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Articles from Mena Report (August 19, 2015)

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"construction of 7 nos. of aanganbadi kendra at near by villages under randr-cd works" of ntpc vindhyachal 2014-15( nit no. 5514-195-. 127
"hiring of diesel vehicle as an when required truck for divisional store under jamjodhpur division ". 156
"Insurance of property, liability, vehicles and travel insurance for the charles university in prague - faculty and its components.". 154
"the supply of natural gas for the measured offtake points, zssk, including ensuring its transport and distribution.". 313
(03) providing supplying readymade cabin 5 nos., pumping machinery 5 nos., rising main pipeline 50 mm dia hdpe 6 kg/cm2 - 2000 rmt, house connection 42 nos, sign board 5 nos. in kavdej (barda faliya),. 241
(04) providing supplying readymade cabin 4 nos., pumping machinery 4 nos., rising main pipeline 50 mm dia hdpe 6 kg/cm2 - 1500 rmt, house connection 56 nos, sign board 4 nos. in kandolpada (vav faliya. 235
(08) providing supplying constructing 6.00 mt dia x18.00 mt deep open well in sukhabari (vachala faliya) w/s scheme. tal. vansda dist.Navsari. (rejuvination programme 2015-16). 210
(09) providing supplying constructing 6.00 mt dia x18.00 mt deep open well in kantasvel (dungari faliya) w/s scheme. tal. vansda dist.Navsari. (rejuvination programme 2015-16). 210
(1) cartridge no.802 black make hp or similar(2)cartridge no.702 black make hp or similar.(3)toner no.35a black make hp or similar.(4)toner no.88a black make hp or similar.(5)cartridge no. 950 black,m. 160
(1) one set consist following items- (i) rolling head bar.......... 369
(1) single piece frp louver shutter 2 feet 0 inch wide window to rdso sketch- 97020, item 1 to 7, alt.- 8 and rdso specn. no. rdso/2007/cg-02, rev. 1 of feb. 08. colour- colour of frp louver shutter i. 188
(1) thermoplastic polyster elastomer (hytrel) lower washer for primary suspension of main line coaches to rdso drg. no. cg-k4059, alt.- 4 and specn. no. c-k409, rev. 2 of dec. 08 with amendment 03 of. 196
(1)-Construction of new PRS cum booking office in circulating area & shifting PRS & GRP office from circulating area to PF No. 1 at Haridwar. (2)-Renovation of reservation complex waiting hall lean. 126
(1). logitech mouse m100 or similar specification and quality of material. (2).Ddr3 ram-1333 mhz 4gb ram for desktop. (3).2.5 inch sata iii internal ssd (250gb), make:- samsung or similar. 322
(1).Colour laser printer model no. clp- 680nd,make:- samsung or similar specification: speed in ppm: 24b,24 colour,duplex, networking, memory: 256mb. (2).Mono laser printer model no. sl-m2826nd, speci. 344
(1)ernakulam-alleppey-kayankulam- brightening of platform shelter (2) ernakulam-alleppey-kayankulam aprovision of train indication boards (3) ernakulam-alleppey-kayankulam aprovision of drinking water. 122
(1)through turn out renewal of existing 90r crossing over sto layout with 60kg structure and psc layout in rsd yard for 24 nos. in 1 in 8.5 of raipur division.(2) trr(p) of the existing 90r rail laid. 189
(1.) s&t portion of work in connection manning of 07 nos. of unmanned lc gates (i) ml-396 @ km:708/3-5 between nwp-kbm (2)ml-398 @km:711/25-27 between nwp-kbm (3) rv-268 @km:370/7-8 between knrt-gmda. 224
(10) providing supplying constructing 6.00 mt dia x 18.00 mt deep open well in lakadbari (dungarpada faliya) w/s scheme. tal. vansda dist.Navsari. (rejuvination programme 2015-16). 211
(15118) 104 Brochures "The Confederation in brief" (BUKU). 107
(15118) 104 brochures [beaucoup moins que]The Swiss Confederation a brief (BUKU)[beaucoup plus grand que]. 254
(21) construction of rcc e.S.R. 40,000 lit. cap.&10 mt.Ht. in dabhlai (halpativas) village water supply schemetal. navsari dist.Navsari. (rejuvination programme 2015-16). 208
(a) at gangarampur, buniadpur, daulatpur & malancha ; repairs to station approach road & circulating area. (b) at mahanagar, balurghat & harishchandrapur ; repairs to station approach road & circulati. 180
(a) manning of unmanned level crossings a improvement of road surface at level crossings in ernakulam-alleppey-kayankulam section.(b) alleppey p.Way section a provision of speed breakers at lcs. 131
(a) repair & maintenance of sewage pumps & motors of capacity 250lps, 100 hp motor installed at platform no. 10, hwh end , make of pump & motor - kirloskar brothers ltd, pump model mf -25/30 (b) repai. 183
(a) repairs to fob (foot over bridge) at lava station between kir- kdpr section. (b) repairs to boundary wall, earthwork and platform surface at pqd road station and earthwork at dvj station. completi. 146
(a) woolen blanket camel shade / maroon shade superior quality with four side satin piping size: 230x152 cm to is: 894/1980 variety no. 1 with ir emblem mm/yy of manufacturing embroidered on opposite. 235
(a)manufacture and supply of 60 kg cms crossing 1 in 12 for f.S layout to rdso drg. no.T-4220 (e-tender no.03074220) (b) manufacture and supply of 52 kg cms crossing 1 in 12 for f.S layout to rdso drg. 153
(erzurum-azizia) set-cat-karliova-bingE[micro]l highway km 15 + 000-20 + 000 international construction. 101
