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Articles from Mena Report (February 12, 2015)

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"construction of reinforced soil wall system with gabion facia along sabarmati river in gift". 145
"Delivery by buying technical equipment for marking - chalk and spray needed for logging tp" dgs sandanski ". 175
"John cakstes boulevard and lielupes the right bank of the promenade area maintenance, jelgava". 109
"supply of natural gas for heating needs of the hospital" prof.. dr. paraskev stoyanov "ad in the building on the street." syjko saev "? 27, lovech.". 145
"work conversion of dog to panther conductor of 66kv barejadi-vehlal-kanbha line under buy-back under nadiad tr circle". 156
(- High quality motor gasoline A-95 Euro type and class A according to ISO 4839: 2007 (fuel cards) (code 19.20.21-00.00) - High quality diesel fuel (Euro) brand and type C according to ISO 4840: 2007. 164
(a) 1:12 cms xing 52 kg rail for 60 kg psc sleeper. 167
(a) 10125 mm over-riding curved switch for 1:12 turnout bg. 175
(a) 6.2 mm thick composite grooved rubber sole plate. 174
(a) galvanized plate screws (for use with dowels) as per rdso drawing no. rdso-t-3911 (b) galvanized plate screws (for use with dowels) as per rdso drawing no. rdso-t-3912 (c) galvanized plate screws. 165
(a) glued insulated rail joint with 10 mm thick end post for b.G. 52 kg. g-3 (l) type as per rdso drawing no. rdso-t-5361 (b) glued insulated rail joint with 10 mm thick end post for b.G. 60 kg. g-3 (. 178
(a) ms clip for steel channel sleeper as per rdso drg. no. t-5197 (b) ms clip for steel channel sleeper as per rdso drg. no. t-5198 (c) t head bolt with nut for steel channel sleeper as per rdso drg. 163
(a) one metre long spl. fish plate with 6 holes (for 52 kg.) rail as per rdso drawing no. t-5915 (b) one metre long spl. fish plate with 6 holes (for 60 kg.) rail as per rdso drawing no. t-5916 . (c). 177
(a) single coil spring washer to suit 25mm dia bolt - plate screw as per rdso drawing no. rdso-t-10773 (b) double coil spring washer as per rdso drawing no. edo-t-1214. 161
(a) supply of c.I distance bracket for 52kg check rail. 177
03441 - reconstruction of the street. pulaski from the street. kosciuszko to malachowski in wroclaw. 112
1 moei and fans at income tax office at thrissur s h wiring for acs and computers 2 c o semipermanent 2nos academic block 1no administrative block etc for amu at chelamala perinthalmanna . s h supplyi. 120
1 rmo ac plant at mausam bhawan lodhi road new delhi 2 rmo ac plant at insat bldg mausam bhawan lodhi road new delhi sh servicing and maintenance of split wtac unit and attending day to day complaints. 111
1 v-belt c-108, 2 v-belt c-140 3 v-belt c-185 4 fhp-2549 5. 150
1) repair renovation of drain at selected samla railway siding 2) renovation of community shed near lotonchandi sthan under khottadih colliery. 108
1. Students should be able to use Percussion instruments in music-playing. 2. Students should be able to know what the different percussion instruments are and be able to work in teams to produce musi. 109
1.1/4 x26 air brakehose coupling for feed pipe drg.No.Rdso- wd- 81027-s-01 alt-10 or latest. 130
1.Arrangement of 20 nos.Survey pillars at different place of Damagoria Colliery under C.V. Area. 149
1/2 inch nb seamless steel pipe. 284
1/2 inch sq.Drive quick release pear head ratchet overall length. 195
10 mm 500 w impact drill machine with following specifications. 1.Rated power input : 500 w. 2.No-load speed : 2600 rpm. 3.Power output : 250 w. 4.Weight without cable : 105 kgs. 5.Rated speed : 0-161. 186
110 degree c eva elastomeric flexible power cable. 226
110v ac 225mm, sweep bracket type railway carriage fan. 127
110v ac 300mm fixed type sweep with light weight aluminium body die cast motor body ms deep drawn fan. 189
12 inch dia heavy duty wire brush for floor scrubbing machine modle sc standard del star. 257
13/0087 Adventurous Activities. 207
15 watt rms 25 watt max 8 ohm impedance horn type speaker of reputed make ahuja, mega, alpha or similar. 408
15784 Fish food products. 122
2.2 to 3.1 over load relay cum single phase prevent for blower motor, condenser motor. make:- cat no.Mc318an, a3t, st.Ac16 of bch or similar in siemens/l and t. note:- 1 authorized dealership certific. 119
2015 Administrative information network equipment maintenance services. 107
2015 administrative information system integrated maintenance services (emergency). 113
2015 bicycle facilities management services (2 zones). 104
2015 bituminous concrete paving & milling. 130
