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Articles from Mena Report (December 20, 2014)

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"bt renewals works(9) nos. 116
"Implementation of the general traffic measurement in 2015 on provincial roads managed by the mazowieckie voivodship. 124
"Light and traffic control devices (traffic lights) maintenance of the centre region~s motorway network.". 137
"Recovery disk arrays. 141
"Refueling services of motor fuels, lubricants, fluids and antifreeze through a card charging system in terms of cashless payment of official vehicles of the state agency" technical operations. ". 120
$400,000 bank-qualified tax-exempt leasing/financing/lending. 140
(DUPLICATION Of) Airport Security Training Dvds. 132
(installation technical) maintenance world forum convention centre. 218
0 shares of Industrial Science University College of Education Environment Improvement Project Design Services. 115
02 nos. non tooled up cnc vertical machining centre. 249
1 Copper residential environment improvement projects Apartment building construction (construction). 122
1 Lee creative ideas alpine areas (other) business conduct construction design services. 102
1 Nonhyeon police and Nonhyeon Information Library demolition work. 113
1 Small Stream songs performed maintenance business design services. 117
1)37//1.50 x 3.90 mm copper winding wire-epoxy coated continuously transposed copper wire (ctc) with lpd 135.5 mr as per item 2 of annexure 220640111 rev-00. qty: 2164 kg. 163
1)embedded temp. detector to drg. no. 24026840016 # 01., ver.01. rev.09. qty: 15000 no. 164
1)pressure gauges as per tr20052 p rev. 05 qty: 13 no. 133
1)sodium bi chromate (technical) to aa55612 rev.-02. qty: 3000 kg. 150
1)wound ct -150/1-1a , core-i- 15va , 5p20, core-ii- 20va , cl-0.5 as per ann.-a, it-001 qty: 6 no. 118
1.Pdg e and m work services for the ms resdl tower of income tax deptt at vaishali gzb 2. pdg e and m work services for the ms resdl tower of central excise deptt at vaishali gzb sh:- comprehensive ma. 117
14cat006 - county road 402 and canal street town of blainville sur orne construction of a roundabout. 130
15-18 ton wheeled excavators leads to its 7 emergency stroke (investment projects). 210
150 road of human albumin 50ml for regional hospital of the quiche. 107
155 mm Smoke and Illuminating Ammunition. 166
2 pieces 2 outlet tunnels, both in tunnel class Em T5. 101
2014 Apartment support project (road maintenance) waste. 104
2014 Cheonan local road signs maintenance construction. 110
2014 Land Environmental Design Pilot Project Basic and Detailed Design Services (gosanmyeon synthesis maintenance business premises). 109
2014 Road Safety Facility Installation - Sinan County, South Jeolla. 110
2014/000064 (7-co-1818-00-00-gi) services of various conservation operations in several stretches of roads in the southeast of the province of cErdoba. 123
2014/000069 (7-se-2514-00-00-gi) services of various conservation operations in several stretches of road in the east of the province of seville. 124
2015 6th year Bitgoeul love green environment print and electronic materials Quote of the small number of ships for the year. 108
2015 fat fish tank fish tank construction and remodeling idle Development Project Detailed design services. 119
2015 Gyeonggi-person museum (including branch porcelain museum) Facilities Management Services. 119
2015 Ilsan-gu neighborhood parks maintenance services. 114
2015 Incheon Children~~s Museum guards, security personnel services. 121
2015 Jinhae Cultural Center Environmental Management Services. 114
2015 Northern Education Support Agency Facilities Management Services. 113
2015 Periodic inspection Maintenance Electrical Contractors inappropriate places (unit price contract). 105
2015 Road Safety Facility maintenance (annual price) construction. 104
2015 Road Traffic Authority Daegu branch offices cleaning services one trillion months notice (change). 113
2015 Seongsan Hall parking services. 101
2015 Telecommunications equipment (security equipment, IP switching systems, information networks), integrated maintenance services. 108
2015, Arizona Public sewage sludge treatment services commission (unit price contract). 114
