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Articles from Mena Report (August 12, 2015)

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" cleaning , removing of debris and maintenance of exeisting drains of township area ". 119
"Analysis of current state and prospects of development of engineering systems of drinking water and sewer drains Chekhov municipal district". 135
"Assistance For Operation Of Liquid Fuel Station (G) Of Emd. 183
"Development of the project (modernization project documentation in the embankment something in kozieglowy), together with obtaining a valid occupancy permit for the construction and author~s supervis. 210
"Execution of works on reproduction of mineral resources base of solid minerals from the budget of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria on the project" Development of a new Feasibility Study (FS) condit. 158
"infrastructure measures in the dhw rodleben" upgrading of the transport infrastructure. 150
"preparation of documentation (detailed design) for the adaptation of existing measurement systems for remote data transmission and for modernization of metering and billing of electricity in the fiel. 200
"Preparation of project documentation for expanding the capacity of primary school rudn". 149
"Preparation of project documentation for expanding the capacity of primary school rudnEi". 153
"services of winter maintenance of provincial roads administered by wfd torun in winter seasons 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018". 111
"Winter maintenance of municipal and county roads in the winter seasons 2015/2016, 2016/2017 within the city vistula". 475
(a) Desiltiong the supply well, lntake well / Head works, sump of water supply/ sewerage works etc in wet or dry condition including lifts upto 9 m and lead upto 150 m as required beyond the work site. 131
(A) Provision Of Two Cash Counters , Repair Of Aluminium Door , Missing Ceiling Tiles Of Switch Room, Septic Tank. 136
(One) No. Diesel Driven Light Motor Commercial Vehicle. 110
(One) No. Diesel Driven Light Motor. 125
(Purchase 882) Semi-trailers (NPP). 119
,, Contracting A Reimbursable to Finance the Objective: Capital Repairs Targoviste City Streets. ~~. 531
- Supply Framework Agreement - Reagents for Devices. 548
-80 ultra deep freezer. 127
~ u ~ bolt. 125
0 won nanshan leisure sports footwear chapter in installing and complementary facilities construction. 122
0016 pharmacies supply kkh frankenberg-2015th. 157
01/205 foundation studies u2 / u5, s-10 objects in the field, buchengasse to 9, schwarzspanierstrasse. 185
07 items for insulation of steam line. 168
1 no. of demister pad with grid, fa31703, size:dia 2800x150 thk(2 layers),moc:astm b-164, wire dia:0.28mm, density:144 kg/m3 as per encl. drawings. 133
1 running maintenance and operation of automatic fire alarm system and p.A. system wet riser system and d.G. set at sardar patel bhawan new delhi. sh operation of automatic fire alarm system and p.A. 162
1) removal earth debrises and providing brick flat soling surrounding. 168
1) sc-dhne section: tfr: through fitting renewal for 47.60 kms (with rubber pad only) at various locations (from km.48.70 to 96.30 km) 2) . sc-dhne section: through weld renewal (twr) for a total leng. 182
1)gasket 2)right hand gasket 3) left hand gasket. 117
1)h&s qty: 2 st 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)ms pipe 8 mm(nb) qty: 100000 mr 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)plc based control panel. qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)Renewal to Karwar-Kaiga SH from Km 328.64 to 332.02 in Hungund Tq of Bagalkot Dist (Proposed Km 328.640 to 331.640) 2)RENEWAL TO RAICHUR BACHI SH 20 FROM KM.125.80 TO 150.80 IN HUNGUND TALUKA UNDER. 156
1)threading insert qty: 100 no 2)thread mill holder p=6.0-8.0 qty: 3 no 3)screw qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 122
1)zircon wash (water based) qty: 25000 kg 8)null qty: null null. 107
1,202 baumeisterarbeiten bt v. 217
1. Highly intergrated specilized dual transmission kit for maintenance of complete transmission part no. Mpmt 20. Quantity 15 nos. 132
1. Veg, sidewalks, lighting and VA facilities for TysvE*r municipality. 133
100 insulin syringe 1ml needle 29g x 1/2 inch not removable. polypropylene sterile disposable needle attached 1ml capasidad dde. req-382 ft22225. 141
