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Articles from Mena Report (May 26, 2014)

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(1)Maintenance, Operation of Electrical Instruments and Fans, i/c compound lighting and P/sets. 126
(1)pneumatic cylinder , make - festo. 201
: IN:Citizen-Centric Service Delivery Reform. 188
1. construction of cc road and drain from kittappa house to vinoba colony main road, sarayappa house to vinoba colony main road, venkatesh house to vinoba colony main road, narayanamma house to shivam. 126
1.Public caution board. size.300mm x 250mm x 2mm. 204
180 days life lube oil and fuel oil filter. 211
2-seater for motor coach-rh for ir dmu coaches. 138
2014 roadway resurfacing. 190
250 va control transformer voltage ratio 440/110 volt ac, make trio/sigma/greemdod. 104
270 Cambridge Science Park - Phase 1. 195
3 rv piston ring set. 104
4 inch duplex air pressure gauge. 120
A super deodorant herbal and leaf easter water soluble 1:20. 103
A Tactical Aircraft Defensive Suite (TADS) Sensor Integration and Interoperability Task for A-10, F-16, C-130, B-1B and HH-60 aircraft. 112
a) providing c.c road and drain from mavinakere s.c colony to govt. high school, b) providing asphalting to malleshwara s.c. colony from hrbc, c) providing c.c road and drain in s.c colony of k. aldha. 162
Abandon Female Genital Mutilation & Empower Families project. 291
Abutment ring ( abb drg. no. ib 016 - 00465 ) for wag. 118
Accident insurance services. 121
Acquisition and implementation of hardware and software for the security architecture. 112
Acquisition and maintenance of copiers, plotters and scanners. this consultation is being launched by a group of commands. 139
Acquisition of a storage infrastructure. 188
Acquisition of a versatile 4x4 vehicle with accessories and a cherry picker. 118
Acquisition of acceptance and recovery of bank card payments. 104
Acquisition of clinical laboratory reagents and equipment with no equipment. 112
Acquisition of equipment and distributed computing and storage related services. 346
Acquisition of inquiry handling. 443
Acquisition of medical and pharmaceutical products for neonatal intensive national hospital totonicapan. 112
Acquisition of Medical Gauze. 421
Acquisition of medical material for surgical management area health jutiapa. 126
Acquisition of medical pharmaceutical products for the management area health jutiapa. 117
Acquisition of n. 1 rhib fast rescue "hydroambulance." smart igc. 149
Acquisition of two new utility vehicles through financial leasing financing with VAT. 118
Actuator for 1400 hp dpc for demu specification. 113
Adapter (narrow jaw) class-e (6 inches x 11 inches) to r.D.S.O. 150
Addition alteration and improvement to type ii and iii quarters. 114
Additional manpower 2 Nos valve operator at Panihati State. 101
Additions and alteration to dmde officers transit mess. 110
Addn/ altn to bldg no p-492. 113
Addn/ altn to bldg no p-863 at af stn under ge (af) tezpur. 108
Adjustable wrench 12 inch long similar to taparia. 170
Adolescent and Family Sexual Health Services Outpatient Program Services. 116
Advanced Water Treatment Demonstration Project. 134
Aerial and ground adulticide for mosquito control. 197
Africa multiple countries - Implementing the recommendations of the un accountability commission - i. 261
Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system. 125
Agricultural Economic Resiliency in Response to Weather-Related Disasters. 102
Air conditioning systems - karl-liebknecht-straE-e 13, berlin carre revitalization. 210
Air force memorial. 113
Air Pipe Coupling To Escorts Ref No. Cc And Drg.No. Sk 198. 130
Airfreight mail in Norway. 145
Alarm system and antenna installation work. 132
Alternative Energy Promotion for Climate Change Mitigation project. 251
Alternative Secondary and Non-Traditional Credit Recovery Program. 437
Aluminium ceiling perforated sheet. 107
Aluminium inner frame. 136
Ammo coaster newport, u.k,. 128
Ampere meter c and d no.9202/061 drg.No. ndla/eq-111 alt nil. 213
Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment, operating surgical equipment, endoscopic equipment, surgical instruments. 240
Angola,Korea Democratic peoples Republic of : ANGOLA and NORTH KOREA intend cooperation agreement. 160
Anne frank gesamtschule (vincke gs) dortmund, trockenbauarbeiten. 101
Annual Comprehensive maintenance of 2 Nos. OMEGA make Lifts. 102
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of Uninterrupted Power Supply System. 110
Annual Contract For Monthly Photo Meter Reading At Consumers Premises Through Digital Photography And Digital Cameras Of 7.0 Mega Pixel Or Above With Data Punching Under Bhandup (E) Sub- Division, Bha. 112
Annual contract for monthly photo meter reading. 111
Annual maintenance contract for instruments satelec make electronic dental x-ray system. 116
Annual repair & maintenance operation electrical works. 190
Annual tender for supply of insecticides powder. 134
Appointment of antineoplastic agents. 123
Arba Rakati - Gelemso - Michata Road Upgrading Project, Lot 2 Gelemso - Michata. 111
Architectural Plans and Specifications - Rental Units. 314
Architectural services and consulting engineers. 142
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 129
Argentina : REPSOL increases $6.3 billion with sale of ARGENTINA'S bonds. 161
Artificial works in zone A at af stn kumbhirgram. 111
Asbestos free gasket. 107
Assignment of insurance coverage. 136
Assistance for project management for the implementation of the operation of regular departmental and school lines. 146
Assistance mission to the contracting authority for the implementation of the empowerment of martinique region Conflict Transformation. 157
AuglendshE[sup.1]yden tunnels- Replacement of suspension system and lighting. 160
Augmentation Of Lab Facilities To Provide Traning Models. 115
AUST Science Park Project. 211
Australia : $2.6 million to upgrade facilities at Solway Primary School. 306
Australia : Australia supports ASEAN s infrastructure development. 251
Australia : Australia supports response to flooding in the Balkans. 232
Australia : AUSTRALIAN AID PROJECT to solve water and sanitation problems in KIRIBATI. 210
Australia : Cape York water resources available to new irrigators. 284
Australia : GLENCORE PLC intends to close NEWLANDS coal mine in AUSTRALIA. 169
Australia : IT consultant LANDESK acquires LETMOBILE. 218
Australia : Labor abandons Melbourne s West by failing to ease traffic congestion. 466
Australia : LABOR to pursue govt. over BILL MORROW's appointment. 161
Australia : New $268 million City West police complex to strengthen law enforcement. 447
Australia : North West Rail Link Windsor Road bridge approved. 149
Australia : NTP Forklifts Australia presents fully redesigned generation of IC engine powered forklift trucks from Jungheinrich. 138
Australia : SeaRoad Investment Confirms Liberals Bass Strait Policy. 208
Australia : Shares crawl up, aided by miners, takeover offer. 114
Australia : SUNDANCE Energy sells DENVER oil and gas assets in US for $US116 m. 122
Australia : SUNSHINE COAST MAYOR to secure Asian investment in key INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS. 152
Australia : Vegetation management workshops hit the Far North. 364
Australia : WINGLETS make jets economy models. 204
Australia : World-first laser boosts skin cancer detection. 349
Australia,United Arab Emirates : ETIHAD AIRWAYS launched its Premium Lounge in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. 431
Automated waste collection, transportation, treatment & disposal of municipal waste. 158
Auxiliary contacts support assly to drg. no.Elw/bsl/wam4/3/116.071 or latest and pt.Drg.No. 116.072 to 116.079 and drg.No. elw/bsl/wam4/4/116.089 or latest and elw/bsl/4/f.90.196 or latest. clw drg. n. 107
Avery Dennison and Roland Brand Print Shop Supplies. 355
Award and support long-term loan to finance the repayments received on loans and advances. 110
