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Articles from Mena Report (May 2, 2014)

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"acquisition of modular games" for the basic education pre-college codegua jesus "support fund under the municipal public education quality. Initiative no. 2 "acquisition of equipment for educational. 113
"Contractor Cosmic Gate - a modern center of science communication in the area of ??Observatory and Planetarium of Johann Johanna V B - TU Ostrava - Beautiful Pole.". 242
"Delivery of the set consisting of nano-scratch-tester, micro-scratch-tester, microhardness, nanotwardosciomierza, two light microscopes and atomic force microscope (AFM) - the project Centre of Innov. 161
"First afforestation of non-agricultural land in the municipality of Gorna Malina.". 522
"Supply of new machinery and equipment for the landfill - sadist Kremikovtsi.". 224
"The acquisition of elevation data in LIDAR technology and the development of derivative products" for parts Va - No BO.ZP.2510.83.GI.2510.106.2013. 283
"The acquisition of elevation data in LIDAR technology and the development of derivative products" for the part IIa - no BO.ZP.2510.79.GI.2510.103.2013. 277
"The acquisition of laboratory equipment and related services - Group 6a and 9 II.". 389
(geumsaneup outer ring roads, ltd.) using end landfill maintenance and stabilization of the feasibility survey. 117
(Points) in three places, such as improving water quality Youngbo mine feasibility study services. 127
- double track railway cheonan cheongju airport strategic environmental impact assessment. 117
03 vessel hot case - puffed insulated doubled walled sturdy,. 242
1 Lee Town Nanshan city paving driveway expansion plan design decisions and implementation services. 102
1) repair and maintenance of existing service road. 119
1-black ink cartridge no.940 xl c-4906 a,2-cyan ink cartridge. 175
1-h p cartridge c-4913 a 2-h p cartridge c-4911 a 3-h p cartridge c-4912 a 4-h p cartridge c-4844 a. 172
1-hp office jet pro 8100 no.951 xl yellow.2-hp office jet pro 8100 no.951 xl magenta,3-hp office jet pro 8100 no.951. 182
1-printing of working time table ol. 196
1. Daily operation of lift. 106
1/2 ball type drain cock. 161
1/2 inch limiting valve with pipe bracket set. drg. no. wsf pt. no. c74344/1, da6548/01. 217
1/2 isolating cock.,. 138
10% microemulsionable cypermethrin al, class iii toxicity without solvent, composition emulsifier cypermethrin + + water sign isp no. P-566/10, security and data sheet technical assistant in stock. Ma. 124
114B Round Die Size 11.176 Mm,Cl-0.7 Mm For Cnc Turret Punch Machine. 182
119 fire safety center hujeong jongno shin, in front of the garage roof waterproofing and drainage works. 119
119 security center, building 2014 renovation seongsan. 112
140 foot (wtgb) muffler, engine exhaust silencer. 110
2 school road re-paving the arm. 105
2,000 kilos of sodium citrate dihydrate 30-100 mesh, pharmaceutical grade by purchasing application specifications 059. 102
2-683 solo line in one place wolgokdong roads outside urban construction management plan (change) determines service. 105
2014 1 lee rural living environment molun maintenance construction. 109
2014 businesses everywhere (sabangdaem) construction supervision services performed (21 cars). 114
2014 eastern pine one place to other road maintenance work. 116
2014 environmental improvement project rural living earth jangammyeon petechiae. 106
2014 forest road hongcheoneup districts (trail) maintenance business (acid). 117
2014 forest road improvement project structure (1 tool). 123
2014 forest road improvement project structure (2 tool). 124
2014 forest road improvement project structure (dressage kimcheon the other party - and one other song). 121
2014 forest road improvement project structure (old seongsan commercial - other commercial 1). 108
2014 forest road improvement project structure (paternal gunwi acid-garden). 104
