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Articles from Mena Report (December 11, 2015)

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"canal system cleaning of fulzar1 irrigation scheme for running irrigation - 2015. ". 188
"canal system repair of sapda irrigation scheme for running irrigation - 2015. ". 185
"canal system repair of vijarkhi irrigation scheme for running irrigation - 2015. ". 187
"delivery of drugs to the drug program - aflibercept". 170
"engineering (investment design and construction) of new construction: residence of the medical university - sofia upi iv, sq. 387a, m. blvd." bulgaria "- medical complex - medical university,. sofia,. 317
"operational maintenance, repair and rehabilitation works, supply of street and park lighting, construction of new objects of street, park and artistic lighting, building radio system command-loop con. 270
"post-warranty service and maintenance, including annual technical examination, diagnosis, repair, delivery and installation of spare parts, tires and consumables for vehicles owned by" south-central. 321
"preparation of the investigation to establish the technical characteristics related to the requirements of art. 169, para. 1 pt. 1 mt. 5 para. 2 and par. 3 of the spa, energy efficiency and preparati. 300
"supply of teleupravlyaemi tripolar toggle switches for outdoor installations" and ref. ? ppd 15-115. 155
"supply of unused cars for the needs of the medical university" prof.. dr. paraskev stoyanov "- varna five lots.". 527
"supply through the purchase of food products for the needs of budget units of the municipality of popovo" a separate seven (7) positions: - lot ? 1 - meat and meat products; - lot ? 2 - fresh fruits. 339
"the right to supply technical aids-typhlosurdopedagogics until 30 december 2017". 173
"the sale, supply and commissioning of computer equipment" for the university of warsaw, faculty of geology - zp / 13/10/2015. 314
#2016-29, Design/Build Tractor Shed For Williamsport High School. 116
(1) colour cartridge no.22 for hp office jet j3608 all in one printer and hp desk jet380 printer or similar(2)black cartridge no.702 office jet j3608 all in one or similar(3) black cartridge no.802 fo. 173
(1) lamp fluorescent tube 40 watts, 4 feet,type40w/54 champion ar,make-philips (2) plug top 3 pin,6 amp,250 volt,ivory colour.Code no-3097,make -anchor. 174
(1) providing r.C.C. metaling road in tirupati nagar tokarkhada, silvassa & (2) construction of bridge upon khadi from opposite mohan budhiya baraf home to sukhla santu home, warliwad, ultanfalia, sil. 217
(1) servo motor b5602p-01121;make-baruffaldi (2) dms08 servo amplifier, make - baruffaldi (3) supply & installation of simotics synchronous servo motor 1f k7-ctpn=2;3 kw;uzk=600v. 192
(1) Supplying and installation of Wall mounted WC Pan atAuditorium and VIP room of DOC POC Township. 170
(1)rotex pneumatic magnetic cylinder model no: spc-d-mae2-mfi-50/50 type-double acting piston rod-20 mm dia max. pressure-10 bar or similar model of festo qty-02 nos (2)seal kit for rotex model no: sc. 345
(A) Provision Of Foot Over Bridge. 192
(ph no.:3082) nimesulide plus capsaicin plus menthol plus methyl salicylate ointment 30 gm. 123
(ph no.:3089) hyal oral 20 mg tab. 117
(ph no.:3095) paracetamol 1 gm with cystin hydrochloride monohydrate and mannitol inj. 122
(ph no.:3103) essential oils (plus) menthol 0.042percent (plus) thymol 0.064 percent (plus) methyl salycilate 0.06 percent (plus) eucalyptus 0.092 percent mouth wash. 136
(ph no.:35025) r.C. prep-dental and (ph no.:35027) dpi - silver alloym 30 gm - dental. 112
(ph no.:4018) sucrachem syrup 200 ml (sucralfate usp 1.0 gm suspension per 5 ml syrup 200 ml). 128
(ph no.:4051) aprepitent inj. 114
(ph no.:7014) acenocoumarol 1 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:7017) heparin sodium 25000 iu/ 5 ml inj. 119
(ph no.:8015) sodium valproate (plus) valporic acid (chrono) 300 mg tab. 121
(ph no.:8018) topiramate 100 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:8020) topiramate 50 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:8025) sodium valproate 200 mg (plus) valproic acid 300 mg. 121
(ph no.22032) isosorbide 5 - mono nitrate 30 mg tablet, (ph no.22036) isosorbide 5 - mono nitrate 20 mg tablet. 119
