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Articles from Mena Report (August 22, 2015)

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"Subscriber maintenance of accounting software" Rival ", incl. Update accounting software "Rival" and its adjacent modules Providing systematic help with monthly and quarterly closing, aware of develo. 134
"supply of building materials and labor park church corregimiento." punta chame. 150
"supply of office furniture and equipment for the use of public prosecutor, mp-l-4-2015". 106
"widening and strengthening of mangalagiri-rayapudi road from km 5.000 to 9.000 in guntur district". 154
"widening and strengthening of undavalli-yerrabalem (via) penumaka road from km 0.000 to 2.100 in guntur district". 160
"widening and strengthening of undavalli-yerrabalem (via) penumaka road from km 2.100 to 4.000 in guntur district". 159
"widening and strengthening of undavalli-yerrabalem (via) penumaka road from km 4.000 to 6.450 in guntur district". 160
&t work in connection with elimination of level crossing no. 115, 11, 12, 14, 16, 24 & 25 by providing rubs in mgs-ald main line section. 131
(1) cc insert tpgn 160308 uncoated k10-k20. (2) c.C.Insert tnmg 220412 drg.No. inktmc0075 alt a. 311
(1) surgical rubber gloves with isi mark 4148 -1989 (non sterile) (2) disposable surgical rubber gloves with isi mark 13422- 1992 (sterile) - on r.C. basis. 229
(1)-complete renewal of point & crossing 1 in 12 and 1 in 8.5 and trap point laid on wooden/st sleepers with fan shaped psc sleepers turnout etc in the section of sr.Den/i/mb. (2nd time)., (2)-manning. 235
(1)-heavy repair/replacement in illumination level, power & water supply and charging facilities at jwalapur, haridwar, motichur, raiwala & rishikesh railway station for passengers i.C.W. ardh kumbh m. 184
(A) Casual Renewal Aof Broken Psc Lc Sleeper Ee 1500Nos (B) Provision Of 1M Long Fish Plate. 129
(a) manufacture and supply of 52 kg composite grooved rubber sole plate of rdso drg. no.T-8327 (e-tender no.04078327) (b)manufacture and supply of 60 kg composite grooved rubber sole plate of rdso drg. 146
(a)at njp : repairs to platform surface including coping slab at pf no. 2, 3, 4 & 5 by kota stone etc. (b) at njp : repairs to platform surface at pf no. 1 by kota stone, terrazzo tiles including copi. 154
(Automobile roads and highways and other road elements roads, runways airport (Services special machines and mechanisms)). 113
(caykara-uzungol) ayr-roe (dokap) provincial highway km 37 + 000-46 + 950 between earthworks, structures, pavement works and various works done work. 119
(I) At Rny: Repairs To Dilapidated Staff Quarters(111Units). 168
(i) manning of unmanned lc no.13 on butibori-umrer section (civil engineering portion) (ii) manning of unmanned lc no.8 at km.872/9-10 on wani-pimpalkhuti section. (civil engineering portion) (iii) re. 156
(i)parting tooling set (ii) plain turning tool holder iii) carbide insert to iso code cnmg 190612-5. 130
(limited tender) conduct of stw/tt/hat/sat for ak-630m gun. 118
(ph no.50008) potassium chloride 1.484 g, sodium bicarbonate 3.37 g, polyethylene glycol 118 g, sodium chloride 2.93 g, sodium sulphate 11.36 g/137.15 g sachet (preglec) or similar. 143
(ph no.50012) euphorbia extract 100 mg (sitcom) tablet. 118
(ph no.62005) calcium (plus) b12 (plus) vitamin d3 syrup. 119
(ph no.62058) vitamin b1 (plus) b6 (plus) folic acid. 119
(ph no.62080) calcium, amino acids, multi vitamin syrup. 118
(sh-electrical maint. of residential buildings). 138
?OK-018/15 for the right to enter into a municipal contract to perform any act aimed at energy conservation and energy efficiency of thermal energy (for the municipal budget Oryol gymnasium ?39). 151
00940103 health office installation daycare extension school for sick children and conversion work - electrical work. 229
04 types of filter and strainer (detail in item detail) for widma gun drill machine. 112
05315hkw ve 4890 emergency power system. 286
0db gain gp adjustable antenna for vhf 25 watts of make motorola or similar. 101
1 1/4 inches x 1 inches reducing bush for cutoff angle cock to icf drg. no: emu/3-5-053, item:7, alt:n/17. 130
1 90 mm dia steel bar, cl-ii : qty - 1870 kg, is: 2062/11 2 100 mm dia steel bar, cl-ii : qty - 1360 kg, is: 2062/11 ( set consisting of item no. 1 and 2 - total 3230 kg ). 123
1 inch pvc pipe heavy duty 25 mm dia 1.6 mm wall thickness conforming to is :9537 isi mark similar to polycab cm/l.No.7489396 pvc pipe for electrical wiring work with bell mouth of one end . each pipe. 140