2014 forest road improvement project structure (resident ian anryong - euncheok other colorectal cancer 1). 106
2014 forest road improvement project structure (seven buksam fishing - fishing other 1). 105
2014 forest road improvement project structure (sung joo bongdu embargo - other hupyeong 1). 109
2014 forest road improvement project structure (western shandong baekhyeon-songshan). 104
2014 Forest Road improvement project structure. 119
2014 guryongmyeon alcohol, hyeonam district rural living environment improvement project. 111
2014 Islands Rural road speed bump installation work. 113
2014 lee baekjeon two rural living environment maintenance construction (1 tool). 118
2014 reports weed control than 20m road width price contract. 111
2014 road construction waste processing facilities refurbishment services (emergency) - jiangxi. 109
2014 road safety facility (signs) maintenance construction. 108
2014 self-communication network for security cctv project. 112
2014, nam-gu, seoul-incheon to road maintenance work. 122
214/MVT Nuclear Specific Training. 192
22 Hannah Arendt Park (Aspern Urban Lakeside), horticultural production work. 159
22, Aspern Marine Park + Yella Hertzka Park horticultural production work. 159
230MW Crude Oil Thermal Power Plant in Uganda. 111
3 distance inpyeong park ~ sungoh city planning road maintenance construction services, construction waste processing quote announcement. 107
3 distance inpyeong park ~ sungoh city planning road maintenance construction. 113
3 phase induction motor without pinion for 4500 hp wdg4/wdp4b/ wdp4d/ wdg4d locomotives. 252
3 pole power contactor, ac 3 rating 40a, 2 n0 plus 2 nc, 240v, 50 hz. 145
3-17 thoreau roads sewage line construction urban planning. 116
3/4 inch centrifugal dirt collector with drain cock. 204
330 kv overhead transmission line kruonis psp-alytus construction. 145
400 amps tpn main switch in sheet steel enclosure, powder coated with hrc fuse with cable gland. 128
5 lee sindongeup residential environment improvement project flutter. 113
5/7 Mtrs. wide formation cuttring in Km. 9/510 to 10/120, Removal of formation deficiencies in Km. 0A) to 9/510. 120
685-14-685-2-dong, buk-gu, pipe installation ilgokdong pavement repair construction period. 117
8 places such as ulcers road maintenance work. 125
A gold bicycle road maintenance construction (secondary). 117
a) Grooved Rubber Sole Plates. 132
A2-related schools in shandong gurye jeonnam, jeonbuk meter (bamjae tunnel) and two places pavement refurbishment waste disposal services. 128
Abuse and Rape Counselling Service. 209
Accessories for laptop keyboard (buy back). 170
Accessories for Office (Supplies). 333
According to the Jiaxing-trees transplanted onto new road construction manganese. 107
Acid baoshan police station police station renovation communications corporation tender notice. 123
Acidic, alkaline and machine tool purchase of batteries. 150
Acquisition multifunctional vehicles. 180
Acquisition of air transportation services for delegations and shift national. 288
Acquisition of Bread. 450
Acquisition of fleece sweaters. 113
Acquisition of safety and security service. 126
Acquisition Race Barrier and Pheromone Lures. 454
Acquisition sensor 25 temperature / conductivity (tc) and the temperature sensors 9. 104
Acquisition under medical surgical supply and laboratory for southern area health guatemala. 106
Additional samsung thin client deviceswith displays to be as swap out spares contract 727 2013-005468. 114
Administration of medical gases and technical service and maintenance. 174
Administrative staff of the jrc-ispra hired on fixed-term employment under italian law and related services. 224
Advice and Support to develop use of SharePoint 2010. 323
Aeronautical engineering. 106
Agent services. 103
Agm-88e aargm full rate production (frp) 2/3 fy (13/14). 143
Agreement Reagents and Laboratory Supplies. 409
Ahhwa paving road extension between ~ simgok. 105
Ahjung to (height - courtesy Langley Crossroads Crossroads) old road pavement construction material waste services. 118
