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Articles from Mena Report (April 4, 2015)

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Annual sanitation and upkeeping of dragline erection yard office, old regional store, east section and vtc office. 148
Annual work contract for daily cleaning of Turbine house. 130
Annual Work contract for Rail Track Maintenance of Railway Siding of CHP NPTPS Parli-Vaijnath. 126
Anouar Invest. 526
Anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic products. 250
Antiseptics and disinfectants. 110
Any Qualified Provider for Audiology Services for Hartlepool and Stockton CCG and South Tees CCG. 450
Any Qualified Provider for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies. 467
Ao - gcs grappp pharmaceutical specialties. 116
Aoo / dag / office supplies. 229
Aoo_2014_50703_0001_extension house for all camoins. 276
APEC Business Travel Card Programme Management Assistance Project. 377
APEC Risk Assessment Training on Metals and Metal Compounds. 271
APEC Seminar on Sharing Good Practices and Experiences on Developing Franchise Regulations. 345
APEC Workshop - Sharing Best Practices on Public Consultations. 414
APEC Workshop on Customs Control on Cross-Border e-Commerce. 345
Application service providers. 152
Appointment Of Agency For Surface Maintenance/Gardening Jobs & Allied Work At Sail Warehouse, Autonagar, Visakhapatnam. 171
Appointment Of Secretarial Auditor. 112
Appointment of statutory auditor and a substitute for legal certification of mission cirad income for the years 2015 to 2020. 279
Appointment of Transport Contractor at Gurdaspur. 124
Apr000113638 - provision of a logistics service of the materials included in the production cycle of the infrastructure and networks division of enel distribuzione spa. 228
Ar and mo nacen at sector 29 faridabad dg 2015 16 sh white washing painting etc in change of tenancy and requirement. 124
Ar and mo residential quarter under sc 248 jeffery square diz area new delhi dg 2015 16 sh attending various welding complaints. 132
Ar and mo to non-residential accommodation of cpwd madhopur during 2015-16. sh white washing, distempering, painting etc. 118
Ar mo to mps bungalows at north avenue under sub div i of pawd iii dg 2014 15 sh misc works in 2 bd 8 grg. 136
Ar mo various types of qtrs at nh iv faridabad dg 2015 16 sh white washing o b d in c o t qtrs in new colony. 129
Ar mo various types of qtrs at nh iv faridabad dg 2015 16 sh white washing o b d in c o t qtrs in old colony. 129
Arabian gulf tanktime. 109
Arc for lt motor overhauling and rewinding at iocl bgr. 137
Arc for overhauling/servicing &testing of psv s and valves of refinery process units as per tender specification attached. 122
Arc for transmitter. 106
Architectural and Engineering Services for Designing Replacement Cogen System. 121
Architectural and Engineering Services: Juvenile Detention. 257
Architectural services for buildings. 153
Architectural services gem. A* 34 hoai for the new sports hall zeven. 395
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 144
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 165
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 132
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 187
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 245
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 197
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 228
Architecture & Engineering Services, New Engineering Building - Ur. 316
Arena / event~s floor to the ice rink. 166
Argentina: Provincial Road Infrastructure Project. 247
Ark biomass cogeneration power plant repair and maintenance services. 156
ARK OF INQUIRY: Ark of Inquiry: Inquiry Awards for Youth over Europe. 460
Armed guards objects and property from unlawful acts, security events and provide access control to the territory of activity of "cez distribution bulgaria[beaucoup plus grand que] jsc. 466
Asbestos- removal work. 162
Ash utilization - filing of ash in forest land in bijpur. 133
Assessment of water management of state enterprises existing installations waters in baden-wE-rttemberg. 262
Assessment of water quality in the eastern Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga within the territory of the Leningrad region. 136
Asset Based Community Development Support -Ardrossan. 132