(i) bolt hex 5/16x24x1 inch, dlw pt no-19011167, emd pt no-40039256 (ii) nut hex lock 3/4-16 self locking, dlw pt no-19355105, emd pt no-8060089 (iii) nut spline of size 3/8 inch x 16 unc-2b thread, d. 107
(i) comprehensive annual maintenance contract of multi v plus ii system ac package units (02nos of 32hp-64hp) with one no. ahu of 53tr (make : lg) in burn unit at b.R.Singh hospital for 03(three) year. 180
(i) repair/provision of drain and (ii) repair to cess/widening of formation under sr. den (w) section. 121
(ph no.:12005) furazolidone 100 mg plus metronidazole 300 mg tab. 120
(ph no.:20011) zidovudine 300 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:22120) telmisartan 40 (plus) amlodipine 5 mg (plus) hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 mg tab. 124
(ph no.:22122) clinidipine 10 mg tab, (ph no.:22127) clinidipine 5 mg tab. 116
(ph no.:29012) l-ornithine -l-aspartate granules (sachets). 116
(ph no.:29014) l-ornithine l-aspartate infusion. 115
(ph no.:31028) disp. syringes 50 cc, ce/isi certified plus. 117
(ph no.:31062) self adhesive iv fixation 5.5 cms x 5 cms plus. 120
(ph no.:31113) id bands general use plus ,. 114
(ph no.:31122) urometer with bag 1500 cc ce/isi certified. 118
(ph no.:31123) crystal salt (annapoorna or similar) 1 kg pack. 117
(ph no.:31132) dvt prophylaxis stockings (xl) old ph no.42441). 117
(ph no.:36004) disp. chest electrodes. 112
(ph no.:36005) iomeprol 40.83 g corresponding to 20 g of iodine at the concentration of 400 mg iodine/ml, trome. 128
(ph no.:36083) ten 20 conductive eeg paste plus. 115
(ph no.:36088) paper rolls for fetal monitor hunteley. 115
(ph no.:36089) central line cetro mono v 315 16g 1.3 x 70 mm. 121
(ph no.:36092) poly covers 19.5 x 1.5 x 15.5 x 400 mm with monogram. 124
(ph no.:36117) poly covers 7 inch x 9 inch x 400 mm with monogram. 121
(ph no.:38033) ostomy belt (coloplast) code : 0421. 114
(ph no.:40147) h.C.V. kit 40 tests plus ,. 116
(ph no.:43015) atorvastatin 10 mg plus fenofibrate 160 tab. 119
(ph no.:49128) calciotriol with betamethasone ointment. 116
(ph no.:5020) pheniramine maleate inj 22.75 mg/ml-2 ml amp. 121
(ph no.:5043) paracetamol 325 mg (plus) phenylephrine hcl 10 mg (plus)cpm 2 mg tab. 125
(ph no.:51009) chloramphenicol applicaps 250 mg. 116
(ph no.:51010) ciprofloxacin eye/ear drops 0.3percent w/v 5 ml. 122
(ph no.:51022) hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose 2percent 2 ml inj prefilled. 120
(ph no.:51050) latanoprost 2.5 ml/ 0.005percent eye drops. 120
(ph no.:51059) cap i - site. 115
(ph no.:51071) dorzolamide 2percent w/v timolol 0.5percent w/v eye drops. 123
(ph no.:51079) phenylephrine hydrochloride opththalmic drops 10 percent. 118
(ph no.:51095) travoprost 0.004percent (plus) timolol 0.5 eye drops. 121
(ph no.:51099) brinzolamide eye drops. 115
(ph no.:51101) brimonidine tartrate 0.15percent w/v eye drops. 120
(ph no.:51102) tears natural forte (alergan) 10 ml eye drops. 120
(ph no.:51103) refresh tears (allergan) 10 ml eye drops. 119
(ph no.:52034) oxymetazoline hcl 0.05percent nasal drops. 118
(ph no.:9049) fluvoxamine 50 mg tab. 116
(ph no.10001) acarbose 50 mg tab. 116
(ph no.33004) iron (plus) b12 (plus) folic acid (plus) vitamin c 200 ml syrup. 124
(ph no.51033) ofloxacin 0.3 per cent with dexamethasone 0.1 per cent eye drops 5 ml. 127
(ph no.51076) bimatoprost 0.3 mg / ml- 3 ml eye drops. 121
(ph no.52029) menthol, chlorthymol, eucalyptol, camphor, terpineol inhalant capsule. 119
(ph no.52066) oxymetazoline nasal spray/ gel. 116
(ph no.62027) vitamin b-complex 11 ml injection. 117
. exide 12v 80 ah battery make:xp 800 or similar. 107
.Grinding wheel size 180x6x22.33 mm bore, grd - a24 hicut or equivalent, confirming to s551(latest) is2324 (latest). 270
: normally open valve . rdso 9906 rev 2.M/s vibhu part no.21002. 159
~l~ shape plastic moulded shell. 128
0.5 hp mono-block pump 3 phase 415 volts ac as per rdso spec no.Rdso/pe/spec/ac/022 rev o - 2002 with amendment no. 1 dt. 13.01.2014. 162
0015-wash performance vitos kurhessen-2015th. 159
028 - danube isar klinikum deggendorf - construction of a heliport with expansion of a parking garage - landing platform. 154
03 nos. tenders of e and m, h l sub area. 143
04 legged polyster sling 30 tons. 185
04 mbps ,1/1 internet leased line ,ill, suitable utm with firewall and routing facility capable for 100 concurrent users, 16 port layer2 switch and 9u rack on rental basis for three years. 138
05 No's hoadings at New Bus Stand Hubli Area 10*20 sqft. 103
1 . adopter tee dia 14 mm thread 01 nos. as per sample 2 . hydraulic socket to socket hose long 250 mm total long 310 mm both side outer dia female to female fitting inner dia outer dia 15.5 mm dia wi. 165
1 bellow end piece top wj-9/m --- qty.--- 247 nos. , 2 bellow end piece bottom wj-10/m alt-2 --- qty.--- 247 nos. 107
1 centrifugal dirt collector with drain cock and vocume reservoir to clw drg. no: 0/2/65/115 alt-5. each unit should be emboss/engraved with makers name, month, year batch no: of manufactureing at a c. 143