Ahjung to (height - courtesy Langley Crossroads Crossroads) old road re-paving work. 117
Air conditioner (duct, diffuser, thermal insulation during huraek table) cleaning and replacement work. 116
Air filter panel type car body (oil bath) to dlw drg. no. tpl -0100 alt m or latest sheet 1 of 2. and tpl-0100 alt f or latest. sheet 2 of 2. rdso spec.Mp.O.2600 - 16 aug 2003 (rev 05). 425
Air plasma cutting equipments capable to clean cut. 440
Aircraft spare nsn 661130170. 104
Aiteo Oil - Greenfield Refinery. 142
Allocation of property management services. 163
Aluminium impeller for oil cooling blower of 3-phase loco. 371
Ammonia paper roll size -1.032x20 mts. 169
Ammonia printing machine model-amson-860 or similar property machine of other brand. 172
Analysis of Estuarine and Marine Macrobenthic Invertebrate Samples. 158
And thousands of small-scale environmental impact assessment strategies and services. 112
Angola,France : AFDB to give 40m as part of its RPA with BNP PARIBAS to help banks in AFRICA. 248
Annual Maint. Contract for bottom ash hopper, seal trough, related repairing works & removal of ash from ESP hoppers with related works, on As & when required basis in 210MW units at BTPS, Deepnagar. 102
Annual maintenance and materials required for maintenance of water lines. 108
Annual Maintenance Contract for Personal Computers. 103
Annual maintenance contract for servicing and repairs of diesel fired steam boilers available. 107
Annual maintenance contract for wan infrastructure for a period of one year. 103
Annual maintenance of wiring in (r&b) i.Bs of chittoor elect. section for 2014-15(3rd call). 101
Annual maintenance on server room ups. 119
Annual operation, running and preventive maintenance of central air conditioning plant for sarai building of govt. Medical college and hospital, sector 32, chandigarh for the period from 01.04.2014 to. 116
Annual Rate Contract for construction of hand pump. 108
Annual rate contract for hiring security services for gspl. 142
Annual Rate Contract for Replacement of broken/missing A.C. sheets and accessories. 175
Annual repair contract for construction of hand pump. 108
Anti-Parkinson medicinal products. 421
Anti-Parkinson medicinal products. 458
Aoh kit for overhauling speed indicator mrt.912 .C. 208
Aoh kit of split pins for am12/pan01/ir01 type pantograph one kit. 206
Apparatus for measuring the fundamental functional characteristics and parameters. 143
Application no. 61 training for contracting courses for both professionals dssm and natales hospital ongoing phart, inserted in the annual training program (pac) of law no. 18,834 of address magellan. 117
Application of the new model functional interface. 214
Appointment of Liquidators. 176
Appointment of regular H and T Contractor for Handling and Transport of food grains stocks of various depositors at Central Warehouse, Gondia-I. 107
Aps 6 budget officer. 109
Archaeological investigations on lolland - c14 datings. 164
Architects for the design of the new building. 102
Architectural and urban analysis prague conservation. 155
Architectural engineering and inspection services. 257
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 160
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 246
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 237
Architectural/ engineering services for town facilities. 343
Arcsight software licences contract 580 2014-001042 2013-005823-6. 105
As & as to existing ncd bldg for provision of permanent office. 109
As required medications not release letter cenabast to keep stock of drugs in the hospital pharmacy unit granary and be provided to users barns hospital. 101
Asbestos removal services. 521
Asfinag, austria far, safety training and securing cargo for c95 professional drivers. 101
Ask type of container handling services in alytus region. 163
Assessment and evaluation services. 104
Assessment for Recruitment & Development. 101
