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Articles from Mena Report (February 4, 2014)

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"Exercise of supervision in the execution of construction works for the construction of two centers for family-type accommodation in the municipality of Varna, the plan of bc "Sunrise.". 278
"Promoting Climate Change adaptation through Resilient and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in the Medina Bank Community project. 270
"supply of excavator rubber conveyor belts" - ref. ? 101/2013g. - ppa. 235
"supply of tooth forged with navarka excavator srs 2000" - ref. ? 1/2014g. - ppa. 236
(Provisional) constitution 6 elementary school teacher stretch Fire Ltd. 120
(Provisional) constitution fire three high school teachers expansion work. 124
(Provisional) constitution stretching about 06 elementary school teachers Communications Corporation. 120
(Provisional) constitution stretching about three high school teachers Communications Corporation. 121
(Tentative) branch expansion fire an elementary school teacher, Ltd. 125
(Tentative) information and communication branch expansion elementary school teacher, Ltd. 123
(Tentative) New Construction Electrical engineering Signal middle school teachers. 119
-a 1809 s dept. Infrastructure, sol. Replacement and installation of rooms for cots tambourines administered by colonel dem. 101
[beaucoup moins que]ARSEN[beaucoup plus grand que]: Appui a la relance socio-economique au Nord du Mali (2013-2015) ("ARSEN": Support for socio-economic recovery in the North of Mali (2013-2015)). 243
00078693 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078695 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078696 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 241
00078697 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 239
00078698 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078699 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 237
00078702 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078703 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 241
00078704 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 237
00078705 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078706 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 238
00078707 Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme, 5th Operational Phase project. 243
1 other middle schools in Hwasun hibernation (most of Hwasun), lunch room and other facilities expansion construction design services. 124
1,2,3 Li village in depth re-paving work. 107
1.R&M for 3 nos. quarters(M/8, M/92 & M/100). 139
110 kv cable integration for sf6 switchgear substation in dornbirn advertise. 109
1813 units of letter delivery of commercial licenses, including folded and stapled, with delivery report distributed letters no. Delivered letters, local does not exist, change, - note: bill is paid o. 161
1st and 2nd floors renovations good neighbors elderly in nursing homes. 124
2 domains show deokyang road maintenance (annual price) construction. 105
2 domains show deokyang road maintenance (annual price) construction. 105
2-dong-dong 961-9 manchon create public parking construction. 111
200kwp solar photo voltaic system with solar tracking. 101
2013 Daelim University Joint Laboratory Improvement Remodeling classroom. 114
2013 Damaged by heavy rain repair construction supervision services landslide (Go Eun dongnaemyeon Chuncheon District). 112
2013-2018 National Assessment Educational Progress (NAEP) Materials, Distribution, Processing and Scoring (MDPS). The contractor prints, distributes and processes all of the paper and pencil test bo. 142
2014 annual maintenance Danwon one area traffic signal construction. 115
2014 annual maintenance sangrokgu construction area traffic signal. 111
2014 Annual Price cheoingu sewer dredging work (two domains). 116
2014 Annual Price cheoingu sewer repair work (one sphere). 116
2014 Annual Price cheoingu sewer repair work (two domains). 106
2014 annual traffic signal maintenance Danwon two local construction. 110
2014 avenue bosik construction. 102
2014 CCTV monitor security and utility services. 118
2014 disaster. Disaster preparedness emergency repair equipment lease. 106
2014 food Paju Authority wastewater treatment facility sludge treatment foster Annual Price Agreement. 108
2014 Maintenance Information System Gimpo bus services. 108
