 35781530005. 111
Air filter element for holman air compressure. part no. 25100075-071. 111
Air filter panel type car body (oil bath) to dlw drg. no. tpl -0100 alt m or latest sheet 1 of 2. and tpl-0100 alt f or latest. sheet 2 of 2. rdso spec.Mp.O.2600 - 16 aug 2003 (rev 05). 430
Air outlet assy. for bhel tm type tm4303 by, bhel s drg.No. 14393180001 and catalogue no.480310002. 253
Allopathic Pharmaceuticals Unit at Mahesana. 112
Allotment of 2-BHK flat no-E-302. 104
Allotment of 2-BHK flat no-E-305 for residential purpose on rental basis for a period of three years. 104
Allotment of 2-BHK flat no-E-308. 104
Allotment of 2-BHK flat no-E-403 for residential purpose on rental basis for a period of three years. 104
Allotment of 2-BHK flat no-E-505 for residential purpose on rental basis for a period of three years. 104
Aluminium conductor galvanised steel wire reinforced conductor size in sq.Mm.50, al wire size in mm:6/3.35,steel wire in size mm:1/3.35. 169
Aluminium partition work. 129
Aluminium pipe out dia - 25 mm / 25.4 mm id-22 mm to is-2678/1987( reaftimed 2006). 258
Ame for petty improvement works for wiring light points. 147
AMO Child and Youth. 121
AMO TruckfE[sup.1]rer Training. 120
Anabond 115 for securing teflon band of tm tao659 or similar. 361
Analgesic spray descdiclofenac diethyl ammonium 1.16 percent equal. 165
Anexy trading and grass cutting Dismending of old plaster etc all complete job as per spedfication and directon of E/I. 157
Angle for longitudinal (at the end)(lh) of emu tr. coaches. 209
Angle for longitudinal (at the end)(rh) of emu tr. coaches. 209
Angle for tubular structure to drg.No. crw/sk-436, alt-1, item-1. 129
Angola : ANGOLAN PRESIDENT launches New Luena's Water Treatment Station. 123
Angola : CHINA built, ANGOLA's fastest rail line, starts running. 142
Angola : RECONSTRUCTION of ANGOLA's railway network cost over US$3.5B. 171
Ankle boot dms black leather rubber sole with fabric laces. 287
Annual contract for daily hired car. 144
Annual contract for drain cleaning job inside bgr plant. 141
Annual contract for redevelopment of bore well indda parks / green under hd vii/dda. 133
Annual labour contract for Data Punching & validation of reports and Printing of other reports of LT Billing under all S/Dn s of DIVISION, NO-1,NAGPUR. 161
Annual maintanance for providing water supply arrangements to tgp colony. 137
Annual Maintenance Contract for air conditioners (window & split), water coolers & refrigerators. 124
Annual Maintenance Contract for CHP Electrical and Other Miscellaneous Work at IGSTPP-Jharli, Jhajjar. 102
Annual maintenance contract For Providing Xerox Machine With Network Printer At Vizag Installation. 116
Annual Maintenance Contract for Station Lighting, Cabling and Other Miscellaneous work at IGSTPP-Jharli, Jhajjar. 104
Annual maintenance contract of air conditioners of bharatpur area for a period of one year. 126
Annual Maintenance Contract of Air Conditioners. 127
Annual maintenance contract of operation and maintenance of internal electrification. 167
Annual maintenance contract of operation of four no. lift installed. 173
Annual maintenance rate contract of stage-I & II for boiler pressure parts, rotary parts & its auxiliaries of unit. 121
Annual Repair & Maintenance Of Hand-Pumps. 167
Annual works contract for operation/ maintenance of 33/11KV Sub-station & cable laying in the Bhusawal Project. 133
Antineoplastic Agents (Oncology Program). 511
Aoh kit for am 12/ ir 01 / pan 01 pantograph.Items as per rdsos letter no.El/2.2.1 of dt 08.06.2007. 176
Appointed as Managing Agent for Flood Re. 101
Appointment of regular contractor for handling and transportation work of food grain stocks and allied materials at central warehouse, trichy. 154
Appointment of regular contractor for handling and transportation work of food grains and allied materials at central warehouse, jamnagar. 146