1 meter cable with 3 pin female allied connection both end type no.- 1001 2.5m long including connector 05 nos. 2 power core with 2 pin female connector type no.- 37 2.5m long including connector 05 n. 225
1 moe and mi in resdl bldg at cip kanke at ranchi during 2015 16, 2 moe and mi in non resdl bldg at cip kanke at ranchi during 2015 16 sh operation and maintenance of centrifugal, submersible, mono su. 147
1 operation of 320kva dg set at jeevan prakash building for 11th floor occupied by ministry of panchayati raj new delhi 2 maintenance of electrical system for deptt of ministry of panchayati raj 11th. 145
1 quad vf transformer assembly for thermoshrinkable joints 2t type 1120 470 as per rdso specn.No.Irs-tc-76/2000. 106
1 rmo sub-station, lifts, fa and pa system at mausam bhawan, imd office complex, lodhi road, new delhi 2 moei and fans, sub-station, pumps, lift, fa and pa system compound light at insat bldg and anne. 151
1) Construction Of Culvert. 149
1) Earth Filling In Football Ground At Bara Simra Rehab Site. 152
1) Earth Filling Leveling, Dressing And Jungle Cutting. 156
1) leather buffalo curried back light complete. 2) leather buffalo curried back medium complete. 141
1) Rm Of Damaged Pipe Line From Nhs (S/S) To 20 Seater Executive Hostel. 160
1) single row angular contact ball bearing no. 7317 bep, 7317 bjp, make- fag / skf, qty-12 nos.(2) double row self aligning spherical roller bearing no. 22216e/22216e1am, make- skf/fag. qty-12. nos. m. 462
1)13 percent cr-ss-bars x20cr13 qty: 11500 kg 2)13 percent cr-ss-bars x20cr13 qty: 8500 kg 3)13 percent cr-ss-bars x20cr13 qty: 20000 kg 4)13 percent cr-ss-bars x20cr13 qty: 30000 kg 5)13 percent cr-s. 174
1)analogic current indic:6020238 qty: 1 no 2)module with 16 i/o:6065032 qty: 3 no 3)module with 8 i/o:6065036 qty: 3 no 4)modulewith 8 o/prelays:6065029 qty: 3 no 5)safety switch:6290590 qty: 1 no 6)s. 177
1)casting for hp outer casing qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)cop-secuf.20-strp qty: 119 kg 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)copper pipe qty: 200 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)discorted syringe 20ml qty: 400 null 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)heating element 18kw qty: 16 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)high density polythene jerrica qty: 1000 no 2)high density polythene jerrica qty: 1000 no 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)piston rod qty: 6 no 2)cylinder liner forward qty: 6 no 3)cylinder liner (afte qty: 6 no 4)guide, arm qty: 6 no 5)rod, piston qty: 6 no 6)bushing qty: 12 no 8)null qty: null null. 138
1)seal ring 41350501023 qty: 23 no 3)balancing weight qty: 1440 no 4)segments ring (3 parts) to drg qty: 2 no 7)hex socket hd. cap screw 41390 qty: 264 no 8)scru hex m12x240 qty: 35 no 9)seal ring qty. 140
1)seal steam valve with pneu.Act qty: 4 no 2)leakage steam vl with pneu.Act qty: 4 no 3)spares:seal steam supply valve qty: 1 st 4)spares:leak steam control valv qty: 1 st 8)null qty: null null. 136
1)sealing ring in 6 segments qty: 16 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)sealing washer 41393501027 qty: 120 no 2)ring qty: 180 no 8)null qty: null null. 109
1)thrust pad qty: 276 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)valve seat me 70 qty: 3 no 2)valve seat me 70 qty: 3 no 3)valve seat me 70 qty: 3 no 4)valve seat me 70f qty: 3 no 5)valve cone for me70,me70f qty: 3 no 6)pilot valve for me70,me70f qty: 4 no 7)valv. 173
1- moei and fans and rmo pump set, dg set, street lighting etc at gpra colony sikandra, agra. 2- moei and fans, rmo dg set, pump set and lifts at gpo building, sanjay place, agra. 3- moei and fans and. 151
1-rmo electrical and mechanical services in craft museum at pragati maidan new delhi 2- rmo electrical and mechanical services in village complex at pragati maidan new delhi sub head maintenance of ei. 132
1. annual electrical and mechanical maintenance contract for cetp/etp of chp jayant project for a period of two year. 136
1. centring disc 2. centering disc for primary suspension 3. centring disc 4. centering disc for lhb gs coach. 113
1. compact fluorescent light fitting double(with 110v ac/dc ballast) for non -ac coaches 2. compact fluorescent light fitting double (with 110v ac/ dc ballast). 120
1. NH-49 to Thennavanur road Km 0/5-3/135 2. NH49 to Muthalur road to Veeravanoor road Km Km 0/0-1/520. 141
1. outer door assly complete (lh) 2. outer door assly complete (rh) 3. outer door assly complete (lh) 4. outer door assly. complete (rh). 118