Assistance with project management for the rehabilitation of the site. 204
Assly fuel injection tube size 3/8 o.Dx0.107 i.D. this is safty item as per drg. drg.No. ske-0863 alt m p.L. no. 10051703. 182
Atherton jerboa cyber series steam steriliser. 118
Atlantic Sunrise Project (Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline). 132
Attending Day To Day Electrical Complain And Routine Maintenance Of Electrical Installation And Fans, Transformers, Ht Switchgears,. 124
Attending Repairs And Servicing Of 12.5 Kva Ea Set. 105
Audit services. 107
Audit services. 107
Audit services. 105
Augmentation Of Chidiyatapu Source Including Construction Of Pump House, Filter Bed, Cwr, Pipeline And Installation Of Pump. 124
Australia : Belair, Seaford and Tonsley train line resumptions. 419
Australia : BRIERTY bags $300 MILLION work contract for RIO TINTO'S project. 250
Australia : FIRST SMA via CBA introduced by CFS. 256
Australia : Hands off the rebate for off-road fuel. 412
Australia : Harris Corporation Awarded $19 Million Avionics Production Contract by Boeing for the U.S. Navy F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. 292
Australia : New air monitoring station in Adelaide. 239
Australia : New fuel storage terminal the biggest in SA. 269
Australia : No fat in agriculture, despite report findings. 418
Australia : Nyrstar Board approves smelter transformation. 185
Australia : Origin reports strong production during March Quarter and Australia Pacific LNG two-thirds complete. Financial report 241
Australia : Phillip Kennedy Centre turns down Government funding. 460
Australia : SOCIAL VENTURES AUSTRALIA provides $800,000 impact investment funding package to IMAN OPERATIONS. 322
Australia,India : GUPTA GROUP plans coal mining venture in AUSTRALIA. 195
Australia,Singapore : SINGAPORE AIRLINES & TOURISM BOARD create partnership to target AUSTRALIA. 177
Austria : ANDRITZ Nonwoven presents its latest solutions at ITMA Asia 2014. 385
Automatic door closer installation. 115
Automatic railway signaling equipment. 123
Automatic weather station wp 2000 spares package. 121
Automatic weather station wp 2000. 119
Auxiliary contacts support assly to drg. no.Elw/bsl/wam4/3/116.071. 417
Aviation services. 114
Award of two long-term loans in pln to partially finance the investment, mon. "construction of residential buildings. 405
Axle box housing finished to clw drg.No.06/1/11/6 alt-4 or latest grease nipple arragement should be as per clw drg no 06/1/11 alt-7.Materialspec.For bush is st.Gri.C-45,is:5517 each piece should be e. 253
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN finances agricultural production. 208
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN sees defense industry production. 242
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJANI banks average capital falls to AZN 83 million. 186
Azerbaijan : EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE extends number of participants for Private Credit Bureau Project in AZERBAIJAN. 125
Azerbaijan : Major Shah Deniz offshore installation contract awarded. 393
Azerbaijan : NATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Development Foundation commenced Soft-term funding in AXERBAIJAN. 108
Azerbaijan,Russian Federation,Ukraine,United States : INVESTMENT in energy security in AZERBAIJAN. 366
B.T. Renewal work of Jabalpur _ Amarkantak Road. 126
B.T. Renewal work of Susner_Khilchipur_Road. 121
B.T.renewal work of Khamkheda to Lodhakhedi Gangarwada Pipalkheda road. length 10.50 km. IVth Call. 103
B.W.R.Ply with 1.2mm hpl white sheet both side pasted. 151
BA 3 free systems (lot 10.6 + 11.6). 122
Backhoe turn air-transportable and related logistics support. 409
Baeksanmyeon moped - Part launched pavement construction. 105
Bahrain : Batelco Group Announces First Quarter Financial Results for 2014. Financial report 502
Bahrain,Jordan : JORDAN ISLAMIC BANK recorded a 2% increase in first quarter net profit to $14.71m. Financial report 293