1 pl no.17380078 cylinder low pressure to emd pt no 9518774 for compressor model no. wlna9bb. 2 pl no.17380108 piston assembly lp to emd part no 40017901 for compressor model no. wlna9bb 3 plno. 17380. 186
1 regional lightning and storm sewer construction (contract no 2015/3) production. 103
1 rmo pump set lifts dg set afa system wet riser system in central excise office building surat sh- maintenance and operation - 2 rmo pump set lifts dg set substation wet riser system in income tax of. 149
1 vcd 682 reset unit display window code no.Sp682221004, qty 18 nos.2 usb port door locking screw code no.Sp682121008, qty 100 nos.3 vcd reset switch on driver desk code no. sp682341008 qty 10 nos. 255
1 x 36 w box type fluorescent tube light fitting ceiling suspension type made up of epoxy powder coated sheet steel of minimum thickness 0.5 mm with electronic ballast, holders, without lamp to operat. 180
1 x 36 watts surface mounted box type fitting with electronic ballast. 174
1) (ph no.:21012) budesonide 100 mcg inhaler. 2) (ph no.:21013) budesonide 200 mcg inhaler. 116
1) construction of grizzley. 175
1) double row spherical roller bearing no- 21312, make-skf/fag, qty-04 nos. 2) single thrust ball bearing no- 51420 make-skf/fag, qty-01 nos. ( one set consisting of item- (i) 04 item- (ii) 01 total h. 246
1) earth filling of illegal mines at different places under hariajam colliery.2) repairing and maintenance work of coal testing laboratory i.e. Misc. 144
1) magnet valve ev 208.3vt 110 volt to escorts drg. no. 3a 82339 alongwith latest amendment/alteration if any.( pl.No.(31908779) 2) magnet valve ev 207-3 vt 110v to escorts drg.No.3a 82337 along with. 130
1) Rep And Maintenance Of Grill Gate. 151
1) repair, maintenance and change damaged door, window. 166
1)(1) level indicator range-750mm to +750mm, as per drawing no: 31339609010 rev07 and haridwar material code: w90313396132. mli chamber/ shell thickness shall be minimum 2.7 mm. (2) items to be gauran. 198
1)(side and face cutter of dia 160 mm with cutting from both side. disc type, outside dia = 160 mm, bore dia = 40 mm, cutting width = 14 mm. cutter should be capable for radial depth of cut = 50 mm or. 380
1)0.65 mm thk crngo steel sheets / coils, insulated both sides with insulation thickness of 7.0 (+/-) 1.5 microns on each side, as per spec aa10916 rev 07 (65c350). refer annexure e1453075 - i for siz. 141
1)0.65 mm thk crngo steel sheets / coils, insulated both sides with insulation thickness of 7.0(+/-) 1.5 microns, as per specification aa10917 rev 06 (grade: 65c530). refer annexure e1453076-i for siz. 139
1)11kv zno type surge arrester as per ann.-a, it-001 qty: 800 no 2)6.6kv zno type surge arrst. as per ann.-a, it-002. qty: 120 no 3)3.3kv zno type surge arrst. as per ann.-a, it-003. qty: 150 no. 146
1)15 nb s.S. wedge gate valve class-600 as per annexure-`a" rev.00. qty: 4 no 2)65nb s.S. wedge gate valve class-600 as per annexure-`a" rev.00. qty: 4 no 3)100nb s.S. wedge gate valve class-600 as pe. 213
1)3 pin 5 amp 230 vac socket switch assy with cover box. qty: 1000 no 2)on off piano switch type, 6a , 240v ac. qty: 600 no. 126
1)3c x1.5 sqmm, flexible copper cable as per annexure-i qty: 5000 mr 2)4c x1.5 sqmm, flexible copper cable as per annexure-i qty: 1000 mr 3)3c x2.5 sqmm, flexible copper cable as per annexure-i qty: 3. 183
1)3m make 4910 vhb tape 1/2" x 9 yds. qty: 7 no. 109
1)415 v, 1250 amps, single housing, lt acb circuit breaker panel details as per annexure i qty: 2 no. 119
1)420kv oil level indicator to drg. 25380401006 var00 rev03.Note:- items are properly packed to avoid transit damage. qty: 35 no. 122
1)52 kv 3150a top terminal to drg 35380401100 # 01 rev 02. material is as per spec aa12023 rev08 on drg, fully finished.Pvc ratio is (1 : 3.76). qty: 100 no. 129
1)52/72.5 kv fluoro carbon rubber gasket 35380401006 #04 rev08, and as per spec. aa59808 rev 01. qty: 600 no 2)52/72 kv fluoro carbon rubber gasket drg 35380401006 # 05 rev08, and as per spec.Aa59808. 279
1)6thx1220x1220 plc sheet to aa22216 rev.03 qty: 1200 kg. 109
1)ac contactor 415v 300a 2 pole coil voltage 220 vac with aux contact & 2 no + 2 nc to cee spec no cee/01036 rev 03. qty: 800 no. 127
1)ag 51 bearing cartridge to drg. no. 24334417001 rev. 01 completely machined with grinding. 1) if avavilable gauges will be issued by bhel on loan basis. supplier"s identification mark should be on e. 141
1)asbestos free jointing sheets-3 mm tk. x 1500 mm wide x 2000 mm long made from cellulose fibre or any other vegetable fibre ,suitable for river water application & 50 kg/cm2 pressure. qty: 800 no. 132
1)auto focus total station plus essential accessories. make- pentax, sokkia or equivalent other than china make. 259
1)balancing/gas cylinder of "z" axis, make:aditech, industrievagen 15 s 43033 fjaras, sweden,n=1000, art no.280400 for cnc co-ordinate drilling/milling machine, model:arboga cnc2500 se, dtd 25/05/98 o. 192
1)bar ct ratio 600-300/5-5-1a; core-i: 15va, 5p20; core-ii: 5va, 0.5; core-iii: vk>=300v at 600/1 tap as per ann-a it-001. qty: 230 no 2)bar ct ratio 200-100/5-5a; core-i: 15va, 5p20; core-ii: 5va,. 168
1)bolt qty: 3 no 2)special stud qty: 8 3)spl stud qty: 3 no 4)screw qty: 15 no 5)screw m16x30 qty: 5 no 6)bolt m30x195 qty: 3 no 7)stud m30x150 qty: 16 no 8)screw qty: 10 no 9)screw (21-22-25-26-8900). 152