2216 housing m. & r. to resi. building overhead water tank (pvc / rcc) and under ground sump cleaning work for sector no.20 @ gandhinagar. 158
2216 housing m. & r. to resi. building overhead water tank (pvc / rcc) and under ground sump cleaning work for sector no.9 @ gandhinagar. 161
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. repairing and renovation to resi. bldg. block no.Ch 170 & 168 at sector no.17, gandhinagar. 167
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to category ~g~, ~g.1~, ~gh~ ~ch~, ~chh~, ~j~ and ~j.1~ @ sector no.20, gandhinagar. (flooring, plaster, colour, water supply, sanitary fitting etc. wo. 174
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to category g , g.1 , gh , ch , chh , j & j.1 in sector no.20 @ gandhinagar. (door/ window shutter and frame, ventilation, welding etc. work). 169
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to govt. resi. bldg. in sector no.19 qtrs. no.Gh.269/3, 269/4 @ gandhinagar. (flooring, door, window, sanitary fittings etc. complete). 173
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to govt. resi. bldg. in sector no.19 qtrs. no.Kh.255 & 210/a @ gandhinagar. (providing shed, vitrified tiles, paver blocks, china mosaic and c.C. works. 175
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to k , kh & g type quarters in sector no.9 @ gandhinagar. 157
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to resi. bldg. maintance of flooring, toilet renovation, door window and other work in "ch" type qtrs in sector no.29 @ gandhinagar. 169
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to residential quarters in sector no.30 (category) @ gandhinagar. (doors, windows, colour work, kitchen platform, flooring etc.). 166
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to residential quarters in sector no.30 (main) @ gandhinagar. (doors, windows, colour work, kitchen platform, flooring etc.). 166
2216 housing s.R. to resi. bldg. special repairs to various resi. quarters in sector no.9 @ gandhinagar. (~g.1~, ~ch~, ~chh~, ~j~ & ~j.2~ type qtrs). 164
25kv AC ? ? Gyeongbu High Speed ??Railway Train essential performance over construction 72.5? gas insulated switchgear substations disassembly inspection work. 132
3 steep slope collapse danger zone stability maintenance business conduct design services. 112
3rd street improvement. Street road between san andres and main avenue osuna colonia las palmas, siquinala, escuintla. 104
500000 (Five Hundred Thousand) Number Materials Four (4) Type Food and A Half (1/2) Cooking Resulting From Bread, Distribution and Post Services Procurement of Works. 104
55-Ton Capacity Triple Axle Low Boy Trailer. 261
6 mark Earth friendly energy supply business machinery construction. 115
65 Line Islands (Bukchon - seonheul) road shoulder paving. 105
A comprehensive technical supervision of construction works under the project. 102
A mtc of external roads Urban Estate Panipat. 112
A prestigious hard bound diary consisting of 224 pages of text and hard bound. 113
A prestigious oblong table calendar consisting of 26 pages (13 leaves) is to be printed in 4 colour. 113
A/r and m/o building in academic area at iit delhi. sh (1) miscellaneous civil work and repair and maintenance work in toilet at main gate at iit delhi. sh (2) providing and fixing chain link fencing. 130
A/r and m/o residential quarters of census colony at jankipuram, ring road, lucknow during 2014-15 sh:finishing and minor repair works at over head tank/under ground tank. 102
A0018 / 14 high school prohlis, reconstruction and modernization of school buildings. 223
Accident and health insurance services. 140
Accident and health insurance services. 124
Accounting and auditing services. 202
Acquisition and exploitation of street sweepings. 126
Acquisition and implementation of a videoconferencing solution - preparation, deployment, support and maintenance of videoconferencing equipment. 162
Acquisition and utilization of 17,123 mg of waste paper. 118
Acquisition of 3 trucks chassis 16 mA 19 t for waste collection service. 128
Acquisition of a turnstile. 106
Acquisition of accompanying benefits of health facilities to achieve the prerequisite of digital hospital program. 220
Acquisition of flood containers. 117
Acquisition of games and toys. 212
Acquisition of insurance services. 120
Acquisition of mammography with 3d technology. 115
