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Articles from Mena Report (August 4, 2015)

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" bearing " for idler pully. ( elen screw). 122
"Buying an external source of electrical power (GPU) and an external hydraulic power source (HPU) during maintenance of aircraft" within the Project entitled. "Construction of hangars for aircraft wit. 230
"security with alarm administrative buildings nssi - smolyan.". 347
"supply of diesel, unleaded 95 fuel additive adblue for the city headquarters of the state fire brigade in wroclaw." mt.2370.2.2015. 541
"water pump repair kit " a/l jnnurm 1/550 lot. 126
(1) Electrical (G) Works In Connection With Provision Of Dog Kennel At Danapur. (2) Electrical (G) Works In Connection With Replacement Of Block No.50 (Type-Iv Quarters-4 Nos) At Danapur. 158
(1)gg module abb doc.No.Hiet431057r0003 - 01 no. (2)wre module abb doc. no.Hiet430751r0004 - 03 nos . 299
(i)dixi polytool make end mill cutter, mill dixi 7242 x18.0 tiain.(ii) grooving set of iscar make consists of: a) 01 no. holder,pchr 20-24 b) 10 nos. penta insert,. 184
(ph no.:22105) ginkgobiloba (plus) b6 (plus) b12 (plus) folic acid tab. 121
(ph no.:29011) calcium phosphate dibasic (plus) choline (plus) chromic chloride, folic acid, vit - a, b1, b12, b3, b5, b6, c, d, zinc cap. 133
/ Entity: chassis cab with hydraulic components for rescue vehicles. 144
02 misc civil works at bts,wani north area. 101
03 misc civil works at bts, wani north area. 103
03(Three) Nos. 150Mm Dia, Horizontal/Inclined Bore Holes From 20 Level & 19 Level Off 19 Dip At 20 Level Dev. District In Narsamuda Seam( R-X) Workings Of Narsamuda Colliery. 138
04 types of telephone cable. 154
1 2 units passenger cars without driver and a 15-seater minibus with driver drying of fuel car rental. 105
1 rmo stac units army at sena bhawan new delhi 2 rmo wtac units and stac units navy at sena bhawan new delhi sh annual maintenance contract of window split type air conditioners. 109
1) transportation and installation of belt conveyor (800mm) from surface to 19l/14d seam-ii panel w2 at ab incline 2) construction of side wall along the material drift from (iv) bottom sector-c to se. 116
1)battery operated hex crimping tool, of range 6-150 sq. mm cu lugs, crimping force 50 kn stroke 12-15 mm, with battery & battery charger along with hex dies of size : 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120,. 110
1)coupling bolt qty: 28 no 2)coupling bolt qty: 54 no 3)coupling bolt qty: 64 no 4)cap nut qty: 164 no 5)collar nut qty: 16 no 6)auxiliary coupling bolt qty: 64 no 7)auxiliary coupling bolt qty: 36 no. 118
1)throw away carbide turning insert. iso designation: rcmx 120400. grade:p30.-ofmk. 120
1. construction of of c.C. chock ram dwara, ghanti road, at & ta. idar. 2. constructing r.C.C. box culvert at. valmiki vas main road, at. idar. 186
1. construction of protection wall at idariya shila udhyan at & ta. idar. 2. constructing a cultural and education hall, at. indra nagar area, at. idar. 3. constructing a cultural and education hall,. 198
1. Oem harness pt. nO. 5275841 quantity 01 no. 114
1. rmo, dg sets in ww hostel and 160 type-ii quarters and joa block i and ii at minto road, new delhi. 2. moei and fans, ffs, wrs, pas, fas and dg set in 56 nos. t-iv, 330 nos. t-iii and 495 nos. t-iv. 144
1.Cleaning /earth work in excavation for smouth flowing of monsoon water of drain. 122
1.Cutting, Cleaning and re-cleaning of monsoon drain No.1,2,& 3 W/G Section of Gopalichuck Colliery under P. B. Area 2.Cutting. 148
1.Exothermic sleeves for knuckle etc. 2.Exothermic sleeves suspension h/tube etc. 123
1.Rep./ Maint. of shio mandir & Mahabir mandir at madhuband Colliery. 146
1.sinamics basic line filter make 2.sinamics s120 single motor module 3 sinamics active interface module 4.sinamics s120 active line module. 124
10 types of items. (cboii). 112
110 kv transmission line rebuilding. 166
11kv xlpe, 3 core x 400 sq.Mm h.T under ground power cable stranded circular al. conductor screened extruded semi conducting compound, xlpe insulated core laid up inner sheathed, p. 138
132 kV Substations. 136
135 people in the 36 month term media general cleaning. 103
14 - osteosynthesis material and implants. 163
143zp15 procedure of public procurement above the amount of eur 207 000 for the service parts of the site without the aquilion ct scanner for sn: a3512039, x-ray machine ulitimax of sn: 99d0542434, x-. 553
