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Articles from Mena Report (December 5, 2015)

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"Buying a genetic analyzer and sequencer.". 297
"delivery of dialyzers polisulfanowych; dialysis liquid ". 144
"insecticide i.E. diflubenuron 25% wp, pyriproxyfen 0.5% gr and cyphenothrin 5% ec". 192
"maintaining the green areas housing estate". 141
"supply, installation & maintenance of rfid based gprs electronic ticketing machines with vehicle tracking system". 171
"the maintenance of green areas park". 142
( mh40900475 ) wheel flange assy nuts / bolts 700 x 12 godrej part no.Mh 59172972 or similar. 116
(1) 1 no. each cooler air stg#1, 2cc, ill no:110, p/n:68149954im/7x14889im (2) 1 no. each cooler air stg#3, 2cc, ill no:310, p/n:68149897im/7x14905im. 135
(a) supply and delivery of 8 nos. new backhoe loader fitted with 0.26 cum. excavator bucket and 1.0 cum. and above loader bucket for desilting the garbage/silt, dozing and lifting from various drains. 220
(A)Transportation, installation and commissioning of 06nos. pumps on pontoon. (B)Dismantling, re-fabrication and erection of 02nos. pontoon/float containing 60 drums(C) Transportation, shifting, layin. 101
(gme) 2015-1-38 pacp supply medical gases in the bottle. 187
(i) tambaram -- chengalpattu section: proposed construction of pedestrian subway of inside dimensions 4.00 m. x 2.75 m. rcc box by cast-in-situ and precast method and erecting precast rcc box by cut o. 232
(ph no.26011) sodium dihydrogen phos 100 ml syrup. 118
(ph no.28004) sodium bicarbonate 500 mg tablet. 117
(ph no.32072) ky jelly. 114
(ph no.34002) methyldopa 250 mg tablet. 116
(ph no.49067) liquid paraffin (plus) soft paraffin (emollient cream). 119
(ph no.49146) calamine (plus) aleo lotion 100 ml. 118
(ph no.50008) potassium chloride 1.484 g, sodium bicarbonate 3.37 g, polyethylene glycol 118 g, sodium chloride 2.93 g, sodium sulphate 11.36 g/137.15 g sachet (preglec) or similar. 143
(ph no.58016) normal saline i.V. 500/540 ml bottle. 127
.Angiocath I V Canulla 20,22,24 Gaze,Inj Ringer Lactate (RL) & Inj Dextrose Saline (DNS)b. 122
: erection & maintanance of ht lt line & t/c. structure of valsad ronvel zone-a sub- division under valsad rural division of various schemes. 200
: erection & maintanance of ht lt line & t/c. structure of valsad ronvel zone-b sub- division under valsad rural division of various schemes. 200
~Insurance Policy Liability of Airports for the International Airport Henri Coanda (Otopeni Airport) and the International Airport Bucharest Baneasa - Aurel Vlaicu (Aibb-Av): Lot 1: Insurance Policy f. 466
02 air conditioning 24,000 btu. s / c. see attached specifications. immediate delivery, breach acta will rise affecting him future purchases, if no accreditation has the. 124
02 board for electronic signature and fingerprint sensor integrated camera. s / c. see attached specifications. immediate delivery, acta will rise future purchases of default affecting him, si. 140
02 misc enm works at ukni ocm,wani north area. 152
03 misc excavation works at ukni ocm,wani north area. 147
04 misc enm works at ukni ocm,wani north area. 152
1 ench pneumatic impact wrench as per specification no. mod /71309 rev.-1 . 349
1 inch coupling cock with bent handle lh and rh . ( i ) lh wsf part no. ib 70378 / 2 , ( ii ) rh wsf part no. ib 70392 / 1 for use in 1400 hhp ep brake type dmu coaches. make:- wsf / escorts / faivele. 167
1 outdoor fan motor for 1.5ton split ac, make- voltas or lg suitable for 230 v azsupply 50hz, qty. 10 nos. 2 outdoor fan motor for 2.0ton split ac, make- voltas or lg suitable for 230 v az supply, 50h. 263
1 refrgerant gas r-22 with 61kg filled and sealed cylinder, make- freon or similar in all respect. qty.- 01 nos. 2 1 refrgerant gas r-22 with 5kg filled and sealed cylinder, make- freon or similar in. 259
1) Repairing / fabrication of cutting edge & end bit 02 sets of Motor grader Sl. No. 3153 of Block-IV OCP, Govindpur Area. 103
1)120tkx2200x3600-02 nos carbon steel plates as per astm a 516 gr-70 and annexure-`a" (rev.00). qty: 14.92 mt 2)160tkx2550x5100-04 carbon steel plates as per astm a 516 gr-70 and annexure-`a" (rev.00). 256