(ph no.22064) ramipril 5 mg cap/tab. 117
(platinum -13 percent rhodium) wirest (element diameter 0.5mm) and platinum wire (element dia 0.5mm). 133
-A fire curtain / a fire separating the escape route with reduced fire resistance El 60 in a parking garage under Akershus Fortress -Four fire curtains / fire barriers against escape route with reduc. 323
-Sprinkling of parking garages for EVs under Akershus Fortress acc. EN 12845. Scope ca. 340 linear meters, including engineering, purchase of goods and installation. -Tilknytning to water main from o. 335
/entity Wheelchair accessible Transport for 9 passengers or more with Passenger Assistance. II.2)Type of contract Services II.3)Short description of the specific contract SEN Route. II.4)Common. 197
?au?ps?zd?k belg?s?ne, Ort s?nd?ru zh?yes?ne, beyneba?ylau zhane ??sas zhabdy?tar?a tehnikaly? ?yzmet up show boyynsha ?yzmetter / Services on the maintenance of fire / burglar alarm / extinguishing s. 122
01396 Provision of Maintenance for Key Vending Systems. 173
06 gallon oil spill kit. details: 01 yellow bag w/handle and zipper, 12 pcs. absorbent pads, 03 pcs. absorbent socks, 01 pr. nitrile glove, 01 disposable bag with tie, 01 instruction sheet. make: - sp. 139
1 1/4 cut off angle cock with vent rdso w drg. no. wd -88123/s -01, alt 2 or latest. rdso w drg. no. wd -88123/s -02 alt 6 or lates. 223
1 1/4 inch non return valve assembly as per s.C.Rly.Drg.No.B/trs/pn.Eqpt/2/216 with latest alteration. to be procured from the following clw approved sources only based on clw master list no.Clw/mlas/. 171
1 inch cutout cock ball type without vent to drg.No.Dlw/sk.No.0759 alt.I, pt.No.11397081. 121
1 No. E and M Miscellaneous job such as, Diversion of part of 11 KV O.H. line from new HOE road to Sundernagar colony at Neeljay OCM(South). 133
1 Providing Solar Street Lighting For Gpra Colony At Agartala 2 Providing And Fixing Stand Alone Solar Street Lighting For Cpwd Colony At Ushabazar Agartala. 111
1 rescue vehicle rw according to din 14555-3. 161
1 sheet for window frame 2x53.5x1760 and support piece 3.15x28x1725 in assembled condition ,drawing no.Rcf khx drg no. cc14620. 2 rubber profile cc54406,rcf drg no.Cc54445. 3 rubber profile cc54106,rc. 214
1 x 24 flexible hose coupling to clw drg no.0/3/65/66 for mu operations. 256
1 x 40 w street light fitting &1 x 18w cfl. 111
1" ball cock, reliance make. 128
1) Construction Of Rcc Collection Well 2) Supply , Fitting , Fixing , Testing And Commissioning Of Vs Pumpsets 3) Fabricating And Laying Of 150Mm. Dia Ms Pipoes And Specials With Flange Welded. 154
1) tumbler switch 16 amps 250 volts one way single pole quick make and break with cover made of tough non- ignitable insulating material as per is: 3854/97 with amdt 1 to 3 surface vitrified ceramic. 175
1)angular contract ball bearing no. 7207b.Size- 35x72x 17 make and brand-nit/skf/fag/nsk .2) single row taper roller bearing no.3200x size- 35 x 62 x 14. make and brand-nit/skf/fag/nsk. 184
1)brazing type heater bank assy. qty: 2 no 2)hexagonal heater bank qty: 2 no 3)hexagonal heater bank qty: 1 no 4)3ph power controller card ap12 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 132
1)ceramic fibre cloth type "a" qty: 60 me 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)ceramic fibre cloth type "b" qty: 60 me 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)circular vibrating#39220018 qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)duoluton l tab qty: 8400 null 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)epoxy laminated fabric sheet qty: 100 kg 2)epoxy laminated fabric sheet qty: 100 kg 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)g w st qty: 5 no 2)g w st qty: 10 no 3)wheel qty: 15 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)industrial radiography films qty: 5 st 2)industrial radiography films qty: 15 st 8)null qty: null null. 113