Asset management, studies and maintenance energy vu-vumc. 165
Asset protection authority watch. 122
Assistance missions in the book masters in geotechnical engineering for the realization of public transport network of greater paris (rtpgp). 349
Assistance services to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility platform paris-charles de gaulle. 403
Audience transport walcheren. 105
Audio-visual equipment and related services. 218
Audit engagement for the negotiation of future operating agreement equilibrium trains territory (tet). 269
Auditing services. 205
Auditing services. 108
Augmentation of summer water supply, summer water supply, grp tanks, cleaning of glr/oht tanks, covers to open wells. 184
Ausbsim jfst (see. point ii.1.5)). 476
Austria is lab4 i21 + office - tables and storage space. 143
Automatic data processing machines, portable, weighing not more than 10 kg, including laptops and notebooks; personal digital organizers and similar komp%yutery- system unit; Lot 2 - 26.20.16-50.00- K. 158
Availability contract for the construction of the new primary school in favor of the city of loiano. 267
Award and service a bank loan in the amount of 50 000 000,00 pln during the crediting period of 12 months. 230
Award and service a bank loan in the amount of 50 000 000,00 pln during the crediting period of 15 months. 232
Award of the helicopter service for the year 2015 - of 2019. 206
B.T.Road from km 27/0 to 30/0 of devarapalli to jalada of ananthagiri (m) of visakhapatnam district. 163
Bab 6 fde brachbach. 128
Babysitting services and public reception in gyms and sports centers in two. 195
Back filling on the back side of the left guide wall at ntpc koldam. 137
Backhoe loading, transport, deposition and spreading 13,08x10 ^ 6 m ^ 3 f. supernatant from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd section overburden and 1 lignite incision and 475,000 m ^ 3 f. remaining lignite deposit o. 252
Balance Work Of Cmgsy Gravel Road Jhal Pipli To Borpani With Road Furniture Work Block Nasrullaganj. 133
Balance work of Construction of Semra Saiyad. 138
Ball bearing 7312 becbj suitable for 25 kw alternators of a.C. coaches. make:as per latest rdso appd. panel accepted only. 119
Ball bearing with side seal type 6902 bzz-llu size id 15mm,od 28mm width 7mm of ntn japan ,skf or fag make only. 119
Bandages silk waterproof roll 1" x 10 yards. Hypoallergenic. ". 102
Banking and investment services. 166
Banwol-dong, ansan (prefectural route 318) bicycle road maintenance work. 112
Based food soy protein, vitamins and minerals for diabetics, powder, tin 400g. 111
Basic renovation of the property neustEndtische 14 church street for the german bundestag - insulation work - 828-2015. 165
Battery 80 ah - use for tata sumo gj-1g-3808. 104
Baumeister ba ii. 135
Baumeisterarbeiten stock noise abatement bad gastein / baumeisterarbeiten stock noise abatement bad gastein. 159
Baykom 2017 digital radio access network (vsvgv method). 217
Bayshore boulevard from platt st. to rome ave. annual installation and maintenance. 139
Bearing as per annexure consisting sl no. 1 to 5, make- skf / fag / ntn / timken. 110
Bearings. 106
Bearings. 106
Being songho 2 lee nongro paving. 109
Belt fastners plate type (2 1/2 inches) as per drg.No. dgm/con/m1/02/10. 126
Belt v ribbed. 122
Benefits of living quarters removals for purposes of mulhouse habitat. 124
Benefits of regulatory and permanent water analysis. 175
Benefits of structural design for the renovation of the institute of chemistry - 2nd phase. 291
Benefits of topographic and land releves. 119
Benefits surveyor experts. 237
Beongil as you keep one won 45 road restoration construction. 113
Bergmannstr. 36, elementary school gymnasium, maintenance and glass cleaning. 221
Bi-annual rate contract for preparation of drawings with X, Y & Z Co-ordinates for laying of Natural Gas pipeline. 125
Bibong forest road maintenance work. 106
Bids for the assignment of the service of printing and publishing with its care of the service of graphic design - tender no. 564. 211
Biennial rate contract for outsourcing of lifting and shifting of equipment for Workshop of east yard and any other workplace / shop. 144
Bifurcation of existing 11KV Hanagandi feeder load to Hanagandi-2. 148
Bifurcation of existing 11KV Hosur lendi feeder load from 1 feeder to 2 feeders by providing 6.25 Kms 11KV link line. 150
