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Articles from Mena Report (October 8, 2014)

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"construction of c.R. bldg., foundation, ,cable trench, compound wall, wbm road, etc. at 66 kv gauridad s/s ta: &dist: rajkot under gondal tr circle.". 170
"construction of c.R. bldg., foundation, ,quarter,cable trench, compound wall, wbm road, etc. at 66 kv mathak s/s ta: halvad dist: surendranagar under surendranagar tr circle.". 175
"construction of control room bldg., foundation, cable trench,. 171
"construction of control room building ,foundation,cable trench. 175
"deployment of service engineer for overhauling, servicing and calibration of leak off/seal steam. 101
"erection of 66kv equipment, structures, control wiring, yard lighting,. 159
"Services for winter maintenance and cleaning of the national roads. 187
"special repairs to a) km 4/0 to 8/8 of bisanatham to mallappakonda road. 138
"special repairs to a) km 7/0 to 9/0 of kuppam - patchur road. 138
"special repairs to the road from km 0/6 to 5/250 in the road. 127
"work of replacement of conductors, insulators, earth wires. 162
(a) special repairs to external water supply system at nyukmadung in baisakhi under ge 859 ews (b) provn of certain revenue and minor works at baisakhi under ge 859 ews. 132
(r&m) work of replacement conductor, insulator and hardware of 66kv savarkundla -gadhakda tower line under savarkundla trans. division. 120
06 Line Islands (shed) lateral drain maintenance construction. 110
1 mile one won Lee a small Jesuit flood recovery road construction (2nd District). 112
1 Running And Maintenance Of Various E And M Services. 123
1 water main repair seokpyeong agriculture-based brokerage business. 112
1)hmc spares as per the clause. 231
1)providing and fixing pump and motor and diging bore well. 105
1. rope polypropline h/l 3 strand o.G. 8mm dia 2.Rope polyproplene 3 strands h/l 6 mm o.G. 121
1.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Odisha. 101
1.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Tripura. 101
1.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in West Bengal. 102
1.28 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Kerala. 109
1010kva diesel generator. 117
11.74 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Tamil Nadu. 116
15 points, including a constant pipeline relocation, Ltd. Street Address hwaseodong. 118
2 Lee Bactrian water expansion. 110
2 Route 9 bridge Precision Inspection Service songchon places such as Muan. 119
2-2 Combined living area community center construction project management services. 129
2.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Delhi. 125
2.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Haryana. 101
2.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Karnataka. 101
2.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Maharashtra. 101
2.05 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Chhattisgarh. 125
2014 1 Lee eungbongmyeon aging Islands Line 6 multiples maintenance business. 114
2014 2nd semester early study assimilated Materials Purchase. 102
2014 Bongsan hyogyo 2 Lee yongbaesuro maintenance business. 112
2014 Fire Facilities complement construction. 106
2014 Flower Demonstration yukmyojang subtropical crops sibeompo Installation. 115
2014 haeanrim and coastal dune restoration project. 113
2014 Jinshan Middle School playground facilities Sport for creating work (change notification). 113
2014 Nam-myeon principle principle thousand flood prevention work. 113
2014 Petition old sofa hall asphalt annual maintenance cost (secondary) Quote Veterinary Information. 114
2014 Price Road maintenance contract tert. 113
2014 Road Maintenance Ltd. (3rd) Quote guidance of small announcements. 113
2014 sanju charged secondary forests business (writing-to-Earth). 109
2014 sapgyo Songsanri yongbaesuro maintenance business. 109
2014 traffic safety facilities (3rd traffic light) Zone 1 annual price, Ltd. 118
2014 Waterside area residents support project (banghari parking and shelter Development Project Ltd). 114
2014 West Sea Forest joseongji (game) Breakfast service animal relief work Bidding. 113
2015 survey on victimization and the insecurity of parisians. 165
3-3 Combined living area community center construction project management services. 127
