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Articles from Mena Report (April 3, 2015)

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"Modernization of room for improving care for the chronically ill in hospital b?loveck?, inc.". 364
"On-Call" Building Design Services. 140
"periodic maintenance of motor vehicles for the needs of the territorial division" state forestry - breznik. ". 423
"supply of all the fuel of motion, heating and lubricant of the municipality of scans and such person.". 112
"supply of coin blanks for the production of bulgarian coins with a value of 2 bgn, issue 2015, the period 2015-2018.". 576
"the purchase of furniture for the silesian garrison units.". 172
(1) dindigul - pollachi section: provision of limited use subway. 194
_ 15ff018 office furniture supply for services from cergy-pontoise urban community. 166
03 types of industrial safety helmets detalied description as given below:-. 113
1 dot matrix printer 24 pin, 136 colm,make- tvse,model- msp 345 star or similar. qty 2 nos. 2 inkjet printer, make- canon, model-mp-287 or similar. qty 1 no. total qty 1 set. 155
1) carrying out contractual roof bolting in development section of vi bottom seam at bangwar ug mine, qty.15,180 holes, period one year. 141
1) De-silting of Culverts and drains during monsoon period 2015-2016 at Kolar Pimpri OCM of WNA. 2) Day to day cleaning of weigh bridge and sweeping of approaches and premises at Kolar Pimpri OCM o. 133
1)embedded temp detector (wdg. rtd exciter).To drg no-34036840005 item no 01 rev 04.Note:-inspection shall be done by bhel at bhel bhopal as per qap no-qa/mt/boi/009 ,rev-00 ,date-25.06.2012. qty: 300. 222
1)framework agreement / rate contrtact for pccw for 6 months on finished basis. qty: 1952 mt. 200
1)inlet valve body fitted with inlet valve plate,valve disk and helical spring.Operating voltage 440 v ac size 342mm x215mm vacuum 0.005 mbar temp 260 deg cent qty: 2 no. 186
1)spares of control fluid pump qty: 1 st 8)null qty: null null. 110
1- rmo 250 kva dg set for ministry minority affairs, block b cgo complex, lodhi road, new delhi. 2- rmo 125 kva dg set for cisf, block no.13 cgo complex, lodhi road, new delhi.Sh- routine maintenance. 156
1. c/o new block for msc programme at msc block at nit jalandhar 2 c/o new building for department of electronics and communication engineering at nit jalandhar. 3 c/o student welfare centre in nit ca. 229
1. centring disc 2. centering disc for primary Suspension. 109
1. flange a20 for 20 nb pipe 2.Socket a20 3.Fixed flange (for 25 nb pipe). 120
1. pl no - 39130400. draw bar pin for ng carriage. drg. no - n.F.Rly drg. no - dhr/c/011. mat. spec.: as per drawing. 2. plno - 39321502. bogie brake pin short. drg.No: n.F.Rly. drg. no.:dhr/c/016. sp. 253
1. top deck ls welded cyl block as per purchase specification no.Misc.255 raw material to drg.No.10262003 shall be supplied by dlw against valid i bond govt.Org./psc/bg pvt.Firms for machining as per. 409 and removal of muddy coal debris/muck deposited. 139
1.S&t work involving trenching, cable laying, termination of cable with accessories. 148
10-12 cum diesel operated crawler mounted hydraulic bottom dump shovels (face shovel) with spare parts cost cap for 6 years / 30000 hours. 131
1100v grade copper pvc cable of size : 10 x 2.5 sq.Mm/4x4sq.Mm. (2-items). 125
14pi10 - good lumber markets mastery of control for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the coastal path. 466
15 bridges repaired right cheonbyeon reinforcement construction. 110
15-196 Forest Hill Recreation Center - Interior Renovations. 104
15785 Snow combinations unit; airport snow sweeper and tow truck. 168
15dse002 medical transports and adapted in charge of the hospital rene dubos. 153
1800 m lenth x 900 m high and 375 mm width three side covered by steel sheet (1.5m)front indian glas sheet (3mm) slidip two no shelves . 35 x35 x6 angel from work . painting both side etc complite. 162
1FT007-500 Creation of a software package to allow the use of CCTV to monitor instances of littering. 208
2 lee bugok note the secheon maintenance construction. 109
2) advance drilling of hole a roof by providing electrical drill machine. 155
2) drilling of holes on roof by providing electrical drill machine with wet drilling arrangement. 153
2) shifting of electrical equipments and auxiliary fans, erection of temporary stoppings. 149
2013-14 Providing MWSS to Kurve in Shetgeri GP Of Ankola Taluka. 114
2015 civil engineering construction facilities maintenance (annual price). 113