2014 Maintenance of administrative information systems integration services. 113
2014 munam ecological parks and greenery Management Corporation. 115
2014 pangok elementary school field trips, charter bus rental service for the first quarter of the estimated number of small bids. 109
2014 school year grade math 5-6 selected travel services, car rental bidding. 118
2014 school year, elementary school textbooks recognized (about 1-3 year life) Printing and supply of electronic tenders. 114
2014 school year, high school cliche duty (manned guard) a small number of services Quote Announcement. 115
2014 school year, middle school classroom Cheongdam Electrical engineering. 107
2014 school year, school bus rental and Safety Assistant songsam second contract. 103
2014 school year, school trips Hongcheon woman charged Jeju 11th grade re-bid notification service. 104
2014 school year, the kindergarten school bus rental services juxtaposition second base. 112
2014 school year, the student school bus transportation services. 130
2014 sf police station and police station cleaning service contracts. 117
2014 traffic signal maintenance contract unit price construction. 114
265 NABI 40-foot transit buses with clean diesel and compressed natural gas propulsion systems. 367
265 NABI 40-foot transit buses with clean diesel and compressed natural gas propulsion systems. 348
4 chemical bath rental for v festival song companies 2014 female, registered in required provider chileproveedores, acceptance of a purchase order 30 days in bid values and net transfers included, app. 104
6.5 hp cortapasto acquisition for green areas, registered in required provider chileproveedores, acceptance of a purchase order 30 days in net bid values and delivery included a street warehouse of 13. 108
a. Supply of materials, construction and testing of 11kv ht lines on 9 mts rcc / psc poles using rabbit acsr conductor b. supply of materials, construction and testing of lt 3ph 4 wire lines on 8 mete. 226
Acquisition 10 containers of solid waste household, which will be installed in rural areas of the borough of el carmen, according to the terms of reference. 101
Acquisition hardware items for green areas mantecion, registered in required provider chileproveedores, acceptance of a purchase order 30 days in net bid values and delivery included a street winery 1. 108
Acquisition of equipment - plasma reactor. 167
Acquisition package for fluid c3 arterial gas electrolyte analyzer hematocrito measured and calculated that includes no microcapillary / syringes. 116
Add soundproof hall early suburbs Installation. 119
Addition and alteration to the existing E I. 106
Adjust Gangneung Wonju National University Fashion Design Department in space complement construction. 113
Advisory service real estate brokerage and management of real estate. 127
Advisory system for implementation of hazard analysis and critical control point of haccp in the kitchen and cellars valparaiso in senate and santiago. 120
Agricultural landscape protection and management, , Radhi, Trashigang project. 456
Al Khatib Al Boughdadi School (Al Qassim School 1). 160
Al Qassim Road Repair - Group 3. 148
Al Qassim Roads Expansion - Group 20. 139
Albuminum humanus blood product purchase. 126
All-in-rent of black and white and color copiers. 171
Allotment of shop no.2 on license basis at hotel mountview. 107
Angola : FAF Inspectors sanctions Bond of HUEiLA Stadiums. 108
Angola : MED to put up 3000 new classrooms. 144
Announcement sake toilet repair and expansion of substations can design Electrical engineering services. 121
Annual analyses related to the European air transport market. 113
Annual joint purchasing ammonia unit price contract. 102
Annual Maintenance Contracts road. 115
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Sprinkler System Including Its Operation. 107
Annual Repair Maintenance Operation of cw booster dewatering and sub pset. 115
Annual Repair Maintenance Operation street lighting. 107
Annual street lights and security renovations janganmyeon (Price). 105
Anti ds- dna elisa method for determining part 1038 request 68/14 quantity 288. 106
Anti-Japanese Righteous Army sites ssangsan maintenance business. 114
Antibodies antinuclear well plates c / cell hep -2000 part 9699 order 102/14 quantity 40. 108
Antibody hepatitis b , reagent for the determination of code 12812 request 90/14 quantity 800. 106
Architectural and related services. 119
Architectural and related services. 334