Axial fan 110-115 v ac shaded pole motor, fan should be thermoplastic, current 0.77 amps, input power 62 watts, speed 2300 rpm, approx. 103
Axle collar for electric loco type wag-7. 236
Axle suspension bearing assly. 339
Azerbaijan,Georgia,Turkey : AZERBAIJAN invests 20% in transport sector. 163
Azerbaijan,Russian Federation : ROSNEFT inks joint-venture deal with STATE OIL COMPANY OF AZERBAIJAN. 165
Back plate and face plate (lube oil pump) casting. 125
Bahrain : AMLAK introduced to deal with and develop SIO Properties. 362
Bahrain : BOC inks a deal with ICHPER-SD to host the 56th Sport Conference. Conference news 114
Bahrain,Saudi Arabia : SUADI ARABIA to conclude oil pipeline construction contract by the end of the year. 244
Balance work in connection of provision of PF No 7 and 8. 121
Ball cages with circlipgroove. 110
Bamako-Senou Modernisation. 109
Battery for ups ,7 ah 12 volts, make- exide or similar. 133
Baumeisterarbeiten replacement building DL Giessenbach Bubikon (112-012) - Construction work. 101
Bazaar supply for certain b/r items under ge (west) jalandhar cantt. 110
Bazar supply of building mat at alhilal. 103
Belgium : 20 critical raw materials - major challenge for EU industry. 438
Belgium : Commission approves two public service compensation measures for the French post office. 431
Belgium : Commission reports on the state of the Schengen area. 450
Belgium : Internal market and industry, research and space policies to be discussed at COMPET Council. 210
Belgium,China,Russian Federation,United States : GEOPOLITICS of the RUSSIAN-CHINESE gas deal. 375
Benefit nondestructive examination (NDE) Hand made in tranches steps ( chinon. 110
Benin : US$16.4 million for Benin approved by IMF. 411
Big Bus Tours Bus Stop Poles across Dubai. 204
Big Opportunities for Small Communities: Enabling rural ICT access through solar PVs. 403
Bitumen and asphalt. 168
Black tape pvc self adhesive with fire retardant properties 15mm wide x 0.4 mm thick in a roll of 20 mtrs. confirming to is: 7809 pt-1/1975 amnd. 1 and 2, is: 7809 pt-2/1977 amnd. 1, is: 7809 part 3/s. 204
Boiler installation work. 116
Bottle holder. drawing no-e.Railway. 110
Bow assly for pantograph type am 92 m-s. sil cr no s 0223 11 2001. 263
Box Office Supplies. 105
Brake equaliser to drg.No.Dlw pt.No. 112
Brake head for 13 t and 16t, bmbc 50 percent lh and 50 percent rh, without bushes to drg no.Rdso sk-98033 with alt 3. mat. and spec. as per drg. 113
Brake head to kb.1 part no. 778113 or similar to kb 1 part no. 778113 for boxn hl bmbs wagon. 309
Brake shoe key with r-clip as per drg. no.-trs/gmo/m1/wag-9/018/er. 112
Brake wear plate to drg. 102
Braking exitation contactor. 319
Brass wire brush to sk.No.Cb/dsl/misc-301/12 alt.-3, for relay cleaning. 216
Brazil : E-Wallet Launch planned by Banrisul. 174
Bridge No.713 (Exg. 12.20M Girder) On Dn Line. 102
Bridge/Culvert rehabilitation works involving masonry repairs and pointing. 309
Bright bar terminal posts. 108
Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work. 116
Building installation work. 522
Building of a IMR vessel with MT 6021 MK2 design. 171
Bulgaria,Italy : ITALY may invests EUR 500 mln in BULGARIA. 175
Buoy marking services. 142
Burundi,Tanzania : OSBP's construction along BURUNDI, TANZANIA frontier nears completion. 166
Bushing cross hd lifter d- 40070 drg. no ske - 1380 alt- b p.L. no 10150845. 250
Business and management consultancy and related services. 485
Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security. 132
C-2 w relay valve (a) 5 mm choke and (b) 6 mm choke, wabco cat. no.: 579991. 186
C-967 purchase of drugs by technical note no. 30-2014, 114-2014 event no. 106
C.R. to various road of jetpur taluka year-2014-15 (jungle cutting, metal patch, busg and c.D. works repairing etc.)(package no.Raj/c.R./2014-15/p-04) taluka : jetpur. 164
C.R. to various road of paddhari & lodhika taluka year-2014-15 (jungle cutting, metal patch, busg and c.D. works repairing etc.) (package no. raj/c.R./2014-15/p-02) taluka : paddhari & lodhika. 170