2015 expansion of water supply facilities construction (79-4 goeunri dongnaemyeon street area). 117
2015 forest road new business (kimcheon nongso nogok - bonggok). 118
2015 highway connection for green development project. 104
2015 village road expansion zhang pavement construction. 106
2015 VVMN-87 Design and survey work. 149
2015, cheju halla habitat improvement project execution design services. 108
2016 Toxicology Chemilluminescence Analyzer. 185
21.20.2 [beaucoup moins que]Pharmaceuticals and other" Lot 1 - 21.20.21 [beaucoup moins que]antisera and vaccines" (KOKAV 5) -1 names. Lot 2 - 21.20.24 [beaucoup moins que]materials for dressings tapes, catgut and similar materials; first aid kits "(cotton,. 112
2160 Hostels across Country. 111
24658 insurance fleet of the province of hainaut. 205
25 sq.Mm. isi marked regid. pvc conduit lms make. modi /precision. 108
274-7 galmadong address one won nohugwan improved construction. 118
28 local districts and 1 line down 3 points rockfall hazard slope maintenance construction. 116
3)transportation of support materials and drilling of 15,147 nos. Of holes. 162
4) drilling of hole a roof by providing electrical drill machine with wet drilling arrangement. 152
4) transportation of support materials and drilling of 11,880 nos. Of holes and fixing of roof bolts. 162
5 items of conveyor spare. 114
5 levels trolley for instruments, containers and boxes for washing (2 pcs.). 195
534035 Training - Microsoft. 177
6 way aluminium valve abb id no-hstn-422844. 223
6v, 150 ah ni-cd battery storage unit r.D.S.O specn. no. mp. o.51.01.02(rev-02) june 2009 (amendent-1) drg.No. 10609375 alt aa p.L.No. : 17051472. 217
754328 Computer - Storage - Pure Storage. 149
8468/e8. 123
A & a to e.I. & panel for annexe - i of l.E. college at morbi, dist .Morbi. 169
A & a to e.I. & panel for annexe - ii of l.E. college at morbi, dist .Morbi. 169
A & a to e.I. & panel in production engg. dept. of l.E. college at morbi, dist .Morbi. 171
A & a to e.I. & panel in work shop of l.E. college at morbi, dist .Morbi. 167
A and a to e.I. in court building at jetpur (old mamlatdar office). 166
A cleaning service mathematicum collegium. 425
A full range of works on the project: Modernization of boiler number 46 Lit., situated Ivanovo, Krasnaya Zor, 50 (Certificate of state registration number 245130 from 09.11.2012, the). 171
A particle image velocimetry (piv) time-resolved. 154
A white washing distempering painting and other misc work etc b making arrangement for day to day complaints c cleaning of chocked sewer lines by jetting cum suction machine. 161
A) replacement of analog axle counter on 10 block section by digital axle counter at bhp-pne, pne-kple, kple-amp, hyg-bdc, she-deh & adst-bdc. B) provision of limited height subway at l.C.Gate no. 38. 146
A) zone 3 :- idh (excluding) to bxn (excluding) (a) supply of materials other than teak wood & timber items (b) repairs &maintenance work of various items during the year 2015-16 (01.07.15 to 30.06.16. 188
A-E design services at various activities under the cognizance of the naval facilities engineering command northwest area of responsibility. 101
A. & a. to e.I.,switchgear & cable for m. b. govt. iti building at gondal, dist. rajkot. 168
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/div-v of pawd-i dg 2014-15 sh wood work at c-i/3 humayun road, 15, 17, lodhi estate and others. 139
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/division-v of pawd-i dg 2014-15 sh providing security arrangement for watch and ward of vacant premises store and office. 139
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under sub/division-v of pawd-i dg 2014-15 sh wooden flooring at humayun road. 131
A09 motorway phyrn, gleinalmtunnel, doors and gates. 109
A28 connection Dalvazza covering work. 196
A4 east highway, bridge inb objects simmer haide + kaiserebersdorf. 109
Abc make flp gate end box spares. 130
Accessibility equipment for cognitive support and communication 2013-2. 152
Accident kalmar municipality. 137
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 109
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 124
Accounting and auditing services. 101
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 190
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 149
Accounts and other documents for printing, folding, assembling into envelopes and delivery of the service (part i. vilniaus energy ~, part ii litesko uab). 182
Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Solution And Services. 189
Acquisition and installation of directional signage signs for hiking trails lots. 443
Acquisition is the purchase of audit services to Eyksnes municipality with underlying firm according to the Local Government Act in A*A* 78 and 79, with associated regulations and standards on auditing. 217
Acquisition of energy dispersive microanalysis x systems. 119
Acquisition of medals. 171
Acquisition of microscopes and other equipment into the pavilion fld. 422
Acquisition of service shirts / representation, white shirts and even large gala, caps, shirts instruction and instructional pants / patrol for the national guard. 140
Acquisition of Summer Tires. 228
Acquisition of textile spares for small caliber weapons. 299
Acquisition of vehicles. 299
Acquisition of voice and data communications services. 158
Acquisition wood-based panels for the needs. 163
Action insertion 2015 upgrade (ran). 181
Addition alteration and special repairs to area swimming pool and associated building no p 267 at gna. 141
Addition alteration at static work shop eme and aero medical evaluation centre. 166
Addition alteration to building no. t 71 at crusher line and toilet block, bath points and miscellaneous repairs to building no. t 73 sncos mess at birchgunj military station, port blair. 162
Additional & alteration work of civil and furniture of nagarpalika office building,at, jafrabad, dist. 181
Additional services of professional surveying and supervision of the construction of the state road d427,: rujevica - mari cina. 129
Additional Support Needs/Mainstream School Transport 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18. 170
Additions and alterations to OHE in connection with proposed rail level platform between road Nos.7&8 at Rajahmundry station. 131
Addn altn of security office, provn of two wheeler parking shed with hardstanding in nsry and provn of double concertina wire for perimeter wall. 162
Addn altn to main gate at af stn faridabad under ge af south palam. 143
Aden/hq/jp sub division: electrical work in c/w improvement & renovation of inspector rest house near drm office, jaipur. 122
Aden/hq/jp sub division: electrical work in c/w providing 6 units (type-ii gang quarters at sas station. 121
Adhesive suitable for bonding form / rubber to metallic surfaces. 116
Adi6d mov gate valve for ctmpl unit. 117
Adjuster piece for brake block. rdso drawing no: irs-w/bg- 6164, alt.-2 or latest. bis specification no: is-2062/2011,e - 250, quality - a. 256
Administration software package. 155
Advanced pilot training (apt) family of systems (fos) program commonly referred to as "t-x". 102
Advertising and marketing services. 274
Advertising and marketing services. 260
Advertising campaign services. 303
Advertising management services. 168
Advertising material. 136
Advertising material. 193
Aep connection plain common cairo roquefort la b?doule. 381
Aerial Survey and Radio Telemtry Flights. 120
Aerials and aerial reflectors of any kind and parts thereof; teleperedavalnoyi of radio and television equipment and cameras Description procurement subject or its parts (if the customer provides the. 154
Afforestation services. 139
African American Health Program. 235
Agricultural and horticultural products. 256
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 137
Aim-9m gcs gas generators. 125
Air filter regulator. 106
Air operated diaphram pump. 105
Air quality radio advertising. 137
Aircraft engines. 104
Ajmer division_improvement to signage coach guidance system train indicator. 134
Akbar tomb garden, sikandra (o), agra-2015-16. 141
Alarm special accommodation - 2015th. 247
All in one desktop computer with preloaded os configuration: intel i3 processar 500gb hdd 2gb ram, 18.5 led monitor one hr. bettary back up latest anti-virus . model: adv 100, make: hcl or similar. 225
All service buildings, station buildings, line, drain and bridge etc. including barakar,sitarampur pump house,sodepur branch, salanpur branch & pilot section including all collieries, assttd siding th. 184
All staff qrs at traffic colony, domohani colony, railpar colony , old station colony, aradanga colony & officersa colony at asansol under sse(works)/east/asansol. 124
All staff qrs of loco, mahuadanga & chandmari, budha, hospital, barlington & chelidanga colonies under sse/works/west/asansol. 117
All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) And Utility Vehicles (UTV). 107