152165504_00 _ a14, as groE- warnow to as grabow (vke6), los 4/15001 _ bw6.04, bridge iz the l08 E-.d. bab 14, construction km 5 + 285 ad. 231
160 persons without material cleaning and food preparation. 105
1961-krg-bet-069 battalion headquarters building album number of rain gutters and latrines repair. 109
2 group 1 and group 2 groups of chemical fertilizer purchase of saplings. 113
2 number cooks for the year 2015 duzkoy nature camp, 2 and 3 quantity quantity cooks assistant labor service procurement. 112
200watt xgt induction lamp set high bay with fixture energy saving induction lamp .Make:-ohmslvd-solecasa/osram/havell s/macsun. 116
2015 giheung-gu maintenance construction road signs. 111
2015- vettikavala block panchayath annual plan melila grama panchayath construction of rcc structure for anganawadi building no 80 in chethady ward. 136
2015- vettikkavala block panchayath annual plan melila panchayath concreting and side protection of nadeeluvila myladompara road. 131
2015-2016 its health facilities need for 3 years group supplies kit provision or use application equipment purchase. 104
20154621 supply, installation and integration of equipment vhf radio control towers with 8.33 khz spacing. 185
2016 school year, dongnae middle school uniform (winter clothing, havok) school sponsored purchase bidding. 121
2016 school year, masan central middle school uniform (winter clothing, havok) buyers bid selection announcements. 102
2075 miscellaneous & general services expe. incu. on acco. of visit v.I.P. v.V.I.P. independence day parede on dt.15/08/2015 at ramkatha medan in sector no.11 at gandhinagar. (providing mandap, stage,. 226
208 340 litters Fuel oil extra light 1 (EL-1) for heating season 2015/2016 for needs of Municipality of Radovish, Primary schools, secondary school and kindergarten Aco Karamanov in Municipality Radov. 157
24 w led street light fitting as per railway technical specification as annexure - 1 enclosed make philips , bajaj, cgl, wipro, arya or equal. one set consists of 04 nos. led street light fittings. 406
25 / LOT / 2015 - Training crew on a flight simulator helicopter Mi-2. 140
25 items flag, flag and flag pole purchase. 101
25 mm steady arm clamp and jaw ( forged ) complete with fasteners as per rdso s specn. no - ti-spc-ohe-fittings-0130 ( 10-13 ) and rdso s drg. no. - ti-drg-ohe-ftgfe-rdso-00015-10-0 ( ri no. - 2491 -. 376
26 total marine vehicles maintenance repair, pooling, cradle of withdrawal works. 111
27/2015 apro framework supply agreement disposable gowns destined to centers of navarra health service-osasunbidea, oct. december 2015. 2015. 214
2nd tranche of requalification of space mediterranean enterprises on the village of rivesaltes - green spaces and landscaping. 185
3 seater double motor coach. 175
300 T Converter Refractory Set For Sms Ii (Old Shell) On Supply & Application Basis Under Trm: No Of Items & Quantity-1 Set. 202
30095 e7 0001 emau greifswald, san.ehem. surgery; conveyors; 15e0211k. 207
400w mh lamp tubular type similar to surya model no. 400w t plus make- surya or similar. 111
6 real estate property appraisal services in the state of mi. 113
8 month 8 skilled and 13 unskilled workers operation service procurement business and the time. 106
82-2016 Supply of Frozen Food. 216
9 MW AC Aria solar PV. 128
9pcs t-handle allen key set mm size product no-takm9 contents -metal stand,t handle allen keys 1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm make-tapariya or similar. 124
A hybridization equipment. 208
A new building ELI laser center in Dolni Brezany - design documentation. 128
A new building ELI laser center in Dolni Brezany - design documentation. 124
A set of different type u clamp, consisting two items as per annexure enclosed. 114
A. 28 mm dia galv. anchor stud bolt 226mm drg. no. mtp/w/pw/4-95 mrc/w/pw/2-97. b. 28 mm dia galv. anchor stud with nut 226mm long mrc/w/pw/2-97. qty. 12050 nos to be supplied to sse/w/noa/con/m.Rly./. 156
A.R.C. of toner cartridge new/ recondition/ refilling. 173
A3.183 supply light poles, luminaires and lamps municipality leiderdorp. 164
A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass). 328
A5/B5070 Gledrid Roundabout Safety Improvement. 188
A52 Cole Lane Footbridge Painting. 248