Architectural design services. 169
Architectural services for buildings. 194
Architectural services for outdoor areas. 112
Architectural work in vof for the general renovation of the district hospital mountain road in heppenheim in three phases. 134
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 106
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 310
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 243
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 108
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 271
Armenia : MINISTRY OF FINANCE OF ARMENIA held action of allocation of state short-term BONDS. 119
Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belgium : AZERBAIJAN & EU discuss cooperation. 181
Armenia,United States : USAID implements development programs in 150 ARMENIAN rural economy. 161
Art career focused classroom construction remodeling small number of electrons Quote Announcement. 115
Assessment of the burden of disease linked to the environment in Egypt and Morocco. 335
Atmakur municipality - construction of municipal office building. 120
audiovisual equipment purchase. 169
Auditorium, new steel stairs installation work. 112
Ausbau der Neonatologie des Bertha Calderon Spitals (Ausbau der Neonatologie des Bertha Calderon Spitals). 426
Australia : $12 million upgrade for Redcliffe Hospital. 274
Australia : A new VICTORIAN Chapter President named for Australian Institute of Architects. 177
Australia : CGG Completes Large Airborne Survey in Australia. 207
Australia : Etihad Airways appoints manager Western Australia. 232
Australia : Pro Bono AUSTRALIA organizes Online Education Series for Non- Profit Sector in 2014. 306
Australia : Queensland construction sector surges ahead. 386
Australia : REFORMS to AUSTRALIA's OBU regime to enter force on JULY 1, 2015. 149
Australia,Burundi,Comoros : WESTERN AUSTRALIAN Premier COLIN BARNETT signs MoU with 19 AFRICAN countries. 333
Australia,Korea Republic of : SUPPLIES to KOREA from PWCS' terminals at AUSTRALIAN port doubles. 126
Australia,United States : From Sydney to San Diego - Autograph Collection Set to Debut in Three New World-Class Destinations. 432
AUSTRIA - Optimized Diagnostics for Improved Treatment Stratification in Invasive Fungal Diseases. (FUNGITECT). 278
AUSTRIA - Systems Biology to Identify Molecular Targets for Vascular Disease Treatment. (SYSVASC). Disease/Disorder overview 319
Austria : EUR 100m for R&D: EIB supports research by Lenzing AG. 382
Awarding procedure niskocennego conducted in the selection of offers on "Development of real estate appraisal.". 510
Azerbaijan : CENTRAL Bank of AZERBAIJAN finishes its work on the received transactions. 250
B07 Plane Grating Monochromtor. 133
Backfill Accommodation Project. 106
Bahrain,Switzerland : ABB plans to boost green energy at BAHRAIN expo subsequently. 247
Balance work for construction of 220 KV MC line from 400 KV Nanded(Kumbhargaon) Loc. No. 38 for Krishnoor & Narsi S/S (12.2 Kms). 107
Bamboo Bio Complex and detailed design services, e-bidding plan change notification. 124
Bamboo Bio-Complex electronic auction services Environmental Impact Assessment Notification. 131
BELGIUM - Comparing the effectiveness of palliative care for elderly people in long term care facilities in Europe. (PACE). 358
BELGIUM - Platform foR European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics. (PREPARE). 341
BELGIUM - Proposal to assess an innovative Immunotherapy, based on a thioredox peptide antigen, in a Phase I Trial for Type-1 Diabetes. (EXALT). 345
BELGIUM - Therapeutic Beta-Lactam Monitoring for Stratified Treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia, improved dose-dependent efficacy, decreased treatment duration, and prevention of emergence of resistance. (MON4STRAT). 339
Belgium : Barco equips the meeting rooms of the SFR campus with its ClickShare presentation system. 450
Belgium : Commission establishes a European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services. 453
Belgium : EBRD and EIB Presidents to visit Moldova for first joint visit. 434
Belgium : ECB makes progress with asset quality review, and confirms stress test parameters for comprehensive assessment. 435
Belgium : EU-Georgia: Prime Minister Gharibashivili in Brussels. 232
Belgium,China,United States : MINDRAY MEDICAL acquires controlling stake in LONG ISLAND BIOTEC. 183