1)bolt qty: 4 no 2)washer qty: 4 no 3)cylindrical pin 140x70x40 qty: 2 no 4)key qty: 4 no 5)screw nipple qty: 8 no 6)pipe joint dnom 20 qty: 8 no 7)stud m64x4x490 qty: 48 no 8)null qty: null null. 143
1)building bar, slot drift, gauge supplier should manufacture drg.# e-722-4, building bar tl# 1611481 qty. reqd. 45 nos. slot drift tl# 1611482 qty reqd 2 nos. checking gauge tl#1611483 reqd. 2 nos dr. 265
1)burnt lime qty: 200 mt 8)null qty: null null. 103
1)cable gland # 2, as per drg. tr 20150 g rev-04 qty: 200 no 2)cable glands # 4, as per drg. tr 20150 g rev-04. qty: 1000 no 3)cable glands # 5, as per drg. tr 201500 g rev-04. qty: 2000 no 4)cable gl. 158
1)carbon steel plate to sa-516 gr. 70 of asme sec. ii part-a 2013; duly normalised, ultrasonically examined (as per sa-577 & sa-578 level -c), bend tested (as per supplementay requirement s-14) carbon. 161
1)chemical resistant epoxy based, rapid recoating zinc phosphate primer as per spec tre-166 to shade no. 2797 (gray colour). note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in one sealed. 170
1)commutator hub & end plate rough machined as per bhel drg. no. 24394200002 rev.08. qty: 230 no. 112
1)cover #1 drg. no 34993000011 rev-03 qty: 400 no 2)cover #2 drg. no 34993000011 rev-03 qty: 400 no. 122
1)cutting nozzle model no. a-16 suitable for injector type hand held cutting blow pipe of esab make , model no.- cutogen -5. qty: 30 no. 121
1)cylindrical roller bearing type - nu226m with brass cage as per spcn. no. am54178, rev. 02. qty: 50 no 2)cylindrical roller bearing type - nu230m with brass cage as per spcn. no. am54178, rev.02. qt. 266
1)dia 3.15x450 long welding electrodes as per aws-e 7018. qty: 300 no 2)s.S.Welding electrodes dia 2.5x350 long as per e-308 l. qty: 5500 no 3)s.S.Welding electrodes dia 3.15x350 long as per e-308 l. 225
1)digital temperature recorder qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)energy meter for 400kv line, ct ratio: 3000-2000-500/1a (usedtap 3000/1a). vt ratio: 400/root 3 kv/ 110/ root 3 v, as per ann-1, it.01 qty: 8 no 2)energy meter for 400kv side gt, ct ratio: 3000-2000. 204
1)epoxy general purpose resin to aa 27602 rev.00 amd.02 in 25kg packing. qty: 5000 kg 2)hardner for epoxy resin for cold setting to aa 27616 rev.01.In 5 kg pack. qty: 500 kg. 140
1)foot mounted induction motor qty: 2 no 2)foot mounted dc shunt motor qty: 4 no 3)slip ring induction motor qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 124
1)forged heat treated & rough machined carbon steel shaft to drg no. 12050119601 rev.01, product standard ht00242 rev.01 and qa plan. note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Techno-commercial bid in o. 172
1)fully finished assembly of gov shaft to drg no g2613909 along with oil tripped governor (02 ring set) to drg g2613908 qty: 2 st 2)fully finished gov shaft to drg no g2613909 with oil tripped emergen. 156
1)fully finished quill shaft coupling to drg g2612244 it 02 qty: 1 no 2)fully finished oil catcher to drg g2612244 it 04 mat as per drg qty: 1 no 3)fully finished coupling nut to drg g2612244 it 07 ma. 228
1)fully finished sealing ring to st24002.071 (a50x57) qty: 2 no 2)fully finished sealing ring to st24002.052 (a33x39) qty: 2 no 3)fully finished sealing ring to st24002.078 (a56x64) qty: 10 no 4)fully. 208
1)gasket (rubber) to drg. no. 44362318004 rev.03, matl to spec.Aa 59803. qty: 10000 no. 112
1)gasket s=10 as per drg no-41180322037 var-00 spec-aa59001 qty: 10 no. 111
1)gen. protection relay as per technical mou it-01 qty: 5 no 2)accessories as per technical mou it-02 qty: 2 no 3)trf(3w) protn. relay as per technical mou item 03 qty: 7 no 4)overall diff. relay as p. 230
1)grinding and polishing machine as per enclosed specification note: (1)technical bid containing technical offer+ commercial terms&conditions+un-priced copy of price bid to be put in 1 envelope.Price. 178
1)high pressure flexible hose pipe size 15nb(both end connection shall be1/2"bsp(f)& length shall be 1.5 m lg.,with reinforcement of single braid steel wire & having inner tube & outer tube of synthet. 186
1)holding down bolt item no 003 of drawing no 32560142606 rev. 00 on fully finished basis with due tc, gc and inspection reports. qty: 64 no. 124
1)insert screw qty: 30 no 2)carbide insert qty: 100 no 3)insert screw qty: 30 no 4)insert screw qty: 30 no 8)null qty: null null. 123
1)insulation tube for clamp to drg 4-667-05-00135 rev03. qty: 600 no. 110
1)kirloskar or equivalent make monoblock water pump fulfilling the technical details of kirloskar make ,model no. kds 1.525+ , size: 50 x 40 , suction and delivery line in same axix , supply voltage :. 324
1)magnetic level switches as per std. no. aa-7334001 rev.01a, for constructional arrgt. of level switches refer drg. no. 3-16205-40015 rev.01 enclosed. qty: 28 no. 127
1)mould dryer qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)o/c, e/f and 25 protection as per it-01, sg12927_nmdc qty: 79 no 2)o/c and e/f protection as per it-02, sg12927_nmdc qty: 483 no 3)trafo diff. protection as per it-03, sg12927_nmdc qty: 74 no 4)cabl. 230
