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Articles from Mena Report (April 4, 2015)

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"average repair of wagons series" oklmm "," res "," smmps "and" mfs "run by the railway stations plovdiv, gorna oryahovitsa and vratsa in lots". 393
"complete maintenance of printers lexmark". 419
"delivery by purchasing food for trout fishermen" necessary for the activities of tp "dls-source". 160
"delivery by purchasing spray marking the needs of tp dgs" republic ". 511
"delivery, installation and warranty service of equipment for operating room for the needs of the educational process at the medical university" prof.. dr. paraskev stoyanov "- varna". 515
"execution of construction works on the project" reconstruction of the road iii- 867 madan - zlatograd - benkovski "with the following lots: lot ? 1: section from km 22 + 157 to km 22 + 992 and km 23. 265
"maintenance, repair and snow removal of existing forest roads, and construction of temporary forest roads providing access to the sites listed for use in 2015, the territory of tp dgs" alabak ". 537
"making an inventory of forest areas and the development of forest maps, forest plan, plan for hunting activities and plan activities for preservation of forest areas from fires lots". 451
"making an inventory of forest areas and the development of forest maps, forest plan, plan for hunting activities and plan activities for preservation of forest areas from fires," in lots as follows:. 516
"overhaul boulevard." vasil aprilov "in the section of the wheel" central station "to the street." soldier~s glory "- i stage". 306
"overhaul of the street." aegean "and street." rhodope "square. belomorski plovdiv". 289
"overhauling contract of hpbp system of unit-1,3 and4 at dadri. 134
"performance of alarm systems / alarm / objects municipal property in the municipality of asenovgrad.". 469
"Preparation of technical inspections and audits energy efficiency of residential buildings in connection with the implementation of the national program for energy efficiency of residential buildings. 368
"preparing department, a web portal for online training and conducting two-stage training / workshops and online / gps, psychologists and social workers for early detection of anxiety and depression i. 219
"providing security services for a period of three years.". 219
"provision of postal and courier services for the state fund" agriculture ". 341
"Provision of telecommunications services by a licensed operator." Lots: 1. "Provision of telecommunications services through public telecommunications mobile cellular network standard GSM / UMTS with. 102
"revitalization of the railway line no. 200 on the section glc - gsa" as part of the investment project entitled. "opening the basic export routes for freight traffic in silesia, stage iv". 296
"supply and installation of two pieces of gas equipment for cars owned by ta dls" osogovo ". 382
"supply of consumables for printers and copiers for administrative activities of the ta of the institute - plovdiv, ul." l. karavelov "? 7 in lot ? 1: supply of printers technique brand xerox and cano. 325
"supply of medical supplies necessary for the operation of mobal" dr. stefan cherkezov "jsc for a period of 24 months" in total 705 items, divided into 31 separate groups. 194
"supply of plates and tools for marking wood before its transportation needs of the territorial divisions of yuidp. 171
"supply of waste collection trucks, equipped with a superstructure for the needs of op" improvement "- c. gabrovo". 237
"supply, installation and commissioning of urology equipment for the needs of the educational process at the medical university" prof.. dr. paraskev stoyanov "- varna". 365
"the purchase of sump pumps for pumping shaft" part ii: "the purchase of dewatering pumps" part iii: "supply pump os100 / 5 to the sump pit ,, eve". 215
"the sale of electricity within the meaning of the energy law (journal of laws of 2012. pos. 1059, as amended. d.) for the objects of the central institute of mine drainage: - power on medium and high. 258