1)30tkx3000x6000-06nos carbon steel plates as per astm a537 cl-2 (bend test as per astm a 20 to be carried out) and purchase specification-ht10498 (rev.02). qty: 25.434 mt 2)42tkx2800x6300-32 nos carb. 249
1)calibration gas cylinder (1 no.) & helium gas cylinder (1 no.) for serveron make online dga model - tm8 qty: 4 st. 121
1)chilled iron grit 39 to is 4683:1968, ra 2009. qty: 7000 kg. 116
1)commutator bar blank to bhel drg. no. 34394241002 item no. 01 rev. 04 qty: 23000 no. 118
1)establishment of additional shore based facilities in 5 villages 1). jeerupalem of ranasthalam(2) budagatlapalem of etcherla (m) est. cost rs100lakhs 3) rajarampuram of polaki(m) est rs 100.00 lakhs. 189
1)front block (efd part no. 201149) material brass. application- for inductor clamping. aprroximate weight-2kgs. per unit. qty: 4 no. 121
1)hardwood component (core to coil) to drg. 34997000012 rev 05 it. 01 dimension :- t = 41 x w = 310 x l = 2970, n = 20, b = 16 and p = 137 ( volume :- 37748.7 cu.Cm.) qty: 12 no 2)hard wood packing to. 195
1)high speed tripping relay (16no+4nc) as per mou it-02 & annx-a, it-01. qty: 16 no 2)high speed tripping relay (14no+6nc) as per mou it-03 & annx-a, it-02. qty: 4 no 3)high speed tripping relay as pe. 162
1)insulated yoke bolt as per drg.- 34997000027 var-06 (m36 x l=930) qty: 6 no. 116
1)paperless 6 channel recorder shall record current, voltage, frequency, mvar, mw & remaining 1 as spare channel as per item 01 annex.01,r00. qty: 2 no. 129
1)ultra pure argon gas with purity 99.999 percent grade -i, moisture content 2 ppm. argon gas to be supplied in party"s own cylinder. qty: 4000 qm. 129
1. At gonda kachehari :- proposed rail level rake handling platform. 2. Provision of lavatory for station masters building at lc, mbp, suj, jld, clj, mir, gdk and gd (dy s.s. rOom) stations. ( total 0. 150
1. Repairing of main and branch drain in back side of Qtr. No. 93 to 103 at Budora Colony of Phularitand Colliery. 2. R/M of main drain from Qtr. No. 163 to Rly station at Budora Colony. 3. Rep. of dr. 203
1. Repairs Of Roof Of Tool Room, Train Lighting And Brass Shop In Mechanical Work Shop At Izn. 2. Repairs Of Flooring Of Bay No-2, Bay No. 5, Wcd Shop, Machine Shop In Mg Final Inspection And Dismantl. 147
1. Repiar Maintenance Of 04 Nos. Britannia Road Roller Under Workshop Sub-Division During 2015-16. 166
1. self aligning spherical roller bearing no. 22212. 30 nos. 2. single row ball bearing no. 6408 5 nos. 3.Single row ball bearing no. 6412 7 nos. 4. self aligning spherical roller bearing no. 22315. 2. 265
1. spring to sil drg. no. 08576021 or similar. 2 stem. 3 hex lock nut m 10x1.5 to sil drg. no. 71051015 or similar. 124
1. This tender for Welding Equipments. 169
1.1kv 1cx240 sq.Mm xlpe al blue cable - 500.000 m. 105
1.1kv 1cx240 sq.Mm xlpe al redcable - 500.000 m. 104
1.1kv 1cx240 sq.Mm xlpe al yellow cable - 500.000 m. 105
1.Marking gauge to mark centre line on axle ( emd) to drg. no. g-495 and bull gear positioning gauge to drg. no g-496. 114
1.Tab Meftal Spas (Mifenamic Acid, Dicyclomine)2.Tab Asparin (Ecosprin -75)3.Tab Nicip-P(Nimusulide+ Paracetamol). 130
1.Tughlakabad Renovation Of Railway Canteen At ELS/ Shed 2. Tughlakabad Repair And Extension Of Railway Institute. 127
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 144
10 inch globe milky white fitting with base and holder. 139
10 kva under slung sine wave inverter 110v dc input voltage, 230v ac output voltage single phase, 50 hz for railway rolling stock conforming to icf specn. no.- icf/elec/909, rev.- a. 242
1100v grade pvc insulated 2core cable size 2core x 1.5 sq.Mm. 113
1188-2015 rv building cleaning aerodrome fassberg. 108
11kv aerial bunched cable of size (1)3cx95 sqmm + 80 sqmm -30 km (2)3cx70 sqmm + 70 sqmm -94 km. 220
12 gauge no.00 buckshot frangible cartridges. 101
12 key dmkt phones suitable for nec make telephone exchange as per technical specification annexure attached. 105
120 sq.Mm four core unarmoured isi marked cross linked poly ethylene xlpe insulated pvc stranded compacted circular aluminium conductor 1100 v grade conforming to is: 7098 pt.I 1988 with latest amendm. 267