Belgium,Germany,United Kingdom : EUROSTAR in partnership with DEUTSCHE BAHN launched new ticket deals to six cities in GERMANY. 384
Bidding for IMS track maintenance work small river (urgent). 120
Bidding for Janitorial Service 2014 Fortune police (re-announcement). 112
Bodies and conversions for three ambulances. 113
Bridge renewal construction work. 151
Bridge strengthening and 6 other locations measured grassland management services. 105
Build a new campus in antwerp south. 132
Building construction work. 104
Building construction work. 115
Building consultancy services. 329
Building consultancy services. 172
Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work. 139
Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work. 128
Building design for the project mainzer straE-e , ingelheim am rhein. 120
Building materials for manufacturing furniture land department bid by all materials, sign offer by the total value net, clearly indicate delivery. 111
Bulgaria : DANAIL PAPAZOV to formally open modernisation of Plovdiv-Stamboliyski RAILWAY SECTION. 129
Burkina Faso,Mali : OIC Secretary General receives the Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso and OIC Special Envoy for Mali and the Sahel. 192
Business Basic Plan seohongdong general maintenance services. 119
Business Improvement District Community Safety walking guru conduct design services. 111
Canada : ADDITIONAL 4450 employees can access CANADA LIFE GROUP INSURANCE's group income protection early intervention service. 180
Canada : ALBERTA'S government spend $5 million to improve child mental-health services. 339
Canada : BOMBARDIER's founding family partners with QUEBEC, provincial agencies to invest in new cement facility. 129
Canada : CREDIT union loan to BRAMPTON area housing co-operative to renovate and renew old homes. 327
Canada : DEVELOPMENT SECURITIES secures funding for first phase of Au85m mixed use SCHEME. 173
Canada : ENBRIDGE obtains approval to construct oil pipelines to HARDISTY terminal. 140
Canada : GE Capital, Franchise Finance Provides Bayview Hospitality Group with Funds to Acquire Stakes in Four Hotel Properties. 357
Canada : Lessor Palma Holding Limited Places Firm Order for up to eight Bombardier Q400 NextGen Aircraft. 435
Canada : Mellanox Announces Launch of Mellanox Capital. 257
Canada : Turning Technical Expertise and Business Passion into Global Efficiency Gains for the Kami Iron Ore Project in Canada, GE Power Conversion Rethinks Mining Power Solutions. 436
Canada,Saudi Arabia : Zamil Industrial Receives Certificate of Appreciation from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Canada. 247
Canada,United Kingdom : HEROUX-DEVTEK INC takes over APPH. 361
Canada,United States : CANADA to buy DETROIT land for bridge construction. 414
Car rental service. 274
Care beds for the elderly and nursing home steyr-tabor. 125
Catering equipment and catering supplies purchased haemaru bidding School. 106
Catering services necessary for the preparation of meals and the functioning of the site crouE1/2l restaurant for inra clermont theix. 135
Cayman Islands : CONVERS DILL & PEARMAN acts for CEPSA, SRG in connection with acquisition of COASTAL ENERGY COMPANY. 127
Central African Republic : AFRICA'S farmers and agribusinesses creates trillion-dollar food market by 2030. 126
Central African Republic,Chad : OIC and ISF Provide Humanitarian Assistance To Chad. 266
Central Elementary School in Mokpo electrical repair work. 111
Central igm antibody hepatitis b, reagent for the determination of code 12809 request 87/14 quantity 800. 108
Change required maintenance and cleaning kits and general motor box ii trauma cad model series 12148 511701 for sterilization unit hetg. 102
Checking and testing apparatus. 226
Cheongna suburban shopping malls around the basic and detailed design of infrastructure construction services. 125
Chile : Making Renewable Energy Happen. 439
China : CDMA to hold 8th China Petrochemical Focus 2014 in APRIL in CHINA. 171
China : CIRC issues Draft Notice on Strengthening and Improving Regulation of Proportional Use of Insurance Funds. 236
China : SHOALS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP inks deal for investment and establishment of new operations and production base. 235
China,Nepal,United States : KATHMANDU reported slight growth in carpet exports in the first six months of the fiscal. 419
City park maintenance business (2 areas). 101
City park maintenance business (District 1). 102