1)insert qty: 4000 no 2)insert qty: 2400 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)levosalbutamol rotacaps qty: 12000 null 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)phe lam f4 sheet qty: 100 kg 2)phe lam f4 sheet qty: 100 kg 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)polygalactin 910 fast absorbab qty: 24 null 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)radiography camera qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)reteplase inj 10 units/vial qty: 36 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)safety valve screwed-1 qty: 12 no 2)safety valve var-5 nb32 np6 qty: 15 no 3)relief vlv ss np2.5 nb25 var-1 qty: 4 no 4)safety valve nb=25,max inlet qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 136
1)sld sd ripple spring qty: 57 kg 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)valve cone r/m forging qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)yoke qty: 12 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1-class iii digital signature certificate along with usb tokaen valid for two years with orgination name northern railway for digital signature of data/document required for implementation of mmis ( 2. 250
1. "erection & maintenance of ht/lt & tc under lalpur s/dn under jamjodhpur division". 157
1. Complete repairing and reconditioning of one 150 Amps, 11KV Jyoti make MOCB (SlNo.-153/89) of Sirka CHP2. Complete repairing and rewinding of 4 Nos. Induction motor of CHP, Gidi-A3. Provision of lo. 107
1. Excavation 2. Soling, PCC 3. R. C. C. work 4. BBM work and plaster 5. Door and window 6. flooring 7. Painting 8. Sanitary fitting 9.Waterproofing ,roofing and allied civil work In Connection With C. 171
1. gear 77 teeth for wdp4 locos to emd pt. no. 10662230 dlw part no. 18440046 dlw drg. no. 10662230 alt.C str no. mp.Str.Em.04.11.11 rev.00 feb.2012. 2. gear 90 teeth for emd locos to emd pt. no. 4007. 201
1. piped water supply scheme at wadebolhai, tal. haveli, dist. pune. 126
1. repairing of damage pto drive gear shaft spline new making. 2. repairing at damage shaft bearing size new making. 3. repairing of damage gear pinion both side inner portion spline new making. 160
1. set of electronic switch gear required for installation & commissioning of 8055 t system for pal vtl machine 2. set of control cables required for painstallation & c commiss. 195
1.Dismantling of complete steering cylinder assly after cleaning from outside. 2.Repairing of cylinder barrel welding, machining, grinding, honing, polishing etc. 3.Eye cutting, welding, grinding. 4.P. 144
1/2 safety valve type t-2 for ac electric locomotive, set at 8.5 kg/cm2 as per c. 265
10 amps, hrc fuse link suitable for 110 vdc, delayed action with single pole fuse base individual mounting ,fuse carrier with gauge piece and collerring conforming to is -8187 1976 andto clw spcn clw/. 151
10.Sq.Mm/750 v single core elastomeric cable to rdso specification e 14/01 part 1 revision ii of 1993. 112
100 MW Boujdour Wind Farm. 317
100 va inverter and 6 amps, 5 pin socket and switch, modular type to m/s ess ess kay make signature nv brand switch and socket (one way switch 6a 230 v ac - nv 100, 5 pin socket 6a, 230 v ac shuttered. 196
100kva and 150kva transformers. 120
11kv aarablush ag feeder lvds to hvds line work in shapar subdivision under city 2 division jamnagar. 159
12 volt, 80ah charged lead acid battery w: 173mm x l: 305 mm x h: 225mm. battery type: xp800, make / brand : exide or similar. 269
12 volts-100ah sealed maintenance free smf battery similar to model no.Ep100ah-12 of exide power safe make. make:exide,amaraja,hbl. 127
12V, 42AH SMF Batteries Batteries are to be kept in Racks. Physical Dimension of Batteries are desirable : i) Length 19.8 cm ii) Breadth 15.5 cm iii) Height 16.0 cm Flexible wire connectors Warrant. 111
12v,150 ah, mhd1500 maintenance free battery, make- exide,microtek,amron,standard furukava heavy duty. 129
144 nos of natural room freshener non staining with assorted flavour like rose sandalwood and lavender free from alcohal each contains 125 grams,m/s orchids make or similar for the use of pohd,hod and. 132
15-111 Curbside Recycling, Yard Waste, And Trash Collection Services For Service Areas 9 And 12. 126
15tei18960 flatwork str 6402 magdeburg hbf - stendal. ge with br section glindenberg - wolmirstedt, km 9.318 to 14.317 and the opposite direction from 14.37 to 9.268 km. 253
16-007 Senior Nutrition Program Title Iii-C. 114
1802/b/st-4. 123