3.50 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Uttar Pradesh. 110
3004 order code 7931 high density thermal paper type v upp-110hg for black and white printer ultrasound. Number 100. 109
340 piece mooe,bdf,ydp,bdrrm 2014. 127
5,800-acre airport project. 134
5.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Punjab. 109
5.00 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Uttarakhand. 109
5.25 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Madhya Pradesh. 110
5.75 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Gujarat. 115
6.56 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Chandigarh. 109
68 Han River Gapyung slope stabilization CDW Corporation (crushing flow) processing service. 107
7.50 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Andhra Pradesh. 116
9.25 Mwp Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project in Rajasthan. 109
A) aluminium alloy round bar to size:14.5 -0.043 mm dia b)aluminium alloy round bar to size:21 -0.05 mm dia c)aluminium alloy round bar to size:26 -0.05 mm dia. 142
A.R.C. for transportation of material from any store. 125
Absorbable sutures added triclosan, used in the RHA. It will be entered into a framework agreement for 2 years, with the possibility of option 1 in one year. The given total value is based on contract. 164
Accelerated development of its SideArm launch and recovery system. 250
Access control system. 171
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 114
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 139
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services. 131
Acquisition and installation of CNC machine. 207
Acquisition of 100 un recorder file folder type az, cardboard pressed dim. 250 x 280 x 85 mm. 101
Acquisition of CNC machine tool. 102
Acquisition of consumer goods. 103
Acquisition of lighting columns. 131
Acquisition of medical material for surgical area health ecuintla. 102
Acquisition of medical-surgical equipment for divisional hospital jutiapa. 136
Acquisition of Program National Cancer Drugs. 134
Acquisition of Scurtcir Circuit. 519
Acquisition of several chromatographs. 131
Acquisition of shares in the energy hydro power (eee). 209
Acquisition of warning and crisis management system. 370
Acquisition related to the conclusion and termination of water supply and meter replacement. 127
Adapting to regulations Icarus system and flight plan filing online. 109
Administration, defence and social security services. 110
Advanced Technical Exploitation Program (ATEP) II Project. 186
Advertising and marketing services. 156
Advertising and marketing services. 161
Advertising and marketing services. 108
Advertising and marketing services. 106
Advertising campaign services. 106
Advice and support as part of the sports sponsorship edf. 240
ag 3101 ax cable marker (ferrule). 210
Agency fuel cards. 152
Agreement on Supplying Vehicles. 174
Air conditioning load calculation for civil revision branch in utility chamber block. 108
Air conditioning work at 100 bedded mch unit at alwar and dausa. 104
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mch unit at nagaur (raj.). 103
Air cooling work at 100 bedded mchn unit karauli, district karauli. 103
Airbus Asia Training Centre Project. 119
Airconditioning work at 100 bedded mch unit at bharatpur and karauli. 103
Aluminothermic & Arc Rail Welding. 260
American beopmaeul versatile apron (barge) Installation. 110
Ammonia Plant. 106
Amphibians (in number 3-1) opened the road construction (2 Tools) Electrical engineering. 113
AN/USM-670A Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST) Project. 148
Analysis of bibliometric data and other imi project output indicators. 135
Annual cleaning works at surat circle , surat divi. tapi stor and kapodra s/dn dgvcl premises. 136
Annual job contract for painting works on building and structural in plant area of stage-ii and iii for the year 2013-14 (nit no. 32. 105
Annual maintenance of bore hand pumps, bore well pump sets and Air compressors. 114
Annual rate contract for new erection of ht,lt line & tc & other work under nd scheme under tankara s/dn. (req. no. 333184 ). 127
Annual rate contract for new erection of ht,lt line & tc. 127
Annual rate contract for purchase of hardware group material. 146
Annual rate contract for replacement of old lt line with ab cable for different villages under shanala s/dn. (req. no. 336737). 123