1. pressure gauge (100mm) for feed pipe 2. pressure guage 100mm for brake pipe for air brake. 111
1. provision of solar based power supply for light and fans in 3 nos. gs coaches over firozpur division. 116
1. renovation of verandah of office building to be used as doubled haploid laboratory station at wrc, flowerdale shimla. 2. rmo ac plants and 62.5 kva d.G. set, moei, replacement of lamps and tubes in. 156
1. steel pipe fitting for ccb system for wag-9h as per drg/specn. no. clw/ms/3/068,alt-13 (each set is a loco set consisting of 29 items. 2. steel pipe fittings for ccb system for wap-7 as per drg/spe. 161
1. vestibule light fitting single without diffuser 2. ceiling light fitting with night l w/o diffuser 3. ceiling light fitting (double)w/o diffuser. 119
1.5 ton window ac for office room at construction office. 130
1.Safety clutch gear pinion teeth 122nos buildup by suitable electrode 2.Safety clutch gear teeth buildup portion machining 122 nos 3.Safety clutch gear teeth new making by milling m/c 122nos 4.Gear p. 169
1.Supply of 4000 cum coarse sand as per is-383-1970 from dudhi, sonbhadra, (u.P.) to csp/khalispur, varanasi by road transport duly loaded into truck including unloading and stacking etc., at csp/khal. 203
1/4 n.P.T male x 3/8 n.P.T female adapter, item no.2 of drg no.Kjm/ds/d-4-1077/0. 111
1/4 npt x 7/16 jvc straight adopter as per drg no.Kjm/ds/d-4-277/0. 104
10 items of machinery and equipment. 108
10 kva on line ups with 3 phase ac input 1 phase ac output, make : apc, model no. src 10000 uxi or emerson model no s410d. 176
100 va individual static inverter 110 v dc/ 110 v ac for laptop, mobile charging point in coaches to rdso specn. no.Rdso/pe/spec/tl/0142- 2010 rev.0 or latest. type a. to be reviewed in jan. 139
100.0 mt capacity crawler mounted crane minimum 60.0 mtr.Lattice main boom length with 15.0 mtr. fly jib along with all accessories complete in all respect.Crane having must lifting load capacity 100. 164
1000ml black ink z type bottle cartridge for riso machine model rz 200 as. 155
1000t gb ethernet card suitable for i7 systems with minitower/desktop cabinet. dlink/netgear or similar. specification:the network adapter should be linux compatible and should have boot rom image at. 152
10w led street light fitting, aluminium die cast with ip 65 protection, 230v ac, 50hz as per rdso spec. no. rdso/em/led norm ver.1.0 . cee/sc spec. enclosed. make: phillips / bajaj / osram / osse or s. 163
110 volts dc mobile phone charging socket 3 pin prewired and with fuse as per icf/sk 3-7-6-036. 105
110v,120ah vrla smf battery set with 19 monoblock 6v each or 2v,57 individual cells in ms modules. 327
125 Mental Health and Well Being Learning and Support Services. 397
132/145 kv ac, 1250 amps double pole isolator (manually operated) without earth switch assembly conforming to rdso specification no. eti/psi/122(3/89) with a and c slip no.1 april 1990 (without insula. 309
136-2015 Overhaul barge TC-200-50 Inv. ?500013 [beaucoup plus grand que]. 148
15 hp submersible pump set suitable for open well vertical mono block type capable to deliver cold un filtered water 1050 to 1100 lpm at a head range of 35 to 40 mts. 124
150 watt metal halide eliptical s/e lamp suitable for 250v, 50c/s, ac supply, make:- cg, bajaj, surya. 115
1500 ton servo hydraulic indenting press. 222
153-216857 f-req, purchase of medicines. 108
15e0388 thermal insulation work. 168
15e0414 hochschule weihenstephan-triesdorf, center naturw.schaftl. forsch., flooring work. 165
16 0.2 mm flexible wire per roll 90 m . rdso spec no. irs-s-76/89 amd. 3 or latest. 138
1600 mm dia offtake line from 200 mld kotarpur wtp cwps to existing trunk main of 1600 mm dia on western side of amc area. 212
16844/lp/33/jod/tpc. 121
1700 saturday catholic music director. 102
17958 Aberdeenshire Wide Roof Finish Upgrades. 148
18 mm fuel injection pump to ww pt. no. fcqab 180a0565 or hynes cat no. apf1cq180t80t6445c note: dlw approved sources only to quote and past performance to be submitted. 173
18 months required for the purchase of copy paper sales contract. 266
18 months supplies public procurement tender gastroentroloj of. 101
18 w led tube light luminaire batter. 174
19x34, Single Core, Sheldfd. Sever (Piattjg Thickness 0.3 Micron Min.) Plated. Copper Wire, Enclosed Fi Teflon Coated Sleeve-Red Colour(At 20 Degree Cel Wire Resistance 49.80 Hms/Km & Current Rating 7. 110