100 terminal junction box. 108
11 each NVP117C8e 1U Rackmount 17" LCD with 8-port CAT.5 KVM (RJ-45 Connection) notebook key w/ touch pad ( e ) Keyboard Drawer. 23" deep. 107
11kv 24v dc ptr lv vcbs with crps and cts of ratio 600-300/1-1-0.577a with differential protection. 122
125 Volt C&D Battery Bank. 172
13bE[micro]lg directorate of highways 133 branch chief (alanya) building during renovation and maintenance work to be done is. 108
15 Passenger (Including Driver) Cutaway Van. 369
15-037 apportionment water pipe dn 500 ggg kronenstraE-e. 128
15054c annual supply contracts and benefits for traffic management in the territory of eurometropole. 190
15055c replacement sirac the video wall. 137
15s0143 - dc - work in various colleges, departmental buildings and medical social centers of the department of moselle. 222
16-03 Mwpm Stair Tower Emergency/Exit Lights. 108
19.20.21-00.00 - Petrol engine (gasoline), including aviation gasoline (Gasoline A-92)Description procurement subject or its parts (if the customer provides the submission of price proposals for parts. 127
1stProposal: An alternative development of analytic number theory and applications. 395
20 nb flexible hose pipe for wagon dom system. 116
2015 2016 passenger lift for shopping complex at nedumangad municipality. 124
2015 academic year second semester site car rental services, on-site training. 124
2015 august-september geumcheongo, sangdanggo school meals goods (seafood) jointly purchase a small number of estimates announcement. 105
2015 forest road work projects (article yecheon woorae - woorae). 122
2015 forest road work projects (gumi haepyeong songgok - songgok). 109
2015 local road maintenance corporation (pyeongtaek, section 1) waste disposal services. 116
2015 local road maintenance corporation (sf 2 sections) waste treatment services. 120
2015 second semester crescent mars middle school meals goods (agricultural products. industrial products) buy electronic bidding. 118
2015-16 District Accountability Reviews Review Team Coordinator. 458
2015-2016 academic year in our district salihli neighborhood and neighborhood residing in the six settlements in 1767 elementary and secondary school students of 15 transport center elementary-seconda. 111
21 command vehicles. 150
2216 housing s.R. renovation work of paver block, sanitary fittings, door-window, cupboard mosquito net and g.I. sheet and colour work in secretary bunglow no. kh/229 and other bunglows @ sector no. 1. 233
2216 housing s.R. renovation work of sanitary fittings, door-window, anti termite treatment, cupboard mosquito net and inside-outside colour work in secretary bunglow no. k/201 and other bunglows @ se. 231
2216 housing s.R. renovation work of sanitary fittings, door-window, bamboo mating, anti termite treatment, cupboard mosquito net, rough stone flooring & ips and colour work in secretary bunglow no. k. 230
25 pair shielded cable. 107
250 nb branch isolation valve for fly ash system , ahp, st-ii. 115
2500 baden near vienna, mE-hlgasse 67, ph lower austria, expansion and renovation - bEndertechnik. 175
3 piece made in gE[micro]ztepe park neighborhood and sahrayicedit. 108
3 seater complete rh and lh for dmu. 197
33rd nws air force defensive cyber operations maintenance & enabler (af dco m&e) mission. 137
3cx300 cu, xlpe & pvc /frls, 11kv(ue). 101
42.11.1 automobile roads and highways and other road elements roads; runways airport (Current repair of street and road network Kremenchuk) Quantity: according to technical specifications. 108
440 specific items medical supplies. 104
45 and 47 aircraft cleaning group. 179
48 port switches. 137
5 Year Enabling Contract for the Procurement of Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Protective Overboots. 180
500k.v.a. Transformer main electric panel feeder panel, ht and lt cable, external illumination in premises of engineering college darbhanga. 126
70 Kw Generator - Fire Headquarters. 167
800ma digital radiography unit including independent workstations. 139
A Number of 10 Stations Ticket Machines Installed in Boarding / Disembarking Passengers of Vehicles of Administration. 124
A range of works for the manufacture of technical plans, technical certificates, land formation, changes to the materials and technical accounting information OCG Boundary roadsides in connection with. 195