Cable cleat (four way single cable 300 sq.Mm). 125
Cable elastomeric, single core, copper conductor. 122
Cable single core 3/0, 914 mm (3/0. 036) pvc insulated copper. 180
Canada : CANADIAN federal government invests in grain innovation partnership. 212
Canada : RETHINK LONDON unveils draft of new 20-year official plan. 451
Canada : TRANSCANADA pipelines holds off drilling in a BELUGA habitat. 253
Canada,United States : TIA and CTA reveal partnership agreement in the toy industry. 180
Canteen and catering services. 141
Capacitor dc link for traction converter. 108
Capsule/tablet doxofylline/doxophylline 400 mg. 145
Car maintenance and repair services. 135
Carbon brush for traction motor type 4601 az to emu car shed gzb drg no.Emu/173/87 alt -a or latest grade :e 88 x 1. 198
Carry out Internal Modernisations work. 118
Carrying out removal and placement of Camber Stoplog at Intermediate Camber of Lock Entrance. 101
Casino road, road and pipeline construction work. 153
Castilla tape, oral and rectal thermometers. To the san juan de dios hospital. 126
Castilla tape, oral and rectal thermometers. To the san juan de dios hospital. 126
Casting And Placing Of 170 Nos 5.3 Ton Tetrapods For The Maintenance Of Lee Side Of The Breakwater At Campbell Bay. 128
Catenary system for extending the tram line 310. 191
Central African Republic,Italy : TOGO procures loan of US$39.6 million from International Fund for IFAD. 193
Centrifugally cast (spun) ductile iron k 9 class pressure pipe. 101
Certain e/m sanctioned works under ge chandigarh. 108
Certain maint and repairs to roofing, false ceiling, wall. 123
Certain misc repairs to drain,. 122
Certain misc repairs to drain,. 120
Certain misc repairs to lt electric distribution system. 122
Certain miscellaneous b/r repairs at gtre, bangalore. 104
Certain petty repairs and maint in chetak area at af stn maharajpur. 120
Certain rep/replacement of water sup line, & misc wk at alhilal. 108
Certain rep/replacement of water sup line, intrake channel & misc wk. 110
Certain repair / maint to builiding. 137
Certain repair to e/m installation(b/r works) at alhilal. 108
Certain repair to OH line. 119
Certain repair to road at f ,e area & mes area at alhilal. 109
Certain repair/maint to compliant of b/r works. 110
Certain repairs / resurfacing of roads, curve stone, and marking of road at ade, bangalore. 110
Certain repairs to false ceiling, electrical and other allied works. 124
Certain repairs to floor, plaster, joinery, seepage,. 122
Certain repairs to gi charpoy and retaping. 110
Certain repairs to internal and external surfaces of existing hangars,. 115
Certain repairs to internal water supply lines. 122
Certain repairs to joinery and other work i. 119
Certain repairs to joinery, brick work, plaster plinth protection, sanitary items, seepage etc. and e/m items (mes colony/clear water complex) under age b/r-i at military station sri ganganagar. 129
Certain repairs to joinery, brick work, plaster plinth protection, sanitary items, seepage etc. and e/m items in jcos/or md accn (ah colony) under age b/r-i at military station sri ganganagar. 131
Certain repairs to pcc hard standing retaining wall and parapets at lansdowne under ge lansdowne. 130
Certain repairs to roofing. 117
Certain repairs to wall panelling, joinery, false ceiling. 121
Certain repairs to wall, roof, plinth protection, floors & connected wks. 124
Certain repairs to, false ceiling joinery. 119
Chatra Bus Stand (NH-100) to Chauparan. 108
Checking and repairing of ceiling fan exhaust fan. 146
Checking and repairing of ceiling fan exhaust fan. 120
Chennai _ Supply Of Drinking Water By Tanks. 108
Chile : STRATEGIC coal asset in Chile purchased by Equus Mining. 132
China : A stake in local supplier to Tesla Motors to be acquired by Chinese motor company. 200
China : CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANK to provide RMB50 billion credit facility to CHINA SHIPPING GROUP. 112
China : CHINA keen to invest in setting up refinery at GWADAR. 151