1kva 110v dc inverter make spec.Output 1000va poerfactor 0.65lag to unity or as required.Input cgarger battery set.Output 230v - 1percent.Frequency 50hz -5percent.Waveform thd less than 3percent.Tansi. 191
1kva true on line ups system single phase input and single phase output , with inbuilt isolation transformer with smf battery approx 60 min,battery backup battery inter connecting cables and suitable. 141
1x23/30 watt pin type cfl street lighting fitting with pin type -b-22 holder, acrylic cover with suitable clamps size, length 30cms x width 15cms x breadth 15 cms approx without lamp. make: vimal, pre. 150
2 in vacuum linear stage 1 in vacuum goniometer 1 in vacuum rotation stage 13axis controller and supporting cables. 115
2 pole open well horizontal submersible monoblock 10 hp pump suitable for ac 3 phase/415 volts/50 hz.,supply.Fitted with cast iron impeller.Inlet and outlet (pipe size in mm:80 x 65,total head:32 mtrs. 159
2 wire/ 4 wire portable emergency control telephone as per rdso specification no-trs-tc175199 with amendment no- 2 latest. 118
2.5 sq.Mm copper wire with heat resistant and flame retardant grade flexible cable single core 105 degree centigrade insulated unsheathed heavy duty electric wire 1100 volts grade 36/0.3 mm 2.5 sq.Mm. 162
20 dors walking floor hydraulic units and necessary equipment purchase. 105
20/130 sq.Mm stranded cadmimum copper wire. as per specification-eti/ohe/50(6/97) with a and c slip no.1,2 and 3. 297
200131010 bad kreuznach, justice center, newly built (neuplan.); 15e0248 joinery - interior doors. 158
2015 cleaning construction. 128
2015 SZMN-140 Design and survey work. 149
2015/093 market "road traffic supply: vertical, horizontal and directional for the city of vernon.". 216
20155201 maintenance, repair and modernization of cooler groups ae.9 weapon system. 180
2059 lease charges. sh: cleaning of road gully chamber and pipe line along the outside road under sub-division 2u. 116
20mm seamless pipe, black, heavy duty, as per is: 1239-98 pt-i , table-3, length 4 to 5 mtrs. 159
20w led street light fitting, aluminium die cast with ip 65 protection, 230v ac, 50hz as per rdso spec. no. rdso/em/led norm ver.1.0 , make: phillips / bajaj / osram / osse or similar model no. osse/s. 152
24v starter battery charger for 500kva da set. 296
25 kv ac 1250 amps double pole isolator with interlock arrangement as per rdso specification no. eti/ohe/16(1/94) rev-2 (mar-04) and rdso letter no.Ti/psi/25/isol/policy/99 dt.03.06.99 ( wihtout insul. 312
25 kv composite 9 tonne insulator (polluted zone) (1050 mm cd) as per rdso specification no ti/spc/ohe/inscom/1070(1/07). 115
25 kv outdoor single phase oil filled potential transformer (type-i) as per rdso spec no. ti/spc/psi/pts/0990 a and c slip 1 to 5. 306
25 kva, 25 kv/240v, 50 htz, single phase, oil filled auxiliary transformer for railway ac traction system as per rdso specification no.Eti/psi/15(8/2003). 307
250 ton tapering hydraulic press. 223
25kv drop out fuse switch assembly without insulator as per rdso spec. no.Etipsi/14 1/86 rev.1 apr. 87 or latest. 157
28 Passenger Bus - Type A. 102
2mm gi wire. 118
2nd call for all materials. 104
2w subscriber voice card 4 circuit/card with ringer as per technical specification clause no: 7.5 of irs-tc-68-2004. make: webfil or similar. 143
2X5000 Lph Ro Plant For Drinking Water In Pocket A. 115
3 core flat pvc insulated and sheathed cables with flexible copper conductor size:10.00 sqmm and conductor 80/4mm suitable for use in submersible pumps voltage pumps upto 1100 volts confirming to is 6. 156
3 core flat pvc insulated and sheathed cables with flexible copper conductor size:2.5 sq.Mm and conductor 36/3mm suitable for use in submersible pumps voltage upto 1100 volts confirming to is 694-1990. 154
3 d scanning machine. 101
3 group electronics, electrical and spare parts procurement tool. 108
3 pole contactor ml-2 32a make:l and t,bch,siemens,c and s. 111
3 tesla mri systems. 102
3-pole heavy duty ac3 power contctor 70amps, 415v ac rating, coil voltage 41v ac, 50hz supply with 2no 2nc aux contacts conforms to is 1394/7.4 or latest. make : bch, l and t seimens, eaton, abb, schn. 152
3.15 mm dia.Manual metal arc welding electrode, class a2 rutile type ,type of coating :medium conforming to spec. no.Irs:m-28/12, code er4211x as per is:814-2004 with amendment no.1 of 2005 and 2 of m. 139
3.5 core, xlpe armored aluminium lt power cable, size:300 sq.Mm. ; 1.1 kv grade as per is:7098(part-1) 1988 ; make: havells, nicco, finolex. 149