Baiyun paving trails in Greenland. 107
Balance weight for l.B.Gate to drg.No. rdso - s.8096/m. 141
Balance Work of Protection of Sethani Ghat. 104
Ball bearing skf-4306 atn-9. 243
Ballasting Of Track Including 250 Mm Deep Screening For Loop/Yard Line. 111
Bambat range (youngsaenggo) road maintenance and new construction around the bike. 114
Bambat support shelter-range road bike maintenance and new construction around. 119
Bangladesh,China : BANGLADESH inked 1320-MW coal-fueled power plant agreement with CHINA. 292
Basis of purchase direct power supply for patients and staff igss, office salama baja verapaz. 107
Battery oprated drill system. 102
Beacon post office parking lot pavement construction. 110
Bearing ball skf make drg.No. 40015822 alt b p.L. no. 16150296. 223
Bearing, ball - auxiliary alternator to emd part no. 9440288. 248
Beautiful family on the island under the composition (halo access road and drainage maintenance) work. 126
Bed sheet cotton white handloom size 140x229cms to is:-745/1990 variety no.12 with screen printing of north western railway mm/yy in english and uttar paschim railway mm/yy in hindi, alternately of si. 179
Bed sheet cotton white handloom size 140x229cms to is:-745/1990 variety no.12 with screen printing of north western railway mm/yy in english and uttar paschim railway mm/yy in hindi, alternately of si. 157
Belgium : ASTRID launches Blue Light Mobile: an innovative broadband data service. 448
belt sam brown leather chromium plated fitting brass l-56 inches. 156
Bernardston- Greenfield- Interstate Maintenance & Related Work On Route I-91 From Mm 48.6 To Mm 50.4 (1.8 Miles). 124
Berth chain long to icf drg. no. scn 6-6-1-612, it. 1 to 15 except 6 and 7, alt. f. 108
Bi data analyst. 110
Bicycle road maintenance construction. 102
Blade hack saw hss machine for heavy power operation size 300 mm .Length x25 mm. width x 1.25 mm .Thickness x 2.5 mm .Pitch to is : 2594/63 table ii . is :2594/63 table ii. 294
Bogie brake gear nylon bush, size (mm) 42 o.D. x 36 i.D. x 15 thk to rdso drg. 122
Bolster bottom gusset without 168 dia hole for boxn wagon fitted with casnub 22w (m) bogies. 107
Bolt axle cap to c.Rly. drg. no.Ci/misc 589 alt.3 cat. no.21553617 dpr no.3692a/3. 384
Bolt hex. hd.M.24 x 75mm long, 60mm thread length and rolled thread, steel to is,1367- part-3,grade 10.9. 324
Bonstetten, 648 Isenbachstrasse, 0030-0900 km to station Buecheneggstrasse - Road Works. 155
Boring and installing of 1 no. 12 x 8 inch deep bore tubewell near 250,. 119
Bracket asm drg. no. gm part no.10634012 alt a. 159
Bracket assembly for smoothing reactor for electric loco type wag-7. 396
Brake beam outer for mc to icf drg no.Emu/m-3-2-015 alt k/7 coll-i. 200
Brake shoe key for air brake gears of wam4, wag5 locos. 220
Brazil : CAE and Lider Aviacao to launch Sikorsky S-92 training in Sao Paulo. 330
Brazil : Embraer releases first quarter 2014 results. Financial report 512
Brazil,Denmark : PETROBRAS awards $300 MILLION AHTS vessels contract to MAERSK'S arm. 132
Brazil,Ireland,Italy,Switzerland,United Kingdom : MIRABAUD ASSET MANAGEMENT eyes ITALY& IRELAND as part of its global expansion plan. 208
Brazil,United Kingdom : UK'S DAN to acquire BRAZIL'S NBS. 195
Breathing apparatus for firefighting. 105
Bridge construction work. 170
Bridge in Taraba (Three Narrow mini Bridges). 140
Bridge replacement nozzle clarifier of the wastewater treatment plant. 236
bridge structure and support structure slope protection. 115
Brush wire steel base 360mm long x 24 mm wide x 18 mm thick with 29/30 i.W.G. wire bristles length and width of sets of bristles 150 x 20 mm and bristles projecting 21mm the back of the bristles to ha. 306
Build A New %Wood-Free% Mill Producing Printing And Writing Paper. 159
Builder Works at Blairhall Primary School. 108
Building construction, reconstruction, modernization and repair maintenance service contracts. 218
Building department in northern gyeonggi government issue new construction materials (natural lithographic stones, prepared for printing purposes) purchase. 118