2015 building (facility) management trust services Bidding. 121
2015 capital improvement projects conducted small-scale facility design services. 110
2015 first quarter reagents, glassware bulk purchases. 104
2015 Gwangju Dongbu Fire catering services workers. 107
2015 Gwangyang repair electrical installations reinforcing work conduct design services. 113
2015 Incheon Sung Dong School Cleaning Services. 110
2015 school year hoehyeon Middle school bus rental services. 119
2015 school year, dioxane kindergarten school bus rental services. 114
2015 school year, elementary school bus rental services Bunch small number of estimates notice. 103
2015 school year, elementary school bus rental services Guangzhou Huating small number of estimates notice. 123
2015 school year, elementary school bus rental services myeongdeok Quote of the small number of advertisements (Urgent). 115
2015 school year, elementary school bus rental services Okpo small number of estimates notice. 106
2015 school year, first semester of school meals remain incense products (livestock) Purchase advertisements. 105
2015 school year, first semester of school meals remain incense products (seafood) Purchase advertisements. 102
2015 school year, kindergarten school bus rental services juxtaposition within a few seconds a small number of estimates notice. 133
2015 school year, middle school last week deokil duty manned security, defense Quote guidance of a small number of advertisements. 120
2015 school year, middle school meals vaccines goods (commodities) 3-5 month purchase order. 121
2015 school year, personnel security, defense veterinary Quote Information Notice. 119
2015 school year, school bus rental services Alpine High School. 118
2015 school year, school cleaning services Howon Quote guidance of a small number of advertisements (emergency notification). 113
2015 school year, school personnel security, defense, etc. Guangzhou diversion veterinary Quote Information Notice. 121
2015 school year, Ulsan energy and Service Contract Foodservice and third grade (joseoksik, weekend) Bidding. 101
2015 security, maintenance work (Zone 1). 101
2015 standard records management systems maintenance services. 107
2015 street light facility maintenance construction (annual price). 104
2015 street light maintenance facility construction (annual price). 116
2015 year of high school guidance Quote Kimje independent duty manned security, defense small number. 127
2015. Cleaning / personnel security, defense Bidding. 124
21 vs kriegshaber tile work. 170
22 vs kriegshaber cavity floor. 134
241_15 frozen foods. 340
241_15 frozen foods. 380
25 kv drop out fuse switch assembly. 128
25 mm dia bolts nut for point crossing as per drg. no. given, conforming to irs specification no. t-23-67 corrigendum no. 05 of oct 87. 177
3 / stl / 2015 - supply of spare parts for aircraft c-295m, m28b / pt glass cockpit avionics and material resources and high altitude rescue equipment. 288
300x230x25 mm thick elastomeric rubber pad for channel sleeper. 167
4 3/4 digit true rms. ac/dc digital multimeter. 273
415volt,50hz,3 pole,38amps,ac 3 duty,oprating coil voltage 110volt dc77-137,power contactor. 122
5 star rated gross 321 litres / net 302 litres capacity refrigerator make:model no.Rt33fajfalx or model no.Rt33fjfalx or model no.Rt33fjfaly in samsung or similar in lg note:-1 product guaranteed for. 116
52 kv 2000 amp oilp condencer bushing for 21.6 mva 132/27.5 kv tractin transformer. 101
6 mm. collet carbide burr kit set of 5 pcs. tungesten 50 percent and carnon 50 percent make : chicago/fuji/bosch. 123
60 kva transformer 7. 182
62.5 kva vijaya power genset model vta - 62.5 developing 80 bhp water cooled volvo-eicher engine coupled to 62.5 kva lero somer alternator, 3 phase, 415v, 1500 rpm, 50 hz with amf control panel and cp. 408
80w led highbay luminaire in die cast aluminium housing. 174
A r and mo to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2014 15 sh attending day to day complaints of plumbing works section i. 101
A set of spares for esmon speedometer. 191
A set of spares required for the abb- tpr61 turbo air duct assembly pt. no: 800400 consisting of 8 items. 1 air outlet duct 01 no. 2 gasket top 01 no. 3 hex screw m12x55 08 nos. 4 hex. screw m12x35 08. 170
A set of spares required for the abb-tpr-61 turbo lube oil connection system to abb part no.800300.1 lube oil inlet connection piece 01 no. 2 lube oil outlet connection piece 01 no. 3 gasket for oil o. 193
A- repairing and servicing of lift ups and replacement of defective parts etc. 104