Bima office building august-bebel-str. 30 / 30a repair / modernization. 120
Bingley Music Live Beverage Supplies. 172
Bitumen B70 / 100 Reghin Municipality for 2015. 451
Bk.Rst locking. 179
Blaydon Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS). 238
Blb ac / rwth hmop 1 core redevelopment 1, sb mechanical engineering / lv y70gebEnudeautumation / 005-15-0238. 141
Blb k / university of bonn - technology centre detector physics / excavation / vnr: 025-15-00412. 148
Blb shower / mE[micro]nchengladbach / new police headquarters / heating and cooling systems / 020-15-00313 (020-14-00063 a). 215
Block Repairing Of One Block Nhs. 138
Blood analysis services. 111
Blood glucose meters and test strips for self-testing. 157
Bmc for servicing / overhauling of ge make air circuit breakers. 131
Bondy - meaux / varagnat: 32 units - 2 rue de meaux 41-45 avenue varagnat 93140 bondy. 131
Bongam 2 lee nongro paving. 107
Books russian language 2015 (second consultation). 144
Boq for daniyar to bhawanpur road under m.R. 136
Bosnia and Herzegovina: QUALITY PROTECT (GEF). 337
Bottom roller pin. 124
Bpwtpfb15002 framework contract printing services. 130
Brake gear pin for casnub bogie to irs drg no. w/pn-90 alt. 3. 110
Breakdown and recovery services for commercial vehicles. 136
Bringing Dhanaura Escape to its design capacity from RD. 0.00 to 79845. 133
British council school spain - transport services. 155
Brockenhurst College Waterside Bus/Coach Routes Tender. 161
Brodnicka purchasing group. the supply of electricity in the period from 01.07.2015 to 30.06.2016. 136
Btl make gear box spares. 128
Building -cleaning services. 176
Building 47 homes - road bridge of sand 84800 isle-sur-sorgue. 151
Building a cardiology center of the university hospital magdeburg a.E[micro].r - technical equipment (laboratory and medical). 254
Building a cardiology center of the university hospital magdeburg a.E[micro].r - technical equipment (power plants, telecommunication and information technology equipment). 258
Building a cardiology center of the university hospital magdeburg a.E[micro].r - technical equipment (ventilation and refrigeration technology). 255
Building a cardiology center of the university hospital magdeburg a.E[micro].r - technical systems (sewer and water systems, heating systems, medical gases). 259
Building and facilities management services. 126
Building automation devices consignment purchase one trillion months (fbo gwangeup materials -2015). 114
Building cleaning community lindlar. 217
Building cleaning in the botanischer garten hamburg and loki schmidt house in ohnhorststraE-e 18 in 22609 hamburg for the period from 01.11.2015 until further notice. 114
Building cleaning performance for the saarland - state office for central services. 163
Building cleaning power for public buildings of bruchhausen-vilsen. 149
Building cleaning power for public buildings of the district gifhorn. 146
Building cleaning services for building the county town of hofheim am taunus. 151
Building cleaning, ze_10600_2015. 216
Building construction work. 192
Building materials. 168
Building Portion Including Internal Water Supply Sanitary Installation Drainage And Internal Electrical Installation Sw Hiring Of Vehicle. 128
Building services for New multi-functional building, military hospital hamburg, lesser straE-e 180, 22049 hamburg, technical equipment. 139
Building, ground, concrete, armature and crushing works. 132
Building-cleaning services. 119
Building-cleaning services. 118
Building-cleaning services. 112
Building-cleaning services. 125
Building-cleaning services. 116
Building-cleaning services. 127
Building-cleaning services. 136
Building-cleaning services. 122
Building-cleaning services. 129
Building-cleaning services. 104
Bulb type split cotters to size (1)4 x 12 x 170 (2) 4 x 12 x 200 as per icf drawing no. t-3-2-632 item no. 1 and 2 (one set consists of 2 items 02 nos.). 133
Bump ba ii. 131
Bunpyeongdong yongpyeong 94 beongil paving. 110
Business and management consultancy and related services. 243
Business and management consultancy services. 114
Business infirmary benefits for an occupational health service. 125
Business Intelligence Solution. 412
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 226
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 183