Annual Technical Revisions Plows Wpz. 509
Annual work rate contract for erection of coil type earthing to the ext. consumer at various villages as per standard specification under mota dahisara sub dn (req. no. 325552). 138
Antibacterials for systemic use. 152
Appointment of financial consultant for rendering advisory services. 103
ARC for electrical maintenance and repair works in all the sectors of refinery townships. 111
Arc for erection of 66/11kv class various capacities power transformer at various sub stations under nadiad tr circle. 156
Arc for erection of 66kv equipment, structures, control wiring. 164
Arc of pm, bd and oh maintenance of stage-ii ht. 109
Architectural design services. 546
Architectural Services for Phase I of the Construction of a New Wing for the Anchorage Museum. 101
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 125
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 171
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 126
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 159
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 271
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 145
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 127
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 528
Architecture 2014 EXCO thorough inspection services. 105
artificer works for Zone-. 101
As-Needed Office Technical Assistance. 124
Asbestos removal in restricted area at the site of marcoule. 111
Askim Municipality shall redevelop existing water and sewage pipes in the center of the area. 185
Asphalt gate 5 Maloy. 110
Assess at major maintenance roads. 142
Assistance with project management on specific framework. 196
Association area of the water board. 128
Audit services wholly owned companies. 117
Aug Bif Of Water Supply Scheme. 131
Augmentation of electric and water supply system at offrs mess cmdc under ge (e/m) lucknow. 113
Augmentation Of Water Pressure In Existing PfaS, Hydrants. 101
Australia : $125,000 investment in Geelong youth programs. 248
Australia : $350,000 funding for headspace Morwell. 354
Australia : $820,000 for safer crossings in Edithvale. 354
Australia : ASIC concerns see CBA release $2.2 million for 45,000 travel card customers. 254
Australia : Australia examines its strengths and sees its future in iManufacturing. 321
Australia : Australia, China and the United States start first trilateral land exercise. 276
Australia : Awarding outstanding partnerships between Corrections and the community. Correction notice 347
Australia : Coalition commits $2.8m for Bendigo's water future. 307
Australia : Commonwealth accepts first LHD from BAE Systems. 295
Australia : Focus of new ARC center of excellence. 310
Australia : Funding boost for job ready training in Melbourne's outer east. 414
Australia : Government releases revised child employment code. 310
Australia : Grants showcase Australian excellence in India. 252
Australia : Investment in biotech company to deliver 190 jobs. 338
Australia : Jobs for Geelong with new Armstrong Creek community. 327
Australia : Lamattina's expansion gets juices flowing in Thurla. 453
Australia : Mallacoota scores its own library. 284
Australia : NORTHSTAR becomes joint venture partner of CHAN & NAYLOR. 145
Australia : Planning for Tasmania's Future. 250
Australia : Protecting leavers this November. 266
Australia : Rotary Supporting Cancer Services. 331
Australia : Safeguarding communities in natural disasters. 344
Australia : Safer seas along Australia's northern coastline. 280
Australia : Tender open for Employment Services 2015-20. 422
Australia : The Government s plan for sustainable growth in international education. 419
Australia : Treasure trove of Intellectual Property data made available. 231
Australia : UXC LIMITED announces new CTO and CIO. 158
Australia : VICTORIAN LABOR announces RENEWABLE ENERGY as prime development sector. 121
Australia : Victorian secondary students encouraged to pursue aviation career. 312
Australia,United States : VIRGIN AUSTRALIA bolsters codeshare agreement with DELTA. 314
Austria,Belarus : VTB BANK sanctions $22.7 million loan to BELAGROPROMBANK in BELARUS. 142
Automated Dispensing Software and Accessories. 221
Automated Guided Vehicles. 123
Autonomous medical monitoring and diagnostic. 227
aux. cable and conduit arrangement. 179