Building installation work. 161
Building maintenance and fault current with accompanying patrols. 121
Building Plan Check Services. 104
Building Surveyors service. 127
Building- cleaning services. 129
Bulgaria,China : BULGARIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK inks cooperation agreement with CHINA EXIM BANK. 186
Bulgaria,Italy,Russian Federation : SAIPEM to build second section of SOUTH STREAM TRANSPORT. 168
Bungee soft 757-5 sangnam members (small 2-10 number) roads construction waste management services. 112
Burkina-Faso - Canadian executive service organization (ceso) - volunteer cooperation 2009-2015. 409
Business analysis consultancy services. 454
Business analyst lead. 107
Business and management consultancy services. 187
business construction supervision services all over the earth, Sunchon Goheung. 109
Business construction supervision services all over the earth, Sunchon Seungju. 106
Business consultancy services contract 736. 107
Business continuity services. 103
Business information systems toolkit. 103
Business intelligence data analyst. 111
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Center at Accra, Ghana. 121
Buyer Specifications: Polyethylene UV Hals trilayer sheet TT 1000 x 150 kilos. placed in our local wineries San German N 1244 in Dobra. Delivery in 4 days. 104
Buying drugs Event no. 09-2014 Code 877. 102
Buying printers and mfps with 45 months service. 242
By growing activity on Mark Zilina, LS Rajecke Teplice to r. From 2014 to 2017. 329
By growing activity on Mark Zilina, LS Turcianske Teplice to r. From 2014 to 2017. 327
by the contracting authority Energy rehabilitation of buildings IJS Reactor Centre in Podgorica. 131
C.C insert dnmg 150608 drg no. inktmc0074 alt. a. 178
Cab heater complete duly fitted with box and heating element. 234
Cable box to drawing no.Wic2-7-1-202 col-1 alt. 351
Cable elestomeric single core copper conductor with csp based sheathing 750 volts grade. 110
Cable telephone flat twine. 121
Canada : BANK OF CANADA names New Deputy Governor. 140
Canada : Bombardier Announces Financial Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2014. Financial report 480
Canada : Canadian Pacific Railway Limited declares dividend. 149
Canada : DEAL with Duluths AAR Aircraft Services renewed by Air Canada. 161
Canada : First Data Appoints New Head of Strategic Client Accounts. 268
Canada : GBTA : AIR CANADA participates in TSA PreCheck. 280
Canada : GE Capital Canada Expands Vendor Finance Business With Launch of Life Fitness Equipment Program. 296
Canada : Improved farm stewardship program for producers. 360
Canada : LNG CANADA announces on inking PARTNERSHIP deal. 149
Canada : LOCKHEED MARTIN CANADA bags $446 million DEFENCE DEAL. 140
Canada : RBC PMI signals a further improvement in business conditions during April. 448
Canada : Saskatchewan increasing measles response. 374
Canada : SELINGER Govt. announces 5,000 new daycare spaces. 159
Canada : SGI Enables Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital to Improve Patient Care and Accelerate Medical Breakthroughs. 393
Canada : Stantec named one of Canada s Top Employers for Young People. 202
Canada,Switzerland : ALLIED WORLD Assurance intros management product suite in CANADIAN MARKET. 188
Canada,United States : CIGI names its new Distinguished Fellow. 204
Canada,United States : LANDMARK AVIATION makes another acquisition. 181
Canada,United States : Xplornet Takes Canadian Capacity on ViaSat-2 Satellite. 422
Cap badge white metal in hindi. 201
Cap screw crank - shaft coupling to gen.(coarse thd.) as per drg. drg.No. tpe-17-0011 alt f p.L. no. 10142496. 142
Cap screw hex head 5/8 inch - 11 tpi x 1 - inch long fuel support. 412
Capacitor msr type 22 mfd,550 volt make icar/italy model. 227
Capillary rheometer and device for measuring ITT. 187
Capsule/tablet b complex with zinc containing. 124

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