"training in the field of fire prevention in luxembourg (lot 1) and first aid in brussels (lots 2 and 3).". 245
"water denitrification unit supply drilling municipal unity methana (1000 m3 / day).". 183
(i)external parting tool holder-item code-4157812503 (ii)form insert mu-002701 item code-4194510011(iii) carbide insert to m/s siel tizit cat.No.Xcet 130404 fn item code-4194646682. 139
(Lot1 (A-92, diesel fuel, motor fuel alternative AB 92 E) Lot2 oil and grease: (diesel (M10H2K, M14V2), motor (M-8V, 10W40 - passenger injection engines), gear (TAD-17 Nigrol)-stroke chainsaw "Shtil". 155
(procurement commission) copper fortune highway construction zone pipeline relocation gwangeup materials (steel pipe intuition) manufacturing purchasing. 118
(procurement commission) copper fortune highway construction zone pipeline relocation gwangeup materials (steel pipe yihyeonggwan) manufacturing purchasing. 120
(TFL-00363/1) The Supply of Overhaul of Piccadilly Line (1973TS LT118) Traction Motors and, (TFL- 00363/2) The Supply of Overhaul of Transplant (1949/64/73) Battery Loco WT 54D Traction Motors. 340
- mrs. choi levee road construction roads between four restaurants. 116
/ entity: providing repair and modernization adros kt-01ave. 112
05 ton capacity four legged alloy steel chain sling with one end master link and other end fitted with hook. effective length :2 mtrs. long from oblong link to hook chain sling as per is:2760-1980. al. 131
1 gimcheon industrial complex entry roads electrical engineering. 113
1 Providing And Replacement Of 1.50Tr Wtac With 1.80Tr Split Ac Unit At Cash Section Rashtrapati Bhavan New Delhi. 158
1) de-silting of culverts and drains during monsoon period 2015-2016 at kolar pimpri ocm of wna. 2) day to day cleaning of weigh bridge and sweeping of Approaches and premises at kola. 184
1) Spraying Of Water In Coal Transportation Road From Db Road Hanuman Mandir. 144
1)80 nb resin valve qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)asb-gland-cord qty: 2500 kg 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)b_complex with zinc qty: 260000 null 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)curved spring lock washer qty: 20 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)dished end qty: 1 no 2)dished end qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 114
1)eugenol pure 110 ml qty: 12 null 2)pain off (20ml) qty: 12 null 3)bonding liquid (single bond) qty: 12 null 8)null qty: null null. 123
1)h quality steel hose h2 cyl qty: 70 no 2)steel hose for n2 cylinder qty: 7 no 3)steel hose for co2 cylinder qty: 112 no 8)null qty: null null. 129
1)name plate qty: 13 no 2)name plate qty: 9 no 3)name plate - steam temperature qty: 18 no 4)name plate - steam pressure qty: 16 no 5)name plate - condensate inlet qty: 8 no 6)name plate qty: 18 no 7). 150
1-15-C072: Concourse C APM Station Elevator Fitout, Dulles Airport. 136
1. moei and fans at honble ministers/state ministers, former president of india bungalows under sd-iv/ed-ii. 2. moei and fans at gob type abcd and d-ii type flat at meena bagh new delhi 3. moei and fa. 158
10 CNG Low Forward Cab Roll-Off Trucks. 144
1030 vienna, franz grill 6, vienna university of technology, renovation and expansion science center, construction work. 228
1050 wien, kriehubergasse 24-26, renovation ausweichschule- electrical installation work. 183
110kv switchgear "underwater city". 156
111 exposed masonry work (v023). 197
115 painting (v014, v015_016, v023, v024, v025, v029, v032, v044, v045). 214
14172- monitoring and guidance for the environmental management system and the health management system and safety for sites esis industrial workshops aerospace cuers-pierrefeu, bordeaux, clermont-fer. 256
15 e 033 - retrieval framework agreement for the supply of pcs and notebooks. 212
15 e 034 and painting. paint and coatings din 18,363th. 221
15-0136 acquiring and maintaining school server administration solutions (educational networks) for 38 wolfsburg schools in 2 lots and the establishment of the associated client computer. 358