130MW La Bufa wind farm in Zacatecas. 117
15-110 Curbside Recycling, Yard Waste, And Trash Collection Services For Service Areas 3 And 12. 133
15deg to vert bcrp/simltr grid for kapp - 3.000 no. 106
15m047 15m056 AU. 108
16 sq.Mm four core unarmoured isi marked cross linked poly ethylene xlpe insulated pvc stranded compacted circular aluminium conductor 1100 v grade conforming to is: 7098 pt.I 1988 with latest amendme. 224
16-006 In-Home Aide Services For Senior Care / Ihas. 119
17273 Fraserburgh Academy Roof upgrade. 136
185 sqmm al 11kv cable - 250.000 m. 101
189 - central troops stock overview (ztb). 326
1led mdl g ral1015 - 29.000 no. 102
1led mdl g ral7035 - 15.000 no. 102
1led mdl r ral1015 - 56.000 no. 102
1led mdl r ral7035 - 28.000 no. 102
1led mdl y ral1015 - 16.000 no. 102
1led mdl y ral7035 - 4.000 no. 102
2 pcs. annex to Moya WWTP. Annex 1: Containerrom ca. 125 m2. Annex 2: Social room, gross floor area approximately 70 m2. Both extensions in a floor, foundations such as concrete slab. The work shall. 281
2.Assistant divisional engineer shivamogga town: improve-ments to new parking area for two wheeler and four wheeler along with approach road and drainage and provision of anti-skid tiles at sagara jam. 149
20 w led tubeloght compelete with crc fitting holder cool day light 6500 k input voltage 220 - 240 v -50 hz current less than 165 na, 2100 lumunius out put make philips , osram , bajaj, crompton. 132
2059 public work m &r to n.R. building providing cleaning services, environmental support services @ patnagar yojana bhavan, sector no.16, gandhinagar. (block no.A, b, c, parking area & campus area). 219
212 / zp / 15 procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than eur 10 000 000 for the supply of pharmaceutical products for the provincial specialist hospital. copernic. 199
2216 housing m & r to resi. bldg. maintaining residential and non residential building under suvidha in sector no.23 @ gandhinagar. 211
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. s.R. to government residential building at sector no.19 ~kh-237~ type bunglow & 249 providing steel gate and masonry cola. 213
23 teeth pinion for hitechi traction motor of wap-4 locomotive as per drg. no. skdl-4356 alt b and rdso specification no.Mp-0-2800-09 rev-02 of june 2005 kpc code no.6000053050 rdso specification no.M. 426
240 sqmm al 11kv cable - 100.000 m. 101
2led mdl l:r r:g ral1015 - 84.000 no. 105
2led mdl l:r r:g ral7035 - 42.000 no. 105
2led mdl l:y r:g ral1015 - 301.000 no. 105
2led mdl l:y r:g ral7035 - 178.000 no. 105
3 items of track link pin. 106
3 pole power contactor with everlinked terminals with 1no 1nc auxilary contact 40 a 18.5 kw ac 3 voltage 127 ac make schneider cat.No.Lcld40afc7 / abb cat no. abb a 40-3010 40 a . 125
3 pole, 415v, ac, 2.5 modules, rating 1 to 1.6 amps, motor protection circuit breaker mpcb . it should be provide in localized control and protection against over load and short circuit to 3phase moto. 187
30deg to hori bcrp/smltr grid for kapp - 3.000 no. 106
31.Face Masks32.Xylocaine Jelly33.Surgical Blades34.Scalp Vein Set. 138
3146-2015 list media elastica 20-30 mmhg graduated compression igss code 6595. 107
32 channel high end memory hicorder with accessories. 130
33 kv and 11 kv Current Transformer 600 400 AMP 5AMP, 400 200AMP 5AMP. 126
33kv oil ct 30/1a, 5p20, burden 15va - 3.000 no. 105
33kv oil ct 30/1a, class 0.2s,burden 5va - 6.000 no. 107
33kv oil pt 33kv/110v, class 0.2, 10va - 6.000 no. 106
350 - jrc overhaul school franconian switzerland ebermannstadt - outdoor facilities. 1. 141
400 megawatts (MW) Offshore Wind Farm on Nanri island. 196
400144085 new cafeteria and conference building. 15e0248 kitchen equipment. Conference news 140
4led mdl col1:y col2:g ral1015 - 24.000 no. 105
4led mdl col1:y col2:g ral7035 - 12.000 no. 105
6 core control cable assy-10 pin for pg with 2 sensors of telpro-ae,dl and z pt no.1910005000, material to be procured from oem and oem s authorised dealer/past proven sources of ir for semilor items. 131
63 mm fire canvas hose pipe with gun metal male-female coupling set one set 15 mtr. hose pipe with coupling . 165