3.5 metres length galvanised flexible steel stranded wire for traction bonds for 25 kv ac lelctric traction system confirming to rdso specification no.Ti/spc/ohe/gelstb/0040 with a and c slip no.1. 127
3/4 n.P.T male x 1/2 n.P.T female adapter, item no.1 of drg no.Kjm/ds/d-4-1077/0. 111
3/4 n.P.T male x 1/4 n.P.T female adapter as per drg no.Kjm/ds/d-4-1076/0.Type-1. 110
3/4 x 550 mm length rubber hose rdso drawing no.K 1054 suitable for air suspension bogies material specification:sae 100 r3. 114
3/8 solid taper dummy, item no.2 of as per drg no.Kjm/ds/d-4-659/0. drawing enclosed. 106
30095 e7 0002 emau greifswald - 2. ba site development concept, san.ehem. surgery; roofing roof plumbing work, 15e0215k. 169
3042/eproc/prc/57/e3provee. 124
306.16 Supply of Cleaning Hardware. 202
30w led street light fitting, 230v ac, product code kt/st/30w, make kripa or similar as per cee spec. enclosed. warranty: 05 years for complete luminaire. 140
33 swg fuse wire copper tin. make:- gew, fuerte, basswo, etc. 107
337 - jura clinic scheE-litz - restructuring of functional areas op / intensive inter alia,. 137
350a, 3p, 25ka, mccb product code : cs4a3-350 make: c and s electro or l and t or similar. 139
3634)) Open tender for the right to a state contract for the provision of legal services to align the existing legislation of title, title certificates, inventory and other documentation on the land o. 165
3cd air compressor (upgraded) rdso specn. no. mp.0.07.00-13 (rev.0.01 june.2009) this is a safety item drg.No. tpl-2375 alt f p.L.No. 11487501. 474
3m 6200 half face piece respirator with 3m 6003 cartridges, 3m 5 n 11 prefilter and 3m 501 prefilter retainer .The 3 m th half face piece reusable respirator offers versatility, for many envirnmrents. 264
3pole power contactor type-3tf57 ordering code -3ty7573, coil voltage-110v, accepted make -sicop, siemens, l and t, bch,. 117
3rd or kligler military court building heating system repair and 53 care mrk kligler the kaynakh until maintenance and repair of workshop buildings. 106
3rd Rhone correction - Priority Measure Visp. 104
4 kwp solar power plant system comprising of solar array (20 pcs - 200 wp) with 4 kva pcv (inverter and charge controller unit with over load, low voltage, battery over charge protection and alarm) ba. 198
4 pole power contactor 70 amps rating at 415 v ac1 amps with 415 volts coil supply similar to abb make model no.A45-40-00 coil code 8 6, order code 1sbl331201r0000 suitable for switch board cabinet of. 132
4 sq mm heat proof flexible copper cable. 107
4 types of rings. 111
4 wire dtmf type control office equipment as per rdso specification no.Irs-tc-60/2007 2 digit with accessories. 105
4 wire- 2 wire train traffic control office equipment with dtmf signalling to specification no.Irs,tc,60-2007 with latest amendment if any. 124
4- type colour ink tank system printer specification printing up to a3 size of all kinds of documents having ink tank ink technology-dry ink printing resolution 5760x5706 pdi, printing speed 30 pages/. 142
4-1/2 inch nominal dia nps / 5 inch outer dia seamless carbon steel pipe with a wall thickness of 6.2 mm to 7.0 mm, in lengths of 15 to 20 feet to gr. b of astm a - 106. 149
4-Star Rated, ISI Marked, 25 KVA, 3 phase. 50 cycles out door type, oil immersed, naturally cooled, Stack core type construction aluminum wound distribution transformers complete with fittings as per. 104
42 kv out door type surge arrestor disconnector assembly for track side 25 kv surge arrestors of class-3 type tested. as per rdso ref no.Ti/psi/gapla/policy/13 dt:17.10.2013 and 08.08.2013 rdso mi no:. 230
45qmm single core pvc fr insulated insheathed flexible copper wire 1100 volt grade industrial. make: havells/ finolex/ mescab/ plaza. 128
48 v 25 a smps power plant for indian railways . telecom equipments with fr/fc module rdso/spn/tl/ 23/99.Ver-4amndt.No-1.Annexure-i attached. 125
5 kw immersion heater element body dia- 43 mm, 3 ft. long. 102
5 Stops Regulating and Metering Qmax Less Than or Equal. 475
5.Mysuru junction: through rail renewal(secondary) of the existing 90 r rails with second hand 52 kg 72/90 uts at road no.5 & 6 for a length of 1.430 km in mysuru yard.Item 5. 152
50 kva cum 3 kva dry type step down transformer to rcf specn. no edts - 019, rev-a. input 750 volt. out put 415 v and 190v. 193
537-10-124 remodel on-call suite 5th floor. 103
56 section 2015 (neurology radiology-medical oncology-pathology) purchase of medical supplies. 108
6 fiber armoured optical fiber cable as per specn. irs tc-55-2006 rev.1.With amndt-2 or latest for oc connectivity and protection path. 127