A/r and m/o to 62 nos. residential accomodation and staff quarters at ddk, jaipur. sh:- repairing the ceiling plaster in qtr. no. 12/88 and 12/116 i/c roof grading, pvc water tanks, providing doors, r. 126
A/r and m/o to 88 nos. new type iv quarters, in nav jivan -1 and 2, sector v, central government housing at kane nagar, mumbai during 2014-2015 sh : miscellaneous works. 103
A/r and m/o to indira gandhi stadium complex, new delhi 2014-15 sh: replacement of old and non functioning w.C sensor in ladies toilet at i.G.S complex, new delhi. 110
A890 Stromeferry Rockworks Phase 8. 146
Ac cyclonic filter dust colctor motor and blower right side with built in inverter. 148
Ac cyclonic filter dust collector motor and blower left side with built in inverter for rdso specification no.Mp. rev.01 july 2008 or latest. note : this item is restricted to dlw approved s. 166
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 278
Accounting and auditing services. 201
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 114
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 214
Achieving design contract for the construction of 28 housing. 144
Acid 1-2 Lee (Route 73 islands) Check paving (long-term continued). 116
Acquisition and support of a timing synchronization system. 119
Acquisition of laboratory equipment and related services - stack - modernization zf ju. 111
Acquisition of medical surgical equipment for the three districts of area health ixil. 113
Acquisition of network equipment. 120
Acquisition of original manufacturer spare parts for the repair of community vehicles and machines - 2015 - 2016- renewable in 2017-2018. 201
Acquisition of railroad property Review Appraisal. 364
Acquisition of things and personal insurance to Hadeland and Ringerike Avfallsselskap AS. 115
Acquisition of things and personal insurance to Valdresmusea AS. 111
Acquisition of Two Oncology Drugs. 109
Acquisition or rental of ph analyzers and gas with it solutions, maintenance and supply of reagents and consumables. 152
Acrylic reflector complete drg. no. 7-2001-c andw-kpa. 410
Activator - loctite product no.7075 (1 bottle-100 ml). 133
Adb assisted pmgsy package no.Or-02-adb-53-t-ii (pwd road to jamalapur road and rd road at pariharipur chhak to gholei road) in the district of balasore. 106
Adb assisted pmgsy package no.Or-02-adb-58-t-ii (pwd road to balimunduli road and oupada to dhimpur road) in the district of balasore. 102
Adb assisted pmgsy package no.Or-02-adb-93-t-iii (chakradharpur (rd road) to krushnadaspur soro kupari pwd road to arjunpur) in the district of balasore. 103
Adding and editing infrastructure management system of urban traffic. 198
Addition and alteration to building no cc-235 ( central hall) at awc under ge(awc) mhow. 102
Additional alteration & construction of workshop & theory room for industrial training institute at uttarsanda (dist. kheda). 133
Additional work on the construction of a kindergarten in omi alj. 274
Addn/alt to bldg. 112
Adhesive - loctite product no.324 (1 bottle- 50 ml). (1 bottle-50 ml). 136
Administration, defence and social security services. 136
Advanced Test Rig for Demonstration of Novel Electrolysis Process. 421
Advanced wound care including topical negative pressure therapy products. 284
Advertising and marketing services. 209
Advertising and marketing services. 238
Advertising campaign services. 119
Advertising management services. 119
Advice and assistance about using qualiware ministry of the environment. 230
Advisory Services for Project-P153865. 110
Affixing of sim co led light 60 watt (model sl.S60) in the street light. 112
Affixing sim co led light 60 watt (model sl.S60) in the street light pos. 113
Affixing sim co led light 60 watt (model sl.S60) in the street light. 109
Africa: West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program APL (WAAPP-1B). 275
Agion guaranteed loan to finance transformation of block d, degradation of the blocks a and e, replacement construction of the blocks h and m on campus vti aalst. 159
Aids to navigation equipment goods (charge-discharge control) Purchase. 101
Air craft grey full gloss enamel. 152
Air drying insulating varnish. 200
Air flow measuring valve. 282
Air intake strainer with bend (lg 3cdb, kcw-523). 197
Air- conditioning equipment. 162
All in one desktop. 135
All in one laser printer. 101
All- inclusive comprehensive maintenance for openwell monoblock pump sets & submersible motar pump sets. 171
Allotment of Sanitation Contract and equipment such as:Ride-on Scrubber Dryer ,Heavy Duty Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer,Retriever with steel rope (100 mtrs.)Single Disc Scrubber at SKIMS, Soura. 118