A/C System and Controls Upgrade for the Authoritys Clark Energy Center S & R Building. 267
A/Mtc. of Pumping Machinery of 08 Nos. canal based water works & 13 Nos. Boosting Station and various shallow tubewell on this 08 Nos. canal based scheme under PHESD No. 4, Bhiwani & PHE Division No. 101
A/Mtc. of Pumping Machinery of 10 Nos. canal based water works & 4 Nos. Boosting Station and various shallow tubewell on this 10 Nos. canal based scheme under PHESD No. 4, Bhiwani & PHE Division No. 2. 101
A15 / 34 lateral confinement works and bypass external-discharge waters of saint anthony. 316
Access hole cover drg. no. 306- 60-1. 114
Accompanying market changes in managerial practices. 543
Acquisition and development of the industrial process for the preparation of structured quality report of the hospitals (qb-r) in accordance with A* 137 para. 3 sentence 1 no. 4 sgb v. 140
Acquisition and installation of Data transmission network firewall software. 107
Acquisition and Storage System Project in Photogrammetric Data Processing Geographical Information Environment, Climate Change and Eu Integration. 507
Acquisition of a brand name 3 d printer (dimension sst 1200es // ). 102
Acquisition of a self-protected cabin radiation x-ray in favor of the institute of biomedical research of the army in bretigny sur orge (91). 139
Acquisition of books for loan departmental media and departmental services. 182
Acquisition of dedicated controllers for genomics platform umr1087 nantes. 292
Acquisition of specialized vehicles dedicated to waste water treatment (2 lots). 153
Acquisition of urinary and salivary drug detection kits. 281
Acquisition Substanye Contrast and Other Drugs. 494
Addition alteration to stn auditorium building at af stn memaura under ge af bkt. 136
Additional SolarWinds Licenses. 364
Additionalteration and repairs of type-ii quarter at chunabhatti area at nad residential colony karanja. 136
Addl/alteration to toilet with tiling in icu of mh gopalpur, spl rep to bldg no. p-349 and roof treatment in bldg no. p-644 to p-650 , nalanda library and shopping complex at gopalpur military station. 167
Addn altn and drainage for bldg no p 21a and repair and maintenance of ext electrification at hq cif (k) in shalateng grn. 151
Adjusting the personnel system for communicating with isoss. 111
Adjusting the personnel system for communicating with isoss. 111
Administration and procurement services to the pungwe basin transboundary integrated water resources management and development programme (pp2) 2016. 134
Administration of off-duty police details. 117
Advance Water Tender Type B For Fire Brigade Capacity 16 Ton. 141
Advanced flow cytometer. 127
Advanced icu ventilators. 127
Advanced Water Treatment Facility Design Build Procurement. 474
Adventure Activities Consultancy. 320
Advertising agency years 2016-2019. 129
Advertising services of croatian tourism, the region of kvarner and rijeka airport in germany via promotional channels airline. 127
Advertising services of croatian tourism, the region of kvarner and rijeka airport in latvia through promotional channels airline. 127
Advising on the protection and control of fire and explosion. 220
Aerial pesticide abatement services. 196
Aero Medical Billing And Collection Services. 112
Afd: towing, storage, maintenance and disposal services of seized/forfeited vehicles for the central district of illinois. 116
Affiliated general secretariat dr. sadi guest education and research hospital, 3 pen medical device procurement. 102
Afica usafe live fire trainers. 106
After construction during the construction period for the new center for synthetic life sciences (zsl). 194
Agricultural machinery rental business facilities setting construction. 103
Air filter secondary (safety) element. 128
Air hose 10mm single braided hose with standing air pressure of 400 psi in length of not less than 15 metres - reg. 123
All in maintenance contract for existing various fans ( like as ceiling fan, exhaust fan, pedestal fan, bracket fan ) at minister site gandhinagar for one year (2015-16). 202
All or part construction and civil engineering work, entertainment building construction, entertainment center construction, restaurants and similar facilities, canteen construction, construction work. 124