1)oa 7002az, ta 6301 bx ring support clamp to drg. no. 34304511007 v-00, rev. 04. qty: 300 no 2)oa 7002az, ta 6301 bx ring support clamp to drg. no. 34304511011 v-00, rev. 04. qty: 300 no. 132
1)oil pressure pumping set for miv seals as per specification no.241554658 rev.00, hydraulic schematic drg.No.22000018601 rev.00 & oga drawing no.32210318603 rev.00 & annexure-i. qty: 6 no 2)spares fo. 221
1)oil skimmer for drainage pit as per purchase specification qty: 1 no 2)installation & commisioning of oil skimmer (item no-1) as per purchase specification.Note: submit offer in two part bid, i.E.Te. 178
1)plank thickness qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)polythene sheet film low density 100 micron thick, 3000 mm width, 400 swg to spec aa 51408 rev. 02. 50 kg per roll. qty: 10000 kg. 129
1)proportional valve as per drawing no.: 21142211053 (sheet01 & sheet 02) rev. 00 and bhel hwr material code: w97311422299. qty: 3 no 2)j.B.With amplifier & capacitor module as per drg no. 21142211054. 140
1)protective tube 41350501014 qty: 15 no 3)protective pipe qty: 10 no 6)thermowell 41531401025 qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null. 117
1)pump low domo#88150189 qty: 3 no 2)pump#107670130 qty: 3 no 3)pump&motor# svi 204/12s05t qty: 2 no 4)pump&motor# svi 224/24s30t qty: 1 no 5)pump#101701240 qty: 1 no 6)pump#svi406/18s11t qty: 1 no 7). 167
1)ring qty: 2 no 7)forging for seal ring qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null 9)forging for sealing ring qty: 9 no 10)forging for sealing ring qty: 9 no. 127
1)rough machined ipcv servomotor cover to drawing 01140403021 rev.07 and material spec hw19592 rev 02. qty: 2 no. 118
1)s. s. casting for door sealing ring in rough machined condition to drg. no. 32120115103 (r-01), mat. spec. no. aa 19542 (r-08), prod. std. ht 00252 (r-03) and qa plan no. qax / ht / 845 (r-00). qty:. 228
1)serrated washer qty: 5000 pr 2)serrated washer qty: 3000 pr 3)serrated washer a31.4x47x6.8 qty: 1800 no 4)serrated washer a17x25.4x3.0 qty: 100 no 5)serrated washer a21.4x39.0x3.2 qty: 350 no 6)serr. 166
1)set of steel washer to drawing no. 32530220119, item 01. each set consists of 1 no. of item 02, 1 no. of item 03 & 2 nos. of item 04 of the drawing. qty: 46 st. 133
1)silver anode (is1959) & drg no 400005; upto +/- 10 percent variation in qty allowed. pvc applicable- i.E "for every +/- of silver price of re 1.00 per kg, the quoted price will vary by +/- rs 1.105. 160
1)single layered half lap kapton covered conductor to bp28195 rev-07 bare size:1.5 x 6.0m.M.Covd size: 1.65 x 6.15 mm. material to be supplied in drums 60-70 kgs. qty: 1000 kg. 136
1)slip ring ind. motor qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)solid aluminium wire qty: 1000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)special form tool to suit the buttress milling cutter bc tc 250 to the designation: spc tf 30517 a c50d butt. profile as per bhel standard st01030. qty: 100 no. 129
1)spring loaded distribution boxes, single phase and neutral as per annexure-1 qty: 100 no 2)spring loaded distribution boxes, three phase and neutral as per annexure-2 qty: 500 no. 131
1)steel strap a 64 st/bl as per alstom document no: 9ana370281 and specification din 3570. qty: 50 no 2)washer nl10 st/flzn as per alstom document no: 9ana370362 and specification en 10083-3 (mat.-no. 312
1)step building bar tl#1580138 rev.00, supplier should manufacture step building bar tl# 1580138 as per drg. given. qty: 180 no 2)building bar drg. # st-324/1. supplier should manufacture building bar. 459
1)supply of 250/5a/1a ct as per attached technical specification qty: 10 no 2)supply of 250/5a ct as per attached annexure qty: 5 no. 122
1)supply of 50kva dry type transformer with enclosure as per attached technical specification no rmsg-06-424 rev 0 qty: 4 no. 115
1)supply of control valve as per technical specification no. rm-ts-cv-kod-958-i105a rev.00 qty: 1 lo. 110
1)ta ( mg) 10106 pole stud to drg. no. 44303223002 # 02 rev.07 rust preventive to be applied all over the job. qty: 1400 no. 124
1)ta 7005 by mod outer bearing cap (nde) to drg. no. 17164335001 var-00 rev. 07. note:- supplier"s trade mark , type of machine and p.O. no. sl.No. to be punched on each job. rust preventive to be app. 147
1)ta 9901 az fan blade assy. to drg. no. 24304576005 v-00 rev- 01. supplier"s identification mark should be on each job.Early delivery acceptable qty: 750 no. 128
1)ta9901az bar 38sq x 9 mm, drg. no. 34301076007,rev. 02. to be supplied in proper packing. qty: 400 no 2)ta9901az bar 38sq x18 mm, drg. no. 34301076007,rev.02. to be supplied in proper packing. qty:. 285
1)tension disc qty: 19570 no 2)tension disc (spherical washer qty: 2374 no 8)null qty: null null. 112
1)transformer 220/170v, 500va, 3ph, 75hz as per annx. item-1 qty: 1 no 2)transformer 220/220v, 30va, 3ph, 75hz as per annx. item-2 qty: 1 no 3)transformer 415/220v, 3kva, 3ph, 50hz as per annx. item-3. 154
1)valve plate of tandem valve qty: 18 no 2)valve plate of tandem valve qty: 18 no 3)plunger for p3-80 pump qty: 9 no 4)ring for p3-80 pump qty: 9 no 5)support ring for p3-80 pump. qty: 9 no 6)base rin. 181