7 watt led bulb with alluminium die cast fixture input current 30, power factor 0.91, intensity 550lm, additional facility of wall mounting the bulb holder model no. bilbs7007 make:- syska, bright, su. 123
8-led indication panel type sbli-52b2 make:sirvven controls/kepco/bhopal electricals. 111
8-led indication panel type sbli-52cb make:sirvven controls/kepco/bhopal electricals. 111
90 degree elbow with nut and ferrul. size:-3/8 x 1/2 npt for air horn line modification. 118
90degree elbow for fuel oil main header r/side and l/side. size:-7/8 -14 x 1/2 npt. 119
A 7 sheeter wall calendar printed in four colour. 127
A hard bound diary consisting 224 pages of text. 128
A r and m o to dholpur house at shahjahan road new delhi dg 2015 16 sh collecting and dumping of malba in dustbin. 123
A r and m o to dholpur house upsc at shahjahan road new delhi dg 2015 16 sh improvement of flooring and door in room no 215 of annexe building and other related work. 133
A r and m o to dholpur house upsc at shahjahan road new delhi dg 2015 16 sh repair of damaged gi pipe line in shaft of upsc building. 128
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 4 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh rubbing and polishing by tinax polish under sec 1140. 128
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 4 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh rubbing and polishing by tinax polish under sec 1148. 128
A repairs to uneven cess, slope, trolley refuses, back filling of toe wall etc. at abfc-blk up line under the jurisdiction of sse/w/njp. (chargeable to construction organisation). b provision of rcc d. 264
A set of d type copper contact for 40/10 ton eot crane . details as per annexure attached. 151
A set of elbow, tee and connector. set consists of following items: 1 heavy duty 90 degree elbow 1/2 inch fpt, as per dlw drg. no. tpl-0081, qty 100 nos. 2 heavy duty tee 1/2inch fpt, as per dlw drg. 154
A set of fastners consisting of 19 items and qty.144 kgs.As per annexure attached. 105
A set of hardwares consisting of 10 types- 1 bolt hex head 3/8-24x1-3/4 emd pt. no.186485 unf qty.-05 nos 2 bolt hex head 3/8-24x2-1/2 unff qty.-01 nos 3 bolt hex head 1/2-20x1-1/4 emd pt. no.181429 u. 230
A set of hex head bolts consisting of 02 size:- 1 1 -8x2-1/2 emd pt. no.27549 with 1 flat washer qty.-01 nos 2 1 -8x4-1/2 emd pt. no.223493 qty.-01 nos make-tvs/lps/unbrako only. 140
A set of hose for dustbin blower motor to dlw pt. no.17270042 and 17270054 or similar. 117
A set of items to virgo crab nut ratchet model no: htw-8d htdraulic torque wrench as per enclosure. 105
A set of kit of pin spring consisting of 07 items- 1 pin spring 3/16 diameterx7/8 long emd pt. no.456652 and kepco pt. no.1001013 or similar qty.-02 nos 2 pin spring1/8 diameterx1 long emd pt. no.4536. 238
A set of knobs consisting of 02 types:- 1 head light knob qty.-01nos 2 ecs knob qty.-02 nos. 120
A set of spare for maintence of hhp locos consisting of 02 items- 1 fibre optics cable without conduit for daul cab loco to kbi pt. no. c142374orsimilar qty.-02nos 2 cover cru with transparent plexi g. 144
A set of spare for water tank level gauge assly for emd locomotives consisting of five items:- 1 water fiber gasket115/16 odx49/64idx1/32 thick emd pt. no8120768 qty-100 nos 2 washer-viton 15/16 odx3/. 174
A study on Results-based Climate Finance (RBCF) Initiative Mapping, Outlining And Assessment. 237
A) gpr-repairs to staff qtrs(ms bldg)rb-ii/248,rb-i/247,r1/246,rb-i/1-32 & rb-i/33-64 and improvement to drainage arrangement of rly.Colony,gpr (b)gpr-repairs to courtyard wall & compound wall for sta. 258
A) supply and delivery of 8 nos. new excavator (chain mounted) with bucket capacity 0.30 cum. for desilting the garbage. 210
A.mtc.of various water supply scheme under the jurisdiction of public healthengg. 140
A.R.C. for civil works for various health care facilities in taluka dhanghthra-patadi in dist. - surendranagar, gujarat state (reinvited). 178
A.T. Welding of Rail joints 90R/ 52Kg/ 60Kg/ New/ Single Rail / Rail panels with modified SKV process of A.T. Welding the jurisdiction of Sr.DEN/III/ LJN Estimate No. LJN/ 255. 143