All that piece and parcel of showroom at sarat magma house along with furniture and fixture. 255
All that piece and parcel of the vacant land bearing survey no.314/5 re survey no.85/26. 179
Allocation of the dbfm contract for the project "raising bridges albert - cluster 1". 156
Alternation ,rectification, modification and beatification of achyara prafalla chandra bhaban of w.B. board of primary education Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of 125kva dg set(3rd ca. 152
Alternative cafeteria service means using electronic meal vouchers for employees of pensplan centrum ag. 174
Altindag community health merkem connected no.2 tuberculosis care and maintenance business of the dispensary, cankaya the community health center of retaining wall construction and haymana remzi dairy. 129
Alu. alloy ingot is 617-5500. 118
Aluminum Structural Plate Single Radius. 452
Ambares et lagrave: population study, equipment and related financing tools. 182
Ambulance car buying. 130
Amc epfo tirunelveli for the year 2015 16 sh supply of labour for day to day maintenance and horticulture for a period of 4 months phase 1. 125
Amc for fire safety equipments installed at hudco vishala building bhikaji cama place new delhi. 128
AMC for mechanical maintenance works in Pellet Plant. 118
Amc of desktop computers and all type of printers. 110
Amc of insmart make 40t hydraulic press system. 123
Amc of millipore make elix10 water purifier system. 123
Amc of old local area networks system of about 360 computers , connected patch panels in nch, mumbai. 130
Amc services of desktops/workstations, laptops, printers and other peripherals for 2 years. 132
Amo pool davoust. 197
Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study Evaluation Consultant. 407
Ancillary building services. 207
AnCon: A Comparative Anthropology of Conscience, Ethics and Human Rights. 382
And korgan forest doves, isla, chief of improvement in forest road (construction work). 120
Anevar Assessment of Individual Compensation for Owners of Buildings Belonging to the Expropriation Corridor Double Circuit 400 Kv Ohl Gutinas - Smardan. 548
Animation - rental, assembly and disassembly of equipment for electrical power and lighting for shows and events - market orders - years 2015-2018 - open tender. 161
Annual cleaning and upkeeping of 03 nos. road weigh bridges and one rail in-motion weigh bridge at gevra road railway siding at kocp. 147
Annual cleaning and upkeeping of 03 nos. rOad weigh bridges and one rail in-motion weigh bridge at gevra road railway siding at kocp. 126
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Bluestar Make Ductable/ Package Type Air Conditioning Plants in connection with Rmo Wtac, Stac And Ptac Plants Bel. To Mha At North Block,. 149
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of inbuilt RO System in Boys and Girls Hostels 2015-16. 126
Annual Conservancy Contract For Technical Store Buildings At Ins Tunir. 110
Annual contract for attending boiler tube by h.p. Tube welding work for unit no. 1 to 4 (during forced break down). 133
Annual contract for complete rewinding of L.T. Motors of Rating from 1.1 to 135 KW installed at EM-II, TPS Parli-Vaijnath. 136
Annual contract for mechanical maintenance work of coal mill reject belt bc1 to bc4 at unit no. 1 to 4. 131
Annual contract for removal of Coal reject from Coal mill at RPH. 137
Annual Contract for work as a Feeder Manager on 11 KV Ambika Nagar Feeder under Yavatmal (U) Sub-Dn. of Yavatmal Division for performing work of Loss Reduction, to improve collection efficiency and im. 102
Annual contract of routine, breakdown and capital maintenance work of roller coal mill zgm-133g-i of 2x600 mw unit 1 and 2 katpp jhalawar. 139
Annual Contract to carry out POG activities on as & when required basis for 210 MW U-2 & 3 and 500 MW U-4 & 5 at BTPS Deepnagar. 155
Annual electrical maintenance works in bhel township for the year 2015-16. 136
Annual maint. contract for battery banks installed at various plants in rcf ltd. chembur. 104
Annual maintainance service contract for generators engine of uran municipal council. 129
Annual maintanance contract to maintain and repaire computer, laser printer, scanner and fax. 139