Alloy steel round bar 125 mm dia bars to be supplied in length of 4.270 mtr tolerence plus minus 12 mm d81602 a r10 matl. identifn. code as per misc 153 and vendor identifn. colour code as per misc 09. 236
Alteration and modernization of existing elevator at the tallahssee senior center (re-advertisement). 151
Ambulances. 110
Amc for calibration and servicing of ehv circuit breaker analyzer, dynamic contract resistance measurement kit and leakage current measu. 142
Amc for plant and offsite lighting at ntpc-bongaigaon. 128
Amc of air conditioners and water coolers for period of two years at amlohri project. 137
AMC of CCIL Application. 156
Amc of chapathi dough machine. 114
Amc of photocopier machines of hr and bbps at ntpc jhanor. 134
Anaesthesia devices. 145
Ancillary works for pipelines and cables. 127
Angiography devices. 145
Angiography supplies. 142
Angioplasty devices. 143
Animal products, meat and meat products. 119
Annaul Maintanance Contract For Pressure Parts And Foph. 101
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Lifts 20 Nos( Kone Elevators Make) At 336 Ms Houses Mukherjee Nagar. 155
Annual contract for courier service to delhi/noida/raipur. 133
Annual contract for daily housekeeping and up keeping of VIP guest house,. 150
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading at consumers premises having LT billing system through digital photography and digital cameras of 7.0 mega pixel or above and RF Meter reading through H. 180
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading at consumers premises having LT billing system with DTC meter photo reading through digital photography and digital cameras of 7.0 mega pixel or above a. 185
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading at consumers premises having LT billing system with DTC meter photo reading through digital photography and digital cameras of 7.0 mega pixel or above a. 185
Annual inspection and servicing of refrigeration. 171
Annual M&R of colony and sub station at 132kv s/s Rasara, Ballia. 134
Annual M&R of colony and sub station at 400kv s/s Varanasi. 132
Annual maintenace of augmentation of water supply scheme. 120
Annual Maintenance And Service Contract (Comprehensive) For A Period. 129
Annual maintenance contract for ac and water coolers at staff colony. 113
Annual Maintenance of 132 KV Sub-station Kota under Electricity Transmission Division-II, Saharanpur. 126
Annual maintenance of computer printer ups install in agcr building and red fort. 137
Annual maintenance of e and m services at sib 6 serpentine road patna. sh - providing services of one no staff in sib office building i.C residential complex. 139
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme in Sector 19P-I Sirsa. 115
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme in sector 20P-I, Sirsa. 128
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme in Sector 20P-II, Sirsa. 115
Annual maintenance of internal water supply scheme. 128
Annual Maintenance of L/s work in Kothi No 1, 2 and 4 in Sector-3 Chandigarh. (Mtc of grassy lawn, plants and all other works contingent thereto). 132
Annual Maintenance of L/s work in Sector-23 and 24 Panchkula. (Mtc of green belt plants and all other works contingent thereto). 140
Annual maintenance of water supply and sewerage scheme in MT Dabwali. 115
Annual maintenance of water supply and sewerage scheme in MT Ellenabad. 115
Annual maintenance of water supply and sewerage scheme in sector F Block. 117
Annual maintenance of water supply procurement of chlorine gas, bleaching power and alum. 140
Annual Maintenance of Window and Split type Air conditioners, Refrigerators and installed in Markfed H.O. Chandigarh for year 2015-16. 162
Annual maintenance to ao building and service canteen in b c area for the year 2015-16. 130
Annual maintenance, technical up-gradation, customer requests for domestic, commercial and non-commercial installations at surat, ankleshwar & bharuch (sab) ga. 191
Annual operation and maintenance work of dam pit pump sets for dewatering of drainage sump. 136
Annual operation, maintenance and upkeep of transit hostel at umrer area. 129
Annual Rate Contract for horticulture work at wrpl aburoad. 112
Annual rate contract for radioisotope study. 108
Annual rate contract for, door collection, transportation and safe door delivery of all types of Stores/ Consignments, from Asstt. Stores Officer,. 235
Annual repair and maintenance of civil works in township. 127
Annual Transportation Contract For Out Bound Part Load Supplies. 102