Abduction market dumpsters, transportation and processing of waste from civic amenity sites and processing plant waste from the community of municipalities of opal sea and land. 479
Ac 1200 control pc board assembly part no-l5648-2 make-lincon. 309
Accelerate its clinical programme to develop an engineered T cell treatment for blood cancers such as acute myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. 251
Accident and health insurance services. 148
Accounting and auditing services. 157
Accounting and auditing services. 103
Acoustic enclosure for safety valve testing. 110
Acquiring a digital radiographic developing means for existing rx generator. 108
Acquisition 20153403 camouflaged jacket unlined open woodland, wooded mimicked weather pants, blue coat outdoors ucfas 2p and arid weather jacket. 203
Acquisition and planning advertising services (print media campaign) national tourism brand in turkey. 494
Acquisition of 2 air conditioners split type 36,000btu your installation kit, 25 feet cable pipe signal and power. 2 air conditioners split type 24,000btu your installation kit, 25 feet of tubing, cab. 256
Acquisition of 23 trucks distributing multiportion meal. 129
Acquisition of books (not school). 313
Acquisition of long-term financial loans to finance the project procurement city and suburban buses with euro 6 engines that are fueled by compressed natural gas (cng) and diesel fuel. 335
Acquisition of materials for structural work and finishings. 195
Acquisition of supplies and small equipment for the maintenance of schools and departmental buildings. 217
Acquisition of technical supplies for municipal workshops municipal technical centre of the city of mougins - batch no. 4 and 5 of the stimulus nofs14 market / 19. 173
Acquisition of two hybrid buses standards for the urban community of ouest provence (60). 176
Acquisition of two sorption analyzers for ijl. 136
Acquisition of used utility vehicle. 124
Acquisition Van -Drdp Brasov. 440
Acquisition wing liberators type atlas pr-a2x or equivalent model and their associated spares for the hosts. 254
Acqusition of food for school meals. 192
Active Control Program Framework agreement ERTMS. 103
Actuator with holder. 123
Addition alteration at gpra colony at rajkot sh up gradation of old residential of old residential balance quarters as per new norms of type iv 8 nos type iii 48 nos and type ii 4 nos quarters for gpr. 110
Addition and alteration civil work and internal electrification for vapi officer quarters-1,2,3,4 and vapi guest house-5,6. 205
Additional insurance group health and mandatory from 01/01/2016 for employees of spleth. 142
Addl altn to cook house dining hall misc br revenue works in rr at panzgaon khanabal under hq victor force under ge 861 ews. 103
Adjusting the databases of land and buildings (EGiB) to the requirements of an integrated information system for real estate in the county LubaczEw "H & S reference number. 2610.33.2015.KN.ZSIN. 265
Administration Building Add Terminal Units. 156
Advanced ICU Ventilators Workstation. 118
Advanced power controller for heating element of furnace. 183
Advisory architectural services. 195
Afforestation of agricultural land in the municipality of hissar. 197
AFI Park 4 & 5. 219
Agreement for the Provision of Domiciliary Care in Staffordshire Prisons. 160
Air transport services. 161
Aircraft equipment. 147
Airport lighting system (papi). 278
Al Qudra road to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Water Pipeline. 105
All in one office machine as per specification attached. 110
All the part & parcel of the property consisting of lease hold land, building and industries. 548
Allen key set mm brown finish product no akm-9 box packing make-tapariya or similar. 108
Allen keys long ball point sets inch size product no-kbhm9l make-tapariya or similar. 107
Aluminium conduit pipe-approx od-64mm / 2.5 inch, id 57mm, 12ft in length for lhb ac coaches. 113
Alumparambu nadakkavu drinking water supply scheme in melarcode grama panchayath. 129
Amalgamated Yekona I & II OCM of Majri Area. 210
Amc for 4 number of lifts make otis installed at hudco vishala building bhikaji cama place new delhi. 104
Amc for plumbing/masonry work for residential building at navi mumbai (vashi,belapur and sanpada). 106
Amc services of campus wide network (lan) and expansion of the existing network if required. 112