Annual maintenance & special repairs to fire station building pathanamthitta for 2015-16. 119
Annual maintenance contract for 03 sets of digital guard system installed one no at regional workshop jamuna, one no at workshop kotma west, and one no at bartarai magazine of jamuna kotma area. 160
Annual maintenance contract for communication network in mines/township area at nigahi project. 140
Annual Maintenance Contract for Desktop and Peripherals. 128
Annual Maintenance Contract for EA sets installed. 128
Annual maintenance contract for horticulture work at iocl r and d centre ,faridabad. 138
Annual Maintenance contract For Laundry Services For Passenger Facility. 117
Annual maintenance contract for otis elevator at bbii for the period 01.03.2015 to 29.02.2016. 112
Annual Maintenance contract For the work of Servicing of dampers in U-3 at BM-II TPS Parli-V. 130
Annual maintenance contract of 10 nos. of numeric 5kva ups at locations under pso in the state of punjab, hp, jk and ut chandigarh for three years. 142
Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers & other IT hardwares item Desktop Zenith PC Q45, Desktop HP Pavilion, Desktop HCL AC2V0254,. 124
annual maintenance contract of electro chlorinator at bokaro, mohuda. 130
Annual maintenance of CI / premier pipe line work at colony premises at TPS Parli Vaijnath. 129
Annual Maintenance of Computers including accessories installed and supply of consumables in CRMD M-313, M-3133 and M-3134 offices. 133
Annual maintenance of laundary machine / walk in cooler etc under age (hosp) at ge (u) e/m meerut cantt. 138
Annual maintenance of Regulator cum escape gates at 124th KM ch:123475M of TBC for the year 2015.16. 111
Annual maintenance work contract for fire detection & alarm system. 127
Annual mtc. Of 2 nos. Otis make passenger lifts installed in haryana civil secretariat building sector 1 chandigarh for the period 2015 to 2016. 144
Annual painting services. 228
Annual plan- proj no 780/16 construction of fish landing centre - vettam. 124
Annual plan- proj no 811/16, construction of kavanur ghss building - kavanur.Gp. 128
Annual rate contract (arc) for repairing/maintenance/procurement of office furniture items (petty carpentry works) of ministry of steel. 136
Annual rate contract for french spirit and melamine polish work at the ashok new delhi 110021. 139
Annual rate contract for french spirit and melamine polish work at the ashok new delhi 110021. 121
Annual rate contract for hiring of printing work to hotel patliputra ashok. 117
Annual rate contract for removal of malba/building rubbish etc. and supply of labour for miscellaneous civil works at hotel janpath, new delhi. 146
Annual rate contract for supply of miscellaneous item for food. 127
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation EI and Fans P set Laundry Equipments SRHC Hospital Delhi Under AE E M 3523. 142
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation EI and fans pumps FF and FA compound light DG set Intercom etc at DCHFC PDC Sharma Sahkar Bhawan at Sector 20 Dwarka New Delhi. 146
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation of Various Electrical and Mechanical Services at S G M Hospital Mangolpuri Delhi. 139
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation of Various Electrical Mechanical Equipments in GND CoEd. Polytechnic at Sector15 Rohini Delhi. 132
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation PTC PTS at Jharoda Kalan, New Delhi dg. 2015 16. 123
Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation works. 145
Annual Repair and Maintenance operation and other Civil repair in quarter No 430 Sec- 30 A Chandigarh. 129
Annual Repair of Civil Dispensary in various Sectors U.T., Chandigarh (Supply of Labour). 135
Annual repair to flooring joinery and certain other works in offrs md accn in zone a area under age br i of ge north meerut cantt. 145
Annual repair to flooring plaster joinery and certain other works in med regt and fd regt under age br i of ge north meerut cantt. 143
Annual Requirements Contract For Radio And Radio Station Repairs And Installation. 451
Annual requirements contract for street sweeping services. 114
Annual Routine maintenance of ESP of unit no 1 to 4 of PH I and II at SGTPS Birisnhgpur. 154
Annual tender for repairs and maintainance of public borewells and electric motor pump to municipal water supply. 135