15-0163 construction and renovation ratsgymnasium wolfsburg - mint, sport deionised 1-04 structural work. 168
15-0170 supply of electricity from 100% renewable energy supply points wolfsburg dewatering operations. 170
15-0173 expansion and rehabilitation measures schulzentrum faller life, after construction 1. ba. 181
15-359A - Imaging System, MacroVIEW DM. 144
15016 - mapgeobuilder evolution of software and embedded software module famous. 211
151295 - Emergency Satellite System. 168
1523 / k14: german mobility panel (mop) - scientific monitoring and evaluation of the 2014-2016 waves of the survey. 261
15c0001 - dc - supply and installation of kitchen equipment in the buildings of the moselle department. 141
15dc01 - competitive dialogue for the re-setting of the old building extraction machinery classified oignies. 273
15s0009 - qualification service contracts and professional insertion - maintenance and cleaning of public spaces and buildings for the city of saint-nazaire. 350
15s0029 case - asbestos removal and demolition of the bichat island - lyon 2nd. 295
15s0030 photographic productions on the action of the midi pyrenees region: press reports and documentaries, advertising photography and portraits. 184
15tei15422 supervision renewal tunnel oberstaufen. 107
16-182/2014 Bolts and nuts, for Thermal Power Plants and Mines, REK Bitola. 149
16-199/2014 Oil and grease pumps, gear sets, valves, grease slingers and grease air pumps, for Mines REK Bitola. 159
2 multi-purpose square composition lee eosangcheonmyeon stone bridge construction. 123
200131010 bad kreuznach, justice center, new construction (neuplan.) 15e0031 insulation and fire protection work on mechanical systems. systems according to din 18,421th. 184
2015 / hfb / oa / 32361 - maintenance and inspection of hvac installations. 139
2015 / hfb / oo / 32031 - maintenance of gates and fences. 137
2015 bible book excavation recovered asphalt pavement construction (annual price contracts). 116
2015 east coast elementary school - bon tung (cemetery) road between expansion. 123
2015 forest road trunk pine forest district new business. 122
2015 gohyeondong road re-paving. 118
2015 gwangju summer universiade representative refurbished pre-conference simultaneous interpretation services. Conference news 114
2015 islands, line 4 (duwang-garden) waste treatment services, paving the road expansion. 108
2015 jeju traffic signals traffic operations research services. 112
2015 jeonjucheon maintenance business conduct design services. 106
2015 meter river maintenance business building demolition work (first difference). 108
2015 motorway pavement marking maintenance work (annual price). 122
2015 Renewable Zoo Implementation Grant. 198
2015 rural living environment improvement project (hakgok 1 lee pavement). 111
2015 school year, first semester learning experience samgacho charter bus transportation services estimates of the number of small bidding. 125
2015 school year, first semester learning experience samgacho charter bus transportation services estimates of the number of small bidding. 122
2015 school year, first-year residency activity vehicle rental services. 122
2015 school year, on-site car rental service learning experience quote guidance of a small number of advertisements. 132
2015 school year, on-site car rental service learning experience quote guidance of a small number of advertisements. 130
2015 school year, school uniforms cod (havok, winter clothing) purchase bidding. 104
2015 school year, the second year mathematics jeju travel services entrusted bidding (urgent). 122
2015-006 telecommunications services. 171
201508 market: maintenance of fire safety installations. 195
2042/15 - Hire of Aerial Platforms. 167
21.20.1 Medicine, Lot number 1 - drugs used in diseases of the digestive tract and metabolism; Lot 2 - plasma substitutes and perfusion solutions for, drugs that affect hematopoiesis; Lot 3 - medicine. 174