Award of the supply of raw materials f.u. - galen preconfezonati - alcohol and containers for pharmaceutical preparations - reagents required asl to3, ao order of st. maurice and all~aou san luigi gon. 195
B.T. Renewal of road from Lily Talkies to Depot square under Rajbhawan Section Bhopal. 103
Back Washing Of Filter Beds. 122
Balance work of construction of station building, platforms, staff quarters. 225
Ballast bed cleaning for normal gauge lines. 109
Banking and investment services. 146
Base operations and maintenance services. 217
Belarus : BELARUS to develop second international airline. 133
Between jingyo - Pier for (as 1-1-2 line), hagwi city planning road (3-17 jungro Line) extension (open) Ltd. Detailed design services. 122
Bhavnagar para Division : Providing fiber reinforced pre-cast RCC blocks. 107
Bifurcation of 33kv line to provide dedicated supply to 33/11kv ss umcc and aleap from 132kv chintal in master plan/ rr circle . 118
Blb nrw mE-nster / ov / college steinfurt second ba / steel construction. 143
Bmc For Certain Works In Dm Plant Operation Of Tps I Expn. 120
Bokgae into a modified expansion joint repair work. 112
Bondong per path construction work (construction, machinery and equipment). 116
Boz-transport renaissance portraits-2014 - transportation of paintings for an exhibition. 135
Boz-transportation renaissance portraits 2 -2014 - transportation of paintings for an exhibition. 135
Bridges and viaducts construction "adjustment services. 155
BT Renewal work in km. 28 and 29 and 32 to 35 total 06.00 km. of Shahpur-Birsinghpur road Risk and Cost 2nd Call. 108
Buan Fire Test Research Building construction. 109
Build contract for constructing new yard including building,i. 187
Building installation work. 142
Building Services Northern Hordaland. 150
Buildings for kiln line. 221
Bupyeong in 2014 (Bupyeong Agency - Bupyeong sijangyeok) reported maintenance construction waste management services. 118
Burkina Faso : BURKINA FOSO's bank to introduce Islamic banking in early 2015. 175
Business and management consultancy services. 145
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 129
Buyeoeup ssangbukri County Planning Road (1 point 2-50 Thoreau and others) established electrical construction business. 116
Buying an ammunition. 115
Buying minibus transport for delivery to Noida municipality device institution. 422
Buying open supply of electricity by 2015. 113
By Baekbeom 2014 (sipjeong range - just bricks range) reported maintenance construction waste management services. 119
C.R. to up keeping to rcti polytechnic at sola, ahmedabad. (cleaning and house keeping of surrounding the various building and campus). 147
Cable-supported transport systems. 211
Camouflaging painting to certain bldgs at af stn bikaner under ge af nal. 114
Campus hills - on public architecture. 133
Canada : 10-year contract with pilots declared by Air Canada. 252
Canada : Aeterna Zentaris Appoints Phil Theodore as Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. 231
Canada : Aimetis Strengthens Leadership Management Team with Addition of New Finance Executive. 201
Canada : Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions Signs Exclusive Engine Maintenance Service Agreement With European Aviation. 303
Canada : Manulife receives approval of its federal PRPP product. 442
Canada : RBC Global Asset Management Inc. announces September sales results for RBC Funds and PH&N Funds. Financial report 142
Canada : Veris Gold Corp. Announces DIP Financing. 303
Canada : WESTJET to start seasonal flights between HALIFAX and GLASGOW next year. 110
Canada,Japan : CAE and JAPAN AIRLINES ink JV on flight crew training services. 148
Cannon per path through extension work. 113
Capacity Building for Environmental Governance and Management: Quarries as a Case Study in the West Bank. 493
Car fuel purchases. 224
Car maintenance services. 146
Car park services. 101
Care and maintenance of facilities and equipment for protection against fire. 129
Care center- new lift. 202
Carting of psc poles 8 mtrs. long from kim pole factory. 124
Carting of psc poles 8 mtrs. long from vyara pole factory. 124
Casting and supply of 420 Nos 9.14 mt long R.C.C. poles as Per TANGEDCO design drawing. 105
Casting and supply of 420 Nos 9.14 mt long R.C.C. poles. 105
Casting and supply of 825 Nos 8.0 mt long R.C.C. poles as Per REC design during. 105