1)voltage transducer 0-7kv as per ann.-a,it-001 qty: 123 no. 114
1)vortex flowmr nb15singlesensor qty: 75 no 2)vortex flowmeter 150 nb qty: 6 no 3)vortex flow meters 150 nb qty: 7 no 4)vortex flowmeter 100 nb qty: 2 no 5)vortex flow meters 100nb qty: 1 no 8)null qt. 138
1-2 inch(half inch) t type air strainer complete with sintered bronze filter.50 micron filtration capacity. spec.Drg.No. as per clw-ts-99-90-0014 drg.No. 0-2-65-440.Alt-nil. 321
1-auto battery charger,input 230 v ac,output 60vdc, 40amps for signaling purpose to irs-s-86-2000 with amendment 4 or latest. 2-auto battery charger,input 230 v ac,output 36vdc, 50amps for signaling p. 279
1. auto pointing reflector less electronic total station. model sokkia dx-101 ac or similar. details specn as per annexure i or similar. 2. wooden telescopic . 3. single range prism assembly . 334
1. bolt hex head for wap-7 as per drg/specn. no.Is: 1364, s-8.8, gr. a to is: 1367 (each set is a locoset consisting of 32 items 2. bolt hex head for wag-9h as per drg/specn. no. is: 1364, s-8.8, gr. 162
1. Complete rewinding and repairing of 210 KW, 550 Volts, Induction motor of filter plant of Gidi-A Colliery.2. Repairing of cabin, dala, spring leaf, steering, kin pin system and other mechanical wor. 156
1. cover to drg. no. au8.057.089 mct-1391/2 2. frame (au-8.636.449) for tnpa-65a. 124
1. hose asm drg. no. gm pt no 40054733 alt b (p.L.No.: 16241411) 2. hose asm drg. no. gm pt no 40030891 alt b (p.L.No.: 16241423). 396
1. Installation of Paver Road Near Ambedkar Nagar BCM Hostel Side road at W.No.10 2. Installation of Paver Road from Sabgeri Vijay Pimple house to Neelappa Valikar House at W.No.13 3. Installation of. 148
1. mc steel round bar 170 mm x el 2.500 mtr plus 12.00 mm-0.00 mm.Misc 130 r1 2. mc steel hex bar 46 mm a/f tol.Plus 0.00 mm-0.15 mm x el 2.500 mtr. plus 12.00 mm-0.00 mm d81345 r2 material identifica. 167
1. moei and fans, rmo pump set at patiala house court, new delhi. 2. moei and fans, rmo pump set at mea building, patiala house, new delhi. 3. moei and fans in the space occupied by coast guard head q. 215
1. opr. and maint. of elect. and mech. installation at gsi seminary hills, nagpur. sh: annual maintenance contract of dg sets at gsi, seminary hills, nagpur. 2. moei and fans, sub. stn. equipments, ac. 168
1. Providing & Installation of Paver Near Nutan Nagar Ambedkar Circle Infront of Mishra Peda Shop at W.No.15. 2. Providing & Installation of Pavers from Nutan Nagar Jaivanth Shetti house to Main Road. 133
1. provision of low cost p.F. shed with rcc benches on dal, lc, ash, cpa and rpo stations. (total 15 nos. sheds). 2. rcc benches on uncovered area of platform at dal, lc, ash & ljn stations (total = 5. 145
1. provision of low cost p.F. shed with rcc benches on gdk, mir, clj, jld, buw, jbr, gtnr & bnz stations. (total 21 nos. sheds). 2. rcc benches on uncovered area of platform at gd, clj, jld, buw, gtnr. 154
1. provision of low cost p.F. shed with rcc benches on tsf, mmb and bvn stations. (total = 6 nos. sheds). 2. rcc benches on uncovered area of platform at mmb, bvn stp & brk stations (10 benches at eac. 147
1. provision of low cost p.F. shed with rcc benches on ub, nuh, sot and bny stations. (total 9 nos. sheds). 2. rcc benches on uncovered area of platform at bny, tlr & blp stations (10 benches at each. 161
1. single core cable 3gkw,-0.5 flex ye-gr for wag-9,wap-7 and wap-5 loco to specn no.Clw/es/3/0458/e. 2. single core cable 3gkw,-0.5 flex ye-red for wag-9,wap-7 and wap-5 loco to specn no.Clw/es/3/045. 149
1. Widening Improvements Strengthening and Construction of Culverts in Government Highways roads in Annur H C and M Sub Division Package No. 32. 132
1.5 sq mm red thin walled flex. elast. cable with cu. cond., upto 750 v,rdso letter no. el/2.2.37. 199
1.5 sq.Mm cable, dcw part no.12999040 as per edps-179. material to be procured from rdso approved sources only. 117
1.5 sq.Mm pvc insulated multi stranded copper wire single core suitable for electrical wiing with standing up to 1100 volts confirming to is.Spec.No.694/1994 or latest r-y-b and black r-1080mtrs,y-720. 145
1.5 sqmm black thin walled flex.Elast. cable with cu.Cond. up to 750v. rdso letter no. el/2.2.37 d. 198
1.5sqmm 4core multi strand , round pvc insulated and sheathed copper flexible industrial cable 1100 voltage grade confirm to is:694. make:standard, finolex, v-guard. 112
1.5sqmm colour green/yellow thin walled flex.Elast.Cable with cu.Cond., up to 750v, rdso letter no. 199
1.5sqmm yellow colour e-beam cable. 267
1.Construction work of protection wall and cc road at satsang ashram area. 2.Construction work of compound wall at karmchari garden. 189
1.ecograf peak performance; ultrasound 2.soft for peak performance; 3.ecograf performance; 4.soft for performing ultrasound. 169
1.High back revolving chair ,metallic pp arm, metallic pp base,gas lift, pu leatherite tapestry venus model ve-304 or similar 2.Side rake 3.Visitor chair. 112
1.Improvements to Existing Bridge across Buckingham canal at Hamilton bridge Near City Centre dumping yard in Dn125 Unit 25 Zone IX and 2.Improvements to Existing Bridge across Buckingham canal at Dr. 164