Approach road with pipe culvert and development of switchyard including land, construction of equipment foundations, cable trenchs and switchyard fencing with m.S. gate at uddhabpur 33/11 kv. sub-stat. 183
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 112
Argentina : YAMANA GOLD to start construction of Cerro Moro gold-silver project. 120
Arm rest assembly to dlw drg. no. 243 v 29321 and part no. 11011043. 423
ARP1425: sustainability of cognitive processing therapy (CPT) treatment for PTSD in VVCS. 121
Asbestos Waste in Australia: data, projections, issue. 111
Ash Handling Plant (Ahp) Civil Works Package At 1x500 Mw, Fgutpp, Raibareli Dist, Uttar Pradesh. 115
Ash handling plant-Annual Maintenance contract-2015-16. 115
Assembled pcb t t 970-2/13c. 117
Assembled pcb tt-970-2b a03 r05. 115
Assembly handle trip lever shaft ost. dlw part no. 10051960,. 114
Assessment of National Systems (Indonesia). 123
Assist with the delivery of Commemorative Grants Program. 113
Attukal pongala 2015 clearing side drain and allied works to mettukada model school road. 131
Attukal pongala festival 2015 clearing side drain and allied works to bakery punnan road and new theater road. 135
Augmementation of MWSS at Wadavatti Tanda in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District. 108
Augmentation of MWSS at Hanchinal Camp in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District. 108
Augmentation of MWSS at Wadavatti Camp in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District. 108
Augmentation of Piped Water Supply Scheme and 110 House hold connections to SC area at Alkur village in Raichur Taluka of Raichur District. 119
Augmentation of Piped Water Supply Scheme and 110 House hold connections to SC area at Chicksugur village in Raichur Taluka of Raichur District. 119
Augmentation of Piped Water Supply Scheme and 202 House hold connections to SC area at Deosugur village in Raichur Taluka of Raichur District. 119
Augmentation of Piped Water Supply Scheme at 84 HH Connections to SC area at Sagamkunta village in Raichur Taluka of Raichur District. 118
Augmentation of Piped Water Supply Scheme to Sarjapur village in Lingasugur Taluka of Raichur District. 111
Augmentation of PWSS at Gavighat village in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District. 108
Augmentation of PWSS at S. Ramaldinni village in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District.,. 109
Australia : $3 Million boost received by Hobart airport. 162
Australia : Investment in the Territory s future. 233
Australia : JV inked by EPF in logistics. 324
Australia : JV inked by EPF with Goodman. 321
Australia : SANTOS $1.6 billion hit from oil slide. 202
Australia : SIXTH printer in two years purchased by Shergill. 309
Australia : STEADFAST signs acquisition deal with QBE, will also buy IC FRITH. 308
Australian Freight Rail Policy Report. 107
Auto cad lt2014-standalone - 1 no 3 user . 147
Aux. cam switch complete for smgr as per aal item no.M713 drg. 187
Auxiliary switch assly for ctf, j and mp to clw drg. no.4 twd.101.138 alt-6. 115
Axle box pivot bush to alstom drg. no.1247488, alt. no.- a or latest to be read with tech specn no.17.359 100 03,tech specn no.17.617 10002 and mdts-148 rev.01 or latest,mdts-122 rev.03 or latest. 183
Axle end high tensile steel cap screw size 1 dia- 8 unc - 2a x 2 5/8. 173
Azerbaijan,Belarus,Germany : BELARUS settled deals with AZERBAIJAN to make global promotion of its tractors. 202
Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan : AZERBAIJAN raises cooperation in culture and tourism with TURKMENISTAN. 153
B complex 10ml inj vit b complex containing not less than b1 25 mg ribo-1 mg nicotinamide 50 mg cal pantothol 15mg per ml of 10ml inj. 116