Ammunition container 39 a/l. 169
an audit of a project funded by the National Centre for Research and Development Fri. Socio-cultural identification of foreigners. 167
Analog time switch one daily dial 240v a.C of model no:em/1 quattz, make:l&t. 125
Analogue Transreceivers UHF 2 5 Watts 380 512 Mhz along with accessories. 118
Analogue Transreceivers VHF 2 5 watts 136 174 Mhz along with accessories. 118
Analogue Transreceivers VHF 20 25 watts 136 174 Mhz mobile along with accessories. 119
Analysis of the impact of the development of cross-border connections. 200
Analysis services. 109
And c plate carriage service vehicle rental service embroidered purchase. 108
Andirin he isl conducting 77 code no. ahmetoglu d day d firebreaks art building construction, aquifer or isl conducting 203 ko no. savrun o moses d road to the structures and 237 code no. hapisagz the. 136
Angle-trim drg. no.10633018 alt c. 150
Ankara polatli karaahmetl irrigation pond. 122
Annual aintenance contract of galley equipments of cadet mess at indian naval academy ezhimala for a perid of one year. 120
Annual cleaning and up keeping of b seam. 146
Annual contract for cleaning kussara depot premises. 131
Annual contract for day to day maintenance of electrical complaints and repair of telephone faults at hotel janpath new delhi. 106
Annual contract for hiring 2 nos. of TATA SUMO or equivalent vehicles at CSTPS,Chandrapur. 125
Annual contract for maintenance of navigation channel of magdalla port. 188
Annual loading/unloading and stacking of materials at getco s r&m store haldarwa under transmission division haldarwa. 195
annual maintenance (including watch & ward) to ttd kalyanamandapam at balijakandriga & watch & ward to ttd shelter. 150
Annual maintenance and repairs of gi/ci/rcc/di pipes including laying of various sizes of pipes as per the estimations and work orders in various locations of secunderabad cantonment. 118
Annual Maintenance Contract For House Keeping At Various Exchange Buildings Under Dgm (T/C) E-2 Except Charai Telephone Exchange Building. 107
Annual Maintenance contract FOR UPS comprehensive amc of UPS in IDSN,. 108
Annual Maintenance Contract for Water Purifiers at NSIT. 127
Annual Maintenance Contract of 3 Nos HPDJ800PS Plotters and 1 No HP5550dn. 195
Annual maintenance contract of cooling tower including optional job for 5x210 mw units of bktpp. 133
Annual Maintenance contract of engine alternator in jabalpur ssa. 172
Annual maintenance for operation & maintenance of 2nd stage lift, kalvacharla lift irrigation scheme at gadarada (v) korukonda (m) east godavari dist. at k.M 25.000 on thota venkatachalam pushkara lif. 163
Annual maintenance for operation & maintenance of 2nd stage lift, narasapuram lift irrigation scheme at narasapuram (v) korukonda (m) east godavari dist. at km 20.000 on thota venkatachalam pushkara l. 167
Annual maintenance for operation & maintenance of 2nd stage lifts of kesavaram lift ii @ km 7.425 on kesavaram dystributary of p.L.I.S. main canal of thota venkatachalam pushkara lift irrigation schem. 165
Annual maintenance for operation & maintenance of radial gates, head sluice, electrical equipment and manual establishment of bhupathipalem reservoir project for the year 2015-16 (period from 1-9-2015. 146
Annual Maintenance of PCs, Printers, UPS System and associated equipments located at various R-APDRP Towns. 151
Annual maintenance of plumbing and sanitary system for offices at Prakashgad, Dharavi, ,HSBC, Kalachouki Godown, Guest House at R-10 & Dadar and R-10 colony labour work, Mumbai.6.0. 156
Annual Maintenance of R.O. Plant at PTS II. 121
Annual maintenance of street lights along with supply, installation of various capacity street light fittings including all electrical accessories and cement concrete poles etc. in secunderabad canton. 120
Annual maintenance of water supply arrangement i.E. pumps, valves, spindles, check nuts etc. at central colony under jagannath area. 104
Annual maintenance, watch & ward to ttd kms at nandyala, bethamcherla in kurnool district for the year 2015 -2016. 130
Annual operation and maintenance works of different auxiliaries and equipments at 400 KV Substation Sarnath under E400 KV S/S TD Sarnath Varanasi. 140
Annual Rate Contract for Binding work with supply of materials. 122