Acquisition of products that are designed to make measurements in wells cased hole measuring equipment. 425
Acquisition of small equipment cleaning and maintenance products. 207
Acquisition repair services, maintenance motofierastraelor, motor tools and related parts. 310
Activities of public service broadcasters, advertising surfaces. 138
Actors internal training courses, training programs and courses. 173
Addition alteration to existing cook house and dining hall of airmen mess at mukkunnimala at af station trivandrum. 113
Addition alteration to existing cook house and dining hall of airmen mess at mukkunnimala at af station trivandrum. 107
Addition and alteration to bldg no cb 308 and special repair to sewage line at cb accn under ge mis at infantry school mhow. 108
Additional 1200mt of liquid polyaluminium chloride for water treatment at igwtp and grww for the f/y 14-15. 105
Addn or altn and improvement to doors, windows and chajjas of certain civilian married accn in pratap nagar at ins shivaji lonavla. 121
Adenocarcinoma - check hapae road between paving. 116
Administrative social services. 181
Advanced Metering Infrastructure System and Meter Data Management System (MDMS). 504
Aerial application of dolomitic limestone forests. 126
Agency Services Immigration. 184
Air force helicopter hangar building design and project execution. 152
Air- charter services. 132
Aluminium pallet with steel su. 119
Amberg regional court, circuit court building, joinery, interior design. 143
Analysis of development of the employer regarding the possibility of the involvement of industry. 138
Ancient coastal road to the facility construction. 119
Angola : ANGOLA SOVEREIGN FUND plans to spend in setting up hotel academy in BENGUELA. 147
Angola : ANGOLA: Mini Hydropower Facility at the GANGELAS DAM to begin trial operations from next month. 155
Annual cleaning of clarifloculators, sumps, units. 101
Annual hire charges for providing temp. led & videography for various vvip programmes to be held under vadodara electrical (r&b) division, vadodara. 144
Annual maintenance contract for the ac machines. 104
Annual Maintenance of ATC signal installed. 101
Annual repair & Maintenance Operation Water Supply Under Ae-Ii During 2014-15 Supplying Of Crystal Salt For Preparation Of Solution Through Electro Chlorinator For Drinking Water Treatment Plant At Hu. 152
Annual transport contract for transportation of all kinds of semi-finished, finished telecom products,. 107
Ansan, road construction management planning services. 115
Anton Medical expenses and parking facilities management services. 123
Application of cement slurry coat on ring beam. 108
Appointment of regular handling and transport contractor for food grains etc at railhead and other storage centre within a radius of 100 km from municipal office/ railway good shed/siding/food storage. 111
Appoiontment Of Contractor For Operation And Maintenance Of 100 Kva Dg Set. 126
Ar and mo to residential and non residential building for central excise and income tax rvti at 6 muir road and govindpur allahabad during 2014 15 sh carrying out for day to day maintenance work. 104
Arborist Service for All City /Parish Agencies. 196
Arc for providing manpower supply to run existing 4.0 mgd water supply scheme at notified area, gidc sachin. 149
Architectural services utility facilities. 140
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 145
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 231
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 265
Architectural/Engineering Services Modernization of Great Bridge Primary School. 312
Armenia : EBRD and EU help to improve solid waste management in Armenia. 357
Artificer works for 2013-14 for miscellaneous maintenance of civil works. 152
Arts-facility operation services. 101
Ashok leyland dost (le) mounted close body type hydrulic tipper purpose of door to door collection (for restaurant & food waste). 129
Assembling and installation of steel shelters for cattle goat and poultry. 124
Assessment of regional wood energy mission. 141
Assessment, counseling and rehabilitation services. 123
Assistance with project management market (amo) for the built heritage accessibility at the general council of var - technical center. 137