B/D maintenance & our door cable jointing of 15 no. 6.6 KV O/H line from 132 KV S/S to G.T. Gopalichak S/S. 108
B820/103 s/a, c/case liner and brg.Cap side water rail, cam bush, stud. 115
Bag canvas flax size 1143 mm x 228.6 mm widewhen. 166
Bag canvas jute size 533.4 mm long x 107.95mm widewhen folded. 172
Bahrain,Jordan,United States : BAHRAIN sends troops to support regional ally JORDAN. 104
Balance work for construction of academic building for chopra college, p.S.Chopra, district of uttar dinajpur. 136
Balance Work Of Cmgsy Gravel Road Jhal Pipli To Borpani With Road Furniture Work. 135
Balance Works Of electrical installation And Fans. 102
Bangladesh - Brick Kiln Efficiency Project. 115
Bangladesh : BEZA all prepared to improve services for investors. 292
Bangladesh,Saudi Arabia : BANGLADESH to buy 1.3 million tonnes of crude oil petroleum from SAUDI ARABIA, UAE. 228
Bank protection work to rangamati and nagar gopalganj village area on the right bank of river dharala. 157
Barrel for irsa-600 type slack adjuster to rdso drg no.Wd-82064-s-02-rc,alt.No.7 item no.3. and conforming to rdso specification no.07-abr-1992, read with all amend.Latest amend.No.4 of july 2000 (saf. 138
Barrow handle luggage platform 2 wheeled rubber type d305mm x 50mm x 25mm bronze bush size 1105mm flat 1005mm slope x 610mm wide. 121
Basic social services network in the Central Region III (ZEikladnE[degrees] sE[degrees]t sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb ve Stredoceskem kraji III). 411
Battery connection bolt assembly. 237
Battery for 500/600 va ups. make: exide/sony/panasonic. 114
Battery for ups, make: luminus/okaya/quanta, one set consisting. 128
Battery of capacity 2300mah for motorola vhf set gp 328 7.2/7.4v. 131
Battery pack 7.4 volt 2000 mah for vertex make vhf set model vx 160 e. 254
Bearing ce for suspension tube to emd part no. 40083493 and dlw part no. 17400053. 439
Belize: Municipal Development. 354
Belt skimmer 1st for use of e.T.P. plant size -300 width,. 126
Berth reading light fitting for longitudinal berth (lhs). 401
Betamethasone valerate 0.12 percent clioquinol 3 percent w/w 20 gm ointment, mfg: - cipla, gsk, msd. 163
Bharat cutting gas of m/s bharat petroleum corporation. 101
Bhushing flange 3 inch odx5-3/16 inch, emd pt.No.4007704,dlw pt.No.17160522. 192
Bid documents for construction work of cement concrete trimix road at various area of nagar seva sadan. 184
Bipin lamp holder conforming to is 3323/80 with amdt.No.1. 232
Bituminous surface repairing work of sarisha-noorpur road in different stretches at 1.20 k.M. to 2.80 k.M., 4.25 k.M. to 4.80 k.M. 5.20 k.M. to 5.90 k.M. under diamond harbour division, p.W.D., during. 186
Black cartridge for inkjet printer. 136
Block paving work at various places of nagarpalika area. 172
Board teak wood distribution, rectangular polished t.W. plank size. 321
Body bolster complete. 222
Body pillar back piece. 181
Body recovery bags. 104
Bogie frame assembly with air spring in secondry suspension for double decker lhb coaches. 140
Bolster liner casnub 22w to rdso drg. no.Sk-77578, item-2 alt 5 . 113
Bolt Hex Head Mild Steel Black Round Body With Hex Nut. 183
Bolt hex. head m 24 x 150 x 60 thd length dlw drg. no. tpl - 5491 sheet 1 of 2 item no. 23 alt. a b. 164
Bolted design silent block (injection moulded)for anchor link drg no cg-k6124 alt-3 type. 167
Book ruled one quire 48 laeves 60 gsm paper. 125
Borrowing for Salangen municipality. 156
Botswana : WUC shifts Kubung Reservoir's Overflow Pipes to low lying area. 163
Bottle, regent narrow mouth, with interchangeable flat head solid stopper made from corning glass, plain colour capacity 1000ml. 116
Bottom commr.Cover assy. for bhel tm type tm4303by, bhel s drg. no. 24391728001 and catalogue no. 428170003. 253
Bottom cover complete centre pivot arrangement,. 118