19.20.2 - liquid fuel and gas; Lubricating oils (gasoline A-95, A-92, 19.20.26-00.00 -DP) Quantity: gasoline grades A-92 - 22 000 liters., A-95 - 2400 liters. and SE - 25 000 l. 105
2 nd btr assly. for xerox model 550/560, digital printing machine. 111
2 x 28 watt electronic ballast for t5 tube suitable for 230 volts 50 hz ac supply as per rdso specification no. rdso/pe/spec/1001, rev-1, 2011 make philips, havells, bajaj and crompton. 144
2-3 virtues cultivated organize business district large segment. 131
2-Years Rate Contract For Maintenance Of Towers,Heat Exchangers,. 186
2. "erection & maintenance of ht/lt & tc under jje s/dn under jamjodhpur division". 157
2.5 Cm Thick Mastic Surfacing On Both Approaches Of Steel Bridges For Strengthing And Smooth Movement In Between Steel Bridges And Ibb Road In Stertch Id-71 1 Bridge Bp No. 990/3-S, Id-72 2 Bridge. 211
20 inches pp carbon filter for 50 ltrs/hour capacity ro system . brand: paramount or equalent. 116
20 inches pp spun filter for 50 ltrs/hour capacity ro system. brand: paramount or equalent. 116
2015-96 / log / combustion / vw-lb-mh. 125
2016 children~~s hospital laundry handling consignment services (annual contract price). 125
2016 computerized administration system integrated maintenance services. 120
2016 school year, middle school uniform bounce (winter clothing, havok) purchase school sponsored bidding. 110
2016-073 Custodial Services Harriet Elizabeth Brown Community Center. 110
20mm aluminium bus bar tee connector. r.I. no. eti/psi/p/6590 rev.B. i.D. no.:6591, 6592. make: sbi, tlp. 161
22 watts led fitting colour w.W suitable to operate on 230v, 50hz,ac supply cat no.Led ssk-t5-22w of syska make should be as per detailed specification attached. make:fortuneart,syska,wipro,philips,os. 141
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. providing and fixing fully panelled doors & partly panelled partly glazed windows with wooden frame in resi. qtrs at sector no.13, gandhinagar. 216
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing of doors of different type govt. qtrs. in sector no.28 @ gandhinagar. 206
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing of doors of different type govt. qtrs. in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. 206
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing of plaster, doors of bath/ wc in "ch" type govt. qtrs. in sector no.28 @ gandhinagar. 212
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing of plaster, doors of bath/ wc in "chh" type govt. qtrs. in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. 211
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. repairing of plaster, doors of bath/ wc in "j.2" type govt. qtrs. in sector no.28 @ gandhinagar. 210
2216 housing m&r to resi. bldg. specialized work for providing and applying polymer modified cementations repair treatment to existing damaged rcc surface of diff. type govt. qtrs. in sector no.28 @ g. 220
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. providing and applying ceiling plaster for various type of govt. resi. qtrs. in sector no.21 @ gandhinagar. 210
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to category "chh" type qtrs. (block no.2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) in sector no.28 @ gandhinagar. (providing brick work, china mosaic, plaster work). 224
24 port 10/100 mbps lan switch manageable with two 1000 base t mini gbic gigabyte combo port. 19 inch rack mountable with rack mounting hardware as per specification given 1 interface/ports 1x1000 bas. 203
24 port utp cat 6 jack panel patch , make- d link or similar. 146
24 Seater Bus TO OFDR SPECN No. 812/OFDR/BUS 24 SEATER /EO. 140
25 mm solid dummy plug m.S galvanised to is:1239 part-ii ( steel plug ). 105
25 Stores. 203
25sq.Mm, e beam cable. 187
3 phase induction motor (other description detail as per attached). 308
3 pole power contactor ac operated coil voltage 230 v ac,current rating ac 3 32 amps as per siemens cat.No.3 tf34000a with 1 no 1 nc as per siemens cat.No.3t x 4010-2a and 3tx4001-2a or abb cat.No.Af. 174
3 pole power contactor with everlinked terminals with 1no 1nc auxilary contact 40 a 18.5 kw ac 3 voltage 127 ac make schneider cat.No.Lcld40afc7 / abb cat no. abb a 40-3010 40 a . 125