A/r and m/o 630 nos staff quarters of income tax department at pitam pura new delhi dg 2015-16 sh providng services of plumber and sewerman for day to day maintanance work. 132
A/r and m/o govt. vehicle no. up 07 g 6887 under dhsd, cpwd, dehradun during 2015-16. sh- providing of mld. 121
A/r and m/o to gpoa building , cpwd residential qtrs and holiday home at udaipur drg.2015-16. 114
A/r m/o to western court hostel under s/d-iii of pawd-i new delhi 110001 dg. 2015-16. sh : providing services of driver for govt. vehicle for the office of m/o ud. 134
A/r to residiatial qrtr type ii in col. no. 1. 126
A4 size plastic two ring file d type keny make or similar. 109
Abf strategic advisor 2020. 111
Acceleration transducers and compact data acquisition system. 123
Access Control And Video Surveillance Systems Augmentation. 110
Access control with card readers to county house in Drammen. 212
Access road connecting Balai Karangan to Entikong border post. 133
Accommodation cleaning services. 206
Achieving HIV Epidemic Control through Scaling up Quality Testing, Care and Treatment. 120
Acquisition And Installation Of Equipment Including Multimedia Projectors, Interactive Projectors, Interactive Tablets And Intended Viewers To Local Public Schools) (Eple Within The Jurisdiction Of Th. 146
Acquisition and installation of medical furniture, medical equipment, audio and visual screening equipment for children~s medical centers department - mbc. 208
Acquisition and support insulators personal respiratory protection systems on operational missions against the nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical (nrbc) with independent automatic blower s. 260
Acquisition Blood Reagents - Reagents Fully Automated Biochemistry with Providing the Analyzer Rental. 260
Acquisition Normal Sleepers Impregnated Wood. 461
Acquisition of 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel, for general hospital san juan de dios. 109
Acquisition of a supplier in order to present the Operational Programme Environment Operational Programme and the quality of the environment in selected media. 189
Acquisition of ammunition caliber 12.70 x 99 mm crawler; ordinary and tracer (4/1), 7.62 x 51 mm nato ordinary; 5.56 x 45 mm nato and regular 40 x 53 mm caliber shots breakers (he); for use in various. 216
Acquisition of automated external defibrillators with protective equipment and cabinets for provincial institutions and services, local authorities and other organizations subject to the legislation o. 240
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Implementation Of Audiovisual Content Of The Permanent Exhibition The Compa. 203
Acquisition of Equipment for Voice and Data Communications Networks Serving Units. 302
Acquisition of LED lighting panels. 112
Acquisition of Operating Tables. 218
Acquisition of servers marop. 415
Acquisition of Various Reagents. 481
Acrylic cover for light fittings of a.C coaches used in lavatory of pantry sleeper and new type coaches. as per dy.Cee w /llh s drg. no. led/ac/3/543. 202
Acrylic sheet transparent size - 6 feet x 4 feet x 5 mm thick. as per is specification - 14753 - 1999. 201
Action & support space planning professional services. 242
Adapted procedure: palais des sports de beaulieu (nantes) - rehabilitation and extension - reconsultation of lots 1, 9, 14a, 14b, 16 and 21. 345
Addition alteration to building no p 200 and certain minor works at af station palam under ge project af palam delhi cantt10. 146
Additional supply and installation of isolation valve for ventilation ducting for lcu yard 2092 99. 129
ADEN Ramganjmandi Section Repair To Drain At Bhawanimandi And Kurlasi Station. 119
ADEN/ Ramgnjmandi Section- Repair To AC Sheet And Valley Gutter Of Dakaniya Talab Station And FOB Covering. 125
Adhoc tender for handling and transport contract at phagwara te 10.12.2015. 140
Adjusting piece for 20.3 ton roller bearing axle box to drawing no. sk-65573, alt. 2. 126
Adjusting the database register of land and buildings (EGiB) to the requirements of an integrated system of information on real estate in the district Drawsko reference number BO-ZP.2610.77.2015.KN.ZS. 205