Assy. of nose suspension device consisting of item 02 to 11 drg.No.24391528002. 258
Attending break down, periodical maintenance works of filling up N2 Gas, renewal of bladder in HPLP Bypass System, renewal of defective valves, punctured pipes. 112
Attending Day To Day Housekeeping Work Including Maintenance Of Garden In Alhw Office Complex At Mohanpura In Port Blair For A Period Of Six Months. 131
Attending Repair And Realignment To The Track Line Of Multiple Slipway. 117
Attending the fault of damaged/broken disc insulator of tension/ suspension string at various 400 kv lines under electy. Transmission division-ii, varanasi. 102
Auction of All that land measuring about 89 satak. 172
Auction of Residential Properties. 177
Aug. of single village scheme. 105
Augmentation and improvement to electricity water supply and sewage disposal in technical area at afa hyderabad. 121
Augmentation of elect supply at tigris rd offrs md accn and repair to certain ht equipments and their connected items at main yard, cassel road su stn in the area of age (u) elect supply no ii delhi c. 127
Augmentation of electric supply including replacement of over head lines to u/g cables for uplona garrison. 115
Augmentation of nsvs at papkapur(v)h/o. 101
Augmentation of substation at vidyasagar state general hospital behala kolkata_instl of transformer 3 panel ht switch gear and s and i compartmAugmentation of substation at vidyasagar state general ho. 108
Augmentation of svs at bore narsapur. 102
Augmentation to new svs at singaram(v) h/o etur etunagaram (m)in warangal district. 101
Australia : $2.1B deal inked for SYDNEY light rail line. 251
Australia : $5 billion NEWCASTLE T4 coal loading terminal granted approval. 132
Australia : 700 new jobs a step closer for Darling Downs. 318
Australia : ANGLO AMERICAN makes 3rd attempt to get DRAYTON SOUTH project approved. 136
Australia : APA Group announces reaching contract to buy QCLNG pipeline, worth $US5,000 million. 111
Australia : AUSTRALIAN Joint Venture expanded by PVH and Gazal. 459
Australia : CSC Delivers IT-as-a-Service Transformation Path for Bluescope. 274
Australia : DECIMAL announces naming of CAROLYN COLLEY as new CEO. 126
Australia : DOWNER EDI wins A$2B deal from ADANI MINING in AUSTRALIA. 223
Australia : Good tidings for agriculture in 2015. 438
Australia : Indigenous Employment Strategy creating opportunities. 315
Australia : Iron ore relief package backs jobs and industry. 288
Australia : MARK CARRIBAN appointed Chief Executive of FIVE TEN GROUP. 424
Australia : Medtronic Completes Global User Evaluations for New Insulin Pump Platform. 383
Australia : Telstra signs planning and design contract with NBN Co. 201
Australia,Brazil : ANTIK Technology start out new subsidiary in BRAZIL. 165
Australia,China : AMCOR enters in deal to buy Zhongshan Tian Cai Packaging Firm, worth $33M. 103
Australia,China : CHINA opens new chapter in development of ties with OCEANIAN countries. 208
Australia,Philippines : POWER supply deal gained by Gold miner. 304
Australia,United States : PVH and Gazal spread out Australian Joint Venture. 348
Austria,Slovenia : GOAP partners with for NETIChomeA smart home solution. 188
Automatic fire sprinkler services. 122
Aviation ground support software package. 131
Award of handling services. 157
Award of Rights to Display of advertisement (Sale of space or time for advertisement). 108
Awarding public procurement contract for goods medical equipment for PHI IC for State Cardio surgery. 120
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN`s power generation of 5.2% not of commercial SIGNIFICANCE. 173
Azerbaijan,Georgia : EBRD invests 25 million euros for projects in the Green for Growth Fund (GGF) for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. 208
Azerbaijan,Moldova Republic of,Ukraine,United Kingdom : EBRD invests in expansion of Green for Growth Fund. 415
Balance work of construction of road fro m chandrapur bazar mohisguha (chandrapur chota pole to mohisguha ghoshpara) in amta-i under ridf-xv. 108
Banpo Elementary attending school road safety improvement projects. 106
Basis administrators support. 129
Batteries, For Automotive And Construction. 101
Belarus,Russian Federation : $470 million of RUSSIAN loan spent on BELARUSIAN nuclear station construction. 148