City park maintenance business (section 3). 104
City planning road (Boryeong super-last period) expansion Packaging Corporation (1 tool). 122
Civil engineering support services. 165
Cleaning and painting of cable trays and cable tray support brackets. 101
Cleaning and rectification of the damaged previously completed works. 200
Cleaning and rectification of the damaged previously completed works; installation of drainage. 260
Cleaning of internal ccommunes, approaches and garbage disposal on property sets "rillieux 1" - "rillieux 2" - "rillieux 3a" - "rillieux 3b" - rillieux 3c "- 1367 units - 69140 rillieux- la-pape. 125
Climate and Clean Air in Latin American Cities Programme. 227
Clinical and Public Waiting Areas. 104
Clinics of the district of karlsruhe ggmbh, extension building. 116
Clinics of the district of karlsruhe ggmbh, extension building. 116
Clinics of the district of karlsruhe ggmbh, extension building. 116
Clinics of the district of karlsruhe ggmbh, extension building. 116
Clinics of the district of karlsruhe ggmbh. 117
Collection and transport of bulky waste in the district of erding. 291
Collection and transportation of residual and recyclable household waste. 130
Collection, transport, recovery and disposal of chemical waste. 169
College of Humanities and asbestos removal work remodeling construction supervision services. 111
Colombia : Repsol and the UNDP sign an agreement to promote the development of indigenous communities in Colombia. 444
Comingled Dry Recyclate Processing Service. 148
Community based conservation and sustainable use of traditional pi resources project. 468
Community Health and Social Care Partnership provides support to adults within Moray. 163
Community livelihood improvement though introduction of sustainable management of natural resources in Hors, Aghndjadzor and Taratumb communities of Vayots Dzor region. 425
Comprehensive development of substantive and technical support - logistics training services under the project entitled System Education recipe for a better tomorrow. 426
Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of Gaypagala Regional Water Supply Scheme. 158
Comprehensive preventive maintenance services of building installations barcelona activa. 151
Comprehensive solutions for the development of human resources in the company Barum Continental sro. 147
Comprehensive water supply service improvements in armoor municipality-package-i. 108
Comprehensive water supply service improvements in kakinada municipal corporation- package-ii. 109
Computer and office equipment acquisition. 152
Computer related equipment. 285
computerized open procedure for the provision of office supplies standard and eco-friendly and eco-friendly and recycled paper in stacks. 171
concierge service, maintenance and cleaning of the sports facilities of the sports complex. 228
Conditioning work inside body of standard buses. 142
Conducting a census of grasslands. 102
Conducting a computer course ECDL START or exchange of an equivalent standard to the participants of the project "New Perspectives" co-financed by the European Social Committee of the Fund under the O. 216
Conducting comprehensive promotion of the project entitled. "Handling the northern areas of Warsaw tram transport in connection with the expansion of the metro network and the purchase of rolling stoc. 349
Conducting Course category B driving license for 10 people and a category C for 3 people, participants of the project "NEW PERSPECTIVES" co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Operational P. 241
Conducting detailed topographical surveys,preparation of designs,. 120
Conducting related to the creation of a connection. 121
Conducting training for the beneficiary of the final draft of systemic OP HC 7.1.1 "New image of social assistance in Lodz" in the field "internal coach for product training" for 1 person. 538
Conference and accommodation services for language course. Conference news 126
Connection roads nameunri-sangsinri construction (general). 108
Conservation of biodiversity and sustainable renewable energy technologies applying for productive use application in production system of cattle in chaco. 457
Constitution 6 elementary school teacher stretch Electrical engineering. 120
Constrcution and commissioning on turn key basis of jaina l.I. scheme. 119
Constructing Bridges Aqueduct, Head Regulator and Cross Head Regulator. 102
Constructing Flood Protection to Hassan Khan Mewati Govt. Medical College. 101