Butterfly valves etc. 15 species. 107
Buy spare parts, lubricants, tools, accessories and mechanical professional services for the city of san pedro necta convoy huehuetanango. 105
Buying a septic car leasing. 163
Buying and gradual delivery of medicinal products and medical devices. 146
Buying spare parts for the mig-29 and mi-2, mi-24. 166
Bwe man-i certain repair and replacement works in mine-ii. 136
Byeongcheonmyeon byeongcheon 1 lee road expansion, paving. 105
C 4/2015 eksote ambulances. 119
C o type v qtr 2 no block of 60 qtr and type vi qtr 1 no block of 60 qtr at ism dhanbad sh c o sewage treatment plant. 140
C/o regional office building for sample survey organisation nsso at nava vadaj, ahmedabad. sh. :- internal and exterior painting work. 122
C7.8.1 and c7.8.2 conveyors (b = 1800mm). 153
C767 Supply and Delivery of Colilert Chemicals and Consumables. 120
Ca no cwe chd 01 2015 2016 special repair to bldg no 181 and bldg no t 12 in n area under ge chandigarh. 140
Cab chassis equipped with a hydraulic arm. 133
Cable Handling For Shifting And Marching The Shovels And Drills. 146
Cabling works a. 121
Calibration Services / Calibration and Repair Stationary Measuring Atmospheric Parameters Underground (Gazanalizoare Stationary Central Telegrizumetrice, Associated Equipment for Surface and Undergrou. 521
Calibration Standards Laboratory and Auxiliary Devices Used in Metrological Activities for Internal Checks. 453
Call for applications - supply, installation, maintenance and support of an enterprise telephony solution. 174
CAMC of 5 line single face train Arrival / departure Indicator Board. 186
Canteen and catering services. 160
Cap ii - 1. 115
Capacity building of government institutions to engage in a policy dialogue with civil society. 146
Capacity-Building for SMEs on Competition Policy and Law. 536
Car repair and maintenance services. 168
Cardiac stimulation devices. 133
Care and maintenance of the aquatic center jean moulin in the city of romilly-sur-seine. 214
Care and support at home services in somerset. 219
Care assessment and brokerage services. 236
Care of the outdoor environment district east. 173
Carpentry ba ii. 135
Carpeting of main approach road leading to dam top from nh-22. 143
Carrefour-lot building 11: joinery. 158
Carriage of disabled pupils to school. 147
Carriageway resurfacing works. 221
Carriageway resurfacing works. 196
Carriageway resurfacing works. 215
carry out a service kat driving course. 388
Carrying out the maintenance and glass cleaning in the administrative buildings of the regional directorate cottbus the german pension insurance for miners underground lake. 201
Cars and vans 2-2015. 120
Carving & supply of stone vigrahams to needy temples. 146
Carving and supply of master piece stone idols. 137
Case hardened bush for bolster spring suspension bracket as per icf drg. no. t-0-3-626,alt-16. 111
Case no15v013 - construction of a town hall and a multi-space chartres. 143
Cash-in-Transit and Related Services. 207
Catenary's construction works. 123
Catenary~s construction works. 112
Catering catering for 3 full-day special schools and lunch meals for non-school day care for the school year 2015/2016 with option for the school year 2016/2017. 181
Catering equipment. 224
Catering services by seminar participants and trainees in the bvs training centre lauingen. 157
Catering services elementary schools, kindergarten, leisure and hospitality establishments welcomes young children in the city of troyes. 272
Catering services of superior range, mid range and classic range for social ministries. 444
Catering services. 144
Cattle specific manual only access road maintenance business. 111
Cbrn protection handeling implement individual purchase. 144
CC5210 - Funeral Services. 276
Cd000675 - public contract for services related to adoption of a framework replacement time registration. 242
Cde hamm, trade fences. 364
Cde hamm, trade gardening and landscaping. 291
Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Devices. 336
Cells Stations and Double Cells. 417
center for advancing electronics dresden. 121
Central Dental Referral Management Service. 202
Changing of asbestos sheet of general stores building at ntpc-bongaigaon. 130
Changing of old damaged junction box to new junction box. 122
Chassis for road maintenance services. 128
Check driveway paving joseongri ninety. 105