Annual Zonal Work For White Wash, Colour Wash, Distempering And Painting Etc. 163
Anti Malaria Combi-pack. 133
Antibacterials for systemic use. 181
Antiepileptics. 150
Antihaemorrhagics. 205
Antineoplastic agents. 116
Aoolvif15so046 - supply, installation and maintenance of road equipment counts and educational radars - 4 lots. 233
Aortic prosthesis systems for hemodynamic service - polo hsm chlc, epe. 131
APEC - Air Traffic Management Emissions Reduction Project. 500
APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Facilitating SMEs Goods and Services Providers and Exporters to Better Integrate into Regional and International Markets. 469
APEC Seminar on Addressing Constraints in Promoting Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development and Investment. 370
APEC SME Business Matching and Internship Consortium for Global Value Chain Integration. 410
APEC Workshop on Commercialization and Popularization of Research and Market-based Innovations through Policy Translation. 254
APEC Workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM). 439
Apparatus for sound, video-recording and reproduction. 105
Application for Enlistment of Agencies for Rate Contract for deployment of vehicles on requirement/daily basis as per EOI for NTPC LARA STPP, Raigarh. 111
Application inviting for selection of consultants in the nsso, fod, mospi. 156
Application maintenance services of computer applications and additional development benefits for the region of alsace. 172
Application of Big Data and Open Data to Emergency Preparedness - Phase 1. 500
Application of so-called holographic element. 119
Application support audit activities. 120
Appointment of agency for preparation of dpr. 155
Appointment of Handling Contractor at centre Hoshiarpur. 124
Appointment of Handling Contractor at centre Naushera Pannuwan in Amritsar. 128
Appointment of Handling Transport Contract at Machhiwara TE 22.04.2015. 129
Ar and mo in residential quarters at diz area under 4h sub division new delhi dg 2015 16 sh cleaning and removal of malba building rubbish. 165
Ar and mo residential quarter under sc 250 sec d mandir marg new delhi dg 2015 16 sh repairing of water supply line in various type 1 quarters and rising of gully traps and manholes in sector d quarte. 149
Ar and mo to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-ii of pawd-i dg. 2014-15 sh misc. civil repair work in ab-9 pandara road,. 135
Ar and mo to non residential building at gipp gandhiangar nasik during 2015 16 sh supplying services of un skilled labour for day to day maintenance works of cpwd service centre under ncsd at gandhina. 141
Ar and mo to samadhi complex, new delhi sh: repair to roof of cisf toilet at ekta sthal. 124
Arc for horticulture work at wrpl aburoad colony. 109
Arc for maintenance of mainline and cp system along the row of kdpl smpl kspl kapl and ahpl. group b under sabarmati navagam and bareja jurisdiction. 154
Arc for maintenance of mainline and cp system along the row of kdpl smpl kspl kapl and ahpl. group c. 153
Archaeological consultancy services. 142
Archaeological services. 121
Architect-led design team for the conservation and conversion of the former Tron Kirk to a World Heritage Centre. 175
Architectural and engineering consultancy services for the work of construction of bank building on commercial plot no cp-01 at shakuntalam yojna avas and vikas parishad muzaffarnagar up. 172
Architectural design and principal,- Structural design,- HVAC design,- Electrical engineering,- KSL-design,- The purity of management planning,- Interior design. 168
Architectural design services. 245
Architectural services for buildings. 122
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 231
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 149
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 127
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 102
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 262
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 159
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 132
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 131
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 287
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 105
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 144
Archive shelving. 111
Arno starting contactor c-118 for 25 kv ac electric locomotive as per clw specn. no. clw/es/c-15 alt- d . 112
Arson 2-1 only (208 east 1403 issue) fire restoration construction. 115