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing of block no.26 to 29 (04 nos blocks) "j.1" type qtrs. in sector no.24 at gandhinagar. (bathroom and toilet renovation, plumbing work, plaster work, colour wo. 234
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing of block no.34 to 37 (04 nos blocks) "j.1" type qtrs. in sector no.24 at gandhinagar. (bathroom and toilet renovation, plumbing work, plaster work, colour wo. 237
2838_15 renewable energy solutions (microgeneration). 209
3 pole mccb, 125 amps, 10 ka to havells cat. no. 1 hlgst 0040 or similar of m/s hpl make. 117
3 pole mccb, 40 amps, 10 ka to havells cat. no. 1 hlgst 0040 or similar of m/s hpl make. 117
3. rehabilitation of school, bernhard goring road 107 in leipzig. 280
31104346, for the purchase and delivery of bulk road salt. 140
32007 krw measures wwtp venray. 198
35-STN / TP-12 / RC-6 / -09.2015 OVERHAUL CSS and surveillance VC, software, NE PTUS (on the turn-key ). 157
4. ba - riem wa 1 plumbing work. 140
40_82. oberschule_fl 19 roof insulation. 169
40_82. oberschule_fl 23 plaster / eifs. 186
400094101 construction of the 160-bed house. 15e0165 medical gases. 142
400094101 construction of the 160-bed house; 15e0117 steel doors. 142
41030 e2 0003 trukft schill barracks woodpecker mountain, new business and service buildings; electrical installation 15e0158n. 210
44 New 60 Foot Low-Floor Hybrid Buses in strict accordance with MBTA Specifications. 110
47-15-0018, a 3, major repairs btw. as mettmann and hilden sl 04, installation of vehicle restraint systems in the central strip (47-7608-eb-sl04-). 163
5-15 bs / ms rental service chests, withdrawal / removal, transport and treatment for recovery and / or disposal of inert waste. 212
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, construction work. 167
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, conveyor systems. 173
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, electrical engineering. 173
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, fire barriers. 173
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, gabEnudeautomation (msr). 173
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, heating u. air conditioning. 175
5020 salzburg, rudolf platz 2, courthouse salzburg, expansion and renovation, sanitary facilities. 173
545284 - Test Equipment - Anritsu Lmr S421e (BRAND Only). 149
66/0099/15, rent of wheel loaders with operating personnel. 145
7,62X51 Mm Bullet Cartridge Used, the Tape Cartridge and Bullet 7,62X51 Mm Tracer Tape. 418
72 soft balls, rubber balls 59 no 1, 72 no5 rubber balls, rubber balls 66 no.10, 40 pull toys, books of fabric 48 textures, 13 cube didactico, 44 bags of pieces of wood. 136
8 modules and one shelf for sub-coordination unit authorization and control household protection and international organizations of the national adoption council. 107
80000000000000000 green landscape composition kanto road construction (acid beach electric corp.). 106
80000000000000000 green landscape composition kanto road construction (sorak beach electric corp.). 106
817752 - Microscope, Dual Headed, Laboratory. 144
8th Conference on Good Regulatory Practice. Conference news 501
90/2015 framework agreement for the supply of clothing and roperia. 155
978_15 Online Payment Solutions and Cashless Catering Systems Framework. 173
A / mtc. Of L/s work in Sec- 7 and 7 HBC KKR. ( Mtc of grassy lawn, plants, shrubs and all other works contingent thereto). 136
A / mtc. Of L/s work in Sec-1 Panchkula ( Mtc. Of grassy lawn, plants. 132
A 45; design and planning services, viaduct eisern. 226
A 49, cr 20, bw 109 viaduct death bach and concrete pools. 9. 194
A multi-year framework contract for the disposal (recycling or disposal) of hazardous waste from most of the bundeswehr in saxony. 242
A r m o to mps bungalows at north avenue under sub div i of pawd iii dg 2014 15 sh misc works in 26 grg 8 pp 3 md etc. 141
A set of accessories of ultrasonic flow detector using for axle testing of during schedule of ac-dc emu coaches (one set contain 6 item and 36 nos as per annexure). 126