Belgium : Charles Beauduin will succeed Herman Daems as chairman of the Board of Barco NV. 265
Belgium : Commission approves acquisition of joint control over Czech national carrier Ceske aerolinie by Travel Service and CeskE' Aeroholding. 320
Belgium : Commission approves IMS Health's acquisition of parts of Cegedim, subject to conditions. 430
Belgium : EU Banking Union Fit for Service: Council appoints permanent members of the Single Resolution Board and adopts the methodology for banks' contributions to the resolutions funds. 296
Belgium : Eurosystem to unveil the new 20 and support banknote equipment manufacturers and suppliers. 268
Belgium,Morocco : Belgium, Willing To Invest In Morocco s Maritime Infrastructure. 182
Belgium,United Kingdom : CROMPTON GREAVES bags 10-year O&M contract from NORTHWIND. 167
Belmont heights little league improvements. 175
Beomildong horaengyi yibagu way one won road maintenance work. 109
Beopsuchiri natural disaster risk improvement district guardrail installation work. 103
Best Daegu Commercial High School and two other girls school roof waterproofing and other construction waste management services. 120
Bicycle road maintenance business. 116
Bifurcation of 33kv line to provide dedicated supply to 33/11kv ss umcc and aleap from 132kv chintal in master plan/ rr circle. 108
Blb / z / nl duisburg / infrastructural building services / glasreinigung_100-14-00511. 295
Bloodbank Products in Health Central- Norway. 351
Bolt breech forging to drg no. rfi sk.3455*2for .315" sporting rifle. 112
Bono-dong gakgol indoor gym building construction (architecture, civil engineering, mechanical). 111
Bono-dong gakgol indoor gym building construction (electrical). 113
Bono-dong gakgol indoor gym building construction (Fire). 117
Boring and Installing of 300mmx200mmx 122 Mtr. deep Gravel Packed Tubewell with Reverse Rotary Rig Method complete. 105
Boring/Re-boring of 02 nos of tube well near Kuda Dan and DDA Community Centre in Mohammad Pur Village. 102
BPR Bicycle TREK Police Edition. 157
Brazil : OTTAWA-BASED IOGEN's $100M plant produces ethanol in BRAZIL. 113
Brazil : TELEBRAS secures BRL 407.7 million from state. 148
Brazil,Cote Dlvoire : Brazil will improve the health of residents of SEuo Bernardo do Campo municipality. 470
Brazil,Cote Dlvoire : Brazilian state of CearEi will expand coverage of social services and employment opportunities. 321
Brazil,Sweden : Saab signs contractor logistics support contract for Gripen NG in Brazil. 202
Bridge Assessment: Cowen Park, Schmitz Park and Post Alley Bridges SDOT 14-094. 192
bridge construction Work. 107
Bridge renewal construction work. 103
Broadcasting service provision hf. 141
BT Renewals Road works. 101
BT Renewals Road works. 101
BT Renewals Road works. 111
BT Renewals Road works. 101
BT Renewals Road works. 111
BT Renewals Road works. 101
BT Renewals Road. 101
Bt renewals works 16 nos. 113
Build a residential care centum and nursery, nursery plots loose furniture. 109
Building cleaning services for the locations of the mill district hospitals. 297
Building- cleaning services. 242
Bukyimyeon location city planning roads construction. 117
Bukyimyeon premises Parking creation construction construction waste management services. 119
Burton Strategic Infrastructure and Efficiency Partnership. 114
Bus transportation of students in connection with DKS out the year 2016. 123
Buying analyzers for the measurement of gaseous and sampling systems for automatic measuring stations in the air quality monitoring networks. 145
Buying ultrasound and digital radiography system in between. 161
C.c. Lining of minors canals, amalidih tail minor r.d. 0 m. To 1890 m., singhanpur minor r.d. 0 m. To 2250 m., pirchatola minor . 150
C/o c.C. road old type-i qtrs at 26th bn itb police baddowal,ludhiana(punjab) (s.H-item rate). 109
C/o parking space with entry and exit gates for agribusiness heat ay todapur a bolck, iari new delhi. 105
C759 Software Engineer Support Services. 168
Cable laying project 50kV in the galleries of the EPFL. 222
Cadastral surveying services. 242
Cadastral surveying services. 225
Calling for quotation for comprehensive amc for computer systems printers and other peripherals of regional office, madurai. 103
Calling of divers for annual maintenace of radial gate. 108