Alterations corner building, restorations facades and roofs, renovation and restoration of the outside stairs whole. 116
Alterations to the chemistry centre to adapt to the hazardous substances ordinance and improving job security. 135
Alternate Route Gyeryong bypass (Operations - Duma) construction environmental impact assessment services. 121
Alternative and complementary procurement "network technology" for the management network cn lavine in mecklenburg-vorpommern. 265
Aluminium non tilt table telescopic ladder of m/s.Alba model no.0104 or its equivalent. technical details: extra heavy duty section -66.6mm x 31.75mm x 3mm. steps-aluminium round pipe of 25.5mm at a d. 175
Aluminium top fixing profile for luggage rack module. 180
Aluminium trolley step ladder 180 cm. 190
Aluminum and glass facade - feldkirch state hospital - surgical clip south / intensive monitoring. 112
Amc of small epabx make karel ds-200,128 lines 4 voice card with operator consol as per tender documents. 101
AMO courses Caretaker NAV in region Kristiansand. 376
Anabond-669r (rtv silicon sealant) or similar. 182
Analog device with x-ray digitalisation option - rtg for health zagreb - east. 113
Analog megger,1000 volts,range upto 10000 mega ohm. 252
Analysis and comparative review of equality data collection practices. 139
Analytical equipment and sample transport to the chemical laboratory. 138
Ancillary services such as drugstore and beauty center, within the service areas in the exhibition site of expo milano 2015. 124
And security establishment. Demolished. Replacement (annual price). 103
Angat Water Transmission Improvement Project. 104
Angola : LUANDA: Governor committed to develop more social infrastructure such as schools & hospitals. 141
Animal products, meat and meat products. 125
Annual contract for day to day maintenance of electrical complaints and repair of telephone faults at hotel janpath new delhi-110001. 127
Annual contract for gasoline and diesel services. 218
Annual contract for horticultural works at vn colony and ho for the year 2015-16. 150
Annual contract for work of loading, unloading, stacking of any material any store nadiad,. 154
Annual facility management services in NDMC Barat Ghars at Laxmi Bai Nagar, Lodhi Colony, Kaka Nagar and Khan Market (work-2). 112
Annual facility management services in NDMC Barat Ghars at Moti Bagh, Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Mandir Marg (work-1). 110
Annual Gas Safety Inspections and Certification. 102
Annual maintenance Contract for various work of Repair, Replacement, Alignment & Re assembly of various equipments of 33/11 KV Sub stations of Manchar Division under Maintenance scheme. 111
Annual rate contract (arc) for dismantling, loading, unloading, transportation , dragging, erection, testing & commissioning of 66kv class (66/11 or 66/22kv) power transformers up to 20 mva at various. 175
Annual Rate Contract for erection of HT/LT Lines & T/Cs under SAMA Sub division. 102
Annual rate contract for fabrication of decks to be manufactured as per drawings. 103
Annual Rate contract for Repairing, Testing, Recalibration and Tuning of different defective Electronic cards/modules of Analog control system, Annunciation system, FSSS and SADC system of all three u. 117
Annual Rate Contract for round the clock surveillance of Ash Slurry Pipe. 118
Annual rate contract for supply and maintenance contract for tray garden for hotel janpath new delhi. 104
Annual unit rate contract for repairing and maintenance work of water line in northzone area. 145
Anti roll bar to alstom drawing no. 1267519, ver-01. material specification as per drawing . 115
Antineoplastic agents for hospital pharmacy n st. svorad zobor, n. o. 116
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents. 329
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents. 164
Antiseptics and disinfectants. 154
Antiseptics and disinfectants. 144
Aoh kit for panesar compressor model no. pel-1000 presently. 110
Aoh replacement kit 4300007100/30 for single bottle vcb of m/s. aal type vcba -25.10 tr.1kit of filter catridgepart no.Sg-300140-r 0001--1 set.1.1filter element 40 m - pt. no.4300014000----1 no.1.2 o. 165
Aoh replacement kit for single bottle vcb of m/s. schneider type 22 cb consists of 15 items as per part no.5510740.Aoh replacement kit for single bottle vcb of m/s. schneider type 22 cb consists of 15. 181
Appointment of technical consultants for assisting in detailed data collection etc for municipal council tasgaon. dist sangli. 103