As and as to ac plant at samudrika auditorium and provision of air conditioner at samudrika foyer at satavahana at visakhapatnam. 151
As per enclosed doc. 112
Assembling, erection & launching of open web girders of br.No. 16 (18x61.0 m.) span welded type 25 t. loading girders as per rdsoas drawing no. rdso/b-17021-38 series and transportation of 08 spans of. 184
Assessing the Economic Value of Green Infrastructure in Coastal Ecosystems to Disaster Risk Reduction and Response and Coastal Resilience in the APEC Region. 384
Assign services for installation, maintenance, computer support to hardware and software components of the base, central and distributed, the computer system of the city of modena. 270
Assistance For Dismantling Of Reactor Components, Inspection Of Reactor Internals, Fuel Replacement And Other Miscellaneous Works During Re-Fueling Shutdown. 161
Assistance to the energy management of municipal buildings. 221
Asstt divl enginee shahabad sub division dudhani excl to wadi including the portion of supplying of building materials. 115
Asstt divl engineer solapur sub division mohol to dudhani incl including the portion of supplying of building materials. 115
At mailani and paliakalan yards :- supply of boulders and blanketing materials for reserve stock of year 2015. 128
Attention users in the microcomputer environment peripheral centers territorial delegations from agriculture, fisheries and environment. 115
Auction of 1258 bags of unclaimed acc cement at bmki goods shed which is 100 percent set and not for useble as comenting purpose set cement bags may be used for other purpose like filling ditches. 145
Audio equipment accessories. 117
Audit support information systems development, maintenance and provision of guarantees. 165
Auditing services. 130
Auditing services. 276
Augmentation of infrastructure for water supply installation under ge chennai. 125
Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) Wireless Global Positioning System. 507
Aviation fuel jet a-1 (or equivalent) delivery lielvardes aerodrome. 162
Aviation gasoline (avgas) sjafb air show 2015. 101
Award of sole advertisement rights of commercial publicity of deined zones at mughalsarai & bhabhua road stations for 03 (three) years. 132
AWH Oahu Northwest and South Wind Project. 252
Axle box housing finish machined to icf drg. no. t-0-2-602 alt. u/14, shee 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, iem 2 and rdso specn. no. rdso/2007/cg-08 with amndt. slip no. 1 of july 2009. 168
Babysitting service for emergency shelter. 141
Bag canvas s. 111
Balance p.Way works like track linking, slewing of track, packing, unloading and equalization of ballast from dmt and other p.Way materials, dismantling of track & other allied works in connection wit. 148
Band entertainment services. 382
Bank protection work at br.No.81 between venkatnagar-nigaura,. 191
Banking services. 199
Barauni a katihar(ex) section : manning of unmanned level crossing 12 nos. (list attached). (120 nos. in e.C. railway under sonpur division- 18 nos. only). 132
Barrel of size 219.1 mm dia x 6.3mm thick x 670mm lg with housing welded at both the ends for centre troughing idler of 2400mm mii expn conveyor. 139
Basic And Detailed Engineering, Preparation Of Design, Drawings, Manufacture, Supply Of Equipment, Electrics, Instrumentation / Automation Systems,. 234
Basketball Backboard Systems - Requirements Contract. 269
Battery bank battery charger and dcdb. 121
Battery pack 46h/2.5h suitable for inmarsat mini m terminal thrane t.T. 3060 a mini phone. 114
Bearings for p and h 1900al shovel. 135
Bedding plants and nursery products. 124
Bell crank for centre brake rigging. rdso s drawing no: wa/bg-6184, alt-5 or latest. specification no: as per drawing. 252
Benefit optimization functions of elimination infectious risk care activity waste (hcw) of gredha. 510
Benefits of control of public transport. 331
Beomrak giloe two places road maintenance work. 108
Beonyeongno other 2 places road maintenance work. 107
Best Practices on Public Consultation on Regulatory Improvement Process. 481
BetalvEnxel services for ab swedish games. 193
Bethany Road project. 174
Bg emu driver seat fixing plate to drg.No. ers/bg/acu - 122. 105
Bharat metal cutting gas bmcg , 19 kgs in one cylinder or similar qty 2185 kgs 115 cylinder. 138
BHSCT Contract for Monitoring, Inspection and Maintenance of Water Systems. 188
Biennial job contract for overhauling and break down maintenance of burner block of 500 mw units. 137

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