China : CHINESE backing in Australian resources sector obtained by Cuesta Coal. 293
China : GOVT. - IT will be more heavily scrutinized for potential security threats. 147
China : Huawei Chairwoman, Sun Yafang, meets UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable. 352
China : Huawei Reveals Agile Networks'Commercial Achievements and Team Up with Partner to Build an All Agile World. 438
China : JPMAM intros J.P. Morgan Insights App in ASIA. 249
China : SILK ROAD belt to expand operations. 226
China,France : 50 years of Franco-Chinese friendship : Air France decorates one of its A380 with a Chinese ribbon. 351
China,Hong Kong : HONG KONG GOVERNMENT deploys cybersecurity to protect from Heartbleed vulnerability. 284
China,Pakistan : GLOBAL MINING CHINA endows Three point two billion dollars to establish power plant at THAR COAL FIELD. 112
China,South Africa : CHINA announces $2 BILLION AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FUND. 215
Chiripal Poly Films Expansion. 115
Cidades Digitais ( Digital Cities) Program. 213
City hall municipal campus master plan. 139
Civil, Electrical and Horticulture work (Package-I)) In Connection With Repair and Renovation works. 108
CLE Centre Epalinges laboratories. Energetic sanitation facades, buildings AB - Submission CFC 421 Amenities bins - Building B. 110
cleaning and maintenance of Hesaraghatta Bus Stand for a period of 1. 129
Cleaning and repairs of sewage lines, septic tank and manholes. 139
Cleaning and repairs of sewage lines. 141
Cleaning and repairs of sewage lines. 139
Cleaning and replacement of unserviceable water storage tanks. 123
Cleaning and sanitation services. 460
Cleaning buildings of the ministry of jobs, tourism and culture of the community of madrid. 130
Cleaning equipment and detergents. 105
Cleaning, Up Keeping, Housekeeping and Catering Services. 113
Clearing/Cleaning of Debris at Carriageway along Bacolod-Madalum Road, Munai, Lanao del Norte, Km. 1567+850-Km. 1570+000 w/exceptions(Equipment Rental). 116
Client wants cheap driving a shuttle bus with trailer between Stathelle and Brevik,. 196
Clostridium difficile toxin nukleiinihappotesti to indicate faecal samples. 138
Cloth cotton calico bleached 91.5 cms wide white to is.1544/73 first revision amdt.No.3 reaffirmed in 1997. 137
Clutch coil, rotor, armature plate, brake coil. 104
Cn - washburn tree release project. 112
Cocoa Manufacturing Factory. 118
Collar for direct mounted roller bearing. 193
Collar. 126
Collector and collection bags, drainage and kits. 107
Commissioning of heating installations. 108
Community community, the path to education, self-esteem and job (KomunitnE[degrees] spolecenstvE[degrees], cesta ke vzdelEinE[degrees], sebevedomE[degrees] a prEici). 450
Community Plan for the Development of Social Services in Postoloprty to obd. 2013 - 2017 (KomunitnE[degrees] plEin rozvoje sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb v Postoloprtech na obd. 2013 - 2017). 271
Community Plan for the development of social services of the city of Cologne for the period 2015 - 2019 (KomunitnE[degrees] plEin rozvoje sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb mesta KolE[degrees]na na obdobE[degrees] 2015 - 2019). 462
Community Plan of Social Services Horovice a catchment municipalities for the period 2014 - 2018 (KomunitnE[degrees] plEin sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb mesta Horovice a spEidovE'ch obcE[degrees] na obdobE[degrees] 2014 2018). 455
Community Planning - Hustopece (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] - Hustopece). 482
Community planning - without training do not go into the ring (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] - bez treninku nechod do ringu). 461
Community planning for the municipality with extended powers lapanice (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] pro obec s roz E[degrees]renou pusobnostE[degrees] lapanice). 455
Community planning in Pardubice (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb v PardubicE[degrees]ch). 372