Administrative educational services. 154
Adoption of services in the context of the building policy. 148
Advance roof support by roof bolt for proposed panel kt-40(top) in kenda top seam of kunustoria colliery. 149
Advertisement rights of already established govt. 12 hoardings( 10X40 ) in municipal limit. 137
Advertisement rights of already established govt. 25(10X20) unipoles in municipal limit. 139
Advertising agency services. 369
Advertising in the Local Audio-Visual Media, Regions Ciuc, Odorhei and Gheorgheni, Local Audio Press Regions Ciuc, Odorhei and Gheorgheni and Online Media in Hungarian and Romanian. 542
Afghanistan : Afghan Farmers Reap Benefits of Improved Crop Seeds. 369
Air -conditioning installations. 131
Air blowing pipe to size od-12mm.Id-08mm and lenth 15 mtrs with one side 3/4 nipple and other side 3/4 coke fitting. 124
Air conditioned coach /vehicle. 120
Air conditioning, ventilation. 247
Air conditioning, ventilation. 244
Air rifles. 130
Air Supply Drill. 539
Air valve seat insert for 251 plus cyl. head to dlw drg no. 22b71152.1 alt g or latest. dlw part no. 10249254 dlw specn. 31 pd 5442 alt r4 or latest and 31 pd 5660 sh. 1 to 3 alt nil or latest. 342
Airport planning/environmental services. 134
Albania : Only through dialogue can solutions be found to crisis in and around Ukraine, says OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Da?i? 331
Albania : Secretaries General of the Western Balkans Parliaments discuss public participation in law-making process at OSCE-supported annual meeting. 308
All complianies for sanctioning of dpr by government under maharashtra suvarna jayanti nagarotthan abhiyan m c bhandara. 127
Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife. 118
Allotment of atms of various 18 station of bhopal division. 117
Allotment of parking contract for autos/taxi/tempos/mini-bus/bus etc. 134
Allotment of stand alone avm no.13 at vijayawada station on pf no.6. 146
Allotment of stand alone avm no.18 at tenali station. 149
Allotment of stand alone avm no.19 at tenali station on pf no.1 water tap no.2. 150
Allotment of stand alone avm no.20 at tenali station. 144
Allotment of stand alone avm no.21 at tenali station on pf no.2&3. 145
Allotment of stand alone avm no.22 at tenali station on pf no.4&5. 149
Allotment of stand alone avm no.23 at tenali station on pf no.4&5 towards bza end. 149
Allotment of stand alone avm no.24 at chirala station. 150
Allotment of stand alone avm no.25 at chirala station. 150
Alternative military nature information system ii (wewis ii) and vocational training trade information system (befis). 161
Alu. sliding window/executive chairs. 149
Aluminium container with lid size 15 inch x 18 inch height and container with lid sheet thickness 2mm. 111
Ambulance service sll1142 2015. 165
AMC for digital photocopier machine. 131
Amc of alfapure 100 lph uv,aquagaurd uv,kent ro uv,cerum ro uv 25 uph,cerum ro uv 50 lph.. in cdri lucknow. 155
AMC of CCTV System as per terms and conditions. 135
Amc of fire extinguishers at port facilities visakhapatnam. 125
Amc of ht/lt swgr and esp(electrical) of st-i and st-ii at barh stpp. 120
Amc of lift. 127
Amc of rotork actuators for ntpc mouda stpp-i. 113
Ammonium sulfate norsborg and lovo waterworks and sodium hypochlorite norsborgs waterworks. 145
AMTC of water supply scheme. 127
An Export Terminal Scraper Station in Kemaman, Terengganu. 156
An open tender: palais des sports de beaulieu (nantes) - rehabilitation and extension - reconsulted no3 lot. 213
Analysis for Extensive Real-Time Analysis of Complex Signals. 542
Analytical Services Laboratory Certified Cofrac Samples Of Materials Which Contain Asbestos On The Websites Of County Fire And Rescue Service Of The Alpes-Maritimes. 149
Angle for tubular structure drg no. crw/sk-436, alt-1 item-1. 139
Angola : Luanda Port CEO hopes growth in production in 2016. 148
Animal husbandry services on behalf of the cea (french atomic energy and alternative energies). 267
Animal products, meat and meat products. 298
Annual civil maintenance of admn. Office building rest house & staff quarters building at Bhatghar Hydro Power Station Tal - Bhore Dist - Pune and Bhatghar Division Office Wathar Colony Tal- Khandala. 404