Box type fl energy efficient fluorescent tube light fitting,. 218
Brake beam complete (without bush) dimension 1752mm (distance between two holes of dia 14mm should. 156
Brake equalizer (bottom) clw drg.No.01/4/19/21/p-232/027 alt-10, with grey paint. 125
Brake gear arrgt. for wap1-p4 locos in set, one consists of all items. 337
Brake head (l.H and rh) for bogie mounted brake cylinder coaches. 170
Brake head emu for tc as per drg no: emu-3-1-004 alt m / 2 item no : 1 to 4. 227
Brake shoe key to drg no: scr/dsl/bg 0002/b alt 4. 114
Brazil,Norway : STATKRAFT to be legal age owner of DESENVIX. 149
Brazil,Norway : STATKRAFT to raise stake in BRAZILIAN renewable power producer firm DESENVIX. 152
Brazil: Second Bolsa FamE[degrees]lia. 358
Brazil: Sustainable Cerrado Initiative. 320
Breather valve assembly for compressor. elgi rr-80101, elgi part no. a070503. 112
Bridesmaids ( eny sobe). 535
Brush holder assembly lh along with insulating rod cgm-206402 01 or similar. 110
Brush paint and varnish flat to size 63mm to is: 384 and bristle to is:1844/75 or latest. 114
Build a 6?97 km section of the Doha metro Red Line. 147
Build a Derrick Equipment Set ( DES ) complete with full drilling equipment,. 233
Build a new cricket clubhouse. 171
Bulgaria,Romania,United Kingdom : EU Commission announces sanction for EUR 216 M Program on Romania/Bulgaria's Border Regions. 106
Bulk Drugs (Chicksugur) Project. 109
Bush (bronze) drg. no. tpl-0383 sheet 6 of 10 alt -(d) nr alt 2. 225
Bush polymide for draw buff gear to schaku coupler drg.No.40-586-06-4. 123
Bush upper escorts drg. no. 40-524-07-3 (4) alt: na or similar. 122
Bushing valve lever for wdm2 and ydm4 locos to dlw drg no- 15c 74003-1 alt-e and dlw part no- 10150110. 109
Buy VA / plumbing materials and street goods (cast iron. 126
C-2-n feed valve rubber kit consisting of 14 items sil no. 29294701. 101
C.R. to ramnagar quarters (cleaning the campus). 175
Cable Assembly Power Electrical 2M AND 25M. 115
Cable connection cover dlw drg no. del-21/9 alt r11 or latest. 293
Cable fault maintenance works trenching back filling works of external plant telephone network. 104
Cable pvc insulated heavy duty armoured unscreened power cable 2 core x 70 sq mm. 151
Cam assembly for ep contactor of conventional locomotives. 136
Cam for auxiliary switch for lc and c145. 122
Campbell Woods Subd Area Road and Drainage Improvements. 112
Canada : BROWNING-resistant apples developed by Canadian company. 257
Canada,Qatar : EDUCATOR to teach in QATAR. 420
Canberra accommodation Australia Awards Fellowship Program. 111
Canon 810 black ink cartridge or similar for canon mx328 all in one printer. 126
Canon pg 40 black cartridges or similar. 119
Cap assembly gear case vent to emd pt.No.40058896. 125
Cap inositol plus vit b6 plus chromium polynicotinate plus zinc sulph. plus alpha lipoic acid plus. 104
Capacitor for fan motor of memu coaches. rating:-5muef, - 5 percent , 50/60 hz, 440v is-2993/1998. make:-sunny or similar. 121
Carbon brush for main compressor motor (d.C)grade,eg 236s. 362
Carbon brush set make: bosch part no.2 610 391 290 suitable for bosch make drilling machine to model no.Gbm 13 re. 115
Carrying Out Crz Study For Obtaining Environmental Clearance From Moef For Nk Block Ii And Nk Block Ii Ee Estimated Cost Is Rs4.35 Lacs +Service Taxes. 105
Carrying out safe stage work to munavani (valkunda) village tank. 174
Carrying out the Magnetic particle test and Ultrasonic test (MPT and UT) on the dismantled. 124
Carrying out time bound programme for up keeping, routine and break down maintenance works in the AC system. 389
Case management role ( People Services). 102
Cd r dvd rw laserjet printer inkjet printer. 127
Cement capsule. 118
Center For Educational Opportunity A/C Upgrades/Renovations. 118
Central African Republic: Central African Republic: EFA-FTI Catalytic Fund Preparation. 258