Appointment of technical consultants for assisting in detailed data collectionetc. 107
Aprons alliance, exchange of traffic capacity development (vlk). 340
Ar and mo to gpoa shastri bhavan chennai during 14 15 sh supply of material for day to day maintenance work for upkeeping of toilets and common areas for 12 months. 106
Ar and mo to gpoa shastri bhavan chennai during 2014 15 sh providing and fixing aluminium partitions at a b c and d wings of shastri bhavan and miscellaneous works in electrical sub division and divis. 111
Ar mo to cgo building east block 1 to 10 r.K. puram new delhi during 2014-15sh- repair of abendent under ground water tank of entry gate in front of east block no. 7. 104
Ar mo to various type of qtrs. at sector-1 r.K. puram new delhi during 2014-15 sh- disposal of malba of different agency and different places at sector-1 r.K. puram. 101
Ar mo to various type of qtrs. at sector-2 r.K. puram new delhi during 2014-15 sh- disposal of malba of different agency and different places at sector-2 r.K. puram. 101
Arc for water washing of porcelain insulators string for various 400kv/ 220kv/132kv/66kv lines under gotri/ koyali dn under jambuva circle. 163
Architectural and Design Services for Forth Valley College, New Falkirk Campus. 460
Architectural and engineering services as general planner for basic and preliminary planning. 202
Architectural and related services. 293
Architectural and related services. 263
Architectural design and face lifting for external portion of tsgenco guest house at tsgenco housing colony, old paloncha. 114
Architectural Services for New Water Maintenance Facility. 143
Architectural Services for Police Station. 149
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 130
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 111
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 133
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 256
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 204
Armature spring to bhel drawing no. 35815030033p1. 110
Armature spring to bhel drawing no.35815030036p1. 109
Armoured gasket to drg no:dlw pt no 11325630 alt. m item -2 pt no 11325744. 110
Arno starting resistance (r-118) made of for medstainless steel (aisi-304) grids. 103
Arrangement of sewer man and cleaning of sewerline of quarters. 115
Asbestos gasket , 60 x 30 x 5000 mm. drg./ specn no.- is: 4687 asbestos gr.- 1. 141
Asbestos removal and demolition of buildings in phase 1 demolition of the old school of application. 174
Assistance mission and external control. 440
Assistance to the implementation of territorial construction supervision in connection with the design, construction, outfitting and testing research. 143
Assistance, advice and expertise in the areas of technical and financial operation of regional rail services provence-alpes-c?te d~azur. 242
Assorted sales as per no.310526049704 (consisting of 18 nos. in one set. make/brand-aic/ssa/fmc. 158
Atlas trolley wheel with bush bearing in size 12 x 3 x 1-1/2. 267
Atlassian product licenses for the sale and administration and development activities. 173
Audit activities and the performance of tax advisory services to financial statements due diligence framework agreement. 366
Augmentation of power supply system in epfo regional office campus at chennai by converting existing seven numbers lt service connections in to single ht connection electrical and civil works. 101
Australia : 500,000 Australians face being removed from Do Not Call Register due to Labor playing politics. 500
Australia : Australia pacific LNG's first gas reaches curtis Island. 229
Australia : Australian Government continues to work with communities to resolve wind farm concerns. 355
Australia : Clarification of future wind farm research funding. 227
Australia : Doors open at one-stop-shop for job seekers. 270
Australia : Economy recovering as unemployment rate falls. 173
Australia : ENT gets ASX trading halt to reach Sale And Joint Venture Contract. 127
Australia : Government tightens rules on foreign purchases of agricultural land. 355
Australia : Improved health outcomes and healthier lifestyles the priority. 440
Australia : Independent report supports decision to limit appeal rights for important projects. 392
Australia : JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP wins multi-year engineering services contract from CONOCOPHILLIPS. 233
Australia : JUNE 2015 : HIBISCUS PETROLEUM's unit to drill exploration well in VIC/P57 offshore AUSTRALIA. 151
Australia : Leading medical researcher to head the NHMRC. 158
Australia : Liebherr mobile harbour crane quartet for Katoen Natie. 232