Casting and supply of 850 Nos 7.5. mt long R.C.C. poles as Per REC design drawing. 105
Casting and supply of 850 Nos 7.5. mt long R.C.C. poles d. 105
Castings Grill Afterburner. 360
Catering Equipment - Fixed Electrical Inspection, Testing, Servicing, Repairs and Call-outs. 104
Catering for the participants of the project. 130
Catering staff - delivery of meal vouchers. 118
Catering- Delivery of catering to three canteens in the State Park, Oslo. 214
Cedr program evaluation design. 109
Cell oxygen kit internal filter, internal battery kit for fan avea us. 406931 well located and respiratory therapy 406932.. 124
Centralized contract for the supply of motor fuel for vehicles in the autonomous community of the region of murcia. exercises 2014-2016. 109
Centralized Sewer Connection to Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water and Sewage Networks and Household Connections. 188
Certain b & r repair works and periodical services to external surfaces in domestic area at af station suratgarh. 116
Certain essential repair works of aps and brs at bb cantt srinagar. 108
Certain essential repair works of r centre at bb cantt srinagar. 107
Certain essential repair works of sarvatra vihar at bb cantt srinagar. 107
Certain essential repair works of transit camp at bb cantt srinagar. 107
Certain essential repairs works of shalimar complex at bb cantt srinagar. 107
Certain misc repairs to otm accn under zone ii a area at jaipur mil stn. 107
Certain repairs to md and otm accn in zone-ii north of nhw at nagrota. 102
Chartered Accountant Firms to Audit MPUIIP Accounts. 104
Check seonnam ~ group mountainous road paving work (4th) waste treatment services. 123
Children and young peoples 0-19 years public health services. 111
Chile : LEGISLATION opens up domestic heat and power market in CHILE. 226
China,India : INDIA poised to overtake CHINA as worlds biggest coal consumer. 196
Chip seal program. 109
CHMP as notebook tasks. 466
Civil works for restoration at drill sites akam, avaf. 102
Clean Line 101 and 1 other locations asphalt overlay Technicians. 117
Cleaning and environmental hygiene of buses, vehicles and auxiliary fixed installations owned or used mobility of spa brand. 114
Cleaning and painting of steel structure. 107
Cleaning and Portering Services. 167
Cleaning and repair to sewage line manhole septic tank and b and r works. 104
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related. 129
Cleaning and sanitation services. 128
Cleaning of communal areas to compensate for the lack of cyclical caretakers opac saone et loire. 242
Cleaning of lube oil from the compressors in ammonia-i and ammonia-v plants. 117
Cleaning of premises i.f.a. and inb riviera. 145
Cleaning of roads and winter cleaning of sidewalks, alleys and parking lot. 151
Cleaning of school premises and some administrative buildings. 143
Cleaning of the Town Hall in Nesna, Moveien 24, 8700 Nesna. 177
Cleaning the underground sump and over head tank of various sites under ahmedabad medical (r&b) division, ahmedabad. 140
Cleaning various property of the ministry of education, youth and sports, divided into 12 lots. 214
Cleaning, Painting and Minor Preservation of Existing Bridge. 113
Cleanup of the water network and the consortium. 125
Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants Program. 172
Climbing Jungle physical activity. 198
Co-Location and Disaster Recovery Site. 132
Coarse workwear and safety footwear. 170
Coastex: A high resolution (> 100 m) wave forecast sea lanes, including:. 245
Collaboration services employment. 107
Collection and management of waste from the area of ??the Municipality Hazlach. 117
Collection and processing of data for areas with possible soil contamination. 214
Collection and recycling of solid waste from the area of ??the municipality zurawica. 189
Collection and transfer of waste collected at civic amenity sites in bring banks and isolated columns. 136
Collection and transport of municipal and similar waste. 131
Collection and treatment of waste from the selective sorting. 102
Collection of household waste selective collection, collection and treatment of waste collected at waste. 248
Collection, transport, recovery and disposal of paper and cardboard waste mixed or separate. 120

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