3 pole power contactors type ml standared coil 2no 2nc, type ml-3, ac 3 rating, 40amp ac-1 rating 45amp coil voltage- 415, 50hz, cat no- ss90721, make- l and t or similar. 153
3 years contract for empanelment of firm for air ambulance services. 142
3.8 mtrs antenna systems with accessories. 120
3054 m&r to various road in gts providing and fixing of footpath kerbing and interlocking block in "ch-3" circle and other places of road in gts. 212
33kv features at 132/11kv liss gangadhara in karimnagar dist. 111
3rd party Inspection of works quality Audit for Development various works in main and sub markets yard of APMC Yadgir. 103
4 core 185 sq. mm armoured xlpe insulated pvc sheathed standard aluminium conductor cable 1100 volt grade as per is: 7098 part-i. make : gloster/polycab/superflex. 160
4 state-organized business district quantification large segment. 131
40 gb tape cartridge dds4 make- hpor similar. 209
40. consruction of liftwasti to mahadevmandir at vadgaondarekar, tal. daund, dist. pune. 137
400 amp igbt inverter. 206
42 ah-dry smf batteries for ups installed in data center. 124
45 brtf tender for supply and stacking of rubble stone stone metal 40 mm stone chips 20 mm and coarse sand for pmt works on road ramgrah tanot kishangarh under 95 rcc as specified in special condition. 163
6 tunnels on E18 in northern Vestfold be rehabilitated and upgraded by Tunnel Safety Regulations. The tunnel to be rehabilitated are: Hanekleiv Tunnel ca. 1740m Loken tunnel ca. 700m. 452
6.6kv grade 3.8/6.6 kv uo/v/3x240 sq mm stranded compact circular alluminium conductor,conductor screaming with extruded semi conducting ,xlpe insulated insulation screened with extruded semi conducti. 180
6005 - plain of the bramble. 212
64 volt dc cranking motor locomotive application to edps-142 emd pt. no. 10478829 alt., dlw pt. no. 18090011. 180
75hp auto star delta starter. 118
80m & 90m expansion bridges. 113
8423/bor/e8 annual maint, repair and cleaning of sewage lines, manholes septic tanks and soak well and certain allied wroks at sunderban and technical area under ge (af) borjhar. 177
8424/bor/e8 repair to fencing and gate, tiling, roofing, misc and alled works at site c , 3 afsr, mes complex at af stn borjhar. 172
90 degree male elbow assly , size- 1/2 x 1/4 pt no - 11.32.0746 , drg. no - sk no - 0652. 121
A contract for the award of service contracts by the open procedure for the transport vehicles and objects. 220
A provision of 22 nos. Of water coolers 160 ltrs with ro system at 14 stations over dhanbad division. Gmo sgrl crp ghd rnq cpu tet psb bkro gmia klre ghq wdm and anpr b improvement of booking office w. 135
A R And M O Non Residential Building At 4 5 6 And 8 Esplanade East And 6 Decares Lane Kolkata 69 During 2015 16 Sh Providing And Laying S W Pipe Line Repairing And Making Manhole And Making Connection. 141
A set of 1/2 liter capacity diesel filter and engine oil filter for diesel vehicles of coaching depot, tirupati make: bosch or purolation. 182
A set of facemill cutter 125mm. 119
A set of items consisting of 2 items 1 clutch disc inner to godrej part no.38950061 or equivalent, qty-10 nos. and 2 clutch disc, outer to godrej part no.38950068 or equivalent, qty- 10 nos., for main. 137
A&a to high mast tower at various point of saputara dist dang. 167
A&e services for strategic facilities plan. 111
Abo, ln2 and liquid argon for various u.S. midwest locations. 103
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 222
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 198
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 166
Acetal guide bush for axle box guide arrgt. to rcf drg no. cc01115 alt.C, 90 percent and acetal guide bush for axle box guide arrgt. to rdso drg. no.Sk-84102 alt-5, item-1, step size- a - 10 percent c. 189
Acid proof rubber pad for use in battery size: 20 x 200 x 675 mm. 111
Acoustic work for conference hall vimarsh hall at Hotel Palash Bhopal. Conference news 118
Acquisition and implementation of a drug supply chain management software and general store. 194
Acquisition Hats and Ties D.S.Caras-Severin. 218
Acquisition Lot 1-8000 Pcs. Fence Panels Trimmed to 9.000 Pcs. Pillars Supporting the Panels to Protect Green Spaces and Lot 2-50 Pc. Plastic Pots. 234