Construction and comm. of 125 mm dia single phase tube well with recharge pit. 110
Construction and comm. of 125 mm dia single phase with recharge pit. 108
Construction and commissioning on turnkey basis of utoor l.I. scheme. 125
Construction and maintenance of road from badian to dudran stage-ii, phase-viii, package no. jk03-142. 107
Construction and maintenance of road from kollan to babapora ziyarat sahib stage- ii phase-ix, package no. jk13-97. 109
Construction and maintenance of road from l048 to bindara stage-ii, phase-ix, package no jk13-95. 106
Construction and maintenance of road from limber to budrali stage-ii, phase-viii, package no. jk03-147. 107
Construction and maintenance of road from mohra to upper mohra stage-ii, phase-viii, package no. jk03-137. 108
Construction and maintenance of road from nunar to kawbagh (stage-ii), package no. jk13-84, phase-viii. 106
Construction and maintenance of road from saloora to hajam mohalla daribal stage-ii, phase-viii, package no. jk13-87. 109
Construction and maintenance of road from thajal to charunda stage-ii, phase-viii, package no. jk03-135. 107
Construction and maintenance of road. 108
construction and maintenance of roads from nhw to barwalla jk13-94, revil to classpati jk13-98, l0 35 to bijardpati jk13-102, l035 to syeedpati jk13-103, l035 to sumbalpati jk13-103a, phase ix stage-. 128
Construction for earth work in road from palaskar kushan work to sunrise school in ward no 2. 101
construction of 18 inch diameter and 14 inch diameter over ground hydrant line. 118
Construction of 20 Nos additional S.P.S. rooms (Double Story) for Senior Secondary School. 105
construction of 298 nos. of (276 pc + 22 si) police quarters. 114
Construction of 30 Nos additional S.P.S. rooms (Double Story). 107
Construction of 450cum_100000 gallons capacity 20 mtr staging height rcc over head reservoir including laying distribution and cost of pipes. 127
Construction of 6 ( six )nos r.C.C. bridges. 122
Construction of a new building on the site of the rose metro teams for maintenance of buildings and structures. 309
Construction of a new fire station in karlstejn, project planning architecture. 307
Construction of a new school building. 133
Construction of an hoa bridge. 107
Construction of an thanh bridge. 114
Construction of apartment houses, Yongin Suji sanghyeondong Supervision. 129
Construction of auditorium in municipal corporation campus udaipur. 102
Construction of balance works of social infrastructure buildings and dwelling houses. 112
Construction of Bhuinka Pul to Kotla road Km0/0 to 10/800 underRRP-II(Stage-II)Package HP-06-07. 101
Construction of bio medical waste centre. 102
Construction of cho dem bridge. 115
Construction of citizenship and opportunities for participation for sustainable development project. 121
Construction of compound wall. 108
Construction of different structures of new government general degree college. 101
Construction of Dohara Nallah to Kharihar road Km 0/0 to 8/660 under RRP-II ( Stage-II Package No. HP-06-16). 104
Construction of drain. 105
Construction of elephnat care centre. 101
Construction of english medium government madrasah. 116
Construction of gathering and processing center for sustainable development and use janchicoco (parajubaea torallyi) through the development of coconut cookies in the community "el palmar. 446
Construction of highway bypass. 169
Construction of Jack well 6.00M dia. With approach bridge, Raw water pumping machinery (VT Pump). 120
Construction of M.V. 19 No-1 in stream storage Check Dam. 112
Construction of new Subsea IMR and Construction Vessel ordered by Volstad Shipping AS. 177
Construction of nh-6 to icchapur to malkheda to ayane road maintenance work in sakri taluka package no mh0959-02. 101
Construction of nursing 75 dwellings with associated service facilities. 160
Construction of Office of ASTE, office-cum store including internal wiring and street lighting arrangement. 101
Construction of parallel road f. 138
Construction of phat da bridge. 113
Construction of r.c.c. road and drain c.d. work at dr. panjabrao deshmukh bank to mahale in zone no.01 prabhag no.6. 108
Construction of rcc drain. 107
Construction of rcc u shape drain to primary drain c-200. 114
construction of rcc u shape drain to primary drain c-200. 112
construction of rcc u shape drain to primary drain. 109

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