A set of bolster swing link ng with bush sleeve nut and locking plate each one no. to irs drg, no. wa/be 3201 alt-1 or latest, bush to irs drg. no. w/bu-170, sleeve nut to irs drg no. w/be3203, lockin. 146
A set of pu lining 1 top lining and 1 bottom lining for cc pu side bearer pad assembly for nlb casnub bogie to dgr no. aal-021101-n alt-1 or latest item no.4. 129
A) the supply of fresh agglomerated or equivalent granular activated carbon according to drinking water treatment. din en 12915-1. 135
A/Mtc of L/s work in sec- 7 Panchkula ( Mtc of grassy lawn, plants of green belt and all Other works contingent thereto ). 136
A/r and m/o to staff quarter of cpwd, met department, ispw, cghs at begumpet hyderabad during the year 2015-16 sh: painting and supply of day to day materials. 138
A/R to RB Type VI Houses, Sec. 16, Chd. 113
A/R to RB Under Mtc. Booth. 103
A0001 / 15 object design services for the extension of the alumnates the dresden cross choir. 339
A22 tunnel kaisermuehlen renovation / medium voltage systems. 146
Aapc - police mission auditors. 168
Aar approved grease for ctrb of freight stock conforming to rdso specification no. wd-24-misc-2003 rev.1 . brand: gadurrail s3 aar al or similar. 108
Abc make 75hp flp dol starter spares. 130
Abu Alanda-Khaw Water Transmission Pipeline and Hydroelectric Power Plant. 194
Abwasserzweckverband kolitzheim-sulzheim - laying pressure line of pw herlheim to zeilitzheim treatment plant. 178
Academic and extracurricular transport children in kindergartens and elementary schools and extracurricular and school staff. 244
Accelerated restricted procedure spread over nr. 2 lots for the assignment of tailoring service with attagliamento standardized and non-standardized (lot 1) and to supply combat boots and services (lo. 278
Accessibility development work of public transport stations grand chalon. 259
Accident and health insurance services. 123
Accident and health insurance services. 113
Accommodation and care equipment for rodents (acer). 360
Accommodation and facilities for moderators for television broadcasts of deutsche welle in bonn and berlin. 398
Accounting and auditing services. 128
Accounting review services. 235
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 158
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 193
ACHG microarray slides and reagents. 168
Achieving intermediate surveys (vi) on sa342 gazelle helicopters of the army. 325
Acquisition and maintenance of a high-volume digital printing system for the gard print shop. 179
Acquisition and utilization of cardboard, paper, cardboard from the rear loader collection. 227
Acquisition of a set of the swim bladder of the institute of cybernetics of waves dynamics. 180
Acquisition of a time-of-flight mass analyzer (including all necessary ancillary services) for the institute of ion physics and applied physics, faculty of mathematics, physics and computer science at. 176
Acquisition of an optical system for measuring time different rapid explosive phenomena. 150
Acquisition of building materials. 107
Acquisition Of Commercial Medicines List. 128
Acquisition of consumables and small chemistry laboratory equipment, laboratory chemicals and chemical standards for analytical expertise. 107
Acquisition of equipment and irrigation accessories. 200
Acquisition of firefighters response vehicles (2015 operation). 121
Acquisition of high-throughput sequencing platform and peripherals. 105
Acquisition of incontinence supplies and complementary products for a period of 4 years. 179
Acquisition of licenses for microsoft product lines. 145
Acquisition of machinery and commercial vehicles for the department services. 199
Acquisition of pipes, fittings and plastic profiles for the workshops of nantes metropole services. 185
Acquisition of plastic bags for health area north west guatemala (red, white, black and transparent). 178
Acquisition of printed material for the national hospital san benito peten. 159
Acquisition of supplies, products and small maintenance equipment and hygiene for the university of toulon. 135