60 kva transformer 750v/ 415v 3 phase 4 wire,vector confirguration-star/star. 318
63 teeth drive gear (lube oil pump) to dlw drg no ske-1196, alt-w part no-10142861 ske-1196. 118
64 teeth main gear. 361
6v, 120ah capacity lead acid cells (18 cells per set) in ppcp container confirming to rdso spec. no. rdso/pe/spec/ac/0058-2005(rev.0) and drawing no. skel 4037 alt-5 for inter cell and end cell connec. 146
7 types of washers. 111
71 MACON - Lamartine high school: designation of a project management team as part of the locker creation operation, local friendliness ATTEE intended for redevelopment and restoration of the storage. 248
8 led indication panel for control desk. dlw part no. 12201996, dlw drg.No. el/pt/0458 alt -r3. 119
8 port unmanageable switch 10/100 mbps of make cisco or zyxel or d-link or dax with 3 years warranty only . 174
80 air tickets services patients and guests attending other specialties appointments to route: david-panama-panama-david. 110
890133003 energy management; tender energy supply; 15e0498 supply of electricity to rural districts and unitary councils in rhineland-palatinate; lot 1 to lot. 4. 342
90 degree male elbow flareless tube fitting 3/8 inch od x 1/4 inch npt to dlw drg.No. sk - 0652 alt h line no. 3 and part no. 11320692. 140
9mm pistols. 101
A multi-year framework agreement for the acquisition of supplies for the booties attire, ceremony and gala for the benefit of the integrated police structured on 2 levels. 165
A R And M O Residential Building Of Cpwd Colony Unit Iv Bhubaneswar, Odisha During Year 2015-2016. Sh: Up Rooting The Trees From Building Of Type-Ii And Iii Qtrs. Cpwd. 120
A r and m o to non residential building at ajcbibg shibpur howrah during 2014 15 sh providing a room with collapsible shutter opening for establishment of cesc switch room in cnh building. 133
A r and m o to residential buildings of income tax, customs and central excise departent at meerut dg. 2015-16. 115
A set consisting of 04 items upgraded compressor intercooler fan guard with accessories to elgi part no. a fan shround to elgi part no. 0701305320, b nut hex 5/8 inch unc to elgi part no. 000948507 c. 158
A set consistng of 08 nos items loader unloder pipe set for upgraded expressor and compressor 1 pipe assly unloder with cone nut -03 nos. 2 branhvel swivial- 01 nos. 3 male branch tee assly 3/8 inch o. 263
A set of insert and pawl equivalent to virgo part no: htw-2l-3/5 and htw-2l -2 hydraulic torque wrench. one set consist of 1 no: 3/4 inch insert and 2 nos pawl and spring. 122
A set of one black and one colour ink cartridge each similar to hp 703 suitable for hp deskjet printer model no. k 109. 115
A set of silver brazing rod and flux. 170
A set of spares for escorts make tight lock coupler.1 knucle to escorts drg no: sk611 or equivalent 02 nos. 2 locker to escorts drg no: sk612 or equivalent 02 nos. 3 thrower to escorts drg no: sk1560. 195
A&e services for james madison memorial building. 103
A) steel blooms 340mm square r43 as per rwf specification b) steel blooms 287mm square r16 as per rwf specification c) steel blooms 300mm square r43 as per rwf specification d) steel blooms 300 mm squ. 148
A)Pudukkad EeProvision Of Mini Type Pf Shelter And Benches (B) Kumbalam Ee Proposed Extension Of Pf No.1. 131
A-3 office jet printer of m/s hp make 7110 model or m/s epson make wf-7511 model. 109
A-r and m-o cghq, national stadium, new delhi dg. 2015-16 sh misc. maintenance work. 111
A/a to supreme court of india during 2014-15 sh electrical renovation of garage j branch office space in supreme court of india new delhi. 129
A/Mtc. OfVarious Rural Water Supply Schemes forthe year 2015-16. (Falling under PHE Sub DivisionNo.4, Kaithal, Repair of pumping machinery ofexisting 9 No. Rural Water Supply and all otherwork conting. 106
A/r and m/o central excise and income tax staff qtrs. at babupara, siliguri during 2015-16. sh: maintenance work for repair of plaster, doors, windows, plumbing works and cleaning of drainage, manhole. 138
A/r and m/o central excise and income tax staff qtrs. at jalpaiguri during 2015-16. sh: maintenance work for repair of plaster, doors, windows, painting works, tiles works, plumbing works and cleaning. 141
A/r and m/o general pool residential complex at i. c. block, salt lake, kolkata during 2015-2016. sh : internal repairing, painting and other misc. civil works due to change of tenancy. 130
A/r and m/o non residential buildings of central excise at palakkad during 2015-16. 110