Cfl lamp 65 watt ecolux 65w-40 suitable for 220 volt,b-22, 4200 lumen,4u pin type. 143
Cfl lamp 65 watt, pin type, suitable for 230 volt,50hz single phase. make bajaj,philips,cromption greaves. 206
Cfl lamp 85 watt 4200 lumen 4u, pin type,suitable for 220 volt,b-22 holder,50hz. 143
Channel support size 2556 x 60 x 30 x 2 mm. crw-sk/88. 127
China : 20% of US insurer to extend portfolio purchased by Fosun. 188
China : ALIBABA acquires stake in MEIZU. 157
China : ONEPLUS to branch out on its own, introduces developer team. 132
China,Latvia,Malaysia,Turkmenistan : TURKMENISTAN AIRLINES landed in KUALA LUMPUR & RIGA with inaugural flights. 278
China,Nigeria,South Africa : NIGERIA signed MoU with TBEA CO LTD, CHINA, to develop power infrastructure on a fast-track basis. 303
China: ShiZheng Railway Project. 316
China: Xi~an Sustainable Urban Transport Project. 291
Cleaning & Housekeeping Of Passenger Hall, Toilet Block And Its Surrounding Area. 153
Cleaning and renovation of septic tank of old b type qtrs. 132
Cleaning of avery and newton road weigh bridges. 130
Cleaning of passages of all the floors, roads, parking area, basement, terrace, balconies, toilet block, staircase, duct and gutter of udhyog bhavan building and compound. 201
Cleaning of pond after diversion of sewer drain at ganganagar under rsa (csr) 1st re-tender. 138
Cleaning of pond after diversion of sewer drain. 112
Cleaning of water tanks and replacement of rain water pipe lines. 156
Cleaning Removing Earth, Coal Stone, Coal Silt, Heaps, Coal Dust, Sludge, Liquid Mud. 160
Cloth cotton cellular dark grey for shirting 81/84 cms wide pre shrunk. 160
Cloth cotton drill dark grey 142 cms wide to is 177/1989 (4 revision). 142
Cloth cotton drill sanforised pre shrunk smoke grey 142 cms width to is: 177/89. 146
Cloth cotton hand loom light blue. 152
Cloth handloom polyester cotton orange 88/91 cm wide for shirting blended 67:33 in length. 191
Cloth handloom polyster cotton sky-blue,88/91 cms width for shirting blended 67:33, to is:11815/86 reaffirmed 1997. 163
Cloth hlpc blend suiting colour dark blue 138 cms. 163
Cloth hlpc oxford blue 138 cms width for suiting blended 67:33. 152
Cloth silicon carbide grit 24 iss 715. 108
Cloth terrycot light blue for blouse 81 cms width to match the saree 6. 149
Clutch sleeve for slack adjuster type irsa 600 to rdsos drg no.Wd-82064-s-03-rc, alt-7 item-4.And conforming to rdso specification no.07-abr-1992, read with allamend latest amend no.4 of july 2000 (sa. 135
Co2 carbon di oxide gas 99 percent pure as per is:307/1966. 106
Co2 gas carbon di oxide gas is:307/1966 rev-11. 108
Coconut brooms with wooden plugo nominal length 800mm, weight 500 gram min without wooden plug size of wooden plug. 199
Collar for adjusting tube for brake cylinder type jsl to drg no.Tr/rs/emu 1210. (safety item). 117
Collection of GPS coordinates of VHND/Session Site. 151
Colombia: Solid Waste Management Program Project. 228
Comact fluorescent light fitting single with dc ballast and fluorescent tube. 125
Commissioning of Web-Based Data Collection Application. 118
Commod fixing screw csk head with plain washer and hex nut. 179
Compact indicating lamp assembly with ba 9 s filament 230 v ac / dc. 136
Compensating beam for wdg3a locos. 156
Complete Overhauling of 5 (five) nos. EOT cranes of various capacities. 133
Complete renovation i.e. Furnishing electrical and data cabling work. 105
Complete supervision of construction works and works on the transfer of installations for the section of the state road d120 -obilaznica settlement polace (mljet), length approx. 2 km. 107
Complete wick axle lubricator assembly with carrier. 135
Composite stay arm insulator(long creepage)1050 mm cd. spec.No.Ti/spc/ohe/inscom/1070.(1/07). 125

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