Annual up-keeping of VSS Stadium of IB valley Area (for a period of 365 days). 144
Annual work contract for applying Fire Proof Paint on H.T. / L.T. cables at TPS, Parli-Vaijnath. 131
Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid. 382
Anual operation maintenance and watch and ward of Sewage Treatment Plant at SGTPS Birsinghpur. 144
Any civil work. 117
Ao market works - montreuil revolution - august 2015. 130
Ao walking works - gentilly (94) - august 2015. 147
Apparatus for physical or chemical analysis. 112
Apparatus for sound, video-recording and reproduction. 145
Apparatus radiological, electromedical and elektroterapevtychne equipment (Renthenanhiohrafichna System: 26.60.11-15.00 control equipment based on the use of X-rays for medical, surgical, dental and v. 118
Application 1000210333-06-01 kilos of brisket (old clothes) / kilos of meat of rincon / kilos of lomo black, or redondo / kilos of rib res (short rib) / kilos of solomo / kilos of pork loin / kilos po. 143
Appointment of a Structural & Civil Engineer for Bargarran/ St John Bosco Primary School. 353
Appointment of consulting agency to act as independent engineer for implementing integrated solid waste management. 141
Appointment of contractor for providing transport facility to the sr manager mumbai region by using ac-sedan car approximately 12 hours in a day or 3000 km per month. 141
Appointment of experienced & registered Architectural firms for Architectural, Conceptual designs & drawing of Gondwana Tribal Museum & Research Center at Nagpur (Maharashtra), landscape & related wor. 118
Ar and mo to ccras building at janakpuri new delhi during 2015 16 sh provision of temporary shed for diesel drums water supply line for collection of waste r o water and aluminium sheet covering in la. 137
Arc for cleaniness of cmpdi ri ii office building and its premises at koyla bhawan complex koyla nagar dhanbad. 121
Arc for erection of structure equipment, earthing & control wiring work for 66kv transformer bay for approved augmentation for 2015-16 & 220kv breaker, 66kv breaker replacement work approved under r&m. 200
Arc for laying ug cable at akota s/d. 176
Archbishop pater-rupert-mayer school center in pullach, construction of a new elementary school with day-care center. 174
Architect Engineering Services. 268
Architectural and building-surveying services. 449
Architectural and engineering services for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the sophie-scholl-schule, elE-holzstr. 34-37, 10781 berlin. 253
Architectural and related services. 104
Architectural and related services. 134
Architectural Engineering. 135
Architectural services for building design for repair, modification and conversion of the building friedensstraE-e 4 in schwerin as hort building. 164
Architectural services for buildings. 141
Architectural services for buildings. 135
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 129
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 192
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 110
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 167
Ardahan forest management directorate yamacyol village afforestation project area in excavator soil processing work. 104
Area grading work at 220kv gss sakatpura kota. 121
Armo electrical works at nfai pune for sept oct 2015 sh annual operation of various ac plants including non comprehensive and comprehensive maintenance at nfai phase ii building. 130
Arrangement for providing decoratrive lighting during durga puja,kali puja at pts and fhc, ananda mela, flower show at pts and other f. 106
Arrangement for seating , temporary shades(pandals) and other decoration items. Auditorium Outside Student Area Dome inner White House Railing Siding (10X180=1800 Sq. ft. & 15X160=2400 Sq.ft. 189
Arrangement for seating , temporary shades(pandals) and other decoration items. White House Mandap top. 241
Aruvikkara laying 90 mm pvc pipe from irumba junction to maruthancode junction in aruvikkara grama panchayat. 130
As Needed Environmental Investigation Services. 285
As per calling quotation. 126
As per tender document supply of man power to niam. 141
As per tender document. 136
As per tender document. 130
As per tender document. 126
As per tender document. 134