Acquisition of digital teaching equipment and platforms for implementation of digital education project in gueda county schools - "agueda education +. 226
Acquisition Of Envelopes And Mailers For The Services Of The Department Of The Pas-De-Calais. 128
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 103
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 104
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 108
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 106
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 106
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 102
Acquisition of medical products and pharmaceutical. 106
Acquisition of paper bond. 104
Acquisition of Parts, Accessories and Repair Services for Chainsaws and Brush Cutter - Ds Timis. 237
Acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment - Ds Timis. 226
Acquisition of servers marop. 417
Acquisition Of Uniforms "Guerrilla") (Jacket And Pants. 114
Acquisition Security Services. 346
Acquisition, transportation and disposal of slurry and dewatered sludge ara jever. 235
Acrylic foldable posterier chamber iol. uv blocking hydrophobic acrylic multi pieces with 60 percent blue core pmma monofilament heptic like abbot medical optics-model ar40e. or similar. fda approved. 108
Addition alteration in gpra at cgs colony, ghatkopar west, mumbai 37 during 2015 16. sh: up gradation of left out old residential quarters as per new norms of type d 6 nos. type d special 3 nos. type. 151
Addition and alteration to officers mess, airmen mess, dsc mess and dsc living in accn at air force station chimney hills, bangalore. 216
Addition and alteration to officers mess, airmen mess,dsc mess and dsc living in accn at air force station chimney hills bangalore. 152
Additional compulsory insurance market health and deaths. 207
Additional electrification work at ergonomics lab in mechanical engg: dept:rit, pampady, kottayam. 117
Additional work on tukwada checkdam at village tukwada ta.Pardi. 199
Additions and alterations to air crew cabins for transit officers at naval air enclave under ins adyar, provision of chajja and drain at map phase - ii at meenambakkam under ge (navy) chennai. 158
Addn Altn And Repairs To Technical Examination Room In P22 Bldg At Nsry Kochi Special Repairs To Flooring Of Certain Workshops At Nsry Kochi And Certain Sanctioned Works. 152
Addn altn to jcos or md accn at mil stn barabanki under ge (east) lucknow. 136
Addn/altn to cook house bldg no t-22 at surankote under age (i) cif (r). 160
Adhesive fevicol sh or equal brands as per is 4835/79 or latest in 5 kgs. contener. note: firm should attach manufacture/autherised dealership certificate alongwith offer otherwise their offer likely. 119
Adhesive synthetic ind/me/788(d). 157
Adjustable aluminium tripode. 119
Adresa de la care se pot obtine informatii suplimentare:. 105
Advertisement on Billboards Unipoles kiosks and Bridges and Flyover panels for 5 Years. 103
Advice of hydraulic and regulatory process associated with rainstorms tunnel project. 179
AE-71: Pre monsoon preventive maintenance works and unforeseen emergency works on various roads in Zone-VI in Eastern Suburbs Division. (Year 2016-17). 103
Aerospace Propulsion Systems. 213
Afghanistan : EU makes 8 Million euro available to continue improving the Afghan mental health and disability services. 178
Afghanistan,United Arab Emirates : UAE participates in Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process Conference. Conference news 158
African Union: funding window for PCRD measures, Ethiopia. 170
Age(i)cif(k) 74/2015 16 repair to certain steel and wooden furniture at pattan grn. 144
Age(i)cif(k) 75/2015 16 repair to certain steel and wooden furniture at hq cif (k) in shalateng grn. 148
Agency services for public relations as part of the op erdf. 120
Aggregates and sand, vstervik environment & energy ab and vstervik. 122
Agreement aftransport and processing various waste streams. 144
agreement to supply products for the project "Construction of 110 kV, 110/35/6 kV" Upper "(for technological connection of oil. 121
Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products. 167