1.Mysuru: provision of water conservation and recycling plant (4,00,000 liters capacity). item1. 128
1/2 inch pneumatically. 199
10 inch brake cylinder with built in slack adjuster for bmbs with hand brake cable rdso drg. no. wd-08093-s/2, item- 03. 358
10 inch brake cylinder with built in slack adjuster for bmbs without hand brake cable rdso drg. no. wd-08093-s/2, item- 03. 358
10 kva ups system (single phase). 132
10 No's HOADINGS at Old Bus Stand Hubli Area 10*20 sqft. 103
10 sq.Mm/1500 v single core elastomeric cable to rdso specification e 14/01 part ii revision 2 of 1993. 112
10 t snatch block. 142
10.Subramanyaroad: improvements to circulating area in front of station building.Item10. 125
100 mm flage type sluice valve, cast iron body with brass moving parts and brass spindle isi 4845 . make: durga or akshaya or any other make with isi certification. 188
10381: Critical Upgrades of Bavak Gates at HMP Perth, HMP Corton Vale & HMP Glenochil. 131
109 / zp / 15 proceedings for awarding a public contract conducted in an open tender with a value exceeding eur 207 000 for the supply of reagents and equipment for testing small emergency in the emer. 539
11 224 full-time car on route 11 (morning and evening) service from the staff leasing. 103
11.I)provision of foot over bridge at mandagere ii) bantawal: provision of low level platform shelter on platform no. 01(77.0m),water pedestals 04 no on platform no. 01 & platform benches 20 no on eac. 152
110 v dc mobile phone charging socket three pin prewired with fuse as per icf drg no. icf/sk3 -7-6-036 or latest sticker / indication shall be provided on each unit as 110 v dc supply for mobile charg. 160
12 mm thick plywood water proof quality to size 8 x 4 brand : sharon / kitplay / century. 107
12.I)sakleshpura: construction of over head tank 1.0 lakh litres capacity (intze type) ii)hassan: construction of over head tank 1.0 lakh litres capacity (intze type) iii)mysore: construction of over. 157
122 rtv silicon sealant acetoxy cureadhesive that is suitable for general construction sealing and adhesive application 280 ml. container , make boss or similar, make/brand to be stated, as per specif. 227
13.Mysuru division: i)mysuru a repairs of modular office at operating branch and it hub in divisional office. (ii)mysuruastandard facilities required for electrical primary maintenance depot for sgac. 186
15 kj high capacity loco side buffer assly drawing no. sk dl - 4561 of latest altration and spec no. mp- (rev.01) august-2005.(this is safety item). 393
15.I)arasikere-harihara section: elimination of unmanned level crossing no.182 at km. 297/500-600 by diverting road traffic through new rub(lc no. 183 ) ii)davangere: provision of approach road to sta. 148
1566 / la18; advisory and support lines for noise abatement strategy in the rail transport of bmvi. 367
16 channel data acquisition system. 103
16.Sakleshpur sub-division: supply of labour for deployment at vulnerable locations during monsoon 2015 in sakleshpur-subramanya road ghat section. item-16. 133
16feet hight self support alluminum ladder made from 10swg alu c section and step made of 25mm dia alu.Antislip alu.Pipe at every 300mm distance 04no.Rubber shoe at bottom for safety. 130
17.I)talaguppa: provision of water supply pipe line arrangements from existing oht to staff quarters. (ii)shivamoggatown:- proposed vip lounge.Item 17. 136
18 miscellaneous items toner and cartridge. 107
1A Earth Work In Filling From Km 5 50 To 7 500 Including Siding At Ghoswar Earthwork In Filling From Km15 000 To 17 900 Balance Earth Work. 306
1set frame for lscn eog. 175
1x28 w street light wather poof fitting with t5 lamp 20w with micro alluminum reflector and uv treated acrylic bowl cover and housing of the luminaire shall of store enamelled crca sheet with heavy du. 163
2 in 1 socket etc. 106
2 kv dc metal oxide surge arrestor complete without sparkless with continuos operating voltage 2 kv dc as per abb type no. polim- h2sd as per iec 600994 ediition z-1, 2006-07.Abb make or similar. 207
2 kva 3 phase dry type air cooled input volt 415 output volt 190v transformer confirming to rcf spec no. edts-015, rev-a or icf spec no. icf/elec/914 make: ramyaa, blectro, gears,blue star,lambda elco. 156
2 mbps g.Shdsl modem e g 703 port and one g.Shdsl v 35 port working on 230v and 48v dc make should be rad/mrotek atree a pair means one g 703 and one v.35. 129
2. Widening Improvements Strengthening Construction of Culvert Reconstruction of Culvert Retaining wall and Widening of Culverts in Government Highways roads in Sulur H C and M Sub Division - Package. 140
2.5 kva inverter 110 volt dc input / 230 volt ac as per rdso specn no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0132-2009 rev-o make - signotron or similar. 364
20 dell poweredge r730 server. 133
20 kvar power capacitor 3 phase 440 v 50 hz ac supply. is: 13340. 122
200 amps, portable hand start diesel engine driven dc arc welding set with manua. 324
200 mts drainage pipeline problem is identified behind kalyan tehatre at brundavan colony & conversion of ugd from open nala in mallikarjuna colony from road no. 3 to road no. 5 at mallikarjuna colony. 167