Canada : GE Capital Increases Van-Rob Inc. Credit Facility to $91 Million. 184
Canada : IFL Group to Acquire the First Bombardier CRJ200 Special Freighter Aircraft. 301
Canada : Minister of Finance Announces Appointment to Bank of Canada Board of Directors. 190
Canada,China : VIA RAIL CANADA partners with CHINESE airline. 111
Canada,United States : GRACO takes on GeoBlaster. 115
Canada,United States : UMC and Mason VanHouweling decide on CEO contract. 425
Canteen and catering services. 110
Car park management services. 148
Carpentry, drywall, painting, electrical, and HVAC works. 111
Carry out its responsibilities mekhi basic services of an it expert. 101
Cars, light commercial vehicles up to 3 500 kg GVW and mini buses. 115
Case and archive system for ICT. 138
Case management systems for customer service. 160
CC3811 Drumshoreland Distributor Road. 111
Centre Residences intends to perform new construction and renovation and expansion. 117
Certain b/r repair works to clyde barrack bldgs. 157
Certain rep to offrs md accn under ge (e) fzr cantt. 102
Certain repairs to sewage lines manholes septic tanks and misc b r works repair to joinery roofing flooring plastering. 151
Check paving rural roads 307. 120
Cheonhyeondong Community Center - zhou energy between roads electric equipment construction. 114
Cheonmasan turtle town center road scenery improvement construction. 120
Chignik Lagoon & Pilot Point Airports Dust Palliative. 162
Children~s Maze at Palacerigg Countrypark. 106
Chile,Germany : FUNDING offered by German bank and EU to Chile mining power plant. 286
China : 2020 : CHINA targets to establish new observation system to boost maritime power. 161
China : CHINESE state-owned aerospace giant wants private partnership. 185
China : JOLLIBEE FOODS endues $18 million to own and operate Dunkin Donuts stores in CHINA. 181
China,France : EASA awarded Part 145 certification to the AIRBUS HELICOPTERS CHINESE JV. 248
China,India : China Identifies Two Indian Railway Stations for Developing with Modern Amenities. 174
China,Kenya : CHINA commits support to KENYA to fight illegal and criminal activities. 192
China,Kenya,Tanzania,Zambia : LIVINGSTONE: DEAL signed for facilitating power interconnector project worth USD 1.2b. 450
China,Malawi : MALAWI, CHINA sign pact to provide solar energy systems for health sector. 145
China,Russian Federation : PUTIN - RUSSIA's gas contract with CHINA not a loss-making deal. 225
China,United States : EASTMAN CHEMICAL to expand ester alcohol output by 20%. 176
Chinese tourism complex public facilities (landscaping and facilities) management services. 120
Chonnam announcement architectural design and practice materials purchased a small number of estimates notice. 101
Circuit Card Assembly. 109
Citizen Sports Center building concessions member access control automation systems. 111
City planning road (as 3-8 line) maintenance construction steel cloth. 121
Civil work in connection with Construction of temporary porta canteen. 118
Civil works for modular office system in engineering building first floor and false ceiling in ground floor. 105
Cleaning and Catering Services Contract with Staff and Visitor Restaurant. 101
Cleaning and maintenance of sewer line and strom water drain of nizam palace campus. 103
Cleaning and repairs of sewage line, manholes and septic tank etc under zone b at ins shivaji lonavla. 117
Cleaning and repairs of sewage line, manholes and septic tank etc under zone c at ins shivaji lonavla. 117
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services. 146
Cleaning and sanitation services. 135
Cleaning contract provincial police station in tudela. 133
cleaning of forests in areas affected by fires and other natural disasters. 169
Cleaning of municipal buildings. 111
Cleaning of over head service tanks and certain Misc repair works at mh. 113
Cleaning of premises and glassworks. 235
Cleaning of some buildings in the city of bayonne. 134
Cleaning realty company. 235
Cleaning service c.e. mount tossal of alicante. 108
Cleaning service soso c. 117
Cleaning Services NCA Preparedness Centre in Horten. 140
Cleaning the agency for innovation and development of andalusia in the following based in sevilla buildings. 159
Clinic construction work. 139

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