A/r and m/o residential and non residential buildings of sbi ganga nagar at meerut dg. 2015-16. 113
A/r and m/o to goi press colony at mayapuri newp delhi during 2015-16. sh: providing services of carpenter, mason, plumber and welder. recall. 124
A/r and m/o to gpra bldg. at akurdi during 2015-16.Sh: providing services for operation of computers at acsd akurdi. 126
A/r and m/o to non-residential buildings at income tax and customs and central excise, meerut dg- 2015-16. 114
A/r and m/o to residential and non- residential building of igmri at hapur. 110
A/r and m/o to sewerage system under sd-i/cd-iv at iari, pusa, new delhi during 2015-16. sh: repalcement of old sewerline and misc work. 124
A0 multi-function print device (plotter/scanner). 131
A9 motorway, gleinalmtunnel, new building 2nd tube / a 09 pyhrn motorway, gleinalmtunnel, doors and gates. 199
Aa to upsc dholpur house at shahjahan road new delhi during 2015 16 sh repair of window doors and other misc civil work of electronic room no 04 gf annexe building in upsc. 131
Abrasive rail cutting machine as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/1 rev.1 of 2007 amended on 09.09.08 part-ii fitted with engine gx200t qx honda thailand production . 148
Abutment piece to hitachi drg.No.10q-745-384 alt-b and conforming to clw specn.4tms.095.004 and to rdso str no.0018 rev.1. pl no.2599 2582. 119
Ac 3 pole contactor for pre-cooling transformer rectifier of 110 v dc air conditioned coaches rating 70 amp with 2 no and 2 nc auxiliary contact coil voltage 415 volt ac similar to model ml-4 m/s l an. 160
Ac ammeter 90 deg range 0-50 100 a amps with accuracy 1.5 percent in size 72 x 72 mm conf to is/iec 1248 or latest. make : ae/rishab/meco/kusam meco. 120
Ac for 2015 16 collection of wasted materials using nagar parishad vehical of mc akot dist akola. 121
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 156
Accompanying mission (amo) experimentation and exploitation of an ami on circular economy and urban planning. 121
Acord Framework Service for Surveillance, Prevention, Control and Eradication of Animal Diseases, of Those Transmissible From Animals to Humans, Animal Protection and Environmental Protection, the Ide. 457
ACP Glass Door and RS Work For Kisan Super Market Second Call. 118
Acquiring solution "Order for payment. 150
Acquisition - rental - installation - removal penalty of audiovisual equipment and maintenance. 195
Acquisition and delivery of hygiene supplies. 171
Acquisition and supply of technological equipment for the overhaul of boilers and heating mains. 174
Acquisition of 2 coaches. 218
Acquisition of a scanning electron microscope. 165
Acquisition of an aluminum boat to "the agreement for MEDITERRANEAN drill. 122
Acquisition of audio-visual system. 324
Acquisition of LED technology lighting fixtures. 150
Acquisition of medical and pharmaceutical products for the national hospital of low salama verapaz. 123
Acquisition of medicinal and pharmaceutical products to the san vicente moh no. 2015-hsv-cd-068. 117
Acquisition of various materials for work to be done in buildings of the department of charente-maritime. 251
Acrylic cover with gasket suitable for woama make wc8 relay as per drg no ldh/a-4/15/e-4/e113 with additional 02 nos button of size dia 9mm and height 4mm to be provided under fixing hole in mounting. 130
Acrylic foldable iol as per specn.As under. acrylic foldable posterier chamber iol. (uv blocking hydrophobic acrylic multi pieces with 60 percent blue core pmma monofilament heptic like abbot medical. 181
Addition/alteration horticulture work in front of park and open space of block of qtr. no. 93 to 106 in residential campus income tax colony, malviya nagar, jaipur. 130
Additional and alteration single living accommodation at ins eksila, visakhapatnam. 142
Additional and alteration to sailors in-living block including ships gallery at inhs kalyani, visahapatnam. 147
Additional items for fire detection system for grse yard nos 2109 2112 fo wjfac. 128
Additional works in newly occupied flats at common wealth games village near aksardham temple new delhi dg 2015 16 sh providing and fixing wall cupboards. 131
Addn altn to bldg no t72 t84 t89 t113 t114 annexes and hangar t88 an courier point at af station tambaram. 144
Aden /gangapur city section choti udai malarna section.Cleaning of man hole inspection chamber, sw pipe line and soak pit line under sse/w/gangapur jurisdiction. 125
Adhesive foil reflective traffic signs (film) with prismatic technology. 156