Community planning in Zlin (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb ve ZlE[degrees]ne). 446
Community planning ORP Jindrichuv Hradec (KomunitnE[degrees] plEinovEinE[degrees] sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb ORP Jindrichuv Hradec). 474
Compact fluorescent light fitting-icf/std-7-6-023/col.V alt f. 133
Competitiveness people (Konkurenceschopnost jsou lide). 466
Complete Maintenance of Garden Features. 118
Complete Operation I.E Housekeeping, Preparation And Serving Of Meals, Cleaning Of Toilets, Bathrooms And Other Rooms,. 127
Complete overhaul of the web portal. 130
Complete railway fan, bracket type, voltage range 98v to 135v dc with 225 mm swe. 173
Comprehensive education courses TOUAX sro (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] zamestnancu firmy TOUAX s.r.o.). 465
Comprehensive education of providers of social services in the field of crisis intervention (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] pracovnE[degrees]ku poskytovatelu sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb v oblasti krizove intervence). 405
Comprehensive maint and operation of central/package type ac plant at mtrdc complex bangalore. 111
Comprehensive maintenance of central type ac installation at new cair bangalore. 108
Comprehensive maintenance of central type ac installation. 108
Comprehensive maintenance of hangers in tech area at af stn maharajpur. 119
Comprehensive maintenance of OTIS make lifts. 129
Comprehensive staff training as a path to higher quality social services. 484
Comprehensive training and increasing the adaptability of workers NAM system as a tool to increase the level of production of electronics (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] a zvy ovEinE[degrees] adaptability zamestnancu spolecnosti NAM system a.s. jako nEistroj ke zvE'. 453
Comprehensive training for company employees Geomine as a global IT world (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] zamestnancu spolecnosti Geomine a. s. v globEilnE[degrees]m IT svete). 451
Comprehensive training in social services (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] v sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu bEich). 381
Comprehensive training of key employees of PHARMOS, as (KomplexnE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] klE[degrees]covE'ch zamestnancu spolecnosti PHARMOS, a.s.). 402
Comprehensive training of the economic crisis in the construction industry (KomplexnE[degrees]m vzdelEivEinE[degrees]m proti hospodEirske krizi ve stavebnictvE[degrees]). 460
Computer - Server - HP Proliant Dl380P G8. 514
Computer support and consultancy services. 156
Conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT). 103
Conducting detailed survey for the 400kv twin moose dc line. 108
Conducting examinations global tv (etvg) joints canopy covers vessel. 106
Connecting rod bearing big end. top half and bottom half. 113
Conservation of natural resources and use of technological alternatives for improving the conditions of life. 272
Consolidation of courts - coutances. 150
Constg. boxculvert on pandol tadhodiya road, ch.: 0/8 to 1/0, taluka: halol, dist.: pms. 137
Constg. boxculvert on shahera bhensal waghjipur (chhawad) road, km.: 14/2 to 15/0, taluka: shahera, dist.: pms. 136
Constg. boxculvert on tadhodiya ved moti umbharvan road, ch.: 3/0 to 3/2, taluka: halol, dist.: pms. 139
Constg. slab drain on kotar on navi bordi juni bordi road km.: 1/6 to 1/7, v,r. ta. shahera, dist, pms. 140
Constg. various road under o.W. (trible) in halol taluka pkg. no. 13-14/03. 135
Constg. various road under o.W. (trible) in shahera taluka, pkg. no. 13-14/08. 152
Constg. various road under o.W. trible in ghoghamba taluka, pkg. no. 13-14/05. 155
Construct and maintain a campus for a school. 129
Constructing a c.C. road for village development programme @ village kadodara, tal.Wagra, dist. bharuch. 145

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