Annual cleaning and upkeeping of 06 nos d-type quarters at ananta vihar colony. 119
Annual cleaning of 03 nos in-motion road weigh bridge and house keeping at ananta oc project. 122
Annual comprehensive maintenance contract for desktop computer, printers, scanner and laptop at wanakbori thermal power station. 203
Annual contract for hiring of civil passengers vehicles. 104
Annual Contract for Monthly Meter Reading through Digital Photography & IR meter Reading through HHU machine with Data punching and Bill Distribution to R & C Consumers in Shahada II Sub Divisio. 146
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading at consumers premises having LT billing system with DTC meter photo reading through digital photography and digital cameras of 7.0 mega pixel or above w. 185
Annual Contract For Outsourcing Of Housekeeping Service And Maintainence. 125
Annual contract for rewinding and mechanical repair of non clog submersible motors of different capacities of Disposals of MCJ. 109
Annual contract for running and maintaining cqa(sa) officers mess at ichapur for the period from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017, total- 313 days. 152
Annual maintance contract for lt motor overhaul of turbine and boiler side at u1 & u2 as and when required basis. 146
Annual Maintenance & Repairs works of Telephone Exchange & S/Qtrs Buildings at Samratnagar, SSC Board ,. 112
Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) For Coir Machineries. 107
Annual maintenance contract (amc) of computers, printers and ups installed in dhep, tharali for one year. 131
Annual maintenance contract (amc) of devices of crew management system (cms) in crew lobby. 133
Annual maintenance contract contract for comprehensive maintenance of room air conditioners and drinking water coolers at ktps. 151
Annual maintenance contract for plant lighting System and miscellaneous electrical maintenance Works at onshore gas terminal (ogt), tallarevu and Dowleswaram pump house For Kg-osn-2001/3 block. 153
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Dg Set. 117
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Solar Water Heating Systems. 120
Annual maintenance of cctv access control turnstile system at nmmc new head office building cbd belapur. 146
Annual membership renewal network on disability. 108
Annual operation and maintenance of internal electrification of nmmc school & buildings in vashi ward. 144
Annual rate contract (arc) for civil works for various health care facilities in dist: mehsana. 173
Annual rate contract for civil works for various health care facilities in jambusar & amod, taluka dist : bharuch. 175
Annual rate contract for civil works of various health care facilities at ta- harij, sami, sankheswar, radhanpur, santalpur in dist-patan. 178
Annual rate contract for civil works of various health care facilities at ta- patan ,saraswati, siddhpur ,chanasma in dist-patan. 177
Annual rate contract for civil works of various health care facilities in dethali campus , general hospital at siddhpur and nursing collage at siddhpur in dist-patan. 183
Annual rate contract for civil works of various health care facilities in gmers campus madical collage at dharpur in dist-patan. 178
Annual rate contract for loading or unloading and stacking of material/ equipments at construction store, keshod under construction division, junagadh for one year. 174
Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of DC System tank founatons and SDG tank Faoundations . 107
Annual rate contract for pre heatingwelding joints at mdl ey for project p75. 127
Annual rate contract for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of integrated 20w solar led street lighting system with related comprehensive electrical, mechanical & civil work including all. 193
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation of electrical mechanical installation at pantnagar airport for year 2015-16 supply of electrical spares. 120