Adhesive polyvinyl acetate brand fevicol or similar 5 kgs. pack. 163
Adhesive wet starch in 1 kg plastic puch for vaservation chart pasting of trains at pune station for the use of dcti office pune. 111
Adhoc Data Cable Pulls. 129
Admin support services at isro hq and dos. 122
Administration and management of urban homes. 377
Administrative development project services. 343
Adult Community Treatment Services. 388
Adult Counselling and Psychological Therapies Services. 323
Advance Neonatal Ventilators. 116
Advanced polarising research microscope for petrography. 112
Advancing Land Use Rights and Natural Resources Benefits. 301
Advertising and marketing services. 113
Advertising management services. 150
Aerial survey data processing + train line (profile compliance + land cover classification). 302
Ag Pump Energisation work for the supply, test, transport, construction, erection, testing and commissioning of HT/LT lines. Distribution Transformer Centers (DTC), and Ag service connections, includi. 108
Age i cif k -46 2015-16 certain br maint work in or md accn at hq cif k at shalateng grn. 148
Aggregates deliveries for the period 2016-2017. 149
Agri. (ah) department - strengthening of departmental farms - repair and maintenance work of poultry sheds at district poultry farm kolani, idukki. 135
Air brake hose coupling for brake pipe to rdso drg. no. sk - 73547 with alt.13 with confirming to rdso str 02 - abr - 02 with amendment no. 3. 198
Air brake hose coupling support assembly to rdso drg.No.Sk-73552, alt-6. 112
Air bubble sheet. 241
Air cargo consolidation i.E., arrange airfreight of the consignments originating from various countries to chennai airport, preferably by air india flights or free carriers. 135
Air circulator oscillating type wall mounting 600 mm. 24 230 volt, 50 hz., ac supply. make: almonard, cgl, orient, bajaj or similar. 124
Air cleaner outer element to gmmco pt.No.81536048. 141
Air cooler , crompton 17 litres or similar. 178
Air curtain 4feet/highvelocity maximum air velocity at nozzle discharge cfm 18.8 max noise level at a discharge of 10 from the curtain db50-70db phase single phase230 v,air curtain thickness1mm, body. 164
Air curtain sleek type suitable for door height upto 8 feet size 4 feet bxh 230x212mm air flow 3000 m3/s high 2400 m3/s low air speed 20 m/s to 16 m/s noise in db 58 to 53 and power 480 w to 510 w mak. 179
Air filter assembly, as per dlw part no.11.66.4253. material to be procured from rdso approved sources. 114
Air force fiscal year 2016 young investigator research program. 105
Air freighting of bfp shaft from kansai to mumbai airport. 125
Air pipe line complete for n32 tap changer. spec./drg.No.M/s. repl pt. no. a 3115 rdso drg.No. skel/4652. alt.1. 184
Air purifier having aur flow capacity of 205 cubic meter/hour, power rating of 48-53 watt, 220-240v 50 hz ac, efficiency area of approx. 300-400 sq. feet. model aeroguard of m/s eureka forbes or simil. 137
air tank capacity 4500 pound (ii) starter motor 15 amp (iii) air line with nozzle (15 mtrs) (iv) pressure gauge (meter). 135
Airport Common Use System. 387
Airsoft weapons acquisition. 279
Ajuster spindle to rdso drg. no. wd-82064-s-02-rc alt.7, item no.4. material and specification as per drg. 148
Al conduits of two sizes. 331
Alarm pull handle assembly to rcf drg. no. cc36421, alt.- c, item 1 to 5. 135
All in one colour laser printer of a-4 type,of print,scan,copy,fax, wireless teatures similar to m/s hp make m177fw or m/s samsung make clx-3305 fw/xip make. 123
All in one office jet printer print,scan,copy,fax,wireless,duplex,photo,mobile printing similar to m/s hp make 4645 e model a-4 . 116
All or part construction and civil engineering work, entertainment building construction, recreation center construction work, buildings for hotels and restaurants, water and sewage pipelines, drainag. 112
Allahabad Division:- Replacement of old and undercapacity T/F, HT, LT panel and cables. 130
Allotment of Cycle-Scooter Stand/Car parking at Jaunpur City. 117
allotment of following hotel/restaurant etc. for operating 5 years. 117
Alluminium boom section 8 feet long 1 to 10 tapering first section of 1.9 mm sheet of size approx. 195 mm at larger and tapers is 100 suitable for heidz make l/barrier gate as per irs-s-41/70 amendmen. 141
Alluminium boom section 8 feet long 1 to 10 tapering third section of 1.9 mm sheet of size approx. 155 mm at larger and tapers is 100 suitable for heidz make l/barrier gate as per irs-s-41/70 amendmen. 141

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