Acquisition of Tangible Virtual Reality Laboratory. 448
Acquisition of two trucks for collection of municipal solid waste. 161
Activated Sludge Plant & RGF Blowers - AMP 6 Efficiency Project. 229
Adaptations software for calculating the energy performance of buildings and the database. 162
Adapting the airport to a higher category ils post-project analysis and execution of the evaluation. the procedure is carried out in the restricted tender procedure under the act of 29 january 2004. p. 308
Added-value database services. 150
Added-value database services. 139
Added-value database services. 169
Added-value database services. 162
Addiction treatment. 147
Addition alternation to building no g in nwc at air force station, new delhi. 119
Addition and Alteration of H.No. 507, Type 6 House,. 118
Additional mandatory health market anfh (lot 1) and consulting services (lot 2) and management (lot 3). 198
Additional S&T Work. 128
Additions & alterations in sonapuri trust & shree dhanraj matiyadev crematoriums at adipur & gandhidham. 198
Addn altn and improvement to main entrance hall of bldg no ns106 provn of refuse disposal bin and special repairs to workers change rooms. 146
Addn/Altn To Chajjas For Weather Protection At Cetain Dus Upgradation And Levelling Of Certain Low Lying Areas House In 100,50 And 600 Series At Kataribagh And Certain Civil Works At Naval Base Kochi. 150
Adhoc htc for dablirathan sriganganagar. 127
Adhoc htc for suratgath and railhead suratgarh. 137
Administration building klubgartenstr. 5-12: renewal of the heating system (see section ii.1.5). 420
Administration services. 175
Administration services. 103
Administrative educational services. 152
Advertising and marketing services. 114
Advertising and marketing services. 111
Advertising consultancy services. 148
Advertising in Newspapers County in Romanian, Hungarian Newspapers in the County in Local Newspapers, Areas Ciuc, Odorhei and Gheorghieni and Regional Newspapers in Hungarian - 2015. 524
Advertising services. 138
Advertising services. 150
Advertising street furniture and bus shelters mende. 159
Advice on the preparation for the implementation of projects of public-private partnerships. 209
Advice, support and implementation of the restructuring of the full board of the hospital, (also) public cafeteria and catering services attached. 131
Aerial forest-firefighting services. 189
Aerial photography services. 131
Afdss spares for bh-50 dumpers. 123
Afdss spares for ex 1200 hyd excv. 124
Agency for search engine advertising and social media advertising. 403
Agency services for advertising and marketing. 323
Agreement charging infrastructure 2015-2018 province of north holland in collaboration mra electric. 186
Agreement district ii "buildings of public housing.". 171
Agreement multi-attribute framework for the acquisition of computer equipment for the city of colomiers. 234
Agricultural products processing plant freezing equipment installation work (mechanical). 108
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 171
Air brake cylinder 300mm dia to rdso drg. no. wd-92051-s-11,alt-no.3 and other technical requirement confirming to str no. 02-abr-02, appendix- b read with all amends, latest amend.3 of april-2010. 128
Air brake piping to drg. no. j and td.Cw. per .Sr. drg.No . sk - 1145, item no - 17. 109
Air brake piping to drg.No.J and td.Cw.Per.Sr.Drg.No.Sk-1145, item no.10. 108
Air brake piping to drg.No.J and td.Cw.Per.Sr.Drg.No.Sk-1145,item no-1. 107
Air brake piping to drg.No.J and td.Cw.Per.Sr.Drg.No.Sk-1145,item no-9. 107
Air conditioners and ventilation systems maintenance, repair and installation, if necessary. 243
Air motor part no.1700200000 suitabe to jaguar make spray painting machine model no:s301. note: item sketch or catalogue to be enclosed with offers. 129
Air Service Development Consulting Service. 133
Air- conditioning equipment. 190
Air-conditioning appliances. 121
Aircraft and spacecraft. 109
Airport Planning Services for Development of an Airport Master Plan. 142
Alaska Energy Authority Financial Advisor and Feasibility Services. 172