Ahuja light weight speaker stand similar to sta-150 model. height adjustment 3 1/2 -6 1/2 40 kg load capacity and 4.7 kg weight. 123
Air brake set for vp coaches. 299
Air fresheners 300ml. 124
Air hose rubber. 149
Air hose schunk make part no.3-b04.9347 for pantograph type wbl 23.03 (vital item). 114
Air inlet duct for pc lhb.Where ever insulation appears in the drg.It should be read as per mdts. 336
Air operated diaphram pump. 112
Aircraft C-130 Avionics Modernization. 261
Aircraft deicing fluid - 2016. 122
Ak - hemodialysis machine purchase. 153
Al.Plate 5 mm thick is:736-1986,. 114
Alarm gong voltage range 64v to 75v dc sheet 1 of 2 and alarm gong 75volt dcsheet 2 of2. drg.No.Del71-54 sheet 1 of 2 alt r 10 del/1-54 sheet 2 of 2 alt r 2. 246
All in all operation & maintenance work (with materials) of electrical installation at pandit dindayal uppadhaya indoor stadium, surat. 180
All wool cloth serge having minimum width 140 cms exclusive of selvedges conforming to specification no. is: 2319/1987 3rd revision with amndt no. 1. reaffirmed 2003 proofed shade: white superior.. 195
Alum sheet 1 x 1220 x 2000mm. 142
Aluminium pop rivet size - 3/16 x 1/2 length. 101
Aluminium self supporting ladder of size 12 feet the ladder should conform to the followiing specifications:the ladder should be made from high tensile, industrial quality strong and durable, provided. 179
Aluminium self supporting ladder of size 6 feet the ladder should conform to the followiing specifications:the ladder should be made from high tensile, the ladder should be industrial quality strong a. 182
Aluminium self supporting ladder of size 8 feet the ladder should conform to the followiing specifications:the ladder should be made from high tensile, the ladder should be industrial quality strong a. 187
Aluminum ladder double fabricated superior quality size:- 6 fit,10fit,20 fit. each make-india mark or similar. 145
Aluminum ladder(two) types. 255
Amantadine hcl 100mg cap. 129
Amc for ac/stablizers in dhi. 137
Amc for dental chair unit of hospital. 112
Amc for maintenance of hoists and eot cranes. 113
Amc for refilling of co2 cartridge, refilling co2 extinguisher and refilling of stored pressure type dcp fire extinguisher for 24 months. 133
Amc for rotork make actuators at iocl bgr. 122
Amc For Shakers Model Pe (2 Nos) Sr No 2005-500-10/11, Model Le Sr No 2001-400-48. 115
AMC for work of maintenance of ACC Fan Gearbox at GTPS, Uran. 116
Amc of 10 nos. dg sets of rtg cranes sub station and dct-okhla for one year. 133
Amc of servers authorized channel service partners of oem. 147
Ame for rewinding and repairs to motors, burnt ceiling fans, pedestal fans and exhaust fans available in esd-i, tirupati for the year 2015-16. 155
Amlodepine 5mg tab. 128
Amoxycillin 250mg plus clavulanic acid 125mg tab. 132
Amphibious ships planning boa draft synopsis. 104
Amplifiers 200 watts with usb ahuja make similar to tza2000dp model. 108
Amul taza milk,haldiram , dinshah. 118
An older wooden building in 2 floors built in 1958 with some supplementary recent. The building contains office section and one tutorial session. The building has a full basement floor where there a. 411
And Topographic Services Surveyor On Behalf Of The Port Of Reunion. 177
Angle grinder, power 720 watt, 1100 rpm, disc dia 100 mm model : gsw8-100c make : bosch or similar. 159
Angola : Satec to deploy CSG International's solutions at Angola Telecom. 155
Annealed stranded copper jumper wire, size:105 sq.Mm as per rdso spec no. eti/ohe/3 2/94 with a and c slip no. 1 or latest. 166
Annexure-a indianoil corporation limited (petrochemical marketing) notice inviting tender internal movement of polymers packaged in pp woven sacks from polymer warehouse to pta warehouse panipat. 154
Annual civil maintenance contract. 132
Annual comprehensive operation with daily routine running maintenance(minor) to ensure trouble free run of different pumping and allied units of 06 mgd bagjola sewage treatment plant. 154
Annual contract for maintenance and repair of submersible pumps and motors of different capacities including starter over dhanbad division for three years. 115
Annual contract for Mechanical Maintenance of Chlorination Plant, at 210 MW WTP, BTPS, Deepnagar. 128