Annual repair and maintenance of non residential buildings civil maintenance work at 3rd bn itbp bukhara camp bareilly up for the year 2015-16 sh- white washing painting and distempering etc. 166
Annual repair and maintenance works of the ocr complex at sib,agartala during 2015-2016. 110
Annual repairs & maintenance rate contract for civil work of various health care facility for year 2013-14, in dist.Porbandar. 177
Annual Repairs & maintenance to T.E. Bldg. and S/Q in Telephone Bhavan campus at Tarabai Park, Kolhapur for the year 2015-16.( 3rd Call ). 109
Annual tender for supplying construction material and manpower for various construction, road repairing and other departmental works to pwd department of uran municipal council. 148
Annual upkeeping/cleaning of administrative and welfare building of workshop complex and operation of ogt at cws, jayant for a period of 2 years. 148
Annual white washing / colour washing / painting during the year 2015-16. 169
Annual Work contract for housekeeping of turbine house, its surrounding area of Unit-5 at 2x500MW BTPS, Deepnagar. 137
Annual Work Contract for on line safety Setting by Travi Testing Method in boiler and Turbine area of unit 1 & 2,. 105
Annual work contract of o/h of various small pumps in cw pump house and installation & operation of submersible pumps on canal gate of 2x105mw, ptps, panki, kanpur. 125
Annual work tender for the work of repairing & recasting of worn-out components of high head and low head c.w. pumps, 2x105mw ptps, panki, kanpur. 122
Annunciator module 48x24mm ral1015 - 4.000 no. 102
Annunciator module 48x24mm ral7035 - 2.000 no. 102
Annunciator module 48x48mm ral1015 - 80.000 no. 102
Annunciator module 48x48mm ral7035 - 40.000 no. 102
Anti - theft transformer as per is-2026,specification capacity 5 kva, copper wound,single phase step up transformer 240/2200v,lv current 20.083a, type of cooling onan, outdoor type, max temp. rise of. 181
Anti-rust coating for cooling water expansion tank similar to m/s. wearresist technologies pvt. ltd, vadodara products viz. i ultraprotect spl marine grade in 5 kg container ii wr 2510b in 5 ltr conta. 158
Anticold:Tab C. Z Cold,Tab Sinarest L P,Tab Cozvmin,Tab Hatric-3,Tab Telecast-L,Tab Medler. 102
Appointment of agency to provide utility workers (safai kamdar) for door to door collection of garbag (wet & dry) from all hotels, restourants, shopping canter, residance, banglows, all lari-gallas, n. 184
Appointment of architects/consultant for the infrastructure development at puri- shree jagannath dham- ramchandi- prachi river front at deuli- dhauli, odhisa under mega circuit (for nabakalebar-2015). 157
Appointment Of Project Architect / Consultant For Establishing Rseti At Plot No. 221, Revenue Village, Sethwal, Pr. Nizambad, Tehsil- Sadar, Dist.Azamgarh. 111
Appointment Of Surveyor At Zhenjiang Port In China For The Job Of Draft Survey, Hatch Inspection, Cargo Supervision, Sampling And Analysis Etc. For 20,000 Mt Of Powder Mono Ammonium Phosphate (Pmap) P. 157
appointment of Transport Contractor (TC) for a period of 6 months further extendable by 3 months (6+3) as under Gidderbaha Te 10.12.2015. 149
Aquashow2016 infrastructure works (water distribution). 135
Ar and mo 110 nos spl type mps flats at bks bd marg under sub div v of pawd iii dg 2015 16 sh renovation of toilets misc repairing civil works in kitchen and other works. 133
Ar and mo to nvti campus sector 01 noida up dg 2015 16 sh plaster work. 116
Aragon supply populations: water supply to zaragoza and the ebro corridor, and joint supply to the cores of lower aragon ebro (zaragoza). 225
Arbin proficap desined industrial safty cap offering head protection according to the standard en 812 authorised dealer incorcorporating a abs skill cap fitted inside to head protection of north of ho. 153
Arc for erection of ht , lt & tc work for various villages of saputara sub division under various scheme. 198
Arc for erection of ht , lt & tc work under vansda sub division for various scheme of zone-e area pr no:190466. 204
Arc for fabrication of 66kv h frame & 11kv dp structure and accessories at vav store under construction division navsari for the year 2015-16. 194

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