Check driveway paving village binsu goal. 106
Check seoksanri driveway paving. 105
Check valve to rdso drg. no. wd-83062-s-03. 103
Check valves and 45 kinds. 105
Check with confidence - birch road between paving. 112
Chemicals, Allergens, Laboratory Reagents And Accessories. 102
Chemnitz university of technology, main construction. 111
Cheongju museum of art building construction materials gwangeup metal panel installation purchase. 115
Cheongtong - sinnyeong liver to 4 lanes ok paving (8th) construction waste management services. 108
Chickens. 112
Children~~s park, vest-pocket park pest control business. 109
Choice of electricity supplier and balance group coordinator for the sites of se nric connected at medium and low levels naprezhenie. 283
Chonnam national public postpartum care centers building construction (electrical). 111
Chonnam national public postpartum care centers building construction (fire). 113
Chungrim small river improvement project geological survey quote veterinary services announcements. 101
Chwiamdong one won road asphalt overlay technicians. 108
City of oulu 2015-2016 school transport. 121
City subway 12 4. ta raised platform extension. 143
Civil and structural works for construction of lift shaft in cgp-2 control room building of gujarat refinery. 123
Civil-engineering market for control of pn16 in limay (78). 167
Clean and inspect sewer cleaning and pumping stations in the municipalities 2015-2018 wood and wijk bij duurstede. 172
Cleaning (mainly interior) of trains in north rhine-westphalia and lower saxony. 230
Cleaning ,providing gate, fencing with barbed wire and repairing of drain at 2 pit site water sump of mudidih near sijua stadium. 142
Cleaning and Clearance VOID and other areas framework. 275
Cleaning and removal of sand, solids/grit and rags. 149
Cleaning and repairing of area drainage and cover slab. 142
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 105
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 123
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 301
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 202
Cleaning contract and 3d services on tertiary and industrial sites of edf sei guyana. 173
Cleaning equipment badalona of the directorate general for civic action and community gendered (exp. be-2015-832). 175
Cleaning equipment for the city of barcelona from the directorate general for civic action and community gendered (exp. be-2015-838). 184
Cleaning equipment of l~hospitalet de llobregat of the directorate general for civic action and community gendered (exp. be-2015-835). 180
Cleaning equipment sant adria de besos and santa coloma de gramanet of the directorate general for civic and community action, gendered (exp. be-2015-837). 190
Cleaning of 15 nos. drill machine per day working at dudhichua project. 145
Cleaning of drains inside harbour area. 155
Cleaning of municipal buildings. 119
Cleaning of various trenches as and when required and disposing of debris. 180
Cleaning services administrative offices and housekeeping room at rochefort gendarmerie school and command schools. 170
Cleaning services in schools in the city hoyerswerda, los 1.4- maintenance and basic cleaning in elementary school "linde school," herderstrE-e 26, 02977 hoyerswerda. 189
Cleaning services in schools of hoyerswerda; los 1.2 - maintenance and basic cleaning in elementary school "am park" school straE-e 2, 02977 hoyerswerda. 188
Cleaning services in schools of hoyerswerda; los 1.3- maintenance and basic cleaning in the primary school "on the elster, f.-j.-curie-strasse 54.02977 hoyerswerda. 191
Cleaning services in the departments of E[micro]sterreichische post ag in vienna and lower austria (cluster 2 area) and salzburg (region cluster 3 / lot 3), cp_pi_434. 154
Cleaning Services Newcastle Office. 221
Cleaning services of premises and windows of the various buildings of the office environment of corsica. 141
Cleaning services schools mar de la generalitat de burriana and benicassim (castellEn). 233
Cleaning services. 201
Cleaning services. 236
Cleaning services. 102
Cleaning services. 114
Cleaning services. 145
Cleaning services. 220
Cleaning services. 160
Cleaning services. 118
Cleaning services. 173
Cleaning services. 110
Cleaning services. 145
Cleaning services. 142

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