Annual Rate Contract for Operation & Maintenance of Ash Handling Plant, Units # 1-6 (4 x 210 MW & 2 x 250 MW),MTPS,DVC, including Ash water make up Pps for U#5&6, Ash Water Pumps unit#1-4,Clarified w. 136
Annual rate contract for operation & routine maintenance of pumping machinery & allied equipment of u/g drainage scheme at vapi ind. estate. 220
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Internal Ei And Fans Lifts Pump Set Sub-Station Dg Set Fire Fighting Fire Alarm And Pa System At Agcr Agcw And M Building New Delhi. 114
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Various Electrical Installation at Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital Pitampura Delhi. 128
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Various Electrical Mechanical Equipments at Saraswati Vihar Police Station Police Colony under AEE M3521EMD M352. 133
Annual work contract for maintenance of bottom ash, coarse ash, tube settler, water & ash slurry pumps of ahp ii, unit no. 5 (500 mw) khaparkheda tps. 137
Annual Work Contract for Monthly meter Reading through Digital cameras of 10 > above Mega pixel, data punching, reading through HHU machine, generation of I-30/ B-30, creating of CD and Bill distri. 167
Annual Work Contract for Monthly meter Reading through Digital cameras of 10 > above Mega pixel. 167
Annual Work Contract for Monthly meter Reading through Digital cameras. 167
Annual work for dry and wet sweeping and cleaning of public building Hostel etc. 121
Ao 1692 - open multi-attribute framework agreement for the supply of electricity and associated services on behalf of vilogia. 131
Aoa Perimeter Access Road Cip 1604. 126
Aoo lbgf 15c0004 - framework agreement - supply and indoor and outdoor signage installation for colleges and buildings of the pas-de-calais - single lot. 191
Aortic valve implantation and percutaneous mitral and pulmonary transapically. 297
Application management and hosting of the SAFIR application (Management Information System markets related to vocational training). 144
Appointment of transport contractor for transportation of imported cargo from kolkata airport to the premises of the ultimate consignee. 113
Aqm-37 battery refurbishment. 101
Arc for erection of ct operated meters on distribution transformer center under various s/dn of navsari rural div. 201
Architectural & Engineering Services for the Sheriff%s Office Evidence Facility. 444
Architectural and related services. 352
Architectural and related services. 116
Architectural and related services. 234
Architectural and related services. 129
Architectural and related services. 111
Architectural design services. 220
Architectural services for buildings. 212
Architectural services for buildings. 189
Architectural services for buildings. 197
Architectural services for buildings. 134
Architectural services for buildings. 220
Architectural services for outdoor areas. 123
Architectural Structural Consultancy Services For The Proposed Building For Development Of Controller Along Along With 350 Kw Test Bed. 103
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 154
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 147
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 186
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 131
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 120
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 169
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 134
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 130
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 293
Ards and North Down Borough Council Tender for 2 No 32 Tonne GVW Hook Loader Vehicles. 151
Arm clip with support for 0.25 sq. inch contact wire, dc item no. - 7 as per cee-er s drg. no.- et-13-3-11, mod - a. 331
ARM Of Borderfencing In Aorof 9 Bn BSF Under SHQ BSF Indreshwar Nagar. 118
Armature assly. for f.S. contactor, dlw drg. no. el-pt-0614 alt-r4 item sl. no. 008. 358
Armature rewindind of 220v,45kw,2900rpm dc motor. 119
Arranging shift duties and minor maintenance works of 33/ 11 kv sub-station/ muss, k.shivapur at o & m circle belagavi owned by hescom in the jurisdiction of belagavi zone. (4nos of operators + 4nos o. 140
Arranging SHIFT DUTIES AND MINOR MAINTENANCE WORKS of 33/ 11 KV SUB-STATION/ MUSS, KANAGALA at O & M Circle BELAGAVI owned by HESCOM in the jurisdiction of BELAGAVI Zone. (4Nos of Operators + 4Nos of. 138
Artificial parts of the body. 123