Algerian-South African Cement Plant. 208
All risks insurance fire and theft for a period of three years. 178
All year maintenance of purity and order in the municipality wroclaw by 5 tasks: task no: 1 - old town, task no: 2 - downtown, task no 3 - krzyki, task no: 4 - factory, task no: 5 - dog box. 464
Alloti framework agreement printing services, shaping and delivery of documents quai branly museum. 233
Alloy steel bars size 65x38mm (1.5mt), 68x36mm (1.5mt) and 79x39mm (3.0mt). 144
Almi ifs consultants. 236
Alsdorf kubiz konrad-adenauer-allee, outdoor. 168
Am-w-02-15 renovate propel aa and maas water district above aa window. 162
Ambulance services. 102
AMC for attending PM & BD Maintenance of Machine Tools. 114
Amc for cowas intigra bio-chemistry analyzer for 3 years. 130
AMC for PM, BD Maintenance & Proof Load Testing of EOT Cranes. 120
AMC of 18 Number of cranes and hoists of different capacity located at various departments. 138
Aml/dgm(eandm)/tender/hiring/15/172 dat 27.03.2015 Hiring of 01 no.Innova vehicle ( non a/c) mp and up permit only on 24 hrs duty basis with diesel for a period of two years ( 730 days) at amlohri. 164
Ammunition for Shooting Sports. 103
Analysers. 147
Analyses of samples of solid matrices for the year 2015. 130
Analysis apparatus. 157
Analytical Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). 364
Ancillary building services. 122
Ancillary works for pipelines and cables. 154
Angiography supplies. 223
Angiography supplies. 143
Angioplasty supplies. 112
Angioplasty supplies. 114
Animation-tracking service delivery in the public interest program "reversal of substandard housing and fuel poverty.". 129
Announcer driveway paving expansion. 105
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of 1 No. 13 Passenger Lift. 124
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of 1 No. Bed Cum Passenger Lift. 127
Annual comprehensive maintenance of Kirloskar make screw /centrifugal chiller in connection with Repair maintenance of 2 x 175 TR centrifugal centralized AC plant at S.J. Hospital, New Delhi. 138
Annual job contract for sinter handling (storing and reclaiming), inside ninl premises. 125
Annual maintenance and operations of kursura submarine museum. 146
Annual maintenance contract for 10 kva inverter at ntpc solapur. 129
Annual maintenance contract for bomb calorimeter, model 6100, make parr instrument, angul, nalco, odisha. 130
Annual maintenance contract for renovated fountains adjacent to Burnpur Railway Station. 180
Annual Maintenance contract Of Ups System Installed. 134
Annual maintenance of a type quarters,mmt,quarters,sv gosala, public toilets. 147
Annual maintenance of hand pumps for the year 2015-16 in ward nos.8 to 17 of l.B.Nagar circle-iii, ghmc. 130
Annual maintenance of motors and transformers. 125
Annual maintenance of Mulsifire system & Fire Hydrant system and other associated works. 137
Annual maintenance of power borewells for the year 2015-16 in ward no.11, vanasthalipuram of l.B.Nagar circle-iii, ghmc. 129
Annual maintenance of power borewells for the year 2015-16 in ward no.8, kothapet of l.B.Nagar circle-iii, ghmc. 129
Annual maintenance of power borewells. 129
Annual maintenance of power borewells. 136
Annual maintenance of power borewells. 129
Annual maintenance of switch gear. 138
Annual maintenance of wiring in (r&b) i.Bs of nellore elect. section for 2015-16. 142
Annual Maintenance work & servicing of Electronic water flow meter and services of attendant for observing the flow meter at khadka TPS, Parli-V. 134
Annual Overhualing And Emergency Repair Of Steam Generating Units. 135
Annual Preventive comprehensive periodical maintenance of DG Sets. 119
Annual rate contract for courier services to hotel janpath, new delhi. 132
Annual rate contract for courier services. 111
Annual rate contract for maintenance and repairs of upvc (ro) network water supply pipeline used for horticulture work at rcf trombay premises for the year 2015-2016. 137

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