As per tender. 110
Assessment of technical condition of propellers AV-72T of 8 sets AB-68I of 5 sets to extend the service life. 143
Assistance mission project management (amo) technical, architectural and environmental programming for rosny-sous-bois maintenance site of the line 15 is the grand paris express. 196
Assistance services to cdchs, both for its behalf and on behalf of member municipalities in the context of actions relevent energy transition and monitoring of territorial energy climate plan. 293
Assistance with Legal Services. 247
Assistance With National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits And Waste Discharge Requirements and Related Studies And Projects. 522
Assy fuel tank complete. 111
At Dbb- Electrification Of Visitors & Users Meeting Room,Pilgrim Transit, Prs- Cum Uts Building, Pay & Use Toilet. 166
At Dbb- Extension Of Platform, Extension Of Pp Shed By 2 Bays, Improvement Of Existing Station Building & Circulating Area Including Other Ancillary Works & At Apdj- Provision Of Pf For Line No.5. 145
At Gkp (Mws)- Providing R.C.C Roof In Pace Of A.C. Sheets, Including Raising Of Floors In Power Maintance Shop. 117
Atls minikin. 126
Attending of HT/LT cable & overhead line faults & erection ofOverhead & Underground LT/HT lines & other allied works at subdivisions under Bund Garden Division. 142
Auction Maa Chintpurni Iron and Steel I pvt ltd and Jai Mahalaxmi Ispat I pvt ltd. 117
Auction Maa Chintpurni Iron and Steel I pvt ltd and Jai Mahalaxmi Ispat I pvt ltd. 125
Auction Maa Chintpurni Iron and Steel I pvt ltd and Jai Mahalaxmi Ispat I pvt ltd. 118
Auctions affairs directorate of highways 13bE[micro]lg, renovated building in the cafeteria and the front pool, maintenance building made of. 113
Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories. 311
Audio-visual equipment. 134
Augmentation Of Stage Lighting And Stage Furnishing Equipments At Auditorium Presidents Estate Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi. 104
Augmentation of storage facilities additional stores at ris complex colaba mumbai. 138
AUROMYC: N-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyN-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyMyc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome Topology. 361
Automated controlled rate cryopreservation system. 128
Automated footfall monitoring system for waterford. 114
Automated Gas Chromatograph Coupled With Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer System (gc/ms). 112
Automated Logic Service. 158
Autopsy and surgical instruments. 127
Autostainer with automatic cover slipper. 137
Avionics spares for the hc144 aircraft. 103
Award and service credit with a value of 100 000 000 pln to finance khw. 124
Award of contract for imparting Customer Care training to the frontline staff of Indian Railways at Zonal Railway Training Institute/Moula Ali under two packet tendering system. Other details can be h. 139
Award of pecuniary damage liability insurance of notaries, notary administrators and notaries. 392
Awarding concessions for storage gadgets and awards winners and management of sweepstakes for rai - radiotelevisione italian spa. 280
Awarding concessions for the maintenance of public buildings and municipal areas of sant~ilario d~enza (re), with effect from 10.01.2015 to 31.12.2018. confidential procedure ex art. 52 of legislative. 171
Awarding public procurement contract of goods equipment for radiation protection, equipment for quality control and performance evaluation of PET-CT scanners for the needs of PET Centre Skopje. 144
Axial Fans for Forced Cooling of Power Transformers. 520
Ayancik forest management directorate of the various forest management units of b-type opening of the vent closed at forest road and the cleaning of the resulting landslide to run the machine for the. 123
B and r nature repairs to inside and out side hospital area at chaf bangalore. 131
Backup Generator Load Bank. 487
Balance work for Earthen bund RD 0 m to 395 M including construction of Sluice Flush Bar app Spill. 181
Balance work of permanent bridge over umiam river at umroi (ii call). 134
Balance works of providing and laying design mix reinforced cement concrete for the project. 108
Banister brush. 125

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