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to kenwood tk-2107 walkie talkie sets. 254
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to motorrola gp-328 as per specifications: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of battery should. 308
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to simco, hyt-265 as per specification: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of batter should be. 309
2000 mah or more ni-mh rechargeable battery compatible to vertex vx-160 as per specifications: voltage:7.2/7.4, capacity: 10 hrs back up with 10:10:80 rx:tx:idle duty cycle. label of battery should be. 308
2015 Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Project. 382
2015 year 50 piers istanbul general building maintenance and fender of pier refurbishment work. 121
2015-2016 academic year dE[micro]rtyol ministry of education 11 transportation center primary and secondary to that will be moved from 13 settlements student transportation work. 120
2015-2016 academic year in the county of ulubey propelled elementary / secondary schools within the scope of the students, detected (6) transportation center to the school 182 working days 64 routes,. 110
2015-2016 eskisehir you district inE[micro]nE- should also carry the primary / the scope of secondary, martyr ali ihsan aydin primary and vehbi koc secondary 105 students 14/09 / 2015-10 / 06/2016 dates betwe. 107
2016- 2017 food. 142
20160001 / htvc / amup supply sera to tortosa hospital virgen de la cinta. 135
20mm aluminium bus bar tee connector. r.I. no. eti/psi/p/6590 rev.B. i.D. no.:6591, 6592. make: sbi, tlp. 161
25 kv ohe electrification work for (i) long loop line at sahadol (ii) long loop line at kothari road & (iii) balance work for conversion of goods shed siding into up loop cum dn. reception line in sar. 179
25 kv, single pole out door type vacuum circuit breaker. 237
250 amp, hrc fuse link din type blade contacts size-2 confirming to is: 13703 part-2/sec 2. 195
25kv, single pole vacuum type interrupter as per latest specification no. ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120.(dec:2013) ver.0 alind type vse 5/8 or bhel type pvti. 160
25kv, vacuum type circuit breaker as per latest rdso specification no. ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120.(dec:2013) ver.0 alind make vse 5/20 or bhel type pvtb. 154
278 items adsm bastabipligi tunceli state hospital and medical supplies and procurement of materials laboratory. 103
29 Nos. Single And 4 Nos. Double Suite Civil Work. 131
2nd kor khdesg and its union boilers, heating boilers, burners, resistant to maintenance and repair of transformers and compensation board of goods and equipment purchase. 109
3 legged chain sling with oval main ring at top, eye hooks at free ends made of m.S. short link chain confirming to is: 2760/80 : hook confirming to is :3822/66 chain size :- 6 ft long swl 3.2 ton at. 158
3 pole power contactor rating 80 amps 3 ph 415 v ac 50 hz with coil voltage 110 v ac with 2 no 2 nc similar to l and t cat no.Cs97077 type mnx 80 confirming to is/iec 60947-4-1 make l and t or similar. 134
3 purchase of cleaning materials various items. (27,000 kg. liquid hand washing agent (liquid soap), 20,000 roll of toilet paper, 6,000 liter of bleach (sodium hypochlorite)). 107
3 terminal pull on switch (starting switch). 130
3-phase slip ring induction motor. 126
3. Widening Strengthening Constn of High level bridge Minor bridge Reconstn of Culvert Widening Culvert and Construction of Retaining wall in Government Highways Roads in Coimbatore H North and South. 147
3/4 inch dressor elbow 90 degree dlw p.No 11325203. 106
3/8 inch ball type isolation cocks cut out cock sk no-0759 line no-2. 109
30 mm facing cassette r h ord no - 6939322010 make - widia - kennametal / sandvik only from authorised dealer with manufactures guarentee certificate. 119
32 amps,size a2,high rupturing capacity low voltage general purpose fuse link with bolted connection having breaking capacity of 80 ka (minimum) suitable for rated voltage 415 volts ac and conforming. 176
32 mm dia round steel grade 20x13 to gost 5632-71. 117
33 armd dou invites limited tender enquiry under single bid system for supply of mt stores as per tender documents. 141
33 kv,3 core ht xlpe (e) insulated cable suitable for 33000 volts 33 kv aluminium conductor screened extruded pvc insulated inner sheated with galvanized flat strip and pvc outer sheated conforming to. 264
392.41005c10022100 face mill holder. 115
392.41005c10032100 face mill arbor. 115
4 finger interlock assembly. 105
4 parcel delivery batches from the coliposte agency lille lezennes. 284
4 sq mm 3core flat cable pvc insulated and sheathed with flexible copper conductor suitable for submersible pump and for working voltage up to 1100volt conforming to is 694/90 with latest amendment wi. 146
4 wire way station control telephone to specification no.Irs,tc,38-97 with latest amendment. 167
4 x 14 watts roadway light. 183
4.5 kw alternator and rru for 4.5 kw and erru for 4.5 kw, three items. 355

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