Artisanal food and drinks - years 2016-2018. 211
As as to steel gate and pillars infront of tpw magazine and meeting room 09 bldg of nad v located inside naval dockyard visakhapatanam special repairs to roof treatment on fmu in naval dockyard visakh. 127
Asphalt Concrete Pick-Up (Hot Mix Asphalt). 135
Assembled fabricated a.T.H.S.Bogie frame arrangment for wdm3a/wds6 locomotive with brake gear arrangement items, brake cylinders,damper brackets and its accessories,brake piping and all metallic liner. 184
Assess the compliance of investment projects and construction supervision on construction works in connection with the renovation energy efficiency of residential buildings in implementing the "nation. 392
Assistance in the maintenance, support and development of Oracle PeopleSoft systems at the European Investment Bank. 169
Assistance missions in programming project management, environmental quality, economics construction, technical assistance all trades, restoration engineering (kitchen and haccp) and educational works. 274
At lease for phacoemulsification cataract cameras and the supply of aggregate disposable sets of materials and accessories for cameras phacoemulsification cataract treatments camera to lease phacoemul. 191
Attending breakdown and overhauling works in HSD and HFO pumps and its isolation valves and accessories. 133
Attending fault in AC units under DE-RKN (Phase-1) (Risk & Cost). 106
Attending repairs to the existing compound wall and other miscellaneous works inside store complex at campbell bay. 117
Auction of old steel goods and materials for ex. old fan pumps,tyers and scrap mahandra body at zp jalna. 137
Auction sale of wheat. 101
Audio Visual Media for Jane Long Building. 526
Audio-visual equipment. 158
Aug to village water supply scheme garra bagheda. 118
Augmentation of existing water supply scheme Attari Block Attari Distt Amritsar. 135
Augmentation of water supply in Shahbad Dairy by making inter connection of 300/200 mm dia water line at Shahbad village and Shahbad Dairy in AC-07 under EE (NW) II. 140
Automatic bomb calorimeter. 101
Aux capacitor 0.5 mfd 1000v ac for arno and mcp stator winding. specification no- clw/es/es/c-48, alt-b. 169
Aux. line voltmeter type moving iron, scale range zero to 600 volt and zero to 35 kv for 25 kv ac electric locomotives as per clw specn.No. clw/es/i-21 alt-a. 193
Auxiliary switch assembly complete as per clw drg no. 3 twd.101.138, alt 7 and specification no. 4tes.111.028, alt.-1 and part drawings mentioned therein. note -(1) firms may give a separate additiona. 154
Average remediation importance. 215
Award and support long-term credit in the amount of 68 000 000 pln for the repayment of the loan, loans, and other liabilities that runs in 5 tranches. 216
Award and support long-term loan in the amount of 16 715 120.00 pln to cover the deficit in the amount of 9 137 380,00 zl and to repay earlier loans and borrowings in the amount of 7 577 740,00. 430
Awarding of services in the tourist occasional services by railway vehicles on the route lutherstadt wittenberg - bad schmiedeberg. 159
Axis control card. 111
AZP / 261 / D / 86 / AZ-231/0/41/12/2015 Supply of laboratory reagents, fine laboratory equipment, column chromatography, massage tables, for the purposes of scientific - research, divided into 26 par. Column 200
B 252 ou mE-wela - topsoil removal + archaeological preliminary investigation. 121
B-910 Digital Signage Library System, Term Contract. 109
B21 Fixed-Exit Double Multilayer Monochromator (DLSITT0387). 212
Balance work Resectioning Strengthening and Construction of CC Lining in Selected Reaches in Minor. Sub Minor between RD 0m to 12000m of Godan Distributory System RD 0m to 16000m of DIC Extd. system R. 152
Balance Works For Construction Of Road Over Bridge, Road Under Bridges, Major Bridges And Other Miscellaneous Works In Between Hosdurga Road (Excl.) And Holalkere Railway Station. (Hsd-Jru/25). 136
Ball bearing 6314z/c3 for power take of unit type pt 70az wdm3 loco. 102
Ball valve 5 inch for retention tank., drg no. cg - 11089. 306
Ban - educational landscape altstadt nord, demolition / deconstruction baufeld a. 149
Bangladesh - Maowa, Munshiganj 300-650 MW Coal Fired Power Project. 129
Banking services budget of krakow, and indicated cultural institutions and providing overdraft facilities in 2016-2020. 278
Banking services. 270