Annual Contract For Repairs And Maintenance Of Buildings And External Infrastructure Civil Works In Anu Kiran Colony Of RR Site For The Year 2016. 147
Annual contract for supply of chemical consumable on as & when required basis at BTPS, Deepnagar. 129
Annual Contract for the work as Feeder Manager on 11 KV Borkund Gaothan feeder for performing work of Loss Reduction, to Improve Collection Efficiency and Improvement in Consumer Services and thereby. 165
Annual contract of providing cartridges tonner for printers installed in dipp udyog bhawan new delhi. 137
Annual Maintaenance And Repairs For Specific E And M Services For Excise Office Building And Residential Quarters At Vadodara For Year 2015 16 Sh Providing Services Of Computer Operator At Sub Divisio. 112
Annual Maintenance And Operation Contract (AMOC) For Bio Toilet Fitted In Coaches Based At Coaching Depot/Kota, Kota Division For One Year. 139
Annual maintenance contract (Preventive & Breakdown) Of Lintern, Usa Make Split. 173
Annual Maintenance Contract Boyles Machine & Manifold. 187
Annual maintenance contract for blade center, blade server, storage and support for vmware. 178
Annual maintenance contract for flowmeters at c lube installation, sewree. 117
Annual maintenance contract for melss make bin weighing system. 118
Annual Maintenance contract For Weighbridges At North Gate - Fact-Uc. 122
Annual maintenance contract including security for 1.2 mld sewage treatment palnt, kirkee. (iii call). 147
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Computers Under Divisional Forest Office, South Andaman. 139
Annual Maintenance Contract of Electrical Installation, DG Sets, Air Conditioners, Motor pumpsets and other Electrical accessories at BBMP Head Office premises. 111
Annual Maintenance Of Computer Installed In The Office Of Ee Cd 3 Cpwd Ip Bhawan New Delhi The Ae 2 Cd3 Cpwd Cbd Karkardooma Delhi Ae3 Cd3 Arc Complex Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Delhi And The Ae4 Cd3 Cpwd Ip. 129
Annual maintenance of ist phase canal system of ozat-ii water resources project for the year 2015-16. 179
Annual Mtc. Operation, Running and Preventive maintenance of pump sump and all other allied pumping machinery for disposal of sewage for 2.40 Nos. one room houses near colony No. 4, Indl. Area Ph- 1,. 153
Annual operation of pumps and valves for water supply system at water treatment plant and booster pump house (near bharatpur chowk) for balram township of balram ocp under hingula area. 148
Annual plan-strengthening of project directorate, atma kottayam- electrification works. 113
Annual rate contract for glass cleaning work at hotel janpath, new delhi. 132
Annual rate contract for stitching of uniform in hotel samrat. 131
Annual rate contract for street lighting, tower lighting electrical maintenance activities in distribtuion area of refinery. 111
Annual rate contract Of Smps Power Plant Modules In Unnao Ssa. 102
Annual rate for urgent electrical installation work under vadodara electrical (r&b) division, vadodara. 174
Annual Regular Inspection, Greasing, repairing, Maintenance and chlorination and Water Sample Collection Including Procurement of Materials as per requirement. 153
Annual service contract for the job of bobr unloading at chp stps. 159
Annual sweeping and sanitary maintenance work at dcc township. 135
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for comprehensive maintenance of air conditioners installed at dr. b.A.C.G.H and cantonment office (iii call). 153
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for comprehensive maintenance of epabx system and conference system installed at dr. b.A.C.G.H and cantonment office (iii call). Conference news 155
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for repairs and modifications to group toilets and urinals (iv call). 146
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for repairs to cantonment fund hospital and schools (iv call). 146
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for repairs to cantonment gardens at various locations. (iv call). 143
Annual term contract for 2015-2016 for repairs to drains at various locations iv call. 140

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