Australia : MAJOR Australian bank acquires SA start-up. 257
Australia : NHMRC s comprehensive review finds little evidence of adverse health effects from wind farms. 426
Australia : OTTO MARINE gets two long term charter contracts for 2 PSVs to work offshore AUSTRALIA. 118
Australia : Qantas and Jetstar boost Queensland flying. 376
Australia : RAIL upgrades come online. 204
Australia : Recycling opportunity benefits cancer patients. 322
Australia : Riga-Mainz completes a fiddly job with Liebherr LR 1600/2 crawler crane. 216
Australia : Shared Services Procurement to introduce an Electronic Tendering System (ETS) for the ACT public sector. 337
Australia : Simply Energy pays $20,400 penalty for alleged misleading door-to-door sales. 244
Australia : TAP OIL refuses to purchase 10% stake in Permit VIC/P67 in OTWAY BASIN. 157
Australia : Transparency of foreign investment welcome by farmers. 301
Australia : Work Begins on Victoria's Newest Prison. 411
Australia,India : NextGen Gaming and NextGen to develop a series of games on NextGen GDM platform. 219
Australia,United States : ConocoPhillips awards contract to JACOBS ENGINEERING for APLNG Facility. 265
Autoclaving of pro.Gl for se-2p as per drg.No. au5803005. 112
Automated peritoneal dialysis services pediatric patient general hospital for diseases of the guatemalan social security institute igss. 117
Automated systems and consumables for diagnostic urgency of the inter-department of laboratory medicine. 112
Automated Vehicle Identification System (AVI). 138
Automatic star delta starter suitable for submersible and de- watering pump set. 248
AV equipment Municipal and Formannskapsal. 165
Axle for bottom roller for bce 341. 111
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN announces preferential rates for local goods, works, services in public procurement. 111
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN promotes tractors to countries. 230
Azerbaijan : AZTELEKOM plans expansion of broadband network in regions. 109
Azerbaijan : BANK INVESTMENTS of Azerbaijan rises from AZN 1.64 billion to AZN 2.186 billion in 2014. 106
B.P.Instrument non murcury mfg name- h.Mukherjee, doctor,3m. 138
Bab a 49 nebau viaduct goldbach, structural engineering. 454
Backpacks and carry on bag. 299
Backpacks and carry on bag. 243
Bahrain : AL BARAKA ISLAMIC BANK becomes the latest partner of TAMKEEN to offer low-cost funds. 399
Bahrain : GULF Air-Intel in key deal to increase IT security. 296
Bahrain : Major Plans to Expand Global Presence to be initiated by Batelco. 312
Balance estimate for laying distribution system of piped water supply scheme. 110
Balance miscellaneous civil work in basket ball court including drainage etc. 107
Balance work for the Const. upgradation of approach road from Railway Station Katra to SMVD University via Nangal in Km 1st to km 7th. 114
Balance work of earthen dam. 122
Ball bearing single row 6213/c3 of make skf or fag india. 159
Ball valve 1 25mm with screwed bspt end body and body connecter. make- audco or similar. 222
Ball valve 1. 131
Ball valves. 173
Balochistan Water Resources Development Project. 136
Bangladesh : Bangladesh Disability and Children at Risk. 356
Bangladesh : UNC-logoed clothing to ratify Accord on FIRE AND BUILDING SAFETY. 147
Banking and Credit Card Program Services. 303
Banking service krakow city budget. 107
Barely medical waste. 130
Barre city stp 026-1 (42). 109
Barrel tower bolt. 191
Barrow Hall Primary School, Design and Build School Relocation. 351
Batteries (UPS)UNINTERRUPTED Power-Specs-Mand Job Walk Pg 27. 149
Battery set 110 volt, 300ah as per rdso spec. no. 268
BBC166 Archiving Services. 211
Beacon and Cree Lighting. 113
Bearing locking plate ce drg.No.Skdp-3845. 123
Bearing turbine end large for ge turbo. 236
Beautification of godavari bund for footpath, plantation, land scaping and water supply. 119
Bed sheet handloom bleached white, size-140 x 229 cms. confirming to is:745/2003, variety no.12 with screen printed in blue colour /north central railway/ and / month and year/ in english and / uttar. 268
Belarus,Israel,Ukraine,United States,Uzbekistan : MINSK: Transport & Communications Ministry trying to lure more flights from overseas airlines. 233
Belgium : Barco launches the quietest laser phosphor projectors on the planet. 447
Belgium : Paris La Defense metro station features brand-new, eye-catching LED display composed of Barco 4mm LED tiles. 447
Belgium : Wind energy installations outperform gas and coal in 2014. 369

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