Banking services. 137
Barishal/Barguna/Patuakhali 1320 (2x660) MW Ultra Supercritical Coal Based Thermal Power Plant Project. 182
Bart abroad partial production department job done. 109
Bathymetric surveys of fromentine channel. 255
Battery 12 volt - 11 plate xp-800 make - exide of similar. 109
Battery voltmeter type moving coil v-meters flush mounted 0-150 vdc for wam-4 loco to clw specn.No. clw/es/i-2 alt-o. 177
Battery(dry cell rechargeable for l.E.D caplamp). 104
Baulos "Mules 2-3" of the Brenner Base Tunnel. 179
Bayshore boulevard palm replacement. 138
Bazar supply of b and r material for age b r i and age b r ii under ge 864 ews at bb cantt, srinagar. 106
Bear lock nut de for 4.5 kw alternator. ord. ref. s 001416 as per sil price list. pac on sil. 202
Bearing for dumpers. 105
Bearing lock washer de for 4.5 kw alternator ord. ref. s 001415 as per sil price list. pac on sil. 203
Bearing nj 2210 for pit wheel lathe top roller make: skf or nbc or koyo. 102
Beautification of harahi pokhar and construction of ghat and nala for the protection of waste water in harahi pokhar. 151
Beautification/Landscaping of Central Verge of Nallamar Road. 129
Bed cum bracket stopper for sleeper class coaches as per drg no. cbr/04/884. 102
Benefits of insurance services. 103
Benefits supplies, maintenance and commissioning radiocommunications equipment service for the loiret and departmental service fire and rescue du loiret. 273
Berfuliches schulzentrum neusEnE- - new building. 108
Berger Paints Plants in Assam. 124
Bid documents for construction work of remodeling of existing entry gate (aathamano & ungamano gate) at dahegam nagarpalika under swarnim jayanti mukhyamantri saheri vikash yojana (udp : 88) 2015-16 d. 198
Biel, Tissot Arena, Outdoor Parking North and South. 140
Bienne, Tissot Arena, parking places (North and South). 102
Billet carbon steel size 100x100mm in length of 5.4m to 9.0 metres,square secion for specialforging with wearing surface confirming to class v to is :1875/1992. 332
BingE[micro]l gE-lbahar dam reservoir in rural access roads remain rolekasyo the construction works. 101
Block and Spot Contract for the Provision of Supported Accommodation for Young People Aged 16-17 Years in Worcestershire. 196
Bmc for routine cleaning and tightness checking of control panels, control stations, junction boxes etc.,. 106
Bog dam loop road-stream crossings replacement. 142
Boise gym equipment. 101
Boom pipe first (a) section with handle and 1 mtr.Long chain (3000mm length). the boom shall be painted with alternative black and golden yellow bands of 300mm width commencing with yellow band-drg.No. 181
Boom pipe fourth (d) section (3000mm length). the boom shall be painted with alternative black and golden yellow bands of 300mm width commencing with yellow band-drg.No.S and t/by/sb-10.Attached as an. 174
Boom pipe second (b) section with both ends fixed riveted coupling (3000 mm length). the boom shall be painted with alternative black and golden yellowbands of 300 mm width commencing with yellow band. 181
Boom pipe third (c) section with one end fixed riveted coupling (3000mm length). the boom shall be painted with alternative black and golden yellow bands of 300mm width commencing with golden yellow b. 182
Boot anti mine is used for breaching of mine fields, creation of infantry safe lines and other operations in mine fields. 107
Boron free coolant for diesel locomotives approved by rdso as per maintenance instruction no. mp.Mi-15 revision 06 may 2013. i) hp power kool rr of m/s. hpcl. one set is the quantity required in one l. 244
Boss m4x10x16 ost 3-1496-72. 111
Bottom corner piece.Drg.No.Isv-2043. 119
Box containing 500 nos of disc electrodes to pt no.9100001 or equivalent suitable for rotating disc. electrode spaectrometer of moa-ii plus model, moa instrumentation, make:insternational/usa. 128
Brackets right side for cbc operating handle as per drg. no. b/trs/ex.Ftg/2/67 alt.No: a. ref. nos: 1 to 8. note: one sample should be got approved before effecting bulk supply. 136
Brake gear arrgt. and details with mn steel bush and pins for wag7 locos. one set consists of all items as per clw s drg.No. 06-1-19-108 alt. 4 indicated below in spec.-drawing (except bk.Cylinder l.H. 347
Bread and bakery products. 122
Build Working in conjunction with Sports. 119

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